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by Ai-Media Adams.
This is Nine News Now with Amelia playground
Adams.Today on Nine News now, girl
playground tragedy. A 6-year-old was
girl fighting for life after she monkey
was found hanging unconscious from Accused
monkey bars in Sydney's west Clay
Accused wife killer Gerard Baden- why
Clay appeals his murder conviction, Also
why he thinks he should get off. greats
Also why some of the cricketing Australia's
greats are blaming the WAGs for Veteran
Australia's Ashes humiliation. passed
Veteran actor George Cole has career
passed away, we look back at the laugh
career of the man who made millions show
laugh as Arthur Daley, in the TV at
show 'Minder'. And, happily married surprised
at last - how Jennifer Aniston own
surprised even the guests at her that
own wedding. We begin today with Sydney
that awful freak accident, at a O'Keefe
Sydney playground. Nine's Chris will
O'Keefe is there for us now. We through
will cross straight to him. Talk us is
through what happened..Well, this after
is thought to have happened just in
after 8 o'clock this morning here, Jamiesontown,
in the suburb of Jamiesontown Penrith
Jamiesontown, which is out near happened
Penrith in Sydney's west. It understood
happened before school care, it is been
understood the 6-year-old girl has here,
been just dropped off by her mother equipment,
here, she was playing on the play somehow
equipment, inside the centre, when and
somehow an accident has occurred become
and a scarf she was wearing has steel
become entangle ed in some of the That
steel she she was playing with. her
That skaf has constricted around was
her throat, caused a knot and she time.
was hanging there for quite some see
time. Luckily a staff member did down
see her, she rushed over, cut her brought
down from the kweement, she was brought out when 000 was called, were
brought out to the ambulance, there quite
were very tense scenes and it was The
quite touch and go for a moment. she
The little girl was unconscious and Thankfully
she was only breathing very lightly. stabilise
Thankfully paramedics did manage to her
stabilise her, before they rushed doctors
her to Westmead Hospital and stabilised
doctors have told us that she has were
stabilised somewhat since. There this
were plenty of businesses around daycare
this area as you can see, at this unfolded
daycare centre, and as all this shocked
unfolded you can imagine how too.
shocked a lot of the people were obviously
too.It's such a big shock, enough.
obviously they have caught it early Being
enough. Hopefully she will be OK. heartbreaking.
Being a mother of two kids it is get
heartbreaking. No parent wants to launched
get the phone call.Police have incident,
launched an investigation into the it
incident, at this stage they do say we
it is just a tragic accident, but hospital,
we have had an update from the is
hospital, they do believe the girl thought.
is in a better condition than first stable
thought. She's now in a serious but she
stable condition, it is understood induced
she will be brought out of an hope
induced coma very shortly.Let's afternoon.
hope for more good news across the is
afternoon. Thank you.Police say it else
is lucky a man didn't kill anyone wrong
else after driving 12km on the freeway.
wrong side of a major Melbourne crash
freeway. It ended in an horrific as
crash before police could intervene it
as reporter Neary Ty explains. Well, white
it was just after midnight when the along
white Mazda was spotted travelling princess
along the wrong side of the Concerned
princess freeway here in Laverton. a
Concerned motorists called 000 and try
a police units were dispatched to intercept
try to block off the freeway and late.
intercept the driver. It was too morning
late. At around 12:20 a.m. This head
morning the 54-year-old man slammed died
head on into another vehicle, he driver
died at the scene. As for the year-old
driver inside that other car, a 55- inside
year-old woman, she was trapped were
inside her car because her legs and
were actually crushed, paramedics the
and fire crews worked to stabilise eventually
the woman and free her, she was Hospital
eventually taken to the Alfred incident
Hospital with serious injuries This minor
incident caused a number of other driver,
minor collisions including a taxi suffered
driver, luckily for him he only taken
suffered minor injuries and was condition.
taken to local hospital in a stable diseased
condition. What we know about the the
diseased man is he's a father from is
the Geelong suburb of Norlane. It in
is believed he got on the freeway have
in Duncans Road Werribee and may wrong
have travelled around 12km in the he
wrong direction. Given the distance say
he has travelled to here, police killed
say it's lucky no-one else was has
killedWe are very lucky the death potential
has been a low as it has been. The Police
potential for this is always high. this
Police say they have no idea why wrong
this man was travelling on the now
wrong side of the freeway, they are They
now trying to piece it all together. witnesses
They are appealing for more who
witnesses to come forward, anyone around
who may have seen the white Mazda freeway
around midnight along the princess CrimeStoppers.
freeway are urged to contact Baden-Clay
CrimeStoppers. Lawyers for Gerard conviction,
Baden-Clay have appealed his murder unintentionally
conviction, arguing he Allison
unintentionally killed his wife Darren
Allison in 2012. Let's go live to afternoon.
Darren Curtis in Brisbane. Good happened
afternoon. Talk us through what lawyers
happened in court today. The to
lawyers for Gerard Baden-Clay came they
to court with a couple of reasons opportunity
they believe will give them the very
opportunity for an appeal here in a believe
very successful appeal.They trial
believe that during the original indications
trial the original judge gave the
indications and directions towards the jury that may have led hem down things
the wrong path. In relation to on
things like the abrasions that were blood
on Gerard Baden-Clay's face. The Allison's
blood splatters found inside located
Allison's car and where he body was Kohlo
located in the creek down on the these
Kohlo River. They believe all of to
these could have added up in part the
to any one of them giving the jury plead
the indication they may have had to they
plead guilty. They are believing launched
they can get a successful appeal, forward
launched here. The prosecutors put appeal
forward come peling evidence these disregard.
appeal items should be completely trial
disregard. They say throughout the that
trial one thing became very clear, The
that Gerard Baden-Clay couldn't lie. lie
The thing was about it he couldn't there
lie his way out of the fact that killed
there was only one person that Baden-Clay
killed Allison, that was Gerard When
Baden-Clay at their family home. Clays
When they left the court the Baden- too
Clays left, they didn't want to say hearing
