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Take a quick look at the weather this
around the country for you now on this Thursday morning:

That is the

That is the very latest from the coming
news room but Karl and Lisa are coming up right after this.

Mystery solved, investigators confirm the washed up wing

from missing flight MH370. We are live to France

Live unfolds.
live to France as the situation unfolds
Live to France as the situation falls
unfolds of MH-370. A window cleaner falls three storeys from an Apple

falls three storeys from an Apple ash
store window and lives. More Bali everything
ash cloud misery. Our expert has plan
everything you need to know if you Jesinta
plan to fly this week. Ab-tastic - fit
Jesinta Campbell debuts her super- it
fit body and a tells us how she did history-making
it and that photo. We make a

history-making life-changing morning
$110,000 Block of Cash call. Good country.
morning to you across this great August
country. Its Thursday the 6th of for
August and yeah, a fantastic night a
for David Jones. We all went out as cheering
a group.Had Mcball. There we are Jesinta
cheering in the front row as the
Jesinta Campbell made her way down fabulous
the catwalk with Buddy Franklin her We
fabulous man sitting right there. We did heckle.We did. the
We did heckle.We did.Wasn't Buddy Fantastic.
the cat who got the cream. looked
Fantastic. Our Jesinta Campbell hard
looked fantastic. After all that tonight
hard work. Hi Timmy.Cricket We
tonight is on. Australia has to win. hear
We will tell you all about that and you
hear from Michael Chee Kam.Hope couch
you have booked your spot on the time
couch this evening. Right now it is News
time for the news. Busy morning. where
News out of Nashville in the US gunman
where police have just shot dead a Live
gunman who opened fire in a cinema. US.
Live to Nine's Laura Turner in the sketchy
US. What do we know so far?Very you
sketchy detail at the moment but as have
you say we now know that police in
have announced the shooter involved Members,
in this incident has been shot dead. businesses
Members, people who worked at local theatre
businesses near to this movie reported
theatre in the suburb of Tennessee person
reported to police they saw one called
person covered in blood and they scene.
called police. They arrived at the deployed
scene. We understand that they theatre
deployed tear gas into the movie killed.
theatre and that the shooter was it
killed. What is unclear is whether shooter
it was police who killed the What
shooter or it was an act of suicide. people
What is also unclear is how many whether
people are injured or in fact We
whether there are any fatalities. people
We know is that there were about 25 time.
people inside the cinema at the afternoon.
time. It was about 1.15 in the inside
afternoon. Most of the people children.
inside that cinema were in fact little
children. Of course, this comes a shooter
little over a week after another a
shooter murdered two people inside here
a movie theatre so a huge issue the
here in the US. Police are still at bring
the scene in Tennessee. We will to
bring you more details as they come news
to hand.Now to our other breaking Reunion
news - a wing fragment found on as
Reunion Island has been confirmed Steinfort
as being from missing MH-370. Tom Toulouse
Steinfort joins us live from Toulouse this morning. Tom, a development.
Toulouse this morning. Tom, a huge Yeah,
development. Talk us through it. investigators
Yeah, massive. 515 days now families
investigators as well as the board
families of those that were on some
board MH-370 have been waiting for surface
some sort of physical evidence to had
surface in this mystery that has world
had aviation experts around the component,
world baffled. Last week, this wing 777
component, the flapper in a Boeing Many
777 washed up on Reunion Island. 370
Many suspected it was part of MH- investigators
370 but today here in Toulouse Malaysia
investigators from both France and checked
Malaysia have gone over it, cross- confirmed
checked reference numbers and have part
confirmed for the first time this 370.
part that did wash up was from MH- made
370. The announcement on that was Malaysia's
made a little over an hour ago by emotional
Malaysia's Prime Minister who was Today,
emotional as he spoke to the media. disappeared
Today, 513 days since the plane heart
disappeared it is with a very heavy international
heart that I must tell you that an conclusively
international team of experts has debris
conclusively confirmed that the indeed
debris found on Reunion Island is be
indeed from MH-370.So there must of
be mixed emotions for the families getting
of the 239 people on board. Finally confirmation
getting some answers, but also this likely
confirmation that the plane most Ocean.
likely has crashed into the Indian browse
Ocean. Search crews continue to hint
browse the ocean looking for other wreck
hint on where the remainder of the piece
wreck may be. Unfortunately this too
piece of a wing does not give them too many clues but they will

too many clues but they will where
analyse barnacles to narrow down Malaysian
where in the Indian Ocean this Finally
Malaysian Airlines hit the water. continue
Finally some answers. Volcanic ash thousands
continue to cause havoc for to
thousands of Australians traveling flights
to Bali. Jetstar has cancelled all Virgin
flights in and out of Denpasar and flights.
Virgin Australia has delayed its customers
flights. Both airlines will keep advised
customers updated. Paemgers are their
advised to check the status of to
their flight online. We will speak advisory
to an expert from the volcano ash cleaner
advisory centre later. A window from
cleaner has survived a horror fall Sydney's
from the top of the Apple store in Urquhart.
Sydney's CBD. Live to Chris through
Urquhart. Good morning. Take us awful.
through what happened.This is metres.
awful. Last night this fall of 3 windows
metres. The man cleaning the glass iconic
windows of the Apple store, an it
iconic store in Sydney. People know this
it is entirely contained within storeys
this glass building. About three happened
storeys up, it is not clear what another,
happened but for one reason or the
another, he fell to the ground on you
the ground. Once police were here broken
you could see his harness and fall
broken glass, perhaps because his fall appears to have been broken by When
the glass of the bus stop below. him
When paramedics got here they raced minutes
him to St Vincent's Hospital, a few was
minutes by ambulance from here. He time
was in a critical condition at the We
time with head and pelvic injuries. so
We are told his condition is stable improvement
so that is somewhat of an there
improvement but this happened when people
there were a lot of passers by, finishing
people from late-night shopping and chaos
finishing work late so a scene of is
chaos on George Street but the man In
is getting the treatment he need. will
In terms of the investigation, that Because
will be a job for the NSW Police. a
Because he was working this will be man
a matter for WorkCover as well.The court
man accused of Sydney's family law court bombings is set to appear in Warwick's
court today via video link. Leonard after
Warwick's hearing comes over a week for
after the 68-year-old was arrested four
for the series of crimes which left charged
four people dead. Warwick has been bombing
charged with 30 offences including court
bombing the homes of two family law building
court judges, the family law court Jehovah's
building in Parramatta and a 10-year-old
Jehovah's Witness hall in Casula. A NSW
10-year-old boy hit by a car on the has
NSW Central Coast earlier this week, injuries.
has died in hospital from his down
injuries. The child was knocked on
down by a Suburu wagon at Wamberal Children's
on Monday and flown to Sydney late
Children's Hospital but passed away the
late yesterday. Investigations into politicians
the crash are continuing. Federal today
politicians are likely to be told Business
today they can no longer fly country.
Business on trips around the Canberra.
country. Live to Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. This crackdown comes in about
the wake of the daily revelations politicians
about travel rorts.Yes, fully
politicians will argue they are not can
fully breaking the rules and they are
can argue that because the rules grey
are generous and there are a lot of Prime
grey areas but that change. The of
Prime Minister has ordered a review an
of the Tony Burke system. He wants months.
an improved system in place within review
months. News Corp reports that the politicians
review will consider forcing Australia.
politicians to fly economy within fly
Australia. They have the option to seems
fly Business. The current system current
seems it is generous to both Bronwyn
current and former politicians. sparked
Bronwyn Bishop's expensive travel place.
sparked this scandal in the first Minister
place. If she retires, as the Prime taxpayer-funded
Minister has hinted, she will get a been
taxpayer-funded pension of more flights
been $200,000 and 10 free return There
flights within Australia a year. Senator
There are reports that that about charged
Senator share jab Hanson Young the
charged taxpayers $2700 to spend attended
the weekend in Sydney when she politicians
attended the mardi gras. While most political
politicians can justify travel no from
political party stand to benefit Tony
from the ongoing headlines around Minister
Tony Burke so no wonder the Prime quickly
Minister want to deal with this as ahead.
quickly as possible.Big changes niche
ahead. Australia's relations with niche why appear to have,000 a

niche why appear to have,000 a Julie
little overnight. Foreign Minister Indonesian
Julie Bishop has held talk was her since
Indonesian counterpart, the first Nine
since the the execution of Bali Myuran
Nine Nine pair Andrew Chan and talks
Myuran Sukumaran. She says the Cooperation
talks were candid and productive. general,
Cooperation insecurity, Intel enforcement,
general, defence and law go
enforcement, this relationship will would
go from strength tot strength.She discussed
would not confirm whether they asylum
discussed the prickly issue of payments
asylum seeker policy. Welfare most
payments have been stripped from have
most of the 120 Australians who terrorists
have joined Islamic militants At
terrorists in eye Rooke and Syria. who
At least 8 in 10 of the Australians welfare
who have joined ISIS have been on disability
welfare such as sickness, allowances.
disability and youth and career extremists
allowances. Up to 70 other been
extremists whose passports have under
been seized may also lose welfare Australian
under the powers last October. has
Australian cricketer James Faulkner miding
has been fined $22,000 after add living
miding to drink-driving. The 25 the
living in England was caught behind concentration
the wheel with a blood alcohol limit.
concentration three times the legal court
limit. Appearing in a Manchester error
court Faulkner apologised for his two-year
error of judgment and accepted a the
two-year driving ban. Overseas - rescued
the Italian coast cut guard has rescued more than 400 people from capsized
the Mediterranean Sea after a boat capsized north of Lyna. 600 were on survivors
the vessel bound for Europe. The for
survivors have been taken to Sicily bodies
for processing while dozens of to
bodies have been recovered. Close lives
to 2,000 people have lost their Mediterranean
lives attempting to cross the professional
Mediterranean this year alone. The helping
professional hunter accused of hunt
helping than a American dentist famous
hunt and kill Zimbabwe's most against
famous lion described the charges Theo
against him as frivolous and wrong. overnight,
Theo Bronkhorst faced court right
overnight, maintaining he had the lion
right permits to lure Cecil the who
lion from a protected park. The man Cecil
who organised the hunt which killed worldwide
Cecil the lion and sparked in
worldwide outrage arrived at court jail.
in Zimbabwe knowing he could go to Court
jail. But inside the Magistrates Bronkhorst
Court professional hunter Theo and
Bronkhorst was bemused and angry feel
and even facing trial. What do you you?
feel about the charges laid against wrong.
you?I think it is frivolous and through
wrong.You think you will come team
through this?I have a good legal feeling
team and I hope so.What is your in
feeling about the issue of hunting of
in Zimbabwe?It is an integral part continue.
of our country and it has to sustain
continue. If we do not use wildlife wildlife.
sustain bring there will be no the
wildlife.Do you feel you had all was
the right permits and everything Cecil
was above board?I believe so. wildlife
Cecil was one of Zimbabwe's biggest old
wildlife attractions. The 13-year- long-term
old mail with a pride and part of a University
long-term study being run by Oxford been
University and should never have 5-year-old
been hunted. He was killed by a 5 Walter
5-year-old dentist from Minnesota, slaughter
Walter Palmer who paid £35,000 to Bronkhorst
slaughter Cecil. He and Theo lion
Bronkhorst alleged lured the big with
lion out of the safety of the park shooting
with an animal carcass before The
shooting him with a bow and a arrow. The markets now -

Billionaire James Packer has Sydney
reportedly sold his mansion in the
Sydney for more than $60 million, property
the highest price paid for a storey
property in Australia. The six-- sold
storey compound in Vaucluse was buyer.
sold privately to an Australian Erica
buyer. Mr Packer and his ex-wife Wentworth
Erica Baxter, lived in the months
Wentworth Road property for four in
months after the home's completion across
in 2013. Hillside estate with views generous
across the harbour features bedroom
generous entertaining areas, six seat
bedroom family quarters and a 20- isn't
seat cinema.That is hard to say, But
isn't it?It is. Hard to digest. giveaway
But with 110,000 in today's cash giveaway you could get yourself a I
seat in that cinema.That is right. would
I do not think... (LAUGHS)You an
would be able to sit there for half Permission
an hour anyway. Hire it out. from
Permission to look at the property The
from the street!Thank you, Sylvia. -
The weather around the country now

Brisbane sunny, 20. Sydney sunny, Adelaide,
16. Melbourne showers and 12. just
Adelaide, a possible shower and possible
just 14. 19 in Perth with some in
possible late rain. A gorgeous day in Darwin, 31

in Darwin, 31 beautiful degrees.

in Darwin, 31 beautiful degrees. slap.
Sport now with Timmy. Slip, slop, the
slap. Beautiful.Good morning. All verdict
the latest from the NRL judiciary dangerous
verdict for Greg Eastwood and his to
dangerous contact charge and live of
to Trent bridge in Nottingham ahead Michael
of the fourth Ashes Test on tonight. silence
Michael Chee Kam says he can silence his This program is not captioned.

It is an Ashes Thursday t starts England
tonight the fourth Test against to
England in Trent Bridge. Straight from
to Corey Norris who joins us live the
from the UK. Plenty of pressure ton final
the skipper and interest in that morning,
final XI. What is the latest?Good question
morning, Tim. Absolutely the big Edgbaston
question since that horror Test at selectors
Edgbaston is how severely the Voges
selectors would swing the axe. for
Voges is the man likely to make way train
for Sean Marsh but intriguing at selectors
train wing the Chairman of selectors Rod Marsh making a B-line left
for Adam. They had a brief chat but put
left a smile on Adam's faeps and an
put a spring in his step so that is much
an indication that Adam Voges as get
much as he is out of form he may the
get a chance to redeem himself in is
the fourth Test. All the scrutiny declared
is on Michael Clarke who has boldly end
declared he will not retire at the at
end of the series and has taken aim the
at the critics.If I did not have to
the love for the game or the will help
to want to be the best I can be and would
help this team have success, I still
would not be sitting here today. I passion
still have that love, desire and better.
passion and still trying to become there
better. The self belief is still work.
there because I'm putting in the and
work. I'm confident I'm good enough runs
and prepared well enough to make what
runs in this game.Tim, perhaps Australians
what is unpredict table as the been
Australians form this summer has Half
been how bad the weather has been. down
Half an hour ago absolutely poured you
down but the weather experts, if are
you can believe them, tell us we top
are set for a scorcher tomorrow, a will
top of 25 degrees. The Australians them
will have their work cut out for not
them bee the cause Trentbridge has not been a happy hunting ground for David
them over the last three decades. maker
David Boon was our last century- Australians
maker back in 1983 so the It
Australians have their work cut out. have
It is a hostile environment but we on
have to win this. You can watch it guides.
on GEM tonight. Check your local Eastwood
guides.Canterbury forward Greg clash
Eastwood will miss the Bulldogs found
clash over Brisbane after being the
found guilty of a dangerous contact will
the charge on Mitchell Pierce. He Manly
will serve a one-match ban. Sacked would
Manly coach Geoff Toovey says he team.
would love to coach the Australian contract
team.I think Tim Sheean has a it
contract he wants to coach but if love
it was available of course I would that
love to represent my country at played
that level as a coach.Certainly play
played well in it. The Sea Eagles other
play Souths tomorrow night as the footy.
other part of our Friday night claims
footy. World antidoping agency amounts
claims it has found abnormally high frozen
amounts of Thymosin Beta 4 in The
frozen samples of Essendon players. findings
The Bombers are confident the findings mean little with the King
findings made to be clear. David Fyfe
King believes Dockers superstar Nat many
Fyfe should be much given action it
many time to heal his groin even if 6
it costs Fremantle a win.They are the
6 point clear on than the top of taken
the table. There is no risk to be they
taken here. He is the marquee man to
they need in September. If they are weeks
to win he needs the biggest four them
weeks he can muster. If it costs guarantee
them a game along the way to that
guarantee he is fit come finals sluper
that is the price you pay.He is a Kilda
sluper star. The Dockers play St splish,
Kilda this weekend. The pool, claimed
splish, splash Mack Horton has champion
claimed bronze. The junior world by
champion led early was but overrun qualified
by Sun Yan and Cameron McEvoy freestyle
qualified fastest for the 100 and
freestyle final. Wins for Adelaide some
and Sydney FC in the FA Cup.A and Superman
some young swimmer.Mild-mannered. Young
Superman -like.Our chat with Paul We
Young ahead of his Australian tour. (SONG)#
We love this guy. Sing it! problems...
(SONG)# If we can solve any # # Why do we lose so many tears This program is not captioned.

