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Good afternoon. A rescuer has told
of the horrific scene he faced when a father was run down
on an Adelaide street in front of his children
and left for dead. The car was later found burnt out. The driver is still on the run. The full story in just a moment. A 6-year-old girl
is this afternoon fighting for life after a freak accident
at a Sydney play centre. We'll have the details
of how it happened. A woman is seriously ill in hospital
after a car hit her head-on, travelling in the wrong direction
on a Melbourne freeway. And details announced in a review
of politicians' spending after Christopher Pyne defended
flying his children business class at taxpayers' expense. In sport, the latest from the AFL
and the NRL in the run home to finals. And all the action and fallout
from Australia's Ashes debacle at Trent Bridge.

And on the weather front - the next cold outbreak
and low level snow's coming but it'll turn a different part
of the nation white. The details in 10 minutes. A killer remains on the run
in South Australia this afternoon after a father was run down down
in front of his young children. He'd just collected one of them from
sports practice in Adelaide's north. The car that hit him was found
burning a short time later. The details from Peter Caldicott. The father had just picked up
his young son from the Ingle Farm
junior soccer club and was attempting
to cross Beovich Road when he was struck by a car. The driver sped off, leaving the 45-year-old man
lying in the gutter in front of his terrified children. A neighbour who heard the crash
ran to help. There was a bloke
laying in the gutter and little girl screaming,
screaming like crazy. Anyway, I looked down the road and
there was a little boy down there and here come flying up as well,
was the brother apparently. The man called emergency services and took the children,
aged about 4 and 5, into his house. I walked out there and there was an
off-duty policeman over the man trying to resuscitate him and
he was still breathing at the time. About 30 minutes later,
the damaged ute was dumped nearby. I could sort of see light
in the front seat and I thought there could have been
someone else there but as it turned out, it was flames just starting to take hold of
the vehicle. The father was taken to hospital
in a critical condition but tragically died overnight. Police believe
they know who owns the ute and have appealed for him
to surrender. Witnesses have also pleaded
for him to come forward. Come forward, own up, I think. I mean, I would just be devastated
by that, it would be on my mind. Give yourself up,
of course give yourself up. Do the right thing by yourself,
do the right thing by the kids. These kids don't deserve this. Police are hunting the driver
who failed to stop after the crash. It would be in his best interests to give himself up to authorities
as soon as possible. A 6-year-old girl has been
airlifted to hospital in a critical condition after she was found hanging from
equipment at a Sydney play centre. Alex Hart has the latest. Sophie, this horrific
story began to unfold just before 8:30 this morning
at the Kidz Klub Playland behind me here in Jamisontown,
in Western Sydney. A 6-year-old girl
who was in before school care was found unconscious, hanging from monkey bars
by her scarf. A staff member
made the gruesome discovery. It's not known how long
the girl had been there for. Workers nearby were in disbelief. Absolutely shocked.
I'm still coming to terms with it. and just to think something
like that happened here, right next to me,
is an absolutely shock. Paramedics took the girl
to a nearby park where the CareFlight rapid response
trauma team was waiting. Doctors placed her
in an induced coma before deciding to take her by road,
not by helicopter, to hospital. A woman, possibly the girl's mother
was visibly distraught The girl was initially listed The good news is that after
undergoing scans this afternoon Police did briefly establish
a crime scene here and WorkCover is investigating but the circumstances
surrounding this incident are not believed to be suspicious, rather, this was simply
an awful accident that almost cost a young girl
her life. Sophie.

Some breaking news at a Melbourne now and these pictures are lives of a crane that is threatening to collapse near the entrance to Burnley Tunnel on Kingsway in South London. Several workers ran for their lives when the crane dropped its load on to the concrete. We will bring you more on this as it happens.

