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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaGood morning and welcome to Weekend Breakfast. I'm Miriam Corowa. And I'm Ben worzly.Australia tries to save some dignity in the fourth Test but it won't be enough to save the Ashes. Also ahead - new revelations about travel taken by Tony Burke and Christopher Pyne as the expenses controversy continues.A massive truck bomb explosion kills 15 and injures hundreds more in Afghanistan's in
capital Kabul.And a golden day in the pool, wins for Australia's Bronte Campbell and Mitch Larkin at the world championships in Russia. Hello, thanks for joining us. It's Saturday, 8 August.Also coming up on Weekend Breakfast - it was a massive story yesterday, unfortunately. Australia's first innings collapse in the fourth Ashes Test at Trentbridge. The Aussies did little to ease the suffering overnight gaining something but nowhere near enough to stop England's push to reclaim the Ashes. Questions are now being raised over the future of captain Michael Clarke.This, I think, is going to be a watershed in Australian cricket.I think we've pretty much hit as low as hopefully we can go here.The calls for Michael Clarke to go are going by the wicket. We've already lost a wicket-keeper and an all rounder. The team is in for a big shake up.I felt a little silly a couple of weeks ago asking our sport reporter Niav Owens perhaps Michael Clarke might be looking at stepping aside and that seemed like an outlandish Fing for for me to be saying at the time but in
things have changed now.He's in trouble. Let's check the weather in the capitals:

The top stories from ABC News - England is poised to secure a comprehensive win and reclaim the Ashes in the 4th Test against Australia at Trentbridge. Australia is 7/241 in its second innings after 2 days and still trails England by 90. Openers Chris Rodgers and David Warner both scored half-century and Adam Voges is not out on 48. Ben Stokes claimed 5 wickets. Earlier Mitchell Starc took 6 wickets before England declared at 9/391.The controversy over politicians' expenses is continuing with new revelations about travel taken by Tony Burke and Christopher Pyne. Reports in today's papers say Mr Pyne claimed more than $5,000 for a Christmas trip to Sydney with his family while Mr Burke used the PM's jet to fly to meetings when he was environment minister.A former SA Government carer who sexually abused 7 children as young as 18 months old has been jailed for 35 years with a nonparole period of 28 years. 33-year-old Shannon Grant McCoole pleaded guilty to 20 State and Commonwealth charges relating to the sexual abuse of children and child pornography. The District Court in Adelaide heard McCoole was head administrator of a highly sophisticated 1,000 member global child pornography websiteStrikers workers at Sydney earks Port Botany has been ordered to end industrial action. Hutchison Ports advised t 7 workers in Sydney and Brisbane they were being made redundant this week. Employees still rostered to work colleagues
yesterday joined their sacked colleagues on a picket line outside the terminal at Port Botany. Late last night the Fair Work Commission issued an interim order for employees to stop the industrial action but the union says no-one is going anywhere.None of us are going home. This fight is going to be one that we continue until we get some justice and we've a line on the support of the community and other trade unions who are demonstrated their solidarity today and in resolutions of support.A young girl remains in hospital after she was found hanging unconscious from play equipment in Sydney's west. The girl was found yesterday at the Kids Club child care facility in Jamisontown by a staff member. Her scarf had been caught. She was placed in an induced coma and taken to hospital in a critical but stable condition. Child protection bodies in NSW say they expect a review to take place into policies at before and after schoolchild care centres.At least 15 people are dead and hundreds wounded after a truck bomb exploded near an army compound in the Afghan capital of Kabul. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the explosion. A Taliban spokesman said the group was looking into the incident and the Government said an investigation had begun. The bomb left a hole 10 metres deep reducing buildings to rubble, shattering windows and damaging cars.France has launched air, land and sea searches on and around Reunion Island in the hope of finding linked
more debris which could be linked to MM-370. Malaysia has said a wing section found on the island came from the lost Malaysia Airlines flight. But French investigators have yet to confirm the link. The Chinese relatives of the missing passengers have been statements from
angered over the contradicting statements from French and Malaysian authorities.Islamic State militants have abducted dozens of people, many of them Christian, from the western city of Homs in Syria. The UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said at least 230 people were kidnapped including 45 women and 19 children. Some were abducted from a church in the city. Islamic staited follows its own extreme version of Sunni Islam and has previously ordered Christians to convert, pay a religious levy or face death.Italian police have arrested 5 men over a deadly shipwreck off the coast of Libya which left more than 200 refugees feared drowned. Mediterranean police say 3 Lybians and 2 Algerians are accused of multiple homicide and trafficking offences. The boat flipped over as an Irish Navy ship approached and desperate passengers surged to one side as they spotted the vessel. More than 400 people were rescued and transferred to the Italian island of Sicily.Holiday makers flying in and out of Bali will experience more disruptions today as a volcanic ash cloud continues to disrupt air travel services. Virgin