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(generated from captions) into a partly cloudy day.
before it clears

our coldest suburbs tonight -
Richmond will be one of dropping down to 3 degrees. to today's forecast,
Similar conditions reaching 17 degrees.
just slightly colder,

across the weekend,
Sydney can expect to stay dry slight falls mid-next week.
before the chance of some warming up a fraction too,
Those day time temperatures hitting 21 degrees on Monday.

forecast on Sunday,
In our west, a cool morning dropping down to 3 degrees. before few showers
Sunny skies early next week on Wednesday and Thursday. won't get much warmer though,
Those overnight temperatures hovering in the single digits. dinner.
Now I must go and catch my


That's Nine News for this Friday. with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy is next thanks for being with us.
I'm Georgie Gardner,

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the break Tonight ... Police swoop member
on an alleged Comanchero bikie Th
member - after a drive-by shooting Canberrans
The dodgy retailer costing
Canberrans thousands of dollars...b Boomer
selling spas And Why have the Boomers issues an S-O-S to Canberra Ke
s Patty Mills? Good evening, I' m Kerryn Johnston, To those stories i broadca
a moment but first, regional broadcasters across the country hav ca
banded together to launch a major Governme
campaign against the Federal The
Government' s archaic media laws. A
The message being delivered to Tony wh
Abbott is clear ...change the laws 7
which limit media companies to just region
75 percent of the audience, or v
regional Australia risks losing its Austra
voice. It' s unprecedented ... regiona
Australia' s four independent togethe
regional broadcasters banding to
together, to fight for their right whi
to remain competitive in a market org
which has already seen some media a
organisations expand their business in
above the 75 percent share via the cam
internet. The community awareness Prime,
campaign sees the WIN Network, Im
Prime, Southern Cross Austereo and to
Imparja call on regional Australia ou
to join the battle. Entitled "Save our Voices", the announcements will viewers
air in prime time ...and asks we
viewers to go to the saveourvoices involve
website to learn more and get really
involved. "I think what we' re peopl
really looking to do is get the
people of regional Australia to the politic
communicate with their local politicians and get the local th
politicians to push the message up tea
the line to the senior leadership broadcast
team in Canberra." Regional mi
broadcasters provide a voice for 9 t
million Australians and are chained metr
to the current laws, while major Internat
metropolitan TV Networks and
International players such as Googl the
and Netflix stream services into with
their licence areas unrestricted h
with unregulated content. And it' s c
hurting in a big way local news and current affairs are a major cost fo hu
regional broadcasters, who plough re
hundreds of millions of dollars in servi
regional areas via broadcasting
services and community sponsorships Abbott
The message is clear, if Tony chang
Abbott doesn' t move quickly to a
change the media laws...communities across Australia will lose its voic and an in an industry which employ s
more than 2500 people, jobs are at actual
stake. It' s important that we i
actually communicate to our viewers ri
in regional communities what' s at l
risk. Here the fact is this archaic legislation is putting local news a Malco
risk. Communications Minister, journalist
Malcolm Turnbull, a former l
journalist himself wants to see the
laws do many Members o organi
Parliament, who rely on media visi
organisations to broadcast their take
visits to regional Australia and a
take an interest in their political t
announcements which are distributed bas
to media organisations on a daily basis. The politicians in support o witho
the change, know all too well,
without regional broadcasters, it' their
not only communities that lose their voice will they. All we broadcast
re looking for as regional broadcasters is an equal opportunit coming
to compete with those who are go