A woman sticking to the road rules
has been hit head-on by another driver
travelling in the wrong direction on a Melbourne freeway. He was killed, the woman
is seriously ill in hospital. Police had tried to intercept
the car before the crash happened. The details from Michael Scanlan. Sophie, this was
an extremely confronting scene for emergency services with one man dead
and a woman fighting for life, trapped in her car. Police received a large number of
calls to 000 just after midnight relating to a car, travelling on the
wrong side of the Princes Freeway near Laverton
in Melbourne's south-west. Now, crews were immediately
dispatched to the area to shut down the freeway
and cut off the driver before he injured himself
and other motorists. But, unfortunately,
they didn't make it in time. The man crashed head-on
into the female driver's car. He died instantly. She suffered extensive leg injuries. By the time we could
actually put things in place to try to prevent
any accident occurring the accident had already occurred
here in Laverton. After the initial fatal collision, a taxi has then smashed
into the wreckage, although the driver, thankfully,
suffered only minor injuries. Police now face the difficult task
of trying to establish why this man was driving
in such a dangerous manner on the wrong side of the road. That's the disappointing part, that somebody's obviously chosen
to do this and there was ample opportunity
for them to remove themselves from the freeway but they've continued
to keep on driving on the wrong side of the freeway. Sophie, early morning commuters
had a very slow run out of the CBD but, thankfully, the Princes Freeway
was reopened just after 7am. Education Minister Christopher Pyne
says it's completely fair for his children
to fly business class from Adelaide to Canberra
at taxpayers' expense. which may be within the rules but run contrary
to public expectations. Under the banner 'pollie perks' the government's leader of the house
faces his own question time. In 2013 you charged taxpayers
over $7,000 to fly your family business class
from Adelaide to Canberra. That's right,
for the opening of parliament. Acknowledging he claimed costs
for a family trip to see the new government sworn in and claiming that's fair enough. The truth is, if they're coming
to join me doing my job then that's within the rules. The point is that maybe they should have
been flying economy - it's a waste of taxpayers' money. Sometimes they fly economy,
sometimes they fly business class. Mr Pyne was speaking in defence
of his Labor opponent Tony Burke, who yesterday acknowledged
that flying his kids business class was beyond community expectations. The public want answers
and they want it to stop. Well, what do they want to stop? MPs doing their job? It seems Mr Burke's job also took him
on a first class trip to Europe, accompanied by a senior staffer
who's now his partner. he was carrying out his job
as a minister when the overseas matters
were dealt with. He was also carrying out his job
as arts minister when his department spent
$50 thousand on parties when his department spent
$50,000 on parties in a 6-week period. As the spending saga continues, the government has finalised
the membership of the committee that will review
federal parliamentarians' expenses. The 5-person panel includes former Howard government minister
Brendan Nelson and former Labor speaker
Harry Jenkins. I want root-and-branch reform so that the latest round
of controversies are the last. The committee will report back
early next year.

The looks on their faces
said it all. England's Stuart Broad in shock
at taking 8 wickets before lunch.

in the history of the game. The Aussies were bowled out
for just 60 runs on day one of the fourth Test
at Trent Bridge setting a series of unwanted records
along the way. Michael Clarke described this test
as Australia's Grand Final. I sense a similar feeling to what
we had at the start of Lord's so let's hope we can come out
and execute like that. Jimmy Anderson's absence was supposed to give our batsmen
a chance at Trent Bridge. Nobody told that to Stuart Broad
who struck twice in the first over. COMMENTATOR: Whoa!
Second one's gone. It was the start of an
utterly insipid batting display. Three of our top four made ducks,
including the recalled Shaun Marsh. Ben Stokes took a screamer
to remove Adam Voges for one. Ohhh, it's grabbed! That's the best catch of the summer! Diving quickly behind him. When Clarke slashed
at a wide one from Broad, the visitors were 6/29. He's got 5-for in no time at all. As Broad's rampage continued, the Aussies staggered towards
a host of unwanted records. Extras top-scored with 14,
one more than Mitchell Johnson. They lasted just 18.3 overs, the shortest first innings
in test history. All out before lunch for 60, our second-lowest total
in the last 79 years. That's as tough a day as -
as you have as a player and certainly, as a captain. Um...nothing went right at all. We've had a fantastic day,
probably one of the best days England have had in the Ashes ever. Joe Root completed a day
of total and utter humiliation with an unbeaten century.

Let's get a check
of the Friday evening forecast. Here's Seven News
Meteorologist Jane Bunn. Here's Seven News
meteorologist Jane Bunn. How's it looking, Jane? Hello, Sophie. Well, the east is either gloomy
or sunny but all are quite dry, while the west has a trough
moving through and a cold front approaching. The trough brings a rain band that's clearing eastwards
as it moves through. There's only a short break
to follow as the front sweeps through tomorrow
morning, with more wet weather. And this one has a
significant cold pool so it's the south-west's turn
for some low level snow. The Stirling Ranges should turn
white from Saturday afternoon. But Friday night
is almost ready to start and this will tell you just
how necessary a coat will be - it should drop down to 7.

