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(generated from captions) will stick around,
Those brisk south-westerly winds than today, around 15-25km/h.
but they should be lighter a top of 16 degrees
We are heading for and south-western suburbs,
across most of our west and Parramatta.
including Campbelltown, Liverpool

7-16 in the city, for Terrey Hills.
and a top of 15 degrees Looking ahead - continue for the rest of the week
the mostly sunny weather will

start to warm up.
and it will gradually with tops of 17-18 degrees,
A few clouds across the weekend, on Monday, 19,
before a shower or two of 7-9 degrees.
with overnight lows In our west, and 19 degrees.
Friday will be sunny across the weekend
It will be partly cloudy with tops of 17-18 degrees, warming up to 19.
with a possible shower on Monday, will remain cold,
But overnight temperatures Pete.
ranging from 3-6 degrees,

with 'A Current Affair'.
Tracy is next for this Wednesday.
That's Nine News I'm Peter Overton. Goodnight.
I hope you have a good evening.
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good night. Tonight ... We speak to al
the man at the centre of blackmail
allegations - as dozens rally aroun c
him, showing their support The ACT NAPL
comes out on top in this year' s proj
NAPLAN tests And the photography project, helping capture moments, i Australia' s World War Two history D
Good evening I' m Kerryn Johnston, Dozens of CFMEU members have rallie outside the ACT Magistrates Court Lo
in support of union official John charge
Lomax, who is facing blackmail corruptio
charges. The allegations of constructi
corruption in the Canberra Canberr
construction industry has the ACT
Canberra Liberals calling for the t
ACT Government to cut its ties with C
the union. A guard of honour cheers Ra
CFMEU official and former Canberra AC
Raiders player John Lomax into the
ACT Magistrates Court. Union member Canb
turned out in force on a chilly suppo
Canberra morning - in a show of char
support for the official, who is allegatio
charged with blackmail over R
allegations made in the Trade Union work
Royal Commission. Bargaining for th
workers, getting workers paid when ou
their boss rips them off - that is reso
our core business, we will never walk
resolve from that, we will never t
walk away from that - those are the
things Johnny Lomax is here for! Th Commis
CFMEU' s council in the Royal pros
Commission, John Aguis, says the fail
prosecution' s case is doomed to char
fail. There are elements of this st
charge that aren' t covered in the
statement of facts - we have writte withdraw
to the DPP inviting them to L
withdraw the charge. Lawyers for Mr prev
Lomax argued his bail conditions w
prevented him from carrying out his work as a CFMEU official on Canberr building sites. The bail condition no
were amended, however he' s still witnes
not allowed to go near certain
witnesses from the Trade Union Roya of
Commission including former CFMEU nece
official Halafihi Kivalu. It was Lo
necessary to have them varied - Mr a
Lomax has no intention or desire to approach any of the persons named i th
the bail form, we' re not sure of person
the relevance of some of those ma
persons. But it' s the allegations quest
made by witnesses that has many fr
questioning where the money gained g
from union Enterprise Agreements is call
going. The Canberra Liberals are re
calling for the ACT government - a cut
recipient of union donations - to
cut its ties with the CFMEU. I thin sai
it' s time they took a stand and busin
said we' re behind you as local s
businesses, and we' re not going to stand for bullying and corruption i the Canberra construction industry The government says the CFMEU play workp
an important role in promoting contribution
workplace safety and its
contributions to the Labor party ar above-board. Whatever contribution are made by the CFMEU go to the AC ACT
Labor party are on the elections peo
ACT website and are available for j
people to view, they can make those into
judgements. The Royal Commission into Trade Unions continued today i fac
Sydney where CFMEU ACT officials ass
face questions over organisations f
associated with the union profiting fo
from the enterprise agreements. As
for John Lomax - he intends to plea not guilty to the blackmail charge Octobe
when he reappears in court in Harr
October. Yeah I' m innocent bud. NAP
Harry Frost, WIN News Preliminary tod
NAPLAN results have been released e
today, showing the ACT beats, or is equal to the rest of the country in areas.