coming into our markets, if we' ve susta
got that we have the ability to MELISSA
sustain local news services." o
MELISSA RUSSELL WIN NEWS An alleged outlaw motor cycle gang member toda
faced court charged over a drive b Th
shooting in the Capital' s south. The man has been remanded in custod wary
as police warn Canberrans to be subur
wary of bikie activity in their has
suburbs. WIN Reporter Harry Frost Vima
has the story. 22-year-old Lihai serv
Vimahi was flanked by corrective Mag
services officers as he faced the w
Magistrates court this morning - He de
was arrested by Task Force Nemesis search
detectives yesterday after the Apr
search of a Ngunnawal property in to
April uncovered a shotgun - linked C
to a drive by shooting in Stirling. inflicting
Charged with Intentionally V
inflicting grievous bodily harm, Mr
Vimahi' s lawyer Kamy Saeedi says h is pleading not guilty. He' s goin s
to be defending the matter at this stage and we would like to apply fo ov
bail next week - so we' ve put it ca
over until next tuesday to put our Vima
case together. Police believe Mr Commanchero
Vimahi is a member of the
Commancheros outlaw motorcycle gang m
On the 12th of March a 36-year-old sho
man was shot several times in his shoulder and ankle in the doorway o his Stirling home - one of three t
shootings in Canberra' s south side lea
that same night. Police inquiries g
lead detectives to Adelaide where a Prosec
gun and ammunition was seized. oppos
Prosecutors indicated they will oppose bail when the matter returns
to court. Police investigations int the three shootings as well as fiv ongo
other incidents in February are t
ongoing. Canberrans are being urged m
to remain alert for possible outlaw anyo
motorcycle gang activity and ask cr
anyone with information to contact be
crime stoppers. A Canberra man has alle
been extradited to Victoria over Me
alleged sex offences at schools in Mo
Melbourne. Seventy-year-old Robert Melbourne
Morris from Evatt faced the ch
Melbourne Magistrates' Court today indecen
charged with twenty counts of inciden
indecent assault. The alleged Cr
incidents took place at schools in
Cranbourne and Ringwood East betwee seve
nineteen seven one and nineteen bail
seventy five. Mr Morris has been Octobe
bailed to reappear in court in wallet
October. A car, phones, ipads, among
wallets, jewellery and keys are f
among some of the items stolen from spa
five homes across Canberra - in a o
spate of aggravated burglaries, all
of which occurred on the same night A
This Ford Territory was located in da
Aranda - and was found extensively missing
damaged, with a number of the offen
missing items inside.Police say offenders entered five homes betwee Satu
two a-m and six-thirty a-m last and
Saturday - in Weetangera , Hawker incide
and Aranda. It' s believed the
incidents are linked - and more tha with
one person was involved. Anyone with information is asked to contac Canberra
Crimestoppers. At least two ou
Canberra families have been caught dod
out - by brothers, operating as a dodgy on-line spa, sauna and outdoo rep
furniture retailer. The pair was Tr
reported to the Department of Fair to
Trading - and has now been ordered Vicki
to compensate its victims. When hom
Vicki Lynch ordered a spa for her
home through an online retailer, sh rid
never expected to be taken for a the
ride. "After considerable delays, stopp
these guys just completely, um, fa
stopped communicating entirely and re
failed to supply us a spa." "Vicky orde
received her spa two years after th
ordering it. Sixteen months longer than she was promised." "I went to wer
fair trading and found that there o
were a number of other complainants ow
out there and we ended up with our Trad
own little action group." A Fair brot
Trading Investigation uncovered, Lord,
brothers Nicholas and Gerasimos Urban
Lord, who traded under the name a
Urban Boutique Proprietary Limited, depo
accepted thousands of dollars in co
deposits from customers across the i
country, but failed to deliver spas in the agreed time frame, or not at of
all. It also revealed the pair was manufactur
offering and selling spas, m
manufactured in China, which don' t "We
meet Australian safety standards.
