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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaToday - six foreign nationals ordered to sell their properties amid a sharp rise in the number of investigations into illegally purchased homes.We now have 462 cases under investigation. Also ahead - WA police investigate the death of a man during a suspected burglary in Perth's northern suburbs.The Colorado cinema gunman spared the death penalty and given a life sentence.And England poised to claim victory in the Ashes in the 4th Test against Australia. Hello and welcome to ABC Let's take
News, I'm Johanna Nicholson. Let's take a quick look at tomorrow's weather first: The Treasurer has announced that 6 foreign nationals have been ordered to sell their properties as part of a crackdown on real estate. The further 462 property purchases are under investigation. Joe Hockey addressed the media earlier today.Today I announced that I've ordered the sale of 6 residential properties unlawfully held by foreign nationals in Australia. The foreign nationals currently live in four different countries. The 5 different orders relate to 6 established residential properties with 1 investor owning 2 properties. 1 investor, the investor who owns 2 properties owns those properties in Kewdale, a suburb of Perth in WA. A further investor owns a property in Eight Mile Plains, a suburb on the outskirts of Brisbane. There are 3 investors in NSW that have been ordered to sell their properties in Eastwood, Fairfield and Mosman which are suburbs in Sydney. The purchase price of the properties range in value from $152,000 to $1.86 million. The sum of the 5 investors purchased property with Foreign Investment Review Board approval but their circumstances have changed and they have failed to comply with the divestment requirements. Some have simply broken the rules by purchasing a property without approval and against the law. The investors linkeded to the 5 divestments voluntarily came forward to take advantage of the amnesty that I announced in May. They now have 12 months to sell the properties rather than the normal 3-month period. And they will not be referred for criminal prosecution. Since transferring residential real estate compliance functions to the Australian Taxation Office in May, over 2,000 pieces of information relating to suspected breaches have come to light via data matching with third party sources, including the foreign investment review board, the Department of Immigration, AUSTRAC and State and Territory land titles office er s. Through the information provided by the public, together with our own inquiries, we now have 462 cases under investigation for nationals
breaches of the law by foreign nationals in the purchase of residential real estate. I expect more divestment orders will be announced in the not-too-distant future.The Treasurer Joe Hockey speaking earlier today. A man has died during a suspected burglary at a home in Perth's northern suburbs. Police were called to a home in Greenwood shortly before 4:00 this morning and found a seriously injured man paramedics
in the backyard. Ambulance paramedics could not revive the man and he died at the scene. at
Police say the man did not live at the house and major crime investigating
squad detectives are investigating why he was there. The occupants of the home are assisting police with their investigation. Police and Work Cover are investigating a workplace accident at a construction site in Sydney's inner city which has left a man with serious injuries. The Construction, Forestry, Mining and Energy Union says the man was struck by a forklift at the Barangaroo site this morning. He was then hit by a pallete that fell off the forklift. The man believed to be aged in his 40s reportedly suffered serious injuries to his pelvis and legs.Christopher Pyne's office says he claimed more than $5,000 of taxpayers 'money flying himself and 3 family members to Sydney over the Christmas break in 2009 because he had official business there. Christmas
Public documents show that on Christmas Day in 2009 Mr Pyne Sydney
and 3 family members flew to Sydney at a cost of $1,200 each. A spokesman for the Minister says that while in Sydney Mr Pyne worked in his capacity as a shadow minister.Striking workers at Sydney's Port Botany have been ordered to end industrial Fair
action after a ruling from the Fair Work Commission. Hutchison Ports advised 97 workers in Sydney and Brisbane that they were being made redundant this week. Employees still rostered to work yesterday joined their sacked colleagues on a picket line outside the terminal in Port Botany. Late last night the Fair Work Commission issued an interim order for employees to stop the industrial action. But the union says no-one's going anywhere.None of us are going home. This fight's going to be one that we continue until we get some justice and we have a line on the support of the community and other trade unions who have demonstrated their solidarity throughout today and in resolutions of support.A 6-year-old girl found unconscious at a child care centre in Sydney's west yesterday morning is now in a satisfactory condition. The girl was found yesterday at the Kids Club child care facility in Jamisontown by a staff member. Police say her scarf had become caught on the play equipment. She was placed in an induced coma and taken to Westmead Children's Hospital in a critical but stable condition. Police are no longer involved and Work Cover are making inquiries.Research on behalf of 2 of Australia's biggest unions has found that regional Australia would suffer economic losses of up to $1.5 billion a year if penalty rates are scrapped.The research conducted by the McKell Institute shows that any cuts would reduce disposable income in regional areas by as much as $750 million a year. Gerard Dwyer is the national secretary of the Shop, Distributive and He
Allied Employees Association. He said it would be a terrible blow for workers and local businesses in regional areas.This is about reducing the take-home pay of low-paid that's