eighteen out of twenty subject nu
areas. It' s the best literacy and numeracy performance the capital ha sa
seen in recent years, but experts
say the results should be taken wit agai
a grain of salt. ACT students - acr
again among the cream of the crop test
across the country I think its a ha
testimony to the quality system we teacher
have here and to the fabulous Th
teachers we have in our classrooms Canbe
The results released today show f
Canberra students in year' s three, five, seven and nine have again com
first or equal first in grammar an r
punctuation as well as numeracy. A record the ACT has held for the pas six years. I' m very pleased to se the ACT students continuing to lea convi
the nation But not everyone' s Exper
convinced by the great results. Experts say making students prep fo gi
the national based exams doesn' t o
give parents an adequate assessment i
on how their child and their school t
is performing. If you just did good tal
teaching, all year didn' t bother ea
talking about the test and then on it
early May when everybody has to do test
it just say ' oh we' ve got that test to do' and everybody would do Australian
it and they' d do well The s
Australian Education Union agrees - saying there' s a reason why there' acr
s only been a minimal improvement N
across the capital when it comes to Tha
NAPLAN results over recent years.
That doesn' t surprise us because w en
know testing is not the answer to bel
enhancing student outcomes. Misty accur
believes if parents want a more chil
accurate assessment of how their i
child is going. or how their school
is progressing. Log off the myschoo Yo
web site and go knock on the door knoc
You are far better off going and talki
knocking on the school door and talking to the teachers to find out Mia
if that school matches your child of
Mia Glover WIN News The trial date Navin
of the case against Christopher hi
Navin - who' s accused of stabbing vacated.
his school friend - has been
vacated. Navin has been charged wit Sofer-Schrieb
the murder of Nicholas Sofer-Schrieber - who was found dea twenty-thirte
in his Lyneham home in yea
twenty-thirteen. The twenty-seven sin
year old victim hadn' t been seen en
since Boxing Day, when his friends entered his unit and found his body c
Navin' s lawyers today appeared in ten
court - and the trial date is now si
tentatively scheduled for November bee
sixteen. ACT Health Services have an
been given the tick of approval in
an independent audit released today sa
But Health Minister Simon Corbell bet
says the federal government could better support Canberra' s hospital Rut
by increasing the medicare levy. life
Ruth Henderson says she owes her life the Territory' s Hospitals. Th
work and the people at the hospita sa
are fantastic - i can' t actually th
say enough good things about them, tim
they took excellent care from the -
time that I was admitted at calvary - which is where I was admitted - t s
the time I got discharged at woden sh
six days later. To show her thanks she is preparing for an 80 kilometr sixty-thousand
charity walk to raise Canber
sixty-thousand dollars for the alo
Canberra hospital. And she' s not sy
alone in praise for the ACT health auditors
system - with an independent
auditors report today awarding thre fo
years unconditional accreditation for acute, sub-acute, community, da procedure, dental and mental healt services. What it shows is that ou r
hospitals and health services have o
received the highest possible level qualit
of independent endorsement for But
quality, safety and patient care. othe
But the report is in contrast to I
other recent audits of the service. urol
In June the Canberra Hospital' s st
urology training accreditation was
stripped by the Australasian Colleg a
of Surgeons over cultural concerns the
among staff. It is something that b
the government should not simply be accreditat
boasting that they' ve got s
accreditation - it is the baseline, t
so the fact that there are areas of childr
this - hospitals, women' s and sti
children' s, and urology that are accreditatio
still struggling to meet
accreditation - is of grave concern t
Health Minister Simon Corbell says in
the result shows the ACT is moving in the right direction - but furthe federal funding through an increas s
to the medicare levy would bolster australia
services. We know that most would
australians and most Canberrans mor
would support paying a little bit m
more on there medicare levy if that hospital
meant better funding for our Har
hospitals and health care system. thought
Harry Frost, WIN News. If you
thought it was cold today across th temper
region - you' d be right. The di
temperature failed to reach double digits in most parts. But the coole p
conditions weren' t all bad news - Co
proving to be perfect for those at in
Corin Forest. The area was covered n
in a thick layer of snow - with the t
native visitors enjoying playing in
the white stuff. A bit closer in th provi
city - and chilly temperatures g
provided a perfect backdrop to this Commo
gorgeous rainbow, captured over l
Commonwealth Avenue Bridge. And we' includin
ll have more on the weather, the
including a look at conditions at i
the Snowy Mountains, a little later ...
in the bulletin. Next on WIN News ... Why tradies are being told they
need to look after their health And fo
... If you find it boring waiting proje
for the GP - see how this local of
project, could help take your mind off the wait This program is not captioned. (CRICKETS CHIRPING, DRUMS BANGING) (GRUNTS) Chung, focus. Oh.