I've got the full weekend forecast
coming up soon. Sophie. Next in Seven News at 4:00 - the cause of a caravan blast
that killed a father and his two children. Also, not backing down. Presidential hopeful Donald Trump
repeats controversial statements during a live TV debate. And the Australian war heroes
who've honoured the Anzac legend.

Queensland police are treating
last week's deadly caravan explosion in Mount Isa as a double murder-suicide. 38-year-old Charlie Hinder
and his two children, 4-year-old River
and 7-year-old Nyobi, died in the blast. Charlie had recently separated
from the children's mother. It was originally believed
gas bottles triggered the explosion but investigators now say explosives
were used as an ignition point. The blast led to the evacuation
of dozens of homes and debris was found
more than 50m away. The first live TV debate for next
year's presidential election has been held
in the United States today. The line-up of the
Republican Party's top 10 contenders looked more like a game show as they answered questions
for 90 minutes. The current front-runner,
Donald Trump, did not shy away from
controversial comments about illegal Mexican immigrants
and women. You've called women you don't like,
fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. Only Rosie O'Donnell. (APPLAUSE)

I'm sorry. I've been very nice to you
but I could probably not be based on the way
you have treated me. But I wouldn't do that. The Mexican government
is much smarter, much sharper, much more cunning
and they send the bad ones over because they don't want
to pay for them. They don't want to
take care of them, why should they, when the stupid leaders
of the United States will do it for them? There are still 15 months to go until Americans elect
a new president. Hillary Clinton is the favourite
this far out. Not as many people turned up
as expected, but overnight,
Australia paid tribute to the diggers who died
100 years ago at the Battle of Lone Pine
in Gallipoli. It lasted only four days but at the end, 2,200 Australians
were killed or wounded making it one our military's
most brutal battles. Our oldest surviving
Victoria Cross holder at the top of the cliffs where the first Anzacs
forged the legend from the bottom. There'd be no hope of 'em
getting up here alive. At 82, Keith Payne
is on his first Gallipoli trip. He'd never stood
on Walker's Ridge until this. Look at it.
Look at it. That's a soldier's nightmare. Truly.

on a battlefield tour. 100 years on from the day
the Anzacs attacked the Turks at Lone Pine.

It was horrendous,
it was just unbelievably terrible. Anne Cullen's great-uncle,
Leslie Morshead was a battalion commander
that day. And he was only 25. He would become
a highly successful general hand-to-hand combat, the unburied dead
would all live with him. The savagery and intimacy
of this four-day battle sets it apart in our
military history. Though, Sir Peter Cogrove's
first tribute was for the most revered
of the Turkish fighters, the 57th Regiment.

It fought itself to extinction. It ceased to exist,
such was its bravery, its courage. By the August offensive of 1915, early war excitement in Australia
had given way to exhaustion. Here today, signs 100 years on,
of commemoration fatigue. The organisers had catered
for 5,000 people - little more than one quarter
of the seats were taken. Though, for many hundreds who
did come, Lone Pine was surprising. To achieve
what these young blokes achieved without the vast amount of training
that we have in the military today, I, I, they have
my greatest admiration. Today, the heroes of these
murderous ridges won a new admirer. Lest we forget.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - we'll check a bad day
on the finance markets. And remembering George Cole - the actor who gave car dealers
a bad rap.

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Checking finance now
with Steven Daghlian from CommSec. Good afternoon, Steven.
How did the market end the week?

Or do I want to know? No you don't want to know, Sophie. It was the most unhappy Friday we have had with shares dropping to .4%. One of the worst days we have had this year. The worst week we have had in 2 months with shares dropping 4% in 5 days. 2 months with shares dropping 4% in
5 days. It came down to the banks. ANZ was down seven and a half % today. It raised a few billion dollars from the markets. Quite recently the other major banks also fell. The price of oil has slumped recently. The energy companies did worse, they dropped by 5%. Some of Australia's businesses have released a profit results this week. Over the last 24 hours we have heard from a number of big names. Rio Tinto, after the close of market yesterday, the largest producer of iron ore in Australia said its profits fell 43% in 6 months. That does not sound good that it was better than the market was expecting. We also heard from virgin Australia sang it posted a 93 billion dollar loss but it is not as hard as it will could be. I want money is being made up from its domestic business.

George Cole is best remembered
for giving car dealers a bad rap. For years, he was Arthur Daley in the long-running
British TV series, Minder. He's died at the age of 90 and co-star, Dennis Waterman,
has been leading the tributes. You gotta be strong-willed
in this world, Terry. Implacable, like me. Now come on, twist me arm
and take me for a drink.