workers and their families and that's going to have a negative impact on economic activity and that's what the McKell Institute shows. This is going to drag hundreds of hundreds of millions of dollars out of regional Australia in particular, but the cities aren't exempt. So we're going to have working people with less to spend and in a consumer-based economy that just makes no sense, no economic sense at all. What the businesses
report looks at is who owns the businesses and when you move into regional Australia we have, particularly in retail, you have a lot of companies, be it in big chains, fashion, food, hardware, whatever they're headquartered mainly in Sydney and Melbourne. If you have a reduction in take-home pay in those communities by virtue of reducing penalty rates, that money then transfers back to Sydney and Melbourne. And quite frankly, I don't think regional Australia needs that at this particular point in time. People in the regions already get paid less than people in the city and I mean the SDA, for example, is a very big union in regional Australia and United Voice has a strong presence there as well. So we're connected to the regions and we understand what's important to them and for them to take a cut in their take-home pay is just not good for them, not good for their families and not good for those regional economies. It just doesn't make sense. The gunman who killed 12 people in a Colorado cinema in 2012 has been spared the death penalty and sentenced to life in jail. James Holmes wounded 70 others during a late night screening of a Batman film. The 27-year-old was found guilty of murder, attempted murder and an ex - explosives charge last month but the jury couldn't reach a unanimous verdict on the death penalty which means he will receive an automatic life sentence. At least 35 people have died and hundreds more have been wounded in separate bomb attacks over the last 24 hours in the Afghan capital Kabul. A suicide bomber blew himself up near the city's police academy killing about 20 recruits. A short while later a large explosion was heard north of the airport. A truck carrying explosives was also detonated near an army base killing 15 people.Islamic State militants have abducted dozens of people, many of them Christians, from the western city of Homs in Syria. The Human
UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 230 people were kidnapped including 45 women and 19 children. Some were abducted from a church in the city.Islamic State follows its own extreme version of Sunni Islam and has previously ordered Christians to convert, pay a religious levy or face death.At least 4 people have been killed in Taiwan with Typhoon Soudelor bringing torrential rain and wind speeds up to 200km/h. Thousands of people have been evacuated and dozens are injured. An 8-year-old girl and her mother were among the dead when they were swept out to sea. Flights and ferry services have been cancelled and schools and offices across the country have been closed.Myanmar's President is urging people in low-lying areas to seek shelter as swollen rivers continue to rise. Heavy monsoon rains have washed away villages and crops across the southwestern region which is home to more than 6 million people. At least 74 people have died as a result of the floods.This is what greeted after this man returned home after the floodwater receded. Buried under the debris is what used to be his house in western Rahkine State. TRANSLATION: I was poor but now I have nothing left, even my house is no more.Some 40 other homes in this village have also been damaged. TRANSLATION: At first the water kept coming slowly, slowly, then all of a sudden it was very high.But there are no Fay - fatalities here because monks from a nearby monastery sent boats to ferry people to safety. Floods are common during the monsoon season. But the villagers say the recent one is the worst they've experienced.There are similar scenes of destruction along the load and people here think it will take them months before they're able to clear the debris left behind by the deployed
floods.The army has been deployed to help in some areas but their equipment is basic. The floods have affected more than 1 million acres of farmland, much of that paddy fields. There are concerns there may be a shortage of rice, the staple food in Myanmar.This woman and her husband are farmers. Their small warehouse was submerged and they're trying to salvage stock from their last harvest. TRANSLATION: We don't have enough food, my fields have been destroyed and now I'm in debt.Local groups, international NGOs and the Government have been distributing relief packs. Food and more critically clean drinking water.But in this village, aid hasn't yet arrived. Access by road was only reopened the day before. The people here say they need help and they need it soon. Itall yn police have arrested 5 men over a deadly shipwreck off the coast of Libya which left more than 200 refugees feared drowned. Mediterranean police say 3 Lybians and 2 Algerians are accused of multiple homicide and human trafficking offences. The overcrowded boat flipped over as an Irish navy ship approached and desperate passengers surged to one side as they spotted the vessel. More than 400 people were rescued and transferred to the Italian island of Sicily. France has launched air, land Reunion
