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Australia makes history at Trentbridge with the shortest-ever opening innings in a Test. That's as tough a day as you have as a player and certainly as a captain. Nothing went right at all today. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Claims more debris from MH370 has washed up on Reunion Island. Donald Trump booed over his refusal to rule out an independent bid for the White House. And fashion from the film. 40 years on, the movie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' still inspires. Hello, James McHale with ABC News Early Edition. Australia has a tenuous grip on the Ashes urn after being dismissed for only 60 on the opening day of the fourth Test at Trentbridge. Stuart Broad batting
tore through the tourists' batting line-up, taking a career-best 8/15. Mitchell Johnson's top score of 13 was one less than the extras. At stumps, England had a Duncan
commanding lead of 214 runs. Duncan Huntsdale reports. A collapse of catastrophic proportions. First up, Stuart Broad's 300th wicket. Second one's gone.One by one, the Australians came and went, unable to cope with the pace-friendly pitch. It was certainly tough to bat on, no doubt about that. Broad's brilliant bowling and sharp catching contributed to Australia's demise. That's the best catch of the summer.The under-pressure skipper made 10. Edged and taken. He's got five-for. The better the bowling the more aggressive you've knot to be. Broad's 5-wicket haul took only 19 balls, equalling the fastest in a Test. With injured James Anderson a spectator, Broad led the attack with distinction, finishing with the figures of 8/15, the best by a paceman in an Ashes Test. You look at the scoreboard on the ground t doesn't look real to me at the moment. Australia's total of 60 is its lowest Ashes score in innings
79 years, the shortest first innings in Test history and only the fourth time a team was dismissed before lunch on day one. That's as tough a day as you have as a player and certainly as a captain. Nothing went right at all.Social media lit up with the full innings making into one tweet. A sign said, "For sale, Australian bats. Hardly used." Australian newspapers described it as Pom-icide and an Ashes disgrace. Your best batsmen all get out for nothing and all before lunch. We've got to bat again. We can make 600 and set them something on the last day. Governor-General Peter Cosgrove wasn't as optimistic at Gallipoli. We're all out for 60. Disgraceful.England made light of the suppose lade difficult batting conditions, cruising past Australia's total for the loss of two wickets. A dropped catch adding to the tourists' woes. The Aussie way is to not give up, there's no doubt about it. I think that's got to be our attitude, it is only one day down in the Test match.Joe Root ended the day unbeaten on 124, more than double Australia's score, with England poised to take back the Ashes urn. We'll have more on the Ashes disaster later in sport with Clint Thomas. Malaysia's Transport Minister says more plane debris has been whether
found on Reunion Island but whether it's from the missing flight MH370 is yet to be determined. The debris includes a window and seat cushions. I also dispatched another team to Reunion Island and the team told us that they have managed to collect more debris at the island and we have handed it over to the authorities in France. The Minister has also explained why Malaysia confirmed a swing section found earlier was from MH370 while French investigators were more circumspect. He said the Malaysian experts had compared the debris with maintenance records and it matched the of
missing plane. Queensland Court of Appeal has reserved its Gerard
decision in a challenge against Gerard Baden-Clay's murder conviction. He was found guilty last year for the murder of his Leonie
wife Allison in Brisbane. Leonie Mellor is at the Court of Appeal. It took just over two hours for the defence and prosecution to argue the four appeal grounds. Michael copely QC for Baden-Clay said the verdict of murder was unreasonable because there was no evidence to elevate Allison's death from unlawful killing to intentional killing. He hypothesised it may have been an accident and Baden-Clay panicked and lied to cover it up and said the jury couldn't conclude it was a murder because everything Baden-Clay did after his wife's death could be attributed to panictism was a hypothesis put to the Crown but Michael Byrne QC said the verdict of murder should be open because there was a long period of denial by Baden-Clay and when the jury considered all the other circumstantial evidence, the leaves in Allison's hair, the blood in the car, the injuries didn't
to Baden-Clay's face, the Crown didn't need to show Baden-Clay moved her body to the bridge for the verdict of murder to be open. The court, which holds more than 200 people, were over-flowing. Lots of people wearing yellow, Allison's favourite colour. Of course her large extended family were there. Jeff and Priscilla first
Dickie, her parents, they were first to leave, backed up by a strong family contingent and of course Baden-Clay had his family there, Nigel Baden-Clay, his father, and his sister expected
Olivia Walton. The judges are expected to come back with their decision within three months. A new national strategy to address the rising number of people suffering from allergies Developed
has been released today. Developed over 12 months, the first nationwide strategy aims to overcome incorrect diagnoses and treatment of the conditions. Around 4 million people have confirmed allergies and some can be fatal. It is estimated anaphylaxis in children has increased 5-fold in the past 20 years and that 10% of infants have immediate food allergies. A former South Australian Government care who sexual abused seven children as jailed
young as 18 months old has been jailed for 35 years with a non-parole period of 28 years. McCoole pleaded
Though-year-old Shannon Grant McCoole pleaded guilty to 20 charges related to the sexual abuse of children and possessing child pornography - 33-year-old. District Court judge Paul Rice went into great offending
