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Hello, I'm Janine Perrett. Welcome little
to The Friday Show. If it looks a down
little different today it is. I'm Melbourne
down in - I was going to say sunny a
Melbourne - I won't be silly. It is lots
a fabulous panel, I promise you cover
lots of fun but you know we have to the
cover it don't you, oh the bad news, whole
the pain, the humiliation, the making
whole world watching, now everyone making fun of you and calls for you cricket,
to go. No I'm not talking about the Trump.
cricket, I'm talking about Donald special
Trump. We'll be covering that, and Australians
special American guests, not Americans
Australians talking on it properly Republicans.
Americans involved with the cricket.
Republicans. We will talk about the do.
cricket. But we have plenty else to Vanessa
do. Let's get to the news with start
Vanessa Grimm.Janine thank you, we that
start this news break with the fact candidates
that a group of 10 Republican first
candidates have wrapped up the ahead
first of many presidential debates spotlight
ahead of next year's election. The front-runner
spotlight was currently on the Trump
front-runner billionaire Donald George
Trump and job bush the brother of the
George W Bush who incidentally has chest.
the most money in his campaign all
chest.With the Republican top 10 this
all on stage together events like candidate.
this may not make a presidential break
candidate. But it can certainly firmly
break them. The spotlight was runner
firmly on the unexpected front- Donald
runner billionaire business man serial
Donald Trump. Confronted with calling
serial sexist remarks about women, disgusting
calling them fat pigs, slobs and unrepentant.
disgusting animals, he was utterly country
unrepentant.The big problem this correct
country has is being politically been
correct(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE)I've and
been challenged by so many people total
and I don't frankly have time for be
total political correctness, and to doesn't
be honest with you, this country an
doesn't have time either.This was Bush,
an important early test for Jeb the
Bush, the candidate who has raised handcuffed
the most money, but whose W's
handcuffed to his brother George concedes
W's record in Iraq. Intervention he what
concedes was a mistake.Knowing intelligence,
what we know now with faulty be
intelligence, not having security invaded,
be the first priority when we wouldn't
invaded, it was a mistake, I indications
wouldn't have gone in.The early candidate
indications are none of the That's
candidate blotted their copy book. bad
That's good news for Donald Trump, as
bad news for the rest of the pack, Jim
as they struggle to cut through. Minister
Jim Middleton Sky News.The Prime coalmine
Minister says a $16 billion would
coalmine in Central Queensland million
would help power the lives of 100 Tony
million people living in India. leaving
Tony Abbott says we are risking Karmichael
leaving India in the dark if the The
Karmichael mine does not go ahead. disallowing
The Prime Minister says needlessly project
disallowing a multibillion coal to
project could be tragic.If we get such
to the stage where the rules are endlessly
such that projects like this can be dangerous
endlessly frustrated, that's tragic
dangerous for our country and it's have
tragic for the wider world, so we right.
have got to get these projects these
right. Absolutely vital that we get fully
these projects right once they are environmental
fully complying with high ahead.
environmental standards let them go aside
ahead.The Federal Court has set after
aside final approval of the mine Environment
after it was revealed the not
Environment Minister Greg Hunt did advice.
not properly consider departmental Shorten
advice. Opposition Leader Bill protections
Shorten says environmental taken
protections need to be properly it
taken into account.I don't think nation
it is right that the leader of this judges.
nation is now second guessing our way
judges. If there is a problem the and
way the law is formed we go back Abbot
and debate it in parliament. Mr test
Abbot seems to be creating a new in
test for environmental protection good
in this country that near enough is has
good enough.The Foreign Minister investigators
has urged for air crash their
investigators to be allowed to do thought
their work, after more debris on
thought to be from MH370 washed up discussed
on Reunion Island. Julie Bishop has Malaysian
discussed the matter with her wrapping
Malaysian counterpart after David
wrapping up talks in Kuala Lumpur. report.