"We placed an embargo on their sale ah these products were subsequentl conseq
supplied to consumers, and as pros
consequence, we had a successful brother
prosecution against these two in
brothers." The pair pleaded guilty offences
in Parramatta Local Court to Consume
offences under the Australian an
Consumer Law and Fair Trading Act, tha
and have been ordered to pay more fines,
than sixty thousand dollars in vict
fine victims. to
victims. "I think it' s a good end
to the story, because there' s a lo of people who probably could affor a
to lose that money. There was also could
a lot of people I spoke to that money."
couldn' t afford to lose that onl
money." A sobering lesson for all
online consumers. "By using a credi go
card you can get a charge back if p
goods aren' t delivered. If you' re difficu
paying cash, it' s often very k
difficult recover those moneys, you busin
know, if the trader goes out of Dick
business." Close to one thousand evacuat
Dickson College students were evacuated today - after a fire brok started
out in the school. The blaze se
started in a switchboard - forcing fr
seven hundred pupils to be removed in
from the building. crews were here tended
in a very short space of time, an
tended to the incident immediately a
and there were no injures Meantime, R
a fire broke out at a unit block in were
Red Hill overnight. Firefighters Cr
were called to the scene on Cygnet
Crescent just before ten o' clock t extinguished.
find the fire had been extinguished. It' s believed to hav hea
started when a sheet fell onto a
heater and caught alight. No-one wa Shocki
injured. Next on WIN News ... depress
Shocking new statistics about stor
depression, and teenagers... The And,
story every parent needs to see. tea
And, ... Are you Canberra' s best a
teacher? The city' s top educators, awarded This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: At Hungry Jack's, just $2.95 gets you
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This program is not captioned.
is next, then ... .. A large numbe de
of Australian youth are suffering their
depression, but the majority of He
their parents have no idea. Mental sur
Health groups hope a new landmark g
survey will urge Mums and Dads take mood
greater notice of their child' s p
mood changes. One in thirteen young ta
people across the country consider that'
taking their own lives each day that
that' s one staggering statistic govern
that' s been revealed in a new essen
government report. self harm is bein
essentially an expression of not re
being able to cope and so what we' ar
re seeing is a lot of young people feeli
aren' t able to cope with their he
feelings of stress The 2015 mental kin
health survey is the first of its It
kind since nineteen ninety eight . child
It asked a group of parents and sepa
children to fill out the answers o
separately.The results showed rates
of depression in eleven to seventee year olds almost DOUBLED - when th t
young people filled out the survey a
themselves as opposed to their mums is
and dads. Headspace Councillor Nic isn' t surprised by the findings. w see young people whose parents kno someth
to ask for help and know that something might not be quite right, y
there would be a lot of parents who The
yeah may well be quite uneducated seven
The survey also showed almost one i su
seven four to seventeen year olds th
suffered from a mental disorder in c
the past 12 months. Experts are now fur
calling for Government funding to people
further educate not just young an
people but parents as well parents key
and family and friends are such a t
key support for young people and if
there' s a strong relationship ther communic
and there' s trust and open ben
communication then that' s a huge prob
benefit to a young person mental just
problems have always existed, we I
just don' t like talking about them sufferi
If you or someone you know is
suffering call Headspace. Mia Glove been
WIN News Canberra teachers have contributions
been honoured for their the
contributions to the community in Educati
the twenty-fifteen ACT Public recognis
Education Awards. The awards i
recognise leadership and excellence pre-scho
in a number of categories in tea
pre-school, primary and secondary f
teaching. It' s the night-of-nights Educat
for the territory' s teachers. turned
Educators from across Canberra in
turned out to celebrate excellence scho
in teaching in the ACT' s public vo
schools. Teachers, school leaders, awa
volunteers and support staff were a
awarded for outstanding achievement primary
and leadership in pre-school, Educ
primary and secondary schooling. fu
Education is the key to someone' s creat
future and opportunity and they ever
create that opportunity each and it
everyone of these teachers here so the
it' s important that we recognise not
them. While most will admit it' s
not an easy job, New Educator of th always
Year Ellie Templeton says she teache
always knew she wanted to be a teac
teacher. I had some really great kin
teachers growing up and I guess I them.
