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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Left hanging - a crane collapses at a construction site in inner Melbourne. Also ahead - a former South Australian Government carer jailed for sexually abusing children. Billionaire businessman Donald Trump steals the show at the US Republican debate.And Australia looks to make amends in the fourth Ashes Test after a disastrous performance on day one. Hello, Kathryn Stolarchuk with ABC News.A quick look at tomorrow's weather...

Authorities say it is remarkable there were no serious injuries when a crane collapsed at a construction site at Southbank in Melbourne. Margaret Paul is at the scene and joins us now.What was the crane carrying or what was it doing when it collapsed? It wasn't carrying anything. It was in the process of jacking itself up to a higher level. Authorities say that what has happened is one of the hydraulic rams involved in that jacking process has failed and the crane has collapsed in on itself. Quite a frightening experience, particularly for the crane driver who sitting in the crane at the time.We are hearing no serious injuries reported. Was anyone injured? It is quite remarkable, there were a lot of construction workers here at the site today. Friday afternoon. There were a lot of people here but treated by
remarkably only one man was treated by ambulance officers and that was for a minor leg injury. I spoke to him briefly at the site and he was being kept hydrated with lots of bottled water from the ambulance authorities and he had lots of mates around him Authorities
looking out for him. Authorities say the crane driver was shaken, as you would expect, but he had gone off to have a coffee. No-one even needed to be taken to hospital which is remarkable given that this crane has fallen in on itself.What impact has the accident had on the surrounding area and the traffic flow? This will be the big problem for Friday night, people coming across CityLink here in inner Melbourne. This is a busy part of the city. On a Friday afternoon, so they have closed off a number of streets around the area while they make this site safe. Authorities say there is very, very little danger of that crane falling off. That is why they have closed off the roads, just to be sure that if the worst case scenario happens, it will be completely safe. What they will do this evening, and over the weekend, is continue to monitor the site. Work safe is here, they will investigate to see whether any charges need to be laid over this incident but it is a watching brief but they do say it is safe for now.Who else is left at the scene? It doesn't look like there is too many other people around where you are? No, at this point there is a few ambulance crews still here but everyone has been packing up. The site is taped off still. There is police tape cordoning off the corner itself but there were workers here all afternoon but they have gone home. There is still a few sticky beakers who are here. This area has a few apartment blocks up and around Southbank. I spoke to a number of people who came out to see what all the fuss was about. There is a lot of construction around this part of Melbourne. People wanted to see what was happening. It does seem to be packing up for the night apart from that.Thanks Margaret Paul.A ped filed who prompted a Royal Commission into child protection in SA - pedophile, has been sentenced to 35 years jail. Shannon Grant McCoole sexually abused seven children in his care, some as young as 18 months, while working for the State's child protection service.The public gallery was packed for the sentence which went for more than an hour with Shannon Grant
cheers and clapping at the end. Shannon Grant McCoole was head District
administrator of what the District Court heard was a highly sophisticated and elaborate global child pornography web site. His offending was uncovered in May last year when Danish police discovered images taken by McCoole of children being sexually abused. The images were in the possession of a Dutch national and the metadata from the images helped to direct Australian police to McCoole's home at Oaklands Park in Adelaide's south. Many of the images contained handwritten notes from McCoole which were used to prove to web site members that he had taken the pictures himself. Most of McCoole's victims were in State care, including boys and girls, the youngest 18 months old. He pleaded guilty to 20 State and Commonwealth charges related to having sex with children and child pornography. The offences were committed when he was caring for children at a Government-run residential facility and out of school hours care service. Judge Paul Rice described McCoole's offending as sickening and depraid in the extreme and he Rice had
had no moral compass. Judge Rice had the grim task of going through the images for sentencing. As he detailed the sexual abuse, one woman got up and left the court. McCoole's 35-year sentence comes with a non-parole period of 28 years.- depraved.The Queensland Court of Appeal has reserved its disphition a challenge against Gerard Baden-Clay's murder conviction. He was found guilty last year for the murder of his wife Allison in Brisbane.It took just over two hours for the defence and prosecution to argue the four appeal grounds. Michael Copley QC said the verdict of murder was unreasonable because there was no evidence to elevate Allison's death from unlawful killing to intentional killing. He said it might have been an accident but Baden-Clay panicked and lied to cover it up. He said the jury couldn't conclude he murdered his wife based on the fact he lied about how the injuries were inflicted because everything Baden-Clay did after his wife's death It