David Lipson is there, he has this the
report.Julie Bishop sat down with earlier
the Malaysian Foreign Minister Aman earlier today. Very prominent in twin
the bilateral talks, of course, the MH
twin airline disasters, MH370 and airliner
MH 17. On MH370 the missing washed
airliner and the latest debris that Bishop
washed up on Reunion Island Julie details,
Bishop didn't have any further latest
details, any confirmation that the MH370,
latest debris in fact comes from and
MH370, but she urged some caution allowed
and wanted the investigators to be discussed
allowed to do their work.We of
discussed the finding of the wing Malaysia
of the aircraft and the fact that is
Malaysia is firmly of the view this any
is part of MH370, but I don't have status
any specific further details on the think
status of that other debris. I allow
think it's important for us to conduct
allow the investigation team to that
conduct their analysis and ensure that if it is part of the plane soon
that the announcement is made as whatever
soon as possible, but ensure out
whatever tests need to be carried up
out are carried out.While setting larbian
up for the bilateral talks the larbian Foreign Minister suggested somewhat
that Julie Bishop had gained iron
somewhat of a reputation of the Asian
iron lady of these Asian and east understood
Asian summit talks. It is Minister
understood that the Foreign particularly
Minister was Frank and direct south
particularly on the issue of the disputes
south China sea territorial of
disputes and China's construction have
of these artificial islands that this
have inflamed so many tensions in matter
this region. China didn't want that Minister's
matter discussed at this Foreign east
Minister's meeting of Asian and the want
east Asian summit and they don't will
want it discussed when the leaders Julie
will convene in KL in November. be
Julie Bishop is confident it will News,
be on the agenda. David Lipson, Sky government
News, Kuala LumpurA former for
government carer has been jailed sexually
for 28 years in South Australia for The
sexually abusing seven children. the
The youngest only 18 months old. At the sentencing Judge Paul Rice told McCoole's
the Adelaide District Court that McCoole's crimes were sickening in the extreme. The 33-year-old was pornography
the administrator of a global child were
pornography website. His crimes Danish
were uncovered in May last year by establishment
Danish police. The case led to the into
establishment of a Royal Commission protection
into South Australia's child there
protection system. To news just in, collapsed
there are reports a crane has Melbourne's
collapsed in Southbank near the
Melbourne's CBD, Simon Love is at Vanessa,
the scene. What can you tell us? boulevard
Vanessa, I'm just near Southbank appears
boulevard on Kavanagh Street. It Southbank
appears at a construction site at CBD
Southbank south of the Melbourne building
CBD a concrete slab at the top of a appeared
building under construction the
appeared to have detached. It's to collapsed
the known if the crane has you
collapsed or part of that crane, right-hand
you can see it over behind my concrete
right-hand shoulder, part of that not
concrete slab has come off. It's been
not known yet whether there have emergency
been any injuries or what exactly to
emergency services are responding to at the scene of the I can tell Southbank
you the traffic here in the blocked
Southbank area is quite heavy and respond
blocked off as emergency services I
respond to this unfolding incident. where
I can give you more of a look of that
where the crane is now, you can see of
that the concrete slab at the top are
of the building has detached. These You
are live pictures from Southbank. building
You can see the top of that Southbank.
building there has detached in services
Southbank. A number of emergency responding
services are here on the scene fact
responding to this incident and in emergency
fact police, ambulance, all said
emergency services are here. As I if
said before, not yet known, Vanessa, fatalities,
if there are any injuries or confirmed
fatalities, but it has been confirmed that emergency services incident
responding to this unfolding thank
incident here in Southbank.Simon, is
thank you, here's hoping everyone been
is OK there. A shop attendant has in
been left saken after being shot at inner
in an armed robbery in Sydney's suspects
inner city. Police are hunting two the
suspects who reportedly threatened newsagency
the man at the Paddington it register
newsagency and stole cash from the witness
register shortly before 6am. A witness saw the staff member chase It
the pair before hearing a gunshot. scream.
It was shocking, hysterical and gone
scream. I was robbed all my money anybody
gone of the I I never want to see really
anybody in that situation, it was spotted
really a shock.The suspects were down
spotted driving away from the scene and
down Victoria Street. Well, Jetstar all
and Virgin Airlines have cancelled cloud
all flights to Bali today as a cause
cloud of volcanic ash continues to Jetstar
cause major problems for travellers. be
Jetstar has also announced it won't morning
be running any services tomorrow continue
morning with a warning delays could latest
continue through the weekend. The is
latest advice from weather experts unsuitable
is that conditions remain out
unsuitable for operations in and Australia
out of Denpasar airport. Virgin update
Australia will provide another tomorrow.
update on Sunday's operations and
tomorrow. To the weather, showers slightly
and thunderstorms in the west, Mostly
slightly warmer in the south. the
Mostly sunny in the east. Some of hour,
the stories we are following this Thanks
hour, Janine back with more later. head
Thanks Vanessa. It's now time to Capital
head to Canberra to our Nation's happening
Capital and find out what's been Friday
happening today. Just because it's politicians
Friday it doesn't mean the working
politicians talk a rest. No they're justifying
working hard, worried about Speaking
justifying those expenses I bet. the
Speaking of which, Tom Connell in us
the Sky Canberra bureau will tell A
us what the latest is on that story. not
A free things around today. Look, on
not a lot of I suppose actual meat about
on the bones today. We are talking Extra
about the review. We have a few there
Extra names on the panel. We know Nichols
there is a business person Linda former
Nichols on this and a couple of once
former politicians Brendan Nelson Harry
once the Leader of the Opposition, to
Harry Jenkins, it was interesting spoke
to note Janine, this release it needing
spoke quite a lot about this panel business
needing to have experience in the Department
business world, sure, in the have
Department of Finance, where we have got dpafd Tune as well. Also the
to know what politicians do out in no
the community. Read to that there's review
no way Tony Abbott wants to get a cuts
review back that's extremely harsh, and
cuts all of these sorts of expenses politicians
and travel entitlements, it means does
politicians can't go anywhere. He panel
does want a couple of people on the going
panel to interfere if people are places
going too far, hey we need to fly tipping
places from time to time. I'm figures
tipping that's why respective needed
figures from politics, but what is measured
needed in the game. It will be a Yeah,
measured report back I'd imagine. Harry
Yeah, though looking at the names, former
Harry Jenkins, a bit of irony, a nice
former speaker and respected, a saga.
