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This program is captioned live. VOICEOVER: This is Seven's
Afternoon News with Sophie Hull. Good afternoon. A man has been charged over
the death of a colleague at work. It allegedly began as an argument
over a minor accident which suddenly turned violent. We'll have the details from court. There's doubts this afternoon about the story a groom
gave a judge to get freed on bail
so he could attend his wedding - only to end up on the run. Flights to and from Bali have been
cancelled for the third time in a month - leaving long queues of frustrated
travellers at airports Plus, the operation to rescue people
left stranded by the polar blast that's gripping
southern and eastern Australia. I'm at the Star in Sydney where a gala dinner will be held
tonight with our Olympic athletes. Today, we are officially
one year out from Rio 2016 and our swimming team is showing
things are right on track. Highlights from a golden night from
the World Swimming Championships in Kazan.

On the weather front, the big chill has reached
Central Queensland and it's not over yet. More details soon.

A truck driver has been freed
on bail after being charged
over the death of a workmate. It happened during a fight
at an industrial site at Newcastle, north of Sydney, following an accident. The details from Sean Berry. Sophie, police alleged that
after the minor incident the truck's driver,
Geoffrey Michael Strong, lept from his vehicle and began punching
the forklift driver in the head. He quickly lost consciousness and despite the attempts
of workmates and then later paramedics, 44-year-old victim
Glenn Alan Canning passed away on the spot. Strong has now been charged
with assault causing death. From what we've ascertained
at the moment, the victim was sitting
in the forklift when he was punched. And he went in and out
of consciousness at that stage. They were both employees
of Crawfords Freightliners here in Newcastle. Strong is now banned
from going there. That's one of the bail conditions
imposed on him today after he was granted bail unopposed
by police here at Newcastle Court. He will also have
to report daily to police and not approach
the victim's family. Police say there was no intent
to kill here. That's why he is being charged
under the new one-punch legislation that does carry up to 20 years
in jail if he is convicted. Sophie.

Sydney police are hunting a man who stabbed his brother
during an argument over a dog. They'd been visiting their parents
at Kogarah Bay. The victim is in intensive care after having emergency surgery
for a stab wound to the chest. Never had any issues,
and that's the truth. We've never even...we don't even
hardly hear them. Even the parents,
they're lovely people and so are both the brothers,
are nice. It's believed the argument
was about a racing greyhound. Questions have been raised
about the authenticity of a wedding which convinced a judge
to set a groom free on bail. The man was arrested yesterday
after a week on the run, and he was back in a Melbourne court
this morning. Brendan Roberts was there. Sophie, just when you thought
the tale of the bailed runaway groom couldn't get any more bizarre, another twist played out
in court today. A judge released a copy
of the deposit slip for Murat Shomshe's wedding - the wedding he used as the basis
for getting bail on July 24. Shomshe's lawyer had told
Judge Richard Maidment that he wanted to be free
to attend his own wedding because he'd already paid
a $6,000 deposit and had 473 guests due to attend, including some travelling
all the way from Turkey. But the authenticity of that receipt
has been called into question, with the wedding function centre
for which the deposit was paid to saying off-camera today that there is no record of a wedding
taking place on July 25. And Shomshe's partner,
Belinda Dulevski, outside court today wouldn't shed any further light
on their big day. Was there even a wedding, Belinda?
Was there a wedding? Yes, there was. Can you tell us what dress you
wore, Belinda? Can you tell us anything
about the wedding to prove that it actually happened,
Belinda? Why should I? Well, because you've used it to
rely on your husband getting bail. And it's none of anyone's business. Is he your husband?
Of course he's my husband. Shomshe, who spent eight days
on the run, has had his criminal trial postponed
for several months due to his new-found media profile. There is also likely to be a delay
on the couple's honeymoon. Sophie.

Indonesia's erupting volcano has
forced airlines to cancel flights to and from Bali
for the third time in a month - ruining holiday plans
for thousands of Australians. Chantelle Toohey has the latest
from Perth Airport. Good afternoon, Sophie. Well, if you're supposed to be
heading to Bali today, or coming home from Bali, whether or not
you actually get on a plane will all depend on
which airline you're with. Virgin has confirmed
it has cancelled all flights in and out of Bali
all across Australia as a result of that ash cloud. Jetstar has just confirmed it has also cancelled all flights
in and out of Bali for the rest of the day. Garuda and AirAsia are still flying,
at this stage. There's been a couple
of small delays but no cancellations. Bali airport is still open but the Volcanic Ash Advisory centre
is warning the ash cloud is heading
over the airport. The last time that happened,
the airport was closed. I mean, look, it's going to be
annoying if we can't get to our flight but if you can't fly, you can't fly. The airport over in Bali
is already filling up with people who have just discovered
they're not coming home today. I'm annoyed because
Jetstar doesn't tell us nothing and they don't help us. I know it's a natural disaster, so it's just costing us
a lot more money. So Sophie, the advice
to travellers is if you're meant to
be heading to Bali today, or coming home from Bali, check with your airline
before heading to the airport.