could be attributed to panic. It was a hypothesis put to the Crown but Michael Byrne QC said the verdict of murder should be open because there was such a long period of denial by Baden-Clay and when the juries considered the leaves in Allison's hair, the blood in the car, the injuries to Baden-Clay's face, the crown didn't need to show Baden-Clay moved her body to the bridge for the verdict of murder to be open. The court which holds more than 200 people was overflowing, lots of people wearing yellow, Allison's favourite colour. Her large extended family were there. Her parents were there. They were the first to leave, backed up by the strong family contingent. Baden-Clay had his family there, Nigel, his father and his sister love ya. The judges are expected to come back with their decision within three months - Olivia.Police believe explosives not gas bottles were involved in last month's blast that killed three people at Mount Isa in Queensland. The blast killed 38-year-old Charlie Hinder and his two children, 4-year-old River and 7-year-old Nyobi. Police are treating the case as a double murder suicide.As part of our scientific testing we were able to determine it wasn't gas that caused the explosion. There was some explosive device. At this point in time we are not sure what was involved but the explosion came from with inside the caravan. The death of the two children is certainly Charlie
suspicious and the death of Charlie Hinder is being treated as nonsuspicious and I can also say that there is - our investigations to date do not indicate there is any third party involved in this particular matter.A man is dead after driving his car almost 12km down the wrong side of a freeway and crashing head on into a car in Melbourne. Police are still investigating why the man was driving inbound on the outbound lanes of the freeway at Laverton.It is a collision that left a trail of destruction. The driver of this white car travelled down the wrong side of the Princes Freeway at Duncans Road just after midnight, police unable to stop him.By the time we could actually put things in place to try and prevent any accident occurring, the accident had already occurred.The police were alerted after several calls were made to 000. The Norlane man aged in his 50s died at the scene when he collided head-on into this vehicle, trapping the female driver in her crushed car.It took a while to get her out and paramedics did a great job to stabilise her before transporting her to the Alfred.A taxi hit the two cars after the initial impact. The driver walked away with minor injuries.We are lucky that the death has been as low as it has been.The freeway was closed for several hours and traffic was at a stand still during the morning peak. Police are still investigating why the man was travelling the wrong way on the freeway and they are appealing for any witnesses to come forward. For a look at business and finance news, I am joined by David Lennox from Fat Prophets.Thanks for your time.Looking back over the last week, we saw the RBA keep interest rates at that historic low of 2%. Where too from here? When you look at Governor Stevens' rhetoric with the release of the announcement, he is looking at the fact that he thinks the Australian dollar's at a point where he is comfortable with the value of it and that is somewhere we think between 74 and 73 cents. He said the hard work has been done by the fall in the commodity prices and that is why we saw the Australian dollar down at the values where it is. From here, we think the Governor will probably keep rates on hold. He is comfortable with the currency where it is and there is no reason for him to move forward by lowering rates further.We have seen the bank selling off heavily, ANZ today had its worst one day share plunge since the GFC back in 2008. What is going on? That is primarily, we think, on the back of what APRA is going to do in July 2016, that is to raise the credit risk weight for the banks on their loans and mortgages from the current mid-teens up to 20%. What that will do is it means the banks will have to keep more cash in their balance sheets to ensure that if loans happen to fall in value, they won't be stretched or in any way put into peril. However, this is all happening when you look at the Australian property market and it is rumoured or suggested that parts of the market are in bubble territory and if that is the case, there may be the possibility that in the future the banks may have to top these particular ratios up and that is going to be further have lost
delusionary and hence investors have lost all confidence in the banks at the moment and are selling them.Also this week we saw the Adani coal mine set aside by the High Court. We saw the Commonwealth Bank pull out of its role as advisor, financial advisor. What is the fewer for Adani? Adani is obviously going to - it was basically set aside on a technicality on the environmental reports prepared for the mine. This mine is a 60 million tonne, 60-year thermal coal mine that is basically going to see its coal actually come out of the ground grand to power stations that are being built by Adani in India. We would suspect that the company may be actually going to develop the mine, not maybe on commercial grounds but on the fact that if you look at the sub continent and India especially, it is very short of electricity and it will require thermal coal powered stations to get the capacity of its electricity now up, let alone with the growth that is expected to come in the future in this country.David Lennox from Fat Prophets, thanks for your time. In the US, the first Republican presidential debate build as the Donald Trump show has lived up to expectation. He dominated proceedings, despite facing some flack from the moderators and his rival candidates. Here is Michael Vincent with his assessment of the debate.What an extraordinary couple of hours of political theatre and drama. It all began from the get go when all the candidates came out onto the stage and Donald Trump, centre stage, was asked, as were they all, would you pledge to commit to the Republican nominee even if it is not you and would you pledge not to commit to running as a third party? His hand shot up. He would not commit to the party and it was on from there.I will not make the pledge at this time. CHEERING AND APPLAUSEThis is what is wrong, he buys and sells politicians of all stripes, he is - he is already hedging his bet on the Clintons.The fireworks didn't end there. Donald Trump got into another sparring match with Ran Paul later on about money that he had donated to Democrats. Ran get
