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(generated from captions) to get you guys $10,000.

Mario, would that make you happy?

Would make me very happy.

Aw, good. Good.

What is a popular Australian lunch?

You said...


On the Barbie.

that's the only way to have them.

Yeah, mate.

Survey says...


Pie was the top answer.

Or hamburger was the second-highest.

So, now we need 25 points from
this last answer to get the money.

The question was, name something
specific a mechanic does.

You said...

Motors. Or engines.

Does engines.
Well...'s basically what mechanics do.

They could do transmissions,
but I didn't think of that, Grant.

No, no, you didn't.
You said engines.

But I like engines as an answer.
Let's see if it works.

You love engines.
Come on, Guelfos.

It's your first attempt
at Fast Money. It's been a cracker so far.

The survey says...


Changing oil was the top answer,

No worries.
You know what?

You do get $10 for every Fast Money
point, so you win some cash.

And they'll be back for another shot
at the $10,000 tomorrow night.

The Project is up next
and stay tuned for

The Great Australian Spelling Bee
at 7:30.

I'm Grant Denyer.
Goodnight, Australia.

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Tonight: Bye-bye, Bronwyn - who's the hot tip now to take on the role of Speaker of the House. Could mechanics have fitted potentially fatal dodgy parts in your car? And how would you know? The new targets for the billion dollar beauty industry - so how many blokes are wearing make-up? They probably won't admit it but a lot of guys do it.The entertainment world mourns music and television superstar, Cilla Black. And when it comes to the new wave of superstars, Adam Lambert is high up on the list - and he joins us live in the studio. This is The Project. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING) Good evening, welcome to The Project, and back with us tonight is Steve Price.Thank you very much. (APPLAUSE) Just choppered in, found a cheap one out at Tullamarine airport, no longer required by Bronwyn Bishop. Excited by Adam Lambert tonight. What was that sound again? (SCREAMS) That was it!It sounded like somebody slipped over! So we'll check the audience. But excited to have Adam Lambert on the show tonight.Let's see what's making news this Monday, 3 August. As the search for a new speaker begins, Tony Abbott is hoping a root and branch review of MPs' expenses will fix the issues raised by the Bronwyn Bishop scandal. The PM wants us to know they're working for us and not spending days frolicking at the taxpayers' expenseMy mission here is to ensure that we do restore public faith in our parliament.A manhunt continues in Victoria for a violent criminal who skipped bail after being released from custody to attend his own wedding. Police say Murat Shomshe could pose a threat to the community - his new wife claims he just vanished while she was in the shower.I've never heard of a wedding being an acceptable reason for bail. Maybe he couldn't have have had the wedding, maybe he could have done a video link. The bride didn't get her man, but rest assured the police will get theirs. Light rain has been relief to firefighters in the Blue Mountains where an unseasonably early bushfire almost destroyed homes at Wentworth Falls. The place was covered in snow two weeks ago.It is a stark reminder of the fire season to come and we need to make sure that people understand that, no matter what sort of, the time of the year, bushfires can strike at any time.And a sad end for HitchBOT - created as a social experiment to test the kindness of strangers it successfully managed to hitchhike through Canada and parts of Europe but two weeks into its journey across the US, HitchBOT was smashed two weeks into his trip in Philadelphia.I have not been this sad since Wilson died in Castaway.It was a stupid thing to do.No, I blame Stephen Hawking for this. (LAUGHTER) Remember last week he warned us about killer robots? He whipped up the fear.People feel like they should get on the front foot. Innocent robots are now being subject to racist attacks because of that!But the robot is gracious, look what happened to him - he put out a statement saying he still loves humans.So now we're just provoking the robots.It's like Tarantino directed WaWall-E.It's like when Mr Potato Head loses all his bets.I haven't seen that yet! No, I have! A workers' strike at Australian airports today caused nationwide delays. This led to mixed reactions from Sydney passengers.What fs 2 like in there?It is catastrophic, people queuing for kilometres.Any delays coming through customs?No, not at all.Any delays? . Can't complain. Everything was fine. Other than I didn't even know there was a strike or anything on.I think the first lady may have been in the wrong queue!Well, there are fears counterfeit airbag parts are putting the lives of thousands of Aussie drivers at risk. So how do you know if your car is affected? Aussie drivers at risk. So how do
you know if your car is affected? It looks nearly identical but the spiral cable on the right is counterfeit and one of thousandses that could be in Toyota cars around the country. Experts say there are four ways the dodgy cable could fail to deploy your airbag in a crash.It is designed to make the airbag fire. It is the link between the car and the airbag. It is a common part and it has been used on every one of the 200 million odd Toyotas sold in the last years. Drivers have been alerted to the counterfeit but they don't know how many have ended up on the roads. This only affects the cars with components that have been replaced. Some of the counterfeit participants are extremely good copies so a mechanic or workshop may not be able to spot it.The bogus part is unrelated to the airbrag recall earlier this year, which saw more than 800,000 cars in Australia sent back to dealers.We don't know how many counterfeit parts are out there but we know organised crime has been trying to bring counterfeit parts into this country and that is a concern for consumers.It is estimated counterfeit parts cost the global auto industry 20 million billion in 2011. Just last month it was revealed customs had seized 350 counterfeit Toyota filters from the docks in Sydney.Toyota have been the best-selling brand for a decade and the most hit but other brands will be looking very carefully to make sure they're not experiencing these sorts of counterfeit parts. James Ward is a journo and motoring expert. He joins us now. Who is James Ward is a journo and motoring
expert. He joins us now. Who is installing these parts, James?It's one of the things we've actually sought comment from Toyota today and been told that it is not Toyota officially that's doing it but independent workshops and potentially insurance repairers.So these repairers are being fooled, then?This is the tricky thing and where it gets quite hard. No-one really knows at which stage these counterfeit parts are being discovered. The dealers may be buying them thinking they are Toyota genuine parts and the workshops may be buying them thinking they are Toyota genuine parts but no-one knows where they are coming from and at what part in the supply chain are making their way into Australia.Who is most at risk?Really it's people who have bought second-hand Toyotas at some point because if you have had a new car that has never been in an accident, you're fine and if your car is proven to have never been in an accident, you're OK. But if you are the third or fourth owner of a car that may have been repaired at some point in its life, you don't know if that has a Toyota genuine part or one of the counterfeit parts fitted to the airbag system. Snool we've heard there has been an increase in counterfeiting. Why is that? I think it comes down to cost. The official component is estimated at $300 whereas the counterfeit can be sourced for $50. There's margins to be made everywhere. If somebody can buy a part they think is exactly the same and make a bit of extra margin on top, well, it filters through the whole insurance and repair cycle. Well, hopefully we've helped some people tonight, James, thanks for your time.Thanks for having me. (APPLAUSE) Just before we leave that story, I should point out we reached out to Toyota but they refused to comment about the story with us today. But if you are worried about your car and whether or not it might be affected the best thing to do is to take it down to your local car dealership and get them to check it out for you.Stick around, lots more of The Project still to come. Coming up: Can you spell excitement? Cohost of The Great Australian Spelling Bee Chrissie Swan drops by with you two of the show's incredible young spellers. Plus the trailer for Zoolander 2 is out, and it's asking all of the big questions.If God exists, why

