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One question in Canberra today - who will be Speaker following the resignation of the embattled Bronwyn Bishop? This Program is Captioned Live by CSI Australia Authorities fear winter fires in the Blue Mountains are a worrying sign for the coming summer.Snowfalls across Hobart closing schools and causing problems for morning commuters.Good afternoon, you're watching ABC News. I'm Ros Childs. Also ahead on the program - legendary UK pop singer Cilla Black dies at her home in Spain aged 72.And the World Anti-Doping Agency warns that the new doping crisis will shake the foundation of athletics.The search is on for a new Speaker of the Federal Parliament after Bronwyn Bishop's resignation. A small handful of contenders appears to be emerging for Tony Abbott or his partyroom to choose from. Whoever gets the job, Labor is demanding the new Speaker strike a less partisan tone than Mrs Bishop. From Canberra, Eliza Borrello reports.The PM wants respect, losing his Speaker is the first step.And I think Bronwyn standing down today, Bronwyn's resignation today will help to restore public respect.It is widely agreed the Speaker sets the tone for the House and the race is on to find Parliament's next conductor.The Minister has the call.Liberal and National MPs view the fatherer of the House Philip Ruddock as an early frontrunner. He says he would do the job if his colleagues want him to. Deputy speaker Bruce Scott may also emerge ago a contender. Russell Broadbent is interested. Fellow Victorian Sharman Stone is also interested.I would have to think very, very seriously of it, and I think it should be a matter of the partyroom voting.There is already talk of Mrs Bishop being succeeded by another woman.It's important that it's someone who is strong and someone who has some experience with the Parliament obviously.It would be great if it was a woman.Labor argues Parliament needs a more Independent speaker.Mrs Bishop was perhaps the most partisan party political Speaker that the Federation Parliament has ever seen. There would be a lot of members who would do the job very well. So, - but that, I assume, will be a matter for the partyroom in due course.Many in the partyroom were unhappy from the start with the way Bronwyn Bishop was presented to them as a captain's pick for the Speakership. Second time around, they want a say in choosing her replacement. One way or another, that should happen by this time next week. Firefighters are continuing to battle a blaze in the Blue Mountains seft of Sydney. Winds morning and
have picked up during the morning and the cause of the fire is being treated as suspicious. Here is reporter Rachel Pupazzoni. Rachel, where exactly are you and what's the situation there?Ros, I'm at the home of Albie Davis, one of the residents here on Coronation Road who was told to leave their house at about 6 o'clock last night when the flames licked up this valley here.You can see behind me they've come all the way up this ridge here.They've come within about 2m of Mr Davis' home here when fire crews were finally able to get the upper hand last night.At that point, the fire was at an emergency level, threatening this home and other nearby homes.Interestingly, it didn't take too long before the fire was brought under control and has been at an advice level since about 9:30 last night.Now, the mayor came out this morning to speak-to-local residents and inspect the damage and he made the point of saying that it's very unusual to have such a fire in the middle of winter.Two weeks ago, there was snow on the ground here, and now we've seen a situation where residents have been told to leave.Here is what some of the mayor said this morning. Two weeks ago almost to the day we had snow on the ground where we are, and now we've got a major bushfire event that has been under way now for some days, so it certainly is a concern. I guess it is a message that we've got a summer ahead which requires a. But these residents around us know what to do.Rachel, the home owner there had a lucky escape last night, it seems. It must be an extremely nervous time for locals?It has been, and as I mentioned, so unusual to have fire so close to homes at this time of the year.You can probably see the smoke behind me.Embers are still burning, still spot fires around.We spoke to another resident who left her home last night, too, and she spent the morning thanking firefighters who helped save her property. Very relieved, but I was very confident because of the guys here. I mean, we couldn't have been in better hands. They had units in every driveway along here, there were firemen everywhere. I left here thinking that they were just doing a marvellous job and I was probably still better off out of here.Rachel, is it deliberately
thought this fire was deliberately lit?That's right.Fire authorities think that this fire, which started at about Friday night, probably started in a campground down the ledge behind me.It is a popular camping area.People are obviously cold and starting fires to cook food or even keep warm, and the theory is that perhaps one of those fires has gotten out of control.The investigation is still ongoing, still trying to determine that, but the main priority at the moment is to contain this fire and they're working to contain that on the north and eastern sides of where we are and they think it will take a couple of days to get on top of that.Thanks, Rachel.A Perth woman has died from gunshot wounds in a suspected homicide. Authorities say the woman in her 30s was found with wounds in a block of units early this morning. She was rushed to Royal Perth Hospital, but later died from her injuries.Police say two men who were supposedly known to the victim had been arrested and the investigation is continuing.International passengers are facing lengthy delays around the country as airport workers walk off the job. Customs and quarantine officers have stopped work for 4 hours to protest against Federal Government cuts to pay and conditions. Reporter James Fetis has the details.The Commonwealth and Public Sector Union has ordered about 8,000 of its workers here at Melbourne Airport and across the country off the Jo be for 4 hours this morning and 4 hours workers