Paul asked him "What did you on going
get from Hillary? " And it kept on going throughout the night. Donald Trump was hit with multiple questions on multiple fronts. They hit him on stuff "Where is the evidence that the Mexican Government is sending people north of the border? ".They send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them and take care of them. Why should they when the stupid will do
leaders of the United States will do it for them. That is what is happening whether you like it or not.Donald Trump has survived this first debate. His supporters wanted him to come out and maintain his antipolitical, anti-politician spirit and he has done that. He hasn't backed down from any of the positions that he has taken. He has only been attacked by one other candidate Ran Paul as well as a couple of the candidates in the earlier debate. Jebb Bush had the chance to attack him and didn't, instead changing it and talking about how he wanted to present a more optimistic tone to the American electorate and saying how this was a country that needed help, that everyone needed a better message than the one that is necessarily being told by the colleagues next to him. Donald Trump, front and centre, has won tonight's debate. Jeb Bush has survived unscathed and Scott Walker, the other front runner at this stage has also done well, maintaining his image as someone who has been a Governor and can lead and also get things done. His image as a strong conservative as well.The first debate is over, but another debate in a couple before
of months time and six more before the primaries start to vote. This will be a very long race. Michael Vincent reporting there. The first survivors from a migrant boat that capsized off the coast of Libya have come ashore in Sicily. They were among the estimated 600 people aboard the vessel headed across the Mediterranean when it capsized.These vessels are not designed for this kind of activity. They are just not stable enough and the greed of the smugglers is causing these people to get on board this kind of vessel which is unstable, unsecure and not suitable for the kind of operations they are going out on.More than 300 of the migrants were rescued. Officials say more than two dozen bodies have been retrieved including those of children. Hundreds of people are still missing. Authorities in sanction hit Russia have destroyed tonnes of imported food they claim was unsafe for human consumption. President Vladimir Putin last week signed a decree ordering the destruction of food smuggled into the country after an embargo on western imports. Cheese, bacon, fruit and vegetables have all been destroyed in a crackdown by officials on what they call contraband.TRANSLATION:
unmarked contraband.TRANSLATION: These products are dangerous because they have no labels, no information from the producer, no date of issue or expiry date.Critics have condemned the destruction of the food and have called on officials to give it away to the poor instead. In New York, a Xstrata violin stolen 35 years ago has been returned to the family of its rightful owner, the famed Polish violinist Roman Totenberg. The valuable Stradivarius
violin, known as the Ames Stradivarius was made by renowned Italian violin maker Antonio Xstrata in 1734. It went missing after a concert in Massachusetts in 1980 but recently emerged when a woman who had been given the instrument by her late former husband took it to a violin expert.Seeing these instruments first hand, and working on them, it is like knowing members. It is recognisable. When I saw this one, certainly it was a great moment.The instrument has been returned to the three daughters of Roman Totenberg. The violinist passed away in 2012. Nina Totenberg said Stradivarius owners are guardians and promised the violin would be played in public again. The Ames Stradivarius, now perhaps now as the Ames Stradivarius will be in the hands of another eventually
great artist like my father eventually and the beautiful brilliant and throaty voice of that violin, long stilled will once again thrill audiences in concert hauls around the world.Approximately 550 Stradivarius instruments, including violins, violas and cellos remain in existence. One sold for a record $15 million at auction in 2011.Governor-General Peter Cosgrove has led a ceremony at Gallipoli to remember the sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand soldiers at the battle of Lone Pine 100 years ago. Around 750 people attended the service to pay respects to those who fell in one of most brutal battles of World War I. Welcome to the Australian service to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the August offences and the battle of Lone Pine.A century after Australian soldiers launched their attack on Turkish forces at Lone Pine and the Nek war veterans and dignitaries gathered to remember the dead.The Turkish sun shine belying the horror that took place here. Barricades were built of the dead and dead and wounded alike were trampled by the living, bodies mangled and torn beyond description by bombs, this was the truth of this place.An estimated 2000 Australians and 7,000 Turks died during four days of hand to hand fighting.Survival unscathed was rare. Breath taking courage was commonplace.Courage and Australian mateship.They clung to their mates and their leaders as their talismans.Seven diggers were awarded the Victoria Cross for Lone Pine