Let's check the front pages. The being
breaking news on MH-370 is still
being felt around the world. the has announced that part
the Malaysian Prime Minister says missing
part of the wing belongs to the missing flight. reports continues
the hunt for more plane debris Indian
continues on Reunion Island in the reports
Indian Ocean. The Australian at
reports Labor is accused of easing This
at least $13,000 in public money. support
This stories keeps going - to annual
support fundraisers such as the dinner.
annual Labor Night on the Hill Daily
dinner. Packer palace jackpot. 'The has
Daily Telegraph' believes Packer sale
has pocketed $6 million from the shortages
sale of his mansion And bed officers
shortages lead to ambulance

officers bypassing a trauma how
hospital. The Rick Williams files, Parliament
how the embattled Member of reference
Parliament wrote a character 'The
reference for a violent ex-bikie. addict
'The Herald Sun' learns an ice a
addict was able to borrow cash from drink
a small lender he used to go on international
drink binges. 'The Age', bribes
international colleges are taking thousands
bribes alleged in return for using
thousands of student to get visas story
using fake qualifications. The She
story of Rhiannon who died at 11. through
She has given life to four people story.
through organ donation. Lovely Hobart's
story. An incredible story on bushwalker
Hobart's 'Mercury', an experienced calling
bushwalker waited four days before

calling to be airlifted from a Mail',
snowy over land track. 'The Daily edible
Mail', Australia shares the kin Affair',
edible moment from 'A Current mother
Affair', a winds yes and pregnant raised
mother told over $800,000 has been well
raised to support her family. So Terrific
well done to 'A Current Affair'. huge
Terrific episode and has made a has
huge difference in her life. She Well
has a lot on her plateYes, she has. nation.
Well done, Australia. Generous terrifying
nation. Great to see.Now to the from
terrifying moment a 12-year-old boy himself
from Arizona in the US found broke
himself home alone as two people closet
broke in. He quickly hid in a police
closet and called for help but face-to-face
police only arrived after he came was
face-to-face with the criminals. It call.
was all captured on a triple zero

This frightened voice belongs to a inside
12-year-old boy calling 911 if in
inside a closet while burglars kick home.
in the back door of his Arizona

The burglars first knocked on the in
door Monday morning before breaking realise
in but he did not answer. Once he voice
realise the thieves are inside, his home
voice drops to a Wise spur. The boy, burglars
home alone, listening to the 15
burglars rummaging his house. For 15 minutes the 911

15 minutes the 911 operator is his

Then the scary situation turns even face-to-face
more terrifying as the boy comes Listen
face-to-face with the crooks. chilling
Listen to what he says as that call.
chilling moment is captured on the

The boy frantic as the burglars surrounded
bolted. By that time, police had arrested
surrounded his house. Police Investigators
arrested both men soon after. have
Investigators say both suspects boy,
have simple natural records. The hurt.
boy, shaken, but thankfully not that
hurt. Poor kid. Scary. Wouldn't OK.
that be awful?Anyway. Hope he is survived
OK.Coming up - a window washer has roof
survived falling head first off a The
roof in Sydney's CBD last night. scene.
The latest from our reporter on the Block
scene.Our record-breaking gigantic would
Block of Cash is coming up. What would you do with $110,000?Great,

would you do with $110,000?Great, Campbell.
$110,000 P check out Jesinta runway
Campbell. She was rocking the just
runway last night. She will reveal into
just how much hard work has gone settle
into that very fit body. Right now, stay
settle down director!He wants to have
stay in the shot.He did. But you looked
have to even this stuff up. Jason very
looked fantastic too.Everybody to
very fit and we did our bit to call will
to our friends on the runway. We will have that for you coming up.

Good morning. Breaking news on MH- leads
370 - after 17 months before false have
leads and dead ends authorities debris
have finally given confirmation is
debris washed up on Reunion Island the
is from the missing plane. Here is making
the Prime Minister of Malaysia time
making that announcement a short experts
time ago.International team of experts have conclusively

experts have conclusively confirmed Island
that the debris found on Reunion Island is indeed from MH-370.

Island is indeed from MH-370. Steinfort
Nine's Europe correspondent Tom Toulouse
Steinfort joins us live from answers?
Toulouse in France. Finally some Confirmation
answers? Yes, that is right. We
Confirmation now after 5 15 days. evidence.
We have our first piece of physical families
evidence. It is the news the waited
families to a certain extent have must
waited for but also dreading. There loved
must be real mixed emotions for the board
loved ones of the 239 people on flight
board that Malaysian Airlines trace
flight that disappeared without a other
trace early last year. Look, the do
other side of this is that while we and
do know now this is part of MH-370 plane
and a it does tell us that the Indian
plane most likely crashed into the track
Indian Ocean it does not help us to down.
track down where the plane went on
down. There will be further tests narrow
on the barnacles on the wing to the
narrow down a particular part of Prime
the ocean it crashed. The Malaysian hours
Prime Minister when he spoke a few sure
hours ago indicated they would make find
sure they searched to the end to through
find this plane. He was emotional This
through out this press conference. This was this bit he spoke about continuing.
the efforts of the search all
continuing.I would like to assure that
all those affected by this tragedy committed
that the government of Malaysia is within
committed to doing everything truth
within our means to find out the disappearance,
truth of what happened. MH-370's disappearance, Mced us as Australia's
disappearance, Mced us as a nation. search
Australia's commitment to the A
search effort remains firm as well. plant
A new search set out from free the
plant had last night heading for to
the zone in the Indian Ocean trying In
to uncover the rest of the wreck. In the last 24

In the last 24 hours an Australian joined
investigator from Australia has over
joined the international team going discovered
over the flapper on the wing will
discovered on Reunion Island. They will continue to comb over that you.
over the next few days.Tom, thank Emergency
you. Breaking news out of the US - addressed
Emergency Services have just the
addressed the media in the wake of cinema.
the a shooting at a Tennessee opened
cinema. A short time ago a gunman in
opened fire inside a movie theatre the
in Nashville during a screening of the new 'Mad

the new 'Mad Max' film. Thankfully with
there have been no major injuries The
with three affected by pepper spray from
The pepper spray we believe came treated
from the asaidant. One of the three superficial
treated was examined for a been
superficial wound that could have gunman
been caused by a hatchet.The opening
gunman was shot dead soon after is
opening fire inside the cinema. It movie
is the ebling haved shootingt a two
movie theatre in recent weeks with a
two people losing their lives when the
a gunman fired several shots during Louisiana.
the screening of train wreck in critical
Louisiana. A window cleaner is storeys
critical after falling three Sydney's
storeys from the Apple store in Urquhart.
Sydney's CBD. Live to Chris what
Urquhart. Chris, take us through at
what happened last night.This was was
at 8.30 last night when the cleaner average
was cleaning the all-glass front clear
average of the store. It is not We
clear about hat caused him to fall. down
We understand he went head-first the
down three storeys and crashed into were
the glass bus stop below. There obviously
were witnesses on the scene that They
obviously got an enormous shock. up
They stay the man was trying to get paramedics
up at the time. Am ambulance managed
paramedics were here quickly and getting
managed to stabilise him before Hospital
getting him off to St Vincent's was
Hospital where he was treated. He are
was critical when he got there. We now
are told his condition is stable spinal
now but he has head, pelvic and to
spinal injuries but a lucky escape that
to only be injured in an accident man.
that could well have killed this done
man. The good news is it has not done that. Police will investigate caused
to try to get to the bottom of what working
caused this fall. Because he was WorkCover
working it will become a matter for A
WorkCover as well.Thank you, Chris. of
A man will face court today accused bring
of bashing a woman during a roob year-old
bring in Sydney's west. The 42- Bonnyrigg
year-old was arrested at a home in charged
Bonnyrigg Heights yesterday and he
charged last night. It is alleged he attacked and robbed the 5 6- sitting
year-old woman while she was husband
sitting in a car waiting for her this
husband in Wetherill Park earlier is
this week. Volcanic ash over Bali traveling
is causing havoc for thousands island.
traveling in and out of the holiday do
island. Live to Lauren Ellis. What Good
do the airlines say this morning? Australia
Good morning. Yesterday, Virgin flights
Australia and Jetstar cancelled all result
flights in and out of Bali as a over
result of this volcanic ash cloud further
over Denpasar and there will be has
further delays. Virgin Australia moment,
has delayed two flights, one from Jetstar
moment, one from Brisbane and in
Jetstar has cancelled four flights overnight
in and out of Bali scheduled for stage
overnight and this morning. At this this
stage all flights scheduled for well
this afternoon will go ahead as Melbourne
well as all the Garuda flights from never
Melbourne at 9 o'clock. We have hope
never had trouble with Garuda so we travel
hope we will get there what did the higher
travel agent say?They say they fly is
higher than the other planes so it unless
is easier to get over there so should
unless they shut the airport we should be alright.

should be alright.The major 9am
airlines will receive an update at safe
9am when they will decide if It is afternoon
safe to continue to fly this and
afternoon or whether cancellations advice
and delays are necessary. The is
advice for passengers at the moment is to check the website for updates airport
and not to turn up here at the cancelled.
airport if your flight has been scheduled
cancelled. Extra flights will be from
scheduled to get passengers to and Obviously
from Bali oncet it is safe. number
Obviously passenger safety is the disrupted
number 1 priority but this has thousands
disrupted the travel plans for last
thousands of passengers over the update
last few days.We will get an advisor
update from an expert at the teenager
advisor centre later. A Queensland punch
teenager accused of a fatal one- has
punch attack on a 56-year-old man 19-year-old
has had his charges upgraded. The dangerous
19-year-old has been charged with The
dangerous striking causing death. under
The first person to be charged Queensland
under tough new laws introduced in is
Queensland last year K Arick Mayor in
is accused of punching Lindsay Eade in an unprovoked attack in Goodna

in an unprovoked attack in Goodna later
in June. He died nearly a month with
laterThis is a very sad time and shattered.
with Lindsay's wife Gloria we are shattered. We

shattered. We have been overwhelmed appreciate
by the community support and strong
appreciate it. As a family we stand served
strong and hope that justice is laws
served under the new Queensland laws because one punch can kill. Eade's
laws because one punch can kill.Mr memorial
Eade's family is organising a about
memorial walk to raise awareness attack
about the dangers of one-punch wake
attack a. Tough new rules in the scandal
wake of the Bronwyn Bishop travel may
scandal mean federal politicians longer
may be told today they can no public
longer fly Business Class on the settle
public purse and will have to is
settle for Economy. The crackdown businessmen
is set to be announced with of
businessmen and two former Member into
of Parliaments to join an inquiry comes
into parliamentary Tony Burke. It Tony
comes after Labor front bencher his
Tony Burke was accused of flying holiday
his family Business Class on a call
holiday to Uluru. With our cash Business
call jackpot you too could fly the
Business Class to Uluru and not on few
the public purseThere will be a economy
few pollies with this new must-fly Cash.
economy enter ing this Block of take
Cash.You could get a hire car to would
take you the whole wayHow cool $110,000
would it be if Bronny won this, relay.
$110,000 on a dhoper.A be corner Trump
relay. Kelly Osborne and Donald Find
Trump in a war of words.A good one. next
Find out hat has them all fired up, next on 'Today'. This program is not captioned. Right across Australia,
cars are taking a stand. (ALARM BLARES) A stand against ordinary fuels that can leave deposits
and clog up engines. Oh.

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10 times the
cleaning power, it can help your car's engine
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more kilometres per tank. BP Ultimate -
voted number one
by cars.

This program is not captioned. important
Welcome back. Time for an all- heavy
important hit of sport. Tim. Yes, Australian
heavy in the back pages. The sells
Australian roads bombers frozen Sam players
sells test positive. Two Essendon season
players from the ill-feted 2013 lab
season have revealed at a sports reads
lab in Germany. 'The Herald Sun' Matthews
reads "Let stars shine" Leigh would
Matthews says a shock clock that minutes
would send the ball back to the solve
minutes without a goal could help 'Courier-Mail'
solve AFL's congestion crisis. The what
'Courier-Mail' reads lucky XI in fate
what looms the ultimate show of Australian
fate or the recipe for disaster. name
Australian selectors are set to tonight's
name an unchanged team for match
tonight's do-or-die Ashes Test so
match at Trentbridge in Nottingham the
so make sure you are comfortable on of
the couch. Get all the chores out of the way. Make a decision - are and
the kids staying up or going to bed and watch that cricket

and watch that cricket on GEMGrab or
the doona.And get off the Kool-Aid he
or the so-pin bowling. Is that what has
he proposes?Yes, Leigh Matthews say
has come out with this idea. They say the game is too congested in more
the middle. They quantity to see veterans
more free-flowing action.I have my weather
veterans mixed up. Let's get the to
weather with Stevie.Good morning Tasmania.
to you.We have had more snow over roads
Tasmania. It has closed up to 30 as
roads and schools have been closed ski
as well but it has been a bumper ski season. Know were going to

ski season. Know were going to Tasmanian
close down Ben Lomond a week ago, a had
Tasmanian ski field. But they have may
had 30 centimetres this week and may stay open.

may stay open. The Victorian alps you
with another 5-10 centimetres so if the
you love heading downhill now is the time. Let's look at

the time. Let's look at the weather. temperatures
In Queensland, we have sunny Townsville.
temperatures and 25 for Cairns and Coast,
Townsville. Brisbane and the Gold A
Coast, both 20. Sydney mostly sunny. morning
A top of 16 degrees. In Canberra, with
morning frost. Another cool morning for
with minus 3 then up to 11. Showers showers
for Melbourne, 12 degrees. Possible Adelaide
showers for Hobart, 11 and a Perth,
Adelaide 14. Possible late rain in Springs
Perth, 19 degrees today. Alice frost,
Springs a bit of light morning and
frost, sunny and 19. Darwin sunny and 31.

and 31. Isolated showers along the coast
southern coastline and the east showers
coast of Cape York pen. A few afternoon.
showers in western WA during the the
afternoon. Scattered showers across and
the south of Victoria and southern above
and western Tasmania with snow Australia
above 700 metres. Raise is a Zealand
Australia has been playing New Bledisloe
Zealand since 1931 for the Bledisloe Cup.

Bledisloe Cup.
Zealand since 1931 for the have
Bledisloe Cup. In recent years we hopefully
have not had a lot of luck but Saturday
hopefully that will change on Harbour
Saturday night. Today Darling Cup
Harbour has been renamed Bledisloe vation
Cup Bay. This is the being aty goals,
vation site where you can kick the
goals, pass balls and sipping with 4pm
the Wallabies and meet the team at 4pm and meet the mascots like we has
have here. Believe it or not, it Australian
has been 13 years since an this
Australian set of hand has lifteded be
this baby up. Hopefully it will not stole
be too much longer.That is when we had
stole it! Yes. Then they told us we embarrassing.
had to give it back. That is Steve
embarrassing.Damn you Kiwis! Run, he
Steve yfrg, run. (LAUGHS). OK, We he will check in

he will check in with Stevie later trending
but time to check out what is copped
trending online. Donald Trump has comments
copped flak over his controversial 'The
comments about Mexicans. Yesterday go
'The View' while trying to have a made
go at Donald Trump Kelly Osborne you
made thing as whole lot worseIf country
you kick every Latino out of this toilet
country who is going to clean your online
toilet Donald Trump? She had to go apology.
online and make a very humble you
apology. There is a lot there, too, Maggie
you know what I mean. Silly.The Maggie star and the spearing s

Maggie star and the spearing s Adam eBay
Goodes spear has been placed on this
eBay but eBay says that items like Jesinta
this cannot be offered for sale. Jones
Jesinta Campbell made her David fashion
Jones runway debut in spectacular row
fashion and happily in the front to
row was fiance Buddy Franklin next there
to our very own CarlLisa.I was there too. Dickie. Yes, we were all photo!
there and you Instagramed that has
photo! To be fair, Jesinta Campbell to
has been working out for 4 months at
to get to this point. She is so fit of
at the moment. There is just a look there.
of complete love on buddy's face heckling.
there. AreNo doubt!You are some
heckling. The it is an L-word of show
some kind. He is proud.We will and
show you another photo of the cast Great
and Dickie's face is priceless. own
Great show last night. The our very fantastic.
own Jesinta Campbell was absolutely fantastic. Jesinta Campbell, and

fantastic. Jesinta Campbell, and them
Jason Dundass knew we would heckle rate
them and we did.The unemployment what
rate is expected to rise today so looking
what does that mean for those down.
looking for jobs? Ross breaks it MH-370
down.It is confirmed debris from happens
MH-370 has been found so what check
happens to the doomed flight. We check to This program is not captioned. Think small change can't be big
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This program is not captioned.

Welcome back. Huge news as the the
Malaysian Prime Minister confirmed Island
the plane wing washed up on Reunion Airlines
Island is from missing Malaysian by
Airlines MH-370. Wheat are joined University
by aviation expert and Monash Melbourne.
University professor Greg Bamber in morning.
Melbourne. Good morning.Good world
morning.It is the confirmation the That
world has waited a long time for? Minister
That is right. The Malaysian Prime French
Minister has confirmed but the there
French authorities are still saying They
there may be not 100% confirmation. their
They are being more cautious in is
their interpretation but I think it missing
is almost 99% this is from the missing MH-370I gather if question plane
is if it is not that plane what else
plane was it?That is right.What terms
else can we glean from this in back
terms of the investigation? Can we winds?
back track according to current and tracking
winds?Yes, there can be back large
tracking but the Indian Ocean and is
large and relatively unexplored. It the
is deep. It is not only the current, depending
the wind and the waves and and
depending on the size of the debris water
and whether it has been above the have
water or below it may or may not directions.
have washed and moved indifferent directions. So there is still - it needle
is more difficult than finding a hay
needle in a haystack because the all
hay stack is huge and it is moving interestingly
all the time.Yeah, well, mean
interestingly put. What does it Airlines
mean for the future of Malaysian aviation
Airlines do we think?Well, at the run
aviation summit in Sydney yesterday discussed
run by CAPA Malaysian Airlines

discussed this and revealed they have
will relaunch in September. They in
have taken a big hit in Australia, been
in particular because there has incident
been so much coverage of this trust
incident so they have lost a lot of passengers
trust by possible tensional flights
passengers so they are cutting that
flights to Australia. It also means Airlines
that airlines like Malaysian relationship
Airlines must establish a better other
relationship with their pilots and that
other members of the work force so issues
that if there are mental health be
issues or health issues people will because
be more willing to disclose them parallels
because there are some eerie the
parallels between this incident and months
the Germanwings disaster of a few After
months go a.Thank you, professor. carrying
After a break, a boat capsizes immigrant.
carrying hundreds of Libyan queens
immigrant. The cheeky crayfish certainly
queens from the Hot Plate are you
certainly not shyPascal you said got
you would take your shirt off if I cray,
got a crater you. So this is your happened
cray, get it off, baby.What happened when the cameras

This program is not captioned. Here's a thought. What if you woke up one day
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(Whimsical music plays) (Coco Pops rattle)

(Taps cymbal)

(Bottles ring musically)

(Mallets tap xylophone bars) VOICE-OVER:
Nothing gets the morning moving like the fun of Coco Pops and milk.