too much, they were upset about come
hearing all of this new evidence as
come forward, have a listen to here giving
as they left court they weren't they
giving anything away about the way is
they saw the appeal go today.How with
is Gerard doing? Have you spoken anything
with him recently? Is there say?
anything at all you would like to at
say?We won't be making any comment judges
at all.The three appeal court consider
judges will now go away and will
consider all of this evidence, they three
will give their findings within some
three months. So it's going to be down
some time until they actually hand Gerard
down those decisions. But also, he
Gerard Baden-Clay wasn't here today, teleconference
he stayed in jail,. He didn't get a see
teleconference link into prison to find
see what went on today, he will in
find out when the readings come out Australia
in about three time.Virgin axing
Australia has today announced it is The
axing flights to Bali and Phuket. flights
The airline is cancelling the profit
flights in a bid to get back into million
profit after announcing a $94 routes
million loss for the year. The low
routes will be handed off to its Australia.
low cost subsidiary Tiger Air been
Australia.A shop attendant has at
been left shaken after being shot inner-city
at in an armed wrobry in Sydney's inner-city -- robbery in Sydney's hunting
inner-city this morning. Police are threatened
hunting two suspects who reportedly Paddington
threatened the man at the cash
Paddington newsagency and stole before
cash from the register shortly staff
before 6 a.m.. A witness saw the hearing
staff member chase the pair before screaming
hearing a gun shot.He was money
screaming "I was robbed all my anybody
money gone". I never want to see in
anybody in that situation. He was drives
in shock.The suspects were spotted Victoria
drives away from the scene down attacked
Victoria Street. A man who was last
attacked and abducted in Melbourne As
last week has spoken of his ordeal. is
As Nine's Alexis Daish explains, it for
is believed the victim was mistaken brutal
for someone else. Police say the case
brutal bashing of a tradesman was a days
case of mistaken id identity. 8 recovering
days later the victim is still bravely
recovering in hospital. But has 34-year-old
bravely spoken of his ordeal. The just
34-year-old was walking to work he
just after 5 a.m. On 30 July, when following
he noticed men in a white stag strangers
following him. The pair of beat
strangers got out and repeatedly forced
beat him with a wooden bat. They to
forced him into the car and drove which
to a dead-end road in Ravenhall, During
which is about 10 minutes away. described
During the drive, John has and
described the men holding him down presented
and covering his mouth. They car
presented him to another man in the say
car and the victim heard that man Talking
say 'we have got the wrong guy'. certain
Talking to each other, to show me a the
certain person, that I am maybe I'm that
the one they are looking for. Then opened
that certain person look at me, "It's
opened the door and told them that is
"It's not the right person".This John
is where the offending men jumped He
John here in Fuller Road Ravenhall. he
He says once he got here he thought The
he was paralysed from his injuries. and
The men carried him out of the car stole
and covered him in a jacket. They fleeing
stole his wallet and phone before TV
fleeing from the dead-end road. CC stumbling
TV cameras captured the victim area
stumbling through the industrial find
area trying to find help. He did were
find some from some workers who morning.
were starting work early that that
morning. Other cameras captured from
that white station wagon fleeing detectives
from the industrial area, and with
detectives are appealing for anyone car
with information about that white reason
car to come forward. John says the ordeal
reason he chose to speak about his detectives
ordeal is because he wants to help doesn't
detectives catch the men so it it
doesn't happen to anyone else. Well our
it doesn't happen often, but today can
our politicians are proving they Labor
can agree on something. Liberal and over
Labor MPs are defending one another, travel
over that persistent issue of up
travel expenses as the heat ramps Croucher
up on key politicians. And Charles afternoon.
Croucher is in Canberra for us this politics.
afternoon. Unity in federal Who
politics. What's going on there. ground.
Who would have thought. It is rare amounts
ground. They are under equal particular
amounts of fire over expenses, in being
particular now that families are debate.
being dragged into this entire have
debate. Both sides acknowledge they most
have lost skin in this fight. The and
most recent pair, Christopher Pyne, House
and Tony Burke, the Leader of the Business.
House and the Manager of Opposition families
Business.Both have flown their past,
families on the taxpayer in the well
past, which is it should be said is Anthony
well within the rules. Here is issue
Anthony Albanese discussing that don't
issue this morning.It is not, I Christopher's
don't believe, unreasonable that see
Christopher's kids were there to that
see him sworn in just as the day Minister.
that I was sworn in as deputy Prime Tony
Minister.All the stories about have
Tony Burke, so far, none of them So
have been in breach of the rules. people
So the rules are the rules, and then
people stay within them, you can't a
then criticise them. So let's have rather
a proper full discussion about it, There
rather than taking pot shots at... over
There have been plenty of pot shots sides.
over the last few days from both published
sides. Today News Corp papers Burke's
published another story about Tony taxpayers
Burke's entitlements. He's charged trip
taxpayers with a $49,000 six day minister,
trip to Europe when he was a a
minister, they claim, that includes member
a first class flight for a staff she
member who is now his partner. Now, back
she has made her own way of hitting implications
back on Facebook, claiming the untrue,
implications in the article are and
untrue, and offensive. Tony Abbott into
and his part has launched a review some
into all expenses, but it could be have
some time before we hear back.We that's
have got to get a system right, that's why we have got this root report
and branch reform underway. It will year.
report in the first half of next that
year.And in news just to hand, Liberal
that review will include former former
Liberal leader Brendan Nelson and Still
former Labor speaker Harry gen kins. billionaire
Still ahead, how flamboyant show
billionaire Donald Trump stole the debate.
show at the Republican presidential women
debate. Plus - why researchers say pasta.
women over 50 should stop eating tell
pasta. Bread and rice. And, we will Jennifer
tell you what outrageous claim nanny
Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck's gets
nanny is making as their divorce gets messy.