We could know tonight whether debris washed up
on an Indian Ocean island is from missing
Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Investigators in France
are due to inspect the wreckage, which Boeing says
is from a 777 aircraft. MH370 is the only one
of those missing. An Australian air crash investigator
has been sent to France to take part in the examination. We're told the results could be
known in the next 24-48 hours. There are 100 days to go
before the Rio Games and to mark the countdown, Australia's Olympic Chief
has delivered a tough message to our athletes. They've been told the swimming team
can't carry the burden of success and other sports
have to do their fair share. More from Chris Reason. Sophie, the Australian Olympic team
Chef de Mission, Kitty Chiller, effectively read out the riot act to her latest generation
of Australian athletes today using the occasion
of the one-year-to-go anniversary to the Games here at the Olympic headquarters
at Circular Quay, Sydney, to remind these athletes
of their duties, their obligations, as we take these final months
into the Rio Games next year. First of all, she fired
a broadside across the bows of the broader team, saying that for too long we have put
too much pressure on the swimmers to haul in the medals and it was time for the other sports
to step up and help out. She then said the team would consist
of over 460 athletes but, with staff and management,
would total around 800. She knows there will be incidents but says she will come down hard
on any offenders. Drug cheats, for instance, will be "named, shamed
and put on a plane," she said. Anyone illegal betting would be able
to get a "shortcut to the airport," to use her words. All of this comes, of course, in the wake of the problems
from the London Olympics. We saw the Stilnox scandal,
the low team morale. Here is a little bit about
what Kitty Chiller had to say at the press launch today. I'm 100% confident that we have
the opportunity to get top 5 but that means all of us -
athletes and officials - must do everything we can
to capitalise on that opportunity. London Olympic hurdling
gold medallist Sally Pearson was also there, still recovering
from a serious wrist injury, but saying she thought the athletes
would respond well to the tough talk and that discipline was needed. What's the point in moving forward
if you're not going to improve? And I think that's the biggest thing
that we can do from London, is that we can do better. It's not going to be easy. The team knows there will be
problems in Rio, it is inevitable. Construction delays, water quality
issues and crime problems. Not terrorism
like it was in London, but crime - personal safety issues in Rio
this time. Kitty Chiller, though, says they are still aiming for a
top-5 place in the medal tally. She said, even if Rio isn't ready,
her team will be. Sophie.

Seven News meteorologist David Brown
joins us. Brownie, is there much left
in the bitterly cold weather system? It's waning, Sophie,
and good afternoon. That said, there's another burst
in the pipeline, and it's expected to affect
south-east Australia early next week. In the meantime, it's still snowing over central and western parts of
Tasmania, but the snow showers are expected to
contract to higher ground tonight as the cold air mass
clears out to sea. The bureau has posted a road weather
alert for icy and snow-covered roads throughout most of Tassie. From the satellite, we can see a cold and dry air mass has made its way
into Central Queensland. Charleville is expected to dip
to zero tomorrow.

Canberra -3. Falls Creek -7 degrees.

Cairns, sunny.

Tomorrow's forecast is coming up
a little later. Sophie.

Next in Seven News at 4:00 - a father dies trying save his young
daughter from a freak accident. Also, the massive sinkhole
that's opened up in one of the world's
biggest cities. And the world premiere of
an Australian musical masterpiece.

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consider this - there's about one handprint of tread connecting each of your tyres
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You're watching
Seven's Afternoon News. Still to come - the school that doesn't hire
cleaners. Instead, students end their day
doing the job, including cleaning toilets. Is it right or wrong? The full story a little later. A father has been killed while trying to protect
his 6-year-old daughter as a circus tent collapsed in
the US state of New Hampshire. The little girl also died
when the big top came down. Police say the circus operators
did not have a permit to put it up and allowed the show to go ahead despite an official
severe storm warning. Behind crime scene tape lies the scattered debris from
a terrifying night at the circus. Screaming.
The wind blowing the tent. After that, I mean, everything
just went black. when rain, hail and 140km/h winds
hammered the big top. 100 panicked people inside
scattered, as it came down.