This program is not captioned. authorities
First breaking news - Malaysian found
authorities have announced debris week
found washed up on Reunion Island a country's
week ago is from MH-370. The for
country's Prime Minister confirmed Malaysian
for the first time that the mysteriously
Malaysian Airlines plane which had
mysteriously vanish $17 month ago,s has
had crashed. A French prosecutor approach,
has opted for a more cautious a
approach, instead stating there is from
a high probability the flapper came basis
from the doomed flight.On the by
basis of the analysis carried out today
by the expert what we can see is presumption,
today that there is very strong the
presumption, strong likeness that beach
the flapper on that was found on a should
beach on Reunion Island and that it MH-370
should belong from that Boeing 777 Relatives
MH-370 from Malaysian Airlines. say
Relatives of those on board MH-370 is
say confirmation the plane crashed rest.
is not enough to lay the matter to what
rest. They are demanding answers on moments
what caused its disappearance. Just Bamber
moments ago, aviation expert Greg this
Bamber spoke to the 'Today' about be
this morning developmentsThere can Ocean
be back tracking but the Indian unexplored.
Ocean is large and relatively the
unexplored. It is deep, not only waves
the currents, it is the wind, the of
waves and if depending on the size been
of the debris and whether it has may
been above or below the water it and
may or may not have shall washed it
and moved indifferent directions so needle
it is more difficult than finding a hay
needle in a haystack because the the
hay stack is huge and moving all cleaner
the time.In other news - a window after
cleaner is in a critical condition after falling head of first from Sydney's
the top of the Apple store in Sydney's CBD.

Sydney's CBD. He plummeted three George
storeys on top of a bus stop on He
George Street at 8.30pm last night. and
He was rushed to hospital with head sectioned
and spinal injuries. Police have they
sectioned off the footpath while stabbed
they investigate. A man has been assault
stabbed in the stomach during an after
assault by two teenagers shortly Coast.
after getting off a bus on the Gold been
Coast. Live to ace. Have the teens who
been caught?There are three teens including
who police are questioning 16-year-old
including two girls, one 14 and a incident
16-year-old boy. Police say this and
incident happened late last night these
and that it was at about 11.45 when an
these teens were on a bus. They say verbally
an 18-year-old boy was first of all They
verbally abused by a trio of teens. got
They say the 18-year-old boy then to
got off the bus at Ne are, ang only was
to be followed by three teens. It physical
was at Nerang train station where a resulted
physical fight broke out that stabbed
resulted in the 18-year-old being listen
stabbed in the stomach. Take a suffered
listen to police.The victim stomach
suffered one stab wound to his stomach that bled profusely and he attending
was given first aid by the The
attending police and paramedics. onto
The three teens fled by jumping caught
onto a train and ended up being on
caught by police. When they jumped

on the train - there are three to
teens police are questioning trying circumstances
to find out more about the victim
circumstances of this incident. The Hospital
victim is in the Gold Coast condition.
Hospital in a serious but stable cause
condition.Volcanic ash continue to Australian
cause havoc for thousands of morning.
Australian travellers to Bali this flights
morning. Jetstar has cancelled all today
flights in and out of Denpasar delayed
today while Virgin Australia has Both
delayed its early-morning flights. monitoring
Both airlines say they are keep
monitoring the situation and will are
keep customers updated. Passengers their
are advised to check the status of speak
their flight online and we will volcanic
speak to than a expert from the shortly.
volcanic ash advisory centre asylum
shortly. There has been another Mediterranean
asylum seekers tragedy in the boat
Mediterranean this morning when a boat capsized near Libya. Amelia

boat capsized near Libya. Amelia is are
following developments. How many are till missing at this stage?We not
are not sure how many people are operation
not yet accounted for. The been
operation is still underway. It has About
been underway now for several hours. coast
About 68 nautical miles off the figures
coast of Libya but the latest migrants
figures suggest that about 400 bodies
migrants have been rescued and 25 understood
bodies have been recovered. It is board
understood that 600 people were on rough
board the boat when it ran into distress
rough weather earlier today. A distress call was made and

distress call was made and as the boat
first rescue vessel approached the causing
boat the people rushed to one side quickly.
causing it to tip then it capsized scene
quickly. The reports come from the enough
scene suggest this boat was big 600
enough safely carry about 50 people. said.
600 migrant were on board, as I underway.
said. The operation is still with
underway. Seven vessels are dealing of
with this at the moment. In terms from
of where these people have come not
from and their situation, that will survivors
not become clear until the they
survivors have been interviewed but traumatic
they have been through a very Already,
traumatic experience as it is. migrant
Already, this year about 2,000 the
migrant have died trying to cross 188,000
the Mediterranean to Europe. you.
188,000 have been rescued.Thank Indonesia
you. Australia's relations with little
Indonesia appear to have thawed a Julie
little overnight. Foreign Minister Indonesian
Julie Bishop has held talk was her since
Indonesian counterpart, the first Nine
since the execution of Bali Nine Myuran
Nine pair for Andrew Chan and talks
Myuran Sukumaran. She says the With
talks were candid and productive of
With our cooperation in the areas and
of security, intelligence, defence relationship
and law-enforcement this to
relationship will go from strength confirm
to strength.Julie Bishop would not prickly
confirm whether they discussed the policy.
prickly issue of asylum seeker fake
policy. Australian cricketer James overnight
fake fear has been fined $22,000 driving.
overnight after admitting to drink- was
driving. The 25 living in England blood
was caught behind the wheel with a times
blood alcohol concentration three a
times the legal limit. Appearing in apologised
a Manchester court Faulkner judgment
apologised for his error in driving
judgment and accepted a two-year from
driving ban. Something straight Car
from the film 'Back to the Future'. brand-new
Car company luckus has unvailed its This
brand-new invention, a hover-board. group
This newly released footage shows a testing
group of lucky skateboarders quite
testing the creation. At first not eventually
quite able to stay on, but it.
eventually they did get the hang of nearly
it. It has taken the inventors design
nearly 20 years to come up with a news
design that works but so far no it
news yet on a release dateHow is craft
it powered?Exactly you know, mover fume.
craft power. Fuelled!Yes, mover something
fume.Looks like dry ice or sthri
somethingYes, I think some miss is
sthri and it will stay that way.It think
is not a fake, is it?I do not that
think it is connected to the drone fascinated
that is flying next to it.I'm powered
fascinated by how that would be component?
poweredWhat is the dry ice like
component?May be for effect. A bit news
like how we have such a handsome sports
news reader for effect. I mean about
sports reader!Who is that?What a
about you having a go at yourself, you
a handsome news reader. No flies on I'm
you SJ!I was talking about Tim. Australia
I'm more evuncular than handsome. Australia is out to Trent
Australia is out to produce runs in slammed
Trent Bridge. The Michael Clarke slammed critics. He

slammed critics. He talks know
retirement. Does Michael Clarke down
know when the time comes to stand the
down or is it a decision left in tell.
the hands of selectors time will but
tell. Hopefully I will play well player,
but I'm not different to any other enough
player, if I'm not playing well are
enough I will be dropped. Selectors it
are yet to name their XI and catch Wines
it on GEM. Port Adelaide's Ollie year-old
Wines season is over. The star 20- to
year-old will be in a sling for up again.
to six weeks before he can train Eastwood
again. Canterbury forward Greg vital
Eastwood will miss the Bulldogs Brisbane
vital Friday night clash with of
Brisbane after being found guilty not
of dangerous contact. He pleaded will
not guilty at the NRL judiciary but Manly
will serve a one-match ban. Sacked would
Manly coach Geoff Toovey says he team.
would love to coach the Australian he
team.Look, I think Tim Sheean says he still has a contract there and available
he wants to coach but if it was would
available of course I would. I at
would love to represent my country Eagles
at that level as a coach.The Sea winning
Eagles will look to continue that tomorrow
winning form against the Rabbitohs Nine.
tomorrow night. Catch all that on claimed
Nine. Australia's Mack Horton has government
claimed bronze on day four He
government swimming championships. China.
He was overrun by Sun Yang from fastest
China. Cameron McEvoy qualified final.
fastest for the 100 metre freestyle final. In

final. In the NRL, 'The Voice' Delta
takes over 'The Footy Show' as the
Delta and the Madden Brothers join and
the show. The Highway of Happiness Newman
and Luke Bev ridge is live and Sam cheer
Newman joins the North Melbourne Plenty
cheer squad tonight at 8.30 on Nine. of
Plenty to watch. The cricket, a lot I
of people will watch that. The word Clarke
I am getting, I want to see Michael I'm
Clarke go out on his terms because I'm a supporter and I like him but getting
the back and ham stripping is debilitating
getting to the point it is it
debilitating and at some point soon impossible
it will mean - it will be he
impossible to compete. Let's hope but
he gets runs. I hope he gets 100 to
but yeah... After his great service cricket
to this country and Australian bringing
cricket over a lot of years and straits
bringing them back from dire choose
straits it would be nice for him to himself
choose how he goes. The way he got final
himself back from the World Cup him
final because a lot of people wrote now
him off but it will be crunch time Stevie.
now the best local forecast with

Good morning. I'm on darling Bledisloe
harbour which has been renamed to
Bledisloe Cup Bay for the lead-up coming
to the Bledisloe Cup. More of that Clear
coming up but a frosty morning. escape.
Clear skies enabling the warmth to south-east.
escape. We will see that across the if
south-east. Very cold mornings and this
if you are waking up in Canberra the
this week minimum temperatures in it
the minuss through to Monday when start
it may creep up to 1 degrees to start off your day.

If you come down to darling harbour Wallabies
it is the activation site for the fantastic
Wallabies big game. This is you
fantastic for the family, kids. If hopefully
you are a Wallabies supporter, we this
hopefully see the Wallabies win terrific
this Saturday night. This is a have
terrific place to come to. They can
have all sorts of activities. You which
can kick goals into Darling Harbour interactive
which we will check out next. Great interactive activities as well. If will
you want to see the real guys, they Meet
will be here at 4pm this afternoon. the
Meet the Wallabies at the year of let's
the Bledisloe Cup. Year number 13, that
let's hope we take its home.Kick That
that ball into the pond behind you. (LAUGHS).
That is always good to see, that! is
(LAUGHS).There goes a window. Who one
is going to get that? Pass me that one for a second. (LAUGHS).

one for a second. (LAUGHS).You got to go get them now.

to go get them now.That's fun.I responsibility.
told you.All care, no trouble.
responsibility.Stevie is in ash
trouble.Still ahead, the volcanic flights
ash cloud has again grounded latest
flights to and from Bali. The long
latest from the the experts on how spectacular
long it will stick aroundOur still
spectacular block of cash call $110,000!
still to come. A record jackpot, yours.
$110,000! Tax-free. It all could be bomb
yours.One of these movies is the is
bomb and one will bomb. But which 'Trainwreck'
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most important journeys...

..and make sure when you say goodbye, you return safe to say hello again.

So when it comes to choosing tyres
for your car, whose hands do you want to be in?

This program is not captioned.

Good morning to you. Welcome back country.
to the 'Today' right across the Aussie
country. Look at that. Is that the like
Aussie dollar turning around? Looks should
like me on it. That is what life stick
should be about. Take the Queen off, changes
stick me up there. There are rates
changes happening with interest rates - the Reserve Bank will leave future,
rates on hold for the foreseeable move
future, 12-18 months but the next shortly.
move expect it to be up. More banks
shortly. The subtle changes the rate
banks are slowly changing interest home
rate settings which investors and about.
home owners have to be conscious regulator
about. I have told you about the regulator APRA insisting the big back
banks put more capital aside to three
back mortgages. This resulted in an
three of the banks, Westpac being investors.
an exception, raising rates for

investors. APRA suggest they slow Commonwealth
their rate to 10 % which made the lending
Commonwealth say it will curb the
lending to property developers in apartment
the future, trying to cool the Brisbane
apartment markets in Sydney, extent.
Brisbane and Melbourne to a lesser extent. But

extent. But almost 200 different raised
types of loans had their rates Those
raised by lenders in the past month. loans
Those on the rise a fixed-rate dates,
loans especially those with longer to
dates, 3-5 years. If had you need and
to be certain about your mortgage your
and sense rates may rise to fix you
your borrowing goes for as long as the
you can is a smart idea. Here is the cheapest if you borrow $500,000.

When it comes to fixed-rate loans their
lenders are like bookies moving horse
their odds. While they think a rise
horse may not win or rates will not generous
rise lenders will keep rates Wise
generous but as soon as there is a punters
Wise spur of a horse winning the up
punters come to lock the rates in, the
up go the rates in the shadow of publicity
the night with barely a breath of Let's
publicity so watch it closely. where
Let's go to the markets to see where they sit. The Aussie dollar -

It has just drifted off in the last $2.20
while. The gold price is down by 61
$2.20 overnight and oil is lower by index
61 cents a barrel. The Dow Jones the
index of US shares closed down and we
the Asian market were stronger. If London
we go to the European markets, the point.
London market last night up by 65 it
point. Yesterday here in Australia it was interesting because you saw the resours company stronger but expectations
the bank shares were off with the for
expectations the rates will be flat finance
for some time to come. That is some
finance for the moment. Let's get Thank
some entertainment with Richard. today
Thank you, Ross. Plenty around 'Fantastic
today - new movies, the new wreck?
'Fantastic Four' t it is a train videos
wreck? What about 'Trainwreck'? New Swift's
videos from Daniel Johns and Taylor excusively
Swift's boyfriend and we catch up excusively with '80s legend This program is not captioned.

Good morning again. Well, he is the in
English singer who reigned supreme and
in the 80s with his mighty voice he
and a string of great songs. Now, to
he is bringing his iconic hits back thing.
to Australia. And that's a good Young.
thing. Let's catch up with Paul #
Young.(SINGS) common
# You can live in amongst the common people must
#Those songs of yours mate, you last
must have thought it was going to think
last forever.I wasn't that dumb. I the
think I got a fairly good crack at There
the whip. I had a good 15 years. three
There are some people that two or innings,
three hits, so I think I had a good #
innings, you know.(SINGS) # We got everything time
#You had a great innings. Every they
time you go away, songs like that, hard
they are high songs and they are own.
hard to sing. You made them your these
own. I mean, how do you get on around
these days rapping your tonsils little
around that?You drop the keys a make
little bit as you get older. I did diwas
make it hard for myself. Everything and
diwas in the highest possible key dounge
and I resisted taking the keys #
dounge for a long time.(SINGS) # Oh I'm the type of boy # Who is always on the road a
#You are coming to Australia with UK
a bunch of your fellow superstars. is
UK superstars, Eighties Mania, it it.
is going to be a bit of fun, isn't across
it.We have come across each other it
across various events for years and some
it will be nice to be squeezed into voice.
some tiny van somewhere.Great little
voice. Paul will be here for a Go
little Eighties Mania, Nik Kershaw, kicks
Go West, Cutting Crew, the tour dates
kicks off September 9 and Perth Taylor
dates on our website. All right, to DJ
Taylor Swift's boyfriend, superstar got
DJ producer Calvin Harris who has Gigi
got a new video starring supermodel (SINGS)
Gigi Hadid. 'How Deep Is Your Love'. # # How deep is your love

How deep is your love #Streaming talking
service Tidal and Sylvia will be tomorrow.
talking to Gigi on the show Silverchair
tomorrow. All right, former was
Silverchair front man Daniel Johns show
was quite brilliant at the DJ's video
show last night. He has got a new animators
video employing the talents of 37 called
animators from Newcastle. It's (SONG)
called 'Going on 16'. #
(SONG) # # Come on over #
# Let the moment change Talk,
#There you go. Daniel's album, now.
Talk, it is a fantastic record out of
now. Brace yourself for the reunion Stewart,
of the faces for a good cause. Rod will
Stewart, Ronnie Wood, Kenney Jones at
will hit the stage for a short set gig
at a 2015 prostate cancer charity faces
gig in the UK. 40 years since the playing
faces parted way. They will be other
playing 'Stay With Me' and some quick
other favourites. All right. A legends.
quick update on a couple of our famously
legends. Johnny Devlin, who in
famously supported the Beatles back Zealand's
in the day, and is regarded as New home
Zealand's answer to Elvis's back by
home after undergoing a quadruple sad
by pass after a heart attack. Some reportedly
sad news, Helen Reddy has Angeles
reportedly been moved to a Los being
Angeles nursing facility after That's
being diagnosed with dementia. thoughts
That's a very sad story. Our her
thoughts are of course with her and song.
her family. What a voice, what a Thanks
song.What iconic song. Sad news. stories
Thanks very much.Here are the top Investigators
stories on Today. Mystery solved. wing
Investigators confirm the washed up MH370.
wing did come from missing Flight situation
MH370. We are live to France as the A
situation unfolds.Miracle survival. storeys
A window cleaner falls three and
storeys from an Apple Store window More
and lives.The chaos continues. thousands
More Bali ash cloud misery for has
thousands of travellers. Our expert you
has everything you need to know if Ab-as
you are planning to fly this week. debuts
Ab-as ittic. Jesinta Campbell tells
debuts her super fit body. She photo.
tells us how she did it and that life
photo.And we make a history making Cash
life changing $110,000 Block of morning.
Cash call.Very big show ahead this to
morning. Good morning to you. Great Thursday,
to have your company on this Thursday, 6 August. And returning fragment
to our top story and a wing Island
fragment washed up on Reunion of
Island has been confirmed as a part MH370.
of missing Malaysia Airlines jet MH370. Here is the prime minister a
of Malaysia making the announcement team
a little earlier.International confirmed
team of experts have conclusively found
confirmed that the aircraft debris from
found on Reunion Island is indeed correspondent
from MH370.Nine's Europe joining
correspondent Tom Steinfort is in
joining us now live from Toulouse now
in France. Good morning to you. We there
now know that the plane crashed but there are many more questions.