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Welcome back to The Project.An unlikely guest bounding through suburbia - residents on Melbourne's outskirts filmed this Kangaroo on their phone cameras as it hopped through the streets. Wildlife rescuers say it's becoming more and more common. The roo later bounced back to the bush. And if you are looking to pick up, Wrigley's has found the most effective one-liner is "I've forgotten my phone number, can I have yours". Apparently this one also work "Have a feel of this shirt, do you know what it feels like? It's boyfriend material". But the one guaranteed to send the ladies running is "Are you on Linked In, because I think we have a connection".They've ruined it for all of us.My favourite was "I know Steve Price".How did I know I would be in your chat-up lines.Did you use pick-up lines?No, I didn't, Carrie, thank you. I just exist on my natural charm!What about, "There's a lifeboat down ore there... ". I thought Tinder made pick-up lines redundant these days. Swipe right or whatever.But anyway. Burger chain Mr Burger says it has given people the chance to have meals delivered by drones and it looks like burger fans found this to be both delicious and her requirefying. PushTastes nice. Scary.What was scary about it. It's going to chop my head off. Just sobbing having your burger.I wouldn't mind one now. A drone delivered one to me. I'm starving. You are probably eating your dinner - I hope you are enjoying it if you are! Let's look at what's happening in the world of entertainment. Former AC/DC drummer Phil Rudd is back in court - this time he has denied breaking the booze ban that's a condition of his eight-month home detention. The 61-year-old pleaded not guilty but he could face jail time if the judge finds he breached the terms of his sentence for threatening to kill an employee. The new Mission Impossible movie has only just hit cinemas but already Paramount Pictures has reportedly confirmed its working with Tom Cruise on another Ethan Hunt thriller, the sixth in the franchise. It's easy to see why - MI5 Rogue Nation made $125 million world wide on its opening weekend. Rebel Wilson issing looking to get hitched in Las Vegas, the rumour mill suggests. She has only been dating Mickey Gooch for three months but they are both reportedly eager to tie the not at the Graceland wedding chapel later this year. And the long-awaited trailer for the new Zoolander film has been released. It doesn't give much away, except that Derek Zoolander hasn't gotten any smarter.If God exists, why did he make ugly people.200 lander?No, Derek, Zoolander, it's like a pun.But I don't spell my name with a two. There's so many movies I haven't seen. If I have two spare hours in my life, there's so much other stuff I have to do.That's one you should see.I saw Rainman for the first time and it's the most amazing movie ever!So you are now up to 1987.I have a lot to catch up on!Clearly.Tomorrow, Good Will Hunting. Look forward to that.It took them a while to get this movie up and running. Sowny convinced them they needed to do it and I'm very excited.What do you do with the plot?Does it have a real plot? Well, it kind of did, didn't it? Yeah, the Indonesian Prime Minister has going to be assassinated and Derek Zoolander had to save him. Don't give it away!I saw Mission Impossible with my older son Liam on the weekend. It's awesome. Very exciting.Another movie show tomorrow night! We're taking a break.Coming up: She blitzed the UK music scene before becoming one of the world's most loved TV presenters. Cilla Black practiceses away aged 72. The Prime Minister says Bronwyn Bishop was a victim of the system - but does anyone really buy that? And this could just about be the coolest thing you've ever seen, that isn't real! You're watching The Project.