The tent came down. People, the beam came down
on top of my father which crushed his skull. He was protecting my little sister,
Annabelle at the time and unfortunately
she didn't make it as well. She was just six years old. 32 others were injured
by flying debris. People who were part of the circus
just yelled 'run'. And in the same motion
I just see stakes and stuff coming up out of the ground. The National Weather Service
had issued a severe storm warning around 20 minutes before the show.

It's really the responsibility of
the show to monitor the conditions. Police add, the circus did not have
legal permits to put up the tent.

An entire intersection
has been swallowed by a sinkhole in New York City. The gaping hole opened up
in Brooklyn around 7am local time, just as the streets were getting
busy with people headed for work. A broken water pipe
caused earth to be washed away under the intersection
of Fifth Avenue and 64th Street, leaving behind a crater 6m wide
and 6m deep. There are no reports of injuries.

A symphony telling the story
of the Gallipoli conflict has premiered in Istanbul. Composers from Australia,
New Zealand and Turkey worked on the masterpiece, to explain the 1915 campaign
through music. Hugh Whitfeld was there. Well, this marks the culmination
of a 10-year project spanning the globe.

The first time that all 10 parts
of the Gallipoli Symphony have been performed
as one piece of music. Each movement tells a part
of the Gallipoli story - the Anzac landing 100 years ago
and the ensuing battle. (PLAY HAUNTING ORCHESTRAL MUSIC)

Playing the Turkish music
and Australian music - the didgeridoo especially, there's a sort of a common ground. A musical language
that we converse through. Each part was written
by a different composer from Turkey, Australia
and New Zealand and the performance tonight included
a choir made up of singers from Istanbul

but also the All Hallows
and St Joseph's schools in Brisbane. For the students,
some as young as 14, it was a pretty special experience. Just to be able to, like, represent
not even my school, just Australia, is an amazing opportunity to have and to be involved
in all different things that I wouldn't normally get
the opportunity to get involved in. To witness all,
like, what's going on and sing the symphony
and go to Lone Pine, it's just so,
it's just a bit, like, special. I dunno! It's just really, um,
is just unbelievable, really. All this marks the centenary
this week of the Battle of Lone Pine which will be commemorated
in Gallipoli on Thursday. Next in Seven's Afternoon News,
we'll check the finance markets. And how Taylor Swift has thrilled
a group of Australians in their 70s. # The haters gonna hate,
hate, hate. #

Checking finance now. Joining us today is Steven Daghlian
from CommSec.

Hi, Steve.

How did the Australian market
hold up today?

the Australian market did not have the happiest of pumps days. She is done slightly. They simply wiping out all of yesterday 's improvements. There were a few standouts in the mining space. In particular, Fortescue Metals. 6%. Some reports that the company is still open-minded to have a chat with interested parties in having a stake in the parties. They are known for having lot of debt in their books. known for having lot of debt in
their books. C S L, a healthcare company, not doing too much today but it remained the only company trading above $100 a share.

The Australian dollar
is stronger today. What can we expect from the dollar
in the weeks ahead?

There are some science with the dollar from the reserve bank. It has risen 1 cent in the last 24 hours. Looking ahead, two important reports from the United States will be important and in the future, the dollar will stay around 70 cents.

As if Taylor Swift
wasn't already popular enough she's just won some new fans -
and they're in their 70s. It's a group of Aussie
theatre legends who wanted to perform one
of her songs but were told no, for legal reasons. That was until
Taylor personally saved the day. The story from Damien Smith.

The cast of the Belvoir Theatre 70 is a collection of Australia's finest ageing talent. At a crucial moment in the show due to open tonight, the cast opens into a rendition of this song. # I am just going to shake, shake, shake. They were told they did not have the rights at the last moment and this was a blow. The director of the play took to Twitter, begging Taylor Swift and finally word came through that she had given permission and she wishes good luck. Now they can do this. # The haters are going to hate, hate, hate. I'm just going to it off.It blew me away! I couldn't believe it was happening. I understand how fans act now when they come into contact the way. Even the publicity, the players are hoping they will play, play, play, play, play to packed houses.