detail about McCoole's offending against the seven children. Most of the children were in State care. While he was going through those details, during the more than hour-long sentencing hearing, one woman who was in the public gallery left and had to be supported by a worker with the court. The details he read out were extremely distressing and he went into great detail to illustrate the extent of Shannon Grant McCoole's crimes. McCoole pleaded guilty to 20 State and Commonwealth charges, those charges were related to having sex with children and also producing child pornography. The court heard that when police went to arrest him they found more than 50,000 images of child pornography on his computer and also in a special file on his computer he kept the images of him sexually offending against children in and that file there were about 600 images and about 60 video files. When the judge handed down his sentence, the sentence of 35 years with a non-parole period of 28 years, he described McCoole's crimes as depraved and sickening. He said McCoole had no moral compass and after the sentence was hand down McCoole put his head in his hands and showed little emotion as he was led from the dock that. Was in stark contrast to the emotion from people in the public Republican
gallery.In the US, the first Republican presidential debate billed as the Donald Trump show has lived up to expectation. The billionaire businessman dominated proceedings despite facing some flack from the moderators and his rival candidates. Here's north America correspondent Michael Vincent with his assessment of the debate. What an extraordinary couple of hours of political theatre and drama and it all began from the get-go when all the candidates came out on to the stage and Donald Trump, centre stage, was asked, as were they all, would you pledge to commit to the Republican nominee even if it's not you and would you pledge not to commit to running as a third party? His hand shot up. He would not commit to the party and it was on from there. I will not make the pledge at this time.(CHEERING AND APPLAUSE) This is what's wrong - he buys and sells politicians of all stripes. Look, he's already hedging his bet on the Clintons, OK.The fireworks didn't end there. Donald Trump got into another sparring match are rand Paul later on about money he'd donated to Democrats. Rand Paul asked him, "So what did you get from Hilary," and it kept on going throughout the night. Donald Trump was hit with multiple questions on multiple fronts by the moderators. They even hit him on stuff he wouldn't have maybe expected. "Where's the evidence, Mr Trump, that the Mexican Government is sending people north of the border?" They send the bad ones over because they don't want to pay for them or take care of them. Why leaders
should they when the stupid leaders of the United States will do it for them? And that's what's happening whether you like it or not. Donald Trump has survived this first debate. His supporters wanted him to come out and essentially maintain his anti-political - anti-politician spirit and he's down from
done that. He hasn't backed down from any of the positions he's taken and he's only been attacked by 1 other candidate, Rand Paul, as well as a couple of the candidates in the earlier debate. Jeb Bush had the chance through tack and didn't, instead changing it and talking about how he wanted to present a more optimistic tone to the American electorate and saying how this was a country that needed help, that everyone needed a better message than the one that's necessarily being told by the colleague next to him. Donald Trump, front and centre, has won tonight's debate. Jeb Bush has survived unscathed and Scott Walker, the other frontrunner at this stage, has also done well, maintaining his image of someone who has been a governor and can lead and also get things done but also his image as a strong Conservative as well. The first debate is over but another debate in a couple of months time and six more before the primaries actually start voting. This is going to be a very, very long race. The first survivors from a migrant boat come capsized off the coast of Libya have come ashore in Sicily. They were among the estimated 600 people aboard the Mediterranean when
vestal headed across the Mediterranean when it capsized. These vessels are not designed for this kind of activity. They are not stable enough and the greed of the smugglers is causing these people to get on board this kind of vessel which is suitable
unstable, unsecure and not suitable for the kind of operations that they're going out on. More than 300 of the migrants were rescued. Officials say more than two dozen bodies have been retrieved forcluding those of children. Hundreds of people in
are still missing. Authorities destroyed
in sanction-hit Russia have they
destroyed tons of imported food they claim was unsafe for human consumption. President Vladamir Putin last week signed a decree ordering the destruction of food smuggled into the country a after an embargo on Western imports. Cheese, bacon, fruit and vegetables have all been destroyed in a crackdown by officials on what they call unmarked contraband. TRANSLATION: These products are dangerous because they have no labels, no information from the producer, no date of issue or expiry date.Critics have condemned the destruction of the food and have called on officials to give it to the poor instead. Londoners are literally taking to the streets. A massive Tube strike has stopped all underground trains in the English capital, prompting thousands of people to use any measure possible to get around, including walking to wu,. More buses were put on to help cope with the transport crisis. We've got more buses, boats and bikes but clearly for millions of people probably it is going to be a tougher commute than normal. I'm very, very sorry.Unions are unhappy with conditions offered to drivers on a new night Tube service due to start next month.

