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Oh! What?Is it your birthday?Did Dan
I pass out?Tomorrow on the show, brothers...
Dan Akroyd, the ghost busting blues champagne
brothers... I haven't had birthday stars
champagne yet.Also, one of the to
stars of 'Melrose Place' is going You
to be with us.Which one?Mrs Melro. watch
You don't know, do you?I used to all
watch that show, there used to be all the great friends, and that by
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by Ai-Media. This is Nine's Morning morning.
News with Davina Smith - Good confirmed
morning. Aviation experts have Reunion
confirmed debris that washed up on missing
Reunion Island last week belongs to 16
missing MH-370. It ends more than the
16 months of uncertainty offering plane
the strongest evidence yet that the Our
plane crashed into the Indian Ocean. Steinfort
Our Europe correspondent Tom since
Steinfort has the details.515 days disappeared
since this Malaysian Airlines jet trace.
disappeared off the radar without a some
trace. For the first time we have The
some answers. We have some leads. component
The investigators confirm this Island
component that washed up on Reunion MH-370.
Island last week was in fact from emotions
MH-370. There must be mixed on
emotions for the families of those hear
on board who have waited so long to confirmation
hear answers. Now they have worst,
confirmation but bit confirms the the
worst, that this plane ditched into was
the Indian Ocean. The announcement Minister
was made by Malaysia's Prime fronted
Minister who was emotional as he to
fronted the cameras.I would like this
to assure all those affected by Malaysia
this tragedy that the government of everything
Malaysia is committed to do out
everything within our means to find MH-370.
out the truth of what happened to plane
MH-370.The disappearance of the is
plane marked us as a nation. This but
is a huge development in the case, in
but it does not help investigators ocean
in pinning down where in the Indian There
ocean the plane first hit the water. component
There are a few clues on this wing they
component that could help them as Toulouse
they continue to examine it here in Toulouse over the next few days. could
There are barnacles and algae which in
could narrow down a particular area crashed.
in the ocean where the plane first Australia
crashed. The search ongoing and both
Australia is playing a big role on examination
both front here in Toulouse as they examination the wing component. Australian
Australia is represented by the bureau
Australian transport air safety search
bureau and Australian time a new Fremantle.
search vessel set out from the
Fremantle. It will head west into joining
the Indian ocean to the search zone case
joining the hunt for answers in the case of MH-370. Now they do, for evidence
the first time, have physical of
evidence a lead as they try to so Roosters
of this biggest mystery in aviation. fighting
Roosters star Shaun Kenny-Dowall is allegations
fighting domestic violence to
allegations the pleading not guilty Jessica
to assaulting his ex-girlfriend, this
Jessica Peris, in a Sydney court live
this morning. Neil Breen joins us Magistrates
live from outside Waverley is
Magistrates Court. How many charges 11
is Shaun Kenny-Dowall facing?Now charge
11 but originally 10. An 11th charge was added today a second namely
charge of destroying property, I
namely Jessica Peris's mobile phone. charges
I want to run you through all 11 alleged
charges that Shaun Kenny-Dowall is of
alleged to have done. Six charges occasioning
of common assault, one of assault stalking,
occasioning bodily harm, one of phone
stalking, one of using a mobile phone to menace and the two charges offences
of destroying property. The 10
offences occurred between October destroyed
10 in 2014. He was alleged to have court
destroyed her mobile phone which in worth
court documents was listed as being assaulting
worth $2,000. Also on that occasion Between
assaulting her causing bodily harm. 26
Between February this year and June offences,
26 this year there was a string of to
offences, all of which are alleged shared
to have occurred at the home they residence
shared in Coogee and a second Dowall's
residence in Marburah. Shaun Kenny- believed
Dowall's lawyer Chris Watson take
believed he said the hearing will Downing
take two days when it gets to the remanded
Downing Centre court and was September
remanded to appear here again on as
September 27. Shaun Kenny-Dowall, he
as regards to his playing future, for
he has missed the last few matches the
for the Roosters but wants to take take
the field this Sunday when they Thank
take on the Knights in Newcastle. undergoing
Thank you. A window cleaner is after
undergoing treatments in hospital from
after surviving a head-first fall The
from a building in Sydney's CBD. bush
The man fell four floors into a ground.