Next, the world's biggest
advertising screen unveiled in one of our capital cities. Inside the police operation to solve the mystery of a child's
remains found in a suitcase. And how an accused killer
has gone public to defend himself.

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VOICEOVER: This is Seven's
Afternoon News with Sophie Hull. If you've just joined us,
good afternoon. It's great to have your company. These are our top stories on Seven. A truck driver
has been let out on bail after being charged
with the death of his colleague. Police allege the man
was killed during a brawl - sparked by a forklift collision. Suspicion has been cast over
the story a prisoner gave a judge that allowed him
to attend his wedding outside jail. He was caught
after making a break for it. Travellers have been left stranded after flights to and from Bali
were cancelled, for the third time in a month. Also stranded,
residents in Tasmania - cut off by heavy snowfalls as the latest polar blast
sweeps up eastern Australia. Still to come in sport
with Ryan Phelan, Jarryd Hayne takes the next step
in his bid to secure a full-time NFL contract. Detectives investigating the
discovery of a child's bones by the side
of a South Australian highway are doorknocking from Karoonda all the way to the Victorian border Live to Stacey Lee at Karoonda. Stacey, what are they asking people?

Sophie, today was about distributing the posters and pamphlets in the area. Police know that it only takes one call with vital information to crack the case. Today they covered about 256 square kilometres of land including farming properties and local businesses. They are sneaking information on a black dress. Only 28 of them were sold from a Mac got -- Cotham on kids and there was a quilt was found near the child's body. The quilting community is helping police with their investigations. A craft store was helping police trace the origins of that quilt. They think they have a good chance.Some of them are quite distinctive. good chance.Some of them are quite
distinctive. The Australiana pattern is quite distinctive. I am sure they will be able to find that fabric.They are still awaiting results on a DNA profile. A lack of influence on her identity is baffling.

Accused Gold Coast balcony killer,
Gable Tostee could be causing problems
for his own trial by taking to social media
to defend himself. The details from Michelle Rattray. Sophie, Gable Tostee has been
firing back at online critics throughout the day and hasn't taken down
a lengthy Facebook post, even though his lawyers
are concerned about the impact it could have on his trial. The 28-year-old's statement
has attracted a lot of interest since it was posted overnight. Gable Tostee starts off by saying he doesn't think he'll ever adjust
to the nightmarish reality he wakes up to each day. He says it's "sheer lunacy"
he's been charged with murder after Warriena Wright attacked him and, in his words,
"climbed off his balcony". The New Zealand tourist
met the Gold Coast Playboy on dating app Tinder
in August last year. Their first date was the last night
of Ms Wright's life. Tostee says
he's constantly grieving and says he's been made out to be
a fictional monster and a villain. He writes:

Tostee's mobile phone recorded audio
for three hours of the deadly date. After Ms Wright fell
from his 14th-floor balcony, Tostee fled and ordered pizza. This afternoon
he responded to criticism online, saying that, at that point, he didn't know for certain
if she'd died. Sophie.

Politicians' entitlements are under
more scrutiny than ever before over revelations
taxpayers are spending millions flying MP's families
around the country as well. Live to Laurel Irving
at Federal Parliament. Laurel, this is a scandal
involving both parties now? Sophie, Labor's Tony Burke
is under pressure over flying his family
business class to Uluru while he was environment minister. He's issued a statement today
that the trip was in accordance with the rules and that there's no allegation
he did anything wrong. I think it's fair to say
Tony Burke's being targeted here because he was so vocal attacking the former speaker
Bronwyn Bishop's handling of travel expenses, but it shows just how deep this
issue runs in Federal Parliament. I think most people
wouldn't even realise taxpayers pay for family members
to travel as well. And the PM appears
to recognise this - Tony Abbott deliberately refused
to attack Tony Burke today - just restate his intention to fully
review the entitlements system within months. On particular members of Parliament, and whether particular spending
was good bad or indifferent, I just want to say the important
thing is to get the rules right. Sophie, we've been doing some
analysis of just how much travel taxpayers are funding for our MPs - Mark Riley will have the details
tonight at 6:00 and I think
you'll find them extraordinary.

There could be some uncomfortable viewing all around.

The polar blast has brought
snow to low levels across Victoria and New South Wales
this morning. While in Tasmania, Cradle Mountain, in state's
north-west, is cut off - leaving tourists
and workers stranded. Rescue teams hope to get them before lodges and the caravan park
run out of power. More from Hannah Sinclair.

