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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI AustraliaA multibillion dollar ship building project slated for SA.It means that from 2020 onwards, we will have a build up to about 2,500 workers employed continuously. A government commission report recommends cutting Sunday penalty rates for hospitality and retail workers.A rude awakens from hibernation but a safe return after a dramatic after hours kidnapping.And Adam Goodes returns to training after a week away from the game.I'm extremely excited to be back at the club, training with the players. I felt like the first day back at school today, walking into the rooms and seeing all the boys again. Hello, James McHale with ABC News early edition.Some of the uncertainty lingering over SA's ship building industry has eased. The Government's pledged that Adelaide will be the new
centre of construction for 2 new ship fleets, valued at almost $40 billion.Tony Abbott isn't saying whether submarines will be built there as well but he's setting his sights on an economic and political turnaround in SA. Here's political reporter Julie Doyle.Tony Abbott and his cabinet colleagues have come to SA bearing gifts.This is a message of hope and confidence to the people of our country, secure
to the people of this State.To secure those SA jobs, the Government is bringing forward 2 defence contracts. The project to build the fleet of future Grigg yacht - frigates will now start in 2020 and the construction of up to 20 offshore patrol boats will start in 2018.Yes, it means have
that from 2020 onwards we will have a build up to about 2,500 workers employed continuously in surface naval ship building here in Australia. Most of them will be in Adelaide because Adelaide is where the major ship building infrastructure is.Does anyone think that Mr Abbott wouldn't be scrambling to make an announcement in SA if he hadn't had the last 3 weeks and the paralysis of the Bronwyn Bishop travel scandal?There's also the more contentious future submarine program. That's being put through a competitive evaluation process with Germany, Japan and France competing for the contract. Who wins and the extent of Australian involvement will be decided later this year.Australia can build warships in this country and we can build submarines in this country.The PM will be hoping today's announcement on navy ships will go some way to reviving the Government's prospects in SA where several seats could be in doubt. But he hasn't spelled out what it means for jobs in other States.That leaves these shipyard workers in Melbourne facing uncertainty.There seems to be a lot of talk about Adelaide shipyards and not the rest of the shipyards around the country, particularly for
ourselves, obviously . And as for the announcement of future frigates and things like that, they won't start for another couple of years and companies like this, they can't wait.Your jobs are not a prize currently
to be given by these people who currently are in power.The point taken up by the Opposition. A Federal Government commission review of the nation's industrial relations system has proposed a new class of workplace agreement called an enterprise contract. The Productivity Commission, or report, also recommends cutting Sunday penalty rates for retail and hospitality workers in line with Saturday pay but keeping the status quo for emergency workers. The Government is yet to say if it will accept any of the changes but the commission chairman hopes people will keep an open mind.My primary hope would be that things are not ruled out before we get to a final report. We have public hearings to conduct in September. I'd like to encourage people to participate in that. Clearly if things are ruled out in advance of that we won't learn whether there are any benefits, for example, in an enterprise contract.Unions have already signalled they will fight any moves to cut appeal
pay.There's been a renewed appeal for information into the disappearance of missing toddler William Tyrell as part of National Missing Persons disappeared
Week. The then 3-year-old boy disappeared from his grandmother's home at Kendall near Port Ma car - Macquarie in north
September last year.The mid north coast is still grieving the loss of William Tyrell, a 3-year-old who disappeared from his grandmother's property at Kendall near Port Macquarie in September of last year. The child was pictured fairly widely in newspapers and social media wearing a little Spiderman outfit and it is now thought he was in fact snatched from the property. Today marks the launch of a new campaign called where's William and the idea is to saturate the local community with posters like this one bearing his image in the hope that someone somewhere knows something. Now there was a statement read from the family today saying that being part of Missing Persons Week, which it is this week, is like a knife in their hearts and certainly local police are hopeful that a member of the public will come forward and provide them with the breakthrough that they need in this case.We're not going to speculate at all in any way. All we're saying is that we need to find out what actually did okour - occur to William that afternoon when he was playing with his sister in the presence of his mother and grandmother in such a remote location. Someone knows something. Someone needs to come forward and provide that information.A statement was read today from William Tyrell's family where they said, "Our beautiful boy needs to be home. He needs to be