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(APPLAUSE) Tomorrow: He's gone from recording songs for YouTube in his bedroom to becoming one of the hottest young pop stars on the planet - Cody Simpson is back in Australia and takes time out to chat to The Project.A great week of musical guests.It's all happening. Motorsport is certainly intense to watch. Yesterday the V8 Supercar race was in Queensland and I was watching it.You weren't.I was.I told you about this.Shut up, Pricey! And Todd Kelly broke down and showed us exactly how intense it gets.The engine's had it. So he has to pull off.Why, why, why me?! (BLEEP) (BLEEP) (BLEEP)We're live there - apologies for the language, but you can appreciate he is pretty fired up.Sorry mate. Just cracked under the pressure then. (BLEEP)We should point out, that went to air. I was watching that and there was no beeping!So what did he say?A rude word, Waleed!Fudge!It would have been just like the World War II movie the great escape if inmates at goul wurn burn's maximum security prison had succeeded but guards have found the start of a where they were trying to dig that I way to freedom. Adam Goodes will return to training with the Swans tomorrow. His number 37 was visible everywhere during round 18 matches on signs, jumpers and wristbands. He will be available to play this weekend against Geelong.He was incredibly humbled by the support that he was able to receive over the weekend. I don't think he had intentions to watch the game but he ended up watching the final three quarters and couldn't believe the amount of support that he had. And when as a football club are incredibly grateful.I think the footy community at the weekend showed how great they are and what happened at the SCG yesterday showed they are great players. The big test is if he plays against Geelong this weekend or any other game this year, what happens if someone boos him?What will happen? Firstly I think it's probably the best ground to be playing this weekend. Glooeng are a good community.But there's six or seven games to go.But it is a politish crowd at Geelong.They are not Collingwood supporters! Let's just say it!They play Collingwood the week after in Sydney.What will happen if someone boos Adam Goodes again? When does it end?Hopefully there's people around to tell them to pull their heads in.They were doing that before.You but I think now hopefully everyone understands - it has shifted. There is a line that has been drawn now and if you choose to boo Adam Goodes, whether you like it or not, you are saying something everyone else agrees with.You are out on your own if you do it now. You will appreciate this as Richmond fans, I'm really proud of my club when they stood up and decided to wear their Indigenous jumper on the weekend and other cluks followed and that was great but I think it was great someone stood up and said we're going to take a strong stand here. You are absolutely right. There was one hiccup today. Adam Goodes returns to training tomorrow and The Australian have done great work but had a hiccup. They ran this story saying Adam Goodes was returning to training and put a picture of Lewis Jetta!But even myself, The Advertiser think me and Tom Gleeson are the same person! I've never seen you in the same room!Could you get through life without spell check?No!Is spelling bee spelled correctly? These guys will tell These guys will tell us.Sure, you can sing it, but can you spell it? Or should we start with something a little bit easier. How about respect? R-E-S-P-E-C-T not bad, Aretha. Gwen, try bananas. B-A-N-A-N-A-S. Goods job. The The Great Australian Spelling Bee tonight puts 352 Australian spellers aged between 8 and 13 to the test.Australia will be shocked when they step out on to the stage. Australia won't believe how good these kids are.That includes twin brother and sister Harpita, and Harpith.I'm one minute older, smarter and better than my brother! Sibling rivalry. So how do they go spelling some of the hardest words in the English language.Please welcome Harpith and Harpita! (APPLAUSE) Hi, guys, let's get to it. I need to ask you a Hi, guys, let's get to it. I need
to ask you a very to ask you a very important question. How do you spell - like, how do you do it? Because I really would like to know how you do it. Well, when you spell, you've got to spell. So first important thing is you've got to just keep cool. Don't stress it's just an audience there, they're not going to say anything. Just keep cool. Second thing, you might want to do something, if you're like, if you are really stressed out, you might want to do like writing on your hand. That helps me focus a lot. So I'm like, kat - C-A-T, cat.I know that one! I knew it! (LAUGHTER) Chrissie, you host with Grant. Is it good cop/bad cop? How is it working?I think they gave me the job because they recognise I'm the same mental age as our darlings here, and the other 8-13 year olds. That's why I think they gave me the job. But I turned into a naughty aunty. I didn't realise - one time I was at the back and I was talking to Harrison and he is 12 and I was like, "Oh God, I've got so much (BLEEP)" to do and he looked at me and I was like, sorry! I thought we were friends!Har pit, the trash talk has begun between you and your sister. Is she really one more r minute more talented and smarter than you?All I can say is she is one minute older than me. I don't think she is more talented than me. These are the youngest entrants. They are the youngest. You guys are the youngest. In fact you are the youngest because you are one minute younger.And she is one minute older.One thing she share in common is a love of our tears. Is it hard to keep them under control when you are see the kids stressed? It wasn't so much about seeing the kids stressed, it was about how beautiful they were. There were so many tears of joy from everyone. So there was a lot of, "Oh my God", and I had waterproof mask are a from day two.I love that this encourages children to read. Can you guys remember how old you were when you first read a book.I think I was about 2 years old.Were you stwo years and a minute?!Well, maybe!Well, I think we should put you guys to the test. We found some of your favourite words. I understand one of your favourite words is curfewn which means the act of running fingers through a loved one's hair. Do you do that often?On this occasion I'm using it right now.How do you spell it. CAFUNE.Correct, everybody, amazing!I knew you guys didn't know that.Given it was her favourite word I had a hunch she might be alright with it.Harpith, I think I have to get you to say what this is.It is a 29 letter word. It's flocksinorsilly dB His Honour any pin fiction.What does that mean?I use it 29 times a day. It means action or habit considers worthless.Familiar with that one, are you, Pete?I may have been using it wrong.Can you spell it:

(APPLAUSE) Wow!It's correct!Look, I can't wait to watch these guys. I wish they had a bit more confidence, that's the only thing! (LAUGHTER) You nailed it!It's going to be wonderful watching you. The Great Australian Spelling Bee kicks off 7:30 tonight right after The Project. Would you please thank Chrissie and Harpith and Harpita! I'm super excited about that. Watching with Ollie tonight. If you have just joined us here's what's making news this Monday, 3 August. A wild chase through Melbourne's north-west has seen a man in his 40s run down and left for dead. Police believe he was injured following an a confrontation between two groups of men and a possible home invasion. It is believed officers found drugs and a gun. The victim is under police guard in hospital. Police in Perth are questioning two men over a suspected murder after a woman in her 30s died this morning from a gunshot wound. It is believed the pair new the victim. She was found at a block of units in west Perth. She died in hospital from her injuries. Hobart has been blanketed with snow and the white stuff is still falling across much of Tassie. It even fell at sea level for the first time since 2005. Hobart's CBD copped a dusting and some schools are closed and the conditions have caused traffic chaos. And you've got to see this to believe it. Motocross start Robbie Maddison biking his way into the record books off Tahiti. He says he spent two years of his life realising his pipe dream, and reckons if he hadn't been a surfer at heart he would never have pulled it off.That almost looks not real. It isn't real, I'm sure.It's Robbie Maddison.Yeah, sure, great. I think there's something underneath the bottom.I'm not saying...Apparently there is a board-type thing under the wheel. You mean how the bike is photoshopped on to that thing?No, it has been explained to you, there is paddles on the back wheel rather than a tyre.I love a good paddle-steamer, Steve, and I'm not denying it could potentially happen but when I look at the video, it looks fake.Have you seen the Bond movie Skyfall?Yeah.The opening scene, a motorbike chase across the rooftops in Morocco?Yeah.That's Robbie Maddison.Still fake!Are you saying James Bond is fake? Your ego is writing cheques your body can't cash!Now to the ongoing saga engulfing the Abbott Government. The speaker may be gone but the arguments rage on, as we say goodbye Bronwyn, goodbye.17 days ago.Can you apologise to the Australian people who are watching? I think the biggest apology one can make is to repay the money. # Sorry seems to be the make is to repay the money.
# Sorry seems to be the hardest word.Five days ago...I have listened to the Australian people and I regret having let them down. The helicopter was just ridiculous. # It's too late to apologise...And yesterday - Bronwyn Bishop finally fell on her sword, proving she really was... # Sorry, sorry, sorry...This has obviously bp -- been a very difficult day for Bronwyn Bishop and I think we should respect the fact that it has been a very difficult day for her.And it has been a very difficult time for the government - the entitlements scandal tarnishing Bronwyn Bishop's long career and Bill Shorten says the credibility of the PM.The truth is Mr Abbott wouldn't act for three weeks. I think it is scandalious.The government has got a week to put the scandal behind them and nominate a new speaker before parliament sits next Monday. The most likely candidate, veteran MP Philip Ruddock. He holds the NSW seat of bow are an and with a 42-year career behind him he is the father of the house. And while Ms Bishop licks her wounds and the government is in damage control, the PM says the system and not Bronnie that is broken.The problem is not any particular individual - the problem is the entitlements system more generally.I don't even like the word "Entitlements". It is other people's money. The helicopter was Bronwyn's call, right, she didn't have to get a hornet to Geelong. That's what set this thing off.She didn't have to get a helicopter, there are plenty of other ways she could have gotten there:

Still fake! Joining us is the deputy leader of the Labor party, Tanya Plibersek. You finally got your wish, Bronwyn Bishop has resigned. Surely now we can all move on?Well, I think it is about time that Bronwyn Bishop took responsibility for her behaviour and it is well past time that the Prime Minister showed some leadership on this issue. I think it is very important that the parliament is able to concentrate on the business of parliament, rather than be distracted by the carry-on that we've seen in recent weeks.I reckon what really annoyed the public at the weekend and probably ended up doing her in was this idea that she would catch BMW limousines rather than use COMCARs because they could use the bus lanes on Sydney roads. Now, surely you have never done that. I mean you would use COMCARs, you wouldn't hire a limo and a driver, would you?Well, I would use COMCARs sometimes and I use taxis when it's cheaper to do so and it's just ridiculous to think that this excellent service that we're very fortunate to be provided as members of parliament isn't good enough for Bronwyn Bishop.And Malcolm Turnbull uses trains and he really wants you to know that, by the way! Yeah! Well, and I love catching Sydney buses, too, and I've got my Opal card and it is terrific.The rules, though, you say you are open to the rules being clarified. I wonder, though, how genuine politicians are when they say that, because there have been reviews in the past and every time they come back with a recommendation that says, you need to tighten up the rules because the definitions mean you can drive a truck through it and then nothing actually happens? Well, no, I mean, there have been reviews in the past and they have meant, for example, when we're in government, that all of this information is published. I think it's really important to have the level of transparency and accountability that we've now got. But, Tanya, it's not just about transparency, it's about the rules and all you ever need to do is say it's parliamentary business. But then anything can be called parliamentary business.You mentioned trucks there, Waleed, that's the only thing Bronwyn didn't use, a truck!But the rules themselves need to be tightened. It's not just about transparency and no-one has done it.Well, Waleed, I don't know that anything can be called parliamentary business. I just don't think attending a colleague's wedding is parliamentary business and I think that's clearly a social function. Tanya, who would you like to see as the next speaker. I want to throw Clive Palmer in an as an idea, of course!Well... Yeah, not sure about that one! Mr Briscott is the deputy speaker and he would be a very natural suggestion, I think, to take over.He is a national, so I don't know if the Libs would like that suggestion. We'll see what they choose in the end. In the meantime, Tanya, thank you very much for speaking to us.Thank you, Waleed.I'm on board.Clive Palmer - great idea.They've got Philip Ruddock as the favourite so his head in front at the moment. There's two names, Tony Smith and Andrew Southcott. Probably unknown to most people.Tony Smith is probably too young, isn't he? Probably. But if Philip Ruddock gets it, there is a bit of a hint that there might be an election earlier than late next year. Why? He has announced retirement, they might stick him in there.But why would that mean the election would be earlier?I just think that the whole election timetable can be brought forward, just stick Philip Ruddock in there and let him take over the house for a while.I like the Clive Palmer idea.Clive Palmer is not going to be the speaker.Bob Katter?It not going to be the speaker!They are the only members of their parties in the parliament! That's what's great about those suggestions! Think about that! (LAUGHTER) Time for a break, back after this. Coming up...Yeah, I wear make-up on occasion...Meet the Aussie blokes laying some seriouslily new foundation.A lot of us guys have snuck into our wife's top drawer. It's worth the time, you keep your wife happy.