George Cole's career
spanned seven decades, but it is as the shifty
wheeler-dealer Arthur Daley in Minder that he will best be remembered. Look, I've got a consignment of DJs
in just in from Czechoslovakia. Take your jacket off. I'll rent you this one cheap. You'll rent it to me?! Well, with an option to buy,
of course. This the best room you got? Must of thrown a sparrow out
to make room for me. Born in South London
and abandoned by his mother, Cole began his acting career at 14. If I ever have a change of heart
towards you, it'll be because my heart
has ceased to beat. In many of his early films,
like Scrooge, he appeared alongside Alastair Sim who became a father figure
and mentor. Are you ready? After wartime service in the RAF, he played the spiv, flash Harry
in St Trinians. Well, you're not gonna make
a fortune on that, are ya? Coles' minder-co-star,
Dennis Waterman, visited him
shortly before his death and today said
he'd lost a very special friend. He had a wonderful sense of humour um, and my boast was that we laughed
all day every day when we worked together, but it's work as well. You know, it was great, it was just like going to work and you happened to be working
with your best friend, so it was wonderful. George Cole died in hospital
aged 90 with his family at his side.

Next, the search area widens
for wreckage from MH370. Also, why Gerard Baden-Clay says
his murder conviction should be overturned. And Adam Goodes arrives in Melbourne
for his return match, as Geelong prepares to give him
a special honour.

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VOICEOVER: This is Seven's Afternoon
News with Sophie Hull. If you've just joined us,
good afternoon, it's great to have your company. These are our top stories
on Seven: Six workers have been injured from a crane that's threatening
to collapse near the entrance to the
Burnley Tunnel on Kings Way in South Melbourne. South Australian police
are hunting for a driver who killed a father A young girl remains critical after accidently hanging herself
with a scarf while on play equipment
in Western Sydney. And still to come in sport
with Ryan Phelan, the NRL's strict new law
to ban the shoulder-charge for good.

Gerard Baden-Clay,
the Brisbane real estate agent convicted of murdering his wife
Allison, has today begun an appeal
in the hope of having it overturned. Michelle Rattray was in court
to hear the reasons why. Sophie, Gerard Baden-Clay
has always maintained his innocence but now his lawyers say it's possible he unintentionally
killed his wife. They've put forward
an alternative theory of what might have happened
to Allison, saying Gerard Baden-Clay may have
killed her in a heated argument and then panicked. The Court of Appeal heard all of his lies
after Allison's death could be attributed to panic. Baden-Clay's lawyers are hoping
to overturn his murder conviction on a number of grounds. They say a miscarriage of justice
occurred because of the judge's directions
to the jury and they say the jury's
murder verdict is unreasonable. The couple didn't have a history
of violence, there was no blood found
at the house or any evidence of a clean-up. Now, the Crown has pointed
to damning evidence including the scratches
on Gerard Baden-Clay's face, the lies and also the pressures
of juggling two women - his wife and his mistress. The judges have now finished
hearing evidence and they've reserved
their decision. Sophie.

France is sending more resources to
the Indian Ocean island of Reunion after a request from Malaysia. The Malaysian transport minister has
asked for a bigger search effort after saying more debris from MH370
has washed up. Ben Lewis has the latest
on the investigation. Sophie, good afternoon. As has been the case
since the flaperon was discovered more than a week ago, there is confusion
about the MH370 investigation and exactly what, if anything,
has been found at Reunion Island. Malaysia's transport minister
announced that investigators had discovered
a number of new pieces of debris washed up on Reunion Island.

But French prosecutors say no-one has presented any such items
to any of its experts. of the missing passengers and crew, who just want answers. The Malaysian minister also
explained how his country's experts could declare the flaperon
was conclusively from MH370.

Despite the second day of testing, French authorities have only said
that there is a strong indication the part
is from the missing aircraft. I think they're being cautious because they want to carry out
every test that is available to ensure 100%
that it's part of MH370. of course adding to
the anger and frustration of the families
of the passengers. Returning now to our breaking news
on the crane collapse in Melbourne. Live to Brendan Roberts
at South Melbourne - Brendan, workers were hurt?

