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This Program Is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Who will be the next Speaker? Uncertainty swirls around Parliament House over a replacement for Bronwyn Bishop. NSW firefighters say the Blue Mountains blaze still days away from being contained. Leaked blood test data suggests up to a third of Olympic and world championship endurance medals were won by doped athletes. And schools and roads in Hobart close with snow falling at sea level for the first time in a decade. Hello, James McHale with ABC News early edition. The search is on for a new Speaker of the Federal Parliament following Bronwyn Bishop's resignation and a handful of contenders has emerged. Whoever gets the job, Labor is demanding the new Speaker strike a less partisan tone than Mrs Bishop. From Canberra, Eliza Borello reports. The Prime Minister wants respect. Losing his I
Speaker is the first step.And I think Bronwyn standing down today, Bronwyn's resignation today will help to restore public respect. It's widely agreed the Speaker sets the tone for the House and the race is on to find Parliament's next conductor.The Minister has the call. Liberal and National MPs Philip
view the father of the House Philip Ruddock as an early front runner. He says he'd do the job if his colleagues want him to. South Australian Liberal Andrew Southcott is Russell
interested, as is Victorian Russell Broadbent. Fellow Victorian Sharman Stone has also been suggested.I'd have to think very, very seriously about it and I actually do think it shouldn't be a matter of the job being offered, it should be a matter of the partyroom voting. With the Liberals trying to address the gender balance in their senior ranks there's already talk of Mrs Bishop being succeeded by another woman.It's important that it's someone who's strong and someone who has experience with the Parliament obviously. It'd be great if it was a woman. Labor argues Parliament needs a more independent Speaker.Mrs Bishop was perhaps the most partisan party political Speaker that the Federation Parliament has ever seen. There'd be a lot of members who would do the job very well, but that I assume will be a matter for the partyroom in due course. Many in the partyroom were unhappy from the start with the way Bronwyn Bishop was presented to them as a captain's pick for the speakership. Second time around they want a say in choosing her replacement. One way or another, that should happen by this time next week. The Prime Minister has rejected a proposal from powerful leaders on a way forward to Indigenous recognition in the Constitution. The news was announced at a key panel in the Garma Festival in Arnhem Land today. Sally Brooks reports from the Garma site about 800 kilometres east of Darwin. The journey to constitutional recognition was compared to the challenges of a space mission.And we got some major work in front of us to land this thing back on earth. Noel Pearson along with Professor Patrick Dodson had penned a request to Tony Abbott. Mr Abbott wrote back saying their proposed efforts to build at the
Indigenous consensus would run at the same time as consultations with the wider community.While it is vital that we do acknowledge and recognise Indigenous people in the Constitution, ultimately our Constitution has to belong to every Australian. It is about round about now that we needed clear leadership on recognition and we don't yet have it. The risk of a failed referendum is said to be even higher now, as complexity and confusion threaten to derail the process.You will recognise yourselves when you recognise the original peoples of this country. The crowd was told constitutional recognition needs to be not just symbolic, but substantial.Words in a Constitution are not symbolic, they have a whole lot of legal ramifications when lawyers get hold of them, let me tell you that and they're not symbolic then. On the final day of the Garma Festival here in the Top End the Adam Goodes booing controversy continued to be a factor for the panel considering whether the Indigenous
country's ready to recognise Indigenous Australians in the Constitution.He is not going to provide leadership when the AFL thugs who attacked Adam Goodes can stir up so much hatred in the community so quickly. The father of reconciliation says it's time for change.This is about fixing up a 200-year-old problem, where we've been the playthings of governments. Do you want Aboriginal cultures to survive, or do you not want Aboriginal cultures to survive? A historical question for Australia to answer. Residents in the Blue Mountains west of Sydney are being warned to stay alert as authorities predict it could still be days before a large bushfire is contained. About 200 firefighters and three water bombing helicopters are working to contain the bushfire which has caused minor damage to one home. Reporter Adrian Raschella has more.Right now the water bombing is continuing. As you say, there are three water bombing helicopters here working all day to drop water over the flames. Over the ridge behind me down the valley there. As you can probably see, this is how far up the flames have come. There are about 200 firefighters also working to contain this blaze. They had been hoping to do some back-burning this afternoon, but it's still a bit too windy for that. The winds have been this
