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Virgin joins Jetstar in cancelling flights in and out of Bali as Mount Raung continues to erupt. Live by CSI Australia
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Attention turns to Labor's Tony Burke over allegations of lavish travel claims. More inquiries launched into historical child sex allegations against the former British PM Edward Heath. Good afternoon, you're watching ABC News, I'm Nicole Chettle. Also ahead on the program - the War
last surviving member of World War II's heroic Dambusters dies. He was 96. And a golden double in the pool for Australia at the World Championships in Russia. flights in
Virgin has cancelled all Denpasar Airport
flights in and out of Bali's Denpasar Airport today. The airline says the latest advice Centre
from the Volcanic Ash Advisory Centre is that conditions are not suitable for flying. Mount Raung is erupting with winds blowing in an unfavourable direction. Reporter Stephanie Smail is at Brisbane Airport. Stephanie, once again travellers have been given bad news about Bali?Yes, they have. Virgin passengers hoping to get to Bali today have been told there is no chance, all flights have been cancelled. This is the third time that the ash cloud has caused mass flight cancellations and delays since early July and like those other times, passengers are being told they will be booked on other flights but there is no exact indication when. Now passengers are being told to stay away from the airport if they can, to just wait for updates via the web and via text message from their airline. But some passengers Brisbane
were filtering into the Brisbane International airport this morning looking up at the terminal display with the big red cancelled on the board there with their surfboards and backpacks. One young couple was hoping to start their honeymoon in Bali today but have been told they may not get there until later this week.We are on our honeymoon. It's heartbreaking to see. Yeah, then we had to go through here and they will put us up for the night but it's not Bali.Can you tell us how many flights have been cancelled?Well 10 Virgin flights have been cancelled all together in and out of Bali. They were scheduled out of Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. So all cancelled today. Jetstar has also added two more cancelled flights from Melbourne this morning. They cancelled four flights overnight and this morning and they have delayed flights out of Perth this afternoon. Now both airlines say they are waiting for more information before they decide what to do tomorrow and for the rest of the week. As I advising
mentioned before they are advising passengers to wait for updates.We heard from one couple planning a honeymoon there. What is the feeling on the ground from other passengers?Well there is a mixed feeling, I think, amongst passengers. They want to be safe when they are travelling so they certainly - some are feeling it's better to stay and wait it out. Others, like the gentleman we heard from before would prefer to roll the dice. There is mixed feelings. As with the other ash cloud disruptions, passengers will be plans
scrambling to reorganise their plans and I think they will be hoping that their insurance companies will be able to back them up. That has been a bit of a problem in the last few weeks but hopefully they will be covered this time.Stephanie Smail reporting there from Brisbane. The PM says he's determined to entitlements match
make sure rules for MPs' entitlements match community expectations. Labor front bencher Tony Burke is the latest MP to have his travel scrutinised. Department of Finance documents reveal he spent more than $12,000 flying himself and four family members to Uluru in the school holidays of 2012. Mr Burke's office said he had meetings in Uluru in his capacity as Environment Minister and hasn't broken the rules.The important thing is that everyone should operate within the rules. What's even more important is that we change the rules to make sure that what is within the rules is also within community expectations.Mr Abbott wants the review of MP's entitlements The
wrapped up within a few months. Assessment and Reporting
The Australian Curriculum Authority Authority says it's concerned about the latest NAPLAN results. The latest figures show students have made no major improvements since the tests were introduced seven years ago. There has been a decrease in writing skills for students in years 7 and 9 and some improvement in literacy and numeracy in years 3 and 5. They are not sure why they are not better.In this data we see improvement in other places. In Queensland, they are coming from a lower point than the ACT and NSW and Victoria but they have got some improvements in there. Now this is just one year. WA's got some improvements there. Let's have a conversation between education systems, between others about how we can improve it. In the same way that schools do that. That's the great things schools do. They use the my school data, they have more data than we have got but they use the data on my school to look at how other schools are doing. Schools have used this, gone and learnt from others to improve their Two people