Oh. Think about our training.


Chung, you can't concentrate
when you're hungry. Eat a Snickers.



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Representative season. Most of us wait
understand how tedious it can be s
waiting in the Doctor' s surgery to see your GP - but what if there was waiting,
something you could do while ne
waiting, that can benefit those in their
need Now a group of doctors and
their patients have done just that knitting blankets for those who ar Car
being looked after by Palliative amazi
Care ACT. the patients have ben thi
amazing in the way they' ve taken out
this on as a project and you walk
out into the waiting room to collec knitting
your patient and people are to
knitting away it' s just wonderful today
to see The colourful gifts were organisation
today handed over to the us
organisation. the blankets will be house
used over in our claire holland they'
house with patients over there, ha
they' re very comforting, they' re colourful
hand knitted, they' re very colourful, and it' s very comfortin af
for patients who are being looked p
after Doctor Reid hopes more of her anothe
patients will be busy knitting we
another few blankets in the coming t
weeks Are you a tradie? Then now' s
the time to listen up. You' re bein encouraged to get your physical an month
mental health checked out this month- and talk to a professional i you' re in pain. Health experts ar if
warning of the long-term affects, five
if injuries go untreated. One in invol
five serious workplace injuries dow
involves a tradie. "We' re up and tren
down all the time on ladders, in ceil
trenches, under floors again, in re
ceilings, we' re on our knees, we' g
re damaging our back because we' re after
geniuses because we don' t look ha
after ourselves properly." Carl' s atte
had multiple knee operations and ba
attended a physiotherapy class for fo
back pain - but says he put it off remain
for some time with pressure to behind
remain on the job. The message
behind Tradies National Health Mont g
is to hit the nail on the head and get aches and pains addressed befor performan
they get worse. "Decreased fami
performance function, it affects prod
family life, daily life as well, second
productivity, plus you develop i
secondary complications as well, so it can actually be harder the longe en
the put it off." Tradies are also sa
encouraged to be sun smart, employ their
safe lifting practices and know inducted
their limits. "When they' re pro
inducted they' re given a list of especiall
procedures they go through, straig
especially with bent knees and too
straight back for lifting, ah not Physiother
too heavy." The Australian
Physiotherapy Association has made avail
series of videos and resources inc
available online, covering topics depressi
including injuries, diet and si
depression - which is particularly init
significant for industries where mental
initiating conversations about "Ther
mental health may be difficult. b
"There is starting to be more, more myself
blokes are talking about it. I and
myself, I' m on anti-depressants, people
and I have no drama talking to help
people because hopefully it will o
help somebody else." Anyone in need lif
or crisis support, should contact excited
lifeline. Coin collectors get you.
excited - this next story' s for an
you. The Royal Australian Mint has c
announced it will create a range of twenty-six
coins to celebrate the Rio co
twenty-sixteen Olympics Games. The
collection will represent Australia s affiliation and love of sport.Th include
Sydney two-thousand Olympics cre
included Victory medals and coins tradit
created by the mint - with the con
tradition of commemorative pieces exactly
continuing into Rio. There' s yea
exactly one year to go until next underwa
year' s opening ceremony gets s
underway - with Australia hoping to competitors.