At the moment, the crane is still tilt Singh precariously on this construction site at Southbank. It is believed that the crane dropped after 330 this afternoon crashing below the ground. Witnesses have described it as like a bomb going off in the area. Six people were injured after the load fell to the ground. That has not been confirmed by paramedics at this stage. The site has been evacuated of all its workers. They are now on the street looking up at the scene at the moment. There have been road closures put in place of this near Melbourne's CityLink. Authorities here now are waiting and trying to work out what to do next with this seemed to keep it safe for the workers.

Thanks Brendan, and there'll be more
in Melbourne's news at 6:00. Adam Goodes has arrived in Melbourne

as he prepares to play
his first AFL match since withdrawing
over the booing controversy. As a mark of respect and solidarity, the Swans and Geelong
will run through the same banner when they take to the field
tomorrow. The story from Nick McCallum. Sophie, this time last week,
we were told Adam Goodes was very distressed
and in a bad place. But today as he arrived
at Melbourne Airport, he was positively beaming ahead of tomorrow night's clash
against Geelong. He says he's looking forward
to getting back on the field and anticipates a strong welcome
from the crowd. Yeah, feeling good. It's good to be back in Victoria,
go down to Geelong, and have some family and friends
at the game, and it'll be exciting
to get back and play again. As a sign of support
for Adam Goodes, players from both teams
tomorrow night will run through the same banner
at the start of the match. But some Cats fans are concerned
that will overshadow the celebration for the 200th game of their skipper,
Joel Selwood. But he, today,
was unconcerned about that. I'm a proud Geelong person too, and what would make me proud is that the Geelong people
behave the right way, too. Geelong's eccentric mayor,
Darryn Lyons, who has dyed his hair
in the Cats' colours for tomorrow night's game, will release a message which
will be played on the big screen. Adam Goodes is a great Australian,
an ornament to our magnificent game. So tomorrow night, the football world
will hold its breath when Adam Goodes touches the ball
for the first time to see how the crowd reacts, Sophie.

The winter weather
has turned good in Brisbane, just in time for today's opening
of the Royal Queensland Show, better known as the Ekka. Eammon Atkinson is there - Eammon, it's a pretty good turnout
in this 138th year of the show.

That afternoon. It certainly is. The weather has been fantastic and they are expecting the numbers to be up from last year. All the people from the city are preparing to come in and people from the country will be leaving. They are doing the final cattle competition. These are the champion Bulls from across Australia. They will be crowning the grand champion shortly and these are big pest Cowles in Australia. These bulls on the field could be worth millions of dollars. People come for sideshow alley which has been bustling today. The Dagwood dogs and the Sunday she she Strawbridge.You have to give it a bit of a twist. Only flick at the end. Bob is your uncle. You make full thousand of them and you are an expert.It is sausage and mash potatoes and fish and chips rolled into one.Delicious (LAUGHS). The Ekka. Is on for 10 days. It is well worth coming to see. For Queensland viewers, we will be doing a special edition for the event.

One of the world's biggest
sporting competitions is being held in Sydney
this weekend and there's a good chance
you didn't even know it existed. League of Legends is the world's
largest multiplayer computer game with a bigger livestream audience
than the Super Bowl. Our tech guru Djuro Sen went along
to see what all the fuss is about. Sophie, Luna Park has been
completely transformed ahead of the finals there
tomorrow night. The League of Legends is a big game,
the world's biggest online game - 67 million people log on a month to play this version
of online heaven. We have two teams competing
tomorrow night, it's the Chiefs v Legacy. If they win, they'll then advance
for a chance to play in the finals, the Worlds in Germany
later this year. The prize money - $1 million. is, honestly,
just an incredible feeling. You're playing for more
than just yourself. They have their own commentators,
they have their own team managers. We've taken over Luna Park!
Like, what the heck?! It's just completely insane. So really, really excited
to get it going and just can't wait
to get on the caster desk and see what crazy things our players are going to bring out
this time. If they go all the way
and make the Worlds in Europe, the audience will be three times
bigger than the Super Bowl. So gaming
has certainly come a long way - it's real business and real sport. Sophie.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News, Which Spice Girl has said no
to a world tour. Also, the new national strategy
to combat allergies and save lives. And in sport with Ryan Phelan,
the silver lining for Australian swimming's
rising star in Russia.