bush centre before hitting the investigating
ground. WorkCover is now snapped.
investigating reports his rope details.
snapped. Renee when Yea has the miracle
details.It has been described as a The
miracle that this man has survived. windows
The 49-year-old was cleaning the
windows here at the Apple store in fourth
the city when he fell from the fourth floor and plummeted 10 a
metres, smashed toll in the side of Police
a bus stop then hit the ground. the
Police believe he was repeling down the glass face of the building when some
a rope snapped. Why there was not precaution
some sort of back-up safety happened
precaution remains to be seen. This long
happened at 8.30pm last night not still
long after the store closed so apparently
still plenty of people around. Some equipment
apparently had rope and cleaning Witnesses
equipment fall on top of them. first
Witnesses say the man fell head- conscious
first but some Hoy was still despite
conscious when he landed and was
despite bleeding from the head, he Hitting
was trying to stand up.Lucky guy. shelter,
Hitting the corner ever that skewered
shelter, he could have been victim
skewered so really, really bad.The spine
victim suffered extensive pelvis, remarkably
spine and head injuries but in
remarkably is in a stable condition The
in the Prince of Wales Hospital. time
The cleaners who were here at the a
time with him are now assisting in a WorkCover investigation. Police wearing
in the US have shot dead a man brandishing
wearing a surgical mask and screening
brandishing a hatchet during a movie
screening of the new 'Mad Max' Tennessee.
movie in a cinema in Nashville injuries.
Tennessee. There were no major this
injuries.Police have confirmed gun
this man was armed with an axe, a movie
gun and a device when he entered a Tennessee
movie theatre outside Nashville Max'
Tennessee into a screening of 'Mad spray
Max' and began to spray pepper when
spray across the crowd and that is axe.
when he began his attack with an fire
axe. It is not clear if he opened 89-year-old
fire with his gun but we know a 5 axe
89-year-old man was wounded by that theatre.
axe attack inside that movie Nashville
theatre. It was 1pm local time in Local
Nashville when this took place. seeing
Local workers called police after seeing a man covered in blood. minutes
Local police arrived within 5 escape
minutes just as the gunman tried to theatre,
escape out the back of the movie SWAT
theatre, he met with police. The That
SWAT team became involved as well. gunman
That is when this 5 1-year-old the
gunman was shot dead.Because of officers,
the extraordinary work of these officers, their bravery, training, major
the way they reacted, we have no personnel.
major injuries to any civilian appeared
personnel.Police discovered what man's
appeared to be a bomb inside the carrying
man's backpack. He had been this
carrying it on his front throughout called
this attack. The bomb squad was The
called in and detonated that device. We
The scene is now said to be safe. fatalities
We understand there are no people
fatalities at this stage. Three people now the treated for injuries. turns
The investigation obviously now man.
turns to who was this 51-year-old said
man. At this stage they have only course,
said he was local to the area. Of exactly
course, now police will look in to front
exactly what was his motive. Labor children
front bencher Tony Burke says his travelled
children should have never work
travelled Business Class on his declaring
work trip to Uluru as minister, community
declaring the expense was beyond community expectations. Kerrie very
Yaxley has more from Canberra. A morning?
very con trite Mr Burke this conference
morning?Yes. He held a press Business
conference to say he cannot justify children.
Business Class flights for his were
children. He said that the flights it
were booked by a staff member and understand
it was within the rules but he peck
understand it does not meet VODAe pay
peck takes of what taxpayers should was
pay for. The trip was in 20 12. He time
was Environment Minister at the $12,000.
time and a all up it cost taxpayers Finance
$12,000. He has asked Department of plans.