later tonight. That includes workers of the Department of Agriculture and biosecurity, Customs, imgraks and other border force staff. The action arises from a month-long of enterprise bargaining.We are seeking to maintain pay and conditions for the workers who do this work.What the Government's policy particularly for border force workers is to reduce their pay by about $140 pt a week.The Australian boarder Force has been warning customers that delays are likely, but at this stage it's unclear exactly how Travellers have
wide sprod those delays are. Travellers have been told to arrive at the airport early, in line with the airline's normal instructions and proceed straight to Customs.Air safety authorities in the Indian Ocean are being asked to help search for more possible plane debris after a wing component potentially from missing Flight MH370 was discovered last week. A second piece of debris found on reun yompb Island over the weekend has reportedly been no the
discounted as part of a ladder, no the a plane.On the shores of this tiny French island, just north of where part of a plane wing was found last week, there were raised hopes.Betty spot
was cycling by and shows me the spot where it all happened. TRANSLATION: She told me two people directed the police here where they examined an object. Forensic and police men
photographers among them.The a
men in blue uniforms left with a small box.But the Malaysian authorities soon ended the speculation, not evidence of a missing plane, but a chunk of ladder.Any sightings are being treated seriously here by the authorities, but there is a very real danger of raising false hopes. The forensic tests on the piece of plane wing discovered here just last week haven't even begun.Meanwhile, church services have been held to remember strangers an ocean away.A candle for each of the 239 people who never made it home.And prayers that debris wacialed up on these shores could help end an agonising wait. revive
TRANSLATION: The debris will revive once again the pain of these families and remind them this are - they are still in mourning, they have no closure.But there is now a flicker of hope that the one piece of evidence with investigators in France may shed some light on one of the biggest aviation mysteries of our time.A big Russian military helicopter has crashed at an air show east of Moscow, killing one of its pilots. The attack helicopter had just finished a manoeuvre with three others when its tail rotor failed. It spun out of control and crashed to the ground. Fire crews rushed to the site. One of the pilots could be seen at the side of the fiery wreck. The air show was abandoned after the accident.An Israeli teenager who was stabbed during a gay pride parade in Jerusalem on Thursday has died. A candlelit vigil was held at Jerusalem's main square shortly after the news of the death of 16-year-old high school student Shira Banki. Her friends and school mates also gathered at her high school.The gay community in Jerusalem and Israel is painful and it's harmed and it was stabbed so hard that I don't know how we will get up from this, but we have to keep fighting.The suspect was arrested at the scene and has been remanded in custody to face a murder charge.Thousands of firefighters are battling raging bushfires in drought-parched California. Dozens of blazes are burning in the northern part of the US State. A firefighter has been killed and hundreds of people have been forced to evacuate their homes. The conditions created by years of drought are allowing the fires to spread quickly. Thousands of hectares of land are being burnt out in just a few hours.It's the fourth and the final day of the annual Garma Festival in East Arnhem Land. Garma is a discussion platform for cultural and economic challenges facing Aboriginal people. One of the key issues has been constitutional recognition. Here is reporter Sally Brooks. Sally, what's the latest from there?Ros, this morning in this key panel on constitutional reform, we heard that the PM Tony Abbott has rejected a proposal by a group of powerful Indigenous leaders.Now, that was a proposal sent by Professor Patrick Dodson, along with Noel Pearson requesting Tony Abbott back a series of Indigenous consultations to really build Indigenous consensus on what constitutional reform should look like. Now, Noel Pearson is speaking today. He said that he is disa pointed.He said there is still a real lack of leadership on this issue.This is a bit of what he had to say. Severe discounting of the possibility that Indigenous Australia might come together on a position. I think we are burdened with a history of assumption that our mob can never unite.And Sally, this festival has coincided with the nationwide debate over the treatment of Adam Goodes and there has been a strong reaction there?Yes, that's right.Debate on this booing controversy has