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Tonight - fire alarm, a potentially dangerous turn in

the solar panel saga. The more

you see of this scheme the more

it's starting to look like it's starting to look like a

pink batts scheme. Mark Webber

on track for his first Formula One victory of the season. And from

from the battlefield to the

ballroom, tributes for an cktor who was strictly a class act.

There's an attitude in this country that I dearly love and

I didn't come up with it. It was given.

Good evening, Craig Allen with ABC News. There are

concerns tonight over the

installed on thousands of roofs safety of solar

across Australia. The NSW

Government is calling for a

state wide audit after an

alarming number of potentially alarming number of

fatal faults were found in some

systems. The Premier says the

program has attract ed scam

installers like the ill-fated pink batts scheme. It's good

timing for a Premier feeling

the heat over the slashing of

solar tariffs. T checks by the Department of Fair Trading in Port problems with one-third of installations, 5% deemed very

serious. What's clear today is

the more you see of this scheme

the more it's starting to look

like a pink batts scheme. The

Premier's facing a revoult over

his decision to wind back the

scheme but Barry O'Farrell has

rejected suggestions the safety

issue is a smoke screen. Until

late Friday I wasn't aware of the fair trading audit

either. But the solar industry

is outraged. When we sat down

with the Minister on Friday we

met with him for over an hour,

he did not raise this issue once. I think they're

demonising the solar industry

is they can justify the repugnant move to retrospectively change the

solar bonus scheme. Zblt with

more than 110,000 potentially dissatisfied customers there's

a lot at stake play plaquely for the O'Farrell Government. The Government said

it will begin a wider program

of checks in the coming weeks.

They will be concentrating in

particular on the Sydney area

but many solar customers say

safety is not the main issue

they're concerned with. We need to concentrate

just on the issues around the

blame that is being made today

but the obligation that the

Government had to those that signed the contract. We're

honouring our contract which is

to fix up the mess we inherited

in NSW. Customers like the Thompsons say if they'd known

that's what Barry O'Farrell that's what Barry

meant by keeping his word they would have thought twice about their $40,000 investment. Australia's film community is

tonight remembering one of country's best-loved actors.

Bill Hunter lost his battle with cancer last night in Melbourne. He was worked alongside some of Melbourne. He was 71. Hunter

Australia's greatest actors and

country's greatest films. He directors in some of the directors in some of

was often cast as typically gruff Aussie bloke. Your mum's

arrive ing in Sydney by bus because I can't afford a plane

ticket, see what you've done to

me. In life as onscreen Bill

Hunter's tough exterior had a

softer side. There's an

attitude in this country that I

dearly love and I didn't up with. It was given to me. A

loveable rogue I call Billy. He

always had a twinkle in the

eye, loved to share a drink and

tell a yarn and very modest about his craft of which he

said as long as you know the

lines and hit the mark that's

all there is to it. Hunter was

born in Ballarat in 1940 and as

a teenager was a champion

swimmer but a bout of

meningitis at the age of 19

forced him to give the sport

away. It was then he turned his attention to acting, starting

in TV but

to the big screen. He landed his first lead in 'Newsfront'

in 1978 and 3 years later starred in starred in 'Gallipoli', his

proudest career moment because

his great uncle had fought and

died there. I shall all

remember who you are. T The

10th light horse, men from Western Australia. Don't forget

it. From the battlefield to the

dance floor, 'Strictly

Ballroom' saw him appeal to a younger you think they'd be if they

made up their own steps? Out of

a job. There was a great vast

repository of great stories and life experiences. Juggling a

starring role in Muriel's

wedding and as as Bob the mechanic in 'The Adventures of

Priscilla, Queen of the Desert'. He then dabbled in politics starring in the

Keating Government's Working

Nation campaign and later in

Labor Party advertisements. He

was absolutely adorable and gentleman and kind and

encouraging in every way. I mean truly he will be missed.