kind of wanted to pay homage to
them. More experienced teachers say stu
it' s what they learn from their the
students that drives them. I love the content of what I share with th l
students and it really is a shared learning experience, and I think - subject
hope - my enthusiasm for the by
subject, or the subjects is shared by them. All the awardees agree tha Canbe
shaping the next generation of Yo
Canberrans is the ultimate reward. your
You do your job because you love ki
your job - I have fun, I teach the abou
kids, they have fun, we find out award
about stuff - you don' t expect I
awards it' s not really part of it. pe
It' s an honour to work with young them
people and see them grow and see Harry
them develop and really thrive. Canb
Harry Frost, WIN News. Meantime, ha
Canberra' s apprentice of the year with
has been has been crowned today, Mu
with the honour going to carpenter indus
Murray Armour. The construction
industry encouragement awards aim t showcase individual achievements o graduating trade apprentices withi t
the building sector. we' re trying to give them the recognition of wha capabil
they justly deserve in their capabilities of coming through thei apprenticeship or the training tha they have undertaken For the first fo
time - a female took out the award cabinet
for outstanding apprentice in
cabinet making. I would like to be up
project manager or somewhere high my
up off the tools a little bit work mor
myself away from that, earn a bit winne
more money A number of today' s a
winners will represent the building and construction industry at the AC mont
Training Excellence Awards next And
month. Amy with sport is next ... wi
And the Brave hoping to extend its winning streak in the Australian Ic sid
Hockey League? Yes Kerryn.., the weekend
side has a double header this sti
weekend, and the Canberra Raiders the
still confident of sneaking in to the NRL finals. This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: What will
your gourmet creation be today? Swiss and parmesan
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This program is not captioned. Au
hopes Canberra' s Patty Mills will Leman
Australian Boomers coach Andrej
Lemanis says he' s hopes Canberra' pla
Patty Mills will be available to Oly
play for the side in next week' s Zealand
Olympic Qualifier against New ou
Zealand. Mills was originally left Seri
out of the squad for the Oceania unavailab
Series after making himself E
unavailable for the team' s tour to Ex
Europe, but an ACL injury to Dante poin
Exum has opened the door for the yet
point guard to return. Lemanis is
yet to speak with Mills but hopes t coming
contact the NBA player in the Wil
coming days. Raiders halfback Sam f
Williams says his side needs to win snea
four of its remaining matches to Mach
sneak into the finals. The Green Mon
Machine will be back in action on Tige
Monday at home against the Wests wee
Tigers. He' d been set for a five w
week stint on the sideline but last com
week Sam Williams made a surprise Raid
comeback from a torn pec, in the o
Raiders loss to the Cowboys. It was
one of those things I needed to mak b
sure I had the strength back in it right
before I played but it felt all r
right and hopefully another week of lit
rehab and just getting it right a little bit more strength work and i night
will be better again on Monday will
night. Williams role in the side
will become even more important thi week, with Josh Hodgson out throug t
injury. The hooker has been one of especia
the Raiders best this season, William
especially with the boot, But Williams says Glenn Buttriss is mor than capable of filling the role. l
know speaking to a few of the boys c
last year Butsy was one of the most thi
consistent performers so I don' t his
think we lose too much with Butsy gre
his service is excellent he has a
great pass and he' s been around th contr
game long enough to be able to on
control it. Buttriss won' t be the Jar
only fresh face in the side, with unleashin
Jarrod Croker excited about Barne
unleashing young debutant Mitch and
Barnett on the Tigers. He' s nice de
and tough and aggressive and he' s definitely earned his chance so I' goe
looking forward to seeing how he can'
goes. The skipper aware his side desp
can' t underestimate the Tigers, fifteenth.