gusting at about 65 kilometres this afternoon off and on with the winds predicted to be around 55 and then tapering off to about 30 later on this afternoon and calming down into the evening. But right now also it's very chilly up here. It's 5 degrees, but the wind chill actually has the apparent temperature at minus 4 degrees up here in the Blue Mountains. So it's quite a strange situation where it's feeling freezing cold with a bushfire burning behind me. But there are about 25 homes around here, some people have evacuated, others have stayed put. There was one home that had a bit of damage yesterday when the roof was damaged from some fire, but other than that so far no homes are under threat. The RFS is saying to people around here, look, keep an eye on the situation, but no homes under immediate threat and they're just hoping that the winds will lay off as the afternoon goes on. The speculation is that it may have been deliberately lit. There are camp sites all the way down the bottom of Wentworth Falls that are regularly visited by people and there are make-shift caves down there, as well. Fire authorities are investigating whether it was deliberately lit. Of course on Friday afternoon-evening when this fire started there were no lightning strikes, it was very cold so the chances of it starting naturally were slim to none. Of two decades, quad bikes have emerged as a mechanical work horse for Australian farms, but they are as deadly as they are useful. After a 2-year investigation Queensland's deputy State coroner has recommended sweeping changes to regulations regarding quad bikes including laws for helmets, licences and restricting children's use. John Taylor reports. Quad bikes are the leading cause of death on Queensland's farms and the two biggest groups that die are children aged between 10 and 19 and adults over 50. Queensland's State of the States Report coroner has conducted an investigation into nine deaths on quad bikes in and
Queensland concerning adults at
and children and he also looked at how to improve safety into the future. Now the coroner noted that for more than 20 years the discussion about safety in quad bike use has centred upon awareness, training and education, but today the coroner in handing down his findings said that the time has come for a more regulatory and mandatory framework to be introduced. Now he made 15 recommendations and they covered everything from training to even how police investigate quad bike fatalities. But the big recommendations include a training and licensing scheme for all quad bike users, laws demanding and requiring helmets and also restrictions and in certain circumstances, bans on children riding or travelling on quad bikes. Now these are recommendations albeit driven by two years of investigation, but there have been other investigations in the past and at the moment the NSW State deputy coroner is also fatalities.
investigating quad bike fatalities. But in the end, real change will be up to politicians, industry leaders and safety authorities. In WA, a woman has died from gunshot wounds in a suspected murder in the woman
west Perth. Authorities say with
the woman in her 30s was found with wounds in a block of units in Mayfair Street early this Royal Perth
morning. She was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital, but later died from her injuries. Police say two men who were supposedly known to the victim have been arrested. The street has been cordoned off as police continue to investigate the shooting. Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce says there is still momentum to finalise a deal on a Pacific free trade agreement. Delegates failed to finalise negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership during talks in Hawaii last week. Australia's Trade Minister Andrew Robb says sugar and dairy remain the key sticking points for Australia. Mr Robb said 98% of negotiations have concluded, but blamed the big four economies in the group - the United States, Canada, Japan and Mexico - for their failure to reach a deal. No date has been set for the next round of talks. While much of the rise