really dominated a lot of the political discussions here at the Garma Festival.Today we heard for the first time speaking Marcia Langton, a prominent academic with the University of Melbourne. Marcia was talking about what points need to be put to the Australian public on constitutional reform.She said Australians really need to recognise that Indigenous people are the First Australians.She also said the power of Federal Parliament to be racist has to be removed.She then moved onto the Adam Goodes booing controversy saying that Tony Abbott's voters are not going to support him in this move towards constitutional recognition while there is hatred being stirred up in sport.Here is a little bit of what Marcia Langton had to say. He is not going to provide leadership when the AFL thugs, especially those from the West Coast Eagles and the AFL commentators who attacked Adam Goodes can stir up so much hatred in the community so quickly.So, the PM has repeatedly said that he is passionate about doing the right thing by Aboriginal people, but this morning at the Garma Festival, we heard the journey to constitutional reform compared to the challenges of a space mission, so there is really a long way to travel in this debate. Ros.Thanks, Sally.Stay with us, we'll take a look at the markets next, and coming up in sport, a comeback win by South Sydney keeps the defending premiers in the top 4 of the NRL ladder. In the past week, China's stock markets have posted their biggest monthly loss in more than 6 years. The Government fears there will be un rest of the tens of millions of investors who have borrowed to gamble on a rising market lose their savings.Plato got his nickname when he was a student in Manchester, but he is not feeling like the philosopher king today. His finance degree helped him get a management job at a Beijing hospital, but it didn't help him to wis done when it came to the Chinese stock market.He has just sold half his stocks.Around the crash means he only got only half of what they cost him.China's stock market is dominated by individual investors.Those with the time gather here to pick up rumours and place their bets on what the government might do next.For more than a year, this was a fun day out. The market only went up, and everyone went home rich.Not good
anymore.Red is the colour of good fortune in China, and this restaurant is branding its dishes lucky for stock market investors.Plato doesn't believe in luck. He believes and
markets need good information and good regulation.But he says in China the market is rigged in favour of government.He wishes he had listened to those who had warned him to get out.I'm afraid to tell my family that I lose a lot of money, and I feel like that I need to jump out of the window, but I didn't take that action because I am still expecting the government to save the market.So, they cheated us.Never trust the government.The anger of ordinary investors is concentrating minds in the financial district. The Central Bank and the regulators have been propping up stock prices for three whole weeks.And when they signaled they might stop, panic set in.The Chinese Government turned on the taps again. They've -If stock prices can't stay up of their own accord, Beijing is determined to help them up with a big blow of cash. But defying gravity is dangerous and investors are nervous about whether even their government can sustain has
it.Plato's stock market bubble has burst.And later he will have to break the bad news to his wife. They can't now afford a new apartment in an area with a good primary school.If his son ever becomes a stock investor, Plato says he will teach him wisdom. Always buy for the long term and always go in the opposite direction from the herd.Staying with finance, here is reporter David Taylor with the latest from the markets. There seems to be no stopping the Sydney and does
Melbourne housing markets.What does the latest figures show?Investors are looking for house prices to keep rise and they are which is great, but for first home buyers it isn't so great because house prices continue
in is I hadny and Melbourne continue to keep rising. A lot of that has to do with low interest rates of courseSydney prices up by 3.3% in the month.Adelaide completely different, values falling 1.1%; so clearly a big disparity between Sydney and Melbourne house prices and house prices in other capital cities frltBut low rental yields according to RP Data., causing a bit of a squeeze but what it tells us is that there is speculation in the market and a lot of the house price rises are driven by investors.And the performance of Australia's manufacturing sector seems to have improved recently. Tell us more?Finally, very important for the economy, too, transitioning away from the mining sector recovery to a more broader recovery. Good to see the manufacturing sector picking up a little bit. Up 050.4. A reading above 50 indicates expansion, so that's good news there. What's interesting, Ros, is that the mining related manufacturing sector isn't doing so well, but the household manufacturing sector saw the manufacturing activity reelgted to food, beverage and leverage to the household sector doing well, so a sign that perhaps the economic transition is working but we still need more signs of growth there.How is the market looking?Not so great to start the week.Didn't get such great leads from the offshore market, but when we woke up this morning the market is in the red led by mining stocks.To the figures:Mining and energy companies are among the worst performing stocks.