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Welcome back to The Project. You might remember Helen and Merv Leneham who featured on the show back in June. They are the Queensland couple who have been fighting to stop their four disabled adult sons being shoved into share accommodation. We have some great news tonight - an independent review has awarded them funding for 24-hour at-homing care. (APPLAUSE) This family, I tell you what, they have eight children plus four adopted boys, all of their four adopted boys are mentally disabled. Brock is the most severely affected, he is 18 and wakes up several times a night with bed-wetting issues, cramps and seizures and Helen has said she can count on two hands the number of times she has been able to sleep all night in the last 20 years and to be able to have sw unto help them is great.And it wouldn't have happened without the publicity.And they were so humble about it. They were reluctant to ask for the help. So they've just got absolutely what they deserved.Good on whoever followed that through.Other news now and when it comes to classical woodwind instruments the bassoon is now skrd an endangered species. The people at Save the Bassoon, whose goal is to get more kids interested in orchestraal instruments say the trombone and double bass are also in strife.I believe they are being hunted by American dentists. I haven't been this upset since Wilson died in Castaway.I used to play clarify net. And you played sax.How great is the sax?I remember playing the French horn. The bassoon is hard. My daughter is learning bassoon.Is she a friend of the bassoon?Clearly! I'm just wondering if there is a meaning I don't understand there.No, the story talks about a group called Save the Bassoon! The friends of the bassoon!But she walked down to us and said, I want to play bassoon and our reaction was, "Pardon"? Well you have a he got more chance of getting in the orchestra if you play something no-one else plays.I say stick with it because as long as you stay alive you will be the best player in the world!I want to see 100 bassoon players play the foo fight he is. Hey, Rafael Nadal won the tennis - I was up watching it after the V8 Supercars! But the post-match interview may have got the better of him.

I am cramping, you know? Ow! OK, OK, we continue like this! (APPLAUSE) It's not a joke! Sfloo stop laughing and clapping - I'm really in pain! It must have been a long speech!Moving on now and it has been a sad day, with news of the passing of a true icon of British spament - recording star and TV personality, Cilla Black. Few people can boast a successful 50-year career in the fickle world of showbiz. 50-year career in the fickle world
of showbiz. But beloved British entertainer Cilla Black made it look easy. # You are my all... # You are my night and day...In 1964, Cilla was propelled from cloakroom girl to pop star after being pushed into an audition with Brian Epstein by none other than John Lennon.She could sing, my word, could she sing. I said, hang on, that's our cloakroom attendant! # Anyone who had a heart would take me in his arms and love me too.Her second single Anyone Who Had A Heart, went to number one with a bullet and became the biggest selling single by a female artist in pop history, kickstarting a career that would encompass 20 hits.It was just so catchy and she would stand there and open up and sing it and you would feel almost enveloped by her talent and extraordinary smile.For most people, though e it's her enduring TV presence she will be remembered for, including hosting the trail-blazing match-making show, Blind Date, which at its height was pulling 18 million viewers a week. Karen, you did say you liked your men tall.(LAUGHTER) Today, in the wake of her passing at agele 72, everyone from the British PM to the surviving Beatles have paid tribute. But perhaps the final word should be given to the immortal Cilla Black herself. (APPLAUSE) She had a fantastic voice. She would open it up and go bang and most people here would remember her as a pop artist rather than a TV presenter but I think I read today that in the UK in the 1970s and 80s, 18 million people a night were watching Blind Date.I was listening to people this morning saying that was Saturday night, she was part of their Saturday night. And the thing I love just watching that package is that she wasn't the stereotypical person you would that package is that she wasn't the
stereotypical person you would expect to be in showbiz.And not many people can say John Lennon sdoovrd me.But because the talent was so outrageously goods. A fantastic career.Time for another break now, see you on the other side.Coming up: From American idol to fronting Queen, Adam Lambert has made one heck of an impression on the international music scene. So what's next for this talented bloke? Find out when he joins us live. This is The Project.