Temperatures here at Cradle Mountain are still below zero. Despite the snow creating a winter
wonderland for international tourists

It has also presented some holiday hiccups. Scores of visitors and hospitality workers have been stuck here with Sunday as thick snow is hurting the roads at the Heritage listed site. They are trying to get cars are better Binstock.A lot of Labor from our maintenance team. We have been on the troubles for four days.We were hoping to do a walk around the park. There is half a metre of snow behind the car and we cannot get the car out so we have to stay close to the bar.The road to cradle Mountain is open to 4-wheel drives and police are advising motorists to drive with extreme caution. Many international tourists travelling in small cars, inappropriate for conditions, say they are not willing to take the risk.It was OK coming out but we could not get to the cabin. It is too slippery for us.Cradle Mountain is only one place affected by the weather as many roads are closed. The conditions are expected to ease overnight with rain to wash away some of the snow tomorrow but the bureau of neutral at she says that the cold and windy weather isn't over yet. --

The Victorian government
has today released plans for an $11 billion pair
of rail tunnels for the Metro rail project
in the city. The twin tunnels will run
for 9km under the Yarra River. It's going to transform
our public transport system and protect the quality of life
and liveability in our city. Construction is due to start
before the 2018 state election. Sydney's Blacktown Council
will tonight vote on a name change. Two Liberal councillors are trying
to convince their colleagues to rename the area West Sydney. If successful,

it will go to a referendum
at the next council election. Blacktown is Sydney's biggest
council area, with 330,000 residents. The Mayor has called
the proposed change ridiculous. Australia's biggest digital
billboard has been unveiled in Melbourne. It's six storeys high,
covers 235 square metres, and was brought to Bourke Street
from New York's Times Square. It's absolutely unmissable. The screen will broadcast
advertisements, news, entertainment and weather to around 100,000 pedestrians a day. Are the days of supersonic
air travel about to return? It's 12 years since the Concorde plane
was abandoned following an air crash disaster, but plans have now been made public
for a replacement. It might not look like much, but this patent from Airbus is
its bold idea for a passenger plane that could travel faster
than the speed of sound - the plane nicknamed
the 'Son of Concord'.

The British-French plane
was a pioneer. For 27 years it carried passengers
at twice the speed of sound. It had its problems, though. Its sonic boom irritated those
under its flight path and its fate was sealed
after an accident over Paris in 2000 in which more than 100 people died. Three years later, all 14 of the
Concordes in service were grounded. The prospect of a new generation
of supersonic planes is causing excitement. This is phenomenal. It's obviously some years away but to return
to supersonic civilian air transport is a very, very exciting prospect
for absolutely everyone involved in the air transport industry. The new supersonic plane from Airbus
would feature a rocket engine at the back.

Once airborne, this would launch it
into a near-vertical climb. It would break the sound barrier
at around 35,000 metres then it would travel at speeds
of up to mach 4.5 - around 3,000mph.

There is a ready market
amongst bankers and brokers for a return to supersonic travel and this time,
it could be here to stay. Hugo the Yorkshire Terrier
has incredibly survived being hit by two trains
in Melbourne. The 5-year-old was walking
with his owner by the railway line at Mentone when he dashed through
the pedestrian crossing. One train clipped him
and flung him onto the track then a second train
ran over his front paws. My heart just went up -
this is the end. After intensive care
and four weeks of rehab Hugo is home from hospital
and walking again.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the school that makes the students
do the cleaning. Is it right or wrong? In sport with Ryan Phelan, Emily Seebohm kickstarts
a golden night for Australia at the World Swimming Championships.

People question your decisions
when you're young - getting that tattoo, NOT doing your homework...

..going out with THAT guy. But some of those decisions turn out
to be the best you ever made, like starting your super with REST. And with low fees and
competitive long-term performance, about one in six working Australians
are with us today.

Welcome back. I just want to apologise
to our viewers in Sydney who lost transmission
a littlle earlier. There was a technical problem
that's now been fixed. Glad to have you back. A Victorian school has slashed
its cleaning costs by making students pick up
after themselves. Candlebark School,
north of Melbourne, has taken the controversial step saying it will turn children
into responsible adults. More from Georgia Main.

Cleaning toilets is usually seen as a punishment that students do this every day. Every student cleans for 20 minutes each day. The bus will not leave until the school sparkles. The principal says that children should be responsible for their own mess.They are little startled. The concept of children cleaning toilets shocks people. If I have to do what, why shouldn't Tanya Rolfes?I like to do things in the garden. I elect to do weeding. My least favourite thing to do is sleep.The children do not seem to mind doing their bit for the school and I'm sure some of the parents hope that the cleaning skills will be transferred to the home.

