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(generated from captions) James has done more than enough...
(WHISPERS) Has he? you need 92 points
to get $10,000.

Oh, James.
A pretty good position to be in.

I'm going to ask you
the same five questions,

but as you're the second player

I'm going to give you
an extra five seconds, OK?

Now, if you pass on a question,
I'll ask it again if there's time.

And if you repeat an answer
that's already there,

you'll hear this sound...

..and I'll ask you to try again.

So, let's see James' answers.

25 seconds on the clock.

And the time starts

from the end of the first question.

Good luck, Carol.

Name something that
is always on special

at the supermarket.
Toilet paper.

Name something

your nanna
might smell like.


Name something
you drink out of.

A cup.

Try again.
A bottle.

What might you take
from a hotel room?


Try again.


Name something

that would be good
to win.


Try again.
A game show.

Where did that come from?

Righto, let's go.

Here we go.

Name something that is always
on special at the supermarket. You said...the old toot paper.

It's always a good look

when you're walking
outside the supermarket

with your two arms
just wrapped around

massive amounts of toilet paper,
isn't it?

It's my favourite thing.

Survey says...


Bread was the top answer, James,
well done.

You had the second-highest answer.

Name something
your nanna might smell like.

You said...


Survey says...


The top answer was mothballs.


44 points required
from these last three answers

for $10,000.

Name something you drink out of.
You said...

..a bottle.
That's a bit crass, isn't it?

Yeah, it is a little bit.
Is it still in its brown paper bag?

Yeah. (LAUGHS)

Survey says...


you had the top answer of cup.

Glass was the second-highest answer.

So, what might you take
from a hotel room?

You said...

..bathrobe. Look at you, kleptos.

"Oh, that's a lovely couch.

"Just might take that."

Survey says...

5. OK.

Soap was the top answer.
Shampoo was the second highest.

So, we need 45 points
from this last answer

to get ourselves $10,000.

The question is - name something
that would be good to win.

You said... show.

I love it
but is it going to be enough?

The survey says...

Oh, no!

Money was the top answer.

Lottery, Carol,
was the second-highest answer.

You did win some money though.

$10 for every Fast Money point.

And they'll be back for another shot
at the $10,000 on Sunday night.

The Project is up next.

Then stick around for
The Living Room at 7:30.

Have a wonderful weekend, everybody.

I'm Grant Denyer.
Good night, Australia.