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Welcome back to The Project.Now, make-up - it's a $3.5 billion industry in Australia alone and now men are muscling in on what was once secret once secret women's business.After decades of convincing women they need to smooth, enhance and conceal, it seems the cosmetics industry may have finally cracked the other half of the market.Yeah, I wear make-up on occasion.I'm not trying to hide anything. I'm just getting older and want to make myself look better.There is room for it. Like, a lot of us guys have snuck into our girlfriend's top drawer and got a concealer to hide that annoying Pymble.With men now adept and tanning and man-scaping, it was only a matter of time until they tried make-up, too.I remember when I first met him - he... He didn't use any products at all, not even deed rant.But Nathaniel has come a long way since then. Today the married father-of-three isn't ashamed to admit he uses cosmetics. Just foundation. On occasions I would put eyeliner on. If I've got something important I will get her help because she is a make-up artist and she is the expert.I think it's great. I wish he would take more time in having a look at himself and seeing, you know, what he wears.John Walsh became a cosmetics convert after testing out his wife's beauty products.Within a week of using the products I notice add dramatic difference and my customers were complimenting me on my appearance.When the animal groomer began to do shows he realised it wasn't just the dogs being judged on their appearance. It was mainly just concealer to cover up the black eyes and all the rest of it. If you are doing these competitions you have to present yourself as well as the dog, so when you are presenting, you kind of need to be looking at your best. Now, the father-of-four has gone from a basic soap and water guy to a self-professed product king.Skin consistent care regime is a basically a wash and a cleanse, then a he will foaliant, face mask and then a moist relieser to follow-up up and toner.It is the hipster taking care of himself. The girls have been doing it for a long time it's about time we did.Rob runs a men-hoenl grooming salon and says over the last few years the demand for man-scaping business has boomed.We've seen a rise in obviously things along the lines of spray tans and facials. It has been a big thing in the United States for a long time and we're seeing growing trends for pedestrian cures and manicures.I think it's the next step for guys in 2015.Your bloky type friends are going, really, you know, you have to?If they take it seriously, they'll realise that it's worthwhile. You look your best. You keep your wives happy.Now I've got the baby-smooth skin and it has made a difference to my own confidence of the skin and it has made a difference
to my own confidence of the (APPLAUSE) Steve?The only thing I don't like about coming on The Project is having to wear make-up.You guys wear it every night. How do you find itI find it really irritating, do you?I love it! (LAUGHTER) But you always take it off before you go out in been.Yes, and I can say of Hughesy, he is the opposite, he would wear his out. ? Well,if you feel better in it, why not?Men have worn make-up in history, though. It's happened before.David Bowie. He is one.No! I kind of meant there were cultures where it happened.It is a natural progression from aftershave and all those thingsDo you think it is, though? Because in our culture, anyway, I feel like it's a threshold. Like, you are crossing...You are making that up. You would not put on make-up to go out.I'm going to surprise you next time we go out!Well, a man that rocks some killer eyeliner, Adam Lambert, is coming up next so stay with us.Coming up: Are you worried about something you've seen or heard? The Project is here to break the stories that matter and we can't do that without you. Send an email to our email address and help

You're watching The Project.Our next guest has one of the finest voices in popular music.Adam Lambert first found fame on American idol, coming in second place crosswind Kris Allen. Don't worry, I haven't heard of him, either. Moving on! # What do you want from me?Since then, The Glambert has had a string of hits, carving out a dedicated following with his distinct style and unapologetic glamour. # If I had you, life would be a party...And if that wasn't enough, recent years have seen The Glambert fronting Queen, taking on some of the most famous songs in the world and the vocals of the legendary Freddie Mercury. # So you think you can stop me and spit in my eye...Back in the driver's seat, Adam's latest album is called The Original High and it's a Bangor. -- banger. # I've got a voice in my head that keeps singing...Please welcome Adam Lambert. (APPLAUSE AND CHEERING)