their bravery in the battle of Lone Pine and winners both past and present paid their tributes in the service.At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. A minute's silence for the victims, then the Governor-General late the first of many wreaths to remember the fallen soldiers. The commemoration ended with the sound of a whistle. It was blown by the son of the man who called his comrades to arms to start the bloody battle 100 years ago. Jon Stewart has said goodbye to 'The Daily Show'. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE With a smile and a tip of his hat to the crowd, so ended a 16-year run as host of what was once a basic cable entertainment show and became a powerful cultural platform. Bruce Springstein and members of his band were among those to take part in the final show which was played months ago with Stewart saying he was getting rest also and it was replaced him
time to move on. Trevor Noah replaced him as host next month.Let's get the sport headlines with Niav Owens now. Australia has all but handed back the Ashes urn after a disastrous day one at Trent Bridge. Dismissed for 60 before lunch in the shortest first innings in Test match history. Stuart Broad tore through Australia's batting line-up taking two wickets in his first over and finishing with career best figures of 8/15. Under fire skipper Michael Clarke contributed just 10 with six Australian batsmen scoring two runs or less.Making light of the green Trent Bridge pitch the home side finished four wickets down for 274 at stumps with a lead of 214 runs.The NRL has strengthened rules surrounding the shoulder charge so that any player who commits the offence with force will be automatically charged. The move comes after Roosters enforcing Kane Evans shot on Bulldogs prop on Sam Kasiano went uncharged last week. The NRL have announced all shoulder charges will now at Mackicly go before the committee and result in the player spending at least shoulder
a week on the sidelines.The shoulder charge, whilst it may look spectacular, has a high propensity to go wrong. If it goes wrong, it can have catastrophic consequences and we aren't prepared to put the players in that position.Cameron McEvoy has freestyle
won silver in the 100m freestyle at the World Swimming Championships in Russia. After qualifying fastest the 21-year-old was pipped at the wall by China's Ning Ze'tao. Mitch Larkin set a Commonwealth record to qualify fastest for the 200m back stroke final tonight and world champ Cate Campbell will be looking to defend her 100m freestyle crown.Australian basketball Dante Exum is likely to be sidelined for 6-12 months after tearing his anterior cruciate ligament. He suffered the injury playing for the Boomers in their friendly against Slovenia two days ago and needs his rehab to go to plan in order to be available for Australia at the Rio Olympics next year.Thanks Niav. It might be a new day at Trent Bridge but Australia's dismal Ashes performance continues to be the talk of the nation.Matt Cargill from News Exchange looks at how social media reacted to the day one batting collapse. Stuart Broad likened to the terminator on Facebook after he managed to wipe out Australia taking eight wickets for just 15 runs. The hero of the day reacted online. He said... He gave it a go later as he reflected on his star performance at Trent Bridge. Others compared the facial reaction to this character in the film Home Alone. England all-rounder Ben Stokes congratulated Broad on his 300th wicket with this... And no mercy from Kevin Pietersen on Twitter. Michael Vaughan shared this image on Instagram. Local police also weighed in. We are receiving reports of Aussies in trouble. Crime Stoppers UK couldn't resist con sorry, we can't take any calls about criminal Australian batting". This is how Australia's innings looked in a single Tweet. That post shared thousands of times. The batting collapse wasn't lost on former Australian players...

Back home Queensland Police had this... Time for the weather here is Graham Creed.We have a bit of cloud moving through WA at the moment. This is with a trough that is sitting ahead of a frontal system. That frontal system is going to bring some fairly cold conditions across the south-west as we move through the weekend. We could see the two coldest days of winter so far this year through that south-west region including Perth, the potential of snow beginning to develop around the Stirling Ranges as well. We are looking at the poem of hail also with thunderstorms as they move along the front line as we move into Saturday. This high pressure system is the dominant feature. Underneath it we have got mostly dry and generally sunny conditions. There will be a bit of cloud around at times through parts of the south-east and also the southern inland of NSW. For the most part it is expected to remain dry underneath that cloud. If we see any showers, they are expected to be light, isolated and very patchy.We could see just one or two along the coastal fringe from Newcastle through to Foster in NSW. Potentially up around the far northern parts of the peninsula in Queensland. It is the south-west of WA likely to see the better of the falls.

On Sunday, generally clear conditions across the south-east, winds will tend more northerly as that frontal system moves into SA. We could see a bit of hail developing about the Southern Districts as we move into the evening. Thanks Graham. That is the latest from ABC News for now. I'm Kathryn Stolarchuk. Thanks for your company. Stay with us 'The Drum' with Steve Cannane is up next.