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Tonight: A country in mourning. Nobody died - just all our Ashes hopes and dreams. 30 years ago images like these made the world stand together to make a change. See first-hand how your generosity has given hope to the next generation in Ethopia.Yay!Health issues in -- mental health issues in kid. What should parents look out for. How did tum tum tum go in the debate? He is an astrophysicist and cosmologist, author, science commune they tore and Super Cool! We pick the brain of advertise Neil Degrasse Tyson! This is The Project!
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Good evening. Welcome back to The Project. Back with us Meshel.Let's see what's making news this Friday, 7 August. Gerard Baden-Clay sentenced to life for killing his wife Allison in 2012 has appealed his murder conviction in a Brisbane court. His lawyers argued it should be quashed because the jury's verdict was unreasonable. A written judgment's expected within three months. At least 28 years behind bars for Shannon McCoole, the former child welfare worker, convicted of sexually abusing seven very young children in his care. The judge today described the 33-year-old's offences as evil and depraved. The victims families applauded as he was led away from court. Labor frontbencher Tony Burke continues to cop it over his spending. The latest revelation - eight lavish parties to engage stakeholders at a cost of the more than 50,000 bucks. 20 grand of which was spent on booze. Opposition Leader Bill Shorten is refusing to get involved. In terms of Mr Burke's own matters, at all times - this has been recognised by the government - giz actions have been within the rules. This is amazing. What a day it's been!
(LAUGHTER) At the start we heard about Christopher Pyne having a family trip where his kids flu business class. Then this. And now we have heard another story about Christopher Pyne, a $5,000 expense for a separate holiday.Yep.You can see the pattern.I can. I can't believe I am about to say this but I am. I can understand some of these expenses. If I am Christopher Pyne - let's say I am not. Everyone is talking about attracting more women to politics. If I went into politics and I had to travel for work firstly I probably want to fly business class because I don't want to be talking about Tony back there in economy. Everybody will want to talk to me. I want to chill on my flight. OK. And secondly, I have two five-year-old children. I will never get to see them because I am in Canberra all week. If I want them to come with me they need to sit with me.I actually agree with that, but I think the problem is that when you add up all stories that have been leaking out...Yep It starts - there is no accountability.Yep.It is just any old thing.I get that totally.I have been saying - I know this is an unpopular view - maybe I am wrong - I thought we should pay or politicians more and reduce their entitlements.Yep.If they want to spend the money on the business class fights, fine. Then we will see how much they want to take their kids.Suddenly the kids are back in the cattle... (LAUGHTER)
Tony Burke spending $50,000 on a party, I wouldn't... And an American study found reasoning with your kids is the most effective way to respond to their naughty moments. When it comes kicking, screaming and hitting time-out style punishments work best. Compromising makes bad behaviour worse over time. I will not go the time-out! I love this.Not for the kicking, not do it.We have a naughty step. Right!We don't have xids -- kids! I spend a lot of time there! . I don't care what anyone says. Child raising is about the balance between threats and bribes. Bribes! Delicate balance.What would woe do without bribes?You are not going to the party. I will do whatever you want! Gold!Last night tragedy visited Australia. The fourth Ashes test at Trent Bridge was an unprecedented disaster. Tonight Australia grieves.Terrible day for Australia. This is just - it is just shocking.It was a shocker. I just - it is hard to get your head around it.It is the worst batting collapse in living memory.Look, the Australian team hasn't performed this badly since 1936. Waking up to the headlines around the world like put another wimp on the Barbie - that hurts!Australia gone for 60!All out before lunch. Day 1.A nation in mourning.It was just over so quickly! I mean - I took five days of leave for this! (LAUGHTER) First up...Like lambs to the slaughter...Second one has gone. Australia's finest fell.Oh. Edged! One...That is edged as well!By one...Oh, grabbed! That's the best catch of the summer!Victims of a withering onslaught.Another nick! Got him again! That isn't a replay. That is exactly the same.It was a sporting bloodbath S (SOBS) Sorry, I can't... Where was he? He is the captain. When we needed him, when he needed him as a country, this is what he did!Edge! Taken! He has got five! Every one is stunned.It is always a lot easier watching than it is playing.111 balls. 10 wickets. A top score of 13. It is an unprecedented disaster.What exactly went wrong? Gee, everything! It was a nightmare.I have a son. What is he going to play when he grows up? Soccer? Oh! I there e with can recover. But it is going to take us a long time to heal from this. A lock time -- long time. (LAUGHTER) For more, we have Lucy loving herself sick in London and HG a broken man. Lucy, you guys must be chuffed about this?Yeah. How are you today, Australia?! Here we are pretty good! The words being used a lot are things pike pulverising, obliteration. Here are a few of the newspaper's reaction. "Did we bowl them out for 60?" Demolition of Australia. Sun back page, "Throw another wimp on the Barbie."60 all out. Then we have one here, "Best day ever." If you think a picture tells a thousand words look at Stuart Broad's face. We are pretty happy.You need to look on the bright side. Michael Clarke's 10 off 15 - we have been waiting for a long time for him to come good with the bat. Finally he delivered! (LAUGHTER) 10 or 15. Imagine the score if Michael Clarke hadn't contributed those 10 runs! On the other hand - what an incredible performance from extras. 14 at stop score! That is just something that you don't see every day and remember tomorrow - across Australia hundreds of thousands of school kids will be thinking cricket and if they only get nought they will be thinking at least I am doing as well as most of the Australian cricket team... (LAUGHTER)
Look at the positive side!Well done.Indeed you do.That is the Anzac spirit. Lucy, one of our commentators, one Ian Healy, pointed his finger at the WAGs, blamed the girlfriends and wives. What do you think about that?Well, it could just be that we played better than you! And you played badly. I love the fact you are trying to blame the women. Perhaps they could stand in for the team. They might do a better job!Oh!Fair point! Speaking of women...Wow!We have the Netball World Cup coming up. I think tonight, in fact, Australia play Trinidad and Tobago. I am feeling a win for Australia. We have the Bledisloe Cup. New Zealand v Australia. Not sure about that one! But then the world's biggest fun run and surely an Australian has to win that on Sunday! (LAUGHTER) HG, a gold medal for diversion. Well played.Thank you so much! We will continue to mourn and - I suppose congratulationless Lucy. Thank you. (APPLAUSE) I was at home watching it's unfold. I am not a big fan but it was the best game I have ever seen because it was entertaining for me.What in!You are kidding.At least it was like quick...Question!You are not a cricket fan.No.But don't you reckon it was like watching the highlights?Yes! It was. For it to be over - for it to be over before lunch - Heston Blumenthal, is he cooking lunch?I don't understand cricket a lot. I was watching Clarke. Why did he do this shot when we were under so much pressure? I don't get it? Isn't that aggressiveIt is a disgraceful shot.Silly thing to do.He is probably - been out of form and thought the only way to get amongst the runs is to attack. That was a terrible shot.The wrong time. The situation was totally made for him to rescue.It is OK. We were only 4/10 at the time. Exactly!
(LAUGHTER) Now, the captain, Michael Clarke, sticking with him, I want to revisit something we saw just a few moments ago from Michael Clarke in the post-match press conference. Have a listen again to what he said.It is always a lot easier watching than it is playing. . Really?!It was opportunity easy watching last night! I think Australia struggled with that. In fact, so serious is this disaster that Tony Abbott has the full support of the nation...Yep. The full support when he had this message for the cricketers.The public would be very happy if those people did not come back to Australia. Ensure they don't come back to Australia! (LAUGHTER) The lawyers ask we point out he can't talking about the cricketers! He is talking about other people. We have have touk a break.Coming up: What is with the Britt's aversion to water? We are not just talking about bathing in it! Jennifer Anniston ties the knot for a second time. And I tell you what I want - what I really want - a Spice Girls reunion,