Still to come - a sneak peek of tonight's
spring-summer fashion show at David Jones. Although it doesn't feel like
the season's changing just yet we'll show you what to look
forward to in the coming months. That's after sport.

Sport now with Ryan Phelan
at The Star in Sydney, where our Olympians will gather
for a gala dinner tonight, Ryan? Yes, Sophie.

Today officially marks 12 months
until the 2016 Olympics in Rio, which you will see live
on the Seven Network and many are tipping it
to be our most successful Games since Sydney 2000. More on the build-up in a moment. First, Cats coach Chris Scott
is hopeful, but far from certain Geelong fans will refrain
from booing Adam Goodes in his return to football
on Saturday night. Now, if that happens
it will be a bit depressing, and I think our players will be
disappointed in those people, but I think we'll acknowledge
that there's not a whole lot more we can do about it. The Swans beat the Cats by 43 points
in their only other meeting this season.

Sydney Roosters star Blake Ferguson
has signed a new 2-year deal and says he's relieved
to have secured his NRL future. until the end of 2017. Ferguson has made a big impact in
his first season back in the game after being sacked by the Raiders
in 2013. I wanted to change and better
myself - not for other people, just for my own self-satisfaction - and now I felt like I've done that and been rewarded
with a new contract. South Sydney coach Michael Maguire
says Kyle Turner is not considering retiring, despite being concussed
for the seventh time in his return from neck surgery
last week. Jarryd Hayne has completed
his first contact session, at San Francisco 49ers'
training camp, wearing a helmet and pads. How Hayne fares in contact training will shape his chances of making
the NFL team's final 53-man roster. He's tackled before, played
a physical game where you strike and it's body on body but he's not done it with a pair
of shoulder pads and a helmet. Hayne was praised and criticised
by his running back coach during the session. Emily Seebohm and Mitch Larkin
have won gold for Australia at the World
Swimming Championships in Russia. Seebohm shed the tag
of perennial bridesmaid with a determined victory
in the 100 backstroke. It was an Aussie one-two, with Madi Wilson charging home
to grab silver. I've definitely worked so hard
for this so I'm excited
that I got to be up there and I didn't actually
sing the anthem. I just cried the whole way through so I'm just happy
to be a part of it. Mitch Larkin is also
on top of the world. He outgunned the previous
two world champions to win gold in the men's 100 backstroke. You can watch our exclusive coverage
of the World Swimming Championships on 7TWO.

You can also see it on your mobile
by downloading the 7 Swimming app or you can stream it live
at Stuart Broad has vowed England will continue to target
out-of-form Australian captain Michael Clarke during the Ashes. England fans have attacked
Mitchell Johnson with relentless taunts, but the paceman is unfazed. It definitely drives me, that's one thing that's definitely
changed over the years for me. Shaun Marsh is set to return
for tomorrow night's fourth test at Trent Bridge in place of Adam Voges,
who's battling a neck injury.

Melbourne Victory is through
to the FFA Cup's Round of 16. The A-League champions thrashed
New South Wales state league side the Balmain Tigers, 6-0,
last night. Melbourne City narrowly avoided
an embarrassing early exit. Aaron Mooy's stoppage time strike
got City home 2-1 over the Edgeworth Eagles
in Newcastle. Sophie, a big night here
at The Star in Sydney - one year to go
until the Rio Olympics. Will have more later at 6:00, including the latest from a very succesful World Swimming
Championships in Kazan.

May be some more gold on the way.

Up next,
what's hot for spring and summer? We'll show you a sneak peek
of tonight's fashion show. But first, here's what's coming up
in your local Seven News at 6:00.

Department store David Jones
is promising a rock-star vibe with a touch of Bohemian glamour when it launches its spring-summer
fashion collection tonight. Cath Turner was at the Market Street
store in Sydney this afternoon for a preview of the show. This is a 25-minute preview
of the main event tonight. David Jones says the theme
is very rock'n'roll. The first man on stage proves that
former Silverchair frontman Daniel Johns will appear on stage. He'll be playing the models strut
their stuff.