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Hello and welcome to The Drum, I'm Steve Cannane. Coming up - the PM describes the blocking of the Adani coal mine approval as dangerous for Australia and tragic for the world. The story that just won't go away. We will have the latest on the MP's expenses scandal. And ten Republicans go head to of the
head for the first major debate of the 2016 presidential race. Live by CSI Australia
This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia

Joining me on the panel, Jack the
blogger with 'The Australian', Jack the Insider. Author and journalist Anne Summers. Anded of the 'Spectator Australia', Rowan dream. You can join us on Twitter using hashtag the drum.Tony Abbott said he is frustrated over the overturning of the Adani coal mine.This coal will power up the lives of a hundred million people in India, so this is a very important project, not just for Australia but for the wider world. If we get to the stage where the rules are such that projects like this can be endlessly frustrated, that's dangerous for our country and it's tragic for the wider world.I don't think it is right that the leader of this nation is second guessing our with
judges. If there is a problem with the way the law is formed, we debate it in Parliament. Mr Abbott is creating a new test that near enough is good enough. Anne, is this unnecessary red tape?I think it's the law and people are entitled to use it. I think the bigger point about the Adani coal mine is something that Mr Abbott is failing to recognise is that It's
coal is a twilight industry. It's being phased out, fossil fuels are known to be dangerous, to damage the climate. It's interesting that India, Mr Ab on the is saying, of
was going to be the main source of the market for this coal, has agreed to start phasing out thermal coal imports within three years. This market was going to disappear. I think more than the environmental issues around the mine, the are the financial issues and the current price of coal has made it uneconomic. The Adani project team was fired recently and dispersed to other projects. The project was in Commonwealth Bank
doubt and I think that issa the Commonwealth Bank has withdrawn with
its financing. It's more to do with the unviability from a financial point of view and Government's point of view and this environmental decision has come along after that and added to the reasons why this project to
probably won't go ahead.Rowan, to go back to the PM's comments, he is saying it's dangerous for the country. Do you agree with that?I agree if we are turning away jobs and billions worth of investment, that is dangerous. Anne is correct, the coal industry has all sorts of problems. I'm not sure she is correct it will be phased out as quickly as she thinks. Coal is one of our great exports. It's what we built our wealth on and what other countries will ex- build their wealth on. It's dangerous if investors look at this and say it's going to be hard, the spotted gecko was in danger there.I think it was a skink.I stand corrected.And a Environment Minister's
snake.That gets to the

responsibilities. He dropped drop
the ball on this. So...Did he drop the ball or did the bureaucrats drop the ball?It would seem the Department of Environment has dropped the ball and he is responsible for it. Bill Shorten has made some early comments that there may be an opportunity for Labor and the Coalition to sit down and try and legislate their way through this. I think Anne's points are pretty good. There is nothing legislated in India yet but within two or three years, it is anticipated that India will not get coal from any other place other than their own resources.There are ministers to
statements from Government ministers to that effect.It's not etched in stone.That might be the case with this particular mine, Jack, but the where the
PM was making a broader point where the courts are being used to economically sabotage our projects?People have the right to go to the courts when they have that opportunity, when they are not happy with a Government decision. In this case, what we've seen is that the department of the have
environment and the Minister have made a bit of a blue and they are going to need to sort it out.All right, MP travel expenses, it's a story that won't go away. Today fresh allegations were thrown at Labor frontbencher Tony Burke over a six day ministerial trip to Europe in 2009 that cost nearly $50,000 and included first class flights for an adviser. The Government has announced a five-person panel to review the rules including Brendan Nelson and former Labor MP and Speaker Harry Jenkins. Christopher
Meanwhile Education Minister Christopher Pyne said the ongoing naming of MPs and their travel expenses is not helping.We have a root and branch inquiry into MPs' spending, into the entitlements or taxpayer-funded resources we need to do our job. Having a about
constant ongoing discussion about it is hardly in anybody's interests.I do concede it's time to review the rules. I understand the rules that were in place you were talking about are the ones which Mr Burke complied with. It is important that we are now having a proper review of the rules, making sure they do accord with community expectations.I want this round of controversies to not be the latest but the last and I want the public to have confidence that members of Parliament are working very hard for them.I'm looking forward to the recommendations of this review but I'm also looking forward to a system that works and operates well and supports the families of Parliamentarians and allows Parliamentarians to do their work and Parliamentarians themselves don't throw allegations at each other about their use of these allowances because that's the most unproductive, damaging and stupid things that can be done. These allowances are in place to let people do their jobs well.We have seen Tony Burke you