The world of athletics has been rocked by claims that may indicate an extraordinary level of cheating for more than a decade leading up to the London Olympics. Two Australian anti-doping experts say leaked data suggest a third of medals in endurance events at Olympics and World Championships over a decade were won by athletes with suspect blood test results. As Europe report;
correspondent Mary Gearin report; they've slammed authorities for seemingly doing noing about the results. Athletics has been battling cheating and the perception of cheating for many years. Now these claims have cast a shadow more widely than ever before.A results
database of secret blood test results from 5,000 athletes leaked to the UK's 'Sunday Times' and a German broadcaster analysed by two Australian experts.Some results were simply grotesque in their extremity, they were quite easily the worst I've ever seen.Over a decade in the most high-profile athletics events, 146 medals were won by athletes who produced suspicious tests of these, 55 golds , none taken away by authority whose would have known of the blood test results. 800 athletes produced tests highly suggestive of doping or at least abnormal.We are concerned at these allegations, and we will refer them promptly to the ind pind Commission.None of the data proves cheating, but it does raise red flags, and the question what authorities did, if anything, with the results. Abnormal results among Australian athletes were found in 3% of cases, compared to Russia where 30% of results were doubtful.Russia and Kenya are alleged to hed up the list officials
of suspicious tests but it
officials in both countries say it is a smear campaign and the sports governing body is defending its record.The IFF position, my position always zero tolerance for doping.We must protect clean athletes.With the next showcase events, the World Championships, just three weeks away, athletics will be scrambling to cast off this latest shadow.Now for more sports news, here is 'Grandstand''s Shannon Byrne. Shannon, happier sports news I have to say. The Campbell sisters guide Australia to guide at the world Swimming Championships?Yes, overnight Australia has claimed their first gold at the Championships in Russia and all off the back of the Queensland sibling s.Great news by Bronte and Cate Campbell, joined by Emily McKeon and Emily Seebohm, to setny new record in the 4x100 medley team, just ahead of the Netherlands and US of America.Great news, too, the won gold
first time the two sisters have won gold together, so the superstars of the Campbells, quite Taioseaching to think they've won gold for the first time.They stood on the podium together two years ago in Barcelona winning silver, but this year winning gold together.They were our first gold medal for the Australian women's team.The men's didn't fire and didn't feature in any of the medals last night.The other medal went to Jessica Ashwood, winning bronze in the 400 freestyle. It was a test event for Rio and Australia's Adam Royal came 6th, he needed a top 10 finish, so he has booked a place for Rio next extended
year.And Fremantle has extended its lead at the top of the ladder in the AFL?Yes, a 21-point win at home.Despite the loss, it is only the fourth time that these two sides have met, but the other times of this' lost by 94 points, 113 points and 76 points, so to only lose by 21 points to the Fremantle
top of the ladder leaders Fremantle is a bit of a credit.This here will come under scrutiny, though, in terms of a hit that the Giants forward Jeremy Cameron copped as well from defender Jack Dawson, so I think there will be more out of that, but a 21-point win and Aaron Sandilands was outstanding in the ruck.South Sydney remains in the NRL's top 4. That's after a hard-fought win?Yes, certainly probably not the win that they wanted but their coach was extremely happy to walk away with the 2 points, despite is being probably ugly start to the game.In the first 20 minutes, they went down 12-0 to the Penrith Panthers who had 7 first-choice starters on the sideline, so a courageous effort by the Panthers, but the southside ran over the top of them and had a thrilling 20-16 win, and it was earlier in the day that we saw the St George-Illawarra Dragons also have a couple of momentum shifts in their win, but they had a hard fought win in the end because they were looking to end a 7-game losing streak, and they did that by defeating the Newcastle Knights who had new coach Danny Buderus in charge there.So, it was an interesting 46 points they put on, but it wasn't an easy win at all, but Souths, it was, yeah, again, two probably very different games.But the right results for them?The right results for them.And Australian surfer Sally Fitzgibbons has come runner-up in the US Open surfing title.She just lost to French woman Johan Defat. But Sally now sits third overall in the world ranks,.Tens of thousands of locals and visitors have turned out for today's running of the Darwin Cup. The horse race itself is the main drawcard, but growing in popularity is the fashions on the Field competition. With more from the Fannie Bay Racecourse, here is reporterle Jana Lawford. Let's start with the raise then. Who is favourite?The favourite of the race is Light in the NightWe've had a couple of things already happen this morning.Two horses have been scratched for the main event this afternoon, the Darwin Cup.Those two horses are Whistlestop and Flying Tormentor.They have been scratched due to health reasons.Whistlestop has an infection and Flying Torment tore has been advised by the vet not to race because he has a saw hoof. The two horses, Kamo and Storm Approach.How is shaping