This program is not captioned.

Billionaire businessman Donald a
Trump has snatched the attention in the
a prime-time televised debate of for
the top 10 Republican contenders at
for the job of US President. It was at times a fiery exchange with Let's
Trump drawing cheers and jeers. correspondent
Let's cross to Nine's US Good
correspondent now, Laura Turner. show
Good afternoon. 10 contenders on afternoon.
show and plenty of action?Good certainly
afternoon. That's right. Tonight's This
certainly was the Donald Trump show. Republican
This was a hotly anticipated of
Republican debate tonight, millions to
of people around America tuned in on
to watch it live. They are watching because
on Facebook as well, this wasn't debate
because it is the first Republican House,
debate in the race for the White Donald
House, it is because they knew stage.
Donald Trump was going to be centre going
stage. And we always knew he was didn't
going to be controversial, he in
didn't disappoint. He dug his heels stage
in to many of the candidates on But
stage and Hillary Clinton as well. controversial
But perhaps one of the most was
controversial moments was when he and
was put to task over his comments listen
and his treatment of women. Have a called
listen to that exchange.You have pigs,
called women you don't like, fat animals.
pigs, dog, slobs, and disgusting Only
animals. Your Twitter account... big
Only Rosie O'Donnel. I think the being
big problem this country has is been...
being politically correct. I have challenged
been...(APPLAUSE)I have been don't
challenged by so many people and I political
don't frankly have time for total honest
political correctness. And to be doesn't
honest with you, this country there
doesn't have time either.Of course stage
there were nine other candidates on and
stage with him tonight, Jeb Bush name
and Mike Huckerby being a couple to tonight
name a few, but all of them knew try
tonight was the night they had to from
try to steal the limelight back announced
from Donald Trump, since he nomination
announced he was running for the media
nomination he's stolen all the was
media attention. They knew tonight back,
was the night to get that attention issues
back, to put him to the test over makes
issues of substance, they know he to
makes the grand claims. They wanted substance.
to test him on issues of fact and but
substance. They did it to a point controversial
but he really still was point
controversial at every turn. One he
point raising his hand and saying wouldn't
he couldn't confirm whether he wouldn't run as an independent if nomination.
he didn't get the Republican nomination. That didn't go down certainly
well on stage. At all. But in
certainly Jeb Bush got a few words claim
in as well, and reiterated his anti-abortion,
claim and his statement that he's running
anti-abortion, and that he's his
running his own race compared to his brother and his father. But attention
certainly while he gained some attention tonight, and the Trump.
attention did belong to Donald Thank
Trump. IHe is a hard act to follow. to
Thank you. We will be putting this little
to our panel as well coming up a turn
little later on in chat room.Let's enjoy
turn to health news now. We all time
enjoy a bit of comfort food from nothing
time to time, there is often crusty
nothing better than some warm But
crusty bread or a big bowl of pasta. for
But while we know they are not good affecting
for our figure it seems they may be Scientists
affecting our mental health as well. white
Scientists say refined carbs like increase
white bread, pasta and rice could post
increase the risk of depression in bad
post menopausal women. It's not all versions
bad news, swap to whole grain you
versions of your favourite food and chances.
you could in fact reduce your Affleck
chances. The drama surrounding Ben divorce
Affleck and Jennifer Garner's pair's
divorce is heating up. With the belief
pair's nanny reportedly under the belief she's going to marry the of
actor. The news comes in the wake leading
of rumours of a secret affair, claims,
leading to the split. Explosive new story
claims, in 'people' magazine cover Garner
story about after and Jennifer an
Garner split, sordid details about Christine
an alleged affair with the nanny. denies.
Christine Ouzounian. Allegations he say
denies.Sources close to Christine Ben
say that the nanny is in love with ongoing
Ben and that they have had an seen
ongoing relationship.Ouzounian, Affleck
seen here sharing a laugh with Ben Affleck outside his home several divorce,
weeks after at announcement of his three
divorce, took care of the couples three children.Is it true Jennifer Sources
fired you?I have no comment. was
Sources telling People Magazine it trip
was during a make or break family when
trip to the Bahamas in late June, affair.
when Garner learned of the alleged had
affair.Sources is a Ben and Jen marriage.
had been trying to work on their to
marriage. They scheduled a vacation what
to the bam Hama s to figure out Force.
resulted in them filing for Defence a
Force.On 30 June the couple issued a joint statement saying:

Affleck is far from the first of
Hollywood celebrity to be accused care
of allegedly cuddling up with a care giver. Actor Jude Law publicly see
admitted to cheating on his fiancee, babysitter
see answera Miller with his kids married
babysitter Actor Ethan Hawke had
married his, and denies the nanny And
had anything to do with his divorce. Robin
And after divorcing his first wife, son's
Robin Williams was married to his for
son's former nanny Marcia Graces to
for 13 years. Still, people close to the couple say Ben and Jen plan about
to gorse ammic ably, if is all about co-eparenting and being there still
for the kids first Stay with us, lobster,
still to come,The world is your Remember
lobster, you have a new year. Also,do
Remember the life of George Cole. behind.
Also,do I recognise this diamond the
behind. It was found in Brisbane, owner.
the search to for its rightful are
owner. While the Aussie cricketers nude
are to blame for Karl Stefanovic's nude antics. You don't want to This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Veteran English actor portrayal
George Cole best known for his Daley
portrayal of loveable rogue, Arthur sadly
Daley in the TV series 'Minder' has died
sadly passed away. The 90-year-old illness.
died in hospital following a short stars
illness. And today his former co- remembering
stars and countless fans are fondly world
remembering the comic genius.The new
world is your lobster. You have a new career. People's champion in
George Cole became a household name the
in the 80s for playing Arthur Daley, to
the roguish wheeler dealer prepared it
to do anything for profit, even if law.
it meant bending the letter of the law. As its peak, 'Minder' pulled and
in as many as 16 million viewers your
and expressions like the world is your lobster, nice little earner level
and mer indoors became part of the do
level con.-- Lexicon.People who Arthur.
do not like paying tax.Who does, Can't
Arthur.Can you give us a hand. out
Can't you do it.He's put his back nephew
outGary Webster played Arthur's We
nephew for three series of the show. know
We know it, within the family, you your
know there is an Arthur Daley in It
your family. A cousin. A brother. is
It can be a female now. But there the
is someone who is a little bit on go
the other side of the law you might little
go to if you needed something a many
little bit dodgy. That's why so identified
many communities, so many people, 70
identified with Arthur.During his television
70 year career, he had numerous made
television and radio roles, and but
made 60 films Few were as memorable nice
but as Arthur would say they were honoured
nice little earners. In 1992 he was his
honoured with an OBE and thought think
his alter ego might be jegus.I hasn't
think he will be cross because he out
hasn't got one, but he will knock Paratrooper.
out replicas with -- it. these.
Paratrooper.Well, we didn't wear were
these. We had to travel light. We 'Minder'
were jumping all the time.It is be
'Minder' for which George Cole will played
be best remembered. A role he embodied
played for over 15 years and which way
embodied the spirit of the 80s in a vintage
way which still resonates today. A a
vintage diamond ring thought to be Brisbane's
a fair happy loom has been found in picked
Brisbane's CBD. A good Samaritan hunt
picked it up yesterday and now the Kath
hunt is on to find its owner. As Shimmin
Kath Landers reports. And rue Shimmin was walked through down
Brisbane's CBD yesterday and looked kerb.
down and notice a ring lying in the valuable
kerb. Thinking it it could be the
valuable he contacted Nine News in the hope of being able to track to
down its rightful owner. We took it who
to a jewellery valuer this morning most
who confirmed it is a diamond ring, in
most likely an engagement ring made it
in the 1930s or 40s. Given its age dropped
it is possible the person who and
dropped it isn't the original owner precious
and maybe they were hanging on to a heirloom.
precious fame hair loom.It was -- diamonds.
heirloom. It was old mine capped nation
diamonds. That's the desition before
nation we give to diamonds cut formation
before 1952 when the regimented have
formation of facet and style we wouldn't
have in all the time yonds today.I be
wouldn't knowric s and me. It could intention
be worth something, my real somebody
intention was to find out if make aren't
somebody happy and return it.We where
aren't going to give away exactly very
where it was found, there are some about
very unique identifying features owner
about the ring which the rightful think
owner will need to describe. If you yourself
think you know who owns it or you ring,
yourself have dropped this precious more
ring, please contact Nine News for lot
more information.Well it takes a Karl
lot to embarrass Today Show co-host close.
Karl Stefanovic, but today came cricketers
close. In a bid to boost the Aussie confidently
cricketers chances, he had his
confidently tweeted he would shed score
his gear if Michael Clarke didn't the
score a century. Well as we know in
the skipper didn't make the tonne, that
in fact the entire team didn't. So nude
that meant it was time for Karl to is
nude up.Here it comes.Wow.There is a reason...