You're watching Seven's
Afternoon News. Still to come,
the Spice Girls' comeback. They're re-forming for a world tour
to mark a special milestone. But one of them has said
"No thanks". Find out who doesn't need the cash
after sport with Ryan. Allergic diseases not only affect
a person's quality of life. They can, in severe cases, kill. The country's first allergy strategy
was launched today to help improve
the health of sufferers. Cath Turner explains. Sophie, I'm at Badde Manors cafe
in Glebe, it's a restaurant in Sydney
known for its sensitivity to food allergies, and willingness
to accommodate customers' specific
dietary requests and needs. Allergic disease is a serious
problem in Australia, and it's getting worse. 4 million Australians are currently
living with allergic disease, and 10% of those
are less than a year old. Health professionals studying
allergy and anaphylaxis have teamed up with restaurants,
consumers and other stakeholders to come up with a national strategy
to improve the health and quality of life for Australians
with allergic disease. That plan includes educating GPs
and pharmacies and hospitals about how to recognise
and treat allergic disease and also targeting the
food industry. I think a lot of people,
including governments, are not aware that allergic diseases
affect quality of life and unfortunately today
you heard from a gentleman who lost his wife from food allergy.
It kills in patients. Two of my three children suffer
from severe food allergy, and it's been very,
very difficult for us, it changed the way
we live our lives. Several groups have been lobbying
the federal government for years, trying to get them involved
in this campaign. Finally, the federal government
responded with an email saying it
"recognised these efforts." It hasn't committed any money
to the campaign yet, but has promised to engage
the state governments to become more proactive
in dealing with allergic disease. Sophie.

Sport now with Ryan Phelan, as more pressure mounts
on Essendon coach James Hird. Well Sophie,
Hird denies he's nervous after the club announced a full
review of the football department. But he does admit
pressure is building after winning just five games
so far this season. It doesn't make me nervous, the thing that makes me nervous
is that we've won five games. The fact is, you win five games
when you expect to do better, that's going to put pressure
on everyone, including the coach. Heath Hocking returns
for his first game of the year against the GWS Giants on Sunday after overcoming
persistent groin injuries. The NRL has closed a loophole
in its shoulder-charge rules. Roosters prop Kane Evans
avoided suspension for his shot on Sam Kasiano because there was no high contact
or whiplash effect. But now, any player who performs
a shoulder charge will face a ban. We put our players'
health and safety at the forefront
of every decision we make and that's why the shoulder charge
has been taken out of the game and won't be coming back. Round 22 begins tonight with
the Broncos hosting the Bulldogs, and Manly at home to Souths. Australian captain Michael Clarke is
urging his players to keep fighting despite being humiliated on day one
of the fourth Ashes Test. England leads by 214 runs after routing the tourists
for just 60. Stuart Broad tore through
the fragile Aussie batting order at Trent Bridge, taking 8 for 15. Ben Stokes took
one of the great Ashes catches to remove Adam Voges. Clarke defended the rash shot
that led to his dismissal. I watched guys around me
trying to defend and I thought, like I always said,
the better the bowling, the more aggressive
you've got to be, and you live by the sword,
you die by the sword. hitting an unbeaten 124. Australia's Cameron McEvoy has
narrowly missed out on a gold medal at the World Swimming Championships
in Russia. After qualifying fastest for
the final of the 100m freestyle, the 21 year-old swam
a brilliant race It's a little disappointing
knowing that I was so close to first but it's more inspiring
and motivates me a lot more, especially with the Olympics
next year. The Campbell sisters,
Cate and Bronte, qualified second and third fastest
respectively for the final
of the women's 100m freestyle. they're perfectly prepared to end
their 13-year Bledisloe Cup drought. Australia host the All Blacks
at ANZ Stadium in Sydney tomorrow night in the Rugby Championship decider. It's a huge test for the Wallabies
leading into this year's World Cup. This is still early in the piece
for us. We haven't achieved anything yet. We've got to keep our feet
on the ground. The netball World Cup
is underway in Sydney The netball World Cup
is underway in Sydney. England started their campaign
with a 60-19 win over Scotland. New Zealand are on court shortly and Australia begin their tournament
against Trinidad and Tobago tonight.

Sophie, we will be back with more sport at 6 o'clock but I a.m. Looking forward to seeing you belt out some Spice Girls songs.