Virgin Australia has revealed a $93 million loss for the past financial year. The result is an improvement on the company's $33 three 53.8 million loss made in the previous financial year. Virgin says the airline is on track to return to profit in the current financial year. Governor-General Peter Cosgrove has led a ceremony at Gallipoli to remember the sacrifice of Australian and New Zealand soldiers at the Battle of Lone Pine 100 years ago. About 750 people attended the service to pay respects to those who fell in one of the most brutal battles of World War I. Welcome to the Australian service to commemorate the hundredth anniversary of the August Lone
offensives and the Battle of Lone Pine. A century after Australian soldiers launched their attack on Turkish forces at Lone Pine and The Neck, war veterans and dignitaries gathered to remember the dead. The Turkish sunshine belying the herer that took place here. - belying the horror that took place here. Barricades were built of the dead and dead and wounded alike were trampled by the living. Bodies torn beyond description by balms. This was the truth of this place. An estimated 2000 Australians and 7,000 Turks died during four daze of hand-to-hand fighting. Survival unscathed was rare. Breath-taking courage was commonplace.Courage and Australian mateship. They clung to their mates and their leaders as their talismans.Seven diggers were awarded the Victoria cross for their bravery in the Battle of Lone Pine and winners, both past and present, paid their tributes in the service. At the going down of the sun and in the morning, we will remember them. We will remember them.A minute's silence for the victims then the Governor-General laid the first of many wreaths to remember the fallen soldiers. The commemoration ended with the sound of a whistle, blown by the son of the man who called his comrades to arms to start the bloody battle 100 years ago. Despite the passing of 40 years, the movie 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' continues to influence Australian and global creativity. The costumes from the movie in particular have inspired the likes of British fashion guru Alexander McQueen. Memorabilia from the film on display today is part of special commemorations marking the anniversary. Karen Percy got a sneak peek. It might have been 40 years since filming wrapped but one of the most memorable costumes from the film is getting a rare public outing. This is the dress worn by one of the major characters in the 'Picnic at Hanging Rock' film which is Miranda and of course Miranda has an extraordinary influence, both her presence and her absence in the film. The white of course was - all the girls were dressed in white and I think one of the wonderful visuals about this film is every scene is set up like a painting, like a Tom Roberts painting, that turn-of-the-century interaction between the Australian bush and these young Victorian schoolgirls in their corsets and white dresses and black stockings and buttoned-up boots. One of the wonderful things about Judith Dorseman who created this early 20th century Victorian world is all the details that reflect the character as well. You'll see along the top half the daisies. They were put on the dress because they were meant to be Miranda's favourite flower. You'll notice the butterfly clasp with the satin ribbon. Had butterfly was the symbol for Miranda and I think the idea was that she was free somehow and also, I guess, butterflies don't last long. Ms Lambert kept the dress for National Film and Sound
years before giving it to the

Archives. It was a beautiful dress. Judith Dorseman, who was the costume designer, did an amazing job. Every dress spoke to the character. Incredible attention to detail with all the kind of various bits, the little tia pleases and camisoles and God knows what that went on underneath. Beautiful work and she gave me bit of
my dress at the end which is a bit of an old tradition in theatre really and I looked after it for a long time and then just thought, you know, it really isn't mine, it really is part of history. Australian cinema history anyway. The dress will be returned to storage soon but it's been meticulously photographed to feature in a permanent online exhibition. Other items from the film will also be just a click away. Clint Thomas joins me now for sport. To quote Stuart Broad... I think everyone is still coming to terms with what happened last night in the cricket. It was an absolute debalk scpl the shockwaves of Australia's batting collapse have reverberated around the country today. An ABC online survey even rated our worst-ever sporting no-show. Words do little to describe the mood back in Australia after the country's batting capitulation. What can you say?All out for 60 and today many declared their opinion. They've just - can I say too cocky? I've got lot of Australian friends. They're not talking about sport today. Not what you hope for.Australian sport has been dealt some cruel blows over the years. Greg normpen was US Masters collapse is almost as infamous. I'll wake up tomorrow morning still Adam
breathing, I hope.Protegee Adam Scott let a 4-shot lead slip at the British Open. Adam Scott's going to be scarred for life.While soccer fans won't forget the night Iran upstaged the Socceroos to qualify for the World Cup. It's going to take a while to get over this.Expectation was high when the Australian swimming team left for the London Games. They couldn't win individual gold. The Australian cricket team ended up being bowled out 13 runs short of last night's Ashes total against South Africa four years ago. I remember them getting all out in South Africa for 47 I think it was so this one ranks pretty much up there. An ABC online performance last