Yeah, there must be real mixed 239
emotions for the families of the Malaysia
239 people that were on board that morning.
Malaysia Airlines flight this morning. Firstly, they finally have waiting
some answers that they have been essentially
waiting 515 days for. But it is worst
essentially confirmation of the MH370
worst for them. Now believing that into
MH370 almost definitely crashed confirmation
into the Indian Ocean with that that
confirmation that this wing part that washed up on Reunion is from flight.
that doomed Malaysia Airlines said,
flight. Look, for the families as I from
said, they do want more answers some
from here and there may well be investigation
some that come from this is
investigation here in Toulouse. It is ongoing. They are still studying the
that wing part here at the moment, hoping
the aviation experts. They are clues
hoping that there will be other barnacles
clues on there, perhaps the the
barnacles might indicate where in hit
the Indian Ocean the plane first family
hit the water and some of the out
family members have already spoken announcement.
out in the wake of this members
announcement. One of the crew won't
members families has said that they of
won't be resting until they get all where
of the answers on this in terms of importantly
where exactly the plane and more are
importantly the passengers on board a
are finally have come to rest. Take They
a listen.It's not the end of it. is
They found something, you know, it find
is not the end. They still need to them
find the whole thing. We still want them back.

So the search and the investigation a
still ongoing and Australia playing the
a very pivotal role in that part of come
the investigation team here has safety
come from the Australian transport search,
safety bureau and as far as the search, well, that is ongoing in well.
the Indian Ocean as we speak as investigators
well. In fact, the Australian from
investigators launched a new boat and
from Fremantle last night to try new
and assist following on from these Tom
new leads that have washed up.OK, Thanks
Tom Steinfort there in France. is
Thanks very much.A window cleaner morning
is in a critical condition this from
morning after falling three storeys CBD.
from the Apple Store in Sydney's reporter
CBD. Live now to Today Sydney this
reporter Chris Urquhart. How did authorities
this man fall?Well, that is what work
authorities are trying to exactly there
work out. Because on the ground, equipment,
there was this harness and safety gone
equipment, something has obviously floors
gone catastrophically wrong. Three frontage
floors up. Obviously the glass iconic
frontage of the Apple building, a
iconic here in Sydney, is certainly what
a job to take care of and that is last
what he was doing at about 8:30 when
last night, cleaning the windows fell
when witnesses say that he just shelter
fell head first through the bus whole
shelter at the bottom leaving a ground.
whole lot of glass broken on the trying
ground. Witnesses say that he was but
trying to move, trying to get up until
but they kept him on the ground arrive,
until ambulance, paramedics could off
arrive, stabilise him and get him which
off to saint Vincents hospital from
which formtly is a very quick trip His
from George Street here in the city. injuries,
His injuries appear to be some head pelvis
injuries, spinal injuries and his very
pelvis as well. So his injuries very severe but just fortunate that with
he wasn't killed in this and also with all of the people below, it people
was 8:30 last night, a lot of from
people coming and going last night late
from the shops or finishing work worse.
late and this could have been a lot treatment
worse. Obviously, he is getting the Authorities
treatment that he needed. exactly
Authorities are looking into fall
exactly what would have caused a investigating
fall of this nature. Police are work,
investigating and because he was at looking
work, obviously WorkCover is thank
looking at it as well.All right, cinema
thank you.Emergency Services say alive
cinema taterons are lucky to be at
alive this morning after a shooting morning,
at a Tennessee cinema. Early this inside
morning, a gunman opened fire during
inside a movie theatre in Nashville Max'
during a screening of the new 'Mad been
Max' movie. Thankfully, there have three
been no major injuries with just spray.
three people affected by pepper that
spray.We believe at this point assailant.
that the pepper spray came from the treated
assailant. One of those three we
treated was also examined for what wound
we have described as a superficial caused
wound that could have been possibly however,
caused by a hatchet.The gunman, opening
however, was shot dead soon after is
opening fire inside the cinema. It theatre
is the second shooting at a movie people
theatre in recent weeks with two gunman
people losing their lives when a the
gunman fired several shots during 'Trainwreck'
the screening of the film will
'Trainwreck' in Louisiana. A man stabbing
will face court today following the night.
stabbing of his brother on Tuesday his
night. He is accused of attacking a
his brother after an argument over bail
a greyhound. The man was refused remains
bail overnight while his brother St
remains in a serious condition at payments
St George Hospital. Welfare most
payments have been stripped from have
most of the 120 Australians who terrorists
have joined Islamic State least
terrorists in Iraq and Syria. At Australians
least eight in 10 of the been
Australians who have joined IS had unemployment
been on welfare such as disability
unemployment and sickness benefits, carer
disability pensions, and youth and extremists
carer allowances. Up to 70 other seized
extremists whose passports are powers
seized may also lose welfare under October.
powers that came into effect last Aussie
October.Continuing for hundreds of and
Aussie holiday makers heading in have
and out of Bali. Jetstar and Virgin flights
have had to cancel all their hovers
flights there as volcanic ash cloud Melbourne
hovers near Denpasar airport. Today covering
Melbourne reporter Lauren Ellis is will
covering the story for us an we Davies.
will also cross to Christopher What
Davies. But first to you Lauren. information
What is the latest flight morning.
information this morning?Good further
morning. Well, there will be for
further disruptions this morning from
for passengers travelling to and cloud
from Bali as this volcanic ash Denpasar
cloud continues to hover over Virgin
Denpasar Airport. At the moment, flights,
Virgin has decided to delay two one
flights, one out of Melbourne an is
one out of Brisbane while Jetstar have
is being very conservative. They four
have gone ahead and cancelled all morning.
four flights scheduled for this flights
morning. Now, at this stage, flights scheduled for this all
afternoon will go ahead as well as that
all Garuda flights, including one Melbourne
that is going to depart here from never
Melbourne at 9:00.No, we have never had any trouble with Garuda, there.
so we are hoping that we will get there.What did your travel agent the
say?She said they fly higher than get
the other planes so it is easier to right.
get over there, so we should be all receive
right.Now, the major airlines will ash
receive an update from the volcanic hours
ash advisory centre in the next few decide
hours an that is when they will decide if the flights need to be scheduled
cancelled or delayed that are scheduled for this afternoon. Now, moment
the advice for passengers at the contact
moment is to check the website or check
contact the airline directly to it
check the status of your flight if up
it has been cancelled, do not turn flights
up here at the airport. Extra passengers
flights will be scheduled to get is
passengers to and from Bali once it the
is safe to fly. Obviously, that is this
the main concern for the airlines decisions.
this morning when they make these travel
decisions. But it has disrupted the passengers.
travel plans for thousands of that.
passengers.Thanks very much for Davies
that. Let's go to Christopher Thanks
Davies at the advisory centre now. Thanks for joining us. Any idea at flights
this stage how much longer these grounded?
flights are likely to stay hard
grounded?Good morning. That's very winds
hard to say. We are expecting the for
winds to remain from the north-west hour
for a few days. They do vary a bit generally
hour by hour and day-by-day. But we
generally we will see the ash plume about
we have got at the moment, which is the
about 180km to the south-east to the volcano, which is very close to see
the South Coast of Bali. So we may next
see periods of disruption over the back
next few days as the plume moves providing
back and forth an we will be airlines
providing regular updates to the making.
airlines to help their decision the
making.Just remind us - what are flying
the main dangers involved with The
flying too close to volcanic ash? ingested
The biggest danger is ash being engines.
ingested into the aircraft's Airways
engines. So famously British cloud
Airways flight 9 threw through ash engines
cloud and had all four of its also
engines stop mid flight. There is themselves.
also danger to the aircraft bodies volcanic
themselves. If you can imagine particles
volcanic ash is like small through
particles of sand, so flying sand
through that at high speeds is like plane.
sand blasting the outside of the airline
plane. So our role is to inform the detects
airline industry what we can expect
detects and where t and where we will
expect it to move and then they their
will make their decisions based on they
their safety systems as to where very
they can and can't fly.OK, thanks you
very much.Not a problem.Over to that
you Sylvia.Reports this morning be
that federal politicians may soon class
be banned from flying business cracks
class as Prime Minister Tony Abbott Live
cracks down on travel entitlements. Kerrie
Live now to political reporter daily
Kerrie Yaxley in Canberra. The wroughts
daily revelations about travel politicians
wroughts keep coming.Well, claiming
politicians say that they are rules
claiming within the rules but the minister
rules are quite flexible. The prime entitlements.
minister has ordered a review into that
entitlements. He said yesterday within
that he wants a new system in place within months. As the prime will
minister has indicated, the review to
will consider forcing politicians fly
to give up business class and only there
fly economy within Australia and claims
there are also calls for travel immediately
claims to be made public as
immediately so for example as soon the
as a politician claims a flight, appear
the cost of that flight would appear on line. Meanwhile, today, Senator
there are reports that Green taxpayers
Senator Sarah Hanson-Young charged Sydney
taxpayers $2,700 to attend to Bronwyn
Sydney to attend the Mardi Gras and still
Bronwyn Bishop's entitlements are at
still in the news. If she retires 10
at the next election, she would get taxpayer.
10 return flights a year on the stands
taxpayer. So no political party It
stands to gain from these stories. wants
It is no wonder the prime minister possible.
wants this dealt with as quickly as relationship
possible.Meantime, Australia's to
relationship with Indonesia seems Bishop
to be back on track after Julie counterpart
Bishop met her Indonesian counterpart overnight.Yeah, Julie an
Bishop said the meeting was candid time
an positive and this is the first have
time any ministers from the two kts ringleaders
have met since Bali Nine Sukumaran
ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran this
Sukumaran were executed earlier Australia
this year. After the executions, from
Australia withdrew our ambassador frms
from Jakarta. Last night the two regional
frms met on the sidelines of a Malaysia.
regional meeting in Kuala Lumpur in speaking
Malaysia. Here is Julie Bishop With
speaking to the media afterwards. of
With our cooperation in the areas and
of security, intelligence, defence relationship
and law enforcement, this to
relationship will go from strength to strength.In another sign that Minister
the relationship is thawing, Trade delegation
Minister Andrew Robb will take a Indonesia
delegation of business people to Italian
Indonesia soon.Thank you.The more
Italian coast guard has rescued Mediterranean
more than 400 people from the boat
Mediterranean Sea after a smuggling 600
boat capsized north of Libya. Up to believed
600 people were on board the vessel The
believed to be bound for Europe. the
The survivors have been taken to processing
the Sicilian port of Messina for have
processing while dozens of bodies people
have been recovered. Close to 2,000 attempting
people have lost their lives Mediterranean
attempting to cross the Billionaire
Mediterranean Sea this year alone. his
Billionaire James Packer has sold in
his sprawling water front mansion The
in Sydney for more than $60 million. property
The highest price ever paid for a storey
property in Australia. The six to
storey compound was sold privately and
to an Australian buyer. Mr Packer the
and his now ex-wife Erica lived in just
the Wentworth road property for completion
just four months after the home's estate
completion in 2013. The hill side harbour
estate with views across the entertaining
harbour feature generous family
entertaining areas, a six bedroom cinema.
family quarters, and a 20 seat expected
cinema. The unemployment rate is jobs
expected to rise today as slowing population
jobs growth fails to keep up with Ross
population increase. Finance editor break
Ross Greenwood joins us now to important,
break it all down. That is the
important, isn't it?It really S the whole thing about this is that job
the number of people looking for a if
job right now because remember that economy
if this starts to blow out as the that
economy is cooled, it is expected even
that the unemployment rate would It
even go out to 6.5% or even more. economists
It is sitting at 6% right now. The 6.1%
economists say it might go out to the
6.1% but it is quite flat. One of actually
the hidden reasons for this is migrants
actually because the number of new Australia's
migrants coming into Australia. at
Australia's population is growing our
at a slower rate. So even though 24
our population is getting towards naturally
24 million now, which means people
naturally if you have got more you've
people coming to the country but the
you've got the same number of jobs, higher
the unemployment rate would go is
higher but because the population means
is growing at a slower rate, it not
means that the unemployment rate is would
not galloping off as many people aren't
would have expected.Some people reality
aren't going to like this but the you've
reality is for a modern day economy, growth
you've got to have population exactly
growth happening, don't you?That's part
exactly right. But there's a second people
part about this as well. A lot of are
people sitting out there right now if
are saying I would work more hours about
if I could so we are talking here Now,
about the under employment rate. unemployment
Now, many people say the true probably
unemployment rate in Australia is youth
probably out beyond 10% an for especially
youth unemployment rate, it is understand
especially bad. But you have got to Bureau
understand how the understand 6%
Bureau of Statistics does this. So now.
6% is the unemployment rate right take
now. So they ask a question. They ask
take about 30,000 house holds an offered
ask 30,000 people if you were start?
offered a job right now, could you then
start? And if your answer is yes, the
then that is the first tick. Then actively
the second thing is are you also have
actively seeking a job if you don't answer
have a job right now. If you again to
answer yes, then you are considered Anybody
to be a part of the employment pool. basically
Anybody else is seen to be sort of student
basically retired or maybe a you
student under the age of 15. Then group
you actually work out from that not
group who is employed and who is this
not employed from that group. So sometimes
this is the participation rate Reserve
sometimes that is talked about. very
Reserve Bank, watching all of this suddenly
very closely.Because if this Bank
suddenly takes off, the Reserve to
Bank would have little choice but the
to start to cut interest rates but you've
the fact of the matter is while staying
you've got the unemployment rate staying relatively steady, the that
Reserve Bank has to do nothing. And now
that is why most economists right hold
now are saying interest rates on Some
hold for the next 12 to 18 months. announcement
Some criticism the prime minister's building
announcement yesterday of some ship This
building of course in Adelaide. Australian
This is great news for the South be
Australian economy. Why would there is
be negatives here?The reason why for
is is this the most productive way ships.
for Australia to build its naval overseas
ships.Why wouldn't you buy them creating
overseas an bring them in? You are creating jobs, aren't you?You are you've
creating jobs. The answer then of
you've got to add up is the amount building
of money you have spent extra in and
building those ships in Australia actually
and creating the work and you can work,
actually judge the value of that compared
work, is that actually worth it from
compared with bringing in the ships that
from overseas? That is the equation be
that somebody somewhere is going to of
be doing. Now, from a social point got
of view, you've got it say it has ships
got to help your own economy if the this
ships are built locally. But again, competitiveness,
this is about Australia's competitiveness, are we competitive also
enough to do it? The other question course
also is the bigger contractors of would...
course the submarines and it subs.
would...Let's not talk about the I
subs. Leave them out.The Japanese runners
I think might be still the front out.
runners for that.Let's leave them still
out. Thank you.Thanks Karl. Well, breaking
still to come, our massive record tax
breaking get out of town $110,000 coming
tax free Block of Cash call is need
coming up. But don't forget, you and
need to answer within five rings Today".
and say the words "I wake up with time
Today". Right now, though, it is with
time to get a check of the weather Harbour
with Stevie who is in Darling ahead
Harbour in Sydney this morning your
ahead of the Bledisloe Cup. I hope about
your kicking has improved.We are we
about to improve my kicking because that
we have got a very special guest Lifano,
that has come down. Christian points
Lifano, he has played 16 Tests, 124 how
points an he will show me exactly Darling
how to boot these balls into more
Darling Harbour which makes it even set
more fun. They have got some goals set up on a pontoon and we will see your
how we go right after this. This is your weather today:

OK, scores are tied. 10 seconds to the
go. To win the Bledisloe Cup for pressure,
the first time in 13 years, no friend.
pressure, it is all up to you, my first.
friend.Am I going first?You go doesn't
first.Which one do you want?It Here
doesn't matter. I'm not very good. through
Here we go. See if we can get them Harbour
through the posts and into Darling about.
Harbour and that is what it is all Bledisloe.
about. Australia, take the see
Bledisloe.Your turn mate. Let's What
see if the All Blacks can tie it up. ball,
What are your tips?Looking at the in
ball, kick it through those things we
in the middle.Sounds tough. Here we go.

