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they're at. The top four spot, if very
they can get that, they would be Michael
very happy come the play-offs. He
Michael Ennis has been a revelation. He is the difference

This program will be captioned live

Delivering unrivalled live coverage, the
this is Sky News live, channel of the year.

Hello, I'm Janine Perrett. Welcome little
to The Friday Show. If it looks a down
little different today it is. I'm Melbourne
down in - I was going to say sunny a
Melbourne - I won't be silly. It is lots
a fabulous panel, I promise you cover
lots of fun but you know we have to the
cover it don't you, oh the bad news, whole
the pain, the humiliation, the making
whole world watching, now everyone making fun of you and calls for you cricket,
to go. No I'm not talking about the Trump.
cricket, I'm talking about Donald special
Trump. We'll be covering that, and