send almost five-hundred photographer'
competitors. A Canberra sev
photographer' s commemorating the
seventieth anniversary of the end o World War Two in a unique way. He' s aiming to capture portraits of al ac
fourteen thousand living veterans t
across Australia, in a bid to share coun
their story with the rest of the Barbe
country. Eight six year old Ray F
Barber served in the Australian Air Actin
Force for twenty nine years.... Wa
Acting as a navigator during World th
War TWO. I enjoyed every minute in
the airforce, I' d go back now Toda he' s one of THREE war vets gettin their portrait taken To commemorat seve
the end of the second world war f
seventy years ago in nineteen forty th
five . we' re taking the photos so print
that we can give the veterans a
print of themselves similar to thei w
regimental portrait that was taken wil
when they enlisted and the photos Austr
will be then handed over to the a
Australian War memorial Geoff is on tho
a mission to capture thousand serve
thousand living Australians who thei
served in world war TWO and tell thou
their stories We have about four
thousand registered already which i third
a pretty good start so about a t
third of the way there and probably been
to date about half of those have ol
been photographed Eighty Nine year old Betty McDonald and ninety year who
old Addison Lowes are among those ch
who registered Betty is one of ten a
children She served in the women' s t
army for three years. I just wanted to just to help out, I couldn' t go merch
and fight Addison served in the an
merchant navy during the early 40s c
and is touched he' s been given the v
chance to tell his story it' s very remembere
very nice, it' s nice to be
remembered but Ray is staying modes w
insisting working in the air force was simply a day to day job I think storie
there are a lot more important stories. I think they might see me lo
and say well well what do you know directo
look what' s he' s done + The l
director of the Canberra Theatre' s
latest production says it' s nice t g
bring his work home. Iain Sinclair d
grew up in the ACT and has recently Men'
directed the drama ' of Mice and Men' . It' s been a dream of mine t n
put on a play at the playhouse and now I' m doing it He' s now bringin audiences
the production to Canberra it
audiences after opening in Sydney. w
it' s about two migrant workers who are
work from ranch to ranch and they wor
are sort of stuck in the cycle of way
work month to month to make their story
way and it' s sort of about the turning
story of isolation and people
turning mean through loneliness + l Gungahl
tell you who it is next, and F
Gungahlin United knocked out of the FFA Cup. This program is not captioned. o
FFA Cup. Gungahlin United has bowed Syd
out of the FFA Cup, going down to thirty
Sydney Olympic in the round of visito
thirty two. A late goal to the Free
visitors proving the difference. fans
Freezing conditions didn' t stop En
fans from turning out at Gungahlin B
Enclosed Oval. Gungahlin, cheering. tha
But it wasn' t just the home side that had support in the crowd. Come br
on Olympic. Sixteen hundred people minus
braved apparent temperatures of C
minus two during the match, between Sy
Canberra' s newest club and one of w
Sydney' s most successful. But even
with extra support Gungahlin couldn An
t keep it' s FFA Cup dream alive. S
An eighty second minute strike from Gai
Sydney Olympic Gaitatzis ho
Gaitatzis ending the homes side' s t
hopes. We had a few good chances in j
the first half but I think our legs en
just sort of gave away towards the thro
end there and their quality came un
through unfortunately a little bit bu
unlucky with the goal a deflection
but them the breaks. Despite the on C
nil result Gungahlin Coach Claudio ef
Canosa couldn' t fault his players th
efforts. I think if you look in on the bigger picture we verse one tea re
that has a lot of history and we' Ca
re new in the league we' re new in
Canberra and I think I' m very prou of the work the players done today bac
The side now turning it' s focus back to the National Premier League Hopefully a couple of lucky result go our way at the end of the seaso fi
and we might even scrape into the nam
finals. G→ Jarrad Butler has been t
named captain of the UC Vikings for Cha
the twenty fifteen National Rugby eight
Championship season. The number challeng
eight looking forward to the challenge of leading the side aroun
the park. I' m really excited to b y
able to captain the team this year last
you know we' ve taken a lot from k
last year and I just can' t wait to sq
kind of get training with the full thirt
squad. The Vikings have named a h
thirty seven man squad for the NRC, Brumbies
headlined by the addition of Ror
