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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaThe NAPLAN report card is in and the results aren't great. The Federal Court revokes approval for what could be the country's largest coal mine. Emily Seebohm helps Australia to a golden double in the pool at the world championships in Russia. And 70 years on, questions surface about the reason the atomic bomb was dropped on Hiroshima.Hello, James McHale with ABC News early edition. The latest national literacy and numeracy test results are out and it seems that is some cause for concern. In the 7 years since the tests were introduced in primary and high schools, most measurements show no major improvement. There's been a slight decrease in writing schools for students in Years 7 and 9 and some minor improvements in numeracy and literacy schools for Year 3 and 5. NAPLAN says it's not clear why the results aren't better across Australia.More on this result we're joined live by Bronwyn Hinz a policy fellow Health
with the Mitchell hin stult for Health and educational policy in Melbourne. Thanks for joining us. First off, were you surprised by these results and what do you think is behind them?I think there are several factors driving these results. It's no one single big problem, there's no one single big solution either. It's always a bit more complex than that. One of the factors is that despite large increasing in investment by governments in education they haven't been targeting it to where that investment is most needed. We need to target it better to the neediest schools. Schools that have greater educational need relative to other schools, and also target it more to early years. So early years before school, early years of school as well because that's the greatest returns on educational investment. Another factor is that there is a lack of coordination or sometimes different levels of government being at cross purposes with each other in their educational reform efforts. And this can then dilute the effectiveness of these very well intentioned programs to improve results and it can then also sometimes distract schools and school systems from developing and implementing their own cohesive and tailored plans for trying
improvement because they're that
trying to grab pots of money that come past to fill the gaps in their funding systems.Now given that, and given the fact this may be distracting some schools away from their own curriculums, do you think there's value in conducting these national tests?I do, but with the very important disclaimer that we put these tests in perspective. They are just one diagnostic tool among many diagnostic tools and they literacy
only look at two areas, literacy and numeracy. These are absolutely critical. These are foundations for future learning but they are not the only things that we would expect in an all rounded education. The chief of NAPLAN, actually and his advice to parents just this morning was to remember this and not to decrease the time your child would spend in other subject areas and not to decrease the time that they might spend on music and sports which are part of this important, rounded education that help kids develop into confident, successful learners. There is a whole host of cognitive and noncognitive skills like resilience. We need to not prepare so much for NAPLAN. NAPLAN results go up when students have a better understanding of literacy and numeracy. That's not done by doing tests over and over. It's by really absorbing them in masterful language and the magic of mathematics rather than test repetition.And just quickly, Bronwyn, would you like to see these tests expanded to things that are more creative, maybe chief scientist Professor Ian Chubb suggested including science as you
a benchmark, is that something you would like to see?I think science is of huge importance and I'd like to see it get part
greater acclaim and a greater part in school curriculums but that's for schools and teachers to decide and I'd have to look at the detail in the proposal thank
to reform this.Bronwyn Hinze, thank you.The PM says he is determined to make sure rules for MPs entitlements match community expectations. Labor front bencher Tony Burke is the latest MP to have his travel publicly scrutinised. The Department of Finance documents reveal he spent more than $12,000 flying himself and 4 family members to Uluru in the school holidays in 2012. Mr Burke's office says he had meetings in Uluru in his capacity as the environment minister and Tony Burke has not broken the rules.The important thing is that everyone should operate within the rules. What's even more important is that we change the rules to make sure that what is within the rules is also within community expectations.Mr Abbott wants the review of MPs' entitlements wrapped up within a few months.Queensland's controversial $16 billion Adani Carmichael coal mine has hit another hurdle with the Commonwealth agreeing to withdraw approval for the mine. At issue was the protection and species
consideration of two vulnerable species in the proposed mine area. Conservationists are claiming victory but the mining industry says activists have benefitted from a bureaucratic blunder.Never underestimate the power of a skink because of skink
the extremely secretive yaka skink and the ornamental snake and their protection by law, the Federal Environment Minister's approval for a mega coal mine in central Queensland has been withdrawn.Greg Hunt failed to follow those laws. He didn't follow Australia's environment laws, he didn't give adequate protection to the species that would be impacted by the Carmichael mine.The Environment Department says advice to the Minister about their protection should have been provided in a particular way. Because of some paperwork glitch in the Department, they can't demonstrate that the Minister physically sighted the documents around the conservation of those two species.Adani is the Indian company that had and has now lost approval for Australia's largest coal mine, a rail link and associated infrastructure. In a statement it said: It would be a huge tragedy for the Australian economy and the Queensland economy to allow the activist tactics to prevail.The Environment Department expects it will take up to 8 weeks for it to redo its advice and for the Minister to reconsider his final decision. But it might not be that easy.The environment Minister
