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This program is captioned live. This morning - Malaysia's prime minister confirms
aircraft debris is from MH370. A window cleaner survives
a three-storey fall from Sydney's flagship Apple store. And 70 years on -
remembering the horror of Hiroshima. VOICEOVER: This is Seven News,
morning edition, with Ann Sanders. Good morning. is a part
from missing aircraft MH370. Families of the victims are happy another piece of the puzzle
has come together, but they say it's not closure. This is a sad confirmation
of what had been expected, that flight MH370 came to a tragic
end in the southern Indian Ocean. The Malaysia prime minister
confirming that the piece of debris found
a week ago on Reunion Island was from the missing airliner. We now have physical evidence that as I announced
on 24 March last year

flight MH370 tragically ended
in the southern Indian Ocean.

It does seem

It does seem to indicate that the plane came down more or less where we thought it did. It suggests for the first time we might be a little bit closer so to solving this mystery. Malaysia airlines said it believes the confirmation
is a breakthrough which could hopefully lead
to the mystery being solved. The French prosecutor handling
the case was more cautious, however, warning that more analysis
of the wing fragment is needed. Your first job is - how did this piece detach itself
from the aircraft? Was it a compression hit
when the thing went into the water? the news was not a surprise
but there won't be closure until the rest of the wreckage and
the bodies of their loved ones are found.

To have that part of the puzzle
together again is very welcoming. But there's still a long road to go, we still have to find them
and find the plane. It is understood that some
of the families of those missing were notified of this latest
development by a text message. Here in Toulouse,
the French government says that the analysis of the flaperon,
as it's know, the wing part, will resume today.

Labor's Tony Burke has admitted his children should never have flown
business class to Uluru while he was environment minister. He's now sending his travel expenses
to the Department of Finance for review.

Live now to Laurel Irving
in Canberra. Laurel, will he now pay that
money back? Good morning, Ann.

Well no, he didn't quite go
that far. Tony Burke led the charge
against Bronwyn Bishop over her use of travel expenses, but it was then revealed taxpayers
flew his family business class to the Northern Territory. Today he's spoken publicly for the
first time about it and said he'll now open up
all his records for review. If he's asked to pay it back,
so be it. He still insists
he was within the rules, but admitted it was
'outside community expectations' - that phrase we've been hearing
so much of this week. No-one can satisfy an argument
that says that kids should've been flying
business class and accept that argument absolutely.

He will pay back $90 in car hire to
get to a Robbie Williams concert, although he says he did have
a meeting at that concert. But the whole system
will now be reviewed and significantly, Tony Burke thinks the provision where taxpayers
fly families around the country, will be scrapped. As we revealed last night, that provision alone cost taxpayers
more than a million dollars in just six months last year.

Thanks, Laurel. Workplace health and safety
will investigate how a window cleaner
fell three storeys from Sydney's flagship Apple store. He smashed through a glass bus
shelter before hitting the ground, suffering severe injuries. Sean Berry is outside
Sydney's Prince of Wales Hospital. Sean, what's his condition
this morning?

The window cleaner is in a stable condition. He was taken to the closest hospital St Vincent's but deemed well enough this morning to be transferred here to the Prince of Wales Hospital for more specialised spinal treatment. Now, the man aged in his 40s is the principal of a building maintenance company. And witnesses say that he was starting off the edge of the roof of the Sydney Apple store around 8:30 last night when he plummeted. Smashing through the top of a glass bus stop and hitting of the pavement. At the very least, his safety equipment or practices have failed and WorkCover is now investigating, Ann. An elderly woman
has been left traumatised after she was confronted by an
intruder in her western Sydney home. The man smashed his way
into the Penrith home as she was going to bed. More from Matthew Snelson. It was a terribly frightening
experience for 80-year-old Heidi. 7:30 last night, she was inside
her home her Penrith home when a man armed with a knife
smashed his way through a glass door and confronted her,
apparently seeking money. Heidi screamed at him to get out.
He fled a short time later. It's not clear
exactly what happened. Heidi has been too distraught
to relive her ordeal. She was treated for bruising
to her arms and taken to hospital. She was also treated for shock. Earlier today we spoke
with her son Eric about the terrible ordeal his mother
went through and the toll it's taken on her
and their family. She's really, really shaken up. I have never seen anybody... You think about it, somebody coming
in to the house late at night, smashing through,
lunging at her with a knife. It is not a pleasant experience. Police believe the man armed with a knife is aged
in his late 20s or early 30s. He was wearing dark clothing. There may have been
a second person involved. Heidi has told police
she is sure that she saw a shadow. Police are asking anyone who saw
anything suspicious here in Penrith to come forward and contact them. Jetstar and Virgin have cancelled
all flights to and from Bali again today