has cancelled all its flights and JetStar says it's cancelled all morning flights as Mount Raung continues to erupt. The volcanic ash advisory centre say winds are blowing the ash cloud towards Denpasar airport. Garuda has not yet made an announcement about its services.A team of US regulators probing contamination at a Colorado gold mine have accidentally released 3.8 million litres of wastewater into a local river system. The wastewater, which contained metals and sendment turneded the river bright orange. Health officials warned water users downstream to turn off intake s and avoid water-borne recreational activity until the contaminated water passes.The American comedian Jon Stewart has hosted his final broadcast of the 'Daily Show'. He took over the show in 1999 and quickly established himself as one of the country's foremost satirists targeting powerful figures in politics and the media. A line of people hoping to get into the final taping gathered outside the Comedy Central studio on Manhattan's far west side as early as 2:30am. Jon Stewart finished his show with a heartfelt message for his audience.This is a conversation, this show isn't ending, we're merely taking a small pause in the conversation. I'm just going to say I'm going to go get a drink and I'm sure I will see you guys before I leave. So that's our show. I thank you so much for the privilege of being able to perform it for you for the privilege of being able to do it.Well now to sport with Nick Lockyer.Australia's tail end is all that stands between England and the Ashes. The hosts need just 3 wickets to claim back the urn following another commanding day at Trentbridge while Australia's openers started strongly they received little support from the top order. Steve Smith, Shaun Marsh and Michael Clarke combined for just 20 runs. Adam Voges and Mitchell Starc will resume tonight with Australia still trailing by 90 runs.But the news isn't all bads for Australian athletes overseas. Bronte Campbell upstaged sister Cate to win gold in the 100 freestyle at the swimming world championships in Russia while Mitch Larkin added the 200 metre backstroke title to the 100 gold he won earlier in the week. Richmond's chances of finishing in the AFL's top 4 courtesy
have taken a serious hit courtesy of its 36-point loss to Adelaide. The Crows are back truly in
in the top 8 and still well and truly in the race for a return to the finals for the first time since 2012.Manly's unbelievable NRL resurgience has continued with the Sea Eagles sitting just one win outside the 8. Their 28-8 win over reigning premiers South Sydney was their 6th win in 7 matches. And the Broncos could be overtaken on top of the ladder this evening after going down to the Bulldogs by 2 points in Brisbane.And Australia has stamped its netball World Cup credentials with a dominant win to open the tournament. The Diamonds won 73-32. It's hard not to talk about the Ashes, though. It's been a pretty hard couple of days. I was over in England only a week ago now and I'm very pleased I'm not there at the moment because the ribbing I copped then was bad enough.It would be hard to be an Aussie in the UK.I'm ruing the e-mails I sent to my English mates last time we played the Ashes and we thumped them and now I'm paying for that. I never learn.You've got to be nice, you've got to be nice, Ben, because it comes we'll
back to bite you.Alright, we'll talk more about that later. Thanks, Nick.Thank you for your company here on Weekend Breakfast. Still to come - property tycoon Donald Trump dominates the campaign for the Republican candidate.Also ahead - hopes for a warm reception as Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes returns to the game.And later - whatever happened to Google Glass, remember the wearable technology launched a couple of years ago. It hasn't taken off but the story doesn't end there.England is poised to secure a comprehensive win and reclaim the Ashes in the 4th Test against Australia at Trentbridge .Australia is 7/241 in its second innings after 2 days and still trails England by 90. Europe correspondent Mary Gearin has more.English fans would have come here expecting a result today and why wouldn't they after Australia's horrendous day 1. Australia had a good start, showed some Tickner the end but what Stoched play today - bad light and there are a lot of people who are a bit disappointed they didn't see the all but inevitable Ashes defeat of Australia.Absolutely fabulous day. Unexpected ending. What's the point of having white if you can't use them. But really, really good day.Should have carried on and been good sportsman but they're not because we could have beat them in 2 days and that's the worst thing about it.It's the Australian's fault that bad light stopped play?Why do we have lights? We have lights. We play Twenty/20. We play in the dark.I thisity Australians they've
played really well. I think they've got a chance with the Test at the Oval. I think they can do really well at The Oval.I sense sarcasm here.No, no!A bit of a fight, I think we'll chase about 7 or 8 to win.By at the end of the day we're going clean it up tomorrow, we're going to win.The Ashes are coming home where they should be and they will be back tomorrow.Best team in the world. Best team in the world.Thought it would all wrap up today?Yeah, absolutely. But we'll be back tomorrow for the victory.Although it's expected to be a very short day 3 there will will be plenty of people back here wanting to see Australia lose the fourth Test, lose the searies with a very big challenge ahead.Europe correspondent Mary Gearin there. Well it seems US presidential candidate Donald Trump isn't just riding high in the polls, he's also delivered huge TV ratings for the first of the Republican debates. For more North American correspondent Nick Harmsen joins us from our Washington bureau. Just how many Americans were tuneded in for this highly rated American presidential debate?Miriam, 24 million, so more than the population of Australia, according to the ratings agencies which is an extraordinary figure when you consider that, you know, previously these sorts of debates, at their absolute peak, might have got 7 or 8 of
