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(generated from captions) so
position They are away form isn't so bad, four wins didn't
in at fullback after Will Hopoate didn't work out as the Sezer has been out with a hamstring out
injury. This man, Kane Elgey was that,
out with an ankle injury before together
that, they played so little time together in the second from Bird. Tim Mannah. About 5m out. dummy
playing it. De Gois showing from Pettybourne
dummy half. Snuck through as well. Pettybourne got him chance
Gois. Gets a ball away. Bird a inside.
chance now. Hoffman back on the again!
inside. He kicks. Elgey is there again! Wants, a bounce and then have
they had in the first half. They takes
have one more at least as Hoffman plays
takes it inside the red zone. He plays it for Bird.

Slow play of the ball for the fullback. Macdonald skipping over,
Parramatta arms there. As he rolls over, Luke Kelly is over the top. think
see an angle that will show us.I evidence
think year right. Circumstantial evidence I line.
said try. And they are across the explanation.
line. The second try. Here is the did
explanation.REFEREE: at no point see
did it touch the ground. Did you but
see it touch the ground. I didn't, Toutai
on the line. What can they summon? Toutai goes across to Faraimo. Give it wide to Mannah who puts it ringing.
down. Bird, Roberts. Alarm bells One-on-one
ringing. He gets away from Gower. One-on-one with Radradra. He