despite them being back in a
fifteenth. Look they' re growing as they
a team and we saw last week what footy
they can do when they play good dangerou
footy so they' re definitely in
dangerous. Just five rounds remain
in the competition, with the Raider those
needing to win the majority of e
those matches to sneak into the top
eight. There' s no doubt that we' r lookin
going to need four but we' re th
looking at the next five games and there' s no reason why we can' t wi five and take momentum. The Raider meet the Tigers at Canberra Stadiu Captai
on Monday night. Woden Valley b
Captain Josh Burns will hang up his yea
boots this weekend after fourteen admi
years with the club. The skipper admitting retirement has been on hi deci
mind for a while. It was a hard decision to quit I' m still not sur
if I' ve finished footy for good o b
whether I' ll hang around and do a tha
bit of coaching or something like that so I' ll probably take a bit o decisi
a break rest up and make that th
decision later. With finals out of look
the question, the Rams are still hig
looking to finish the season on a high. But standing in their way is Queanbeyan Roos outfit desperate t ma
secure a top two finish. It' s of high
massive importance obviously the higher up in the competition you ca t
finish on the ladder the better of we
that you' re likely to be not that lea
we want to sort of lose any games
leading into the finals. Other fina h
round matches will see Tuggeranong host the Warriors, the Scholars tak Gun
on the Blues and Goulburn tackle the
Gungahlin. The Brave says beating g
the Perth Thunder this weekend will go a long way to helping it secure L
berth in the Australian Ice Hockey fourt
League finals. The side sits in g
fourth on the ladder with just four
games remaining in the season. Afte Brav
a rocky few weeks, the Canberra Brave is back in finals contention. filling
new coach and three big wins t
filling the side with confidence. I the
think right now we' re kind of at that'
the peak of our game so I think th
that' s what makes hockey exciting that' s what makes it fun. The Brav has been in devastating touch sinc goal keeper Josh Unice took over a
coach. Downing the Sydney Bears si demoli
three and seven three, before last
demolishing the Ice Dogs ten two form
last weekend. The side' s strong a
form leaving the players hopeful of a second straight finals appearance star
I think with the changes and it yea
starting to become the end of the at
year every game' s a play off game at this point and we control our ow w
destiny so if we win out our games we should be in the finals. But tha
will be harder than it sounds, wit the Brave hosting the second place thi
Perth Thunder in a double header bigg
this weekend. It' s probably the hopefully
biggest test of the year so hopefully we come out and we get th in
points from them and keep rolling clo
into Melbourne. The Brave will be clash,
close to full strength for the crow
clash, with Harvey hopeful a big r
crowd can spur his team on. I think w
right now more than ever we have to
win these next two games and then w of
should be in a good seed for play offs. The puck drops for game one a five thirty tomorrow, with game tw Canb
starting at five on Sunday. The r
Canberra Gunners will be looking to th
return to the winners circle, when seventee
they host Dandenong in round seventeen of the SEABL tomorrow. It sid
s been a tough few weeks for the Bendigo
side with losses to Ballarat, sli
Bendigo and Brisbane ending their sq
slim finals hopes. But with a full pla
squad available this weekend, the th
players are hopeful of challenging
the fourth placed Dandenong. Tip of is at seven thirty at the Belconne week
Basketball Stadium. That' s the Don
week in sport, Kerryn Thanks Amy. weat
Don' t go away - all the weekend t
weather details are coming up after the break This program is not captioned.