million and 24 million is one of the large football finals here or perhaps a finale of the get
'Celebrity Apprentice' might get that sort of number but pretty unbelievable ratings for a political event.Now we would expect, of course, with Donald Trump in the running here that he has brought a lot more interest in events there and in terms of what he had to say there in that debate, I mean he has held out that option of running independently. Just how Trump and
damaging might that prove for Trump and also for Republicans overall?Well, there's a bit of confusion here as to how this is actually going to play out because Trump has defied convention so far. A lot of political pundits thought he wouldn't be that popular but he certainly has proven to be so far and certainly the people who are attracted to Donald Trump may even be attracted to the fact that he is throwing it all out there and is willing to perhaps run as an independent. But certainly the focus groups that were organised by the American news TV networks to react to last night's debate didn't like what they heard from Donald Trump, both on that issue of potentially running independently but also on his comments regarding one of the debate moderator, Megan Kelly from Fox News and Rosie O'Donnell. He made some comments which I think women certainly didn't like and that could cause some problems for the Republican Party further on in this debate process.Now, we did see 10 candidates overall there pitted against one another in that Republican debate. How did the others fair?It was a really interesting mix. It was a very entertaining debate stretching across 2 hours. There wasn't a lot of excitement from some of the other front-runners. Jeb Bush was asked several questions but he really didn't get much excitement out of Jeb Bush and indeed today he says his brother, George W Bush, was describing him as the tortoise, that he really wants to go slow and steady in this race. But we did see some fire from some of the lesser candidates, those that aren't polling very well. And certainly someone like Rand Paul, a senator and a libertarian senator, he really needed to come out firing in this debate and he certainly did that. He took on Donald Trump and he took on a couple of the other candidates. There was also some performances which were fairly highly rated from Marco Rubio who earlier on in this process was considered one of front-runner, he's dropped away somewhat. That was a good performance from him. And also John Kasic who was the Ohio governor at home in Cleveland. He got some big applause for the crowd and certainly did his chances no harm. But perhaps the biggest story of the night was from one of the candidates who wasn't even on the main stage. Karly Fiorina, a former chief executive of hue let packrd. Before this debate she was getting less than 1% of the Republican vote but she was regarded as the winner of that early kids table debate and she may have well earned herself a spot on the main stage for the next debate.Do you think Hillary Clinton will be having pause for thought after the debate that we've just had?Well in some ways it's good for Hillary Clinton because there were a number of issues on which these Republican candidates were called out. The debate moderators did quite a good yob and there were some very pointed questions and some of the Republican contenders were forced to take a position which might be harder for them once they get to the point of competing against a Democrat. But you also have to look at it this way, all these Republican con tender and there's 10 of them, suddenly because of Donald Trump got access to a much larger audience at a very early stage of the process. The US isn't choosing the next president until late next year. So in some respects this was good for the Republican Party because all these candidates are getting to lay out their case in front of a very big audience.Our North America correspondent Nick Harmsen.Well, four years after a far right extremist Anders Breivik shot dead dozens of teenagers at a summer camp in Norway, Utoya Island has welcomed back teenagers for the first time.It was hosting a camp when the attack happened in 2011. This year more than 1,000 teenagers have registered for the event.It's time finally to go back. 4 years after this country's darkest post war day, Norway's Labor youth are reclaiming their island, the place where 69 of their comrades died. What happened here on a rain-sodden summer's day was almost impossible to comprehend. A calm 90-minute massacre by a lone gunman masquerading as a policeman. For many the trial was a first glimpse of Anders Breivik. But a delegate from Uganda came face-to-face with him much earlier.When he came, the first person I saw him killed here was a kid who just did this. She just put up her hands just like helpless. He was, of course, he was not in shooting to