face more allegations today. Do you think he should resign?I think he should resign or apologise to Bronwyn Bishop and get down on bended knees and ask her to come back as the Speaker, for the simple for Labor
reason...That would be good for Labor though, wouldn't it?Tony Burke in particular put out this idea of community expectations that Bronwyn entitlements
Bishop's behaviour with the entitlements did not live up to community expectations. She has denied having done anything wrong. She did the Honourable thing and said I have not lived up to community expectation s, I'm resigning.But was it because she was only causing damage to the Liberal Party?She did the Honourable thing and resigned on the constant badgering of Tony Burke that she had not lived up to community expectations. Look at everything Tony Burke has done, the trips to Uluru, you mentioned the adviser who was given a first class round the world trip. This adviser went on to be his girlfriend and his wife. This does not match community expectations under any way of looking at it. The trip with the kids to Uluru, when the kids roll up in business class and the taxpayers are in economy paying for them does not live up to expectations. Tony Burke raised this test. We know the standard you walk past is the standard you accept. If Labor are prepared to accept Tony Burke's Bronwyn Bishop's
standards, they must accept Bronwyn Bishop's standards and reinstate her.Jack, on that basis, do you think the Speaker should be reinstated or should get
Tony Burke be resigning?Let's get it out there, the reinstatement of Bronwyn Bishop would make Tony Abbott's Duke of Edinburgh
captain's pick to Knight the Duke of Edinburgh a political master stroke. It would be a complete and utter nightmare. I take your point, that Tony Burke has got some questions to Christopher Pyne
answer but he has, as Christopher Pyne has made clear, acted within the guidelines. The problem is you
these guidelines are more fuss, you could drive a truck through them. This review, this will be the third review in seven years of these things. You could go back and read each subsequent - each previous one and pick that out and say let's go with this and let's go with the contemporaneous publication of entitlements as they are made and an Ombudsman office or something similar that allows an MP to say is this in or out and get a judgment. It will
shouldn't be that hard.Anne we will come back to the review in a moment. What about Tony Burke, do you agree with Rowan, he should resign?Resign from what?From his position as a Labor frontbencher?Look, maybe he should resign, I don't really care. I think the bigger question is this whole entitlement system is a cosy little club. The fact that MPs or former MPs are being appointed to conduct the review...Two out of five.I think that is inappropriate. Nothing against either of those men, they have honourable men, I have a lot of respect for Bolt of them. This is a cosy club, people have built up entitlements they felt they can use. Some people rort the system and squeeze every advantage of it. There was the Belcher review in 2009. Why wasn't that implemented? It didn't suit both sides of party politics to do it. There are certain things in the current system, including travel allowances which are really very hard to justify. I think people should have their experiences reimbursed but shouldn't get paid because they are in another city or staying with their grandmother or living in their wife's house. There is a lot of things wrong with the teen title meant system. One of the few Belcher reforms adopted by the last Parliament is that now ministers and even the Governor-General are prohibited from flying first class. I Foreign Minister
think that's wrong. If the Foreign Minister has to rush off inform New York or 9 Governor-General is sent off to an emergency at an hour's notice, he shouldn't have to doing jobs
fly business class. The people entitled to
doing jobs for the country are entitled to travel in great comfort so they get off the plane fresh and able to work. I don't think children of Parliamentarians should be flying business class.This is the point. You, Jack, myself, Steve, we are all aware of what community expectations means. Blind Freddie means you know you don't fly the kids up the pointy end of the plane. Why is it glaringly obvious to us and unobvious to the Parliamentarians. It should be easy, as Jack says, to say yes in, yes, out. Or they should have the decency to say I was about
wrong.Rowan, I want to ask you about this review. It's not reporting until early next year. Is that wrong?It's so obvious what needs to be done. The private sector has done it. If your business involves entertainment, you split it down the middle. There are clear guidelines that the Tax Office applies and private enterprises applies. It should not be beyond the wit of the Federal Government to say this mentioned
is what should occur.You mentioned the Belcher review, there were 17 out of 39 implemented, like you declare on the politician's website what the expenses are?All the politicians have got interactive websites where you they have
can click on it and say where chance to
they have been. I didn't have a chance to go back and see what the Belcher recommendations are. I tried to but the documents which all happened to be signed by Gary Gray who we saw on the screen, they were heavily redacted, you couldn't read them. I don't know what is going on here. I think there is no reason why this review can't be conducted immediately. The PM is not serious about it, if he is saying we don't need to know until next year. That is five months away.Jack, what do you think about the delay?The great danger is the bomb throwing will continue.It's mutually assured destruction.MAD all over again.Destruction.Who are going to be the beneficiaries. The crossbenchers were. Senator Xenophon will be rubbing their hands together. They are considering running candidates in SA and I would think Senator X would be encouraged by all of this.Cathy McGowan in Indy, it will help her.All over the crossbenchers are the ones who spend the least. There is a culture, as you were saying, a culture of entitlement there. It's not hard to fix but they they have