performance. Two people are fighting for life after a car crash in the southern Perth suburb of Jandakot. Three people were cut from the wreckage of a car after it struck another vehicle before crashing into a traffic light last night. The 19-year-old male driver, a 20-year-old male passenger and an 18-year-old female passenger were taken to Royal Perth Hospital with serious injuries, police said. A man and woman remained in critical this have
morning. Speed is believed to have been a factor. Police are considering charges against the teenage driver. There are fresh allegations of child sexual abuse against the former British PM Sir Edward Heath. Five separate investigations are underway and people claiming to be victims have come forward in response to a police appeal for information. Europe correspondent Mary Gearin has more from London. He was once the most powerful man in Britain. Now Ted Heath, as he was known, is linked to five police probes into sexual abuse. Sir Edward is believed to be in sights of Scotland Yard's sweeping probe into pedophile allegations involving VIPs. Wiltshire police have already announced their inquiry. Now the forces of Jersey, Kent and Hampshire are investigating him. One senior Labour MP says he knows of claims made against Sir Edward.Since 2012 I've referred two allegations regarding Edward Heath to the police but it's already clear to me, the historic cases, different Police Services have dealt with investigations differently.More details have emerged about what police may have known. It's now believed a female brothel owner in the '90s implicated Sir Edward in child sexual abuse and it's alleged a criminal case against her was dropped. This claim was put to police by a former detective in July last year and in March Britain's police watchdog was called in to see what went on. Police say they have already received a number of calls from the public after an appeal for people to come forward. All leads will be coordinated nationally and fed into an independent inquiry into child sexual abuse. But friends of the former prime minister have also come out to say that at this stage, despite the growing number of allegations, they remain just that, allegations.I don't think we should jump the gun. From what I know of Ted Heath, I would be surprised beyond measure if they were proved to be true.The once famously private leader is now one of a growing list of prominent public figures linked to alleged abuse of power and privilege. It's hoped a concerted police response can now get to the truth. Crash investigators in France will today formally identify a piece of aircraft wreckage Malaysia Airlines
believed to be from missing Malaysia Airlines flight 370. The wing component was found washed up on the French island of Reunion last week. Indonesian George Roberts is in the capital. Investigators from France, Malaysia will unpack the wing today. Their assessment is expected to confirm what's already suspected, that the piece of plane wing is from flight MH370. The Malaysia Airlines Boeing 0 777 was last in March
detected over the Indian Ocean in March of last year. It was supposed to be flying to Beijing from here in Kuala Lumpur but its communication devices were disabled mid flight and it veered drastically off course. There were 239 people onboard including six Australians. Once of
confirmation comes from France of the origin of the debris, transport officials here are expected to respond. The announcement coincides with the Australian Foreign Minister Julie Bishop's visit to Kuala Lumpur for talks with other regional counterparts. She is attending meetings on the ministerial sidelines of ASEAN and the East Asia Summit. Key of those is her first face-to-face with the Indonesian Foreign Minister since Indonesia executed two Australian drug smugglers, Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Myanmar has called for international help as it struggles to fed and shelter more than 200,000 people affected by floods and landslides. Dozens of people have died and the death toll is expected to rise with rescue teams yet to reach many areas cut off by flooding. Local officials have admitted to underestimating the crisis.The German Justice Minister has sacked the country's top prosecutor after he accused the Government of interfering with Justice
a treason investigation. The Justice Minister Heiko Maas said he had no longer had Harald
confidence in the prosecutor, Harald Range. They are investigating whether the plans to step up surveillance of online communications. Mr Range told him to call off an independent assessment of the matter. The last surviving Dambusters pilot has died at the age of 96. In 1943 Les Munro flew his Lancaster bomber tos destroy three dams in Nazi Germany. 133 air crew took part in the raid, almost half never came back. 65 years after the Dambusters raid Les Munro made the long journey from New Zealand to Derbyshire. This is where he practised for the RAF's most famous sortie. It was an operation immortalised on the big screen, a real life story of bravery and danger. To lines