with us." Anyone with information is urged to contact CrimeStoppers.Taking a quick look at other stories making news across the country. And a man has faced a Perth court over the fatal shooting of a woman yesterday. The 34-year-old woman was shot in a unit in West Perth after neighbours reported hearing arguing in the early hours. Two men were arrested at the scene and police have now charged Darren Kale Walters with murder. The 35-year-old faced court today but was not represented by a lawyer and did not have to enter a plea.An explosion and fire has destroyed a shop in Sydney's west. Emergency services were called to the building in Harris Park just before 4:00 this morning. The building was already engulfed in flames prompting the evacuation of 10 residents from adjoining units. No-one was injured but police have described the fire as suspicious and are appealing for witnesses.And a Melbourne man arrested while on the run after being granted bail to attend his own wedding has been remanded in custody. Murat Shomshe faced the Victorian County Court after being recaptured at Campbellfield in Melbourne's north. The 33-year-old was free for a week after being granted a 2-day release to get married. His trial for alleged firearms offences has been adjourned until tomorrow morning.An echidna stole frn a wildlife sanctuary on the Gold Coast is back in her nesting box recovering from her ordeal. A 24-year-old man has faced court over the theft.She's feeling Piggy
sore and sorry for herself but Piggy is back home safe after being snatched from the Saturday
Currumbin wildlife sanctuary on Saturday night. CC TV footage shows one of the masked thieves entering the echidna enclosure at the sanctuary and scooping up the 4-year-old mammal. The alarm was raised on Sunday when Piggy failed to emerge for a meal. The footage of her theft was distributed widely and police received a tip off yesterday. A 24-year-old man has been charged with ancrool cruelty and receiving tainted priority.Full credit to the police, their priority was finding Piggy and the moment they had that information where sthe was dumped they were straight down here and showing us so we could find her.Sanctuary staff are still scratching their heads about why the echidna was stolen but they say at least Piggy's tail had a happy ending. British police are investigating an alleged cover up of child sex abuse claims against the former PM Sir Edward Heath. The Independent Police Complaints Commission said allegations were made against the former Conservative leader in the 1990s but they were never followed up. A lifelong bachelor, Ted Heath, as he was known, had two well known passions.Music and sailing.Mr Edward Heath sails across the line to take out the handicap honours.In the 1969 Sydney to Hobart he steered his 34-foot yacht Morning Cloud to victory.(All cheer) We want Ted!The next year he took the helm in Britain as PM, later visiting Australia as part of a world tour.At home, though, he had problems. His con Serbtive Government was quickly brought down by the industrial strife of the 19 p - 70s and a year later he lost the Thatcher.
leadership to Margaret Thatcher. He moved to Wiltshire alleged
where a retired detective alleged in the 1990s child abuse claims were not followed up by police.More important for me today is are there victims of sexual abuse from Sir Ted Heath or witnesses and if so I'd ask them to come forward.Neighbours are shocked by the claims.The Edward Heath I know I'd be very surprised indeed. I was next door to him for 7 years and there was never any suspicion like that arose.Edward Heath is now the latest public figure to come under police scrutiny.A former city tradener the UK has been jailed for 14 years after being found guilty of conspireing to rig the interbank lending rate LIBOR. Tom Hayes is the first person to be put on trial over the scandal which shook financial markets and led to several banks being fined billions of dollars.A number of other traders are awaiting trial.Tom Hayes, arriving at court today with his wife. A trader who made millions and was paid millions but he was cheating, rigging the rates to maximise his profits.So what is LIBOR and what did Hayes do? LIBOR is a key interest rate set in London. It determines what banks pay to borrow. It also matters to all of us because $450 trillion worth of contracts are based on it. Everything from credit cards to car loans to borrowing rates for businesses. Hayes was based in Tokyo from 2006. First at UBS bank, manipulating LIBOR almost on a daily basis to boost his own trades.Investigators trawled through e-mails and electronic chats uncovering evidence that Hayes had rigged the rates at other banks too. Tom Hayes is the first individual anywhere to be put on trial and it took many years to get here.Hayes left in a prison van on his way to start a 14-year sentence for his role in one of the most shameful episodes of our financial history.There's more trouble for American police with the Kentucky sheriff's department being sued over the handcuffing and restraint of an 8-year-old boy at school. A video released by the civil liberties union shows an officer applying the handcuffs to the boy in the principal's office.OrIt hurts.It's your decision to behave this way. If you want the handcuffs off you're going to have to behave and ask me nicely.The 8-year-old has both ADHD and post-traumatic stress disorder and the officer had been called because of his unruly behaviour. A lawsuit brought against the she yif's department said the officer broke laws against disabled pupils in all but the most extreme situations.US President Barack Obama has announced an aggressive plan for the US to combat climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions will be cut by a third within 15 years. The country will rely more heavily on wind and solar power. But the President faces strong opposition from coal-producing States. Ben Knight reports.As Barack Obama was announce ing California