the a rush. He was really shooting to kill.Samuel and his frebds tried to run further along the rocky shore but found themselves trapped.Then he came above us now again we thought he was going to shoot in our heads. Now that's the time I really don't know what was happening. I resigned to God and I knew I was dead.But the fear has gone. Youthful idealism has come back to Utoya. The song, sport and laughter.Just a step away from the fun and games over there, is this memorial to those who died here on Utoya. The names and the ages of almost all of Breivik's victims. In reclaiming the island, the youth movement is saying we have to move on from this.Some say the island should remain closed as a mark of respect. But a new generation of young activists says there are better ways to honour the dead.It would be quite sad if like the memorial of people that were dead would just be left here alone. Now people can be around it and like enjoy the memory of them.Norway's 3-time former PM was on the island four years ago. Breivik said he planned to behead her. But she left just before he arrived. In the place where so many died, there are tributes scattered among the rocks and the trees. For all this weekend's relentless focus on the future, some find it hard to escape the past.There are serious questions over security in Afghanistan's capital after a series of bomb blasts. Early this morning a suicide bomber struck near the Kabul police academy killing at least 20 cadets.It comes less than 24 #40urs after a powerful truck bomb tore through central Kabul killing 15 people and wounding 240 others.The explosion was so big it could be heard all around the Afghan capital. Windows shattered and buildings collapsed. This man was at home in bed when the truck exploded across the street. TRANSLATION: Most of the people were injured with flying glass. There was glass everywhere. Everything was full of dust and smoke.They put ne a car and bought he here. It was a very bad explosion.He said the blast in the middle of the night didn't differentiate between rich and poor. While the target may have been a military compound, the dead and injured were mainly civilians. Hospitals were inundated.I'm here quite a long time and I've never seen something like that. It was no stopping of people coming and coming and coming. We were afraid at a tern point, we could not manage anymore.The UN recently said civilian casualties are at a record high with nearly 5,000 Afghans killed or injured in the first six months of this year. For Afghan security forces the losses are even higher with more than 11,000 dead and injured in the first half of 2015. There's been renewed violence across Afghanistan at a delicate political time. Taliban peace talks were derailed last week after the Taliban announced the death of its lead e. Taliban are now divided over who should succeed him.Afghan Rani has called its one of the worst attacks ever against civilians. The ABC has obtained e-mails that reveal why a shipment of muesli bars made by Freedom Foods was rejected by the Manus Island detention centre. The documents quite contractors who claim the Immigration Department didn't want them served to detainees. Jesse Dorset reports.We all want to feed our kids well.And that's why our government has introduced a front of pack health star rating system.Manus Island detention even
centre, shrouded in secrecy, even the food is tightly controlled.All the bars with 3.5 and 4 stars.In January the ABC revealed someone was determined to stop the bars. $30,000 worth.Immigration detainees on Manus Island are being denied a taste of freedom after a large shipment of muesli bars was rejected by the detention centre.And now we might know why. Documents obtained under freedom of information laws suggest the Immigration Department told its contractor not to serve the Freedom bars. Among the e-mails this:

It's believed some of the bars were shipped back to Australia, others were stripped of their wrappers and served to detainees. It seems management was prepared for some unwanted attention.

Sydney Swans star Adam Goodes is expecting a warm reception from Geelong fans when he takes the field for his AFL return tonight.The league is confident fans have got the message that relentless booing of Goodes by opposition supporters is not on.Behind these gates the Sydney Swans are warming up ahead of Adam Goodes' big return to the AFL following the booing controversy. All eyes will be on Geelong for the AFL match here tonight. In a show of unity, both the Swans and the Cats will run through the same banner but that has drawn some criticism from Cats fans who believe it will take away from Geelong captain Joel Selwood's 200th match. Here's what some of them had to say.I think can't
it's a bit of a shame that he can't have it to himself. I'm sure deep down he would really actually like to have it to himself but I'm sure his team-mates feel the same way too. But it is what it is and I think the whole Adam Goodes situation has been a bit blown out of proportion. But my theory is you make your bed, you lie in it.I think it's good for reconciliation to go through it all and to tell people, you know, that things are got to stop. But it is a another
shame that they don't have through
another one for him to go through as well.Yeah.It's very generous of him and I think it's wonderful, yes. It shows good sportsmanship.But it's only a game and we've got to go along and enjoy it, whether you win, lose or draw really.So sick of everything that's been going on and let's just get on with the footy.A number of fans online at least have said they're a bit upset that you're running a banner together for your 200th, how do what do you think about that?It wasn't worry me too much. It is what it is. I understand why we have to do it. I'm probably more upset for the Geelong cheer squad. They get a real chuff out of putting a banner together and we're really thankful that those guys dodo that for us. But, you know, we're going to run through the banner together, we decided that as a football club and I'm really happy with that and we'll move on.Are you concerned that that may incite people who may have been considering not booing to actually boo?I hope not and from my point of view, you know, I'm a proud Geelong person too and what would make me proud is that the Geelong people behave the right way too. Let's take a look at the satellite. A trough and a frornt are producing showers and isolated storms across southern WA. While a high pressure system is producing mostly clear skies and light winds across southern and central Australia leading to a cold morning. Looking around the country:

Well drinking coffee, it's one of our favourite Pa times, especially here on Weekend Breakfast. Now a new pop up cafe in Sydney has thrown cats into the mix.It's partner ing with an animal charity to rehome kittens and they're offering patrons cuddles with their cappuccinos.It's a case of curious cats and coffees. Popular overseas, cat cafes have started to sink their claws into Australia.They're a way for people with busy lives and little exposure to animals to spend time with some cats.If it was permanent I'd permanent
probably make it part of my permanent weekly schedule. It's so good to come in, have a cup of coffee or tea.Oh, yeah, I don't think I could ever stop playing with cat.Owner Veronica Morland raised more than $18,000 flu an online money raising campaign to get the cafe started. She's working with an animal welfare charity which brings the cats to the cafe and if all goes well, coffee goers can choose to adopt them.Part of groups of girls coming in, squealing and then you get a couple of beefy squealing and
grown guys coming in also squealing and it's a lot of fun for everybody.The first pop up event a few months ago in Paddington saw 13 of 20 cats finding homes over 4 days.It's a wonderful platform for Maggie's Rescue to showcase our animals, our cats up for adoption to get them permanent homes.According to Maggie's Rescue, Australia is the second highest rates of pet euthanasia in the world. Over 200,000 pets are put down every year because they have no homes to go to. As for these cats, they seem to be as popular as ever. The top story from ABC News. England is poised to secure a comprehensive win and reclaim the Ashes in the 4th Test against Australia at Trentbridge. Australia is 7/241 in its second innings after 2 days. They still trail England by 90. Openers Chris Rogers and David Warner both scored half-centuries and Adam Voges is not out on 48.Department of Finance documents confirm the Federal Education Minister Christopher Pyne spent more than $5,000 of taxpayers money flying himself and 3 family members to Sydney the week of Christmas in 2009. Mr Pyne also spent almost $1,000 on Commonwealth cars and claimed 2 night of travel allowance worth $240. The documents indicate Mr Pyne claimed the travel allowance because he had official shadow ministerial business.At least 15 people are dead and hundreds wounded after a truck bomb exploded here an army compound in the Afghan capital of Kabul. There was no immediate claim of responsibility for the said
explosion. A Taliban spokesman said the group was looking into the incident and the Government said an investigation had begun. Australia's Bronte Campbell and Mitch Larkin have won gold medals at the world swimming championships in Russia. Campbell claimed the 100 metres freestyle Campbell, her sister Cate secured the bronze. Larkin finished first in the 200 metre backstroke. Time to take a look at the front pages of today's major newspapers.The 'Herald Sun' is reporting on the $37 billion wipe out on the share market, the biggest single day fall in 3 years.The 'Weekend Australian' has a feature on the Chinese property developer behind the $1 billion dual apartment and hotel project on Queensland's Gold Coast.Pyne's happy new year, the 'Sydney Morning Herald' has a story on Christopher Pyne, claiming more than $5,000 on family travel expenses between Christmas and new year while in Opposition.Jailhouse shock, the 'Daily Telegraph' is reporting on the upcoming smoking ban in NSW prisons.Won't sing Matilda, the courier has a story on the that's
unofficial national anthem that's caught in a bitter trademark fight.Catching a monster, the Adelaide 'Advertiser' has a front page story on convicted paedophile Shannon McCoole who was yesterday sentenced to 35 years in jail.Bill Shorten set to face more grilling over union deals, reports 'The Age'.Turn up the heat, the Tasmanian Government pressures energy providers to keep cost-saving tariffs to help consumers, reports the 'Mercury'.And sold a pup, the NT News has a story on the Northern Territory being used as a false location in an international online pet adoption scam.I know one pup who could be looking for a new home.I had that perhaps it was a reference to Michael Clarke.A new job, maybe not a new home. I guess we'll talk about that a bit more.Shall we leave that for tomb perhaps.It's the weekend and we're obviously at work today as are thousands of other Australians. Rates of pay on weekends were a hot topic this week with news that business groups will ask the Fair Work Commission to consider bringing Sunday rates in line with Saturday rates. They argue it's making it difficult for retail and hospitality businesses to remain viable on Sundays.That's right. So today we'd like your opinion: How would it affect you? Would you lose money if you're a Sunday worker or if you're in business would it open new opportunities? Educators and industry leaders call it the 4th literacy, computer programming or coding. They claim it is an essential skill for the digital age.Reporter Kerry Brewster spent time with some Sydney schoolchildren who have shown how coding works for them.Come on, girls.I had just come down into the backyard and I went to go and pick up Mocca and when I found her she had a massive scratch right next to her eye and an ulcer had grown onto it and there was blood around it and I freaked out.A possum had attacked her so we rushed her off to the hospital. I was so worried. Like I didn't want anything to happen to her after that. So that's when I came up with the idea to make an automatic door opener for my at
guinea pigs so they can stay in at night. You can do a lot of things with coding. And tt pirate ship and I start at the sharks, OK.In Year 1, they're about 6 years old and they're learning how to program by using laptops and technology and Bbots on the floor. Now you program it. Forward.. Left.And forward. Press go. Let's see.