He's part of Australian cinema

and our cinema history. Just

how he will be remembered. A

group of leading scientists has

walked away from the

Murray-Darling Basin Authority

calling the plan to fix the ailing river system seriously

flawed. The scientists say the

plan will cost billions of taxpayers' dollars but won't fix the problems because it fix

won't return enough water to

the system but in in Canberra are concerned that returning

water to the Murray-Darling

could threaten the city's water security. The Wentworth Group

of Concerned Scientists says no

less than 4,000 gigalitres must be returned to the Murray-Darling River system in

order to fix it. But the group

says that appears it won't happen under the draft plan so it's resigned from the

process. There's no point in us

being part of the process if the process the process is fundamentally

flawed and unless there is an

independent review of the

science then we believe it is a

fundamentally flawed

authority is now aiming to process. The group says

return less than 3,000

gigalitres to the system following angry protests by

irrigators when the initial figures and cuts to water

entitlements were released last

year. The Wentworth Group says the Basin Authority won't conduct an independent scientific review to determine

whether their new, lower

targets will save an independent review to check

that that science is robust and

it's what we should be spending

$10 billion on. To free up

water iffor the river system the Authority the Authority has proposed cuts

to almost 50% to the water

available to Canberra. ACTEW

said that could cripple the ACT economy. The ACT economy. The ACT Opposition says the capital's future water

needs should be protected.

T The guide to the plan for the Murray-Darling Basin took no

account of the fact that the

ACT is 17% of the population of

the basin that uses less than 1% of all the water extracteded from the basin. The Government says it supports

environmental flows but not any cut to Canberra's water

entitlement s. The Federal

Water Minister Tony Burke said the Basin Authority is an

independent body and says he won't speculate on the plan

under development. A draft plan

is expected to be released in

late June. The Federal

Opposition is pushing for a parliamentary inquiry into Australia's immigration detention centres. The Coalition's Scott Morrison

plans to introduce the motion tomorrow. He wants to examine

the riots at Villawood and

Christmas Island as well as the cost of running the detention

system. We have a critical incidence occurring on an average of more than 3 times a day. We've got a record

population in our detention. T the

the number of processing times

has tripled and all of this has

created havoc and riots and chaos. The Greens would only

consider an Iroquois y if it

deals with the broader aspects

of what is wrong with mandatory

detention. Any inquiry needs make sure it's not just tinkering around the edges, is

not a witch hunt led by the

Coalition. The Government's

accusing the Coalition of

running a sensationalist scare campaign. David Hicks has

spoken publicly for the first

time about his time in the notorious Guantanamo Bay

prison. He says he was

tortured, deprived and contemplated suicide. Finally

here was a chance to hear the

story from the horse's mouth.

News camera s were not allowed

a packed audience. He told them

he'd contemplated suicide and

only pleaded guilty to get out

of Guantanamo Bay. I'd never heard of the word Al-Qaeda of an interrogator. Interviewed

live on stage David Hicks

talked about his treatment at

the hands of the US

military. By beaten, we were placed in a semicircle,

blindfolded on our knees, hands

behind our backs. I was spat on

so much and on my hands that it

dried and webbed between my

fingers. T I was knocked to the ground from behind with butts

of M-16 rifles I was kicked,

punched, slapped, spun around

in circles. He was the first

person to be convicted by a person to be convicted by a now disband ed US military

commission. A conviction, he

now argues, is null and void.

He thanks the public for their support and said it was only

after his release that he

learnt of the campaign to free

him. This was the public's

first chance to hear David Hicks' version of what

happened. At the end of his speech he was given a standing ovation. And

ovation. And it was nice to actually see him sort of maybe

out and about and giving an

opinion that is personally his and doesn't go all through and doesn't go all through that

filtering process that the

immediate devra - media

does. It's a wonderful thing to

be able to see for ourselves

the truth about David Hicks and

to see a very courageous and

unusual young man and his

father and for the Australian

public to be able to recognise

this at last. I'm still angry

at the Australian Government for abandoning one of our citizens. It's very dire circumstances. David Hicks says

hi treatment by the Australian

Government sets a dangerous precedent for other Australian

citizens such as Julian Assange. The President of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara, has

been inaugurated after months

of political violence. Mr Ouattara won the presidential

election in November but was

prevented from taking office when the incumbent, Laurent

Gbagbo refused to give up power.