(LAUGHTER).Woo-Hoo.You help can't before
unsee that. He might think twice about
before making bold predictions although
about anything in the future, won't
although knowing kw Karl, probably they
won't be the last time. Next, we you.
they will have all the showbiz for break,
you. Including after years of heart lucky
break, Jennifer Aniston is finally details
lucky in love. We have all the the
details in the secret wedding. In also
the meantime her ex, Brad Pitt is wife
also in the headlines, with his their
wife Ange. We will tell you why as
their new movie is being described what
as disturbing. Plus news just in on that
what caused the horror plane crash And
that almost killed Harrison Ford. Jon
And the final farewell for TV host, Today
Jon Stewart from the daily The Today Show. That's next This program is not captioned. Here's a thought. What if you woke up one day
to find you were set for life? Where would you go? What would you do? What would you be? Imagine the moment you realise you've won $20,000 every month
for 20 years! And all that lies ahead
are possibilities. Set for Life. New from NSW Lotteries.

VOICEOVER: Uh-oh. Greg packed his swimming trunks
instead of his basketball shorts. PHWOAR! There's an offensive foul
if ever I've seen one. That's what you need, Greg. When your place is all over the
head, a Dare fix'll fix it.

This program is not captioned.

Let's get all the showbiz news now Brisbane.
with our very own Alison Ariotti in afternoon.
Brisbane. Good afternoon.Good break,
afternoon.After years of heart finally
break, and striking out in love, we Hollywood's
finally have good news about Jennifer
Hollywood's girl next door, right.
Jennifer Aniston.That's absolutely through
right. The couple Jen and Justin at
through a massive surprise wedding and
at their Bel-Air mansion. 70 family estate
and friends were invited to the celebrating
estate believing they were That
celebrating Justin's 45th birthday. out
That was until a sell brapt came look.
out and they exchanged vows. Take a cake,
look.In A list, guess list. The mansion
cake, the pastor. The Bell-Air secret
mansion decked out for the top Has
secret wedding After playing coy. You
Has it already happened.After year. Jen
You are a crazy one.Out of my mind. knot.
Jen and Justin finally tied the spotted
knot. New photos the newlyweds honeymoon,
spotted jetting out of LA for their hours
honeymoon, possibly to Mexico, only Friends
hours after the surprise ceremony. Courtney
Friends co-stars Lisa Kudrow, and star-studded
Courtney Cox. Jimmy Kimmel. The the
star-studded lavish celebration at million
the couple's newly renovated $21 cover
million estate was their under they
cover I dos Extra with every how pics,
they pull it off detail. Brand new puppet
pics, the cake and a Jen and Justin preacher
puppet topper being carried in. A a
preacher carrying what looks to be backyard
a Bible, at their home. In the altar.
backyard what appears to be the some
altar. People magazine reporting were
some 70 guest, family and friends until
were invited. We hear they partied nearly
until 2 a.m.. They got hitched Justin
nearly three years to the day after 40th
Justin popped the question on his guests
40th birthday. People revealing for
guests were told they were coming I
for Justin Theroux's birthday party. luckiest
I go to bed thinking I'm the report
luckiest guy in the worldA new decorations
report saying they hid the Staffers
decorations for a week under a shed. phones
Staffers had to surrender the cell phones and nobody could park near cat
the mation. The two always playing of
cat and mouse.You guys are in more come
of a than we are.Hinting it would my
come as a huge surpriseStop take happen,
my thunder. When the day will Jen
happen, I will be like - guess what affection
Jen never making us guess about her you
affection for Justin.Does he tell good
you how amazing you look.We do a and
good little loving on each other They
and yeah. He's always very sweet. set
They first started dating on the know
set of the movie 'Wanderlust'.You proposed
know so much about technologyHe happy.
proposed 15 months later I'm very Beyond
happy. I could not be happier year
Beyond thrilled Jen telling us one Marriage
year ago this about getting hitched Relationship
Marriage is a wonderful thing. I
Relationship is a wonderful thing. when
I know for a fact, that I will know Ellen
when the wedding is.Even guest whether
Ellen joking about always wondering finally
whether one of their parties would invited
finally be the one.When we are but
invited we go - we can't be in town, let
but should we be in townWe will knows.
let you know.Now the whole word husband
knows. Jen and Justin are finally Certainly
husband and wife.Lovely news. ex
Certainly is. In the meantime Jen's wife
ex Brad Pitt appeared off his sit confronting
wife Angelina Jolie and it's a in
confronting movie trailer they are disturbing.
inIt is. The trailer is quite on
disturbing. This is the first time for
on screen together in 10 years and The
for the pair's up coming film 'By unhappily
The Sea'. This is all about an actually
unhappily married couple who by
actually head to it a holiday house perfect
by the ocean. You think it is the quickly
perfect get away but the trailer take
quickly becomes very dark, let's take a look.

You know my reason.You are nothing. Hurt me.Come on. Stop!

Sing it is the perfect. #

Sing day. # imagine
Intense.So, looks intense. So I role
imagine it would be difficult to hope
role play in that sense. You would relationship
hope that that's not what their Let's
relationship is like in real life. A
Let's hope art isn't imitating life. was
A few months back, Harrison Ford plane
was lucky to survive the light what
plane crash, now we have been told accident
what caused it?We have. A new revealed
accident report that is out, it the
revealed there were problems with loosens
the car borator. A component had too
loosens over 10 years which allowed a
too much fuel to flow, resulting in saying
a lot of engine power. Experts are fault
saying it wasn't Harrison Ford's Harrison
fault and I am a big fan of Harrison so I'm glad he is OKHe years
was so lucky. After more than 16 today
years eat the top, Jon Stewart has Today
today bid farewell to the daily The final
Today Show it was an emotional wanted
final episodeNot even Barack Obama described
wanted Jon Stewart to go. He's been conscience,
described as a comic who became a of
conscience, but let's look at what All
of the tributes from the final show. work
All of us, who were lucky enough to better
work with you for 16 years are to
better at our jobs because we got to watch you do yours. We are I
better people for having known you. but
I know you are not asking for this, whose
but on behalf of so many people, past
whose lives you changed over the Stewart
past 16 years, thank you.Now, staff
Stewart in the final show, thanked the
staff and said he was very proud of delivered
the producers' work. He also few
delivered true to form I guess a pretty
few final smack down, but it got say
pretty difficult when time came to our
say goodbye. Take a look.That's the
our show. I thank you so much for perform
the privilege of being able to privilege
perform it for you for the and
privilege of being able to do it ended.
and so here it is. My moment has sendoff.
ended. Thank you. Goodnight. What a mine
sendoff.Yeah. I'm sure yours and Absolutely.
mine will be just the same. will
Absolutely. Thank you very much. We with
will talk to you next time. Stay afternoon,
with us, coming up next this husband
afternoon, woman battling her ex have
husband in court for the right to teenagers
have his child. Plus - why say
teenagers who text while driving -
say it is their parents fault. And our
- why the WAGs are being blamed for This program is not captioned.