destroy dams deep behind enemy the
lines during World War II. To the amazement of many, the bouncing bombs dropped by the low-flying Lancasters worked and destroyed their targets. Les Munro's aircraft was hit by flak and he had to return to base. In 2008, we flew with him over his training targets.I feel a great deal of pride in the fact that I took part in the dam raid itself and as a consequence trained on the Derwent water. We were actually taking and lining up those two towers as a main objective of our approach.The Battle of Britain memorial notice at RAF Coningsby has a Lancaster bomber in Squadron colours. To the crew here, Les Munro was a hero.They started with little training and experience and made to do things that were unbelievable. The Dambusters, they were clay down 60 feet in an aeroplane with little training.Les Munro was a brilliant war time poll on the. The PM of New Zealand described him as a remarkable man who led a remarkable life.Stay with us, we will look at the markets next. Coming up later in the program... The world's premier of the Gallipoli symphony. It's performed in Turkey. It's been 70 years since the world changed forever when America dropped the first city
atomic bomb on the Japanese city of Hiroshima. The Americans said they took the drastic steps to put an early end to World War II and save hundreds of thousands of US soldiers but this official narrative is being challenged. North Asia correspondent Matthew Carney reports. On 6 August 1945 the world's first atomic bomb was exploded over Hiroshima, wiping out the city centre and killing about 140,000. Keiko Ogura was eight at the time and only 2.4 kilometres from the hypo centre.TRANSLATION: I was engulfed with a dazzling flash of light and the blast slammed consciousness.
me to the ground. I lost consciousness.Keiko says the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and another at Nagasaki three days later were war crimes. Many historians now say the atomic attacks did not lead to Japan's surrender but the Soviet declaration of war on Japan two days later was a bigger shock.The Soviet Union would demolish the Emperor system and they will execute Emperor as well as all other members of the Royal Family.The Americans thought the shock and awe of a new devastating bomb would force the Japanese into surrendering but experts say inside Japan it was viewed very differently. The Americans had already destroyed 66 Japanese cities with its massive fire bombing campaign. In just one night, 100,000 civilians were killed in Tokyo.If you look at it from the perspective of the really
Japanese military, it doesn't really make a big difference whether the people are dying from fire bombs or atomic bombs. So it's two additional city centres that are destroyed. In Hiroshima children sing for peace but the reality is that America's atomic attacks on Japan started a nuclear arms race which did bring the world to the brink of destruction. The Federal Court has set aside the approval for Adani's Carmichael coal mine in the Galilee Basin. The Mackay Conservation Group launched the challenge after the Federal Government approved the $16 billion coal mine and rail link. Melinda Howells joins us from Brisbane. What does it mean to say the court has set aside approval for the mine?Well, what it means in the short-term is that the project can't go ahead. As you say it was approved last year by the Federal Government but the Mackay Conservation Group has successfully challenged that approval in court and all parties have agreed to set aside that original approval. Now the issues here centred on two protected species and whether or not that had been add
considered, the yakka scink and add an y snake. There are conditions attached to the protection of those two species but they acknowledge there has been an oversight in providing some of the documentation required. This is a big project. There has been a lot of environmental interest in it and criticism of it. Political parties from both sides are including
keen to see it go ahead including the State Government here in Queensland who hopes a new approval can be granted quickly.We are extremely disappointed there has been this delay to Adani in the Galilee basin. You have to realise this a Federal issue. We ask the Federal Government to sort this out as quickly as possible.So what's likely to happen next?Well the Federal Government is saying that it should only take six to eight weeks to reassess this application and perhaps grant a new approval. That's certainly what the mining industry in Queensland wants to happen. But the conservationists don't want to see this project go ahead. What's been clear is that Australia's environment laws and their protection for threatened species were not followed in this case. We see this as an example of a flawed system and rushed process. Greg Hunt has unfortunately rubber stamped what will be Australia's largest coal mine with huge environmental impacts. We are calling on him to do the right thing by Australia's environment laws and reject the Carmichael mine.Can you give us context here, what is the background to this massive project?Well you're right, it is huge. It would be Australia's largest coal mine. It's in an area up untapped in