nice counter to the Bronwyn Bishop shooter,
saga. Brendan Nelson is a straight business
shooter, Linda Nicholls a respected Auspost.
business director, she has been on weighted
Auspost. That's not necessarily That's
weighted with lackeys I would think. isn't
That's a pretty independent panel, comment
isn't it?I think that's a fair be,
comment and it probably needed to this
be, because if you went off and did something
this review and pass perceived as men
something that is going to be yes men or women, if you like, well, PM
this story rolls on. As soon as the saw
PM announced this review you really about
saw all week, there were questions Christopher
about Tony Burke, a few about story
Christopher Pyne, Joe Hockey had a always
story in there as well, the PM I've
always was able to say since Sunday to
I've got a review, they are going change
to come back. We're going to make a and
change here. It was such an easy compared
and good crux for him to lean on weeks,
compared to the previous three if
weeks, interesting to note Janine, see
if anyone wants to go out there and expenses
see what it looks like to have recommendations
expenses online one of the previous adopted
recommendations that hasn't been to
adopted Mal Brough is the first one Links
to take that on board and provided jump
Links on his website of the you can he
jump on there and see what flights than
he took. He provides more detail department.
than is released by the finance that,
department.Well.Why has he done are
that, he doesn't spend a lot. There being
are Qantas discount economies, not two.
being businesses, even a Jetstar or this
two. Obviously he thought I'll get clean
this out there and show I'm squeaky what
clean in this area.Well it's not him
what a judge said in a case about colourful
him recently. He has a rather that's
colourful past on other issues, redeem
that's interesting, trying to saying
redeem his reputation, maybe by I
saying at least I don't spend much. in
I might have had mud thrown at me latest
in other areas. Tom give us the calling
latest betting on what they are the
calling the Melbourne Cup field for the speakership, who is ahead in really
the latest counting?Tony Smith day
really is firming. He's been every more
day getting - it appears - more and certain
more assured of the role. Not is certain in these ballots of course someone
the you make phone calls sometimes, for
someone stayed yes mate I'll vote was
for you, it doesn't work out. There female
was a call for perhaps a leading of
female candidate to put her hand up happened.
of the it doesn't appear to have about
happened. There were early talks inferred
about Shannon stone of the she year
inferred Tony Abbott was a liar a to
year ago at SPC, don't expect her Smith
to be a serious contender, Tony names,
Smith is a clear leader. Other could
names, Russell Broadbent, that those
could be if he convenes more of Southcote
those Victoria votes, Andrew chance.
Southcote as well is the next best last
chance. It's been shaping in the in
last couple of days Janine a race deliberate
in three. It was a very slow and by
deliberate game it appeared played declare
by Tony Smith. He was last one to media
declare and not do it through a out
media interview but a letter sent responsible
out to his colleagues, he is the
responsible and ready to take on go
the job.Finally Tom, how do they it's
go about this? Senators can't vote, Representatives,
it's only members from the House of ballot.
Representatives, is it a secret Is
ballot. Do they put their hand up? Captain's
Is it all civil iced being the probably
Captain's Pick last time it was probably very different.The had
Captain's Pick was different, you Bronwyn
had Tony Abbott essentially anoint call,
Bronwyn Bishop with a pretty public this
call, and he's not going to do this He
this time around that's for sure. here
He was pressed several times to say them
here is my candidate I will back few
them in. There have been quite a out
few including frontbenchers coming Andrew
out to declare, Kelly O'Dwyer and I'm
Andrew Robb will anoint Tony snith. will
I'm not 100% sure on whether it it
will be a show of hands. I imagine contenders
it will be a bol lot and we have precise
contenders and they want to be We'll
precise about this.I'm so excited. Sky
We'll be waiting to here on Monday. latest.
Sky News will bring us the very Plenty
latest. Thanks for your time. it's
Plenty of coverage, thanks.Now Friday
it's time to get to the fabulous people,
Friday panel, two of my favourite Murray
people, yes, you guessed it, Paul who
Murray from Paul Murray Live of the every
who you can see at 9:00 week nights Hello
every night including tonight. in
Hello Paul, hello there down here his
in Melbourne. Next to him one of favourites
his favourite people, one of our Corbett.
favourites broadcaster Rachel Corbett.Reaching down.You can see Good
his arm coming down from the side. to
Good to be here.Are you two going can't
to play up. I'm down here and mum 100%,
can't keep control if you misbehave. on.