Up next, which Spice Girl
has said no to joining a world tour because she's far too busy? But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Hello, Sophie. Coming up in Sydney,
Australia's Ashes embarrassment - how the world reacted
to out batting collapse and the experts weight in. Should heads roll? Playground emergency - a 6-year-old girl fighting for life, found hanging by her scarf
at before-school care, near Penrith. Gunfire in the upmarket and usually
peaceful suburb of Paddington. The hunt for vandals who risked the lives
of police officers and other drivers at Cronulla. What a court heard
from Maurice van Ryn, the former Bega Cheese boss
accused of abusing young children. Allergies on the rise - our first ever national strategy and how it will help
four million Australians. A special tribute 100 years on
from the Battle of Lone Pine. Hear from some of our
bravest war heroes. Jennifer Aniston's secret wedding to longtime boyfriend
Justin Theraux. And how snorers
are silencing their condition to get a better night's sleep
for themselves and their partners. Join me for the details
in Sydney's Seven News live at 6:00.

Good afternoon. Amelia De Vita here
in the Firth's SkyTracker 7. At Bexley on Harrow Road,
unfortunately, a bad pedestrian and car accident
slowing down westbound traffic.

well ahead of Mel B on $93 million. Geri Halliwell is worth $42 million, Mel C has $32 million. Baby of the group, Emma Bunton,
is worth $30 million. Singing superstar Taylor Swift has had a scary encounter
with a fan onstage. She was performing her
current hit Bad Blood at a concert in Canada when a man in the front
tried to grab her leg. A concerned Swift stopped singing
for a few moments while security intervened - but then carried on with the show. A kangaroo with fighting spririt has turned a Victorian golf course
into a boxing ring. Professional golfer Daniel Popovic
was doing his chipping practice when the roo bounded onto the green Roos aren't strangers
to the course - but usually keep a much
lower profile. And just days after announcing her
split from Kermit the Frog - Miss Piggy has posed provocatively
for British Newspaper The Sun. There's no word on how much
photoshopping was involved - or if Kermit is even greener
with envy.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the weekend weather forecast
with Jane Bunn.

Next time you're driving,
consider this - there's about one handprint of tread connecting each of your tyres
to the road. That's just four handprints to carry you through some of life's
most important journeys...

..and make sure when you say goodbye, you return safe to say hello again.

So when it comes to choosing tyres
for your car, whose hands do you want to be in?

Seven News meteorologist Jane Bunn
is back with us. How's the weekend looking?

Hello, Sophie. There's a very large high
moving into the east, but the south-east's
stuck in a cool airflow for now. Cloud and rain are spreading
across the south-west with a trough. On the weather wall -

Adelaide, the August average's 17, but it only reached a top of 11
degrees today under very grey skies. Sydney - blue skies remain, and it didn't
feel as cool today in lighter winds. Melbourne - grey and a bit gloomy,
chance of some drizzle but most suburbs are dry. Perth - the rain finally arrived,
but now its clearing. The city 1mm, Rottnest Island got 8. Looking ahead to the weekend, and the high moves
right over the south-east, while that front surges
through the south-west. The coldest air's
with this trough in behind with wintry hail
and snow on the ranges.

Across the nation tomorrow, Brisbane will be sunny. There will be no wet weather for the next week. In Sydney a mix of sunshine and cloud. There is power full service thanks to a low on the Tasman Sea. Melbourne looks mostly cloudy but it should be dry.

Adelaide - some sunshine returning. Perth - frequent showers,
with a chance of a thunderstorm. Turning cold, wintry hail. For Sunday - Brisbane, mostly sunny. Sydney, half sunny half cloudy. Melbourne, sunny breaks. Adelaide, cloud increasing,
with late showers. Perth, occasional showers.

That's the Afternoon News
for this Friday. I'm Sophie Hull.
Thanks for joining us this week. Have a great weekend. Supertext captions by Ericsson.

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases, 150 contenders, $200,000. Who will play for all this cash?

Block two. Congratulations, Joe Rujak. Your battle with the bank
begins now on Deal or No Deal.