poll has shown Australia's performance last night rated as the country's worst sporting no-show with our swimmers second. Everyone has their moment. Hope for a draw but rain is good too. Unfortunately, none's forecast. Let's move to an area where we were far more competitive and that's the pool. A near miss for Cameron McEvoy last night. He won silver in the 100m freestyle at the swimming world championships in Russia. The 21-year-old had qualified fastest but in a slow final was pipped at the wall by China's swimmer, Ning. It's close but that's what swimming is and that's the best place I've gotten at such a high competition so I'm over the moon with that.Emily Seebohm narrowly missed out on bronze in the 50m backstroke while the women's 200m freestyle relay team finished 6th. Australia is well placed for more medals tonight with Mitch Larkin setting a Commonwealth record to qualify fast frs the 200m backstroke final and world champion Cate Campbell looking to defend her 100m freestyle title. In rugby, Australia is trying to defy history against the All Blacks? It has been a long time between drinks but the Wallabies are relishing the chance to take on the All Blacks in tomorrow night's Bledisloe Cup Test in Sydney. They're aiming to beat New Zealand for the first time since 2011. Coach Michael Cheika has opted to play two open side flankers with David Pocock and Michael Hooper to start together. Cheika's trying to create a broader squad that everyone in the squad can play a role at some point and this is another example of that.New Zealand captain Richie McCaw will equal the record of the world's most capped rugby union player tomorrow night. He will appear in his 1 41st test for the All Blacks, matching the record set by Ireland's Brian O'Driscoll. James Hird is beginning to feel has been
the pressure in the AFL? It has been a pretty dismal season for the Bombers and Hird admits he's nervous about how his side's poor record will impact on his future art the club. It comes as the Bombers start an internal review of their football program. For all that James Hird has been through over the last three years, he knows his future is still the
dependent on one thing, wins on the field. The fact is you win five games when you expect to do better, that's going to put pressure on everyone, Essendon
particularly the coach. Essendon is 15th on the ladder and that's made Hird nervous about his future but he agrees a review of the club's structure and resources is necessary. Any time you're underperforming which we have for whatever reason, whether it be related to ASADA, through injuries or other circumstances but whenever you're not performing I think it's important review it.Geelong captain Joel Selwood will celebrate his 200th against the Swans tomorrow and says he has no problem if the milestone is Adam
over shadowed by the returns of Adam Goodes. We're going to run through the banners together. We decided that as a football club and I'm happy with that. Carlton say they need more effort from Chris Yarin amid speculation about his future. We need to make sure if we want to stand for something as a club and we want ourselves
to move forward and give ourselves the best chance of being a really good team going forward, we need to stand for strong 4-quarter intent. However, the interim coach backed away from making a prediction as to where Yarin will play next season.

R-Reiert bort In rugby league, we're getting towards the business end of the season. We are. It all starts tonight, James.

Finally today, the World Cup of netball has started in Sydney? It started earlier on today and while Australia's campaign gets under way tonight against Trinidad and Tobago, England made a strong opening to its tournament with a comfortable 41-goal win over neighbours Scotland. Goal scored
shooter Jhaniele Fowler-Reid scored 39 goals as Jamaica thumped Samoa by 46 and under the guidance of former Diamonds coach Norma Plummer, South Africa was beaten by Malawi in a much closer encounter.Should be a great tournament. James, that's all the sport. A busy weekend ahead. Time to check win Steve Tony
Cannane from The Drum. Steve, Tony Abbott has expressed his frustration at the blocking of the Adani mine in Central Queensland? Yes, he's described it as dangerous for Australia and tragic for the The
world. We'll discuss that on The Drum tonight, about whether these approval processes are an important environmental protection mechanism or are they just blocking important economic activity in this country? That's on The Drum after this bulletin. Thanks very much, Steve Cannane. Now for a look alt innational weather with Graham Creed. - now for a look at the national weather with Graham Creed. We've got a strong cold front set to cross the southwest of WA. This is going to introduce some hail down around the southwestern districts. Even about
the potential of some snow about the Stirling Ranges. Through the east, this high pressure system is the dominant feature.-N neelth it, most of the eastern States looking at dry and generally sunny conditions but there will be a little bit of cloud building through parts of the southeast as we move into the afternoon. For Queensland:

That is all for this bulletin. Your next edition of ABC News will be up at 7:00. Thanks for your company. Bye for now.

Hello and welcome to The Drum, I'm Steve Cannane. Coming up - the PM describes the blocking of the Adani coal mine approval as dangerous for Australia and tragic for the world. The story that just won't go away. We will have the latest on the MP's expenses scandal. And ten Republicans go head to of the
head for the first major debate of the 2016 presidential race. Live by CSI Australia
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