as volcanic ash continues to cause
chaos around Denpasar airport. Both carriers say they are
continuing to monitor the situation and advise passengers not to go
to the airport. Ash from Mount Raung has forced the
cancellation of hundreds of flights since it first erupted
in early July. The people of Hiroshima
are marking 70 years since the atomic bomb hit
a civilian target. 140,000 people died when American
B-29 Enola Gay dropped the bomb. Nagasaki was hit three days later, effectively ending World War II
in the Pacific. which marks the epicentre
of the blast. Residents holding paper lanterns remembered those
who lost their lives. Thousands will gather on a windswept hill
in south-western Turkey later today to remember a defining battle
for the Anzacs. It's 100 years today
since Lone Pine. ANNOUNCER: Good evening also
to the Australians at home. A scene the Anzacs of 1915
could hardly have imagined. On the very ground where they
made their lethal military assault, Australians, a century on, rehearse
for a memorial to the battle. To four days in hell, much of it hand-to-hand combat
in trenches, casualties around 9,000. It's 100 years so it means
a lot to us and our country. Some have come, not even realising
the legend around August 6. I had no idea, to be honest. It's a shame we miss out tomorrow. Others like Perth couple
Nerina and Arthur Coopes have researched it
in striking detail. Nerina has just been back
to the place where her dad, Lt Arthur Gull,
joined the charge on August 7. I just stood there
and felt a cold shiver down my back. To think this is where
he went over the top. She remembers her dad describing it. "where I lay all day

"to crawl back into the trenches
after dark." He lost many who mattered to him. A lot of his school friends
were killed. And yet Arthur Gull's story, one in a patchwork
of many thousands, has now survived 100 years. So Lone Pine's great anniversary
passes but another is on its way
in just 4.5 months - the standout success
of the Anzac campaign here - the evacuation. By Christmas 1915,
our troops would be gone.

And coverage of the Lone Pine
Centenary Service will be live on 7TWO from midnight. Next in Seven News - another twist
in the Essendon supplements saga. US police foil
another cinema shooting. Also, the man who helped kill
Cecil the lion faces court, insisting he did nothing wrong.

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The World Anti-Doping Association
claims it has uncovered new evidence
of drug use at the Essendon football club. Higher than expected levels
of the protein TB-4 have allegedly been found in samples
from players in 2012. The evidence has been sent to
the Court of Arbitration for Sport. But Bombers staff say
they're not concerned.

WADA's appeal against the not guilty
verdict for Essendon players s due to begin in November. US police have killed a gunman who opened fire
at a Tennessee movie theatre, preventing another movie massacre. The suspect walked into
the screening of Mad Max: Fury Road armed with a gun,
hatchet and fake explosive device. (GUNSHOTS) Horror at another US movie cinema. You can hear the gunfire as a police
SWAT team took down the gunman.

You can hear the gunfire as a police
SWAT team took down the gunman. (GUNFIRE)

The 29-year-old had walked
into an afternoon screening of Mad Max: Fury Road. He had a gun, a hatchet
and pepper spray. He was wearing a surgical mask
and carrying two backpacks. Fleeing moviegoers
flagged down a police officer who was responding
to a nearby car accident. The officer ran into theatre
and confronted the gunman. He encountered the gunman. The gunman opened fire on the south
precinct officer. That officer returned his fire. It was a lot. A lot of shots. It was coming from the side
of the theatre. and that's when he was killed
by the SWAT team. Only one person
suffered minor injuries. Last month, a shooting
at a Louisiana movie theatre

In 2012, James Holmes killed
12 people at a Colorado cinema. After this latest cinema scare,
Americans have taken to social media asking if it's still safe
to go to the movies. The Zimbabwean guide who helped an American dentist
kill Cecil the lion, insists he's done nothing wrong and the criminal case against him
is 'frivolous.' Theo Bronkhorst appeared briefly
in court today, arguing the big game hunting
industry actually helps conservation efforts. He is the hunter
who's become the hunted. Theo Bronkhorst makes a living
tracking big game for big-paying clients to kill. In court today for one kill too far. I regret shooting a lion
called Cecil. It was never the intention,
I didn't know he existed. The battle-scarred veteran's death has thrown an unflattering light
on a controversial sport. But Hunting is worth £15 million to
the hard-pressed Zimbabwean economy and its supporters argue it's
a vital part of conservation. It is a beautiful part
of our country and it will continue. And if we do not use wildlife
sustainably, there will be no wildlife. Walter Palmer,
the American dentist who shot Cecil, has gone to ground. Zimbabwe has demanded
his extradition. Graffiti adorned on his house evidence of an increasingly
vitriolic campaign against him. The scientist who tracked Cecil
as part of a research project says his killing was unnecessarily cruel. They actually waited
until broad daylight to finish him off
with a second arrow. Mr Bronkhorst's trial
is due to go ahead next month. In the meantime,
but too late for Cecil, Zimbabwe has suspended
the licensed hunting of lions. Time to check the financial
markets. The ASX is trading lower
this morning despite US stocks finishing
the day higher.

Next in Seven News - we'll hear
from NFL hopeful Jarryd Hayne. Cameron McEvoy on target
for world championship gold. And under-fire skipper
Michael Clarke stands his ground as the Aussies look to keep
the Ashes alive at Trent Bridge.