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project. Formula 1 star Jenson Button and his wife have been the victims of a freaky burglary at his luxury French holiday home. The couple were gassed while they slept in their St Tropez villa and knocked out cold. It is believed Jessica's $500,000 engagement ring was among an it -- the items nicked. Stats show 4 billion Brits haven't drunk a glass of water in over a week. A survey found one in seven drink more going than H20 and more than half say they drink tea or coffee instead. A third claim water is boring.
(LAUGHTER) That is fair. It is fairly boring. The bigger issue is not how little water the Brits are drinking, it is how much beer our cricketers are drinking before they go out to bat! That is a bigger problem (LAUGHTER) Let's look at what is happening in the entertainment world.After a three-year engagement Jennifer Anniston and Justin Theroux have finally tied the knot in a top secret ceremony at their Bel Air mansion. The celebrity guests thought they were going to a surprise 44th birthday pash for Theroux -- barb for Justin Theroux. The newlyweds have jetted off for a hundredy moon. George Cole, known for playing Arthur Daley, died in hospital after a short illness. He was 90. His career spanned 70 years, but it was his role opposite Dennis Waterman as the loveable but O'Donnell dodgy Arthur Daley dale on Minder that made him a star. The plane crash that left Harrison Ford seriously hurt wasn't his fault. They discovered engine failure was to blame after a car interpreter -- car interview relate tear -- carburettor part came loose. A badly installed safety harness continued to the severity of the 73-year-old's injuries. It is the reunion fans have been waiting for. Spice Girls are set to reyou flight to mark their 20th anniversary with a World Tour. But there will be one spice girl missing - Posh Spice. Victoria Beckham's too busy with her family and fashion business to join the fun.
(APPLAUSE) . No! No, no, no!Stick a mop on stage and it will be no different! Oh!I loved her but she's not - we don't love Victoria for her singing and dancing.Someone needs to be in that band to do almost nothing. (LAUGHTER) Stand with their feet wide apart and point.Yes!Can we still...I will do it!Can we still call her Baby Spice 20 years on. You know she wasn't a baby at the time?! (LAUGHTER)
Yeah, right.No creepier than it was back then! No less accurate... Sure.Now... Not as creepy as us two pleading the cause for... Is there anything more entertaining than an uncoordinated politician. No!No!Roll the tape.OK.I put my hand in here.OK.I have five fingers on my hand. There are five finger holes. Alright. So, I will put three fingers in one hole. Is that how it works? No!I will put two - no, one finger...Come on Bill.One in each hole? So confusing these gloves! Go, Bill.Finger, finger. Boom! Well done. Well played. That hopeless bumbling around with the giant pair of gloves reminds me of someone! (LAUGHTER)

There we go. He is in a pod.Less fun somehow!We have to go to a break.Coming up: The science is in. How differently do men and women deal with break-ups? And speaking of science, and men, we speak to science machine Neil Degrasse Tyson. This is The Project! this done yesterday. how you wanted it done. When Robyn was bullied at work $50,000 compensation. Blumers Personal Injury Lawyers - because you deserve justice.

