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This program is captioned live. Good evening, I'm Janice Petersen. The top stories: Dozens die after two train were swept off a flooded railway bridge. The tiny males that are halted development of the world's biggest coal mines. # I mines. # I keep cruising # And why a and timy tweet from Taylor Swift meant the players were able to play, play, play.

India's government has ordered an inquiry into the deadly derailment of two trains. It's also offering compensation to the families of at least 27 ilies of at least 27 people killed when the passenger trains derailed just minute apart, in a flooded bring, near the town of Harda. Hundreds of people were rescued after sever carriages plunged into the river below. Two trains travelling in opposite directions came off the tracks at almost the same spot. The near simultaneous derailment happened while both training were crossing a bridge. Dozens of passengers were killed, including five children. Many more were injured. Rescuers searched in the darkness for people traled in derailed carriages. India's Prime Minister Narenda Modi tweeted a photo of condolence.

Railway officials blamed monsoon raining for the accident, cutting the flash flooding caused the tracks to collapse.It cut away a portion beneath the track, that resulted in the derailment of the two trains.Heavy monsoon rains have swamped large parts of India, we more than 100 lives lost in widespread flooding, landslides and collapsed buildings. dslides and collapsed buildings. But it's not just the weather at fault. There concern about India's ageing and overloaded railwaya's ageing and overloaded railways. 22 million travel on Indian trains each day. It's one of the most widely used railway network in the world. But there's been little investment. Last year, 25,000 people were killed in train wrecks. The Prime Minister has allocated funding to modernise the network, but improvements would take years. The government has ordered an inquiry into the latest accident. Already, some are asking, can it have been avoided? Foreign minister Julie Bishop has tonight met her Indonesian counterpart at the summit of south east Asian nations in Kuala Lumpur. It's the first meeting sin Australia withdrew their ambassadorlia withdrew their ambassador fouling the execution of two drug traffickers. Difficult internationatraffickers. Difficult international issues at the forefront of the ASEAN Regional Forum meetings in Kuala Lumpur. Divisions over the developments in the souse China Sea are high on the agenda, so is downing of MH17 over Ukraine. Foreign minister Julie Bishop used the opportunity to criticise the veto for the investigation.We deeply appreciate Malaysia's fests. We deeply regret Russia's veto.While some relationships are some relationships are strained, Australia hopes its relationship with Indonesia is on the mend. Ms Bishop met her Indonesian counterpart this evening, on the sidelines of the official meetings. With our cooperation in the areas of security, intelligence, defence, and law enforcement, this relationship will go from strength to strong strength. The relationship has been tumultuous in recent months. The execution of two Australian men over drug charges, the controversial boat turnback policy and the reduction of the live cattle export to Indonesia have been contributing facts. Doctor Mari Elka Pangestu is the former Indonesian trade minister, who has been visiting the Australian National University. . Australia and Indonesian relation is always likes this. But the ups and downs are confined to the political level, and that's why it's important to have continued people to have continued people to people links.Both countries want to build scholarships in education and training. The Australian government has developed in Colombia to encourage Australians to study overseas. Former finance minister, doctor Chatib Basri, says that Indonesia has a similar plan.If the growing middle class continue with the young populations, a lot of opportunities can be reaped promise the Australian side A lizard and a snake and brought plans for Australia's largest mine to a halt. Conservationists are celebrating after they federal court set aside the approval for the Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin. All of Adani's claims for there Carmichael mine are big, but for environmental groups, at least today, a big legal victory, thanks to these small creatures, the yakka skink and the ornamental make.ka skink and the ornamental make.Australia's -- snake. Australia's environmental laws have protections for threatened species. The federal environment minister approved Carmichael last year. The project also has a rail link to terminals at Abbot Point, to where most of the coal is shipped to India. The Mackay Conservation Group challenged the n Group challenged the approval, and said the court found the department failed to give the minister all the relevant documents on the species. This is a huge opportunity for Adani to walk aafrom the proposal. A peak mining body says that India is not impressed by there delaying

the department asked to court to set aside the decision, so additional factors could be examined. It's essential for the environment minister of the day, to adhere to what is a highly technical and administrative law. But as a matter of policy, these species will y, these species will be properly protected. Adani says perly protected. Adani says it's confident:

Activists have attacked the project on other environmental and cultural grounds. Analysts say such uncertainty is why the project struggles to raise finance, leading to ongoing speculation about its future. Aviation experts are meeting in France to examine a suspected wing part from missing flight MH370. An Australian expert has glon to France to join the team analysing the wreckage analysing the wreckage that washed up. Malaysian and French authorities are expected to make a statement this week, about its origin. Drift modelling by the CSIRO shows that debris could have been carried to Reunion Island by ocean currents and wind. currents and wind. Iraqi federal police have clashed with Islamic State militants in the city of Ramadi. Fierce fighting y of Ramadi. Fierce fighting in it city, it's now a month since Iraqi forces launched an offensive to dislodge militants from an dar province. It was a -- from Anbar province. It was a case of strange bed fellows. Mr Abbott has spent three days in the state, where three Liberal steets are under pressure. While Labor Premier Jay Weatherill has pushed and lobbied successfully for greater federal investment. The Liberal Prime Minister and the Labor Prime Minister Premier praised one another and launched the new Adelaide road works program.It's great to be here to welcome the Prime Minister and the assistant minister for infrastructure, to what is the beginning of the major construction face of the Torrens to Torrens project. They are joined in a fight for South Australian jobs. We are working together at state and national level, for the benefit of the people of South Australia, and the people of Australia. Adelaide is facing tough times with the highest unmoment s with the highest unmoment rate in the country. They promoted the China FHA as a job creator. The largest in China. The largest in China.Yesterday's naval shipbuilding announcs naval shipbuilding announcement hopes will save South Australian marginal seats. This visit is aimed at clawing back Liberal Party support in South Australia. But his eye is also on But his eye is also on the travel scams. Tony Burke is criticised for aed it's 1200 taxpayer funded trip to Uluru. Tony Burke is a hypowrit critic. He wants to hold -- hypocrite. There's occasions in which you may get an entitlement to be with your family when you are working. Labor's problem is Labor's problem is that it was Tony Burke who pursued Bronwyn Bishop over her helicopter ride. Some in the government want revenge. I don't know how he can justify charging the taxpayer to go to a Robbie Williams consert. Next, he'll tell us that he has portfolio responsibilities for shadowing Kim Kardashian. Tony Burke denies any wrongdoing. In a statement, he says:

Coming up: The spice of life. How chillies could make you live longer.