100%, you can't see what is going emailed
on.I can't. For the person who sick
emailed last week about they were a
sick of my pen couldn't Sky afford cheap
a new one, a new pen, with you a Friday
cheap one, the email address is The your
Friday Show@Sky Get Melbourne
your little fingers typing.Janine surely
Melbourne is a beautiful city, backdrop
surely we can do better in the is
backdrop than the train line. This have
is a first class operation and we Paul
have a bloody train line behind you. drops
Paul and I both know the other back painting.
drops that can look like a Ken Done categorises
painting. The train station Why
categorises Melbourne, it is lovely. rort
Why are you there?No, I'm not on a attending
rort I'm here on official business, international
attending a very very prestigious the
international relations conference, Rort.
the Australian-American dialogue. couple
Rort.We will be hearing from a powered.
couple of guests. It isn't and high tell
powered. It's in Canberra, I can't interviewing
tell you about it. We will be You're
interviewing American guests. it
You're not allowed to make fun of punish
it it's serious. For that I will rort
punish you by going to the expenses Interesting
rort story you are fed up. have,
Interesting developments today. We interesting
have, well, we have got an to
interesting front page we will get to in a minute. Actually I'm going on
to start Paul with what we finished race,
on with Tom Connell, the speaker's race, I know we are all so excited Cup
to know they keep saying Melbourne is
Cup races it's that exciting, who will
is your money on, who do you think will win?Tony Smith should and him
will and could, I would like to see think
him become the next speaker, I know
think he's a very decent man, I has
know he is the type of bloke who part
has promised that he will not be sense.
part of a party room. That makes belief
sense. If infuriates mean beyond end
belief when Tom was saying at the for
end there is a push for somebody because
for a woman to put her hand up symbolism.
because that would be great person
symbolism. This is garbage, best Tony
person for the job it looks like Rachel
Tony Smith and should be Tony Smith. you
Rachel who is your wetting on, do the
you care?Do I care Janine, that's not
the greater question. You know I do waters
not Wade as deeply in the political I'm
waters as some people in Sky News, I
I'm not really that informed. Until is
I find out that's when I care who official
is the speaker. When it becomes first
official and they turn up for the arrive
first day on the job I hope they that
arrive in a helicopter. I think know.
that would be a nice touch, you now
know.I agree.I have to say until hard
now most ordinary people would be name
hard pressed to name a speaker, when
name the last couple. It's only water,
when they get themselves into hot Bishop.
water, Peter Slipper and Bronwyn the
Bishop. Before that it was probably role.
the most unassuming but prestigious Harry,
role.Harry Jenkins...I loved bit
Harry, order, order!He just had a not
bit of a presence about him. You're make
not as naive on the speaker as you watching
make out Rachel, you've been my
watching a bit of speaker.I have commanded
my favourites. Harry to me I
commanded a certain presence which there
I think if you are going to sit up Slipper
there in the speaker's chair waltzed
Slipper for me was a Humty, he white
waltzed in in the robes and the yawn.
white Beau tie, I thought what a told
yawn. Harry, I liked him. If you it.
told me to shut up Harry I would do the
it.You respect the beard.It was another
the beard. Now Harry is getting expenses
another run, he will be on the at
expenses panel. Let's have a look expenses,
at what Tony Abbott said about to
expenses, followed by Bill Shorten comment.
to bring us up-to-date so we can reform
comment.I want root and branch controversies
reform so that the latest round of what
controversies are the last. That's controversies
what I want. I want this round of latest
controversies to be not just the public
latest but the last. I want the members
public to have confidence that very
members of parliament are working panel
very hard for them.There will be a it
panel of five people. We see that of
it will include John Condy the head Tribunal
of the independent remuneration secretary
Tribunal and David Tune the former and
secretary of the finance department representative
and a former Liberal and Labor business
representative to help along with a review
business person. We think this helping
review will go a long way to community
helping deal with the legitimate anger
community expectations and indeed have
anger at some of the reports that I
have emerged in recent weeks.Now, have,
I don't want to be cynical, and I it's
have, as I said to Tom, I think go.