the fashions on the Field shaping up?The fashion on the Field is stepping up in true Territory style. Fascinators made out of barramundi ski and a dress made wholly out of bottle tops.It seems the guys could make a little bit more of an effort looking at the picture behind you, but who is your tip in the race,le question
Jana?I've just missed that question there, but sos win
what'sWho are you backing to win the race?I think Light in I
the Night definitely.But, yes, I have spoken to some of the book keepers and they've said that they are actually expecting to bring in less money this year than other years because most of the Darwin Cup these days is about the atmosphere.So people are spending more money on their dresses, food and drinks, rather than the actual betting itself.We've just seen a baby being carried past you with a fascinator on. You should catch up and see what she has got to say, maybe. Thank you.A quick look at the national weather now then: Stay with us, coming up later in the program -...(Sings) # What's it all about # When you sort it out, Alfie... # From cabin clerk to cloak room girl, to '60s pop singer and TV star, the entertainment industry remembers Cilla Black. A reminder now of the top stories - there is speculation 'Dr Who' will become the next Speaker after Bronwyn Bishop bowed to pressure over her travel expenses and resigned after three weeks of controversy. Vet ral Liberal MP Philip Ruddock is viewed by for
colleagues as the front runner for the position. Deputy Speaker and Nationals MP Bruce Scott could also be a candidate.Firefighters are battling a blaze in the mou Mountains west of Sydney. The fire came close to homes and is believed to have been started deliberately.Meanwhile, thousands of Tasmanian students have had the day off school because of heavy snowfall. The weather bureau says snow has fallen to its lowest levels in the State's south in 2005. And Cilla Black has died in Spain at the age of 72. Born Priscilla White in Liverpool, she found fame in the 1960s, establishing herself as a pop singer alongside the Beatles.In 1980s, she became a popular TV celebrity with hit shows Blind Date and Surprise, Surprise.And the women's 4x100m relay team has won Australia's first gold medal at the World Championships in Russia. The team set a new championship record to claim victory from the Netherlands and the US.Well, more now on our top story shall, that's the scandal surrounding the Speaker which has dominated the political scene now for more than three weeks. Biographer David Less ser has followed Bronwyn Bishop's career, and he says controversy has dogged her throughout her political life.Bronwyn was really one of the first women in politics in this country to distinguish herself according to the qualities and characteristics that define most men in politics.I mean, Bronwyn never saw herself as a feminist.In fact, she resisted any sort of attempt or analysis of herself as having been aided by the advances of other women.She had go the there on her own.She was a libertarian also-ran figure, and she did ambition
show that ruthlessness and ambition and she was attacked for it.It was a boys' club and she would have stormed the citadels.US President Barack Obama will tonight unveil the final version of his plan to tackle greenhouse gases from coal-fired power plants. It is expected to kick off a tumultuous legal battle against US Federal environmental and
regulators by the coal industry and its political allies. The White House says the release of the clean power plan will be the starting gun for an all-out climate push by the President and his Cabinet.President Obama has also been using social media to get the message out.If you believe like I do that we can't condemn our kids and grandkids to a planet that is beyond fixing, then I'm asking you to share this message with your friends and communities
family.Push your own communities to adopt smarter, more sustainable practices.Remind everyone who represents you that protecting our world to leave for our children is a prerequisite to your vote.Join us, we can do this.It a's time for America and the world to act on climate change fnlThe revised power plan will soo ek to slash carbon emissions from America by 32% by 2030 from 2005 levels, a 9% increase over a previous proposal.Enhanced security measures are being introduced in the French port of Calais to ease the migrant crisis at the euro Tunnel freight terminal. They include more CCTV cameras and fencing.In recent days, hundreds of migrants have tried to break into the terminal in a desperate attempt to reach Britain.Midnight brings Calais's new rush hour, each ief with its own tragedy or hope on a nightly trek towards a single common goal.Their destination - this railway bridge, just metres from the Channel Tunnel entrance.Their first stop, the perimeter fence. It is demolished in minutes.The perimeter fence at the euro Tunnel site here already has barbed wire, already has 200 security personnel. Look at what's happening - 200, to 300 migrants just forcing their way in. The UK is where they want to go.Why did you want-to-England?Because I want to see my familyI want to see my sister, my brother, my familyFour years in all I never see my family.But this mass movement has momentum all its own. It's not long before the second fence is down.There is only one more to go.To their left, the tunnel entrance, to the right, the platforms where vehicles are load onto trains.At least nine migrants have died this summer already. Police arrive, but they're here to protect, not evict.The final barrier, razor wire, tackled with a blanket, but it doesn't offer much protection against pepper spray.