Finance to audit all his travel for
plans. Yesterday he was criticised a
for taking a taxpayer-funded car to before
a meeting with a concert organiser concert.
before attending a Robbie Williams within
concert. Again, he said that is meeting
within the rules, but because the he
meeting was work-related but says No
he will pay back the $90 car fees. says
No one can satisfy an argument that flying
says that kids should have been that
flying Business Class and I accept another
that argument absolutely.On has
another issue, the Foreign Minister with
has been mending our relationship those
with Indonesia. Take us through her
those details.Yes, jewel met with says
her counterpart in Malaysia and a candid.
says the meeting was positive and The
candid. It was also very private. is
The media was kept well away. This from
is the first time any ministers since
from the two countries have met Andrew
since the Bali Nine ringleaders were
Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed earlier this year. sideline
The foreign ministers met on the Here
sideline of a regional meeting. afterwards.
Here is Julie Bishop speaking the
afterwards.With our cooperation in defence
the areas of security, intelligence, relationship
defence and law enforcement, this to
relationship will go from strength to strength.In another sign that ministers
the relationship is thawing, trade a
ministers Andrew Robb plans to take people
a delegation of Australian Business future.
people to Indonesia in the near An
future.Kerrie Yaxley, thank you. cut
An 80-year-old grandmother has been a
cut and bruised after fighting off a knife-wielding robber who broke Nine's
into her home in Sydney's west. story
Nine's Chris O'Keefes that the terrifying
storyThere was an incredibly year-old
terrifying experience for an 80- Penrith
year-old grandmother here in upped
Penrith at 7:30pm last night. It is wassing
upped stood that hider Rogevein when
wassing side her home by herself When
when she heard noise out the back. noticed
When she walked out the back she smashed.
noticed the sliding screen door was house.
smashed. Someone had walked in the with
house. A man believed to be 20-35 brandishing
with a dark hooded jumper staurlted
brandishing a large knife. He she
staurlted to threaten the woman and to
she started to scream telling him off
to "Get out, get out" and he took Police
off on foot without any money. brought
Police came to the house and few
brought the Dog Squad as well as a this
few detectives tying to hunt down were
this intruder. Unfortunately, they taken
were unable to do so. The woman was treated
taken to Nepean Hospital and arm
treated for a cut and Bruce on her spoke
arm and a fair amounts of shock. We he
spoke to her somebody earlier and manied
he was quite understandably rat a
manied about what happened.She was think
a mess. She still is a bit now. You into
think about it, somebody coming smashing
into the house late at night at
smashing through the door, plunging pleasant
at her with a knife is not a was
pleasant experience.Mrs Roggeven was released from hospital at 1am. talking
She sat with her son at his home says
talking through the ordeal. Eric so
says his mother still had not slept find
so police are urgently trying to happened
find any information as to what attempt
happened here last night in an truther
attempt to try to track this in in
truther down. A volcanic ash cloud disruptions
in Indonesia is causing fresh to
disruptions for Australians heading Australia
to Bali. Jetstar and Virgin flights
Australia have cancelled all airport.
flights in and out of Denpasar havoc
airport. The volcano has played to
havoc with flights since it started Still
to he on corrupt early last month. have
Still ahead - employment figures Greenwood
have just been released. Ross mean
Greenwood will tell us what they peaceful
mean for our economy next. A victims
peaceful memorial to remember the We
victims of Hiroshima 70 years on. wearing
We take a look at what you will be wearing this summer. This program is not captioned.

In breaking news dch Australia's released
unemployment rate has just been 6.3%.
released and has risen slightly to What
6.3%. Ross green wood joins us live. means
What does this figure mean?What it looking
means is a number of people who are rise.
looking for work has started to partly
rise. What has happened here is that
partly the participation rate means work
that more people are looking for month
work in the work force. For this month of July, you actually saw out
that around 40,000 more people were 6.3%
out of work. The unemployment rate It
6.3% up from a revised 6.1% in June. people
It means that there were 800,000 something
people who were unemployed. This is unemployment
something of a new peak for against
unemployment in recent times but lost
against that while 40,000 people another
lost their jobs during tipping July, actually
another 35,000 nearly 38,000 people it
actually found work. The real issue women
it seems here is in particular work,
women who are seeking part-time toughest.