Brumbies prop Ben Alexander. Lock Rory Arnold hopeful the Wallaby can help add some experience up front. wil
don' t know how many games Benny
will play but it' s good to have hi exp
around the team you know all his experienced at scrum time and aroun the field so it' s good to have hi get
here but you never know he could T
get called into the World Cup side. one
The Vikings have the bye in round t
one, with their first match against on
the New South Wales Country Eagles Shillin
on August twenty nine . David b
Shillington says it' s an honour to NR
be lining up for his two hundredth milestone
NRL match. It' s a round of Jo
milestone' s for the Raiders, with hundredt
Josh Papalii bringing up his debut
hundredth game. He made his NRL e
debut in two thousand and five. And Shillin
eleven season' s later, David anoth
Shillington is about to rack up ste
another career highlight, when he hund
steps onto the field for his two pro
hundredth match. When I started I this
probably didn' t think I' d play achi
this many games but proud of the fai
achievement and hopefully still a Shilling
fair few more to come. While
Shillington only has five more game nort
with the Raiders before heading Jo
north to the Gold Coast, team mate Josh Papalii hopes his hundredth NR of
match on Monday is just the start Gre
of a long list of milestone' s in playi
Green. I didn' t imagine myself playing one game to get to fifty wa i
all right and now one hundred yeah
it' s a dream come true. Papalii an experi
Shillington may add plenty of bu
experience to the Raiders line up, on
but there' ll also be a fresh face secon
on the field this weekend, with m
second rower Mitch Barnett named to him
make his debut. I can' t wait for a
him to play he' ll definitely bring Ra
a lot of energy off the bench. The nu
Raiders have been forced to make a again
number of changes for the match i
against the Tigers, but Shillington m
isn' t concerned.Confident his team t
mates have plenty of time to adjust firs
to their new roles. Today' s our it
first day of preparation for it so o
it' s really important that we have tr
our new players in their positions
training hard and for the rest of u we
polishing up on a few things that Eri
we need to fix up from last week. unbea
Erindale College has kept it' s
unbeaten start to the GIO Schoolboy eighteen
Cup campaign alive, with an Spo
eighteen point win over Illawarra Que
Sports High. The two sides met at for
Queanbeyan' s Seiffert Oval today s
for the round three clash. The home out
side taking control early, to run out thirty six eighteen winners. Th Erinda
seven tries to four win means A
Erindale will finish on top of Pool Tha
A. That is mid week spo Thanks M
Thanks Amy. Don' t go away - Hannah all
McEwan is up after the break with all the weather details This program is not captioned. A more personalised workspace
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This program is not captioned.
Good evening, That cold front ha a
made for a very cool and windy day throug
across the region with showers to
throughout the night and snow down Canber
to 800m on the alpine peaks In deg
Canberra today we only reached 10 degrees, however it felt under 6 al t
day with winds gusting over 60km h this afternoon Tonight' s picture i in
thanks to Fiona Brammall - sunset fol
in Canberra Don' t forget you can or
follow me on Facebook and Twitter,
or email me at weather@wintv. temperatures Taking a look at
temperatures for the region today.. 6-
Sydney 5-14 Wollongong 7-14 Nowra 1-16
6-13 Ulladulla 6-15 Batemans Bay Merimb
1-16 Moruya -1- 17 Bega -2 -15 Jindabyne
Merimbula 0 -15 Cooma -1- 9 Thredb
Jindabyne -4-1 Perisher -7- -2 Thredbo -8- -4 Bombala -2-8 Goulbur Canberra
1-7 Yass 3-8 Gungahlin 0-10 Bungend
Canberra 0-10 Queanbeyan 0-10 co
Bungendore 0-10 Braidwood -1-9 - A t
cold front is crossing the south of
the state, bringing a few showers t sno
parts of the southern inland and gust
snow to higher ground as well as gusty winds. Conditions are expecte front
to ease during Thursday as the fine
front moves away, with generally fine weather returning at the end o press
the week as a slow-moving high th
pressure system drifts across from the west. This high is forecast be th
the dominant feature in the region
through the weekend, before the nex frontal system arrives on Monday. abo
The chance of drizzle or showers range
about the western slopes of the ranges, mostly in the morning. A fe snow showers on the Alps above 120 ranges
metres. Early frost about the cl
ranges and slopes. Fine and partly southweste
cloudy elsewhere. South to for
southwesterly winds. Checking the Partly
forecast for the ACT district, w
Partly cloudy. Morning frost. Winds b
west to southwesterly 20 to 30 km h afternoon.