Well done. He made it to the cave.Turn, turn. They're kissing.What is it that you're doing?Program, programming.Come on.Try again.Yep.Then what are udoing with all of these buttons?I'm programming it to go to the beach.Excellent.How do you feel seeing them doing this?It makes me feel really proud of them because of how much work they've done and just their effort they're putting in.You're the youngest computer programmer I've ever met.I know. I just crashed. I just did another crash. Boom, boom, boom. Turn away!Are you learning about computer programming along the way?Oh, I am indeed, yes. I didn't really know anything before this year, before I came to this school and I've been thrown in the deep end. I've actually really, really loved it.Is it going to work?I think it will work as long as I get all the right coding and I concentrate hard on it and don't get confused with anything it should work. (LED level is 20. INT led level equals piezo. My guinea pigs mean so much to me and I really want to make this work.We as humans speak languages such as English or French or German but computers speak a special language and if we can learn to learn it and then we can use it to control have
the computer and command it.So able
have a look at this. She's been able to put the map of Antarctica embedded into her coding and now she's tracked the journey of Ernest Shackleton.Perhaps you could put buttons in every place of his journey and when you click on the buttons more detailed information on that specific place could pop up.Or maybe like a little tag where it kind of changes directions to show where it is.So now you know how to read that, you should all know how to program onto that space reading those coordinates.They're helping each other, they're resolving problem, they're working in teams, they're looking for solutions. So when they go out into the world, no matter whether they become a programmer or they become a nurse or a doctor or they work in an office or they become, you know, a Nobel Prize winner, they will be the sorts of people that can work together to solve problems that will find solutions and that's what we're looking for in our working economies. People that are intuitive, who are creative, who are inspired to do really well. I'm just making some final improvements to it to make sure that it's definitely reliable. Cross your fingers. When I'm covering the light sensor it represents nighttime and so the door will close. Then now it's registered that there's light and so it will open for daytime.

And checking international markets. The markets in Europe have ended the week lower:

For more on the markets we're joined now by Jeremy Hook, investment director from TMS Capital. Thank you for coming in this morning. The RBA's quarterly statement this week, pretty upbeat about the situation and pretty comfortable with where the cash rate is?Yeah, that's right. There was a lot to digest as there always is when the RBA gives its statement. There were some interesting things, some things that weren't entirely expected. They gave quite a big review of the China share market volatility which was really quite interesting and the backgrounding to it. They seemed comfortable with it which is important. It's had a real impact here. They talked a lot about the Australian dollar again and see it going lower and one of the interestingiences of that happening is it moves into the 60s as they see it, is how it will impact here on local inflation. As people buy more foreign goods with the lower currency, they actually expect year
inflation now to go up next year which is something different in the settings. But not enough to make the cash rate move. So that should be stable for some time.But generally speaking too, they did give a slightly subdued growth outlook and one of the reasons offered was unusual and unexpected was a little less immigration and they see the current population growth rate at about 1.4 declining a little bit and that having productivity and growth consequences. Although they may be
not be enormous it's going to be something to note.Did that feed into the RBA's comments on unemployment saying it's possibly past its peak?Yeah, that is because there will be fewer people participating in the work force as a result and generally speaking they're relatively happy that the mining boom ending coming at a time when there is an east coast construction boom of sorts happening has actually done quite dove staled very nicely, not perfectly, but relatively well and it was a very encouraging part to see that maybe an expected rise in that unemployment rate really won't be happening in the way that people were thinking a few months ago.Because unemployment did track up slightly higher than we expected at 6.3% now but part of that is to do with increased participation rate as well, sbt it?That's right, that's right. As people work longer and people enter the work force, younger, more females, etc, these are things that impact on that participation rate and therefore the unemployment rate. But realistically, if that's the peak in the cycle for unemployment, we've dodged a bullet over 10, 15 and almost benign
20 years so it's really a very benign outcome given the big stimulus the mining boom provided in terms of work and if that's the hangover it's really very mild.Also on the plunging Aussie dollar warnings about the US Federal Reserve lifting rates there and the impact that will have here?I thought that was a really significant thing. A few market commentators were onto this week. Everybody knows that rates are going to go up in the US and the thinking is it will be next month in September. But it's surprising when markets still know everything that the materialises
reaction when it actually materialises is still quite profound and so the RBA was warning market participants about expected volatility when that first rate rise happens in the US. They did make the comment that with even a couple of rises in US rates, monetary policy there will be very encourage growth