He gave a glimpse of his new song here this afternoon. This international model was the first one to appear. David Jones says that what is problem is Bohemia. You can see the long have, parted in the middle and the flowing skirts. Given how cold it was this morning, it is hard to imagine going to the beach and putting on your swimwear but there was a preview of that for this year. Bikinis and one pieces and swimwear for men as well were on display. The red carpet will be rolled out shortly. Six o'clock as the main event as the fashion icons take their CTL.

Next in Seven's Afternoon News - the national weather forecast
with David Brown.

VOICE-OVER: You could take South Cape
somewhere rather civilised.

Well, for the first hour, anyway. (Laughs) Or you could simply enjoy South Cape
at home. South Cape -
the possibilities are delicious.

Seven News meteorologist David Brown
is in our Weather Centre. Hello again, Brownie. Is there any reprieve
from the chilly weather?

I have some good news, Sophie. The cold blast that's affecting most
of eastern Australia will moderate just in time for the weekend. Let's go to our weather wall. In Hobart, showers continue

and it's still snowing
on Mount Wellington. Melbourne, it's been a showery day, a taste of things to come.

Sydney, dry -

clear sky and mid teens tomorrow. Brisbane, frosts in the outer west, then another cool and sunny day
to follow. From the satellite this cold air mass continues
to drive snow showers over Tasmania

and across the Victorian
and New South Wales alps. But the system is on the move.

The winds will moderate tomorrow
as this high closes in. The weather should clear
over South Australia. We're looking at a frosty morning

over vast areas of
southern and Central Queensland. Capitals,

Brisbane, frost in the west then a sunny day to follow, 20. Sydney, dry and 16 degrees. Canberra, another frosty morning then a fine day to follow. Melbourne, a few more showers. Cold south-westerly winds
moderating. Hobart, fine and 11. Adelaide, fine. That's the latest weather.
More at 6:00. Sophie. That's the Afternoon News
for this Wednesday. Our next bulletin is Seven News
at 6:00. On Sunrise in the morning, a picture story
you don't want to miss - the kitesurfers setting off
an a world record attempt to sail the length
of the Great Barrier Reef. I'm Sophie Hull. Thanks for joining us
this afternoon. See you again tomorrow at 4:00. Supertext captions by Ericsson.

It doesn't matter
how ordinary you think you are...

..we all have
the potential to be heroes.

MAN: It's coming. And when it does,
everything changes.

You ever get the feeling that you were meant to do something

What? Surprised to see me?

VOICEOVER: New Heroes Reborn.

Shh! We've got a little something
special for you this week in the Deal-a-Drome. Every deal we do is a secret deal. It's off the record,
on the QT and very cash, cash! It's a week of Secret Deals. Let's get it underway!

ANNOUNCER: 26 cases,
150 contenders, $200,000. Who will play for all this cash?

Block 2. Congratulations, Wayne McBride. Your battle with the bank
begins now on Deal or No Deal.

And now, please welcome your host... Hey, Katie. Hey, Moni. Hi, you! ..Andrew O'Keefe! Hello, everyone! G'day, people. Hey, Wayne. How do you do? Hi, Julie. Nice to meet you.
Mwah! Thank you! Hi, Tamara!
Mwah! Nice to meet you all. Welcome, everyone. Welcome. What a party
here on the doughnut today! This is what we call
the doughnut, by the way. Yeah, just in case
you were wondering. Wayne McBride and Julie. Now, you're brother and sister?
Yes, we are. Terrific.
Are you the only two in the family? We are, yes. Right, so you're the closest
of all the siblings then. Yeah, good.
I'm the good-looking one. You're the good-looking one?
Aw, come on! What do you do with yourself, Wayne? I'm a schoolteacher,
a substitute schoolteacher. Oh, really? Or relief teacher
as we used to call them. A relief teacher, yes. Because it was such a relief
for the students to have someone that wasn't
their teacher in the class. And how about you, Julie?
I'm actually a mum. Single mum, two kids.
Good on you! How old are the kiddies?
Three and seven. Yes, so you're raising them
alone, are you? Yes, I am.
Gosh, that's a big job. Massive.
Massive. I hope the deal will help out
with that particular job. And Tamara. Tamara, now you're dating
Wayne here, I understand. Yes, I am.
What do you do with yourself? I'm a dance teacher.
Oh, terrific. Now, I don't know
if you know what we're doing here. It's something
a little bit special today. Today is a Secret Deal day, alright? So... What that means is
we're going to be playing two games of Deal or no Deal. Wayne and Julie, you will be
with me here in the studio playing a sibling tag team. Tamara, you'll be learning
how to play the deal all by yourself out the back in Studio B, right? OK. Now, what that means is
we'll get two deals and then you get
to choose which one to take. Only problem being you won't know
what deal she's done. Oh! So, you'll have to guess
whether it's better than the deal you did, yeah? You put this on me now?
Oh, yeah. It's a little twist in the tale. Tamara. Ta-ta! Have fun.
Bye! Have a great time
out in the back in Studio B. Miss Candice is going
to escort you out there.