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump has refused to rule out running as an independent if he doesn't win the rep nom #2k - Republican nomination. Despite defending his derogatory remarks about women during the the first candidate's debate, he still managed to come out on top.I have been challenged by so many people and I don't frankly have time for total political correctness and to be honest with you, this country doesn't have time either.I - (LAUGHTER) That comedianion playing the Donald Trump character is brilliant! (LAUGHTER) Is brilliant! Donald Trump today was asked - put to the sword by made again Kelly, who said -- Megan Kelly. She said he said pretty horrible things about women in the past. He was classic Donald Trump. Shocking response.You have called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. (LAUGHTER)Your Twitter account... Only rosy O'Donnell -- Rosie O'Donnell.
(LAUGHTER) That is - listen to his response here. Listen to this. Ready?Thank you.He even has the gall to say thank you. Shows you the audience. Laughing and cheering at that. Not a tasteful response. Not a classy audience. Thankfully we can rely on the host to be more respectful to women.Tonight they are facing off, answering the questions you want asked. We hope. Yeah.Gentlemen, we are digging into some subjects...That is snot gentlemen that -- that is not gentlemen. Anyway. Let's hope they get it right at the next Republican debate.It seems women feel pain more than men when going through a break-up. Despite the negative feelings, a British study found they tend to come out emotionally stronger on the other side. Men never fully recover, they simply just move on.I think for us it is kind of like being kicked in the testicles!
(LAUGHTER) There is no pain initially, but then it kills!Oh Threw.I think men move on. I think we are wine. I had my weekly catch-up with eight of my exes today... They were fine. Everything is travelling beautifully.Really?! Lehmo! What happened? Oh.Do you find your mind wandering - questioning your existence? Questioning our existence? What is the Meaning of Life? Well, don't - let this guy do it for you.When it comes to science Neil Degrasse Tyson is as close as you can come to a rock star!Science works on the frontier between knowledge and ignorance. Not afraid to admit what we don't know. There is no shame in that. The only shame - is to pretend that we have all the answers.An American because because because -- astrophysicist and cosmologist she as talent for bringing to life concepts that are light years beyond most.For every one of the millions of species alive today, perhaps a thousand others have perished.As the director of the Hayden Planetarium in New York City, he published more than 10 books, hosted his own TV show and even named his daughter after one of the means of Uranus. In the country to challenge your thinking the and open your mind - this is one brain you don't want to miss.Please welcome Dr Neil Degrasse Tyson (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Hi, guys! Excited to be speaking with you. National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy results have been released. They are stagnant. How do we encourage kids to love science.Everybody - I have a different view. Everyone says have to get kids interested. I don't know what use that is when you have scientifically illiterate abuilts -- abuilts who outnumber kids, they vote, hole office, and are in charge, if they are sign fivically ill literal there is no hope for children. I focussed on adults. Once you have scientifically hill rat adults they know what to do with the kids. I am not patient enough to turn a generation of kids into scientifically literal little people and have to wait 30 years until they are in charge. It should be less - more impatient than that. And get it done immediately. Work on the adults. As well as the kids, but the adults - they are the ones who are the problem.I am not convinced we are the country for you then! (LAUGHTER)
I don't know if you know much about science funding in Australia - do you know much about where we are at with that?Yes. I read the papers. On the very long airplane ride here! I was dish thought you guys were -- I thought you guys were doing better. Not. You are doing worse. People in charge don't understand the role of science and technology in the economic health of a country. Innovation in science and technology will be the engines of tomorrow's economy. If you are running around sayings, "We have to save money in the budget by spending less on science", you are bankrupting the future of your nation. Somebody needs to know that or get it inside their heads of those in charge.You are famous for month things and one I am angry about is you are the person responsible for detloerning Pluto -- dethroning as a planet.Infamous not famous!You could be both. Yeah. Depending which side of the argument you are on. I did not demote Pluto, but I was an accessory. I drove the get away car. I didn't which it the crime! Still prison, man! (LAUGHTER)It still is! Less prison time, I think. Just to be clear, Pluto had it coming right!Victim blaming! (LAUGHTER) Get over it, alright! Pluto is like little, our moon has five times the mass of Pluto. Did anybody tell you that? I bet not! I will make my mind out when CSI Pluto comes out!I love my husband but I could spend an evening with you!Oh!Oh!Nice!Details on how you at home could intend an evening with Neil, details on or Sites We Like website. (APPLAUSE) Great! If you have just joined us here is what is making news. A huge crane buckled and collapsed in on itself at a high-rise construction site in the heart of Melbourne. Workers had to run for their lives this afternoon as a concrete slab plummeted to the ground below. Like a bomb going off. So, yeah, I looked up and saw the - the crane slingshot backwards.Certainly only one man was hurt. He suffered minor injuries. The site has been shut down, but road closures caused peak hour traffic chaos. A parents' worst nightmare in Sydney - a six-year-old girl remains in a critical condition after being found unconscious at a before school care centre. She was found hanging from the monkey bars. It is believed her scarf got tangled. The centre's been shut down, while authorities investigate how the accident happened. It is a black day for Aussie cricket after a disgraceful important by our batsman at Trent Bridge. They are officially alaughing-stock, bowled out for 6000s before lunch on the opening day of the fourth Ashes test. Stuart Broad did all of the damage, leaving the tourists to wallow in the worst batting clps in living memory.It was one of those days that you dream of.Nothing went right.A group of angry Port workers picketed in Sydney after 100 people got the sack via text and email last night. Employees were told not to turn up today, because they had been made redundant and their personal belongings would be couriered to them.
Oh.The thing about this - terrible. In our jobs wee wouldn't get an email we would read knit the paper.True! (LAUGHTER) I know it understood sos -- it sounds horrible but has anyone been sajed well?Yeah.No-one has gone, "Gee, they nailed that sacking." I never goes well.True.A man who has his job is Tony Abbott. He met a lettuce farmer today. You are probably thinking - did he sample the lettuce? Let's find out.These are best lettuces in the country, pri pre-- I presume.Absolutely.I have been warned not to eat any because I eat too much on camera I am toll.Yeah! If we were going to be mean, what we would do is montage together a bunch of clips of Tony eating things. Here it is! (LAUGHTER)