accommodative, it will actually encourage growth still. So it's hardly a warning of any direness but it does still say, you know, be prepared. And this is the case. We saw that in May as well when the markets almost shifted from a view that rates will go up, they got very concerned and volatility rose, big sell offs in bond markets, equity markets and that has impacts. So we will have to expect that as we come into the end of the year.Now the Australian share market took a huge dive yesterday, in particular the big four banks and it was a day where we also saw ANZ trying to do its capital raising. It wasn't a great series of events there really, was it?No, and it really impacted on the whole bank sector, both on Thursday and Friday. Before trade on Thursday, ANZ went into a trading halt. They said we're undertaking a capital raising. Again, just like my previous comments about US interest rates, no surprise in that. We've known that all the banks have been required to increase their capital to their tier 1 capital ratios just to make them safer, more or less, and that's been APRA, the regulators, and they've got to do that by the end of June next year. They've undertaken, most banks to start to do that a bit early. NAB did it 3 months ago and it was ANZ's turn to step up to the plate and fix up their capital this week. So they raised $2.5 billion through an institutional placement a t a discount to the market price of about 3.5%. And they're offering all shareholders in ANZ a share purchase plan so they can buy in as well. That will certainly help their capital ratios, but it took money from other banks, so other banks sold off as investors position themselves to need to fund this. It does change the earnings forecast for the banks and it will slow down their return on equity as well. None of these are really bad things but they're just things you have to bring into account . But the next phase for everybody is looking at Wednesday's Commonwealth Bank report and the expectation is that they're going to announce a large rights issue to do the same kind of thing and that again, will have an impact.Well we will have to wait and see, won't we. Jeremy Hook from TMS, thank you for your time this morning.Thank you.Well, now to a technology which hasn't quite found its market yet. Two years ago Google glass was launched with a much fanfare by the US tech giant.But the product never really took off and in January this year Google announced it would stop production. However the story doesn't end there. Marc Fennell and the team from Download This Show have been taking a look.Google glass, we thought it was dead. You might remember it was the weird, slightly douchy looking glasses that Google released where you could see the Internet in your eye line.It's google's face Turns
computer.You look like a nob. Turns out there is a new google glass coming probably at the end of this year and what the search giant has done, Clare, is they've pivoted towards making google for industry purposes, as we understand it.Yeah, they've realised that the whole google glass on the street thing might come across as a little bit creepy.Just a tad.Just a little bit. So now they're pivoting towards industry which I think is not a bad idea. I'm interested to see where it can go. But I'm also interested to see how the hell is this going to work? So you go into a conference room, does everyone in the room need to have Google glass?It's guy
interesting because the first guy in Australia that I'm aware of that got Google glass, he runs an industrial safety business and he actually bought it because he was interested in occupational health
how you could use it for occupational health and safety purposes. So I think from that moment it was kind of clear that as a consumer product it was always going to be a little bit niche but you could see sort of on building sites and architecture and CAD and all those sorts of environments you could look at it and go actually, yeah, also medical applications I could imagine as well. Luke, are there sorts of things that you think it would work well that you can already perceive it being interesting for?Notification s in a workplace are sort of this murky, horrible difficult way of doing things where, you know, if you're on an Apple ecosystem, your notifications come through your top right and if you're on a Windows ecosystem Microsoft is trying to make it better with windows 10. It's murky, difficult. without
Telling someone in an office without disturbing them is really tough. If you can tell someone nicely through Google Now cards they have a meeting coming up or they have an e-mail or replace the notebook on their desk is a great way of standardising notifications. It's the Mir chul assistant nobody has to move for. Makes you look like a pod person but it's OK.The new model is currently being reported to fold up like a traditional pair of glasses and would be more rugged for outdoor use which I think would be consistent with some of the construction elements we were talking about before. Clare, outside of what we've already discussed are there other applications you think it could be used for?I think it could be useful in surgery. If you're doing open heart surgery.Which I do all the time.I don't want you look
looking at your Google glasses, look at my heart.You want them looking around the machines around you or talking to the people in front of you or TV has taught me that surgery is a very noisy experience. There are lots of different machines with lots of different noises and beepings and giving lots of different status updates as to if
various bodily functions, what if they took all those notifications and put into Google glass.I want a app that yells out stat.I think we've definitely worked out Google glass needs to exist. In terms of how Google glass has been managed by Google up until this point, have Google kind of messed up the messaging in terms of how they pushed it out into the world?I think we actually said this on this very show when Google glass 2 happened is that Google glass is the response to a need, "need" for wearables before wearables were a thing. If you have a look at how Google glass manages your information it gives you information in cards. It gives you like 6 minutes to your next meeting, turn left at the next intersection. The learn frtion that have been transposed really, really nicely into android wear and into the Apple watch as well in terms of how you're getting notification s. It was the prewearable wearable. So now that smart watches are here and everyone knows how to use cards a bit