And Wayne, are you loving
the relief teaching? The substitute teaching?
I do, I do. It's really interesting. It's
new schools all the time, new kids. It's really exciting. So, you must see lots
of different types of cultures in different schools. Yeah, like you said,
different cultures. Because I'm P-12 trained, I do
all the way from primary school right up to secondary school. Oh, terrific. So, really,
every day is a different day? It is, yeah. I really love it.
How wonderful. Good to hear. Alright, let's go get the money
to do some stuff, shall we? Let's do it.
Good luck to you, Wayne and Julie. You're going to be right
in the middle here with me. Julie's gonna be up on the podium. So, I guess
it's your call on the case, Wayne? Alright. I didn't really think
I was going to get called up so I didn't have a plan
but I think I'm going to go with number 22, please. 22, why not? Miss Moni will do the honours.
Didn't have a plan? You're a schoolteacher
without a class plan? I'm a substitute schoolteacher!
(LAUGHS) Yeah, you just make it up
as you go along. Thank you, Moni. It's deal time! Whoo!

ANNOUNCER: Will this case take us
all the way to the $200,000? To find out, let the dealing begin!

Alright, so Tamara
is ensconced in Studio B. She's got a game underway already. But she doesn't have the pleasure
of the idle chitchat like we do. So, Wayne and Julie. What do you want to spend
a bit of cash on? I'd actually like
to get enough money to take the family back to England. Oh, terrific.
But Wayne has different plans. Right. What are your plans, Wayne? I want to go to Canada
for a little while. Canada is the home of ice hockey and
I just started playing ice hockey. Oh, yeah? OK. So, you're going to go to Canada because that's the home
of ice hockey. You'd like to become
a Winnipeg Jets fan or a Maple Leafs fan
or something, won't you? Something like that! And you're going to
brush up on your skills? Yes, yeah. I want to go to... I want to do, like,
a hockey training course. Really? You take it very seriously?
I do, yeah. I love it. Good on you!
I really do, yeah. Well, let's go and get the money.
It's as simple as that, hey? Let's do it.
One grand plan. I love it! Let's go, Wayne. You could be the next Wayne Gretzky. Wayne Gretzky! Alright. I think I'm going
to go for...number 20. Number 20 to start. I hate it!
I didn't want you to pick me! (LAUGHS)
I'm sorry! I had a feeling Helen would have
something to say about that. Hello, Helen! My guess is $2,000.
Thank you, Helen. Good luck, Helen.
Terrific, let's see it. It's... ..$500. Nice start, Helen.
That's good for me. Like a discount, $2,000.

You enjoying being on telly, Helen? I'm enjoying it but I didn't
want you to pick me first. Yeah, no. I understand.
Sorry! Five cases, Wayne. Five cases? Go again?
Yes, indeed. Um, can I please take number 10? I think I have...$10,000. OK, $10,000 in 10 for Marcus. It's... Oh! Wayne! Yikes!
Dang! Wow. Wow, that's nasty! Alright. Um, number 12, please. I think that I have $100. Thank you, Laura.
Thanks, Laura. $1,000, nice. Um, can I please take... ..number 18? I think I have $20.
Thank you, Dave. Beautiful, Dave. Beautiful.
Show me $20. It's... Hey! 50 cents, so you've
taken out the bookends. That's good! Very nice.
OK. Two to come now, Wayne.
Two up, two down. OK. Number 24, the big guy at the back. I think I've got 200 bucks.
Sounds good, Nick. Let's keep the blues rolling. It's $5. Nice! Beautiful!
This is good. Good. Number 6, please. I think I have the car.
Thank you, Donna. Is it?

$1, OK.
Yeah! Beautiful. So, we lost the Jolly Green Giant. But you did a pretty good job
of making up for it with rest of the round, for sure. So, what do we see here? Walter? Let's see what he's got for us,
let's see what he's got. No great sportsman himself. $6,330. AUDIENCE: No deal!
What do you reckon? No deal! I mean, that won't... No deal!