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believe?This team is to rebuild said
the self belief in the team. Like I with
said before, been hit over the head years
with a big stick for four or five self-belief.
years and you do lose a bit of that
self-belief. It is trying to get comes
that back in a matter of time, that

such a good team not only have they they
got a lot of strength and depth the
they are very consistent. They do and
and they do it consistently week in class
and week out. They are a world standards.
class team that play at world class brilliant
standards.Ma'a Nonu... Oh, what a top
play the game. They haven't been no
top of the world for ten years for no reason. They just keep evolving, time
the style that they play all the able
time and they are always just being blood
able to back up new players and time
blood new players like that all the for
time which is a bit of a pinnacle such a good team not only have