power. Mr Ouattara was eventually a ibl - able to

force Mr Gbagbo out with

force Mr Gbagbo out with the help of French and United

Nations forces. The President

used his inauguration speech to

thank the international community for its

adding Ivory Coast was about to

write a new page in its

history. His predecessor was

arrested last month and is now

awaiting trial. Hundreds of

civilians were killed in the

fighting that broke out after November's disputed poll. A

tiger has bitten an animal

handler at a Gold Coast theme

group of tigers between

enclosures when one of them bit

him on the thigh and calf. The

male Bengal tiger called inflicted 5 puncture

wounds. That particular cat get

asbit worked up over some other

tigers we have that he was

walking past and he decided

that he'd just have a kick

little bite at the handler. Zblf the handler was taken to

hospital for treatment and is

expecteded to be off work for a

couple of days. Dreamworld says

the tiger will be back on show

tomorrow. With one of the lowest

the country it's increasingly

difficult for some ACT firms to

find workers with the right

skills. T to counter the skill shortage the Territory Government started selling the

capital as the place to be to

both interstate and overseas

markets. But after 5 years of

spruiking the capital has the Live in Canberra program

worked? From South Africa to

Australia Louise Botha has come

a long way to share her much

needed skills. What we would to be in this patient? It was a

chance encounter several years

ago that led her family to take

a leap of faith and start a new life in the Australian

capital. My husband attended a Live in Live in Canberra seminar in South Africa in 2008 and he

came home and he was very

excited about what he'd seen and how beautiful Canberra looked. Live in Canberra started as a pilot program targeting Sydney's mortgage

belt, selling a more relaxed

lifestyle with educational and

work opportunities galore. Five years on and it's gone

global. We tell people about the competitive advantages

Canberra has as a place to live and work. We best place to live in

Australia. Simon Kinsmore

travels the world spruiking the

capital at expos and it was on

a trip to Dublin where he met perspective immigrant Alex

Higgins. I hadn't heard much

beyond Sydney other than the

thought popped in my mind about Canberra and the opportunities

that were available in Canberra

that Canberra became an

option. Ironically he now works

in the same office as the man

who poached him. So far the

Government has invested more

than $1 million in its bid to Businesses have also chipped in.

in. And the initiative seems to

be gaining momentum with more

than 65,000 hits on the website

website last year. But how many clicks translates into new residents is difficult to

gauge. Growth rates in Canberra

that are above the that are above the national average, we've got our overseas

migration that has virtually doubled since the program commenced in 2006. The business

industry is certainly a

believer in the initiative. It

does get the name of does get the name of Canberra

out and they tend to target areas where unemployment's high. And Chris Faulks says

raising the profile of Canberra

is the first step to recruiting

more people like Allan and

Louise. I enjoy living here and I at the moment can't say I'd

want to live anywhere else. I

think of amazing opportunities

and I'm really loving it here. That's two Canberra

converts but with the massive

skills short fall still many

more to go. Pope Benedict has

become the first pontiff to get

a direct line to the heavens. The Celestial heavens, at least.

video link that allowed the

Pope to talk to 12 astronauts

on board the International

Space Station. He blessed the

astronauts and then asked them

if they ever reflected on how

science could help the cause of peace. So you ever wonder about people live together down here? It's a very good question. We fly over most of

the world and you don't see

borders but at the same time we

realise that people fight with

each other and there's a lot of

violence in this world. The Pope described conversation between science and religion as an

extraordinary experience. Representatives of Australia's 4 major football

codes have called on Federal Government to regulate sports betting advertising and make gambling-related

corruption a federal offence.

An awareness campaign urging responsible gambling responsible gambling was

launched today but as Catherine Garrett

Garrett report opponent of

gambling believe the codes have become dependent on the massive

incomes they receive from

gambling companies. It's everywhere in modern sport.

everywhere in modern sport. Around the grounds, on club

websites and during games, it's

hard to miss ads promoting

gambling and placing a bet on

whichever code you follow.