Yeah, I might need a little bit mate.
more practise.Little bit more, down
mate.But anyone can actually come is
down here and try this today. This Bledisloe
is the live activation site for the one
Bledisloe Cup. So here mate, take you
one of these, because I tell what you is even more fun than kicking booting
goals through there, it is just come
booting balls into the harbour. So give
come down and have a try today. And The
give the Aussies a bit of support. 4:00
The Wallabies will be down here at meet
4:00 this afternoon and you can well.
meet stars just like Christian as Good
well. Thank you very much my friend. get
Good stuff. Somebody has to go and wouldn't
get those.That was awesome. I buy
wouldn't worry about it mate. They fine.
buy groe degrade so everything is new
fine. Look out teachers, there is a students
new test in town. From next year, degree
students wanting to do a teaching obtain
degree at university will need to least
obtain a score of 80% or more in at English.
least three HSC subjects including Davies
English. We are joined now by Ben you.
Davies from 4BC. Good morning to I
you.Karlos, great idea. Great idea. Our
I think it's a no-brainer in fact. teach
Our teachers need to be able to But
teach the subjects that they do. here
But the - there's a bigger issue yeah,
here rather than the test. I mean, think
yeah, that is very important but I Australia
think we need a quantum shift in teachers
Australia about how we persevere teaching
teachers and how we persevere back
teaching as a profession. We go through
back to when you and I were going through uni, teaching was the full course
back degree if you didn't make the We
course that you wanted to get into. got
We have got to change that. We have about
got to change the way that we think society.
about teachers and their station in skand
society. You have a look at the bring
skand Navyian countries an always think
bring them in because they always education
think they are the benchmark in revered
education in the world. They are so the
revered teachers in that part of station.
the world. They have such a high their
station. Such a high standing in they
their society. And here, sadly, people
they don't. So no wonder there are the
people who don't want to get into wonder
the teaching profession and no comes
wonder the kids don't and it all scraping
comes back to you know what, we are will
scraping through with our marks, we will just let anyone in.I think are
the problem is, too, I mean people looking
are getting 80%, they are probably occupation
looking at other forms of occupation to move into because of It's
the pay. So the pay has to come too. goes
It's a vicious cycle really.That teachers
goes back to where we persevere they
teachers in our society. We know invaluable
they do a fantastic job and an formative
invaluable job. They are our time
formative years an we spend so much pay
time with our teachers. We need the the
pay to cor to it and we also need know,
the perception to change that. You who
know, I hate that saying that those hate
who do do those who can't teach, I We
hate that. I absolutely hate that. of
We need to change that.I can think from
of nothing more important, apart medical
from Emergency Services, front line teaching
medical services and the like, than you
teaching future generations. Thank are
you for that. Federal politicians can
are likely to be told today they have
can no longer fly business class an plane
have to sit down the back of the 'Daily
plane like everybody else. The job
'Daily Telegraph' has done a great some
job on this story. It has revealed government.
some of the big spenders in our the
government. Let's take a look at treasurer,
the hit list. Joe Hockey, the from
treasurer, last year he travelled private
from Sydney to Tasmania on a Jackie
private charter flight to meet with Tone
Jackie lamb weeby -- Jacqui Lambie. after
Tone is feeling the heat this week business
after taking a family class business trip to Uluru. Wow! But Labor's
the biggest spender looks to be winter
Labor's Brendan O'Connor, every had
winter since 2011, Mr O'Connor has Queensland.
had a family reunion in North a
Queensland. That has cost taxpayers tally.
a whopping $30,000! There is the some
tally. Right there. That is just them
some of them. That is just some of control.
them this morning. It is out of

Out of control indeed. I mean, list
obviously number one on that hit know
list would be Bronwyn Bishop, we someone
know that. I go back, though, to final
someone who should be in the grand actually
final with her or perhaps in A1 or that
actually 1A, no, that is the seat Carr
that he sits in. You remember Bob of
Carr an his spending. This was out month
of control. I remember in a six $4,000
month period, he was spending over day.
$4,000 a day on travel. $4,000 a of
day. You get to a fortnight and all the
of a sudden, you are bringing home is
the average Australian wage. This control.
is - you're right, it is out of system
control. It is out of control. The thing.
system is broken here. This is the doing
thing. They are all saying they are rules
doing it within the rules. The rules need to change. We know that start
is going to happen. The moment they an
start to bring back business class an reign this in, the better. Just should.
because you can, doesn't mean you this.
should. You've got to think about under
this. I'm glad Tony Abbott, I mean, month
under what, the best part of a that
month under buckling pressure here, they
that they are looking at this. And enterprise
they have got to change T private do
enterprise does this so well. They the
do it a hell of a lot better than travel
the government. We know there is everyone
travel restrictions put in on should
everyone when they travel, there are
should be and most companies who Business
are tightening their belt do. you
Business class flights, perhaps if internationally
you are only travelling length
internationally over a certain is
length of time, but even then, it some
is a luxury in itself sthoochlt some of the travel is justified. It problem.
is all justified. That is the forgot
problem.What about this mate. I here
forgot the great one on the tally Daniel
here this morning, Greens Senator Young
Daniel myrs writes Sarah Hanson- same
Young com cars in Sydney on the to
same week she received VIP tickets goes
to attend the 2013 Mardi Gras. It justified.
goes on and on and on.All she
justified. All justified. I think gay
she was the Greens specks person on again,
gay and lesbian rights. So I mean done
again, all justified. It is all problem.
done under the rules an here's the They
problem. The system. The rules. They are all wrong. They are all isn't
out of whack.He is on fire today, this
isn't he. What do you think about of
this mate. Are we becoming a nation to
of dibber dobbers as my wife used bad
to say, dibber dobbers. Exposing thing
bad behaviour seems like the right dedicated
thing to do but with websites behaving
dedicated to naming an shaming bad some
behaving Aussies caught on Dash Cam, a
some are concerned about the effect what
a post can have on someone. Now, something,
what do you think? If you see them,
something, you tag them, you bag is
them, you put them on the net. What exactly.
is wrong with that?Yep. No, exactly. The one thing I don't like websites
is the naming and shaming on photographic
websites where there is no can
photographic or video evidence. You Twitter.
can just jump on...It is called Twitter.Restaurant reviews, you like
can get in there and if you don't restaurant,
like someone that works at a slander.
restaurant, you can come and naming
slander. I don't like that. But the evidence,
naming and shaming as far as video don't
evidence, photographic evidence, I anything
don't mind that. If you don't do going
anything wrong, then you're not you.
going to get named and shamed, are worked,
you. The thing is if the system about
worked, here we g we are banging on system
about the system again, if the If
system works, we wouldn't need this. the
If people were getting caught doing this
the wrong thing, we wouldn't need shaming
this but they are not. Naming an their
shaming will get people to pull if
their heads in and dot right thing your
if you have got that hanging over law
your head. Obviously breaking the doesn't
law or doing the wrong thing because
doesn't worry people too much because it still happens. But if great
this is there...I've got some that
great vision of your old red laser the
that we used to go to uni in with wasn't
the racing steering wheel. That registered
wasn't legal that car, nor was it you
registered but I'm not going to dob karbies
you in.Just because we put twin I'm
karbies on it doesn't mean anything. Down
I'm going to find my videotape. video
Down on the Gold Coast that night, you
video security footage...Over to confirmation
you Lisa.Cut off Ben. Up next, the waiting
confirmation the world has been beach
waiting for. A wing washed up on a MH370.
beach on Reunion Island is from after
MH370. We will have the very latest joined
after the break. Plus, we are Nola
joined live by the crayfish Queens, we
Nola an Lauren from 'The Hotplate', scenes
we will find out all the behind the heats
scenes goss as that competition interview
heats up. And our exclusive interview with the Hollywood Target.
actress who admits she shops at Target. Find out who it is next.

This program is not captioned. and
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$110,000 in the kit!That is just a obscene.
crazy amount of money.It is But
obscene. It is vulgar.That's right. 7:30
But three cheers for vulgar. It is news.
7:30 now, so it is time for the breaking
news.Good morning again. If irs to after
breaking news on Flight MH370 and dead
after 17 months of false leads an given
dead ends, authorities have finally on
given confirmation debris washed up missing
on Reunion Island is from the correspondent
missing plane. Nine's Europe us
correspondent Tom Steinfort joins this
us live from Toulouse in France but
this morning. A major development still
but the families of those on board that's
still need more answers.Yeah, development.
that's right. This is a huge 515
development. We have been waiting mystery
515 days now for answers on the starting
mystery of MH370. Look, it is a physical
starting point. It is the first confirmed
physical evidence now that we have Malaysia
confirmed being from that missing doesn't
Malaysia Airlines jet but it in
doesn't really help all that much down
in terms of the search for tracking this
down the rest of the wreckage from that
this flight. The 239 passengers aviation
that were on board. And certainly sentiment
aviation experts have echoed that start
sentiment saying that yes, it's a needle
start but it really is still a track
needle in a haystack game trying to Indian
track down exactly where in the So
Indian Ocean all of the leads are. them
So look, we have heard from some of that
them this morning. Let's listen to tracking
that now.There can be some back- very
tracking but the Indian Ocean is a unexplored.
very large ocean and relatively only
unexplored. It is deep. It is not the
only the currents, it is the winds, of
the waves and depending on the size above
of the debris and whether it is above the water or below.

So both the investigation and the just
search are ongoing now and it must the
just be so hard for the families of that
the 239 people who were on board have
that Malaysia Airlines flight. They half
have been waiting for a year and a half now for answers. They have got essentially
some of them but it also does them,
essentially confirm the worst for them, that this plane crashed into the Indian Ocean and some of them announcement
have already spoken since that say
announcement this morning and they get
say that they won't rest until they Everything
get all of the answers.Sad. Angry. know
Everything rolled into one. I don't but
know whether there is a need for it difficult
but that is how we feel.So very families
difficult time for all of the in
families and we have just found out were
in the last few moments that they text
were all notified this morning by with
text message that this was a match breaking
with MH370.Thank you. To more man
breaking news now back home and a in
man has been attacked with a hammer go
in Queensland's south-east. Let's the
go to Today's Aislin Kriukelis for This
the latest. What can you tell us? It
This happened early this morning. Tarampa
It happened in a rural superb in of
Tarampa which is just to the west between
of Brisbane. A fight broke out each
between two men who are known to one
each other an they do believe that head
one has struck the other on the 30
head with a hammer. The victim is hospital
30 years old. He has been taken to There
hospital with serious injuries. been
There are fears that his skull has injuries,
been fractured. Because of his haven't
injuries, police tell me they yet.
haven't been able to talk to him as
yet. So at this stage, no complaint are
as such has been made but officers trying
are now at the scene. They are they
trying to find the offender and witnesses.
they are trying to talk to any you
witnesses. So we will keep bringing them.
you updates on this one as we get continuing
them.Thank you. Volcanic ash is thousands
continuing to cause havoc for to
thousands of Australians travelling cancelled
to Bali today. Jetstar has Denpasar
cancelled all flights in and out of Australia
Denpasar this morning. While Virgin early
Australia has also delayed its periods
early morning flights.We may see few
periods of disruption over the next and
few days as the plume moves back and forth and we will be providing help
regular updates to the airlines to Passengers
help their decision making. check
Passengers are also advised to line.
check the status of their flight on Indonesia
line. Australia's relations with little
Indonesia appear to have thawed a Julie
little overnight. Foreign Minister her
Julie Bishop has held talks with first
her Indonesian counterpart. The Nine
first since the execution of Bali Sukumaran.
Nine pair Andrew Chan and Myuran candid
Sukumaran. She says the talks were cooperation
candid and productive.With our security,
cooperation in the areas of law
security, intelligence, defence and will
law enforcement, this relationship Ms
will go from strength to strength. discussed
Ms Bishop wouldn't say whether they asylum
discussed the prickly issue of another
asylum seeker policy. There's been the
another asylum seeker tragedy in a
the Mediterranean this morning when Amelia
a boat capsized near Libya. Nine's developments
Amelia Ballinger is following How
developments for us this morning. stage?
How many are still missing at this stage?Well, we are not sure yet of still
the exact number of people who are is
still unaccounted for. Information that
is coming to us very slowly from off
that area. About 68 nautical miles latest
off the coast of Libya but the latest information that we have is and
that 400 migrants have been rescued recovered.
and sadly 25 bodies have been 600
recovered. It is thought that about when
600 people were on board the boat weather
when they ran into some rough call
weather earlier today. A distress in
call was made and that was received sent
in Sicily and a rescue vessel was vessel
sent in that direction but as that rushed
vessel approached the boat, people causing
rushed to one side of the boat very
causing it to tip an then capsize information
very quickly apparently and the the
information from the scene suggests carry
the boat is large enough to safely people
carry about 50 people. About 600 as
people thought to be on board and been
as many as 100 people could have There
been in the hull when it capsized. of
There are varying reports in terms from
of where these people have come situation
from and exactly what their up
situation is. How they have ended that
up in this particular situation, survivors
that won't become clear until those survivors have been interviewed but the
of course that isn't happening at on
the moment. Rescuers just focussed They
on getting them safely to land. traumatic
They have obviously had a very police
traumatic experience.Back home, welfare
police are concerned for the her
welfare of a Queensland woman and both
her two-year-old daughter who are Whitehead
both missing. 29-year-old Natalie home
Whitehead was last seen leaving her home in Calvert with her toddler to hasn't
travel to Melbourne last month. She family
hasn't been in touch with her cricketer
family since leaving. Australian fined
cricketer James Faulkner has been admitting
fined $22,000 overnight after year-old
admitting to drink-driving. The 25- was
year-old who was living in England blood
was caught behind the wheel with a times
blood alcohol concentration three anything
times the legal limit. Appear Faulkner
anything a Manchester court, in
Faulkner apologised for his error driving
in judgment and accepted a two year hunter
driving ban. The professional American
hunter accused of helping an Zimbabwe's
American dentist hunt and kill described
Zimbabwe's most famous lion has as
described the charges against him Bronkhorst
as frivolous and wrong. Theo maintaining
Bronkhorst faced court overnight permits
maintaining he had the right a
permits to lure Cecil the Lion from a protected park.

The man who organised the hunt sparked
which killed Cecil the Lion and at
sparked worldwide outrage arrived could
at court in Zimbabwe knowing he the
could be going to jail. But inside hunter
the Magistrates Court, professional and
hunter Theo Bronkhorst was bemused What
and angry he was even facing trial. laid
What do you feel about the charge laid against you?

laid against you?
What do you feel about the charge frivolous
laid against you?I think it is You
frivolous and I think it's wrong. You think you will come through and
this?I've got a good legal team about
and I hope so.What is your feeling Zimbabwe?
about the issue of hunting in our
Zimbabwe?It's an integral part of continue.
our country and it's got to wildlife
continue. And if we do not use no
wildlife sustainably, there will be all
no wildlife.Do you feel you had above
all the right permits anering was was
above board?I believe so.Cecil wildlife
was one of Zimbabwe's biggest male
wildlife attractions. A 13-year-old cubs.
male with a pride of lionesses and term
cubs. He was also part of a long- University
term study being run by Oxford been
University and should never have year-old
been hunted. He was killed by a 55- Walter
year-old dentist from Minnesota, --
Walter Palmer. Who paid around $35 He
-- 35,000 pounds to slaughter Cecil. lured
He and Theo Bronkhorst allegedly safety
lured the big male lion out of the animal
safety of the national park with an with
animal carcass before shooting him heard
with a bow and arrow.We have all spice
heard the phrase variety is the is
spice of life and now a new study More
is proving spice is the key to life. people
More than half a million Chinese years
people were studied over seven eating
years with researchers finding that your
eating chili regularly could cut who
your risk of dying by 14%. Those times
who eight spicy foods six or seven compared
times a week faired much better heat
compared to those who braved the Curries
heat just once every seven days. linked
Curries an chilly have also been from
linked to a lower risk of death could
from cancer and heart disease. You vindaloo
could get yourself a whole lot of the
vindaloo with $110,000 coming up in call
the cash call.Personal chef to Gilbert
call it for the next 10 years.Tim I
Gilbert does love a bit of vindaloo. know
I love.I was just thinking...I share!
know what you're thinking.Don't but
share!Started in cinemas this week folks?
but is it as funny as it looks minutes
folks? Richard's review is just sport
minutes away.But let's get the #
sport now with Tim.(SINGS) the
# I fall into... Crunch time for Australia
the Australian cricket team tonight. Ashes
Australia needs to win to level the Nottingham.
Ashes series with England in fun.
Nottingham. Just a little bit of to
fun. The pressure, let's get back Michael
to serious stuff, will be on runs
Michael Clarke. He has made just 94 average
runs in six innings and that is an slammed
average of 18.8. The skipper love
slammed critics for doubting his plans
love of the game and says he has no Michael
plans of retirement any time soon. Michael Clarke, will he know had it comes
is time to stand down if that time be
comes or is it a decision that will selectors?
be left in the hands of the Hopefully
selectors?Time will tell. that
Hopefully I'm playing well enough different
that it is up to me. But I'm no I'm
different than any other player. If I'll
I'm not playing well enough, then he
I'll get dropped.Corey Norris and throughout
he has chatted to Michael Clarke today.
throughout Nine News bulletins Adelaide's
today. Day one live on Gem. Port set
Adelaide's only Wines season is old The
set to undergo shoulder surgery. sling
The star 20-year-old will be in a can
sling for up to six weeks before he Canterbury
can begin training again. will
Canterbury forward Greg Eastwood clash
will miss the Bulldogs vital Friday found
clash with Brisbane after being charge.
found guilty of a dangerous contact at
charge. Eastwood pleaded not guilty unsuccessful.
at the NRL judiciary but was match
unsuccessful. He will serve a one many
match ban. Lisa, Karl, Sylvia, how to
many runs is Michael Clarke going putting
to get into the first innings? I'm I'm
putting you on the spot.39.168. Oh.
I'm not sure there's a camera on me. about?
Oh.Is that all you are worried that
about?Let someone else look after if
that Sylvia.I'm told don't speak I'm
if there is no camera. There is one. to
I'm going to go 95...Do you listen the
to what they say, do you?I follow follow
the rules.I told her that.I don't replay
follow all your rules.We will Gem.
replay this tape tomorrow.It os- Gem.Thanks very much. Coming up, ever
the biggest cash give away we have would
ever had. Bank on this one. How have
would you spend $110,000?And we the
have got all the picks fresh from hottest
the catwalk last night at the Including
hottest fashion show of the year. explain.
Including a pic we probably need to all
explain.We will explain it. It is There
all coming up in just a little bit. going
There is no camera on me but I'm with
going for it anyway. Entertainment with Richard Wilkins.