Well!Is that the first time that your song has been reviewed as a banger?!I like it! It is a banger! On that theme, our first question tonight comes from you.How ya garn! How ya garn!So, how ya garn?!I'm going well, yeah! Yeah. Where am I going is actually the new question.I'm glad you can sing because your Aussie accent is crap. It's my favourite phrase here in Australia. How ya garn!Heading back to your banger, it is aing contraing song. I have to say it is my cleaning song at the moment. Bids work.Yeah, it gets me in the mood.Is that what you want?If it can get you through money taken -- mundane things. Great.People will be vacuuming to this across the world.Or going to the gym, a good beat makes the work go by.You worked with Max Martin on it? How did that influence the sound?The Swedish production team up there, they were amazing. I don't know if there's something in the water but they know how to make a great song that pulls the listener in, something that sounds great on the radio. Thisser' amazing. Really amazing -- they're amazing. Really amazing.I could listen to it all day.A cracking banger song, is it? What does a banger mean?Like an awesome track.The new phrase I have been hearing thrown around for a pop track is a bop. All the media are calling it, "This is a bookshop".I will be sure to use that next time.You are known for your style, you look fantastic, congratulations.So do you!Let's not turn this into a flirt-fest! Maybe it he is at make-up, Pete. What do you think of that?I was listening to that story and it cracked me up. All the movie stars you adore on the red carpet are wearing make-up, you guys wear make-up.Is there any make-up you wouldn't wear?Lipstick?I think I've worn all of it - actually at one time! I think I've kind of calmed down on the look a little bit. I haven't been wearing the smoky eyes lately. I kind of got over it.Toned it down?A little bit.Speaking of style, this man next to me is the world's biggest Queen... Fan! Sorry! I had to finish that sentence!That was a good pause!Have you got a super nerdy question?They've given me permission to ask you one nerdy Queen questionI'm not good at the trivia but go ahead, I'm ready. What Brian May's phone number?! -- what is Brian May's phone number?! I'll check my phone later and let you know.Will you really?!How about this, we can send him a message together.That would be the most amazing thing in the world. You can't be joking, that would be cruel.I don't think he would like it if I gave you the number, but we can text him together. (LAUGHTER) You don't understand, like, my guitar is a replica of his guitar. The red special?What do you want to text him?I don't know, I have to think about this!We have a lot of big fans here in the audience. You are coming to tour next year? Can you give us an idea of how that's going to go?I'm coming in January. Definitely Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide - I may add some more dates, depending on what goes down and it will feature a lot of the music from the new album, The Original High, and definitely some old favourites and covers.So you came all the way to Australia to tell us you are coming back in January!That's it, goodbye!If you've got some cleaning to do, put it on now! The album is The Original High. And if you want to go see Adam in January, go to our website.That's the show. Please thank Steve Price!Next is The Great Australian Spelling Bee. See you tomorrow, goodnight. By Ericsson

ANNOUNCER: Spelling...

I-C-S. Hieroglyphics. ..something that we all do daily.

D-E-S-T-I-N-Y. Destiny.

But whilst most of us
take it for granted...

I-O-N. Intuition. ..for others, it's a passion.

BOY: Spelling is a huge challenge,
and I love challenges.

BOY 2: It makes me feel like
I've achieved something massive.

We've scoured the country
to find spelling's elite.

How did I make it this far? Thousands applied and, tonight,

we're looking for the top 26
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I am pumped!
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So, what does it take to become

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Keep spelling! Keep spelling!
Keep spelling!


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Over the next six weeks,

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GRANT: Have you ever seen anything
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How could this happen?
Am I dreaming?

How awesome is that?

And watch them succeed.



That is correct.


D-E-C-I-D-E-R. Decider.

Time is up.
What a finish!

But to get there...

Pressure is really on now.

..they'll face the biggest
challenges of their lives.



She's not sure.

This is more difficult
than I thought.

Oh, no!

E-Y. Osprey.

That is...


We'll be with them
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That was amazing.

I want to make my parents proud
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Yes! I did it! become a true champion.

This is not The Great
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It's The Great Australian
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Little kids...


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This is The Great Australian
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BOY: I can't wait to spell.

I am just so happy that I'm here.
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GIRL: This is so exciting!

I am ready to spell and I am ready
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Welcome to
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We searched all over Australia to
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Now, you are all aged
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That's right, isn't it?
ALL: Yeah.

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