have to get around to it and they have to get to it, not in six weeks and not in six months.One of the great things Mark Latham was push John Howard into cutting down on a lot of super entitlements. There is no reason why Tony Abbott can't move very fast on this. It would give him popularity, show he is listening to the people and do it with bipartisan support.I want to pick up the issue of how Tony Abbott is travelling. Next week marks six months since the spill motion when he asked his colleagues to give him six months to improve things. Six months later, how he is travelling?That was a foot in mouth moment when he said good Government starts today when they have been in Government for 14 months. The major problems with the Abbott Government in February were, according to the backbench, Joe Hockey as Treasurer and Petea Credlin as the Chief of Staff. Nothing has changed there.And captain's picks were the problem.We are starting to see a PM more and more cocooned again. That is a real issue. I think Abbott has never really PM and
been allowed to be himself as PM and I think that is a real problem for the Government too. So he's heavily controlled, heavily stage managed. That seems to be getting worse and now you see him running commentary on things that really aren't Government matters and that's a real concern too. So, yeah, you have got real problems with messaging from this Government.Anne, six months the later, how is the Government travelling?I think it's apparent to us, the punters and also to Mr Abbott's colleagues on the backbench, he is simply not up to the job. He can't do it. He has no ideas. He is very good at combat and negativity, very good at at
sloganeering, he is very good at tearing things down. He doesn't have ideas, he doesn't have policy ideas or concepts at which to lead and talk to the nations about.A lot of prime ministers struggle in the first 18 months.They do. His struggling I think is showing no signs of improvement. His body language, as you say Jack, maybe because it's over-controlled by his minders. Regardless of that he doesn't exhibit confidence and he has nothing to say.Rowan, how are you seeing it?I would agree with Anne on some things, or Jack said he needs to be more that you
himself. It is critical as a PM look
that you are yourself. If you look at what Tony Abbott as achieved, there was the Budget. There were problems with Hong Kong before. Stopping the boats, in Europe a they are looking around the world at his policies. If you look at Julie Bishop, the job she is doing is outstanding. You have a bunch of ministers doing terrific jobs. The Budget was well received. Basically, other than these peripheral issues, he is travelling well.Why is it not being reflected in the polls?It was going up. We have Bronwyn
this huge distraction of Bronwyn Bishop and entitlements and Tony Burke. Those things play well in the press but I don't think the average punter votes based on those. The average punter will wait until the election comes and goes, is this country better than it was under Gillard and Rudd and they will reach the conclusion it was.The ten leading Republican candidates for the 2016 presidential run have squared off in their first debate. Real estate mogul Donald Trump joined Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and others.Is there anyone on stage, can I see hands, who is unwilling tonight to pledge your support to the eventual nominee of the Republican party and pledge to not run an independent campaign against that person?Mr Trump...You have called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Your Twitter account...Only Rosie O'Donnell. I think the big problem this country has is do
being politically correct.How do you look at them and say your brother's war was a mistake?Knowing what we know now with faulty intelligence and not having security being the fires priority, it was a mistake, I wouldn't have gone on. However, for the people who did lose their lives and the families that suffered...With the cyber attack with Russia, it's sad to think right now but probably the Russian and Chinese Government know more bl Hillary Clinton's email service John
than the Security Service. John Barron has been following the debate. Donald Trump has been leading the headlines for all reasons. How did he fair?Anything short of coming out with a spinning bow tie and a bottle was going to make him look presidential. He didn't look too bad. There was an interesting dynamic. He was centre stage alongside Jeb Bush. Donald Trump is the He
leading Republican contender. He has 25% support nationally. There were a lot of questions directed at him or through him. A lot of the questions were framed around things he had said previously, trying to get other candidates to attack him. They don't want to attack him because they want that 25% of the electorate currently supporting Donald Trump to. rhetoric
They wanted to get him to the rhetoric that has done him so well.What about when Donald Trump refused to rule out running as an Independent if he fails to win the Republican nominee. Surely that can't do him any good?Exactly. That was - this was hosted by Fox News. It was a clear message, I Roger ails
think, from Rupert Murdoch, Roger ails who runs Fox News, to say Donald Trump, we will tell the viewers right now is not really a Republican. Not only is he prepared to consider running as third party, of