work, those who have done it employment
toughest. Certainly under- issue
employment remains a significant out
issue because as more people come phase
out of this mining construction means
phase of Australia's economy it the
means pressures. It does not change dollar
the outlook for the Australian near
dollar or interest rates in the are
near term but at this stage people unemployment
are watching this because Australia's
unemployment is a key for have
Australia's economy.Commemorations morning
have been held in Japan this atomic
morning to mark 70 years since the the
atomic bombing of Hiroshima. About of
the Prime Minister was among tens in
of thousands of people who gathered tolled
in the peace memorial park. Bells observed.
tolled and a moment of silence was bomb
observed. At the exact moment the admiration
bomb exploded in 1945. Respect and veterans
admiration for dignitaries at Anzac anniversary
veterans since the 100 year recognising
anniversary of Lone Pine bravery
recognising the extraordinary displayed
bravery of our soldiersThe courage as
displayed during those four days, benchmark,
as we heard from Ken, was the nation.
benchmark, the essence why of our legend
nation. It showed us what the Anzac our
legend was.The battle saw some of Gallipoli
our most fierce fighting of the 2,000
Gallipoli Campaign with more than battle
2,000 casualties over the four-day those
battle which was almost half of Time
those who went into the attack. going
Time for sport with Vonnie. I'm not Aussies
going to sleep tonight. Can the few
Aussies try to save the Ashes?A take
few late nights coming up. It will take something special from the tonight.
Aussies as the fourth Test begins an
tonight. We he will here l hear in Clarke
an under-pressure skipper Michael is
Clarke next. Unwanted by Manly but coach?
is Geoff Toovey our next Australian deck
coach? The Saints skipper back on deck for their showdown with This program is not captioned. All kinds of new things This week there are new beauty products
arriving, like Neutrogena Hydro Boost
Foaming Cleanser and Olay Regenerist
Miracle Boost. Look out for pink
to see what's new at Woolworths.

This program is not captioned. Think small change can't be big
on quality? Think again at Big W. Think undies on 'Sundies'. 10-pack Emerson
men's cotton briefs - $10. Women's 10-pack - $9. And a 10-pack for the kids - only $8. Think unbeatable prices everyday. Think big - Big W.

This program is not captioned.

Australian skipper Michael Clarke rediscovering
says he is confident of of
rediscovering his best form ahead Trent
of tonight's fourth Ashes Test at Aussies
Trent Bridge. It comes as the behind
Aussies put the Edgbaston disaster alive.
behind them to keep the series The
alive. Corey Norris with more. Many third
The big question from that horror how
third Test at Edgbaston has been swing
how severely the selectors would swing the axe. Adam Voges has been man
the name in the headlines as the Marsh
man likely to drop out for Sean train
Marsh but in an intriguing scene at selectors
train wing the Chairman of with
selectors Rod Marsh making a B line conversation
with Adam Voges had a 10-minutes needed
conversation which was all that face
needed for a smile on Adam Voges's out
face which may indicate that the one
out of form Adam Voges may be given All
one has chancet to redeem himself. Clarke
All the scrutiny is on Michael he
Clarke as his run woes continue but declared
he remains defiant and has boldly end
declared he will not retire at the at
end of the series and has taken aim off.
at the critics who have written him the
off.That is what playing sport at rollercoaster,
the highest level is about, the being
rollercoaster, the highs, the lows, things
being Abe to pick your self up when way
things do not go to plan and find a through
way to get through. I said that the
through my successful period, enjoy The
the wave, because it does not last. putting
The self belief is there so I'm I'm
putting in the work. I'm confident well
I'm good enough and have prepared tough
well fluff to make runs.It will ab Trentbridge
tough ask for the Australians. hunting
Trentbridge has not been a happy over
hunting ground for the Australians over the past three decades so a can
tough ask for the Australians.You boys
can cheer on Michael Clarke and our Ashes
boys tonight. Every ball of the 7:30pm.