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Australian cricketer James Faulkner has been fined $21,000 by a British court after admitting drink driving. He was also disqualified about two years. Faulkner had already been suspended by Cricket Australia, ruling y Cricket Australia, ruling him out of the post-Ashes one day and T20 matches. Former Pakistani cricket captain Wasim Akram has escaped unhurt after a gunman fired at his car in Karachi. It happened when his car was hit from behind by another vehicle. The bullet hit a wheel. Student performance has flatlined in the NAPLAN exams. Education experts wan that teaching needs to change if the performance of students is ance of students is to improve significantly. Stable but no gold star. The literacy and numeracy skills of Australian students have plateaued. From our view, we would have thought over time, we would be seeing more improvement. Across the country, students from the ACT, NSW and Victoria continue to achieve high results. And this year, students from Queensland and Western Australia have shown the most improvement. ve shown the most improvement. Since 2008, year three students have improved in reading, and grammar. Teachers at Al Faisal College in Sydney's west says that's because they have introduced new teaching strategies. Average results caused the school to rethink their teaching approach. With a persuasive writing, they plot their thoughts and they are able to see their writing develop. Nationally, skills appear to have dropped. High school staff say they have tried to address this by integrating the literacy skills into other subjects.It has increased their .It has increased their awareness.The NAPLAN results released today were just the preliminary rilt results. More comprehensive data will be released later, and that's what staff here 's what staff here are most interested in. Some criticism that schools are not using the and a half less than data to address f less than data to address the students' needs. Labor is blaming the cuts toed casication, and -- to education.We are still performing reasonably well, but relative to other countries, not as well.And improvement at the grassroots is key. Students will receive their individual NAPLAN eceive their individual NAPLAN results this month. Children have laid down in silence in the Japanese city of Hiroshima, to mark the 70th anniversary of the world's first nuclear attack. They gathered at r attack. They gathered at the building now known at the A-bomb Dome. The only structure left standing. The event was hosted by an anti-nuclear group. A plague of locusts has caused a state of emergency to be declared the southern Russia. The insects are attacking in their millions in paddocks filled with corn and ks filled with corn and over crops. An area of 800 hectares is affected. The answer to longer life may have just been found, and it comes in the shape of a chilli. the shape of a chilli. Spicied food can row lower the risk -- can lower the risk of an early death. Jarrod Moore loves nothing that are than providing diners that are than providing diners with a challenge. They push themselves to get that to level, to eat something that would normally make a grown man cry. YouTube eatoffs are on the increase. And they testing themselves against Carolina death reapers. They have been crying like babies afterwards. They thought they could handle it. Diner John Remy is a daily consumer of spicy food. He welcomes the news. It's all a fact now. The study was conducted the China, and colated dietary data from 500,000 participants over00,000 participants over seven years. Finding those that ate spicy or hot food once or twice a week had a 10% reduced risk of death. And those spicing up had a 14% reduced risk. It's prevention of death was evident, but also from cancer. Those already suffering for the chronic diseases were not included in the study, but according to this dietitian, has merit. A push towards some spicier cuisines would have health benefits.Peppers were used around the world. Theses a Chinese study, by south America, Europe, the Mediterranean. They are a key ingredient.Capsaisin is what delivers the hot sensation and the bests. The power of capsaisin varies. It's measured in a scale known as red in a scale known as the Scoville heat units. This Thai chilli rates up to 2,000. This red tes up to 2,000. This red Habanero, between 250,000 and 300,000. But participants in chilli challenges beware, the fiery fruit itself is not necessarily a cure-all.They are added to a dish that contains a lot of different vegetables and a good oil, and carbohydrates, like oil, and carbohydrates, like rice. He looks like he is in a bit of pain. Proving there's no reason to hate, hate, hate, pop sensation Taylor Swift has nsation Taylor Swift has won over a whole new set of fans. A group of Australian theatre legends wanting to perform one of her songs in a play, but they were told they couldn't, due to legal reasons. But she swiftly intervened to save the day. It's the last rehearsal before the show opens tonight. And it's got the well known cast of the production Seventeen even more charged than usual.So excited! We sent a ited! We sent a thing to Taylor, thanking her. So, yeah. Just overwhelmed. Over as welled, baufs at a pivotal moment in the pay, Otto and his fellow actors can now burst into a rendition of this song. # Can't stop # Won't stop moving # After the 11th hour, the production was told it had been denied rights to Taylor Swift's chart-topping hit, Shake It Off. Desperate, the director hit social media with her artistic emergency. Little did she know, it would create a media storm.Basically, I shamelessly begged.But with the help of the likes of Tim Minchin, and Ed Sheeran, Taylor Swift came to their rescue, even wishing the production luck for their first show.I don't understand Twitter at all. But the power of all. But the power of it is extraordinary. And the good will is actually wonderful.They say they have a whole new appreciation for the pop star. While she may be known for enpowering young teenager girls.A bit disappointed she has not borrowed Johnny Department's Jet to get here for the opening.There's a chance she would not get a seat. Over 500 tickets were sold just today. But she will shake is off, shake it off. Coming up: The weather details and... Former enemies unite a contentary after Lone

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Let's check the finance figures now. The Australian share market has closed share market has closed lower, depite the gains by the ite the gains by the big miners. Westpac shares fell.

Well, a century after the battle of Lone Pine, old enemies have yupted to perform ies have yupted to perform a symphony. Gallipoli Symphony has been seven years in the making. A lament for lives lost.

As former enemies come together. The Gallipoli Symphony has been a decade-long collaboration, with 12 movements and 11 composers from three countries, Turkey, Australia and New Zealand. Each year since 2006, one movement has been performed at Anzac Day commemorations at gliep cove. -- at Gallipoli cove. Each movement telling the story of one part of the campaign. Now the symphony was revealed in its entirety for the first time y for the first time at Istanbul's Hagia Irene. Australian dignitaries including Governor-General Peter Cosgrove and three VC winners were among the guests. In Turkey for centenary commemorations for the August commemorations. They were among the most brurl for the Gallipoli campaign, that included the battle of Lone Pine, where 2,000 and 7,000 Turkishs died. -- Turkish Turk soldiers died. 100 years later, the dead are remembered, while old animosities are forgotten. ld animosities are forgotten. EDWHITE -- Turkish Turk soldiers died. 100 years later, the dead remembered, while old are forgotten. In the Gallipoli Symphony will be performed in Brisbane, later this year. To the weather now, and NASA has released satellite pictures of the most powerful storm so far this year. Super Typhoon Soudelor is tracking across the Pacific ocean. The storm is expected to weaken before impacting Japan, Taiwan and China. Let's have a closer look at the forecast now. In the major centres:

That's the world this Wednesday. For now, goodnight. Supertext Captions by Ericsson (c) SBS by Ericsson (c) SBS Australia 2015

World War II in Europe, 1945.