defenders office says the Minister has to have a thorough look before giving approval.And he does have to look at the new information about Adani's environmental record and he does have to look at the information about the true economic costs and benefits of this project.While conservationists hate the project, the Queensland Government wants it.We're extremely disappointed that there's been this delay to Adani in the gally Basin.The Government wants it approved as quickly as possible.Virgin and JetStar have again cancelled all flights in and out of Bali's Denpasar airport. Advice conditions
from meteorologist s are that conditions are not suitable for flying in the area.This is the third time since the beginning of July that the ash cloud has caused mass flight cancellations and delays. 10 Virgin flights have been cancelled to and from Bali out of Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. JetStar overnight
also cancelled flights overnight and this morning and has delayed flights out of Perth this afternoon.Now some un lucky travellers arrived here at the Brisbane International terminal this morning with surf boards and Pak - backpacks. One couple was hoping to start their honeymoon in Bali today but they've been told they might not get there until the end of the week.A cup of days. Some people
people say a day, a couple people say a couple of hour, some say 5 or 6 day. We're not sure at this point.Virgin says the number of passengers affected this time is much smaller because it's not school holidays but hundreds of hopeful holiday makers will still be scrambling to reorganise their plans and crossing their fingers their insurance companies will help out. Virgin and JetStar customers are being advised to stay away from the airport and await for updates. Both airlines say they're waiting for further information before they decide whether they will fly tomorrow and for the rest of the week.A Queensland man accused of murder has taken to innocence over
social media to protest his New
innocence over the death of a New Zealand woman who fell from his Surfers Paradise balcony last year. Gable Tostee met the 26-year-old on a dating website and his latest foray onto the Internet has surprised many. The post appeared on a Facebook Gable
account believed to belong to Gable Tostee. It began with Tostee saying "I don't think I will ever adjust to the nightmarish reality that I wake up to each day." He's referring to the death of war Warriena Tagpuno Wright who fell from his balcony a year ago. The 29-year-old was charged with murder and was granted Supreme Court bail in November. His post said, "Prosecutors immediately tried to bargain with me to plead to manslaughter." He added "Needless to say I will not plead to something I did not do."Police won't comment but former detective and criminal nolings Terry golds worthy says it's unusual for offenders to comment publicly on their case.The generally accepted rule is you don't comment on the matter before the courts. That's because it's seen as affecting due process, etc, and the courts take a dim view of it.Tostee's lawyer Nick Dore says he can't comment on a matter which hasn't gone to trial. The accused also took a swipe at the coverage of his high profile case.""The media has been absolutely disgraceful in its gross misrepresentation and selective reporting of this matter."Courting public opinion on social media is one thing, facing a court of law is scheduled for
quite another. Tostee is scheduled for a committal hearing here in the Southport Magistrates Court at the end of next month. More allegations of child sexual abuse against the former British PM Sir Edward Heath are emerging. Five separate investigations are currently under way with a number of response
people coming forward in response to a police appeal for correspondent
information.Europe correspondent Mary Gearin has more from London.He was once the most powerful man in Britain. Now Ted Heath, as he was known, is linked to 5 police probes into sexual abuse.Sir Edward is believed to be in the sights of Scotlandiard's sweeping probe into historical paedophile allegations involving VIPs. Wiltshire police have already announced their inquiry. Now the forces of Jersey, Kent and Hampshire are investigating him. One senior Labour MP says he knows of claims made against Sir Edward.Since 2012 I've referred two allegations regarding Edward Heath to the police but it's already clear to me that the historic cases, different police services have dealt with investigations differently.More details have emerged about what police may have known. It's now believed a female brothel owner in the '90s implicated Sir Edward in child sexual abuse and it's alleged a criminal case against her was dropped. This claim was put to police by a former detective in July last year and in March, Britain's police watchdog was called in to see what went on. Police say number
they've already received a number of calls from the public after an appeal for people to come forward. All leads will be coordinated nationally and fed into an independent inquiry into child sexual abuse. But friends of the former PM have also come out to say that at this stage despite the growing number of allegations, they remain just that, allegations. I don't think we should jump the gun. From what I know of Ted Heath I'd be surprised beyond measure if he - if they were proved to be true.The once famously private leader is now one of a growing list of prominent public figures linked to alleged abuse of power and privilege.It's hoped a concerted police response can now get to the truth.The US tensions