country has welcomed an early rise in temperatures, Tasmanians have shivered through one of the coldest nights this winter. Many parts of the State have recorded snowfalls down to sea level for the first time in years providing an opportunity for some fun among big and little kids alike. Kieran Jones joined them. On a day like today with plenty of snow you don't have to look far for a good-looking snowman around Hobart. Conditions are wintery to say the least. It's been about 10 years since this much snow fell in the city and almost 30 years since snow fell and settled in the CBD itself. That being said, it hasn't been a bad thing necessarily. Plenty of people have been out and about and experiencing what's on offer in the city. Have you got a couple of nice happy snaps this morning? Heaps. The snowman, the sun coming up on the mountain, the snow all over our vegies. It's great. My poor vegies, I think they were snap frozen this morning. My lettuce and coriander, but hey, it's so beautiful, so beautiful, so we're very happy.It's lovely. It's probably only the second or third time I've seen snow in my life. It's new for me. I've got about 17 layers on me. It's quite cold, but I love it. But amongst all of that excitement, there have been a few disruptions. As you can see behind me the Southern Outlet one of Hobart's main roads has now reopened, but it did spend much of the morning closed along with a number of other roads throughout the State. Schools also had to close down today meaning quite a few kids had the day off and they spent more time fending off snowballs rather than hitting the books. Indian
Air safety authorities in the Indian Ocean are being asked to help search for more potential parts of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370. Investigators are preparing to inspect a wing component known as a flaperon found on Reunion Island last week. The Malaysian Transport Minister says the formal identification process will happen on Wednesday. A second piece of has
metal found over the weekend has reportedly been discounted and is apparently part of a ladder not a plane. A Russian military helicopter has crashed at an air show east of Moscow killing one of its pilots. The attack helicopter had just finished a manoeuvre with three others when its fail rotor failed. It spun out of control and crashed to the ground. As fire crews rushed to the site one of the pilots can be seen at the side of the fiery wreck. The air show was abandoned after the accident. A lasting memorial has been dedicated to Bert Hinkler on the spot where the famous Australian aviator crashed in the alps 80 years ago. He spent many records including being the first man to fly solo from London to Australia, but he died a lonely death when his plane crashed on the mountain in Tuscany in January, 1933. His body was the exact
not found for four months and the exact location was forgotten.It's a mixture of emotions, isn't it? But I'm proud to be here, but I'm saddened as well. Stone for Hinkler's
the monument came from Hinkler's home town of Bundaberg and an 8 kilometre walking track has been named in teenager
his honour. An Israeli teenager stabbed during a gay pride parade in Jerusalem on Thursday has died. A candle lit vigil was held at Jerusalem's main square shortly after news of the death of the 16-year-old high school student. Friends and school mates also gathered at the high school.The gay community ins real and Jerusalem is painful and it's harmed and it was stabbed so hard that I don't know how we will get up from this, but we have to keep fighting. The suspect was arrested at the scene and has been remanded in custody to face a murder charge. British entertainer Cilla Black has died at her home in Spain. She was 72. Born Priscilla White in Liverpool she found name in the 1960s establishing herself as a pop singer along side the (Sings) #
Beatles. (Sings) # Baby, everything is alright... # Cilla Black, one of the undisputed stars of the 1960s pop scene. 20 consecutive top 40 hits including two No.1s. (Sings) # Anyone who ever dreamed could look at me # And know I dream of you... # A successful career by any standards. The watchful twinkling eye of Ms Cilla Black. But Cilla wasn't content with just one career.I think you're having me on, come on. Two decades later she was winning over a new generation of fans as a successful television presenter. Notably on 'Blind Date'.What do you look for in your ideal woman? Somebody to settle down with, well-groomed, attractive, but if it's a wild fling, someone like yourself. Away from the screen, Cilla was a family woman devoted to Bobby Willis her husband and manager. They had three sons together. In 1997 her contribution to entertainment was recognised, with the OBE. Today, her fellow entertainers have been lining up to pay tribute.It is such a shock. She was just a kid then and in a way, she age
still is a kid to me. 72 is no age to leave us all. So many people are going to be so upset. She had such a following. Everybody loved her with all the shows she did. She had that common touch, they call it, a common touch. On Twitter Dawn French said:

Described as a national treasure, Cilla Black will be remembered as being one of the most watched women on British television. Police are looking for two men who stole an echidna from a wildlife sanctuary on the Gold Coast. Concerns are held for the welfare of 4-year-old Piggie who had just woken from hibernation. CCTV shows one of the men entering the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary's echidna enclosure. First he tries unsuccessfully to snatch Piggie, then targets two other echidnas, but they also prove Piggie
too prickly, so he returns to Piggie and can be seen shaking her from a log. It took 25 minutes, but the female echidna was scooped up and taken. Handlers only realised when the mammal didn't emerge for a meal.Absolutely devastated. Just can't understand why people would do that. The theft has baffled wildlife staff and police, who say there's no black market for short-beaked echidnas. Echidnas are stinky, smelly, spiky, difficult animals to look after. Piggie is one of 20 echidnas at the sanctuary. Her theft coincides with the beginning of the breeding season.She's been in hibernation for the last couple of weeks. She's literally woken up a couple of days ago. She hasn't eaten for two weeks now. Piggie was the first captive bred echidna born at the sanctuary and the concern is if released into the wild she won't survive not having required the foraging skills or the nous to avoid cars or dogs. One of the men has a distngtive diamond-shaped tattoo on his arm.Be brave, man up, admit you've done something silly and find a way to get Piggie back to us. Police seek public assistance to locate the man and the echidna. economy
Worries about the Chinese economy and lower commodity prices have dragged on the sharemarket with energy and mining stocks among the biggest losers.

Clint Thomas joins me for a look at sport. The world of athletics has been rocked by claims of extraordinary doping? That's right. The decade.
accusations last more than a decade. Two Australian anti-doping experts say leaked data indicates a third of medals in endurance events at Olympics and world championships were won by athletes with suspect blood test results, as Europe correspondent Mary Gearin reports, they've slammed authorities for seemingly doing nothing about the results. Athletics has been battling cheating and the perception of cheating for many years. Now, these claims have cast a shadow more widely than ever before. A database of secret blood test results from 5,000 athletes leaked to the UK 'Sunday Times' and a German broadcaster analysed by two Australian experts.Some results were extremity.
simply grotesque in their extremity. They were quite easily the worst I've ever seen. Over a decade in the most high-profile athletics events 146 medals were won by athletes who'd produced spirtion tests. Of these 55 golds none taken away by authorities who would have known of the blood test results. 800 athletes produced tests highly suggestive of doping or at least abnormal.We are concerned at these allegations, and we will refer them promptly to the independent commission. None of the data proves cheating, but it does raise red flags and the question, what authorities did if anything with the results? Abnormal results among Australian athletes were found in 3% of cases, compared to Russia where 30% of results were doubtful. Russia and the list
Kenya are alleged to head up the list of suspicious tests, but officials in both countries say it's a smear campaign and the sport's governing body is defending its record.The IAAF position, it's my position always zero tolerance for doping. We must protect the clean athletes. With the next show case events the world championships just three weeks away, athletics will be scrambling to cast off this latest shadow. AFL now, and it looks like Adam Goodes is a chance to return this week? It's been confirmed he'll train tomorrow with the Swans after spending a week away from the Swans and the AFL. The 35-year-old took personal leave after persistent booing from opposition supporters. That behaviour ignited debate around the country about whether the abuse was racially motivated. The dual Brownlow Medallist has received strong support from fellow players, coaches and fans who have called for racial vilification to stop. Swimming, and success in the pool at the world championships? A big performance from our women's team the 4 x 100m relay team won gold in Russia. The swimmers set a championship record on their way to claiming the title for the first time since 2007. It's the only prize that's alluded the Seebohm