spray.A few hundred migrants against two national governments and one major company, but the odds are worth it, they say. " The police never catch us all." Now for our regular Monday health segment. Obesity is rarely out of the news with two-thirds of Australians overweight or obese. Research released last week suggest many GPs misread the problem they have with losing weight. GPs and nurses think it is a lack of motivation, but in fact it's something else. RN's Norman Swan is here to discuss this. Norman, tell me about this GP study.This was a GP study which was actually part of a trial where they're looking at seeing how best to get better results from people who are overweight or obese in general practice, and so they did a survey and they asked GPs and practice nurses about what they're doing, so they are getting a bit better that the weighing people and checking their body mass index to see whether or not they're obese, but not very good at doing the waist circumference which is also a rally important measure of their risk, and then what they're saying to them is, "What you've got to do is eat better and do more exercise." OK, I this I I might have known thatThe GP and practice nurses were aware of that, checking up on what was happening next, patients were coming back but not much was happening, so he they were getting despondent they thought, to be blunt, motivated.
these people were fat and not motivated. Then the researchers interviewed at patients and these were in disadvantaged practices and it's true people do know that what you've got to is ease less and exercise more, and they kind of got the exercise more bit, but what they said is this he were very confused about what they should be doing about their diet. And unless you change your diet, but that's really the - I shouldn't saying the icing on the cack, but take it off, anyway.ButTwau it was actually lack of knowledge.Oh educationHealth literacy.And the other thing that wasn't happening was that they weren't - the practice wasn't referring people on to other services like nutritionists or telephone help lines, Queensland, NSW, SA have got quite good telephone help lines for people who need help to lose weight, like they have for quitting smoking.And enough
so they weren't be referred on enough to that sort of help, and when they were referred on, the patient wasn't really being told whySo we assume knowledge, but in fact it may not be here.Patients say, "I get all these messages about high car shall, low carb, fats are OK, not OK, what's the story?" People just give up.So has to be more focused?More focused and focused on weight loss with a consistent message.And also this evening you are looking at how obesity causes heart damage, similar to a heart damage that you actually see in a heart attack?That's right.There is an epidemic of heart failure.That's not a heart attackAs you get older, your heart muscle doesn't pump as well as it should.It can be caused by heart attack, but sometimes it's not known what causes heart failure.People say if you're obese you are more at risk, and people say, is that because you're obese, or because you have high cholesterol and high blood pressure and whateverThey just looked at the obesity itself and measured a blood test that is done in emergency departments to see whether or not you are have rg a heart attack, and what they found in obese people, it is quite likely - in some of the obese people, it was chronicly raised which shows that something is happening in the immune system of people who have got obesity that is..., like ail moth eating cloth at your heart muscle which gets you to the point where your heart muscle fails, and yet it doesn't necessarily help treatment...But another reason to lose weight.Yes, absolutely.Getting back to the first story there, there is an awful lot of pressure on GPs to get it right from the start?It is the hardest job in the world being a GP, information changes all the time.If you think patients are confused about what diet is right, just ask GPs.They are being bugged by the Government, industry, everyone. They don't have a good payment systemWe need to find ways that GPs can spend time with their patients and give this holistic care that GPs want to give and patients waa nt to receive.Thank you, NormanYou're welcome.This week, a push is under way to raise the awareness of the importance of organ donation. Right now, more than 1600 patients are on waiting lists. Belinda Smith's husband, Mark, waited three years for a new heart and she says it is important people talk to their families about donating their organs.Just to promote people to first of all have that chat.The stass showed that the majority of people would be really willing to accept a transplant if they needed one and we are just asking people that they have that chat so that they would be as willing to give a transplant.It has been 100 days since an earthquake devastated Nepal and its people. For the hundreds of thousands left homeless, it was a heartbreaking struggle to rebuild their lives.Shis 11-year-old Rashma's routine, getting her hair and clothes ready for school with the help of her cousin.While she is used to this u teen, this is not her home. After the earthquake in April, she stood with her grandparents and other relatives, waiting for her mother and infant brother to be dug out of a collapsed building near her destroyed home. A cheen niece rescue team found their bodies three days later, huddled together. Their deaths devastated the family, her father inconsolable at times took to drinking alcohol.Rashma was left motherless, without a home or school.An Al Jazeera viewer saw her story and offered to sponsor her education.Now she lives with her relatives and goes to school an hour away from her village, and more scene of so