Oh! There we go! (LAUGHTER) Wow! That is the looker!I love the grad of the -- idea of the briefing. "Tony, today there will be lettuce. What if we talked -- have we talked about?" Do not touch it! Yeah.What he can do - put on a pair of gloves!I don't know.There have been alarming headlines about an increase in rates of childhood mental illness buzz the stats don't have to be bad news.I am sure it was He-Man who said information is power. Close enough! If Australia had a sudden uptake in chide hood asthma, diabetes or accept say -- epilepsy we would want to know. Same for mental health.Mental health problems in young people are treatable. The main thing is to get in early. That way you reduce the risk and stop the long-term harm. Yesterday's survey from the Telethon Kids Telethon shows an increase in kids in depression. It shows more than half of young people with Mem issues -- mental haemoissues are getting health and nearly 90% of those are being treated.Has is fantastic -- that is fantastic that young people are seeking and getting help. The survey provides an opportunity to make it's year for young people to reach out.The stats show parents need more help recognising the symptoms. But that's easy fixed. Warning signs include extreme or overwhelming moods, drastic changes in behaviour or personality, and unexplained weight loss.If there is a problem, help them to get appropriate help through a psychologist, through a family doctor, just like any minor physical health problem for them at the same age.Research like this is a wake-up call - but it's not cause for panic. In fact, it's a pretty good way to wake up.Young people are talking about the problem, telling us they need help. We need to get off our put as a community and take the appropriate action. We have got to be there to help.Nick Bracks is the son of former Victorian peopler Steve Bracks and also a mental haemoambassador. You have been open about your own depression. Why do you find this research encoveraging -- encouraging.Seeing this big jump in people coming out and talking about depression and - just seeing this awareness has taken that step further - I mean, suffering from it myself, I have seen how big of an issue it is. To see this kind of progress is huge.You were looky enough to have your condition diagnosed early. How did that happen?I was in a pretty bad way. I spent a year where I was doing nothing, I was isolating myself. My mum had to pull me aside and say, "You have got to do something. She got me seeing a psychologist and from there on it has just been a real passion of mine to raise awareness and try and help people see that it isn't something to be ashamed of, it should be - the same thing as you break your leg, you go see a doctor. You have a problem in your mind and you go see a psychologist. There shouldn't be any stigma.I read stuff today in which you were talking about - the depth of your depression, found it hard to get out of bed. That is when your mum realised there was something wrong.Mmm.When I think of you I think after motivated young man, you have done so much with your life, you are strutting around in your underpants for goodness sake! What are you attribute that turn around to? Look, I would say the mistake people can make is depression isn't about a lack of motivation. I have all been a passionate person. All I wanted to do until I was 18 was be a professional athlete. Half a knee injury I - that ended that. I didn't know I was depressed. It was a shock at the beginning. That turned to me being relieved because I found out what the problem was. Then I could - if a practical way take the necessary steps and work through it.For more information on head space where -- Headspace go though their website. You can also go the lifeline. Thanks for joining ution.Thank you very much.Time for another break. Back in a moment.Coming up: Ryan Corr has been flexing acting muscle for over a deck and he joins us live to chat about his latest venture. Ken Strachan loves his lawn bowls but he is sick of