and sea searches on and around Reunion Island in the hope of finding more debris which could be linked to MH-370. Malaysia has said a wing section found on the island came from the lost Malaysia airlines flight. But French investigators are yet to confirm the link. The Chinese rel difs of the missing passengers have been angered over the contradicting statements from French and Malaysian authorities.Holiday makers flying in and out of Bali will experience more disruptions today as a volcanic ash cloud continues to disrupt air travel services. Virgin and JetStar have cancelled all Saturday flights as Mount Raung continues to erupt. The Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre said winds are blowing the ash cloud towards the Denpasar airport. The volcano has caused aviation chaos in region since it began spewing ash in early Jull. Four years after Anders Breivik shot dead dozens of teenagers in Norway, Utoya Island has welcomed back young people for the first time. It was hosting members of the youth Labour Party when the incident happened in 2011.It's time finally to go back. 4 years after this country's darkest post war day, Norway's Labour youth are reclaiming their island. The place where 69 of their comrades died.What happened here on a rain-sodden summer's day was almost impossible to comprehend. A calm 90-minute massacre by a lone gunman masquerading as a policeman. For many their trial was the first glimpse of an impassive Anders bre Vic. But a delegate from Uganda came face to face with him much first
earlier.When he came, the here
first person I saw him kill here was a kid who just did this. She just put up her hands just like helpless. He was, of course, he was not in a rush. He was really shooting to kill.Samuel and his friends rocky
tried to run further along the rocky shore but found themselves trapped.Then he came above us. Now again we thought he was going to shoot in our heads. Now that's the time I really don't know what was happening. I resigned to God and I knew I was dead.But the fear has gone. Youthful idealism has come back to Utoya. The song, sport and laughter.Just a step away from the fun and games over there is this memorial to those who died here on Utoya. The names and the ages of almost all of Breivik's victims. In reclaiming the island, the youth movement is saying we have to move on from this. Some say the island should remain closed as a mark of respect. But a new generation of young activists says there are better ways to honour the dead.It would be quite sad if like the memorial of people that were dead would just be left here alone. Now people can be happy around it and like enjoy the memory of them.Norway's 3 -time former PM was on the island had 4 years ago. Breivik said he planned to behead her but she left just before he arrived. In the place where so many died there are tributes scattered among the rocks and the trees. For all this weekend's relentless focus on the future, some find it hard to escape the past.It seems US presidential candidate Donald Trump isn't just riding high in the polls. He's also delivered huge TV ratings for the first of the Republican debates. North America correspondent Nick Harmsen has more.24 million, so more than the population of Australia, according to the ratings agencies, which is an extraordinary figure when you consider that, you know, previously these sorts of debates at their absolute peak might have got 7 or 8 million and 24 million is, you know, finals
one of the large football finals here or perhaps a finale of the 'Celebrity Apprentice' might get that sort of number. But pretty unbelievable ratings for a political event. There's a bit of confusion here as to how this is actually going to play out because trump has defied convention so far. A lot of political pundits thought he wouldn't be that popular but he certainly has proven to be so far and certainly the people who are attracted to Donald Trump may even be attracted to the fact that he is throwing it all out there and is willing to perhaps run as an independent. But certainly the focus groups that were organised by the American news TV networks to react to last night's debate, didn't like what they heard from Donald Trump both on that issue of potentially running independently but also on his comments regarding one of the debate moderators, Megan Kelly from Fox News and Rosie O'Donnell. He made some comments which I think women certainly didn't like and that could cause some problems for the Republican Party further on in this debate process.It was a very entertaining debate stretching across 2 hours. There wasn't a lot of excitement from some of the other front-runners. Jeb Bush was asked several questions but you really didn't get much excitement out of Jeb Bush and indeed today he says, you know, his brother, George W Bush, is that
describing him as the tortoise that he really wants to go slow and steady in this race. But we did see some fire from some of the lesser candidates, those that aren't polling very well and certainly someone like Rand libertarian
Paul, a senator and a libertarian senator, he really needed to come out firing in this debate and he certainly did that. He took on Donald Trump and he took on a couple of the other candidates. There was also some performances which were fairly highly rated from Marco Rubio who early on in this process was considered one of the front-runners. He's a
dropped away somewhat. That was a good performance from him. And also John Casic who was the Ohio governor at home in Cleveland, he got some big applause from the crowd and certainly did his chances no harm. But perhaps one of the biggest story of the night was one of the candidates who wasn't on the main stage. Carly Fiorina, a former chief executive of Hewlett-Packard, getting