it's a pretty good panel as panels they
go. I don't want to preempt what governments
they say. Given successive loss
governments and opposition s, the already
loss of them just ignore it, they possible
already have recommendations what going
possible hope do we have there is I
going to be any reform?Dare I say panel
I would like to see somebody on the part
panel not a former politician or politicians
part of the current crop of the
politicians nor the bloke who runs always
the independent Tribunal that not
always gives them pay rises. I'm from
not suggesting we find somebody there
from a pub who is mouthy. Surely kal
there is somebody outside the prit bit
kal classes who can bring a little pub
bit of commonsense, a bit of the people
pub test to the room rather than and
people who have, you know, all good and decent, but they all know how said
the gravy train rolls.I'm glad you Tribunal
said that about the remuneration rises
Tribunal that keeps giving them pay she
rises he's a worry. Linda Nicholls respected
she was Australia Post. She was a see
respected director, that's one. I Rachel,
see what you think. What about you will
Rachel, is there any chance they a
will pay attention, they will make This
a lot of noise then it will slip by. has
This is a government that currently not
has 50 reports sitting on its books the
not doing anything.No matter what going
the outcome is they are always Everybody
going to push the boundaries. terms
Everybody does it everywhere in you
terms of expenses at work, you know, if
you try and push it. The truth is publicly,
if this hadn't come to light wrong
publicly, nobody's done anything it
wrong by the rules that stand there and
it would have just kept on going I
and going. The longer this goes now Christopher
I think Bill Shorten came out, or need
Christopher Pyne came out we don't everybody
need to go through everybody, drags
everybody knows the longer this politics
drags on there ain't a person in laundry,
politics who doesn't have dirty more
laundry, the longer it goes on the matter
more examples we will get. No will
matter what the changes are people in
will stretch the rules, in politics, it,
in the private sector, people push far
it, they certainly pushed it too about
far that's for sure.Can we talk getting
about Tony Burke...I'm just Would
getting to Tony Burke.Come on! the
Would you like to do it.You with host
the show from the train line, you station
host the show from the train was
station and tell us what is next?I conductorment
was going to say I'm the fat That's
conductormentThe Fat Controller. Murray
That's true, we are half Paul it
Murray live.I had a good segue to Show
it those who watched The Friday mocked
Show last week will remember we expenses
mocked the UK that's had its own one
expenses rorts. We were looking at saying000
one of their sex scandals there, don't
saying000 being a bit superior, we not
don't go politician's private lives, was
not to the extent of there. There the
was an interesting story today on the front page The Australian which rorts
was brought on by the whole travel Burke,
rorts and the scrutiny of Tony class
Burke, remember we had the business is
class flights for the family.This Australian
is red hot.The story in the The he's
Australian went through the trips broke
he's taken and who he took. He ago
broke up with his wife a few years staffer.
ago and his partner is now a former photo
staffer. They go into detail. The Facebook
photo has come off one of their are
Facebook pages. Paul, I know you just
are obviously fired up on this, usually
just being blunt, we don't tend to way?
usually go...Is there any other private
way?We don't tend to go into these private lives, do we, into people's is
private lives.This isn't about who paying
is loving who, this is about who is first
paying for people to be love at remember
first sight. The grey area of - was
remember the trip that took place thousands
was first class travel with the
thousands of dollars, it was for relationship
the staffer. Now, because he had a -
relationship with the staffer, that about
- I'm not interested. What I care in
about is how the heck are we living Polly
in a system that allows firstly a their
Polly to fly first class, let alone their staff and the second the surely
relationship becomes a personal one completely
surely the benefits of professional This
completely evaporate. This is worse. Because
This is worse than the helicopter. class
Because let's be honest, first becomes
class travel for a staffer who only
becomes your partner...There was all
only one first class.Well, it's rest
all OK, it's all fine then.The Rachel,
rest were business.It's all fine! course,
Rachel, we have got the shots of to
course, Tony Burke has left himself yourself,
to be fair game. You wondered to known
yourself, Rachel, he must have the
known when he was throwing mud at and
the other side I'm thinking pots would
and kettles Glasshouses, people might
would scrutinise this story just Pyne
might come up, just as Christopher wanting
Pyne has been trying apparently not some
wanting to go on Tony Burke, he had with
some travel expenses, no, obviously there
with his family, but I would think politicians
there might be some other lives
politicians there whose private scrutiny.
lives might not want to come under it's
scrutiny. Do you think?I think that
it's amazing the sort of lengths the
that he went to in talking about long,
the Bronwyn Bishop saga, and the and
long, drawnout media appearances and the P plate and the performance he
and the theatre of it all, unless where
he has some kind of medical amnesia of
where he's forgotten large chunks going
of his political career if you are and
going to go out that hard and fast did,
and go to town on Bronwyn like he squeaky
did, you'd better to have the most only
squeaky clean travel record and tuks
only taken old crappy cars or tuk- comes
tuks to every event. The more that today
comes out this first class story another
today you think wow, that is fly
another level of entitlements to Bronwyn
fly first class. To have taken this
Bronwyn so to town when he knew expenses.
this was in the backlog of travel point...
expenses.You make a perfect quickly
point...I have to go to a break, how
quickly Paul?Let's put it this way, first
how many times have you been in that
first class and don't you remember in
that experience? If you have been experience
in it so frequently you forget the I
experience you might have a problem. talking
I was trying to bring the story to lives.
talking about politician's private to
lives. I thought we might have got worried.
to some other people who might be encouraging
worried. No cannot do that. I'm not encouraging it. It is interesting gates
to see if this opens the flood guise
gates for the tabloids under the stop
guise of expenses, we'll have to break
stop there and come back after the break with plenty more in a minute.