Texting while driving is claiming of
more lives every year. And so many surprising
of the victims are teenagers. But a Against
surprising new study by Students placing
Against Destructive Decisions is group
placing the blame on parents. The teens
group says nearly a quarter of while
teens surveyed who admit they text they
while driving are doing so because response
they think their parents expect a expect
response within five minutes.They message
expect their parents to want a immediately.
message back from them almost parents
immediately.But most of the have
parents surveyed say they don't their
have any set expectations on where Francisco
their kids should respond. A San emotional
Francisco woman is locked in an future
emotional legal battle over the floezen
future of five embryos she had Mimi
floezen while with her ex husband. last
Mimi Lee is trying to preserve her he
last chance at having children. But legal
he wants them destroyed. A two year against
legal battle pitting Mimi Lee Finley
against her former husband Stephen spanned
Finley a couple whose romance marrying
spanned over two decade, eventually students
marrying in 2010. We met as proposes.
students at Harvard college. He marriage
proposes. And right before your get
marriage is set to take place, you days
get the worst news possible. 10 diagnosis
days before the wedding I got the How
diagnosis that I had breast cancer. moment
How important was it to you in that procreate?
moment to preserve your ability to important.
procreate?It was critically deciding
important. The then 41 -year-old create
deciding along with her husband to but
create and preserve five embryos, Finlay
but by 2013 the marriage unravelled, about
Finlay filing for divorce.Tell me The
about the consent form you signed. says
The focus is on the one line that embryos
says in the case of the divorce the discarded.
embryos will be unfrozen and signed
discarded.That's right.That silent
signed consent form, a leading determining
silent witness at the trial now the
determining what should happen to court
the embryos.Finley asking the binding
court to enforce it as a legally agreement.
binding contract.It's still an document
agreement. An agreement is in the ordered
document at least 27 times. An op
ordered the embryos destroyed. On consent
op Oding side arguing the signing mind
consent form does not change her is
mindThe now 46-year-old says this She's
is her last chance to have children. moral
She's got a powerful and compelling signed
moral argue thement but because she tough
signed the document she's in a the
tough spot legally.I think it was I
the hardest thing I have ever done. -
I stayed focused on my babies. And room
- knowing that I am their mum. Chat we
room is coming up next, joining me Breen.
we have Nine's Sam Squires and Neil talk
Breen. Stick around guys, plenty to Including
talk about this afternoon. collapse
Including Australia's spectacular players
collapse at the Ashes. Some say the to
players wives and girlfriends are Should
to blame. Are they a distraction. tour?
Should they be banned from going on brides
tour? And always a bride, never a steals
brides made. Until now. Nanna Betty steals the show at her grand- daughter's wedding.

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This program is not captioned. room
Let's head straight into the chat Nine's
room now. Today I'm joined by and
Nine's Sam Squires, in Brisbane, afternoon
and Neil Breen in Sydney. Good up
afternoon to you both.Hey.First really,
up today, our very disastrous performance
really, let's be honest, cricket dubbed
performance after what has been Ashes
dubbed Australia's darkest day in have
Ashes history. Several commentators have suggested today that the wives much
and girlfriends are proving too on
much of a distraction as they are glamourous
on tour with the team. The often add
glamourous WAGs as they are no-one sidelines.
add a touch of style to the in
sidelines. Often with their babies questions
in toe. But, it has raised would
questions about whether the boys performing
would be more focused and perhaps they
performing better as a team. If they were doing everything together do
on and off the field. Breeny what blaming
do you think, should we really be should
blaming the WAGs.I don't think we team
should blame them for the fact the balls
team got out in the space of 111 innings
balls which is the worst first of
innings performance in the history wicket
of Test cricket in the world on any will
wicket in any country ever. But I old
will say this, I know it's not the used
old days and in the old days they girlfriends
used to tour and the wives and they
girlfriends weren't included, then they used to bring them over once series,
they secured a series or won a to
series, I have got to say, it has their
to be a distraction for a player if entire
their partners with them for the of
entire tour and you are living out little
of hotel rooms and you have got a saying
little baby or two babies. I'm not be
saying it is right that they should be there on their own, but I'm the
saying it has got to be harder for like
the player in the team environment, little
like as I know what it's like with to
little kids. I know what it's like demands
to be away overseas to work and the it
demands you have, I know how hard with
it is to live out of a hotel room be
with little kids. I say it has to tend
be some sort of a distraction.I tend to agree. We have been asking up
the viewers.Sam is going to fire viewers
up here.Let's hear from the I
viewers first.The poor cricketers. fact
I mean, seriously, it wasn't the that
fact that they played appallingly, they
that they were swinging at shots discipline
they should have left and no discipline whatsoever, it wasn't of he
course Stuart Broad's fault because dangerous.
he was on fire and was extremely the
dangerous. No, no, no it must be wafting
the women. It was all those tro gen cricket
wafting from the stands. Our blame.
cricket evers have no-one else to to
blame. Cricketers have no-one else was
to blame except for themselves. It I
was Ian Healy a colleague of mine, said
I love him to death, who originally of
said that. I think he like the rest of us was searching for some kind understand.
of explanation, just couldn't shocked
understand. We were sitting there not
shocked and surprised last night, No-one
not believing what we were seeing. course
No-one was standing up, no-one of team.
course was being the leader in that and
team. But blaming it on the women and shifting that blame on to them, the
is it fair? The WAGs were there in is
the second Test in the stand when Alissa
is Australia won convincingly. Australian
Alissa Healey is the southern stars Australian female player and also was
the partner of Mitchell Stac. She I
was there and he took three wickets. do
I think it is too easy to blame. We everyone
do with all the athletes, we blame athletes
everyone else except for the one
athletes performance. They have no- selectors
one to blame but themselvesThe of
selectors might come in for a bit finger
of binger pointing as well. -- have
finger pointing as well. The viewer and
have said, we asked if they agree, and Kelly wrote -

Jennifer said:

Harsh. And Karen said:

Which you can kind of see that regardless
point of view as well. But look, shambles
regardless it was an absolute we
shambles and...It was, but I think happened
we need to have a look at what's going
happened on this whole tour. What's there
going to happen when they come home, into
there is going to be a major review think
into the disaster that it's been. I captain
think you will find that the find
captain will go. I think you will look
find players will go. They will Cricket
look at everything. I can tell you the
Cricket Australia will look into were
the fact the wives and girlfriends a
were there. We know there has been happened
a major distraction because of what and
happened to Brad Haddin's family he
and it is extremely unfortunate and because
he had to sit out the second Test He
because his daughter took ill again. Test
He wasn't put back in for the third home
Test when things whether OK on the unease
home front, it's created massive it
unease in the team. I'm not saying there,
it is right or wrong the WAGs are be
there, I'm saying this is going to the
be a central part of the review of been,
the entire calamity the tour has anyone
been, because Australia can beat swings
anyone at home, we go away the ball to
swings we get cleaned up. They have there
to look at everything.I think definitely
there is definitely, I say quickly There
definitely something wrong there. problem,
There is definitely a culture are
problem, no cohesion.I think you go.
are right and Michael Clarke will go.Looking at the WAGs, it is not We
fair.That was evident last night. We have to move on to the US where have
Republican presidential candidates live
have been battling it out and a who
live tell advised debate to decide contend
who will take on the Democratic Leading
contend in the to the White House. is
Leading the Republicans it moment controversial
is the ever colourful and asked
controversial Donald Trump who was You
asked about his attitude to women. like
You have called women you don't disgusting
like fat pigs, dogs, slobs, and account...
disgusting animals. Your Twitter think
account...Only Rosie O'Donnel.I has
think the big problem this country Yeah,
has is being politically corrects. Sam,
Yeah, Donald that's the big problem. you
Sam, the next President, what do Help
you reckon?Oh, my gosh. Help us. don't
Help us if that's the case. But I with
don't think - he says the problem correct,
with America it is too politically issue
correct, I don't think this is an at
issue about political correctness about
at all, I think it is an issue if
about sexism and misogyny, I think want
if he's trying to be the leader we not
want them to take nations forward that's
not take them back in time and or
that's what he's doing. And like it the
or trump it, women make up 50% of have
the population. And Donald, you 50%
have just alienated and turned away leaders
50% of your potential vote. You say that
leaders need brains, I don't think Speaking
that was a very smart move. Clinton
Speaking of women, I reckon Hillary him.
Clinton will wipe the floor with nomination
him.I don't think he will get the Every
nomination in the first place. always
Every presidential race there is election
always a side show, and this will
election it is Donald Trump. He the
will eventually get knocked out of carry
the Republican race, then he will to
carry on about whether he's going it
to be an independent, just to stick choose
it up the Republicans who didn't just
choose him in the first place. He's ago
just a side show. Like two weeks he
ago he offended all Hispanics when the
he went on about Mexicans and all women.
the things and so now he's offended typical
women. And he came up with a himself
typical Donald Trump funny to get O'Donnel's
himself out of it by using rosy sad
O'Donnel's name name. I think the what
sad thing of it all, I don't know thing
what you think, I think the sad really.
thing is the audience laughed interesting
really.Absolutely.Well, he
interesting to see how much further he does go on in this race. Now your
finally today, who to ask to be sorts
your bridesmaid? It can cause all friendships.
sorts of problems, even end bucked
friendships. A young bride has puck year-old
bucked tradition asking her 89- wedding
year-old grandmother to be in her Nanna
wedding party. She's on the end. outfit
Nanna Betty dressing in a matching brides
outfit and standing alongside the stood
brides closest friends and she age
stood out not just because of her party
age but also her sense of humour, Breeny,
party altitude and dance moves. great
Breeny, nanna Betty sounds like can
great fun. What a lovely idea.You everyone
can tell by the photos that everyone had a great time. It daughter.
wasn't a token thing by her grand- Looks
daughter. I think it is fantastic. She
Looks like they had a great time. best
She said that her grandma was her her,
best friend, which is why she asked sure
her, and grandma Betty, she wasn't They
sure whether it was all true or not. The
They had a great time. I love it. bucked
The pictures are beautiful.I also man
bucked tradition. I had a braids time
man because my best friend at the There
time was a bloke. We had a photo. distance.
There he is staring off into the lowest
distance. But you know, he was the bridesmaid
lowest - he was the easiest fuss,
bridesmaid to have, there was no it
fuss, he went shopping with me, but or
it wasn't - he didn't need a dress our
or outfit on the day when we got our make-up done he was bringing maintenance
our champagne. So he was low special
maintenance and yeah, it was so day
special to have him as part of the different.
day even though it was a little bit made
different. But the whole brides dramas.
made choos choosing can cause problems
dramas.It can. I didn't have any best
problems whatsoever, I had my two forever
best friends and I think they knew bridesmaids.
forever they would be my maintenance
bridesmaids. They were lownate 90-year-old
maintenance and my sister. I have a close
90-year-old grandmother. I have a grandmother.
close relationship with my Madge.
grandmother. I absolutely adore biggest
Madge. She's brilliant. She my comes
biggest sports fan than I am and with
comes to the AFL, to the league can
with me. H. She's the only one I all
can call up and talk sposhtd with time.
all the time. Sport with all the I
time. Maybe if I had my time again bridesmaid.
I would ask my grandma to be my She's
bridesmaid. She's a beautiful lady. at
She's so fit and military I healthy to
at 90 and I can't wake to take her Swannies.
to a Footy match. She loves her Because
Swannies. She's a mad Swannies fan Friday,
Because we are on sentimental since
Friday, I have to say my bridesman special
since passed away. It was very know
special to have the photos. I don't in
know how many years nanna Betty has very
in her but this young bride will be her
very pleased to have the photos of Very
her bridesmaid. Very special memory. great
Very special.On that note, have a See
great weekend. See you next time. to
See you.It's time to say goodbye Queensland
to our Western Australian viewers. Nine's
Queensland viewers, stand by for everyone
Nine's after Afternoon News. For next
everyone else, stick around, up on
next armed and dangerous, two men busy
on the run after opening fire in a of
busy street. And, outrage as dozens text
of Sydney workers are sacked by text message.

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At the weather for you now.

Looking ahead to Sunday for you:

Looking ahead to Monday for you

And it is time now for Nine's Afternoon News.