before this debate she was getting less than 1% of the Republican vote but she was widely regarded as the winner of that early kids table debate and she may well have earned herself a spot on the main stage for the next debate.Our reporter Nick Harmsen there. The American comedian Jon Stewart has hosted his final broadcast of the cult satirical news program the 'Daily Show'. He took over the show in 1999 and quickly established himself as one of the country's foremost satirists targeting powerful figures in politics and in the media. A line of people hoping to get into the final taping gathered outside of the Comedy Central studio on Manhattan's far west side from as early as 2:30 in the morning. Jon Stewart finished his show with a heartfelt message for his audience.This is just - it's a conversation. This show isn't ending, we're merely taking a small pause in the conversation. I'm just going to say I'm going to get a drink and I'm sure I'll see you guys before I leave. So that's our show. I thank you so much for the privilege of being able to perform it for you, for the privilege of being able to do it.Well, drinking coffee is one of our favourite pastimes and now a new pop up cafe in Sydney has thrown cats into the mix. It's partnering with an animal charity to help rehome kittens and they're offering patrons cuddles with their cappuccinos.It's a case of curious cats and coffees. Popular overseas, cat cafes have started to sink their claws into Australia.They're a way for people with busy lives and little exposure to animals to spend time with some cats.If it was permanent I think I'd make it part of my permanent weekly schedule. It's so good, to come in and have a cup of coffee or tea.Yeah, I playing
don't think I could ever stop playing with cats.Owner Veronica Morland raised more than $80,000 through an online money raising campaign to get the cafe started.She's working with an animal welfare charity which brings the cats to the cafe. And if all goes well, coffee goer s can choose to adopt them.Kind of like squealing
groups of girls coming in squealing and then you get a couple of beefy grown guys coming in also squealing and it's fun for everybody.The first pop up event a few months ago in Paddington saw 13 of 20 cats finding homes over 4 days.It's a wonderful platform for Maggie's Rescue to showcase our animals, our cats up for adoption, to get them permanent homes.According to Maggie's cap rescue, Australia is the second highest rates of pet euthanasia in the world. Over 200,000 pets are put down every year because they have no homes to go to. As for these cats, they seem to be as popular as ever.I think it would be very hard to not go home with one of them. Now for sport here's Nick Lockyer. There is no respite for embattled Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke today after another tough day at the crease. Once again England dominated play on day 2 of the fourth Test and need just 3 wickets to regain the urn. The hosts declared their innings with a huge first innings lead of 331 and opening stand of 113 from Chris Rogers and David Warner was undone by another top order collapse. Steve Smith and Shaun Marsh added just 7 runs between them while Clarke was dismissed for 13. Adam Voges and Mitchell Starc are the not out batsmen at stumps .There's a lot of work to do to, I guess, find any way to draw this game or win this game but look, we'll fight right to the end, right It's
to the last wicket, last run. It's just in our nature. So yeah, tough couple of days but we're not going anywhere.There are more promising signs for Australia's swim team less than a year out from the Rio Olympics, claiming 2 more gold medals a t the world championships overnight. Bronte Campbell finally upstaged sister Cate in the 100 metres freestyle wreacking her older sibling's unbeaten run in the event which dated back to 2012.I can't believe that I came out on top. Who knew, right? It's not often that you get to stand up on a podium together and I can't believe I get to do it with Cate tonight.And 22-year-old Queenslander Mitch Larkin has become the first man in a decade to complete the 100, 200 backstroke double claiming his second world title in 3 days. Australia now sits second on the medal tally.Adelaide has significantly strengthened its bid for a spot in the AFL finals courtesy of a dominant 6-goal win over Richmond. The Crows moved back into the top 8 despite some way ward kicking. They scored 11 goals and 22 behinds but still earned praise from their opposition coach who described them as good as any side the Tigers had played this year.We were never in the game, really. To be honest it felt like a 100-point loss in the coaches box and the players felt the same thing. We got obliterated, contested ball, tackles and clearances, we were never in the game. I thought they were out standing. They came out, they jumped hard and they played hard throughout.The loss means Richmond could be two wins adrift of the top 4 by tonight.Manly has continued its stunning resurgence adding the NRL premiers to its growing list of conquests. The Sea Eagles, who were last on the ladder just 6 weeks ago smashed the Rabbitohs by 20 points and now sit just 1 win outside the top 8. A Peta Hiku hat-trick helped the host to their victory. Adding to the Bunnies' woes, was
former Manly hero Glenn Stewart shot
was placed on report for a high shot on Steve Matai. And in Brisbane, the ladder-leading Broncos suffered back-to-back losses for the first time this season going down to the Bulldogs by 2 points.The Wallabies insist they won't be treating tonight's rugby championship deciding Bledisloe clash against the All Blacks as merely a tune-up for the World Cup. Australia is experimenting by using both Michael Hooper and David Pocock in its starting line up for the first time. Just 6 weeks out from its opening Cup match.Every game that we play leading up to the we
World Cup is very important so we want to make sure that we, like I said, it's part of our preparation to make sure that we put in a good performance every time we step out on the field.The Wallabies are chasing their first win over the world champions in 4 years. Let's take a look at the satellite. A front is producing showers and storms in WA as a trough generates a few showers further east. A high pressure system centred in the south-east is bringing light winds whilst an upper trough is producing some low-lying cloud. Looking ahead to the forecast around the country:

And you can keep up to date on all the stories we're following by visiting our wenz. You can find it at I'm Johanna Nicholson. Thanks for your company. Stay with us, 'The World This Week' is coming up next.

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