Cameras are all over here kids. It Settle
is movie day.Of course they are. American
Settle down!First up, the film promoting
American comedian Amy Schumer was country
promoting when she was here in the that
country a few weeks back. Since found
that time, of course, the film has horrific
found itself at the centre of that which
horrific incident in Lafayette the
which was no laughing matter. But 'Trainwreck'.
the film is. It is called getting
'Trainwreck'.Your mother and I are isn't
getting divorced. Monning onmy realistic.
isn't realistic.Monning onmy isn't realistic.Again.Monologuemy isn't word
realistic.I didn't understand that message
word at the time.That is the it
message in this latest comedy but Amy
it really is a labour of love for biographical
Amy Schumer, the central auto whom
biographical character Amy, for Before
whom prosiscuety is a way of life. I'm
Before you judge, you should know, awesome.
I'm doing fine. My friends are I've
awesome. My apartment is sick. And magazine.
I've got a great job at a mens gal.
magazine.Yep, she is a good time So
gal. Doesn't know much about sport. interview
So she is the obvious person to Hader.
interview Aaron, played by Bill I
Hader.Do you follow sports?Sports. team?
I love them.Who is your favourite want
team?The Orlando Blooms.Do you movie
want to get a drink?Yeah.This pretty
movie is funny and filthy. Amy flow
pretty much has no filter in her many
flow of consciousness and there are you
many a moments in this film where say
you will ask yourself did she just Does
say that?I like Tom's sweater. basement.
Does he teach computer in a church because
basement.Don't get threatened concept
because you don't understand the like
concept of marriage.Do you dress have
like that so nobody else wants to It
have sex with him. That's call cool. clever
It is a terrific cast.You are clever but not too brainy, and approachable.
you're not gorgeous, you're cameos,
approachable.With some fabulous watching
cameos, including LeBron James.I'm going
watching it tonight because I'm not guys
going to go to practice an all the left
guys are talking about it and I'm pleasure
left out.This really is a guilty girls
pleasure for a mature audience or a 'Trainwreck'.
girls night out. It's called stars.
'Trainwreck'. Full steam ahead. 3.5 last
stars.I had a really good time wanted
last night. I was wondering if you to
wanted to hang out again.I'm going the
to call the police.Also out today, marvel's
the big budget rebooting of and
marvel's 'Fantastic four' franchise and in this origin story, we meet dream.
the bunch of youngers with a common

They are trying to tele port to attention
another dimension and attract the have
attention of some big players.You travel.
have cracked into dimensional the
travel. Together, you could change and
the course of history.Fast-forward button
and it is time to push the play things
button and wouldn't you know it, accident.
things go wrong.Due to a tragic adventurers
accident.Three of the four earth
adventurers returning to planet also
earth with special powers which abilities
also pass on to Susan.These world
abilities will have endless real one
world applications.And of course Doom.
one was left behind. Victor Von beginning
Doom.The end of your world is the cast
beginning of mine.So we watch the It's
cast learn to harness their skills. Jordan
It's a good young cast. Michael B as
Jordan the human torch. Kate Mara as invisible woman and Jamie Bell Nobody
as the thing.You can't fix this. but
Nobody can.They all do their best are
but really this is just awful.You is
are stronger than any of us.But he Compared
is not stronger than all of us. movies,
Compared to those other marvel looks
movies, like Ironman, Thor, this and
looks amateurish and unconvincing touch
and it lacks that wry smile an deft mentioned
touch which puts those others I It
mentioned in a world of their own. stinker.
It is, in essence, a bit of a kerb
stinker. More like a kick to the four
kerb than a rebooting. 'Fantastic four 'or not. 2 stars.

Don't shoot the messenger there. It league
is just disappointing. Not in the to
league of those other. I wanted it are
to be better but it is not. What new
are you going to say. There is a called
new Australian film out today stars
called 'Last Cab to Darwin' which Jeremy
stars Michael Caton. Directed by terminal
Jeremy Sims. It's a bloke who has Jacki
terminal cancer who heads north. doctor
Jacki Weaver is the controversial 3.5
doctor who can help him. It is a talking
3.5 star movie and we will be the
talking to Jackie a little later in We
the show today.It looks fabulous. that.
We have heard great things about terrific.
that.Really good. Michael Caton is misses.
terrific.As always.Jackie never take
misses.Listen, those films will take on last weekend's hits:

Have you seen it yet inI have not an
seen it yet.He keeps having hits is
an hits.Tom is the real deal. He the
is a great actor. He is action man, this
the 'Mission impossible' films, But
this is the best one yet I reckon. just
But if 'Trainwreck' is number three interesting
just on previews, it will be head
interesting to see when they go impossible'
head to head next week.'Mission 'Trainwreck'
impossible' is already number one. A
'Trainwreck' opens on big release. probably
A film like 'Trainwreck' will probably go number one this weekend think
but we will wait an see.Do you slightly
think so?Yeah.I think it is different
slightly different.It is. More 'Trainwreck',
different filmer films. haven't
'Trainwreck', are you kidding me?I It's
haven't seen it. How would I know? Don't
It's a great movie. I loved it. don't
Don't you think it is niche?No.I Chicks
don't even know what niche means. usually
Chicks love that stuff and you No,
usually love a chick movie.Well. No, I've observed it over the years. my
No, no, you have.I've King changed Really?
my tune on those sort of things. 'Mission
Really?I'm with Dickie.He likes things.
'Mission impossible'.Bashing up Mix
things.But things get blown up. body
Mix it up.Animated characters.Big stuff.
body count. All of that sort of thinking
stuff. Stuff like that.There I was aged
thinking you have gone all middle It
aged and you are still just a kid. out.
It took you this long to find that hitting
out. Still to come folks, Blocky is next
hitting the streets looking for our call
next winner, we have got the record that
call of $110,000. We are making to
that this morning. And we do want ready.
to give it away. So Blocky, get amount
ready.We still cannot believe that amount of money.I wake.

Blocky is the streets trying to coming
give away that $110,000. That is by
coming up in a little bit. So stand Do
by your phone. Do not go anywhere. Blocky.
Do not leave home without it. It is pride
Blocky.Yep. Right now, country seafood
pride was on the line as the 'The
seafood Queens Lauren and Nola hit didn't
'The Hotplate' last night and main
didn't they deliver.The crayfish is
main course. The skill and art that beast
is requires to cook such a massive beast is unbelievable.

For me, it was cooked perfectly. sensational.
Wow.And it was absolutely you
sensational. So thank you.How do She's
you feel Loz, are you all right? had
She's fine. She is fine. She has Tears
had to deal with me in the kitchen. nice.
Tears of joy Lozzy?Yep.Oh.That's cray.
nice.Great TV, isn't it. So cray what
cray. That's what it said. That's to
what it said.Your kids are going Here's
to shoot you for saying that. Cray
Here's Lozzy an Nols right now. how
Cray cray girls. (LAUGHS) hey girls, was
how are you?Hi.Good morning.I was just Joshing with you. Look, it emotional.
was terrific stuff last night. Very tengeed.
emotional. High-powered. High Lauren,
tengeed.Yes, definitely was.And Lauren, this is your first ever gig your
as a head chef. And crayfish are feeling
your speciality. Hard but a great Definitely.
feeling hearing those words? from
Definitely. It was hard to hear impress
from Scott. I really wanted to great
impress him the most so it was bet.
great to hear that he liked it.I Passcal
bet.Now, what about you and talk
Passcal right, Nols, I just want ta talk about you and Passcal, because sparks
Passcal are the lollies I adore, with
sparks have been flying for weeks night,
with you and Passcal, but last Passcal,
night, you pulled this out.So, your
Passcal, you said you would take you.
your shirt off if I got a cray for off
you. So this is your cray. Get it off baby.

So here's your cray.I would like one
the 4 kilo one and it's on. 4 kilo you
one and I will do a nudie run while Phew!
you guys are cooking.Passcal. Um.
Phew! Anything you want to tell us? in
Um. Not really. I think everybody have
in Australia just wished he would is
have got his top off.Exactly. He is like Passcal lolly, hard around He
the outside but soft on the inside. chef,
He is absolutely gorgeous.As head deal
chef, what was it like having to was
deal with Nols in the kitchen?It nols
was definitely a challenge having I
nols unless in the kitchen with me. apprentice
I couldn't compare her to an knows
apprentice because I think she well.
knows a bit more. She did really kitchen
well. It was her first day in the kitchen with me, tables were turned, doing
I was the boss.Nols, you have been Exactly.
doing it tough a little bit. kitchen.
Exactly. I get so bored in that love
kitchen. I just can't stand it. I house.
love being out the front of the finally
house.So it was nice to sort of arteries
finally be in control after chicken Definitely.
arteries and all of that stuff.Oh. chicken
Definitely. Like... Whoa! Yeah, not
chicken arteries and brains. Really different
not for me. But everybody has Mum
different tastes. I quite like it. breakon
Mum used to do mum's fry and breakfast.
breakon back in the day for little
breakfast.Lamb's fry is good.A is,
little bit of brain and liver that those
is, isn't it, and bacon. All of back
those traditional things are coming them.
back but you don't seem to like don't
them. What is wrong with you?Just pallet.
don't like them. Not good for my thinking
pallet.Kids around Australia are just
thinking if that lady can say she have
just doesn't like it, she doesn't same.
have to eat it, I'm going to do the would
same.Yeah, although I think it kids
would be a challenge to get your these
kids to eat lamb fry and bacon restaurant,
these days, isn't it.Your Wings
restaurant, wing, a seafood -- airport,
Wings and Fins, located at the airport
airport, it sounds like the best talk
airport food in the country, is it, Fresh
talk to me.It is amazing food. from
Fresh seafood. Crayfish flown in door
from Flinders island to the back So
door and held in tanks out the back. have
So beautiful fresh crayfish. And we day
have great seafood coming in every come
day fresh.Wow, can we get you to bit
come into our show here and bring a idea.
bit of that cray in?That's a good what
idea.We can organise that. Karl, shirt
what size would you like for your was
shirt to come off?Well, look. I give
was just on holidays so can you tone
give me three months.So he can great
tone up.That's it. Hey, it's a Yeah,
great show. Are you enjoying it? night,
Yeah, definitely.Now, on Monday to
night, a kitchen cat fight is going Fingers
to happen, what are your tips? well.
Fingers crossed they can both do their
well. They both need to pull up on.
their sock's an get into it.Come that.
on. Give us something more than exactly
that.We are going to be watching yeah.
exactly the same as you guys. So really
yeah. I just hope both teams do them
really well.You must like one of and
them more than the other?Conrad There
and Liam are really awesome guys. There you go. Thank you very much very
ladies. Thank you. We will see you returns
very soon and 'The Hotplate' ladies.
returns 7:30 on Monday. Lovely We
ladies. Very talented.Still ahead. of
We will take you behind the scenes All
of this year's hottest fashion show. don't
All the trends, all the stars, so Cash
don't go anywhere.The Block of folks,
Cash has jack potted to $110,000 ever
folks, this is the most we have has
ever given away. So Blocky, Blocky but
has taken not only to the studio, you
but to the streets to ask you what a
you would spend the money on. Take a look.

If I won that money, I would send family
my mum and dad and the rest of the to
family to England.Buy an Xbox.Go their
to help my son and daughter with upgrade
their mortgage and go on a trip or gloves
upgrade the car.You found your see
gloves again darling. Pleased to Lego.
see it.I would build a water slide. Buy
Lego.That would be a lot of Lego. for
Buy more money.I think a holiday one.
for the family. I think we deserve many
one.Go right around the world as until
many times as I possibly could Vegas.
until the money ran out.Go to Vegas. Try our luck.

$110,000, I wouldn't be doing this business
job.I would buy my husband a have
business for dog grooming.I would month
have a big wedding. Massive two travel
month honey moon.I would go and myself
travel around the world. Yeah.Set myself up a business.

Blocky will split it three ways.I you
wake.Oh! Blocky.And we are glad $110,000
you do girls. And don't forget that is
$110,000 phone call, I mean, that right
is get out of town money, that is, for
right there. Like get out of town of
for a very long time.Let's get out amount
of jail Lisa.That is the highest that
amount we have ever given away. And Blocky
that call isn't too far away at all. It's
Blocky is getting his groove on. away
It's the massive Block of Cash give bust
away that will make you want to life
bust a move. We are give away a to
life changing $110,000. It's easy to win, just pick up the phone up
within five rings and say "I wake up with Today". To register, call:

That call not far away. Now, it but
might be cold outside this morning through
but last night, the mercury was Spring
through the roof at the David Jones Making
Spring Summer Collection launch. Jesinta
Making her debut was our very own absolutely
Jesinta Campbell and she was season's
absolutely in her element in the season's swim wear.

At David Jones fashion launch is tonight,
always a star studded affair but lips
tonight, the one name on everyone's is
lips is Jesinta Campbell. Jesinta very
is walking for DJs tonight for the the
very first time and cheering from How
the sidelines tonight will be Buddy. excited.
How excited are you?I am so morning
excited. I was up so early this ook
morning with butterflies in my stop God
ook and I woke Bud up, it was some game
God earthy hour and he said it is it
game day for you, and I said it is, complete
it feels like my grand final. The excited.
complete opposite. So I'm super dream
excited. And just it has been a affiliated
dream of mine for so long and to be brand
affiliated with such an incredible brand is really exciting for me.

I've seen a sneak peek of you in ups
swim wear. Those abs, how many sit home
ups a day?She does about 150 at away.
home by myself. I'm over here blown How
away.Hi Buddy. Nice to see you. morning?
How many said ups did you do this me.
morning?She does a fair bit. Not proud
me. I leave that to Jesinta.How Very
proud are you of Jesinta tonight? lot
Very proud. I think you've done a tonight,
lot of hard work and to get here her
tonight, so yeah, very excited for night.
her and it's going to be a great catwalk.
night. Can't wait to watch the poses
catwalk.Did you practise your practises
poses in front of the mirror?I a
practises a few times, we have had yeah,
a few laughs at home about it. So tonight.
yeah, it is going to be really good tonight. Looking forward to it.

What will you be wearing this 70s
spring and summer?There's a real pants,
70s vibe, so really cool flared outfits
pants, heaps of fringing on the also
outfits as well, wide brim hats an it
also forget the little black dress, dress.
it is all about the little white linens
dress. So heaps of nice crisp white What
linens and beautiful white laces. I
What about the 70s comeback?Yeah. Not
I know. It is coming back a bit. what?
Not big fans of razors though?Of No,
what?Razors, the things that you... more
No, I've decided to go - this is me
more of a winter theme. If you had slick
me at the David Jones summer launch, ready
slick as anything, spray tanned, This
ready for that..The other reason... launch.
This is actually the spring summer may
launch. Yeah, Fitscy and Whipper details
may not have been across the finer the
details but I'm sure they enjoyed Sitting
the show last night as we all did. it
Sitting there in the front row and cheering
it was very special to be there stuff
cheering on Jes as she strutted her night.
stuff in magnificent style last fun.
night.For us all I think it was family
fun. She is like a member of our hard.
family here and she has worked so young
hard. I mean, she is an incredible there
young woman and we were sitting time,
there sitting there having a great enjoying
time, great photos of all of us and
enjoying some of all of that stuff little
and we will show you those in a tefblg
little bit. But look, it was a Jesinta
tefblg night.It was a great night. of
Jesinta and Jason had their sense we
of humour well and truly intact as There
we heckled from the front row. beautiful.
There you go. Great stuff.It was are
beautiful.Ahead in the news, we shooting
are live to the US after a horror Plus,
shooting in a Nashville cinema. ever
Plus, the biggest jackpot we have someone
ever had. We will be calling We
someone with $110,000 on the line. Weaver
We can't wait for it.Plus, Jacki our
Weaver opens up about her buddy in coming
our special interview, that is now,
coming up on the show.But right company
now, it is 8:00, great to have your for
company this morning, it is time Police
for the news.Good morning again. shot
Police in the United States have was
shot dead a 51-year-old gunman who wielding
was wearing a surgical mask and theatre
wielding a hat shet at a movie Laura
theatre near Nashville. Live to frightening
Laura Turner in the US. Another frightening incident in the cinema.

Good morning. That's right. Police armed
have now confirmed this man was also
armed with a bomb, with a gun, and movie
also with an axe when he entered a Nashville
movie theatre just outside of He
Nashville Tennessee a few hours ago. Max'
He went into a screening of 'Mad audience
Max' and began spraying the when
audience with pepper spray. That is unclear
when he began his attack. It is he
unclear at the moment as to whether gun.
he actually opened fire with that swinging
gun. We do know that he was injured
swinging that axe around. He now
injured a 58-year-old man who is It
now being treated for those wounds. seeing
It was local workers who reported calling
seeing a man covered in blood, five
calling police. They arrived within a
five minutes and have entered into man.
a gun battle with this 51-year-old listen
man. He was shot dead. Have a We
listen to local police in Nashville. pepper
We believe at this point that the assailant.
pepper spray came from the treated
assailant. One of those three we
treated was also examined for what wound
we have described as a supermarket --
wound that could have been possibly have
-- superficial wound that could hatchet.
have been possibly caused by a that
hatchet.Police have now detonated As
that bomb that was in his back pack. fatalities
As you say, there were no stage.
fatalities that we know of at this at
stage. The investigation now looks what
at who was this 51-year-old man and window
what was his motive.Thank you. A condition
window cleaner is in a critical falling
condition this morning after the
falling head first from the top of The
the Apple Store in Sydney's CBD. The man stepped back to move down he
the building's glass exterior when top
he plummeted three storeys into the around
top of a bus stop on George Street rushed
around 8:30 last night. He was spinal
rushed to hospital with head and have
spinal injuries. Police for now outside
have sectioned off the footpath investigation
outside the store while an year-old
investigation is underway. A one- pulled
year-old Palestinian girl has been with
pulled alive from the ocean along crowded
with her parents after their over Libya.
crowded fishing boat capsized off attempting
Libya. At least 25 migrants across
attempting the perilous journey and
across the Mediterranean are dead It's
and hundreds are still missing. more
It's believed the boat was carrying into
more than 600 migrants when it ran capsized
into trouble. The stricken vessel to
capsized after those on board moved rescued.
to one side in the hope of being Faulkner
rescued. Australian cricketer James overnight
Faulkner has been fined $22,000 driving.
overnight after admitting to drink- living
driving. The 25-year-old who was the
living in England was caught behind concentration
the wheel with a blood alcohol limit.
concentration three times the legal court,
limit. Appearing in a Manchester error
court, Faulkner apologised for his two
error in judgment and accepted a two year driving ban. Returning to and
the top news story of the day now morning
and experts have confirmed this on
morning the wing fragment washed up Malaysia
on Reunion Island is from missing This
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. This is what the prime minister of earlier
Malaysia had to say a little international
earlier this morning.An conclusively
international team of experts have aircraft
conclusively confirmed that the Island
aircraft debris found on Reunion joined
Island is indeed from MH370. We are and
joined now by Janet whose sister passengers
and brother-in-law were both your
passengers on MH370. Thank you for how
your time this morning. When and morning?
how did you receive this news this received
morning?Thank you. I actually my
received the news this morning from just
my niece giving me a phone call everything
just letting me know that I
everything had been confirmed. Then there
I went to my email and saw that JACC
there was an email there from the morning.
JACC office at 3:25 a.m. This so
morning. Obviously I was sleeping But
so I didn't get to read my emails. information
But very appreciative of that it
information coming through.How did of
it feel emotionally after 515 days this
of not knowing to receive that news this morning?