You're watching The Project! Thanks for asking! (LAUGHTER) Back to the Republican debate, Mike Huckabee - in a weird moment - defined for us exactly what the US army does.The military is not a social experiment. The purpose of the military is kill people and break things.Wow! Keep it simple, I guess is the message there. Also the Republican debate, everyone was keen to provide a back story that might endear them to the crowd.My father was a mailman, his father was a coalminer.Any father was a bartender.My father when I was a child was an alcoholic, he wasn't a Christian and my father left my mother.Oh! Someone missed the memo! Amazing footage emerged of a Great White Shark getting incredible air as it's breached off the coast of South Africa. The vision taken by tour guides shows the shark launching itself out of ocean before belly flopping back into the water.His spark mate said, "What did you do after Mick Fanning punched you?" John Stamos admitted he tried to get the Olsen twins. He revealed they filmed a lot. He says when a couple of replacement twins didn't work out he was happy to well Col them back.That is not endearing.Not at all.Uncle Jessry - surprised.Really?You can't sack babies...I made you guess what cast member was the biggest knob behind the scenes what would you have guessed?Hard to say, but that blonde one in the middle!Really? No! I don't know. Unkes Jesse I lought he loved the girls.He sacked them by email too! (LAUGHTER)
A lawn bowler from Victoria says he is sick of getting flogged by female come pet ofs playing in divisions bow their skill level. Ken Strachan says blokes in higher grades have blocked the ladies from stepping up so he took his discrimination complaint all the which to the civilian claims tribunal. We caught up with Ken and started by asking why they don't let women play in the higher divisions.Look, it is a case of basically the old boys club basically. Some of the clubs - not all, only a few that continue to play division 1 women in division 3 on a Saturday. Bowls Victoria have a saying that players must be sicked on Saturday in descending order of able, not on sex.Ken, how is it had -- how has this affected your relationship with the women? They love me at my club! It is just - it is just the other bowling ladies throughout the league. A lot have been under the impression - trying to stop women bowling. As a whole. Whereas if this goes ahead and the selectors wake up to themselves and start playing females in their right position, then hopefully a few more females will be playing on a set.Ken, I am hearing that loud and clear! I am realising you are a feminist and you are fighting this battle on behalf of the sister hood. I commend you for that! Thank you. How wonderful! (LAUGHTER)Thanks. Did I mention I am single! (LAUGHTER)
I will pass that on to Chrissie! She will want to know.I thought when we heard this story I was like he is being sexiest saying women shouldn't be in the division but you are trying to get them a better system for bowling.Absolutely. If you are a good enough female bowler, you should be playing in the best division - or the highest division you can on a Saturday. Ken, do you believe in equality when it comes to afternoon tea? Are you matching the women salad for salad, business account for biscuit? -- biscuit for biscuit in what you provide?Nope!You are looking for a soulmate who can cook!That is fine.Oh! Yeah. As long as she can breathe I am happy with that! (LAUGHTER)
OK. Ken, stop narrowing the peel! -- feel! OK -- Field! OK. Thank you very much.Cheers. No worry fellas - guys, folks.Ladies.Ladies! (CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) I love him! Ken! Breaking hearts all around the country.I should point out Ken after that interview joined the audience. He is bowing in front of it! There you go. Happy with - we have to go to a break. Gorgi has a special report from Ethopia after the break. You won't want to miss