Welcome back to The Friday Show Murray
with our fabulous panel today. Paul know
Murray and Rachel Corbett. As you Show@Sky
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Telex address?I you might laugh we emails.
are already getting some lovely says
emails. I'm going to read them, joy review
says what a joke the expenses people
review committee is comprised of world
people out of touch with the real expect
world and have to idea of public named
expect tagss. Joy, the appropriate pseudo
named I'm not sure if that is a I
pseudo unanimous, in the '50s when in
I was a TAA hostess Pollies Wizzed can't
in and out without a protest.We hosties.
can't resurrect TAA to fly on...Or please.
hosties.More emails about us, the
please.Neil says it's said to see within
the new pen, a decent pen is not within entitlements.It is only Sky. Blackberry
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conference, state of the art.We not
will move along. Just because I'm taking
not there doesn't mean you can keep an
taking pot shots.It does.There is Sydney,
an interesting lunch this week in Commerce
Sydney, the British Chamber of David
Commerce and Industry, our own to
David Speers hosted - I was going pollsters
to say Australia's leading renowned
pollsters - they are actually advise
renowned around the world, they his
advise David Cameron crucial in in Crosby
his recent reelection, linden sample
Crosby and Mark Texta here is a made
sample of a comment linden Crosby you're
made about poles and polling.If find
you're a journalist or commentator abdicate
find out what is going on and not journalist
abdicate your responsibility as a polls
journalist or commentator to the time
polls that are just produced from commodity
time to time that have become a so
commodity in their own right.I was I
so heartened by that comment of the I'm
I do believe we should get out more. I'm a great believer in getting out. every
I'm concerned Paul as you know on
every week when you read the polls thought
on the show I dismiss them, I leading
thought I was being unfair, a trust
leading pollster says you can't what
trust then, if you want to know them.
what people are thinking talk to I
them.I forget who on my show said, whole
I think it was David miles, this election
whole idea about the polls - if an which
election was held this Saturday If
which way would you vote is rubbish. Saturday
If an election was held this days
Saturday there would have been 33 have
days of campaigning, there would debates,
have been TV ads, two or three it's
debates, costings, launches, so thought
it's an artificial question. But I and
thought it was a fascinating lunch way
and well done to Spearsy for the bizarre
way he put it together. It seems reminder
bizarre to me somebody needs a This
reminder to get out of the bubble. about
This is a constant argument I have thing
about anyone who covers any one cover
thing too much. I'm sure people who what
cover politics will say this is to
what happens in my life, you have that
to have friends and relationships media,
that have nothing to do with the importantly
media, politics and most disagree
importantly people who vehemently sit
disagree with you if all you do is long
sit in an echo chamber it's not side.
long before you go up your own back say
side.I'm champing at the bit to chamber.
say the word Twitter, in the echo getting
chamber. What do you think about not
getting out more and telling Paul Now
not to listen too much to Twitter? are
Now we're in a time a lot of jobs poor,
are being cut back, people are time at
poor, there is a tendency to look a
at polls, Twitter and Facebook for out
a general idea. The days of going because
out to chat to people in the street gone.
because you have time to do that is particularly
gone. Sometimes there is a danger, Twitter,
particularly you are saying about over
Twitter, there is a tendency to issue
over estimate just how important an because
issue is or a certain point of view, that
because generally the point of view that is loudest becomes the one is
that people think is the one that to.
is most important to pay attention I
to. That's not necessarily the case. sometimes
I think Twitter is really guilty sometimes of putting fuel on fires people
that if you really sat a bunch of it
people around a table or in a room It's
it wouldn't be as massive an issue. fire
It's just that people who really platform
fire up about things have a So
platform that they never had before. including
So I think these sort of things can't
including polls and Twitter, you indication
can't keep that as your only opinion,
indication of sort of popular final
opinion, I think.Too right.A have
final question on this subject, actually
have any of you - I have never even
actually been polled.No.I never either.
even filled in a ratings book polled
either. Have ever of you ever been intentions
polled about your political journalist,
intentions before having said I'm a strikes
journalist, I can't do it.That occasions
strikes me of one of those and
occasions where somebody rings me Do
and say no, I don't have the time. polled?
Do you know anybody who has been got
polled?No, I met one person who look
got a radio ratings booklet, you book
look for somebody on air to have a it
book so you can force them to fill heard
it in incorrectly. I have never ring
heard of anybody who had anybody you
ring me on a poll.I have to pick I'm
you up, I appreciate the comment that
I'm not a journalist. If I claim was
that Twitter will scream at me. I a
was a radio reporter well and truly will
a commentator now.You said Twitter you're
will yell at me, bugger twitters journalist.
you're a journalist.I'm not a you
journalist. But thank you I love you very much for saying so.Didn't in
you used to cover state parliament written
in your radio days, what was written on your security pass, were transitioned
you an imposter?I was a report, I Transitioned!.
transitioned out of reporter... off
Transitioned!.I took the blinkers business,
off and got into the opinion and
business, the commentary business There
and life has never been better. I'm
There are so many ways I can go. to
I'm to the going to. Let's move off subject
to politics, not to a happier We
subject but one that is interesting. are
We know about the plane debris, we which
are going to get daily reports of washed
which part of an aircraft has awful,
washed up. It's all rather tragic, want
awful, definitely tragic, but I it
want to know Tony Abbott said sorry, are
it is a bit political still - we for
are still maintaining the search cheap
for the main plane. This is not a currently
cheap exercise, I think the bill is is
currently at $100 million. Given it should
is found so far away and washing up I
should we continue with the search sort
I will put a vote in for yes. I member
sort of think to myself if I was a had
member of a family of somebody who obviously
had lost their life, potentially - lost
obviously now we know they have portion
lost their life, there was a conspiracy
portion of time where there were were
conspiracy theories we thought we 'Lost'
were going to get version two of on
'Lost' and find out they were all has
on an island somewhere, now this the
has come to light and we have found lot
the pieces of debris there are a closure,
lot of people who still don't have worth
closure, some way argue it's not can
worth the money. I don't think you thing.