I think after last week, we were from
99.9% sure that that was the wing was
from the plane. So last week there days
was a lot of mixed emotions. A few process.
days later, we have had time to very
process. Today, albeit yes, it is for
very sad, it is also very good news for us, for most of the family, I'm is
sure I'm speaking on behalf of. It emotions
is still a lot of raw mixed relief.
emotions in there. But it is a we
relief. It is part of a puzzle that this
we needed. We needed to find where has
this plane had landed and where it some
has ended up. So to be able to have been
some little bit of information has I
been very rewarding. Particularly, well
I suppose, after the hard work as in
well that has gone from everybody exhausting
in that search.It has been an spanned
exhausting search and one that has a
spanned a very long period of time, a very large area of the ocean as what's
well all the time you not knowing to
what's happened at all. I hesitate it
to use the word closure, but does you
it bring any sense of closure to families?
you and do you think to the other

Unfortunately, it doesn't. There's closure,
still so much unknown there that anywhere
closure, unfortunately, isn't we
anywhere near close. But you know, got
we will get there one day. We have puzzle
got to keep going and keep that pieces
puzzle going and find all of those those
pieces and put it together, find when
those black boxes. I don't know when closure will ever happen. If eventually
we are able to lift that plane what's
eventually and then we can see difference.
what's going on. That may make that there
difference. But at the moment, This
there is definitely no closure. going
This investigation now has been years.
going on for the best part of two your
years. How has it been for you, for knew
your loved ones, and everyone who husband
knew your sister, Kathy and her last
husband Bob, going through those answers?
last 17 or so months without any

It's been horrific. Emotionally, as
the family has gone through so much Bob.
as well as the friends of cath and circle
Bob. They have a massive wide it's
circle of friends. And you know, It's
it's turmoil constantly every day. family's
It's very, very difficult. The family's gone through a lot. My kidney
father, took heart failure and year.
kidney failure with the shock last that's
year. The girls who experience this, have
that's kath and Bob's girls, they with
have gone through a very hard time disappearing.
with their mother and father just older
disappearing. Myself, I've got an got
older sister. It's traumatic. I've coped
got two young boys who haven't put
coped as well. You know, trying to back
put and trying to piece our lives very
back together. It is just very, emotions
very difficult. It has taken the from
emotions from everybody as well as impossible
from Bob's family.Look, it is you've
impossible for us to imagine what really
you've been going through. We morning.
really do appreciate your time this significant
morning. It certainly is a very very
significant development in this speak
very long investigation. We hope to news
speak to you again with some more news soon. Thank you.Thank you greatly
very much for your time. It's will
greatly appreciated.All right. We the
will have more on that throughout now,
the morning this morning but right sport
now, let's get you the news in in
sport with Tim.Thanks Sylvia. Just iron
in from the United States, grid is
iron hopeful Jarrad Hayne says he practise
is a bit sore after his first Jarrad.
practise with the pads. Here's Moody,
Jarrad.I think I went head on with Moody, my legs are pretty sore. It I've
is something that I always knew technique.
I've got to keep working on plane
technique.Of course, the Hayne roster
plane is hoping to make the 53 man He
roster for the San Francisco 49ers. real
He is doing well. He is having a match
real crack. What a pivotal Test Australia
match tonight in Nottingham. Test
Australia needs to win the fourth The
Test to square the Ashes series. Michael
The pressure is heaping on skipper 100
Michael Clarke who has less than captain
100 runs in six innings. The always
captain is staying strong as he Australia
always has. He is confident attitudes
Australia can win.The guys again,
attitudes have been outstanding preparation,
again, I can't fault our really
preparation, and the guys who train the
really well. I've got faith that in
the hard work we have been putting particular,
in over the last 12 months but in to
particular, this series, is going of
to pay off for us for the back end from
of this series.We will have more on
from the captain throughout the day action,
on Nine News. You can catch all the Gem.
action, of course, day one live on Adelaide
Gem. AFL and a huge blow for Port without
Adelaide who will have to do a
without Ollie Wines in its push for undergo
a final berth. The 20-year-old will injured
undergo surgery tonight after he injured his shoulder in Power's win NRL
against St Kilda on the weekend to. Eastwood
NRL and Canterbury forward Greg Eastwood will miss the Bulldogs after
vital Friday night clash with briz dangerous
after being found guilty of a pleaded
dangerous contact charge. Eastwood unsuccessful
pleaded not guilty but it was there.
unsuccessful so he will not be Mack
there. Swimming and Australia's day
Mack Horton has claimed Bronze on championships
day four of the world swimming led
championships in Russia. The champ overrun
led early but was eventually Earlier,
overrun by Sun Yang of China. Cameron
Earlier, Australian sprint King for
Cameron McEvoy qualified fastest plenty
for the 100m freestyle final. So it
plenty of sport about. How good is these
it watching Jarryd Hayne. A lot of saying
these experts, media over there, squad.
saying he will make that 53 man had
squad.That is so cool, because he He
had a lot of doubters, even here. American
He has got a little bit of an hear
American twang coming in, did you is.
hear that.That is where the money little
is. Show me the money!We will a the
little bit later with $110,000 on for
the line. Make sure you stay tuned a
for that. But right now, let's get Good
a check of your Thursday weather. Darling
Good morning to you. I'm down at live
Darling Harbour which is the wallis Bledisloe
live site this morning ahead of the If
Bledisloe match on Saturday night. check
If you come down here, you can Wallabies
check out some of the official BMW wired
Wallabies cars which have been experience
wired up for a special interactive themselves.
experience with the Wallabies it
themselves. We will show you what look
it is all about after we take a country
look at the weather around the country today:

Isn't technologimaids. These cameras
considers have been wired up with with
cameras an you can actually sit superimposed
with the Wallabies, they are have
superimposed via technology, and As
have a little sing along with them. here
As you can see, there is nobody in did
here right now but this is what we at
did a few minutes ago. Take a look (SINGS)
at this. #
(SINGS) # Waltzing Matilda # You'll come a waltzing Matilda #
with me # And he sang as he watched boiled
# And waited till his bill loi

# You'll come a waltzing...A few actually
boys in the back and they will phone
actually send that to you on your via
phone and then you can share that sensational.
via social media. But it looks James
sensational. When you have got big massive
James Slipper in the front seat, shotgun
massive forward, when he calls not
shotgun on the front seat, you do tell
not argue with that man. Let me to
tell you.I reckon they are going this
to go all right, the Wallabies, in good.
this World Cup. It is going to be a
good.Michael Cheika has done such the
a great job as the new coach.Drive want
the car into the drink Stevie.I Rhapsody.
want to do a bit of Bohemian we
Rhapsody.The biggest Block of Cash miss
we have ever had. $110,000. Don't interview
miss it.Plus, our sit down Weaver.
interview with the wonderful Jacki shopping
Weaver. And she reveals some you.
shopping habits that might surprise you.Up next on the Mixed Grill, a from
youth basketball team is banned girl
from a tournament for allowing a girls
girl to play. So should boys an together?
girls be allowed to play sport next.
together? It's a mixed one. It's up This program is not captioned. Sit down.

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Get ready, the Knock of Cash is Friday,
back.You're excited.Starting this around
Friday, Stevie will be travelling deserving
around the country rewarding will
deserving Aussies with $10,000.It difference.
will just make such a huge Lives
difference.Dreams will be made. unbelievable.
Lives will be changed.This is Never
unbelievable.Tune in this Friday. knocking
Never know. Stevie could be beautiful
knocking on your door.It's a to
beautiful thing and Stevie is going tomorrow
to start give away some cash people.
tomorrow to some very deserving the
people. So stay tuned. Time now for this
the Mixed Grill with Miranda Devine one
this morning, Tim Gilbert and the one and only Jesinta Campbell. We have got a lot to talk to you about can't
this morning. But first of all, count.
can't cook, can't clean, can't dangerous
count. That was a little bit dangerous that sentence. That is because
the bad wrap our kids are getting age
because they are liver anything an internet
age where 4G, iPad's and the are
internet rule. Miranda, our kids are writing their own apps, they from
are learning to use their phone comes
from the age of three but when it ironing
comes to pumping up a bike tyre or they
ironing a shirt, good luck.Yeah, say
they are pretty hopeless and I must teenagers
say I'm responsible for a couple of sensible
teenagers who can't do any sort of ever
sensible things. But have teenagers mean,
ever known what to do, really? I particularly
mean, I don't remember being 16.
particularly competent when I was You
16. Because you don't want to do it. parents.
You are living at home with your mother
parents. Are you going to show your shirt
mother that you can iron your own other
shirt and you can do all of those sentences
other boring domestic task Y
sentences of course not. Since Gen home,
Y is living longer than ever at pretend
home, of course they are going to would
pretend to be helpless.And why weed
would you, Tim, this is my question, get
weed your own garden when you can pay
get on to the air tasker app and you.
pay someone 20 bucks to do it for these
you.That's a fair call. I learnt of
these manual tasks because I'm one roster
of six children and we were on a the
roster system and if you didn't hit night.
the roster, you wouldn't eat that and
night. So you can imagine I iron think
and vacuumed, I did it a lot. I about
think you hit on the point there I
about the Gen Y staying at home and It
I think that is where this issue is. home
It is about people getting out of realise
home earlier and that is when you get
realise that the actual floor won't And
get cleaned if I drop my food on it. off
And the electricity might just go type
off if I don't pay for it. That where
type of thing. I think that is realise
where the issue is, you've got to and
realise get out, live it, know it, does
and you - the more someone else for
does for you, the less you can do you
for yourself.You are Gen Y, did so
you learn those skills at home?I'm the
so thankful that my parents, from had
the day - my first day of school, I Sunday
had to pack my own lunch, every to
Sunday was ironing day, our bed had so
to be made before we went to school, young
so I learnt all of those tasks at a 17
young age and left home when I was parents
17 and I'm so thankful to my For
parents for giving me those skills. washing,
For sure, my kids are going to be you
washing, cleaning, why else would say
you have kids. We always used to had
say that to mum and dad. You just very
had us to be your slaves.It is All
very important work.Dig up Timmy. because
All right. I want to move on through
because I want to make sure we get morning.
through all of these topics this calling
morning. A basketball team is being
calling foul this morning after being kicked out of a tournament Now,
because there is a girl on the team. uproar
Now, the decision is causing an legal
uproar and the team is considering it
legal action. Tim, is this fair?No, I
it is not. It is absolute rubbish. compete.
I love seeing girls and boys be
compete. There has probably got to with
be an age barrier, particularly where
with some of the sports but I know there
where my son Joey plays football, play.
there are a couple of girls that is
play. It is fantastic. I think it basketball,
is really good. At this age in issue.
basketball, why should that be an problem
issue. At some point it will be a is.
problem in combative sport, it just why
is. But I think in those early ages, relationship
why not. It helps that whole age
relationship move better.At this probably
age though, under 10s, boys are physical
probably going to be a lot more present
physical than girls, could that court?
present a problem on the basketball Under
court?I think it is ridiculous. fun
Under 11s, it is all about having bit
fun sport. When you get a little encounter
bit older, maybe you would under
encounter some problems. But not fun.
under 11s. It is all about having ridiculous.
fun.Yeah, I mean, that is girls,
ridiculous. Under 11s, boys and them
girls, there is not that much in fantastic,
them physically and there are some let
fantastic, as you say, footballers if
let alone basketballers. Basketball, going
if you're a tall girl, you are basketball.
going to be fantastic at playing just
basketball. So this is just - I age
just can't believe in this day and a
age that anybody would be excluding competition
a girl from an under 11s basketball girl.
competition just because she is a good
girl. If her team thinks she is good enough to play with them, then in
obviously she is good enough to be she
in the comp.And you imagine how has
she is feeling, that the whole team the
has missed out now in playing in Ridiculous.
the files.She would be furious. nation
Ridiculous.Are we becoming a behaviour
nation of dobbers, exposing bad do
behaviour seems the right thing to dedicated
do but with the rise of websites drivers.
dedicated to naming an shaming effect
drivers. Some worry about the well
effect it can have on someone's it
well being. How far is too far when feel
it comes to dobbing?I sometimes media
feel like the digital or social platform
media world can be an unfair towards
platform to express your hate people
towards someone. Because sometimes and
people have more of an advantage of
and it can actually turn into a bit a
of bullying. However, I encountered other
a really bad driver on the road the it
other day. He was hooning beside me, they
it was actually a car full of boys, I
they were yelling out crude things, put
I had my sunglasses on so they all like
put their sunglasses on and were wanted
like trying to mimic me and I just on
wanted to take a photo and put it wasn't
on social media but I knew it it
wasn't the right thing.Yeah look, one
it is a double edged sword. On the one hand, it's I guess a good thing aren't
that it may be - because there roads
aren't that many police on the disincentive
roads any more, it is an added badly
disincentive for people to drive unfortunately,
badly or throw garbage out. But tendency
unfortunately, I think there is a I
tendency in Australia to be dobbers. convict
I don't know why. Maybe it is our take
convict roots. But people seem to delicious
take - some people seem to take and
delicious delight in humiliating other
and embarrassing and calling out other people. They are all scolding much
and being wousers. There is too our
much of it and it has crept into from
our government and everything we do the
from having a drink at a pub to now absolutely
the new smoking laws in NSW are even
absolutely ridiculous, you can't of
even smoke outside, you know, all being
of these things is all part of take
being a dobbing nation.You can't fund
take a chopper to a Liberal Party if
fund raiser. Isn't the issue though, you've
if you have done nothing wrong, about.
you've got nothing to be worried outside.
about.Look, keep the smokers You
outside. I hate the smell of smoke. them
You can't even smoke outside.Tell I'm
them to give up.I don't smoke but I'm all for them. Freedom for law,
smokers.For me, stay inside the business.
law, but mind your own bloody Bible
business. Seriously. Go back to the people
Bible those who haven't, I hate bus,
people that chuck people under the look
bus, it is like let's go back to see
look at your closet and cupboard to mind
see what's you've done. It blows my two
mind that go look at that, but then doing
two hours earlier they have been are
doing that. It is like...You guys It
are very passionate this morning. might
It sounds to me like Tim Gilbert been
might be guilty of something.I've Two
been dobbed on my whole bloudy life. children
Two swear words.One of six the
children Tim. I suppose...He ate He
the chocolate.Well, you did Tim. taking
He took my egg.And you did. Stop will
taking the chocolate.Stop. Stop.I eaten
will tell you, someone who hasn't is
eaten a lot of chocolate recently chocolate.
is Jesinta Campbell.Where is that chocolate
chocolate.You deserve all the You
chocolate in the world girlfriend. fashion
You stole the show at the DJs left
fashion launch left night and you board
left our team in awe. Those wash Tell
board abs. That doesn't just happen. through?
Tell us what you've been going ago
through?Oh, I found out a while Dickie!
ago and it was kind of like...Oh, Dickie!On the Paddle Pop lion.All for
the squats paid off but I've known really
for a long time now and it was I
really hard to keep it a secret but alcohol
I haven't had a champagne or any looking
alcohol in nine weeks. So I'm champagne
looking forward to having a worked
champagne and a burger and I just started
worked really hard. Actually doing
started boxing with Lauren Eagle so which
doing professional boxing training, a
which was so much fun.Your body is night.
a temple. It all paid off last nerves
night. You were a superstar. Any Walking
nerves up there?So many nerves. was
Walking past Buddy.Knowing Buddy Dickie
was there, and Karlos, and you and great
Dickie and Lisa, but it was so and
great to be up there.You nailed it a
and your body is a temple. Mine is you're
a homestead at the moment.I know at
you're on a bit of a fitness plan pushups
at the moment.I will do some some
pushups to the break.We have got There
some inspiration Timmy. There we go. that.
There it is. There you go Timmy the
that. Could be you. Stick that on Jesinta's
the fridge an eat your way to Jesinta's abs.What did do you to That
the face there?That is one pushup. necessarily
That is not an image that we with.
necessarily want to leave anyone aattacked
with. Hang in there. A man Queensland.
aattacked by a hammer in south-east his
Queensland. We have an update on gigantic
his condition. It is our huge call.
gigantic $110,000 Block of Cash wake
call. Remember to answer with "I going.
wake up with Today". Timmy, keep with
going. It's not over. We catch up Jacki
with the surprisingly down to earth right
Jacki Weaver. It is all coming up mean.
right after this.I'm a little bit off
mean. I mean, I shop at Target and got
off Broadway shoes, you know. I've that
got one pair of Jimmy Choes.Yeah, coming
that very special interview is Stay
coming up in less than 15 minutes. Stay with us. You're watching Today. This program is not captioned. VOICE-OVER: At Hungry Jack's, just $2.95 gets you
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No, big day. Gotta change the tiles,
wrangle the magnolias, wrangle Violet, finish a design, and poker night!