Good evening, Mostly fine tonigh and across the weekend, although b sunday night we might see some lat Col
showers and snow to about 1400m. f
Cold tonight with morning frost and pictu
fog tomorrow morning Tonight' s -
picture is thanks to John Backhouse fo
- sunset on Mt Bowning Yass Don' t forget you can follow me on Faceboo weather@
and Twitter, or email me at weather@wintv. Taking a loo today
at temperatures for the region today... Sydney 7-19 Wollongong 8-1 B
Nowra 5-17 Ulladulla 8-17 Batemans Merimb
Bay 1-17 Moruya 1-17 Bega 1-17
Merimbula 3-17 Cooma -4-11 Jindabyn Bom
0-5 Perisher -7-5 Thredbo -5- -1 Bombala 4-9 Goulburn -1-12 Yass 1-1 Quea
Gungahlin -4-13 Canberra -4 -13 Bra
Queanbeyan -4-13 Bungendore -4-13 Braidwood -5 -13

Braidwood -5 -13 - A weak front wil tonigh
move along the southern coast tomor
tonight then the northern coast ac
tomorrow with just isolated shower pressu
activity associated, as a high inl
pressure system moves slowly over is
inland NSW. A weakening cold front is expected to cross southern inlan signific
NSW on Monday though a more later
significant front may cross NSW some
later Tuesday and Wednesday with possi
some rain areas over the inland little
possible. - Slight chance of a inla
little drizzle over the southern elsewh
inland. Fine and partly cloudy o
elsewhere. - The chance of a shower over
or two along the north coast and clou
over the southern inland. Partly s
cloudy. Morning fog areas about the weste
southern and central ranges and abo
western slopes. Early frost areas
about the ranges, most severe in th the
north. Checking the forecast for Area
the ACT district, Partly cloudy. Ca
Areas of morning fog. Light winds.
Canberra 0-13 Early fog, then mostl th
sunny Tuggeranong 1-12 Early fog, Ear
then mostly sunny Queanbeyan 0-13 1-1
Early fog, then mostly sunny Yass Go
1-13 Early fog, then partly cloudy Goulburn 1-12 Early fog, then mostl sunny Checking the forecast for th clo
Snowy Mountains district, Partly w
cloudy. Areas of morning fog. Light Coom
winds. Perisher -5-3 Morning fog su
Cooma -2-11 Early fog, then mostly mo
sunny Thredbo -5-1 Early fog, then fo
mostly sunny Jindabyne -2-10 Early E
fog, then mostly sunny Bombala 0-10 Checkin
Early fog, then partly cloudy C
Checking the forecast for the South
Coast district, Partly cloudy. Area w
of fog in the early morning. Light cond
winds. Deceptively powerful surf hazardo
conditions are expected to be such
hazardous for coastal activities Ul
such as rock fishing and swimming. Batemans
Ulladulla 8-15 Partly cloudy par
Batemans Bay 2-15 Early fog, then clo
partly cloudy Narooma 6-15 Partly part
cloudy Bega 2-16 Early fog, then s
partly cloudy Merimbula 5-15 Mostly expecte
sunny Sunrise for tomorrow is 5:
expected at 6:53 A-M and sunset at foreca
5:26 P-M. Taking a look at the Sa
forecast for the next seven day...
Saturday 0-13 Early fog, then mostl mo
sunny Sunday 0-13 Early fog, then cloud
mostly sunny Monday 1-14 Partly W
cloudy Tuesday 2-12 Becoming cloudy P
Wednesday 1-9 Showers Thursday 0-11 Possible showers Friday -1-14 Mostl have
sunny Now it' s back to Kerryn, have a great night. tonight'
out - by brothers, Recapping ou
tonight' s top stories- An alleged outlaw motor cycle gang member toda faced court charged over a drive b At
shooting in the Capital' s south. b
At least two Canberra families have operat
been caught out - by brothers, sau
operating as a dodgy on-line spa, retailer.
sauna and outdoor furniture coac
retailer. and Australian Boomers hopes
coach Andrej Lemanis says he' s be
hopes Canberra' s Patty Mills will
be available to play for the side i again
next week' s Olympic Qualifier against New Zealand. And that' s WI Augus
News for Friday the seventh of August. To view some of our reports Facebook
visit the WIN News Canberra Au
Facebook page. Join us for the All again
Australian News at midnight and
again Monday for the best 90 minute Johnst
of news from six. I' m Kerryn Johnston.....Good night. This program is not captioned.

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by Ai-Media beaches.
Beautiful Manly onset is northern Eagles,
beaches. Proud home of the Sea final
Eagles, who have not missed the chaired
final since 2004. With a meeting