can put a price on that kind of there
thing. Now the debris has washed up studied
there is talk about they have was
studied the piece of plane there saved
was an idea now the pilot may have original
saved the plane rather than the mission.
original idea it was a Kamakazi like
mission. The investigation, things this
like that what we can work out from man's
this is amazing to me. There's a think
man's reputation on the line. I I
think we do need to search for it. I would say we do.Let's put it cheque
this way...Paul unlimited, is the If
cheque beck unlimitedNo it's not. missing
If this was an Australian plane Africa,
missing off the coast of South else
Africa, England, insert anywhere We're
else we would want them to find it. billion,
We're not talking 10 years or a about
billion, I'm someone who is angry money,
about how the Government wastes million
money, I can come up with $100 budget
million that can be taken off any have
budget and put into this. I don't patient
have any problem. Well done to the actually
patient hard working people who are actually doing it.Good on you you question,
have convinced me. One other quick Malaysian
question, there is a story that doing
Malaysian Airlines who has been to
doing a massive marketing campaigns the
to get people on the planes one of finding
the holdout nations they are Would
finding it difficult is Australia. flight
Would you get a Malaysian Airlines it
flight if it was cheap enough?If can
it was cheap enough. When ever I fly
can there are airlines I choose to I
fly with. If it's the one to catch problem.
I don't think of there being a something
problem. I don't imagine because or
something terrible parted on United not
or Garuda that would be a reason extreme
not to fly. Let's be honest, the tenths
extreme majority, the nine and nine arrive
tenths do not fall out of the sky, So
arrive on time. There is no problem. around
So the truth is nobody's turning get
around and sfag jeez I would never fatal
get in a Toyota because there is a about
fatal crash. Why do we say this be
about planes?My view is it might right.
be over that flight it might be Malaysian
right. I'm still not happy that zone
Malaysian Airlines flew over a car That's
zone when other airlines hadn't. second
That's a bigger question mark.The think
second incident did make people issue
think again especially after the know
issue with the first plane. I don't part
know about this, about - there's a not
part of me that is kind of mildly maybe...
not superstitious, but just would least
maybe...Really?I don't know at nervous
least for a while.Are you a flyer,
nervous flyer.I'm not a nervous that
flyer, there is something about it your
that makes me feel uneasy, trust it
your gut.Go Aussie.We will leave going
it there. When we come back we are story.
going to go to the Donald Trump story.Jippee!I can't wait.

Welcome back, we are going live to that
a press conference about that crane in
that has fallen down in Southbank crane
in Melbourne.The construction up
crane was actually jacking itself normal
up to the next position, which is a one
normal practice, but in doing so failed,
one of the hydraulic rams had itself.
failed, and its collapsed in on is
itself. What it's basically doing shaft,
is it's now sitting on the lift Was
shaft, of that construction site. cement
Was it carrying a slab of kem wasn't
cement on anything at the time?It normal
wasn't at the time. This was just a on
normal procedure. It actually works actually
on the inside of the lift well. It into
actually has hydraulic rams that go had
into holes in that lift well and There's
had basically lifts itself up. collapsed
There's been a failure. It's stage
collapsed in on itself. At this isolated
stage what we have done we have isolated it. The building has been evacuated
isolated power, everyone has been safety
evacuated out. We are setting up a arterial
safety cordon. Obviously the area
arterial roads that surround this heavy
area means there is going to be commuter
heavy traffic delays for our be
commuter traffic, so Kings way will will
be closed, and adjoining streets such
will the closed for some time until There
such time as they can look at it. injuries,
There were a couple of minor with.
injuries, but they have been dealt evacuated
with. As I say everyone has been stable
evacuated and the situation is experts
stable until we can get some crane are
experts in to have a look at how we to
are going to actually get it back noise,
to normal.The noise that everybody were
noise, the crash, the bang they That
were describing, what was that? actually
That would have been the crane Was
actually collapsing in on itself. driver
Was there anybody on it.The crane that
driver was driving the crane at bit
that time. Obviously he suffered a now
bit of shock, he's glad that he's serious
now on the ground.Remarkable, no so
serious injuries.Absolutely, yes, ground,
so the thing, we are 50m off the sitting
ground, so the base of the crane is 50m
sitting on the lift well. That is are
50m off the ground as we speak. We another
are looking at a ram of probably we
another 30m. Obviously for us where evacuation
we are standing where we put up the can
evacuation zone it is meaning we emergency
can keep civilians safe and as
emergency workers safe at that time Right,
as well.What are the dangers now? watching
Right, if you want to continue Sky
watching that press conference it's go
Sky Melbourne channel 600. Time to Murray
go back to our panel now. Paul going
Murray and Rachel Corbett. We are day,
going to go to the big story of the very
day, which is Donald Trump and the debates
very first of the US presidential candidates
debates are of the Republican didn't
candidates as you know. All 16 table
didn't make it. We had the kiddie's have
table first then the main one, must All
have got more ratings than anything. Donald
All we want to know is how did the think
Donald go. Here's a bit of him. I has
think the big problem this country I've
has is being politically correct. I've been...(CHEERS AND APPLAUSE) people
I've been challenged by so many time
people and I don't frankly have correctness.
