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Tonight France ramps up the could
search for more debris which could be linked to MH370, launching air, land and sea searches on the island around Reunion. You're watching The World. Live by CSI Australia
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Thanks for joining us. I'm Beverley O'Connor. Also ahead, Singapore prepares for a weekend of celebrations as the city State turns 50. Signing off - the most trusted satirical voice of our generation says goodbye to 'The Daily Show'.I've got big news. This is it. The final episode! What a tragedy. France has launched air, land and sea searches on and around the island of Reunion as they search for more debris which could be from MH370. Malaysian revealed
aviation experts earlier revealed a window and other debris had been found on the remote Indian Ocean island in the past few days and said they were likely to be from the missing plane but must be examined first by experts. TRANSLATION: A few days ago, nobody could imagine that deb bri found a few days ago could be found on a beach in a La Reunion area. So along the other where there is debris, we have to search for it. There are less important debrises which can be disregarded but we are looking for everything that will allow us to progress the inquiry and the investigation.Something of a ramping up of the investigation there. Malaysia, as we know, did say that the wing section came from the missing flight. Something that the Chinese relatives of those on board are not willing to accept just yet. They staged a protest outside the Malaysia Embassy in Beijing and were demanding a representative meet with them after one failed to attend a scheduled meeting.TRANSLATION: We have come here today with just one demand. We demand that the Malaysian authorities send someone to attend the meeting. Demand that they carry out their international responsibilities in line with international agreements.The Malaysian Government says a piece of debris found on Reunion Island last week is part of the missing plane. Other countries involved in the investigation, though, are only saying it is probable or likely.We respect the authorities, we leave it to them to announce whatever further debris they found but, announce
on our side, we can only announce what we found. For me team in La Reunion island, if they found debris, I have to report we found and we hand it over to the authorities.There were some scuffles with police outside the Embassy.Myanmar's President Thein Sein has urged people to evacuate the low-lying delta area in the country's south. Flooding caused by monsoon rains has killed 81 people so far and affected more than 300,000 others. Millions more, though, are at risk from rising floodwaters. Here is Bill Bainbridge. Houses submerged, crops ruined and livestock washed away. The ir watty delta is one of the hardest hit areas by more than a week of monsoon rains. Locals say it is the worst flooding since the devastation of Cyclone Nargis in 2008.TRANSLATION: The water has been rising every day and has flooded everything. I don't know what is going on. This has never happened before. It rises three, four feet a day and is still rising.Across the country, half a million hectares of paddy fields have been flooded with nearly 62,000 hectares destroyed. These villagers have gathered in the local monastery, sitting just above the flood line.TRANSLATION: In previous floods, people could stay in their houses and use boats to go everywhere. This year is difficult for Beat the people and - both the people and animals. We can't feed them.More than 6 million people live in the delta rea joon. The Government has and
appealed for international aid San Suu Kyi
and the Opposition Leader Aung San Suu Kyi has added her voice to the calls.I would like to appeal to the international community to help us generously and in a coordinated fashion.Australia has responded by pledging to increase its aid, sending a million dollars worth of goods to add to the 2 million already pledged. The United States as offered its support.The United States will provide $600,000 of immediate relief through US Disaster
AIDS Office of US Foreign Disaster Assistance. We have a team on the ground now working with local officials in order to meet the most urgent needs.The monsoon season continues until early October. The Afghan Government says a truck bomb explosion has killed at least 15 people and injured hundreds. The blast happened near an army compound in the centre of the capital Kabul. The Health Ministery says around 400 people had to be taken to hospital. No-one has claimed responsibility for the explosion.Singapore is celebrating on a grand scale as they mark 50 years of independence culminating in a national day parade on Sunday.

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