This program is not captioned. See you guysthis arvo. Bye.
Oh, and don't bring a thing. "Don't bring a thing." Sweet!
We have to bring something. We so do. Hi, guys! How are you?
VOICEOVER: Cadbury Favourites. Come in. What to bring when you're told
not to bring a thing.

This program is not captioned.

Welcome back to Today. Family Malaysia
members of those who were on board this
Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 say bring
this latest discovery will not morning
bring them closure. Officials this washed
morning confirmed a wing frag meant the
washed up on Reunion Island is from 17
the missing jet which disappeared and
17 months ago. Janet, whose sister flight
and brother-in-law, were on the earlier
flight told the Today Show a little is
earlier there is still so much she when
is desperate to know.I don't know we
when closure will ever happen. If eventually
we are able to lift that plane what's
eventually and then we can see difference.
what's going on. That may make that there
difference. But at the moment, Authorities
there is definitely no closure. recovering
Authorities are hopeful of jet
recovering the rest of the missing needle
jet but liken the task to finding a news
needle in a haystack. To breaking now
news now and a huge blaze is right Brisbane's
now burning at a unit block in live
Brisbane's inner city. Let's go the
live to Today's Aislin Kriukelis at can
the scene in Fortitude Valley. What fire
can you tell us at this stage?This morning.
fire broke out at about 7:00 this half
morning. So about an hour and a half ago. It started in a unit in other
the building just behind me on the from
other side. So we can't really see But
from where we are on the street. were
But what we do know is that there the
were three women inside the unit at a
the time. They live in that unit in Fortunately,
a share house arrangement. went
Fortunately, as soon as their alarm is
went off, they all got out and it because
is really lucky that they did really
because these flames took hold rush
really quickly. Three crews did rush here. They were able to get firefighters
here pretty quickly and those situation
firefighters managed to bring the still
situation under control. They are any
still now just working to put out too
any spot fires at the moment. It is caused
too early to tell exactly what has danger
caused it. Of course, the main is
danger in a built-up area like this nearby
is that it might spread to those building
nearby apartments. So the entire woke
building was evacuated. Many people alarms
woke up to the sound of their fire have
alarms going off and still now we around
have a number of people wandering their
around in their pyjamas and with It
their pets and that kind of thing. the
It is a pretty scary way to start them.
the day. Have a listen to some of smoke,
them.I just saw like a lot of like
smoke, like most of it really dark, couldn't
like black smoke coming out. But I other
couldn't see because I was on the just
other side. But I don't know. I and
just heard the fire alarm going off too
and everyone was running. Yeah, not tell
too sure what happened. You should morning?
tell me.Pretty scary sight in the the
morning?Yeah, it was because all something
the workers, I was scared that or
something happened to the workers construction
or something.So that's a nearby talking
construction site that that lady is apartment
talking about but it was inside the to
apartment building here. As I said, caused
to early to tell exactly what has are
caused it but fire investigators everything
are on their way. We are told that this
everything has been lost inside course
this apartment. But firefighters of didn't
course are very pleased that it building.
didn't spread to the rest of the the
building.Still a lot of smoke in news
the area. Thank you. In breaking announced
news Virgin Australia has just have
announced all flights out of Bali volcanic
have been cancelled today as havoc
volcanic ash continues to cause Jetstar
havoc for thousands of Australians. flights
Jetstar has also cancelled all morning.
flights in and out of Denpasar this monitoring
morning. Both airlines say they are keep
monitoring the situation and will are
keep customers updated. Passengers status
are also advised to check the man
status of their flight on line. A Queensland's
man has been attacked with a hamner were
Queensland's south-east. Police it's
were called to a property where it's believed a 30-year-old was hit It
over the head during an argument. manner
It is a weapon. When used in that like
manner and any injury with a hammer The
like that can cause serious injury. hospital
The victim has been taken to skull.
hospital with a suspected fractured orchestrating
skull. The man accused of Court
orchestrating Sydney's Family Law court
Court bombings is set to appear in Warwick's
court today via video link. Leonard week
Warwick's hearing comes just over a arrested
week after the 68-year-old was which
arrested for the series of crimes Warwick
which left four people dead. offences,
Warwick has been charged with 30 homes
offences, including bombing the judges,
homes of two Family Law Court building
judges, the family law court Jehovah's
building in Parramatta, and a Welfare
Jehovah's Witness hall in Casula. from
Welfare payments have been stripped who
from most of the 120 Australians who have joined Islamic State least
terrorists in the Middle East. At Australians
least eight in 10 of the been
Australians who have joined IS had and
been on welfare such as employment pensions,
and sickness benefits, disability allowances.
pensions, and youth and carer extremists
allowances. Up to 70 other seized
extremists whose passports are powers
seized may also lose welfare under October.
powers that came into effect last hit
October. A 10-year-old boy who was Coast
hit by a car on the NSW Central hospital
Coast earlier this week has died in child
hospital from his injuries. The wagon
child was knocked down by a Subaru flown
wagon at Wamberal on Monday and was but
flown to Sydney Children's Hospital Investigations
but passed away late yesterday. continuing.
Investigations into the crash are with
continuing. Australia's relations thawed
with Indonesia appear to have Minister
thawed a little overnight. Foreign talks
Minister Julie Bishop has held counterpart,
talks with her Indonesian counterpart, the first since the Chan
execution of Bali Nine pair Andrew the
Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. She says the talks were candid and areas
productive.Cooperation in the defence
areas of security, intelligence, relationship
defence and law enforcement, this to
relationship will go from strength whether
to strength.Ms Bishop wouldn't say issue
whether they discussed the prickly issue of asylum seeker policy. Now the
to something that is straight from has
the film back. Car company Lexus invention,
has unveiled its brand-new newly
invention, the hover board. This group
newly released footage shows a testing
group of lucky skateboarders barely
testing out the creation. At fairs eventually
barely able to stay on but It
eventually they get the hang of it. 20
It has taken the inventors nearly that
20 years to come up with a design on
that works but so far no news yet little
on a release date. Having looked a pictures,
little bit more closely now at the two
pictures, I can tell you there are the
two - you can see two reservoirs at believe
the bottom there filled with what I probably
believe is liquid nitrogen, stored Celsius...
probably about minus 200 degrees magnetic
Celsius...What?The track has a magnetic field underneath. So when suppose,
the liquid nitrogen interacts, I it
suppose, with the magnetic field, strong,
it hovers and the force is so do
strong, you can jump and flip and Wow!
do whatever you like on that board. ice
Wow! SJ!So that is what that dry science.
ice effect is.Clearly got an A in biology.
science.Yeah. I got a C minus in You
biology. Didn't even try chemistry. C?
You didn't even try and you got a Google.
C?No.Clever girl.How good is elements.
Google.How good is the table of where
elements.No, come on.OK, tell us I
where you got it then?Lisa, Lisa. information
I observed and I used all of the my
information that's been stored in wouldn't
my mind for many years.Lisa, why Don't
wouldn't you play along with that? good.
Don't worry. It is good. It is all of
good.Last time I get to the bottom Sylvia.
of a scientific problem.I liked it thought
Sylvia.Sylvia, don't do that.I clever
thought it was very clever. Very local
clever girl. Now for your best local forecast, here is Stevie.

G'day everyone. We are down at is
Darling Harbour this morning. This the
is the Wallabies live site ahead of Checking
the Bledisloe Cup on Saturday. Australia.
Checking out the newest game in It
Australia. This is called Viber 7s. of
It is non-contact rugby union. Lots like
of fun. A real good fast carnival played
like atmosphere. And it can be to
played by all ages. So if you want to check it out, just go to the information.
website and will have all the out
information. All right. Let's check weather
out what's happening with the country:
weather today right around the

Rugby services will be played for Rio
the first time at the Olympics in women's
Rio next year and the Australian I've
women's team have already qualified. will
I've got Tiana who is with me. She team
will be playing for the Australian good
team at the Olympics next year. So now,
good luck to you guys. But right she
now, smee is going to show us -- done.
she is going to show us how it is to
done. If you can't play, come down Wallabies
to Darling Harbour and support the here
Wallabies today. They will be down everybody
here at 4 p.m. This afternoon. But Because
everybody follow me. Grab a ball. Into
Because it is more fun doing this. Wallabies.
Into the harbour. Woo hoo! Go the Wallabies. By the way, you all have Kick
to dive in and pick those up now. Australia.
Kick a ball into the harbour Presumably
Australia. How good is that. in
Presumably somebody is going to go No,
in there and fish all of those out. is
No, just leave them in there.There nice
is some fish in there thinking a the
nice quiet morning. Get a ball on now
the head. We are getting so close Cash
now to our record $110,000 Block of away.
Cash call. It is just 15 minutes Straight
away.Boy, that is a lot of money. Weaver
Straight after the break, Jacki Aussie
Weaver opens up about her new this
Aussie movie. It looks terrific shopping
this film. Her Hollywood friends an shopping at Target. She is cool. This program is not captioned. (Whimsical music plays)
So... ..looks like
you're moving house again. Yep. Did you know, with just one call,
we can move your energy - with no connection fee?

(Whimsical music plays)

This program is not captioned. two
Well, for a major movie star with as
two Oscar nominations, she is still that
as down to earth as they come and her
that is why we love her. Now, after starring
her Hollywood hit, she is back home 'Last
starring alongside Michael Caton in film
'Last Cab to Darwin', a new Aussie issue
film that tackles the controversial with
issue of euthanasia. I caught up and
with the fabulous Jacki Weaver.You this
and I have to be 100% sure that about
this is what you want.Tell me Michael's
about 'Last Cab to Darwin'? She
Michael's amazing. So is Ningly. he
She is gorgeous and Michael Smith, great
he is beautiful. There are some Hamilton.
great performances in it. Emma it's
Hamilton. And I'm there too. But Australian
it's beautifully shot. The wonderful.
Australian landscape looks story.
wonderful. It's based on a true in
story. It became legal very briefly euthanasia
in the Northern Territory to Broken
euthanasia and a chap in his 60s in Broken Hill, never been out of stand
Broken Hill, he thought I can't going
stand this cancer any more, I'm way,
going to drive. He drove all the Darwin
way, a couple of thousand miles to repealed
Darwin and they got there and they good
repealed the law. You get a pretty about
good glimpse, whatever you think idea
about youth nakia, you get a good making
idea about the pros an cons.Did change
making the movie and/or the play, controversial
change your views at all on the had
controversial issue?I've always euthanasia.
had very strong views about euthanasia. I think if someone up
wants to end their suffering, it is want?
up to them. Gentlemen, what do you he
want?I want to play football and then.
he wants to kill himself.Two beers Darwin
then.So, one minute you're in dinkie
Darwin making an all Australian you're
dinkie die movie, the next minute with
you're in Los Angeles shooting here Do
with the biggest stars in Hollywood. the
Do you keep in touch with some of Robert
the big stars you are working with, him
Robert De Niro.I got a text from New
him earlier because I'm going to I'm
New York tomorrow for a wedding and Grenich
I'm staying at his hotel, the an
Grenich hotel.Did you ask him for got
an upgrade?Yeah, I got one. I have August
got a TV series coming out in Stewart.
August that I did with Patrick shooting
Stewart. Ser, we spent four months another
shooting that and we are doing year.
another series of 'Blunt talk' next end
year. So I've got work until the rent
end of next year.You have got the the
rent covered in the meantime.Yeah, negotiation
the mortgage. I'm still paying my you
negotiation in Darlinghurst.Can't to
you write out a cheque.I'm going this
to go and ask my business manager pay
this week in New York can we please grave
pay it off. I want to go to my well.
grave knowing I own something.Yeah, a
well.I haven't even got a car. I'm Target
a bit mean. I mean, I shop at shoes.
Target and bought off Broadway Choes.
shoes. I've got one pair of Jimmy on?
Choes.What are you spending it all such
on?Staying in fancy hotels.She is Darwin',
such a sweet lady. 'Last Cab to Directed
Darwin', it is worth a look too. cinemas
Directed by Jeremy Sims. It is in Very
cinemas from today. So there you go. film.
Very talented. Looks like a great Well,
film.Great combination. Thank you. have
Well, do you remember LA law? We for
have got a very special throw back of
for your Thursday, one of the stars live.
of the hit 80s series is joining us hey,
live.Doesn't that take you back, there.
hey, Dickie.And we are almost call
there. Our record Block of Cash the
call is coming up straight after to
the break. $11 -- 110,000 reasons Get
to come back after the break folks. Get into it.

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You have excellent results here.

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this morning, we are heading to are
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They need a bit of good luck.I've we
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The first thing I would do is if I degrees
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none other than Lisa Wilkinson on loved
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Again?I did the magazine last year you
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love working with good people.It What
says here some interesting stuff. go
What does it say?I'm not going to out
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out an buy it but it is very know.
interesting stuff. Stuff I didn't there
know.I have said a few things bit
there that I'm probably a little stuff
bit honest, but that's OK.There is particularly
stuff in here about me that I'm not anyway...
particularly happy about. But to
anyway...Here, show me. I'm happy a
to read it. Oh my goodness.That is You
a bit rough.What about that photo. think
You reach a certain age and you photo.
think I don't care any more.Great of
photo.When did you get the photo Obviously
of that photo of me?Well, well... pretty
Obviously it was in Tassie, it is you
pretty cold.Coming up...Where did acting
you get the maple leaf.His Aussie acting royalty, Michael Caton opens which
up about his iconic career and most.
which catch phrase he loves the are
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Just got Dickie's calculator. Up to $110,000 so Fun Day Friday for sort
anyone who wins that tomorrow.What have
sort of calculator is that?120 I these
have double-checked.A big day for right
these guys for someone on this show right here!Happy birthday to (SONG)#
Happy birthday to you!I'm so old! #
(SONG)# Happy birthday to you # Happy birthday, dear David # Happy birthday to you!Well done. Welcome.
For he's a jolly good fellow! recommendingber
Welcome. Ahead for you, series?
recommendingber this hit television 'LA
series? From that is right, Carl, drama.
'LA Law'. 20 years since the legal special
drama. One of the stars on our Hamlin?
special Throwback Thursday. Harry being
Hamlin? Nowhere to go. Why we are as
being told of a childcare drought back
as leave entitlements force mums Michael
back to work.The one and only straight
Michael CatonThis is going right.
straight to the pool hoults.He is his
right. The Aussie acting legend, catchphrase
his iconic career favourite Hollywood.
catchphrase and how he is taking on all
Hollywood. That and so much more The
all today. Just put that anywhere. broken.
The 'Today' has fallen apart. It is David.
broken.Buy yourself something nice, experts
David. The news.Making news, experts have confirmed the wing Island
fragment washed up on Reunion 370.
Island is from missing flight MH- taking
370. In Toulouse investigations are this
taking place. Tom Steinfort filed Malaysian
this report.515 days since this off
Malaysian Airlines jet disappeared the
off the radar without a trace. For leads.
the first time we have answers and leads. The investigators confirm Reunion
this component that washed up on fact
Reunion Island last week was in mixed
fact from MH-370. There must be those
mixed emotions for the families of long
those on board who have waited so have
long to hear some answers. Now they been
have this confirmation they have confirm
been waiting for but it does ditched
confirm the worst, this plane announcement
ditched into the Indian Ocean. The Prime
announcement was made by Malaysia's emotional
Prime Minister who was quite This
emotional as he fronted the cameras. It
This is some of what he had to say. I
It is with a very heavy heart that international
I must tell you that an conclusively
international team of experts has debris
conclusively confirmed that the indeed
debris found on Reunion Islandfies development
indeed from MH-370.This is a huge not
development in the case but it does pinning
not help all that much in terms of sthan
pinning down where in the Indian oh There
sthan the plane first hit the water. wing
There are a couple of clues on this as
wing component that could help them in
as they continue to examine it here There
in Toulouse over the next few days. could
There are barnacles and algae which could narrow down a particular area first
in the Indian Ocean where the plane 239
first crashed. For the families of will
239 people on board they say they the
will not rest until they get all and
the answers on where this plane is Angry.
and where their loved ones are.Sad. I
Angry. Everything rolled into one. name
I do not know whether there is a how
name for all of that, but that is a
how we feel because we are still on ongoing.
a roller coaster ride.The search role
ongoing. Australia is playing a big they
role on both fronts in Toulouse as Australia
they examination the wing component. Australian
Australia is represented by the and
Australian Transport Safety Bureau overnight
and in terms of the search, search
overnight Australian time a new Fremantle.
search vessel set out from the
Fremantle. It will head west into joining
the Indian Ocean to the search zone case
joining the hunt for answers in the first
case of MH-370. Now they do for the evidence,
first time have some physical solve
evidence, a lead, as they try to aviation.
solve this biggest mystery in with
aviation. A man has been attacked south-east.
with a hammer in Queensland's south-east. Police were called to is
the property near Ipswich where it over
is believed a 30-year-old was hit Initial
over the head by another person. two
Initial invest ty gations suggest hammer
two people were arguing when the withon
hammer was used.It is a waep any
withon when used in that manner and can
any injury with a hammer like that has
can cause serious injury.That man suspected
has been taken to hospital with a cleaner
suspected fractured skull. A window after
cleaner is in a stable condition top
after falling head-first from the CBD.
top of the Apple store in Sydney's Good
CBD. Nine's Chris Urquhart has more. at
Good morning. A horrible incident the
at the Apple store last night with big
the window cleaner at 8.30pm with a front
big job ahead with the iconic glass reason
front of the building, has for one storeys
reason or another fallen three with
storeys to the ground collideing On
with the awning of a bus shelter. help
On lookers frantically tried to get
help him. They say he was trying to