and China have discussed rising tensions in the South China Sea fueled by Beijing's building of military outposts there. US Secretary of State, John Kerry, raised his objections when he met his Chinese counterpart on the side line of the ASEAN summit in Kuala Lumpur. Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, also touched on the territorial flash point which she says she will also raise during the 2-day meeting.There's no doubt we are in an increasingly complex and dynamic region, as we can see from developments there - in the South China Sea and it's quite clear that more is being asked of ASEAN and of Australia as to how we can sustain prosperity and peace.Later tonight, Ms Bishop is due to meet her Indonesian counterpart for the first time since Indonesia executed Australian drug smugglers Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.Taking a quick look at other stories making news. Fire fighters in California are hoping to take advantage of milder weather conditions to get on top of a number of wildfires that have already razed dozens of homes. In the canyons around Clearlake, California, flames are still scorching the tinder try hills and paddocks. Cooler temperatures are allowing fire fighters to make om inroads.The fire growth that we're seeing is definitely in part to the 4-year drought California is experiencing and that coupled with a little bit of wind and some of these canyons makes very very dangerous fire fighting conditions.Two dozen homes have been destroyed so far and 13,000 people have been advised to leave.The German Justice Minister has sacked the country's top prosecutor after he accused the Government of interfering with a treason investigation. Justice Minister Heiko Maas said he had no confidence in the prosecutor Harald Range. Mr Range said the Minister told him to call off an independent assessment of the matter.Australia has pledged $2 until in response mien rar's call for international help. The nation is struggling to feed and shelter more than 200,000 people affected by floods and landslides. Dozens have died and the death toll is expected to rise with rescue teams yet to reach many areas cut off by flooding. Local officials have admitted underestimating the crisis.And the Governor-General, Peter Cosgrove, is continuing his official visit to Turkey. Sir Peter attended the premiere of the Gallipoli symphony in Istanbul. While there, he will lead commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the battle of Lone Pine, one of the fiercest fought at deliply. Earlier he and Lady Cosgrove met Turkey's President at the presidential years
palace in Ankara.It's been 70 years since the world changed forever when America dropped the first atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The Americans said they took the drastic step to put an early end to World War II and save hundreds of thousands of uss sold - US soldiers but this official narrative is now being challenged.On 6 August 1945 the world's first atomic bomb was exploded over Hiroshima wiping out the city centre and killing about 140,000.This woman was 8 at the time and only 2.4 kilometres from the hype o centre. TRANSLATION: I was en gulf ed with a dazzling flash of light and blast slammed me to the ground. I lost conshtiousness.She says the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and another at Nagasaki 3 days later were war crimes. Many historians now say the atomic attacks did not lead to Japan's surrender but the Soviet declaration of war on Japan two days later was a bigger shock.The Soviet Union would demolish the emperor system and they will execute emperor as well as all other members of the royal family.The Americans thought the shock and awe of a new devastating bomb would force the Japanese into surrendering. But experts say inside Japan it was viewed very differently.The Americans had already destroyed 66 Japanese cities with its massive fire bombing campaign.In just one night 100,000 civilians were killed in Tokyo.If you look at it from the perspective of the Japanese military it doesn't really make a big difference whether the people are dying from fire bombs or atomic bombs. So it's two additional city centres that are destroyed.In Hiroshima children sing for peace. But the reality is that America's atomic attacks on Japan started a nuclear arms race which did bring the world to the brink of destruction.

Sport and Australia has turned things around at the swimming world championships in Russia winning 2 gold and a silver medal on day 3 of the competition. Australia's backstrokers were the stars with Mitch Larkin winning the men's and Emily Seebohm winning the women's 100 women's events. 8 years after making her world championship debut as a 14-year-old, Emily Seebohm has finally won individual gold. coming
It's just been a long time coming and I think I've definitely worked so hard for this.She had to settle for silver at the London Olympics.I feel like I've disappointed my parents and my coach has worked so hard with me.But now the hard work has paid off.I didn't actually sing the anthem, I cried the whole way through.Seebohm shared the podium with 21-year-old Madison Wilson.Seebohm has been my inspiration for a couple of years now so to be on the podium alongside her is amazing.Australia's backstroke domination didn't end there. Mitch Larkin was among some of the giants of swimming for his final but the plucky 22-year-old showed plenty of heart to edge out his more fancied rivals. I came here trying to swim faster than I did at trials and I did that in the heat in the first day so I was pretty happy with that and I knew, like I said, if I could replicate those swims for the semi and the final I knew I'd be in with a chance.Who would have thought swimming backwards would help Australian swimming go forward.Geelong and Sydney players will enter the ground together and run through a single banner ahead of Adam Goodes' anticipated return to the AFL this weekend. The Cats host Sydney at Kardinia Park on Saturday and Geelong coach, Chris Scott, said he expects Geelong