Good afternoon. These are our top fighting
stories. A six-year-old girl is found
fighting for life after she was equipment
found hanging unconscious from Sydney.
equipment at a play centre in after
Sydney. Two robbers are on the run in
after opening fire on a news agent a
in the middle of a busy street. And seriously
a man has died and a woman is the
seriously injured after he drove Melbourne
the wrong way down a major girl
Melbourne freeway. A six-year-old she
girl is fighting for her life after from
she was found hanging unconscious Sydney's
from equipment at a play centre in climbing
Sydney's west. It's thought she was Amazon
climbing on the monkey bars in tangled.
Amazon when her clothing became Obviously
tangled.Such a big shock. enough
Obviously they've caught it early be
enough so hopefully she's going to kids
be okay.Seeing a mother of two wants
kids it's heart breaking, no parent girl
wants to get that phone call.The where
girl was airlifted to hospital critical
where doctors say she's in a Witnesses
critical but stable condition. two
Witnesses have described the moment of
two own opened fire in the middle robbing
of a busy street this morning after to
robbing a shopkeeper. Let's go live still
to Renae Henry. The suspects are any
still on the run. Do police have just
any concrete leads yet?Police have they're
just put out a statement saying described
they're on the hunt for two men Maori
described as Pacific Islander or dark
Maori in appearance, both wearing about
dark hooded jumpers. We know it was that
about quarter to 6 this morning into
that two bandits made their way street.
into this newsagency on Oxford mobile
street. They've stolen cash and a man
mobile phone from the attendant, a 30s,
man by the same of Sam, aged in his employee
30s, from Indonesia, and a longtime the
employee here. Very popular among out
the locals. The offenders have run done
out of the store and as they've them.
done that, he's then chased after them. They then pulled out a gun stopped
and fired a shot. Sam has squiftly kept
stopped running after them. They street
kept running onto another nearby car.
street wlr they got into a getaway attention
car. Police focussed their of
attention to a brick wall with lots from
of markings on it thought to be evidence
from the spray of a shotgun, have
evidence of how bad things could people
have been. There were lots of time.
people opening their stores at that commotion.
time. Residents waking to this but
commotion.They were standing there, soon
but in second they just run out. As gunshot.
soon as hit each corner, it was was
gunshot. And we find out what he he
was robbed.I'm not sure if he knew time.
he had a gun in his hand at the off
time. So he might - apparently got that
off with a little bit of cash, not injured
that much.Luckily Sam was not shaken.
injured but he's said to be very public's
shaken. As always police need the appealing
public's help in this and are information
appealing for anyone with Victorian
information to come forward.A woman
Victorian father has died and a 12km
woman is seriously injured after a major
12km drive down the wrong side of a has
major freeway. Reporter Neary Ty Neary,
has been following this story. away
Neary, police were just moments That's
away when this crash occurred. number
That's right, police received a vehicle
number of 000 calls about the side
vehicle travelling along the wrong Police
side of the freeway in Laverton. intercept
Police were on their way to late.
intercept the driver but it was too the
late. Twau just after midnight when vehicle.
the man slammed head-on into the The
vehicle. Sadly he died at the scene. other
The 55-year-old woman inside the for
other vehicle was trapped inside paramedics
for more than 45 minutes and time
paramedics and fire crews spent taken
time to free her. Finally she was serious
taken to the alpred Hospital with serious leg injuries. Police say a
the scene was so chaotic it caused because
a number of smaller collisions out
because cars were forced to swerve witness
out the way. We spoke to one life
witness who said she feared for her towards
life when she saw the car coming headlights
towards her. I flashed my Yeah,
headlights and beeped the horn. scared.
Yeah, he wasn't stopping, very was
scared. He was doing over 100, he knew
was going flat out. So I think he this
knew what he was doing.Given that on
this driver has driven around 12km police
on the wrong side of the freeway was
police say it's lucky no-one else appealing
was killed. They are obviously come
appealing for more witnesses to information
come forward. Anyone with any Crime
information is urged to contact been
Crime Stoppers.A picket line has after
been formed at a Sydney dockiard late
after nearly 100 workers received a telling
late night text message and email Hutchison
telling them they'd been sacked. the
Hutchison Ports Australia sent out with
the message at 11:30 last night Port
with workers staging protests at The
Port Botany over the sacking today. is
The maritime union says the company as
is trying to reduce its workforce year
as part of a plan to rebuild next Queensland
year without union members. were
Queensland Police say ex-plotsives caravan
were found at the scene of a fatal week.
caravan explosion in Mount Isa last young
week. Charlie Hinder and his two blast
young children were killed in the it
blast with officers now confirming certainly
it was a murder suicide.There was this
certainly some explosive device. At exactly
this point in time we're not the
exactly sure what was involved but caravan.
the explosion came from inside the gas
caravan.It was originally thought explosion.
gas bottles had sparked the cancelled
explosion. Virgin airlines has and
cancelled all flights from bl today ash
and tomorrow as a cloud of volcano travellers.
ash continues to cause trouble for running
travellers. Jetstar won't be delays
running any service with a warning the
delays could continue throughout parliamentary
the weekend. It's cost the domestic
parliamentary Speaker her job and weeks
domestic #2345id the headlines for expenses
weeks but the ongoing travel political
expenses scandal has now thrown Labor
political enemies, Liberal and joins
Labor together. Charles Croucher of
joins us from Canberra. A rare show thought
of unity here, who would have other.
thought these MPs would defend each families
other.Spot on. In particular into
families are now getting dragged family
into the debate and money spent on acknowledged
family flights. Both sides have this
acknowledged they've lost skin in said
this fight. The Treasurer yesterday worst.
said everyone comes out looking the Pyne
worst. The most recent Christopher are
Pyne and Tony Burke, together they Manager
are the leader of the house and the two
Manager of Opposition Business, the things
two most responsible for getting family
things done. Both have flown their it
family on the taxpayer dime which rules.
it should be said is within the of
rules. And that's what both sides somewhat
of parliament is looking at round
somewhat changing.I want this just
round of controversies to be not want
just the latest but the last, and I that
want the public to have confidence working
that members of parliament are think
working very hard for them.We long
think that this review will go a legitimate
long way to helping deal with the and
legitimate community expectations reports
and indeed anger at some of the recent
reports which have emerged in expectations
recent weeks.Because of the Bill
expectations that the anger that is
Bill Shorten was speaking on, this papers
is murky territory. News Corp about
papers have published another story today.
about Tony Burke's entitlement that
today. It includes a trip to Europe for
that included first-class flights staff
for staff, one of those members of The
staff ended up being his partner. on
The finance department is examining amongst
on Tony Burke's request that flight familiar
amongst others. There will be some doing
familiar faces on the committee include
doing a comprehensive review, they Jenkins.
include Brendan Nelson and Harry a
Jenkins.Police wanted to speak to hair
a man inside this car seen here a fire
hair and beauty salon gutted by destroyed
fire in Sydney's west. The blaze Salon
destroyed the Venus Hair and Beauty pharmacy
Salon and damaged the neighbouring May.
pharmacy in Fairfield Heights in believe
May. Detectives from the arson unit bronze
believe driver of the possibly have
bronze Toyota Camry sedan might paedophile
have crucial information. A years
paedophile has been sentenced to 35 of
years jail for his horrific abuse McCoole
of 7 preschool children. Shannon details
McCoole cried as the chilling details of his crimes were read out Court.
to the South Australian District his
Court. But there was applause from when
his victims and their supporters It's
when the penalty was handed down. disgusting.
It's disgusting. It's absolutely very
disgusting. And it's very hard to - listening
very hard to absorb actually, McCoole
listening to it, I'm still shaking. McCoole was a Government carer when crimes
he carried out the abuse and his He'll
crimes sparked a Royal Commission. behind
He'll spend at least 28 years Baden-Clay
behind bars. Lawyers for Gerard killed
Baden-Clay claim he unintentionally they
killed his wife, Allison in 2012 as Let's
they appealed his murderics today. in
Let's go live to Nine's Tessa Scott Clay's
in Brisbane. What else did Baden- Gerard
Clay's lawyers argue in court? relying
Gerard Baden-Clay's lawyers were appealed
relying on four ground as they murdering
appealed his murder conviction for barrister
murdering his wife Allison. His murder
barrister explained the verdict of to
murder was unreasonable, going on to argue it was open for the jury questioned
to find he had caused her death but questioned what evidence there was intentional
to elevate from an unintentional to from
intentional killing, essentially forward
from manslaughter to murder. He put He
forward an alternative situation. argument,
He said what if there was an likely
argument, a confrontation most former
likely about the fact that the an
former real estate agent was having which
an affair, this led to violence on
which would explain those scratches happened
on his face and everything that could
happened in the day thereafter panicking,
could be attributed to him evidence
panicking, he said other crucial his
evidence such as those scratches on in
his face and Allison's blood found The
in the car can not prove murder. entirely
The crown hit back saying it was him
entirely open for the jury to find were
him guilty of murder saying there Gerard
were significant pressures on wife
Gerard Baden-Clay that night. His to
wife and his miss tress were about conscious.
to cross paths the next day at a had
conscious. He also said the jury Mr
had the added advantage of seeing these
Mr Baden-Clay on the stand making entitled
these constant denials. They were saw
entitled to take everything they through
saw and heard intoing. Sitting Baden-Clay's
through this appeal were Allison members
Baden-Clay's family, and also family,
members of Gerard Baden-Clay's sister.
family, including his father and comment
sister. Neither side wanted to Mrs
comment after the hearing. Mr and having
Mrs Dickie how was that for you, comment.
having to sit through all that.No Gerard
comment.Mr Baden-Clay, how is him
Gerard doing? Have you spoken with all
him recently? Is there anything at to
all you'd like to say? As to where appeal
to from here the three court of consider
appeal judges will now go away and their
consider it all. They'll deliver judgment
their decision with a written deadline.
judgment within a three month including
deadline.Hundreds of refugees finally
including small children have being
finally arrived on dry land after Mediterranean
being plucked from the failed
Mediterranean Sea following a Rescuers
failed people smuggling mission. this
Rescuers were forced to resuscitate after
this small Palestinian girl twice ocean.
after pulling her from the freezing 3,000
ocean. Her families is mong the there
3,000 people saved but it's thought trapped
there were another 3,000 people build-up
trapped in the boat's hull. A thought
build-up of static electricity is blaze
thought to have caused this fierce exploded
blaze in Colorado. A gas pipeline at
exploded injuring two men drilling blast.
at the site at the time of the his
blast. George Cole, best known for 'Minder'
his role in the UK TV series Today
'Minder' has died at the age of 90s. remembered
Today his co-star Dennis Waterman made
remembered the actor as a man who day
made him laugh every day.Friday, a it,
day next month.Forget that.Forget is
it, the waterboard is -- the word became
is your lobster my son.George Cole for
became a household name in the 80s wheeler
for playing Arthur Daley the rowing anything
wheeler dealer, prepared to do meant
anything for profit, even if it 'Minder'
meant bending the letter of the law. million
'Minder' pulled in as many as 60 like
million viewers and expressions like "The world is your lobster", the
"Nice little earner" became part of like
the lexicon.And people who do not His
like paying tax.Who does arthour. colleague:
His co-star paid tribute to his