Today players, politicians and

sporting CEOs came together to

kick off a responsible gambling

awareness campaign. Online and at games and that kind of stuff

is a lot of advertising has

sort of tempted a people. Any newspaper, any television station there's

advertising of gambling. So

we're happy to do whatever's

required to make sure we're

adopting a responsible approach. To that end there's calls for Federal Government support. People should be able

to take their kids to a day at

the footy or the rugby or the

soccer without them being constantly exposed to

encouragements to bet. But the Federal Government is going to

have to get involved because

States have got some limited

constitutional powers. Canberra's also being called on to take tougher action

should be a federal offence of

cheating in sport, punishable by jail sentences. But by jail sentences. But anti-gambling campaigners say

sporting codes are sporting codes are preaching responsibility on one hand, accepting huge Guamle sponsorship deals with the

other. You have to think is

this a hollow gesture given the relationship with sport betting agencies. Senator Xenephon says

for the codes to have

credibility on problem gambling

they need to disconnect from

deals with sports

agencies. In Super Rugby the Waratahs have held their spot

at the competition's top 6 with a bonus point win over the Lions. In other matches the

Brumbies and the Force

out a thrilling 13-13 draw in Perth and the Rebels were

outclassed in Africa going down

by 20 to the Cheetahs. The

Bulls beat the Sharks in bur

dan. Last night in Sydney the

Lions were no match for the

Waratahs who bolted out of the

gates. The Waratahs comed it

from their fans this week being too boring. The home side responded early showing unusual

flair. A stray elbow brought

on the stretcher breaking on the stretcher breaking the

early momentum. The Lions

pouncing to level the scores.

But the Waratahs continued to

roll the dice and it paid

dividends. The home side

registering a bonus point in the first half.

But after the break the

Waratahs lost their composure second half taking the gloss

off their electric start. They won the match comfortably though. though. The Brumbies were

clearly still stinging from

their own coach's post match

criticism last week and set out

to prove him wrong early to prove him wrong early on.

The Force responded, Sam Wykes

safely demonstrating the latest

Australian craze. And he's

planked it! After that neither

side could find the line and

scores were level late in the match. James O'Connor dropped

his first chance to win it and

fell short on his second. Brumbies' captain Matt Brumbies' captain Matt Giteau

settling for the draw. A frustrating end for the

dominant Force. Overnight in

Bloemfontein the Rebels hoped

to atone for their dismal loss

to the Bulls last week but the

signs were ominous from the

start. The Rebels fought hard to stay in the match. T the Cheetahs though enjoying their

best Super Rugby season were

too good scoring 5 tries to 2.

The gap in form between the

NRL's top teams and the rest

has become even more apparent

this weekend with 6 clubs

having a bye in the lead up to

State of Origin, the Rooster,

warrias have had untidy win. The

The Tigers came from behind the

Panthers, today the Warriors

beat the Rabbitohs and the Roosters held off the Knights. In a Sydney Football

Stadium arm wrestle the Roosters looked to an international for some inspiration. A quiet Todd

Carney's inside ball gave the home side a handy break. But

Newcastle struck back. Two

tries narrowed the final margin

to 2 points. South Sydney's

abysmal away record looked

likely to continue as the

Warriors dominated the first

half. Twice in the earl y I

minutes New Zealand was denied and

and Krisnan Inu was his own the clear became a trot. The

Warriors did finally break

through. But it was still 6-0

at half time after the un lucky

Inu had put a boot on the

sideline. Souths evened it up

but the first half villain

became the second half hero.

Inu's try and James Maloney's sideline conversion completed

the scoring. The Wests Tigers

began brightly en route to a 5th consecutive

win. In a scrappy game Penrith

levelled the scores. Then gave

Robbie Farrah too much latitude

but Penrith crossed again to

snatch the half time lead. The

error rate spiralled in the

second half but that didn't

apply to lock lawn Coote. Just

as his side was headed for a

disappointing defeat Benji

Marshall scooped up a loose

ball to run 80 metres. And ball to run 80 metres. And a Farrah/Marshall combination put

Mitch Brown across for the winner. Played just went from bad to worse.

In the Canberra Raiders Cup

West Belconnen have defeated

Goulburn in a tight match 24-18. The Sydney Swans have

been outclassed by Hawthorn

suffering a 46-point loss at

the SCG. Last night Brisbane

won for the first time this

season and season and Richmond upset ess don. Today Collingwood defeated

Adelaide. In the late game the Eagles are leading the

Bulldogs. In Sydney the Swans Bulldogs. In Sydney the Swans couldn't handle Hawks' forward Lance Franklin who kicked 6

goals. With teams 3 and 4 on

the ladder falling earlier in

the weekend, a spot on the loft

y est rungs were on offer to

the Swans and Hawks in perfect

conditions at the SCG. Keen to

move up in the AFL world,

trading goals in a high quality

opening term. With Sydney just

edging ahead on the lead by 5 at the first break.