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(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back. This is The Project! It is 40 years since the 40 Hour Famine began. Tonight we remember the disaster that drove many of us to give up food and help save those starving on the other side of the world.0 years a-- 30 years ago these were the images of dying famine victims that shocked the world.Mothers weeping as babies died in their hands, children with distended stomachs, of just utter sais hard ra conditions. 75-year-old Girma Wandafrash is the former governor of Ethopia's north-east. TRANSLATION: As the problem worsened, mothered took their children from their backs and abandoned them. Many yes found at the edge of rivers and roads.His region was among those hardest hit by the drought and became known as the valley of death. TRANSLATION: In one village more than 30 people were buried every day.It claimed up to a million lives by the time it ended. Including one of his young son's. Yet despite his personal tragedy, Girma became one of the heroes of the famine. Bringing the full her record to the world's attention. TRANSLATION: I went to the President and explained the crisis to as to let International humanitarian organisation support and help solve the huge problems we were facing.And the world, including Australia, eventually swung into action. # Feed the world #With humanitarian organisations pouring money, food, grain and medicine into the country. Leading the charge - World Vision.For most Australians a hunger and malnutritioned that an African face, because of Ethopia. Well over $10 million went to Ethopia from Australians doing the 40 Hour Famine, saving thousands of lives. Delee decades -- three decades on thoel has become one of Africa's trouble tales of se-- recovery and the area has transformed from a dust bowl to lush farmland. Since 1984 World Vision planted 22 million seeds, laid water pipes, dug reservoirs and helped build roads, health clinics and schools. It means that farmer Abebe Aragaw is not only able to feed his family, but also makes a living selling his products to feed others.
TRANSLATION: My life changed since I started to produce these vegetables and fruits and my family is living a very good life. I am now very happy.If drought conditions return right now, this community would have enough food to support themselves for more than a 11 months. Not only that, they export more than 57% of Dr Interest 75 -- 75% of their produce to the rest of the country. But just like the 40 Hour Famine back home, at the heart of World Vision's work in Africa are the kids. Around 85% of children in the area are now enrolled in school and have enough food to survive.My first subject is physics.Wow! What do you like about that?It is the science, I love science.What would you like to be?Astronomer.While Ethopia's progress is impressive, there's much work still to do. The country struggles with corruption and unemployment, and 30% of Ethopiians still live in extreme poverty. But Girma says he and his community will always be grateful for the strangers who helped bring Ethopia back from the brink.I can't tell you how happy it makes me when I see people getting medication, securing food, and children playing, but I still think I could have done more. I will never forget the people outside of Ethopia who rescued us from starvation. I would like to say on behalf of the community - thank you, people of Australia.
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) That is fabulous!Hard to convey in 3 minutes the experience that we had there. I was lucky I took my Simon. I felt that story got the message. The highlight were the kids. They were - the happiest, kindest most beautiful kids. In year 7 they were telling me the first 20 periods of the - elements of the periodic table in a second language and their symbols. Thriving, the community is self-sustainable. They are just doing so well! It is just incredible to see when even organisation like World Vision gives support and resources and empowers them to do it themselves - they stand back and watched the community thrive, the every cent you sent through vision vision I have I can guarantee you has literally changed lives. So, thank you so much for supporting World Vision. Please continue to do it because they still need the money. Just talking to you during the week, the story you told - not just the kids, the adults. So many heroic things. If you get a chance, catch up with Gorgi. They are remarkable.We interviewed Girma. He saved 18 children, babies, discarded behind sheds because their families couldn't feed them. He picked up 18 children and brought them back to his own family, who didn't have any food anyway. And saved an extra 18 children's lives.God.Amazing. The family flew business class - so we will be asking for the money back! 40 Hour Famine - no, I made that up. It starts 8pm next Friday. For more information head to the Sites We Like.We will be back after the break

(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Welcome back to The Project.It's been a long time coming but a well loved Australian story is finally hitting the screen!Who are you? I'm Tim.Beginning in the 70s holding the -- Holding The Man is based on the true administrator by Timothy Conigrave -- administrator by Timothy Conigrave, recontinuing his life from the moment he fell in love with the captain of the school football teamYou will grow out of this.Otherwise you are going to have a lonely life.Tell him to leave.We love each other dad. There is nothing you can do about it.Lasting over 15 years, their relationship endured discrimination, separation, jealousy and loss until they faced the one problem love cannot overcome.I am truly so sorry.Such a tragedy.How did this happen? With an outstanding cast, including Guy Pearce, Anthony Lapaglia and Geoffrey Rush, Holding The Man tells the story of two men who symbol his an entire generation.We have been together for 15 years. He is my husband.Please welcome Ryan Corr!
(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) Congratulations on the film. We all sore it this week. Your performance is incredible! Because it is a strew story. We found it powerful. What happened when you first read the script?It was a similar effect. I first went to - when the play was on, I saw it over there in my early days in drama school. The ripple effect, the play was happening in Sydney. I sort of knew how important this film was and got to know the story then. It was Neil Armfield. I wanted to be a part of it. It was like that from the get-go. A labour of love. People attach themselves to this because of the story of the boys and Tim's writing.Once you committed, when did the pressure kick in?Yeah! You go through that moment where you like - you know - we went to Neil and we were trying to work out the way they walk or talk. He said it is isn't -- it is about the essence. When you are representing two guys - we met with the family. There is a certain responsibility - different to any other project where you are making a character or trying to get a physical tick to who you are playing. It is someone's son. We got to know Tim's family through the process and learn who the boys were, and people who knew them. That pressure came, but Neil was good at levelling us out.Have they given you honest reviews?
(LAUGHTER) Yeah, they have. That's special. The whole film has been special like that, because it is someone's life . They were a part of the process, getting - helping us know who Tim was. We had interviews with them. We would be able to watch the brother/sister dynamic and get to know his mother and see essence of who Tim may have been. Nick wrote a lovely letter - the family have been responsive to the film and through the whole process. A lot of love there. Thank you for doing the story justice. That is about the highest compliment we can get. Absolutely. Actor also avoid reading a book often to get not influenced. Your character had the book. You probably had to? Definitely. It is Tim - Tim's Royce is so strong -- voice is strong. A lot of humour, honesty, about the way the boys came together, and Australia at the time. That was a rich source. That was the go-to source. If I wanted to know what was in Tim's head, I had it. What was fantastic is if Tim hadn't fought to stay alive in those final few moss to get the book -- months - the story wouldn't be told, so it was - that makes it that much more important.There is great humour. I wasn't familiar with the story. In the scene where your character is at acting school, that resonated with me because I went to acting school. Studying a shoe. I remember that class!Yes!How do you cope with the rue moor -- humour when you know it is going to evolving into a tragic story?We have to bring it out.Yeah.It is alive in the novel. Tim was a clown as well as being involved in gay rights and politically activity. It is about having fun. Tommy Murphy was adamant that we have these light moments amid the towel that is dark or has dark moments.That is teenage Aussie larrikinism.The play is funny. It is a celebration of coming of age and first love and those awkward moments.A cracking soundtrack!A cracking soundtrack! Anything set in the 70s will have a banging soundtrack! Powerful film. There are a lot of people