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Australian captain Michael Clarke
remains adamant he won't retire, even if his form slump continues
in the final two Ashes tests. The 34-year-old plans to hit back
in tonight's crucial fourth test at Trent Bridge. The self belief's still there
because I'm putting in the work. So I'm confident I'm a good enough
player and prepared well enough to walk out and make runs
in this game. The lads have bowled very well
at him and just,
we've got to continue doing that. Selectors may opt
for an unchanged XI while England has chosen Mark Wood to replace
the injured Jimmy Anderson. And Aussie one-day star
James Faulkner has received a $21,000 fine and a
two-year ban from driving in the UK for last month's
drink-driving arrest. Australia's Cameron McEvoy
is the fastest qualifier for the prestigious 100 metres
freestyle at the world championships
in Russia. Reporter Nathan Templeton
is in Kazan. What an exciting night
we've got coming up for the Aussies here in Kazan. Leading the way is Cameron McEvoy,
the 21-year-old from Queensland, who is the fastest qualifier
in one of the most coveted events, the men's 100m freestyle. His final is tonight. The finals are so different
to the semi-final, it's a completely different race. I'm not sure what to expect. We've got a couple of other
great medal chances in the women's 50m backstroke. Emily Seebohm and Madi Wilson who
went one-two in the 100m backstroke have qualified fifth
and sixth fastest for the final. A bit of a surprise packet - 19-year-old Brianna Throssell
is through to the final of the women's 200m butterfly.

Nightfall brought
another medal for the Aussies and what a gutsy effort is was
from Melbourne teenager Mack Horton who held on for bronze
in the men's 800m freestyle. A bit of a turnaround
since the first day. 400m was a bit of a shocker so it was good to get out there
and get on the podium. The heats continue this afternoon. We will have
Cate and Bronte Campbell in action in the women's 100m freestyle heats. All the action live and free on 7TWO
from 4:30 eastern standard time. American sensation Katie Ledecky collected her third gold medal
of the championships in the 200 metres freestyle. The 18-year-old was backing up
from her world record swim Port Adelaide midfielder Ollie Wines
will miss the rest of the AFL season after undergoing a shoulder
reconstruction last night. Out west, Brownlow Medal favourite
Nat Fyfe could miss a second straight game
because of groin soreness. The Fremantle star trained
yesterday, but remains in doubt
for Sunday's match against St Kilda. The Saints have re-signed midfielder
David Armitage to a new three-year deal. Sacked Manly coach Geoff Toovey says he'd be interested in taking
on the Kangaroos job, if Tim Sheens is sacked. Toovey's Sea Eagles are out to continue their late-season push
for a finals spot against the Rabbitohs
tomorrow night. I'm not a big fan of the top eight,
I've said that from day one, but again, I'm glad there is
at the moment 'cause we're a chance of getting
back in there. Bulldogs forward Greg Eastwood will miss tomorrow night's game
against the Broncos after his dangerous contact ban
was upheld. Jarryd Hayne is nursing a sore neck after his first contact session
with the San Francisco 49ers. Hayne earned respect
for his toughness by going helmet-to-helmet
with feared linebacker Nick Moody. (LAUGHS)

I knew he was gonna run straight
over the top of me. Obviously wearing a helmet
and shoulder pads you go a lot harder
into tackles. The 27-year-old is competing
for a spot on the 49ers' final 53-man roster. FFA Cup holders Adelaide United
are through to the round of 16. The Reds started their title defence with a 6-1victory over Darwin
Olympic in the Top End last night. Sydney FC is also through
to the next round, after beating Sorrento FC 2-0
in Perth. Next in Seven's Morning news - the national weather forecast
with Jane Bunn.

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Let's get a check of the weather
forecast now with Jane Bunn. How's it looking, Jane?

Ann, a cold front is moving away from the east, leaving us in this cold, unstable air mass right in behind. from the east, leaving us in this
cold, unstable air mass right in behind. We also have cloud and rain moving into the south-west. And it was a gorgeous sunrise this morning in Perth, with red skies, promising interesting weather later on today. Let's have a look outside right now on the weather wall. Firstly to Melbourne - it has been very wet this morning, the radar shows it's starting to ease back a bit. Into Brisbane - the air is very dry. There is sunshine but it's feeling quite cool. Adelaide - recorded 1mm in the morning commute. Showers are gradually easing. Sydney - chilly breeze and feels like eight degrees but the sunshine offsets that. In the south-east, showers streaming in, pushing up from the south-west. Across the nation today. Perth - rain won't arrive until late afternoon or tonight. Hobart and Canberra both heading for 11. Few degrees below the average. A high pressure system starts move willing eastwards tomorrow. Wet weather will continue around Melbourne. A low moves rights across the south-west. So for tomorrow, Perth, it's wet and rain at times, a top of 19. Sunshine continues right down the east coast. And it's a degree or two article warmer than we are feeling today. Grey skies continue through the south-east but Melbourne is looking like the wettest. That's the latest. More this afternoon, opinion -- Ann. I'm Ann Sanders.
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