his plan in Washington n California were forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes. The President says this is no longer about future generations. It's about what's happening right now.We're the first generation to feel the impact of climate change and the last generation that can do something about it.Under the changes, electricity producers will, for the first time, face limits on how much carbon they can put into the atmosphere.They will also have to increase the amount of wind and solar energy they produce instead of burning coal.And it all be achieved by setting up a cap and trade system between American States.And the single, most important step America has ever taken in the fight against global climate change.But with hundreds of coal-fired power plants facing closure, the President faces a fight of his own to get the regulations through.The biggest losers of this plan is not going to be the coal industry that we represent or the fossil energy producers, it's going to be the American consumers because they're going to have to pay more.Barack Obama says the switch will mean cheaper power and more jobs in the renewable energy sector. But this plan goes beyond the borders of the US. Later this year global leaders will gather in Paris where they will try to come up with a new international agreement on climate. Barack Obama has just given himself a tool to pressure other countries to lift their own commitments ahead of that meeting. And Australia can probably expect to hear more about that.A Syrian army fighter jet has crashed into a busy marketplace in the northwestern rebel-held town of Ariha leaving at least 27 people dead. Most of the those killed were civilians and dozens were injured. The plane had reportedly dropped a bomb in the city centre's main street as shopkeepers were opening their stores but then crashed immediately after. Observers say the jet was not shot down.Italian police say they're closing in on the most wanted mafia figure in the associates
country following the arrest of associates who are using a sheep-based code to communicate. Police staked out an isolated farm house in the southwestern Sicily with high tech surveillance equipment where they observed a meeting of suspected Mon mobsters with links to Ma seen o Denaro. Police arrested the 11 men who are using coded language on handwritten notes placed under rocks to communicate with their boss. Examples of the messages included phrases like the sheep need shearing. Denaro has been a fugitive since 1993 for killing 10 people with bombs planted in Florence and Milan. Authorities in the Netherlands are trying to work out why two massive cranes toppled into a canal. The two heavy lifters were obbarges when one of them fell over. The second crane then toppled as well smashing into a row of buildings.At least 20 people were injured by falling debris.The battle for the beach is over on a small part of the French Riviera with the Saudi King cutting short a stay. Rez dents were left fuming when a piece of beach was demraired off limits for a even
month. A temporary elevator was even built to get him down to the water. TRANSLATION: I can understand that the Government closes off the beach for a few days for the Saudi king, but closing it for a month wouldn't have been normal.More than 150,000 against
people signed a petition against the beach closure and heavy security measures. The King has now left for Morocco just 8 days into a planned 3 -week stay.Myanmar has been hit by the worst flooding in decades as the region grapples with the monsoon season. 39 people have been killed and more than 200,000 affected with much of the country's west and north-west underwater. Officials say the death toll is expected to rise as they struggle to reach the worst affected areas.This region is no stranger to flooding. But this year a cyclone combined with monsoonal rains produced devastating results. In Rakhine State, the water reached 4.5 metres deep and the disaster area stretches north with 3 other regions under emergency. People here are desperate for basic supplies. TRANSLATION: Getting food is the serious issue for us. We do not have anything because our rice stores have been flooded. Pigs and cows too.The Government is leading the relief effort with support from international aid groups. TRANSLATION: Many paddy fields were damaged. I'm here today with the flood victims to find out possible ways to support and replace their loss.Unlike this
previous natural disasters, this time the Government's response has been more swift with the media wideply reporting on the crisis.It's estimated nearly 400,000 hectares of farmland has been destroyed and serious damage has been done to the country's infrastructure.For tens of thousands of evacuees, returning home will not be easy. But there are even more immediate concerns for Rohingya refugees, displaced by ethnic violence and living in poorly built camps.The forecast is for more rain with the flooding expected to expand southward. stocks
A strong rise for retail stocks has helped the Australian share market to a solid gain shrugging off commodity price weakness.