time for total political this
correctness. To be honest with you, either.
this country doesn't have time trouble,
either. This country is in big lose
trouble, we don't win any more, we both
lose to China, we lose to Mexico, lose
both in trade and at the border. We the
lose to everybody.I wish we'd had mentioned,
the first bit of that I should have very
mentioned, that was in answer to a Meghan
very tough question from Fox news's made
Meghan Kelly who pointed out he had comments
made a number of sexist derogatory his
comments about women. Let's move to people
his answer, it symbolises why he
people are enarmoured of this guy, politically
he says what he thinks and isn't think?
politically correct. What did you while
think?Out of context that answer you
while a what a refreshing thing, there
you have to be respectful there everything,
there is a blanket thrown over release
everything, you will get the press answer,
release version of everybody's politician
answer, it's nice to see a worrying
politician say something without worrying whether or not it's too it
politically correct. The issue was about
it was in answer to a question this
about some really horrible ings pigs,
this he had said. Calling women fat that
pigs, comments on his Twitter feed you
that were really derogatory. When you couple it as the response to like
that question, it actually seemed of
like a bit of a palm-off in terms spoken
of his explanation for why he had comments
spoken that way. He also made some don't
comments about Rosie O'Donnell. I thing
don't think when you saw the full across
thing in context that he came one
across very well at all. But the is
one thing about him you have to say say
is that he really genuinely does the
say exactly what is on his mind of hopefully
the you've got to hope he has President.
hopefully no chance of becoming the that
President. There is a little thing President
that you require when you are the it's
President of the United States, able
it's called diplomacy and being gung-ho
able - he has a bit too much of a job,
gung-ho attitude to take the top he
job, he's a caricature really.Did he do worse or better than expected, air
he dominated with three times more be
air time than the others? Ucht I'll he's
be straight up about this, I think him
he's done. The polls will work for serious
him for the next little while. Any anyone
serious conservative person or Hillary
anyone who doesn't want to see saw
Hillary Clinton as President who professional
saw him on the stage, the right
professional people who earnt the that
right to be on the stage realised 17
that at the end of the day, after candidates
17 other candidates, or 16 other Trump
candidates disappear and Donald imagine
Trump is the last man standing year
imagine him half way through next Clinton.
year in a debate with Hillary off
Clinton. He might be able to fob it idiotic
off and have the lines, it would be there
idiotic to beat Hillary Clinton, move
there are fabulous performances who the
move up in my opinion as leaders of he
the race, John Kasich the governor, form
he is a serious bloke, his cadence, impressive,
form of language and compassion is impressive, Marco Rubio, the stuff Clinton
he said I look forward to Hillary death,
Clinton lecturing me on students whinging
death, I look forward to her is
whinging about welfare, the other in
is Carly Fiarina, she blew it away cannot
in the BP debate. Trump is done, I against
cannot be a legitimate option believe
against Hillary Clinton who I President.
believe shouldn't be the next the
President.As one Republican said was
the biggest winner of the debate losers
was actually Hillary Clinton. On Bush
losers I would have thought Jeb most
Bush didn't do much. He had the he
most to lose supposed front-runner, bit
he wasn't very impressive.It was a nil-all
bit of a squib, one of these things hamstrung
nil-all draw, one all draw. He is the
hamstrung by being of the third of last
the Bushes to run, he will be the problem
last bland man left standing. The He
problem is he has to throw a punch. throw
He didn't throw a punch, he didn't disagreed.
throw a punch at the people who serious
disagreed. In the debate there are about
serious Republicans with good ideas where
about how to lift American out of Obama's
where the back half of Barack I'm
Obama's presidency has taken it. morons
I'm not of the view it was 17 debates,
morons standing there in two Clinton
debates, I don't think that Hillary Bush
Clinton was the overall winner, I
Bush washes out, and Rand Paul who message
I liked, I liked the lib tearian Christie
message he was useless and Chris it
Christie is just desperate.Anyway Unfortunately
it was the Donald in full flight. to
Unfortunately he didn't do enough again.
to draw himself to be ruled out again. If you were waiting for him take
to fall on his face. We have to more
take a break. We'll be back with bit
more from the panel champing at the will
bit to say more like me. But that away.
will be in the next hour. Don't go
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