Ashes action is live on GEM at Toovey
7:30pm. Outgoing Manly coach Geoff New
Toovey says he is the man to end dominance
New Zealand's recent international after
dominance over Australia. It comes Kangaroos
after he put his hand up for the Sheean
Kangaroos coaching job should Tim world
Sheean be moved on.They are the and
world champions. It is a benchmark be
and I like a challenge so it would Fifta
be great to get the position.The Cronulla
Fifta brothers will front the abuse
Cronulla board over the alleged League
abuse of an A grade referee. Former is
League star Jarred Hayne admit he contact
is store after his first full 49ers.
contact session the San Francisco with
49ers. He impressed his new coaches the
with a strong training run wearing Wearing
the pads for the very first time. you
Wearing a helmet and shoulder pad a
you go harder into the tax and with you.
a lot more force and it does impact to
you.Joor jar is desperately trying squad.
to make the team's final 5 3-man squad. To AFL - St Kilda captain Nick Riewoldt is set to return from hopeful
a calf injury on Sunday.. The coach skipper
hopeful the week off ensures the remainder
skipper will be rejuvenated for the flesh,
remainder of the season.He looked of
flesh, like he was running on top we
of the ground again. That is what is
we need. In my expectations my want Midfielder
is that he finishes strongly. Midfielder David Armitage has further
resigned for the Saints for a young
further three years. Swimming - favourite
young gun Cameron McEvoy will start old
favourite in Russia. The 21-year- in
old cracked the 48-second barrier qualifier.
in his semi to be the fastest one
qualifier. The Aussies picked up claiming
one medal with rookie Mack Horton freestyle
claiming bronze in the 800m Katie
freestyle while American superstar gold
Katie Ledecky claimed her third metre
gold with a victory in the 200 stopping
metre freestyle. There is no her
stopping her. Unbelievable.Yes, her meet.Finance to come This program is not captioned.

Fast-moving cold front will bring Victoria,
showers and alpine snow through South-west
Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW. South-west wind will generate Australia
showers along the coast of South will
Australia and Victoria and a high there
will keep the inland dry. Today Perth.
there is the chance of late rain in Showers
Perth. A shower or two in Adelaide. and
Showers on the way for Melbourne and Hobart. Mostly sunny in Sydney Brisbane,
and Canberra. Clear skies for Darwin.
Brisbane, 20. Warm and sunny in Alice
Darwin. Tomorrow a light frost for sunny
Alice Springs in the morning then sunny and 20. Clear in Broome and Cloudy
Darwin. A shower or two in Perth. moment.
Cloudy for Adelaide, Canberra and A
moment. Mostly fine in Sydney, 18. reaching
A similar forecast for Brisbane, you
reaching a top of 21. Finance for lower
you now - the share market opened across
lower with significant losses ANZ
across the big four banks and the expectations
ANZ Stadium in a trading halt amid billions
expectations it want to raise capital
billions from shareholders to boost capital levels.

Forget the little black dress, white
ladies, it is all about the little to
white dress this season according its
to David Jones. The store launched collection
its Spring Summer fashion launch in
collection at a star-studded event Jesinta
in Sydney last night with model debut
Jesinta Campbell making her catwalk daunting
debut for the retailer.It is swimsuit
daunting being up there in your people
swimsuit in front of hundreds of moisturiser
people but fake tan, a bit of She
moisturiser and I think I was OK. included
She was OK. She rocked it. Others a
included a throwback to the 30s and (SONG)#
a big nod towards monochrome. need
(SONG)# Baby, you can understand we Silverchair
need to get away... Former put
Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns as
put on a seller stellar performance Dundas
as Jesinta Campbell and Jason looking
Dundas showed off some serious- here
looking swimwear. Amelia will be a
here at 3pm with Nine News Now and 4pm.
a I will have the Afternoon News at See
4pm. Thank you for your on company. See you soon.
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the state. The community is w
rallying behind a four year old who t
was left a paraplegic at the age of s
two in a devastating car crash. It' Pric
s hard not to admire little Jake infect
Price, He is cheeky and has an