becoming light in the late fro
afternoon. Canberra -3-11 Morning -3-10
frost. Mostly sunny Tuggeranong Que
-3-10 Morning frost. Mostly sunny Mostl
Queanbeyan -3-11 Morning frost. morning
Mostly sunny Yass -1-10 Light L
morning frost, cloudy Goulburn -1-9 fore
Light morning frost Checking the dist
forecast for the Snowy Mountains Medi
district, Cloudy. Morning frost. Vic
Medium chance of showers near the elsew
Victorian border, slight chance m
elsewhere. Snow possible above 1000
metres. Winds westerly 25 to 35 km th
tending southwesterly before dawn t
then decreasing to 15 to 25 km h in Pos
the late afternoon. Perisher -6-0 Mor
Possible snow shower. Cooma -3- 9 -3
Morning frost. Cloudy. Thredbo -7- Jindabyn
-3 Snow shower or two. Windy Bo
Jindabyne -3-8 Early frost, cloudy sh
Bombala -1-8 Early frost. Possible the
shower. Checking the forecast for Mor
the South Coast district, Cloudy. o
Morning frost inland. Medium chance border,
of showers near the Victorian an
border, most likely in the morning ra
and afternoon. Near zero chance of
rain elsewhere. Winds westerly 20 t 30 km h tending southwesterly 25 t 35 km h in the morning then tendin northwest to southwesterly 15 to 2 km h in the evening. Ulladulla 6-1 Pa
Becoming cloudy Batemans Bay 1-15 clo
Partly cloudy Narooma 5-15 Partly C
cloudy Bega 1-15 Light early frost.
Cloudy Merimbula 3-14 Cloudy Sunris A-M
for tomorrow is expected at 6:55 A-M and sunset at 5:25 P-M. Taking se
look at the forecast for the next f
seven day... Thursday -3-11 Morning Morn
frost. Mostly sunny Friday -3-13 Morning frost. Mostly sunny Saturda -2-12 Cloudy Sunday -3-13 Partly clea
cloudy Monday 1-12 Shower or two clearing Tuesday -1-11 Shower or tw i
Wednesday 1-12 Possible shower Now it' s freezi
off the wait Well it' s been a
freezing day around the region - an For
the slopes haven' t been spared. o
For a closer look at the conditions Toma
on the mountains, here' s Lauren H
Tomasi with tonight' s snow report. th
Hello from a wintry Thredbo, where co
the snow is once again falling and with
conditions are looking excellent plenty
with a dry and light cover and
plenty of fresh stashes to be found moun
It has been a chilly day on the mountain, with temperatures reachin win
a max of negative 4 degrees, and cold
wind chill making that feel much colder. Exhibition off Sponars T-ba a
has certainly been the pick today, the
after being groomed overnight for Intermedi
the first time this season. Vill
Intermediates can' t go past the tur
Village Trail for 3.7km of cruisy turns and for those new to the snow forgiv
Friday Flat is fresh, fun and c
forgiving for the new snow legs. Of
course those new to the snow can hi tob
the free snow play park for some ji
tobogganing and tubing and for the pa
jibbers, three progressive terrain fo
parks and the rider cross are open lifts
for some high flying action. 14 lifts are open to get you around th We
mountain to over 50 groomed runs. the
Well it' s a fantastic weekend on com
the forecast, with the sun set to top
come out and of course the annual the
top to bottom will be racing down this
the mountain for it' s 25th year slopes!
this Saturday. See you on the To
slopes! In Thredbo, this is Lauren
Tomasi, Win News. Recapping tonight membe
s top stories- Dozens of CFMEU members have rallied outside the AC un
Magistrates Court - in support of fac
union official John Lomax, who is Prelimi
facing blackmail charges. AND
Preliminary NAPLAN results have bee b
released today, showing the ACT is c
best or is equal to the rest of the are
country in eighteen out of twenty Wedne
areas. And that' s WIN News for vie
Wednesday the fifth of August. To W
view some of our reports, visit the Join
WIN News Canberra Facebook page. a
Join us for the All Australian News th
at midnight and again tomorrow for six.
the best 90 minutes of news from Thanks
six. I' m Kerryn Johnston..... night.
Thanks for your company - good night. This program is not captioned.