Hawks skipper Luke Hodge made

an early statement to lift his

side but the match was a vastly

different contest in the second

term. Low on goals but high on term. Low on goals but high on intensity. Tals manic Hawthorn forward

forward Lance Franklin's early

inaccuracy was costing his team

a chance to build a handy lead.

Despite numerous entries

inside 50, the Swans failed to

kick a major and trailed by 4 at half time. Hawthorn hasn't

had many good recent memory at

the SCG but they looked quite

at home in the second half. They

They were suddenly in vintage form and seemingly unstoppable.

After 45 minutes without a

Swans goal, Nick Malceski made

a statement with more than just

his hair cut. But it was very

much the Hawks' quarter with 7

Hawthorn goals. Franklin was

fast becoming the story of the

afternoon. Two early final term

majors sealed the win and his

goal tally reached 6 for day from 12 scoring shots. The

Hawks making sure they won't be forgotten in premiership

calculations this season. calculations this season. In local competition local competition Tuggeranong

upset East Lake. The Hawks

beating the Demons in a thriller 91-88.

Mark Webber has a good

opportunity to notch his first

grand prix victory of the

season after a performance in qualifying. The

Red Bull driver upstaged Red Bull driver upstaged his

team-mate and reigning world

champion Sebastien Vettel to

take poll for tonight's take poll for tonight's Spanish

grand prix. This might be the

turning point of Mark Webber's

season. After playing second

fiddle to Vettel for the first four races, Webber finally

outshone his younger rival. Webber does it. Webber beats

Vettel finally for poll

position. I was just obviously praying that above number 1 when I crossed

the gantry over the start/finish line and it did. It's only qualifying but

the result will have given the

Australian plenty of confidence. Mark Webber

psychologically scores a direct

hit on Sebastien Vettel. I don't

don't think we can't speak of big disappointment at the end

of the day. I think we step forward. Former world champion

Lewis Hamilton will start Lewis Hamilton will start from

third on the grid but was well

off the pace by the Red Bulls. Rarely are Australians

French Open but Sam Stosur's

changed all that. After coming

so close last year Stosur won't

have to improve much to break

Australia's 38-year drought at

Roland Garros. So made the

finals in Rome and been playing

some very good matches so I

think that's definitely boosted

my confidence over the last few weeks and hopefully that means I can have a good Open. World

number 1 Caroline Wozniacki completed her French Open

preparations by taking out the

traditional lead up event in

Brussels. The year's second

grand slam begins tonight. Europe's more evident than at the match play championships in Spain. Englishman Luke Donald can

replace compat yot Lee west

wood as world number 1 if he wins the event but Donald will

first have to overcome former

number one martline Kymer in

the semis. He's a great

competitor and looking forward

to going head to head with him again. Johnsen den is poised to strike heading into the final

round. He's in third place strokes behind Korean Charlie

Wi. 3 other Australians

including Stuart Appleby are in

the top 10. To the weather now

and it's been a mostly cloudy day and those

showers start ed to appear from early afternoon. After a compartively

There's some increasing cloud on

on the radar with that front

approaching and passing from the south-east. Today The cold front over the

renalon bringing with it some

rain and showers and the chance

of thunderstorms tonight and

again tomorrow. The showers

should continue into Tuesday

before a high pressure system brings a return to through to the end of the


The showers associated with that change will stretch from Adelaide right up around the

coast to central Queensland.

The rain will be pretty

widespread across the south-east tomorrow. Patchy at

times but just about everywhere

will get a few drops. We'll about 10 mm fall here in the ACT. We'll see the rain become more widespread this evening

with the chance of a few

storms. Tomorrow the rain will

ease but it will be windy with temperatures from 4 to 15

degrees. Before we go a brief recap of

our top story tonight. Tributes

are being paid to the veteran

Australian actor Bill Hunter

who's died at the age of who's died at the age of 71. Famous for playing ocker

Australians, Hunter worked

alongside some of the country's greatest actors and directors and some of Australia's

greatest films. And that's the

news for now. You can keep up

to date at ABC News online and

ABC News 24. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Closed

Captions by CSI