until now that has been untapped in the Galilee Basin. It is launched by the Indian company Adani wanting to export coal to India for the power sector over there. There has been speculation about whether it is viable in the longer term. There has been that environmental criticism, also questions about whether it can stack up financially. The company is saying that it wants to keep to its existing time-frames but this obviously could delay things further. Melinda Howells reporting from Brisbane. Time now for finance. Alicia Barry joins me in the study. A fund manager has been caught out over charging customers?Oz bill will have to repay customers $20 million it over charged them over the course of a decade but it won't be fined by financial regulators. Investments
Australian Securites and Investments Commission has revealed the blunder, saying Oz soon as
bill notified the regulator as soon as the breach became apparent. Clients were over-charged because of inconsistencies between fees outlined in Oz bill's disclosure statement and those under its Constitution. It is only the most recent in a series of similar blunders. Over the past two years ASIC says other financial services firms including NAB, Macquarie Group, BT and Bank of Queensland have also had to refund customers for similar over-payments.Payday lenders are taking a hit?Westpac said it's no longer going to fund payday lenders, which means the likes of Cash Converters and money 3 will have to obtain their funding elsewhere. After a review of its involvement in payday lending, which of course has come under fire from the corporate watchdog recently. Westpac says it made a with the
commercial decision to cut ties with the industry. Payday lending refers to small consumer loans of a couple of thousand of dollars or less but Cash Converters
with very high interest rates. Cash Converters and Money 3 are two of the biggest lenders in the industry. Their shares are down on this news.How is the market looking today?We are seeing the Australian share market trend lower, reversing most of yesterday's gains. If we look at the All Ordinaries, it's down 33 points or around two-thirds of a per cent:

Thanks for that Alicia. The has given
Australian Olympic Committee has given an upbeat assessment of Australia's prospect at next year's Rio games. One year out, officials and athletes front the the media in Sydney. Ben Worsley is there. Ben, what happened today?Everyone here, athletes, administrators are shaking their heads there is only one year to go. But it is 365 days to Rio. Australia is expecting to send a contingent of 470 athletes. That will be the second-largest ever away contingent sent by an Australian team to an Olympic Games. Not all sports have finished their qualification process. Swimming, the world titles are underway, the athletics is yet to come. All things going to plan, 470 looks like the number of athletes we will be sending to Rio. In London, of course, the performance wasn't as expected, in many ways was considered disappointing. 7 gold medals was the lowest return of gold medals by an Australian team since the Barcelona games in 1992. Now Australia's Chef de Mission Kitty Chiller is bullish about the prospects. She wants the team to double its gold count. I don't know if any team has doubled its count. to the top
That would see Australia return to the top five of the medal tally. Let's listen to what Kitty Chiller, the Chef de Mission said earlier today.We top
are not backing away from our top five target. It's a tough target. It's an aspirational target and it will not be easy. I would be brave to sit here today and say that I am 100% confident we are going to get top five but I will sit here today and say that I'm 100% confident we have the opportunity to get top five.Briefly, Ben, how are things looking in Rio?Well will
Kitty Chiller is confident Rio will be ready but every day counts and the organisers cannot miss a single day in preparing the facilities, including the Olympic Village. The biggest concern is water pollution for the sailors, the open water swimmers and canoeists. There is debris in the bay at Rio that is a concern and high levels of raw reduce that
sewage. The Rio bid promised to reduce that by 80%. It's revised that to 60%. All Australian athletes will be vaccinated before they go for hepatitis and yellow fever. That is a particular concern going forward. Kitty Chiller will lead an Australian contingent to Rio next week to inspect those facilities and also be brought up-to-date about how that battle against water pollution is going in Rio.Ben Worsley reporting from Time