importantly, away from the scene of so much tragedy.After the morning assembly, she goes to her new class, sitting with her new classmates, she would adjust quickly to her new surroundings and life.Sometimes she misses her family, that is the main thing.Rashma and her family know this is better for her. Being at this school gives her a chance many other children here don't have, an escape from the devastation the earthquake has done to her family and her home. If she was back there, her life would be very different right now.These are the ruins of her house, not far from her old school which is condemned.Her family lives here now, in this makeshift hut, made of sheet metal donated by the government, and held up by wood from their own home. Outside, Rsshma's father sits, contemplating what to do next. He has received help for his drinking problem, but he will need more help reconstructing his home. Until then, this is what the family calls home, cramped, dirt floors and only basic necessities. But at least it keeps the rain out. The home is riddled with memories of greater times. TRANSLATION: She visits occasionally and making me laugh.One has to mourn.I feel my son should remarry since my granddaughter is away at school.I just can't help crying all the time.On another morning, some last-minute homework is accompanied by a monthly visit from her father. What the earthquake took from them 100 days ago, left their family with an uncertain future. For Rashma, it is a future that at least for now looks a little brighter.British entertainer Cilla Black has died at her home in Spain. She was 72. Born Priscilla White in Liverpool, she found fame in the 1960s, establishing herself as a pop singer alongside the Beatles.(Sings)Cilla Black, once-in-a-generation of the undisputed stars of the 1960s pop scene.20 consecutive top 40 hits including two No. 1s. #
(Sings) # Anyone who had a dream could look at me # And know I dream of you... # A squefl career by any standards. # Knowing I love you... # Miss Cilla Black!.But Cilla wasn't content with just one career.I think you're having me on.Two decades later she was winning o ever a new generation of fans as a successful television presenter.Notably on Blind Date.What do you look for in your ideal woman? If it's somebody to settle down with, obviously well droom groomed, mature, good family background, but if it was just a wild thing, someone a bit like yourself.Away from the scene, Cilla was a family woman, devoted to Bobby Willis, her husband and manager. They had three sons together. In 1997 her contribution to entertainment was recognised with the OBE. Today her fellow up to
entertainers have been lining up to pay tribute.It is such a shock.She was just a kid then, to
and in a way she still is a kid to me. 72 is no age to leave us all.On Twitter, Dawn French said:

Described as a national treasure, Cilla Black will be remembered as being one of the most watched women on British television.Stay with us, coming up shortly, snow on the beach in Hobart. Snowfall reaches sea level for the first time since 2005. Let's take a look at the latest market figures now. The share market is extending its losses with only industrial and health care stocks making any headway. A rubbish idea or a way to capitalise on waste? Anl abandoned tin mine in the NSW Riverina looks set to become a dumping ground for Sydney's garbage. Supporters of the proposal say the tip could bring jobs to a tiny town which currently relies heavily on agriculture.But those opposed to the idea are worried about possible negative impacts of dumping rubbish in the State's food bowl. Lewes say Carter has this report from the Ardlethan.The Ardlethan tin mine has been dormant since its operators went bust in 1986. It is now a collapsed ghost town of empty buildings and empty space.Our plan is to use part of the site as a landfill site to take waste mostly from Sydney, about 200,000 tonnes per year.The rubbish would arrive by rail in sealed storage containers. This project could provide the region with a money-making industry other than agriculture.A population the size of Ardlethan, 400, 450 people, with an opportunity of 20-30 long-term jobs is something that should be considered.A similar landfill fill
plan was proposed for the land fill site in 1990s, but didn't pass environmental scrutiny. It is believed developments in technology could now get the proposal over the line. Local farmers think otherwise.Why would you dump your rubbish where you're growing your food?Grain and livestock producers surround this mine site and fear environmental damage?Rubbish is a known way of harbouring pests, pathogens, diseases, sitting it on top of a hill, a site very exposed to the wind, cropping country comes within 100m of those landfill areas.Neil Morris' property comes right up to the mine's fenceline.It is horrific that the prose posal has already indicated to us on a personal level that he would hate to be in my shoes, living so close on regard of odour and impact on our farm.As you can see behind me, what is left of this tin mine sits on very elevated land. Farmers are worried about run-off to affect their dams and also waterways in the areaIn the floods of 2012 when the whole of the district was severely flooded there was no run-off from our site.Australian tin resources plans to have its Environmental Impact Statement ready by early next year. That means any State Government approval for this project is still a long way off.It is the first week of the month, so that means the Reserve Bank is meeting tomorrow on interest rates.There is no change expected but all eyes will be peeled for any signs of possible rate cuts before the end of the year.With his thoughts here is John Noonan, senior analyst from though rate change