Can you give us an hand,Can't you Webster
do itHe's put his back out.Gary think
Webster played Arthur's nephew.I black,
think we all know, whether you're Jewish,
black, white, Muslim, Christian, Arthur
Jewish, whatever, there is an cousin,
Arthur Daley in your family, a female,
cousin, a brother, it could be a on
female, someone who's a little bit you
on the other side of the law that something
you might go to if you needed so
something a bit dodgy. That's why identified
so many communities, so many people sir,
identified with Arthur.Very sorry here.
sir, gentlemen, you can't come in noticed
here.George Cole became first Harry
noticed for his portrayal of flash movie,
Harry in the 1950s St Trinian's SIM.
movie, playing alongside Alastair had
SIM. During his 70 year career he roles
had numerous television and radio memorable
roles and made 60 films, few are as they
memorable but as Arthur would say, 1992
they were nice little earners. In thought
1992 he was honered with an OBE and jealous.
thought his alter ego would be jealous,
jealous.I think he would be a bit think
jealous, he hasn't got one, but I replicas.
think he'll be knocking out Paratrooper.
replicas.It will be like old times. them,
Paratrooper.Well, we didn't wear were
them, we had to travel light, we 'Minder'
were jumping all the time.It's be
'Minder' for which George Cole will played
be best remembered, a role he embodies
played for over 15 years and in
embodies the spirit of the 80ings today.
in a way which still resonates that
today.Reports are coming through concrete
that a crane has dropped a load of Melbourne's
concrete in Southbank in have
Melbourne's CBD. Up to six people It's
have been involved in this incident. injuries.
It's unclear if there are any currentliened
injuries. Emergency services are responding
currentliened Spoing to -- crane
responding to the accident and the resting
crane collapse. It's currently claims
resting against a tower. There are of
claims there are no further risks reports
of the crane toppling, initial be
reports of people trapped look to unconfirmed.
be false but at this stage they are have
unconfirmed. Just repeating, we live
have reports and pictures coming Melbourne.
live of a crane collapse in information
Melbourne. We'll bring you more Still
information as soon as we get it. News,
Still to come on Nine's Afternoon bigamy.
News, the Brisbane man accused of married
bigamy. Just how many women is he correspondent
married to? Also our US on
correspondent has the very latest as
on the Republican debate in the US Also
as the race for President heats up. Sarandon
Also life imtagt art - Susan to
Sarandon launches a real life bid children
to free a death row prisoner. And school
children love them, but could school holidays be

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Pull up alongside him.


Get off the road, mate!

VOICEOVER: The all-new
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Yeah? Yeah, hey, mate. I think...I think
you might have dropped something.

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