supporters will respect Goodes in his return match. Scott says while there may have been valid reasons in the past to boo Goodes he doesn't believe there are now.If you choose to do it from here on in, you can't use other reasons as an excuse. For the simple reason Sydney and Adam have said they feel like it's racial vilification. It's pretty simple to me.Geelong will focus on Cats captain Joel Selwood who will line up for his 200th AFL game.Australian racing's cobalt saga rolleded on today. Sam Kavanagh is facing a length y ban. Kavanagh's admitted he allowed unauthorised parties to treat his horses which led to the detection of the illegal performance-enhancing substance.Day 3 of a Racing NSW stewards inquiry took place in Sydney today. Stewards are looking into the performance of a horse called Midsummer Sun which won a Cup in January. But the horse was swabbed and tested positive for elevated levels of caffeine and also cobalt in its system. Kavanagh was stood down from Racing and will
the outcome of this hearing will determine his future. He has pleaded guilty to presenting a horse at the races with illegal substances in its system. Today the panel heard from controversial harness racing identity John Camilleri who it's alleged supplied Kavanagh's stable with drenches. Drenches are very common in the racing industry. They're basically a way for a horse to be given a substance through the mouth via a tube. One witness, though, said ta Camilleri's drenches contained a number of aspirins and also Berocca tablets among other illegal substances against the rules of racing. Camilleri's text messages sent to a number of associates after he had treated Kavanagh's horses were also tabled including one text knew of
message where he bragged he knew of a Melbourne Cup winner that had EPO and also cobalt in its system. The panel did dismiss that. His credibility was certainly brought into question a number of times. Sam Kavanagh's future in the racing industry is at stake. The hearing will go on tomorrow although it could run into next week.Well, might be hard to believe but it's just one year under
until the Rio Olympics gets under way. Australia is sending one of its largest teams with 470 athletes preparing to take on the world in Brazil. The AOC is piling on the pressure, pushing for a return to the top 5 on the medal tally after a disappointing London campaign.One team hoping for an improved showing is the Hockeyroos.When Sally Pearson fell in Rome she knew she was gone
in trouble.Sally Pearson's gone down and is hurt.She didn't realise how badly.3 major breaks, shattering through and with a dislocation as well.She only started rehab training this week, which gives her precisely one year to be ready for Rio.I think that's plenty of time to be able to be ready and be at my best and hopefully be on top of the podium again.Sally Pearson's gold in London was one of only 7 won by Australia.The AOC wants that haul to double in 2016.We are not backing away from our top 5 target. It's a tough target. It's an aspirational target and it will relying
not be easy.And the days of relying on the swimmers are over.If we're to succeed in Rio, other sports need to step up.In Brazil, the building goes on, largely to plan. The greatest concern remains the Guanabara
severe water pollution in Guanabara Bay, the venue for sailing and windsurf ing.Everything is going in the right direction. It has to be monitored closely, it will be monitored closely.The spectre of performance-enhancing drugs again looms after recent allegations of widespread cheating at the past 3 Olympics. The message for Australian athletes is simple and blunt.If you cheat and you're a member of the Australian Olympic team, we will name, shame and put you on a plane.A team of around 470 is expected to travel to Rio, 60 more than competed in London.Time now to check in with Steve Cannane from 'The Drum' and a Federal Court has overturn ed approval for a mega coal mine in central Queensland?It's all down to a couple of threatened species, a snake and a skink that the Minister was not briefed on by the Department. Now that mean he's going to have to reassess the approval of the mine and take into consideration those threatened specieses which may prove a little awkward seeing the Minister just last month launched his threatened species strategy. We're going to discuss that, what it might mean for the mine. Will it ever be built?And the latest NAPLAN results find students' results have stagnated?That's in the 7 years since the NAPLAN tests started. We're going to have a look at this as well. Whether anything can be done to improve our NAPLAN results. If so, what should that be?That's on 'The Drum'. Now for a look at the national weather with Graham Creed. A high pressure system is becoming the dominant feature across the south-east now as this cold front moves away into the Tasman Sea. Still got some cold air through nose southeastern centres. The snow levels will gradually rise as we move through the afternoon. Got a bit of patchy rain developing about the far western coast of WA and for Queensland there is a potential of very isolated and light shower about the eastern parts of the northern cape:

That's all for this bulletin but we leave you with a tribute to Dambusters whose last surviving pilot, Les Munro, has died at the age of 96. In 1943 Mr #34u7b row flew his Lancaster bomber on the legendary mission and destroyed 3 dams deep in Nazi Germany. 133 air crew took part in the raid and almost half never returned. Thanks for your company, bye for now.

Hello, and welcome to The Drum, I'm Steve Cannane. Coming up - a skink and a snake lead the Federal Court to overturn the approval of the proposed mega coal mine in the Galilee Basin. Seven years on, have NAPLAN tests in schools improved academic performance? We take a look at the figures. And, Labor's Tony Burke defends a $12,000 travel claim for a family trip to Uluru. This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia
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