Australian women. Emily Seebohm looked to rectify that with a strong first leg. Emma McCann only improved things. While Bronte Campbell almost broke the world record for a relay split.COMMENTATOR: Bronte Campbell looking superrelaxed. An excellent swim. Her sister Cate Campbell saw clear water on her way to claiming gold for Australia. They've got the set, they're the world champions as well. Australia win gold. We're rapt to be back on top of the world. There's no other feeling like standing on top of the podium singing the national anthem with three other girls as tone deaf as you are. A different result for the men, a long-time power in the event the Australians finished fifth in their heat and failed to qualify for the final. Olympic silver medallist Christian Sprenger will reassess his future after finishing 28th overall and well outside his best time in the 100m breaststroke.Feels very different how it did a couple of years ago, so I've got a lot of thinking to do and how I'm going to attack next season. Further mixed results for Australia, Jessica Ashwood won bronze in the women's 400m freestyle, while Mack Horton and David McKeon both failed to qualify for the final of the men's events. Some of horse racing's biggest names will be allowed to compete in the Spring Carnival? They will, but winnings will be confiscated. Five trainers face charges after evaluated levels of the substance cobalt were detected in their horses. Terry Bailey says only group race wins will be affected with the trainers allowed to keep prizes for minor race wins. Peter Moody Mark Cavanagh and Danny O'Brien will compete in the Spring Racing Carnival, but won't be able to keep hold of winnings in group or listed racings. Essentially these are more elite races, so in the Melbourne Cup or cox's plate, they won't be able to keep those winnings. They can do so at smaller races such as those seen in the country at Mildura Racing
today. In making its decision, strike
Racing Victoria says it had to strike a balance. On the one hand it doesn't want tainted trainers winning big races and it will
big money, because it believes it will hurt the image of racing in Victoria. It has to consider they are serious allegations and it believes it has a strong case against the side,
three trainers. On the other side, it has to consider the dire consequences for these trainers if it was handed down a full spntion. Last week, trainer Peter Moody spoke of how he has 70 staff and 360 horses in his operation. He says he'd have to sack those staff if the full suspension came in place and he would be left in financial ruin. Racing Victoria also has to consider that all three trainers say they will fight the allegations. Here is some of what chief steward Terry Bayley said in describing the decision today.Been in the industry all my life. It is disappointing to be sitting here today, but at the end of the day we identified an issue of cobalt first
some time ago. We were the first to put in a threshold in Australia, which we've said all along is a generous one and we believe we've done everything in our power to be on the front foot to fight a battle that's common in most sport. Racing Victoria says if Peter Moody, Mark Cavanagh and Danny O'Brien want to appeal the decision they have until Thursday to notify officials. Clint Wheeldon back in the chair on Friday. Time to check in with The Drum . With Bronwyn Bishop's resignation, attention has turned to who will relays her? That's right, James. A couple of names bandied about this afternoon. The father of the House Philip Ruddock has said he would be potentially interested in the job. Russell Broadbent, another Government backbencher whose name is bandied about today. Possibly Sharman Stone, there's a bit of debate as to how independent Should
the new Speaker should be. than Bronwyn
Should they be less partisan than Bronwyn Bishop was? Certainly those on the Labor side say that should be the case. We look at the hopes for root and branch reform of the entitlement system. Do politicians really want entitlements taken away or tightened up?Also you'll discuss the state of the media?Yes, the war on journalism, it's the title of a new book by Andrew Fowler. We'll talk about the extent to which journalists and media organisations may have been complicit in the decline of particularly newspapers. Maybe not to say they're the architects of their own demise, but could they have done things differently, what can they do in the future to make sure we have a solid news media into the future? That's coming up. Here's the national weather with Graham Creed. Another cold day across the south-eastern centres tomorrow. Not as cold as it has been today, but another front will move up as we move into Tuesday widespread
evening. Showers becoming more widespread and snow levels dropping once again across Tasmania. A ridge of high of
pressure extends through much of the remainder of the country. That's going to keep most areas clear, dry and generally sunny.

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This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Hello welcome to The Drum, I'm John Barron. Coming up - the PM under pressure not to make Speaker
another captain's pick for Speaker after the resignation of Bronwyn Bishop. The super industry wants to debaunk the myth that we'll all need a million dollars to retire on. And the war on journalism, is the news media its own worst enemy? THEME MUSIC And joining us on a journos'