Thomson Reuters.Hi, Ros.No rate change tomorrow?No, it's 100% sure in the market.Nothing that has happened between the last time the RBA met and now that would prompt them to make a move now, but as you say, the market is still pricing in a very good chance there would be a rate cut before the end of the year.What could trigger another rate cut?The Australian comm he is in a very interesting space right now.The transition - we were so tied to the mining boom and the China emergence as an economic superpower, and China has stalled a little bit and growth is slowing there and commodity prices have fallen drastically over the last year.So, the RBA has tried to transition the economy to be less dependent on that, and it has been a bit of a bumpy ride, they admit that, so it depends on the economic numbers going forward.We have plenty of economic data this week, but I think really it depends on what happens externally with both commodity prices and the China slowdown that we are seeing.Governor Glenn Stevens says rate cuts are still on the table, but there does seem to be a reluctance there to bring down the costs again?Yes, the Reserve Bank Governor is very conscience of the fact of the dangers of leaving rates too low for too long.The citizens will start leveraging up, seen the housing boom in Sydney, too much risk being taken, and that's what comes along with leaving rates very low for a long timeSo I think they've set the bar pretty high to lower rates again mentsI think something outside of what they're expecting, if the numbers start to deteriorate and doesn't meet the forecasts, then they will cut rates.They will not raise rates for any time soon, and they will keep them lower for longer , but I think there is a real reluctance by the Reserve Bank to pull the easing trigger again.And then there is an argument as to whether rate cuts actually boost the economy in the way they used to?That's right, and the Reserve Bank has talked about thatThe efficacy is
of ratesThey are so low now, is it wise to raise them again them
and encourage dmpb -Lowering them again, encouraging more leverage which is what they're worried aboutThat's what they are considering right nowI think if the economy shows signs of slowing further, if move up
the unemployment rate starts to move up again, if the commodity prices continue to fall and they want the Aussie dollar one
lower, then they may give it one more nudge before the year is out, but I wouldn't bet on that.But the dollar is about at the level they want it to be?Getting very close.When they cut rates in February, it was certainly to get the Aussie dollar lower.It's getting to the level where they believe it is fair value .John Noonan, thank you.Thanks, Ros.We will have full coverage often the RBA's decision on rates tomorrow, live on ABC News 24.Tasmanians woke this morning to a blanket of snow. Schools and roads have been closed across the State and it is the first time the white stuff has fallen in Hobart's CBD since July 1986.With more, here is reporter Kieran Jones from Hobart. Kieran, what's it like there now?Well, Ros, it is still pretty cold.The sun has broken through to give a bit of relief to people this morning and it has melted away some of the snow which we've seen plenty of this morning, so unfortunately for the snow lovers out there, the snow is dissipating somewhat, but still cold and plenty of snow to make snowmen throughout the day, and the weather bureau says the cold conditions are forecast for the next couple of days, probably not as cold as today.We are seeing some lovely pictures of think of Hobart right now. The snow is always pretty to look at, but it has caused a few logistical problems?Yes, as you mentioned, quite a few roads have been shutQuite a few major roads in fact.The southern outlet, one of the main roads going into Hobart, has been shut for most of the morning, pretty much isolating anyone who lives in the main
south-west of the city.The main road between Launceston and Hobart has also been shut, but most of those roads have now re-opened and people are able to make their way around the State a bit easier than what they were this morning.As you mentioned, Kieran, the cold set to continue?Yes, that's certainly true.The bureau has predicted that it is set to continue, but perhaps not to the same level that we have seen, but I think the people today have probably made the most of their one day of opportunity.A number of schools have been shut and children have been out and about.Even seen surfers, can you believe it, out on the sand and haven't actually seen the vision of people actually going into the water, but seen a few still images of people strolling along and contemplating going into the icy ocean on a day which would be particularly frigid.Kieran, thank you. A British photographer has ensured he captured the Queen's goodside by creating a unique series of multi-sided portraits, using mirrors to show each subject from four sides. His exhibition called the Queen's People is inspired by 17th Century portraits which used a black background to emphasise the colour of ceremonial dress. The exhibition features members of the royal household features Camilla and Duchess of Cornwall and household staff. The photographer says he managed to get the Queen to smile in her portrait by asking how she would feel if one of her horses won the Derby, the only classic that has alluded the horse racing fan.For the latest on the weather picture, sheer is Vanessa O'HanlonAnother powerful cold front pushed over we
the south-east last night and mass
we can see the very cold air mass right behind is in the speckled cloud.Further fronts to come throughout the week.By Friday, a high pressure system making an appearance in time for the weekend.Cloud building in the Indian Ocean, in association with a developing trough which will deepen by Wednesday, and a cold front driving cooler winds up through NSW, finally reaching up into Queensland and changing some of that spring-like weather that you've seen over the weekend and continuing today in Brisbane, 27 degrees.

Tomorrow, the cool change moving further up along the coastline, finally reaching up to Brisbane and another ridge of showers driving into Victoria and far south-eastern SAAnother dry day for WA. Well, just about of we go, a commercial fishing boat has broadcast a distress call 100km north of Carnarvon on WA's mid west coast. The Joan J is believed to have anchored 12 nautical miles north of Cape Kouvier after experiencing electrical problems and taking on water. There are three men on board. That's ABC News for ABC
now. The next full bulletin on ABC TV is at 5 pm. I'm Ros Childs. Thanks for joining us.