The latest figures from the ABS show retail sales rose 0.7% in June following a rise of 0.4% in May. There were rises in household goods retailing, other retailing, cafes, restaurants and takeaway food services. Food and clothing didn't fare as well. NSW was the best performing State while Tasmania was largely unchanged. Greece's stock market has closed with heavy losses on its first day of trading following a 5-week shut down. Bank shares plummeted 30% before loss limits kicked in to stop investors selling anymore. The main Athens stock index ended down 16.2%. It was the worst daily performance since modern records began in 1985 including a 15% fall when Wall Street crashed in 1987.Sport, and Sydney's Adam Goodes returned to training today after taking a week off in response to persistent booing from opposition supporters. The Swans' veteran and dual Brownlow winner says he felt loved by the response of fans and players in the past week. Goodes says he wants to move on from the saga ahead of his return to the feel against Geelong on Saturday.It was back to work for Adam Goodes today and after a week of intense scrutiny even the 16-season veteran felt nerves.Felt like the first day back at school today walking swoo the rooms and seeing all the boys again.He says the support he received over his time off was amazing.A good experience experience to see the different thing our football club did, our football clubs, the AFL did and other players did themselves.Support e. Tended to Melbourne today where a flash mob showed its wacking of the Swans Victory. I'm looking forward to Adam coming and and playing. I'm looking forward to the supporters of Geelong and the Sydney supporters wrapping their arms around him.Goodes is ready to move on from the issue.I think #240ez discussions needed to be hard and I'm really hopeful that those discussions are behind us now.The game will take on a different look this weekend with four on field umpires to between
officiate Saturday's match between Brisbane and the Suns.Does it reduce the running burden and look to future of the longevity of our best umpires and that they may be able to do 2 games in a weekend.AFL has decided that Richmond will play Melbourne on the Friday night fixture of the final round.The second day of racing NSW stewards inquiry into training Sam Kavanagh has taking place in Sydney after one of Kavanagh's horses tested positive to elevated cobalt levels earlier this year. Patrick Galloway filed this report from the hearing earlier today.It's been another interest day here at the NSW Racing Stewards inquiry into trainer Sam Kavanagh after Kavanagh's horse Midsummer Sun tested positive to cobalt. Kavanagh has pleaded guilty to presenting a horse at the races with a prohibited substance but there's some debate going on as to the other charges. Today the main topic of discussion was around where Kavanagh got these vitamin supplements from. Now Kavanagh attests that he didn't know there was cobalt in these bottles which stewards collected from his stables earlier this year. In fact, a source of those bottles was traced back to the Flemington equine clinic and Dr Tom Brennan, formerly a good mate of Sam Kavanagh. Another veterinarian, Dr Adam Matthews, has been revealed as the originating source of these vitamin supplements which Racing NSW stewards are looking into. So it will go on for a expected to
couple more days. Submissions expected to be heard in a couple of days or possibly as late as next week, depending on the availability of legal counsel. But certainly a very serious couple of days ahead for Sam Kavanagh who is facing a ban from racing.Australia has failed to add to its medal tally on the second night of finals at the world swimming championships in Russia. Australia's best hope last night was Emma McKeon but she finished fourth in a record-breaking final of the women's 100 metre butterfly. I'm just wanting to do the best time I could and I'm not very happy with that time. Yeah, you always get disappointments.The Australians will start favorites in two events tonight. Mitch larrikin - larkin set a new Commonwealth record in qualifying fastest for the men's 100 metres back stroke final and Emily Seebohm qualified fastest for the 100 metres butterfly. Time to check in with 'The Drum'. John, could Sunday penalty rates for hospitality and retail workers could
be a thing of the past?It could be. That's if the productivity's recommendations from a new report are taken up. Interesting arguments on both sides of this. On the one hand why should you be paid any more to work on a Sunday rather than a Saturday? It's not like more than 10% of us go to church anymore so why not? And a lot of us who have to pay more for our cafe meals on a Sunday would think that's a very good idea but then, of course, they've been taken away from their families on what is an important social day so we'll kick that around with the panel tonight.And you will be looking at the Wagyu wars in Victoria?Yeah, this is a great Wagyu
story. There is a prize-winning Wagyu beef producer in Victoria who has been essentially told change your farming practices or face closure by the local council. The neighbours don't like it. They say it's too noisy and too smelly. Yes, cows are noisy and smelly. There are environmental concerns as well. We'll look at that tonight too.Thanks, John. Now for a look at the national weather details with Graham Creed. We've got the last of a ser eyes of cold fronts bringing another pool of very cold air into the south-east. Overnight to
tonight and tomorrow snow down to around 100 metres in Tasmania, particularly about the west and south of the State. We'll see that cold air sweep up into SA, Victoria and persist through many parts of NSW.Mostly clear, though, under this ridge of high pressure, that includes the majority of Queensland. There is the potential of an isolated shower about the peninsula and the north-east tropics:

eThanks, Graham Creed. And Phillip Islandly today, Melbourne Zoo's pygmy hippo Petra has celebrated her birth Keepers
day along with her calf Obi. Keepers were hoping Obi would share the cake of lettuce and water Mellen but he made a B line for the water instead.31, it's a big event for her. It's not that often that a 31-year-old hippo gives birth so she's doing well.Pygmy species
hippos are an endangered species from West Africa making Petra's feat in delivering a healthy baby all the more momentous.And that is all for this bulletin. Just a reminder you can keep up to date with the latest news at our website, that's at, or follow us on Twitter. Otherwise your next edition of ABC News will be up at 7:00. Thanks for your company, bye for now.

Hillo. Welcome to 'The Drum'. I'm John Barron. Coming up - could Sunday penalty rates soon be a thing of the past for retail and hospitality workers? The PM warns indigenous Australians taking the lead on constitutional recognition threatens wider support. And the neighbours of wagyu beef cattle say not near my backyard. This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia And joining me on the panel tonight - cartoonist and