People listened to this guy. How much did you pay them?We couldn't have hoped for a better - more support. He sort of came out - he read the book and then top - we sent him the film after. He has - I think it is a testament to who Sam is as an artist and person to be this generous. Craig and I are buds, we are talking at what's app. It is all legitimate. We couldn't hope for a better support...A testament to the power of the story.It is. It isn't a gay story. That isn't all it is. It is a story about relationships...It is about love!Yeah.Relationships involving. A great movie. Beautiful. So brave. So honest. It is beautiful. Holding The Man is in cinemas from 27 August. Please thank Ryan Corr (CHEERING AND

Thank Jennifer Lawrence and Lehmo!

# Don't need no invitation

# 'Cause you know where I am... #

Tonight, on The Living Room, Chris
faces down fear out of the blue...

With 50 of the biggest sharks
you've ever seen.

And there's no cage.

..Barry's backyard barbie
built in an afternoon...

It's not a barbie till we whack
a snag on. What do you reckon?

..Chrissie Swan's Great Australian
Spelling Bee challenge,

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Good evening.

And welcome to The Living Room.

Welcome, gentlemen.
Another fun night tonight.

We have the fabulous Chrissie Swan
on the program with us.


I reckon she's going to get
some revenge on you, Dr Chris.

Revenge? Why?
(SCOFFS) Let me think.

That's right.
You tortured her in the jungle.

(LAUGHTER) 'Tortured' is such a strong word.

I facilitated
a journey of self-discovery.

Well, you should be feeling
a little nervous.

Alright, that is later in the show.

But first, Barry,
you're off to Bunnings.

Yep, I'm looking for
those wannabe DIYers,

that glazed look and big dreams.

And I found a great couple this week

who were after
that backyard lifestyle we all want.

Built-in barbecue.
You know it, Amanda.

Ever since man
first scorched raw meat...


..he's wanted to have the ultimate
barbecue in his backyard.

And I've got the fastest way

to make your backyard barbecue
the envy of the neighbourhood.

We're here at Bunnings. And today,
someone's going to take me home.

Find yourself at Bunnings much?

You love your DIY?

I'm looking for people
that need a hand

with sort of a job
they can't quite tackle.

Do you want to take Baz home or not?

Well, the answer's no.

But on the side I'd really love to,
but the answer's no. (LAUGHS)

You need to build in a barbecue.


What are you thinking?

I don't know how to even...
where to start.

I reckon we head back to your place.
I think we should.

We should.
We should. Done deal.

Let's do it.

Our eager beavers...

..are Mark and Brita.

When this couple finally made
the jump to new home ownership,

they decided to get serious
with their outdoor entertaining.

And now with their pizza oven done,
they're ready for phase two.

BRITA: We've got an old barbecue
that we've had.

And we envisioned building
onto the side of the pizza oven

with the barbecue.

We're just trying to work out

how to build that
and structurally do it well.

Yeah, it's one thing to throw
bricks down in a straight line,