Sydney. Time now for sport, here is Grandstand's Amanda Shalala. It was a golden morning for Australia in the pool in Russia?It was fantastic Nicole. We picked up two gold medals and one silver, our most successful outing since 2005. Mitch Larkin won gold in the men's 100m backstroke and this was extraordinary because he edged out the reigning Olympic champion, the American Matt Grevers. You see how close it was. It was a final lung to the wall that gave Mitch Larkin the victory. In the women's 100m backstroke, Emily Seebohm got the gold ahead of her team-mate Maddie Wilson. An Aussie one, foresee
two. It was particularly sweet foresee bomb. She first debuted eight years ago. In all that time she has picked up minor medals but never the gold. She has come so close many times. She got silver at the London 2012 Olympics. So often falling at that final hurdle. She is only 23, so she still has plenty more time to come and will do great things at Rio. But you can see the emotion there and how much it meant. She said it was special to be on top of that dais.It's been a long time coming. I think I've definitely worked so hard for this so I'm excited I got to be up there. I didn't sing the anthem, I cried the whole way threw. I'm happy to be a part of it.I can't believe it, Seebohm has been my inspiration on
for a couple of years. To be up on the podium alongside her is amazing. The netball World Cup gets underway this week. How are the Diamonds feeling?They are supremely confident, as you would expect. The Australians have been unbeaten since September 2013. This World Cup is going to be held in Sydney, so they will have the home court advantage every single game. It's a different format this year. They will face New Zealand in the pool stage and then again possibly later on in the finals. That is a new format because they want to have Australia, New Zealand playing as many times as possible for crowds and through
broadcasters. The diamond went through 2014 unbeaten. They have had a great record over the Silver Ferns. England is a team that is also on the rise. They will be a real chance of maybe challenging for a final but Australia certainly will be the hot favourites, especially after taking the gold at the Glasgow Commonwealth Games last year. I spoke to the Diamonds vice captain Kim Green this morning and she says it's all about going for the win.We want to come out really strong and make sure we keep pushing from there. We don't go into it, going we will build to get to the end. We are here for business. Our first game against Trinidad and Tobago we will be coming out firing and making sure we are doing everything to the T. We want great performances.Australian cricketers are standing by their captain?Yeah, Michael Clarke was absolutely scathing of his own performance after the Australians lost in the third Ashes Test at Edgbaston scores of
after he made three paltry scores of 10 and 3. He has been his harshest cricket. There have been people jumping on the back of that and saying maybe his time is over, he has had ongoing back injuries and maybe Steve Smith is ready to take over as captain. But all of his team-mates are sticking with him and saying those calls are certainly premature. The next Test will get underway at Trent Bridge on Thursday and Mitchell Johnson says Clarke is still the right man to lead them. He's captained the team really well, he has the aggressive approach that I guess from my point of view I really enjoy. So we want him to be scoring runs. There's no doubt about that. He wants to be scoring runs. He came out and put his hand up from that last game.We Dante
have got some basketball news. Dante Exum who is one of the Boomers players suffered a knee injury. Hay has gone back to the Utah Jazz to assess how serious that is. That's not great news with Olympic qualifiers coming up. Thank you. The Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove is continuing his official visit to Turkey. He attended the premier of the Gallipoli Symphony in Istanbul. During his trip, the Governor-General will lead commemorations of the 100th anniversary of the battle of lone pine, one of the fiercest battles at Gallipoli. Time now for the national weather, here is Vanessa O'Hanlon.An area of cloud over the south-east with a cold front making its way into the Tasman Sea, showers, hail at times and snow. In its wake we will see showers continuing throughout Tasmania and Victoria tomorrow. The next system, a trough that is deepening off the West Coast will see showers increasing tomorrow. It will combine with a cold front on Friday night and reach SA by Sunday and another cold snap for the south-east to begin next week. In the meantime we will be under a high pressure system. This will bring fresh easterly winds to the north, increasing the risk of fire, especially around Darwin and Adelaide River where we have a total fire ban today and bringing chilly nights for the next few mornings.That is ABC News for now. I'm Nicole Chettle, thanks for watching.