Independent, maybe skim off 10% of the Conservative vote, handing the White House to Hillary Clinton, they remind Donald
them by the way, do you know Donald Trump used to be in favour of partial birth aboring, Donald Trump used to be in favour of universal healthcare with a Government option. Do you know Donald Trump donated money to Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. It was a recurring theme, he is Jeb
not really our guy.What about Jeb Bush, former Governor of Florida. Brother of W, son of Senior?Megan Kelly from Fox News who was one of the three moderators, he asked him a question three months ago that he should have seen coming for ten years, knowing what we know now, was it a mistake to go into Iraq. Three months ago he flubbed the answer. He got the answer a little bit better this time. He talked about as the the Florida Governor, made phone calls to the families. He wanted to say yes it was a mistake. He wasn't critical of critical
his brother. He won't be critical of father. There is a lot of nostalgia about now. The fact there are 17 candidates on the Republican side says that nobody is convinced that Jeb Marco
has a lock on this.What about Marco Rubio, is a Senator from Florida, Cuban heritage. How did he go?He was a breath of fresh air. It was interesting to see. He looked younger, more positive. He looked like a VP in waiting. He didn't look presidential. He is in his early 40s. Everybody thinks Jeb Bush is likely to get the nomination, then a Florida Senator in Marco Rubio is unlikely to get the VP nod and unlikely to get enough money to get the nomination. There is a lot going against Rubio. He stood out in this field of 10 as being the happy warrior. He could become the second choice of a lot of voters. That could do him very well and see him go a long way in the process next year.John?There seems to be the view that Trump has a shelf life and it will be done by Christmas. Is this thing gaining momentum or did it drop away yesterday?It's going to be interesting to see what the Sometimes the
polls say in the next 24 hours. Sometimes the polls immediately after the debate don't reflect the polls 24 hours after the win after
debate. People will declare a win after the debate and see the commentary the next day and change their mind. Gerald Ford was the winner of the debate and when the newspapers were Soviet
full of the gaffe saying the Soviet Union will never be in control, it saw somebody else winning. It will be fascinated because he got people booing him and you don't want to be booed on a debate stage among your fellow Republicans.John, it strikes me the big thing with Trump is the anti-political correctness. He waived it very hard and strong during the debate. It's an easy thing to do if you are the anti-political correctness guy to be anti-politically correct. Are any of the other candidates steal some
going to pick up on that and steal some of that?That was Chris Christie
certainly New Jersey's Governor Chris Christie today. Four years ago he was the guy a lot of people wished was running. Barack
He was photographed hugging Barack Obama, a Democrat, they did work in their response to the cyclone. But you don't hug the go we are trying to get rid of. Chris Christie has had problems. Some of his staff were forced to resign just because a local Mayor wasn't supporting Christie. He is no longer the golden child. He is a bit of a wind bag and bully but he has got the common charm that
touch. He has an every man of
charm that could attract some of the people with Donald Trump. That is what he is hoping with. Anne?A weight issue though, for sure.He has lost a lot of weight. You could argue he reflects a lot of Americans these days.People don't want to see themselves. A quick question. You have got 17 candidates, 18 months or so to go. I mean isn't that really too soon to even be drawing any preliminary views about this thing, it's tortuous to watch this charade going on because Ng will be resolved for six months?Well, it's only about five months until they start voting to see who the candidate is going to be early next year. There is a lot of jockeying in these early stages and there are summer time flirtatiouses rather than necessarily picking the person you will settle down with. You would say Jeb Bush has a good chance and Hillary Clinton has a good chance of being the Democratic nominee. Right now Donald Trump is the flavour of the month.Finally tonight, Australia is reeling after a dismal performance in the Ashes, all out for 60 in 111 balls, the shortest innings in Test history. The top score was extras. Australia's horror day has made it almost certain the Ashes will return to England and made it a nightmare for expat Aussies living in the UK who have to go to work today. I missed the innings because I went out for dinner and you missed the innings because you went to the toilet?You only had to have New
even an entree.Today we are New Zealanders. I'm not a New could
Zealander, but technically I could be. I think look, it's going to be por horrible. The next couple of days will be horrible. Friends of mine have been hitting me up from the UK. It's awful, awful gloating.Don't answer the phone, Jack.There is a few texts unanswered at the moment.John, are you feeling a New Zealander today?It was great
terrible to watch. That is the great thing about cricket. The same batting line up that got 500 is able to be skittled for 60. It's never over until it's over. Maybe we can skittle them for another 30 tonight and maybe a 60 in their second innings.You will be spruiking a Trump presidency. Anne
Thank you to Jack the Insider, John
Anne Summers, Rowan Dean and John Barron. Have a great weekend.

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