better I think Google glass has more of a chance now because people know what the goddamn thing is for.We're really not seeing eye to eye today, Luke. I couldn't disagree with you more.I'll fight you.Let's take this outside. I've yet to see an area where saturation would occur. Yes, it would be potentially interesting for architecture. Yes, it would be potentially interesting for 3D design, in surgery but again how many sets are you going to sell? Does everyone in the business need one? Are you going to have one pair per business ? Are you going have 3 pairs so you can give one to client when he comes in? How are they going to interact with each other?I suspect it will always be a niche product. The one interesting thing about Google is Google do commit to a lot of things that end up going nowhere. Even though I think Google glass is a bit naf, I do like that as a company they are trying things.The only reason I bring it up is because I'm sad we don't make anything anymore. Everything has to have go prove it to the board or who's going to be the market for this? Who cares? Just make it.And I guess sbt it one of the rewards of being an incredibly rich company.100%.If you put undirected
yourself in a position to do undirected research, if you have made billions and billions of dollars changing industry already.A big thank you to our duelling panellists this week. Dewait is great. Clare Connolly and Luke Hopewell thank you for coming back on the show.Meet you in the car park.Bring it.Fisty cuffs. Thank you for listening to another episode of Download This Show.Time to talk sport with Nick Lockyer and Australia manages to delay the inevitable. That's the only good spin we can put on this.Absolutely. I've tried my best to find this morning and that's all I can think of. Mitchell Starc has spoken this morning and said they're not going to quit just yet. Where there's life there's hope but there's no respite for embalted Australian captain Michael Clarke today after another tough day at the crease. Once again England dominated play on day 2 of the 4th Test and need just 3 wickets to regain the urn. The hosts declared their of
first innings with a huge lead of 331. An opening stand of 113 from Chris Rogers and Dave Warner was undone by another top order collapse. Steve Smith and Shaun Marsh added just 7 runs between them while Clarke was dismissed for 13.

Everything going their way. Adam Voges and Mitchell Starc are the not out batsmen at stumps.There's a lot of work to do to I guess find any way to draw this game or win this game. But look , we'll fight right till the end, right to the last wicket, last run. It's just in our nature. Yeah, tough couple of days but we're not going anywhere.But there is some good news. There are more promising signs for Australia's swim team less than a year out from the Rio Olympics, claiming 2 more gold medals at the world championships overnight. Bronte Campbell finally upstaged sister Cate in the 100 metres freestyle breaking her older siblings unbeaten run in the event which dated back to 2012. I can't believe that I came out on top, right? It's not often that you get to stand up on a podium together and I can't believe I get to do it with Cate tonight.And 22-year-old Queenslander Mitch Larkin has become the first man in a decade to complete the 100-200 backstroke double claiming his second world title in 3 days. Australia now sits second on the medal tally.Adelaide has significantly strengthened its bid for a spot in the AFL finals courtesy of a dominant 6-goal win over Richmond. The Crows moved back into the top 8 despite some way ward kicking. They scored 11 goals and 22 behinds but still earn praise from their opposition coach Cho described them as good as any side the Tigers have played this year.We were never in the game, really. It felt like 100 point loss in the coaches box and the players felt the same thing. We got obliterated, contested ball, tackles and sleernss, we were never in the game. I thought they were outstanding. They came out, they jumped hard and they played hard throughout.The loss means Richmond could be 2 wins adrift of the top 4 by tonight.Manly has continued its stunning resurgience adding the NRL premiers to its growing list of conquests. The Sea Eagles, who were last on the ladder just 6 weeks oonge, smashed the Rabbitohs by 20 points and now sit just one win outside the top 8. A hat-trick helped the hosts to their 6th victory in 7 starts. Adding to the Bunnies' woes, former Manly hero Glenn Stewart was placed on report for a high shot on Steve Matai . And in Brisbane, the ladder-leading Broncos suffered back-to-back losses for the first time this season going down to the Bulldogs for 2 points. The Wallabies insist they won't be treating tonight's rugby championship deciding Bledisloe clash against the All Blacks as merely a tune-up for the World Cup. Australia is experimenting by using both Michael Hooper and David Pocock in its starting line up for the first time. Just 6 weeks out from its opening Cup match.Every game that we play leading up to the World Cup is very important so we want to make sure that we, like I said, it's part of our preparation at the time, try to make sure that we put in a good performance every time we step out on the field.The Wallabies are chasing their first win over the world champions in 4 years. Can't wait for that one tonight, guys.Indeed, thanks, Nick.Well coming up in the next hour on Weekend Border Protection - Breakfast -Is cra knra one lie go-getters in their 20s. We'll spheeck to one political staffer who says that is the case plus all the day's news, sport and weather next. This program is not captioned.

This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaGood morning and welcome back to Weekend Breakfast.Making news this morning - Australia tries to salvage some dignity after its humiliation at the 4th Test but it won't be enough to save the Ashes. Also ahead - new revelations that Christopher Pyne claimed $5,000 for a Christmas trip with his family as the expenses controversy continues.A massive truck bomb explosion kills 15 and injures hundreds more in Afghanistan's capital Kabul.And a golden day in the pool, wins for Australia's Bronte Campbell and Mitch Larkin at the world swimming championships in Russia. Hello, thanks iffor joining