And now, please welcome your host,
Andrew O'Keefe. Evening. Evening. Evening.
Hi, everyone. G'day, Joe. How are you doing, mate?
Fantastic. Excellent. Welcome. Welcome, one and all. Joe Rujak doing the deals
with us today. Now, Joe, just a moment ago when they told me that Joe Rujak
was going to be playing the deal and they said,
"Guess what he does for a living," I said, "With a name like Joe Rujak, "he's probably a homicide detective
in New York." "Rujak, get me the Kazanski file."
That kind of thing. They said,
"No, he's not a homicide detective." No, not that exciting. They said, "He's a forklift driver" and I went,
"Have you read the form?" Turns out he's a forklift driver! How do you like that?
Love it. Love it. It's a great job. You love the job?
Love it. Very nice indeed. See,
if I was going to hire a forklift, I'd want the guy driving it
to be called Joe Rujak. That's a good, strong name. Kind of move the things to here... It's a very palatable name
for a forklift driver. (LAUGHS)
Very palatable, yes. (GROANS) What are you here for, Joe?
I'm here to win some money. Yes.
Some money, yes. For what purpose? Well, for my mum
to take her back to Crete. To Kriti!
She's Greek. Oh, very good.
She's from Kriti, yeah. When was she last in Kriti? Well, she left when she was 21
and she hasn't been back since. Hasn't been back?
No, no. She came over
on one of those working visas where they set up a job for her, set up a foster family
to look after her. Oh, yeah. And she stayed? She managed to find a husband -
my dad - got married and yeah,
she hasn't had a chance to go back. She's lost both her parents
and one of her brothers, but she's got some friends
that she hasn't seen. So, that must be, what,
40 years or 50 years or something? Yeah, well,
she's turning 70 next year. Wow.
We wanted to do it for her 70th. Thinking about it,
but ended up with Queensland instead because we can't afford it. Yeah, sure. I'm with you. Well, after today,
that may all change. Queensland to Greece.
Yeah, like it. I like it a lot. Not bad. Let's go get it, Joe. Come on. We don't have forklifts
in the Deal-a-Drome. We have Dealettes instead.
I prefer the Dealettes. Surprisingly strong.
Which case are we going with? Um, I'm going to have to go
with my favourite number - 21. 21 it is. Miss Candi, could you do
the honours for us, please? Pallet number 21 to centre stage,
please. Thank you.
Thank you, Joe Rujak. Thank you, Walter P. It's deal time.

Will the selection of this case
pay off to the tune of $200,000? To find out, let the dealing begin.

So, Joe, your mum's name is...? Elizabeth.
Elizabeth. Terrific. And is she a fan of the show?
Loves it. She loves it. 'Yia sou'. Yia sou, Elizabeth.
Good to see you. She's asked me to ask you a favour.
Yeah? She wants me to do
the 'zorba' with you. To do the zorba?
On stage, yes. Alright, so, you're going
to have to teach me how to do the zorba properly
as we go, OK? Hand behind your back.
Hand behind my back? Right. Right leg first.
Right leg. Good, good. And then that's it. Hey! Alright!
Oopa! Oopa!

Oh, no. The wrong way! BOTH: Oopa! Oopa! Hey! Oh, yeah! I'm picking it up. Oopa!
Oh, yeah. I like it. (AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS) Hey!

Do we get to smash
a few plates or something now? It looks like a lot of fun.
Every night. And you're here with your gorgeous
wife Renee Rujak on briefcase 7. How are you, Renee?
Hi. Are you keen to see Crete yourself?
Kriti? Yeah, I'm keen to go anywhere. Is it a beautiful place, Crete?
It is a magnificent place, yeah. It's a part of Greece
that's sort of... It's far enough away
from the mainland where it's just... I'd imagine
it's a beautiful climate. It is.
Gorgeous seas and things. Yeah, very natural.
Very natural landscape. So, you old man's not still around? No, he passed away.
Yeah, yeah, yeah. So, it's just you, Mum, Renee.
Do you have kids? Yes, two little girls.
Beautiful girls. Lovely.
Ava and Sophia. Oh, beautiful names, Ava and Sofia. Yeah.
Gorgeous. You'll take them as well?
Definitely. Oh, of course.
Five tickets to Kriti. Yes.
What could possibly go wrong, huh? Couldn't get any better than that.
That's good. Come on. Let's start doing the heavy lifting,
buddy. Best of luck to you.

Alright, I'll let my beautiful wife
choose the first number. I like number 6. Number 6. I think I've got $20,000. Thank you, Ernst. Whoa. $5,000. That's pretty good. Um, I might go for number 11,
please. Legs 11. Josh. Good luck, Joe.
Thank you. I think I've got the $4,000.
Thank you.

$500. Good work, Joe.

Um, Renee, choose another number. Number 12. Number 12. I think I've got the $75,000.
OK, Bec. Going green early in the game. Is she on the money? No. $3,000 it is. Very nice. Number 18, please.
18 is Vanessa. $20,000.
Thank you, V. Let's see it. That's OK.
$15,000. That's alright.
Pretty close. Pretty close. Um, Renee, choose the next, please. Number 1, I think is good.
Why not? Nikita. Good luck, Joe.
I think I've got $50. OK, that's one from the other side,
Nikita. That's good. $100.

Unlucky 13.