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(generated from captions) to their animals. While some at

the rallies oppose any form of

National Day of Action on Live meat-eating, organisers at the

Exports want Australia to move

to only export frozen meat Not

suggesting an immediate ban,

I'm suggesting a phasing out of

the industry offer the next few

years. The Federal Agriculture

Minister Joe Ludwig is

next week to negotiate the preparing to visit Indonesia

re-opening of live exports. But in re-opening the trade, woo in re-opening the trade, woo he have to ensure animal welfare

outcomes are dealt with

appropriately. The WA Minister

for agriculture is on his way

already, but he has been denied

access to any abattoirs It's my understanding that the

Indonesian Government is a

going little sensitive around people

going into abattoirs. I can

expectation preecialt that. There is an

expectation that live exports

to Indonesia will resume in

three to four weeks. The

long-term is challenge for graziers in the

tide of public opinion against

the practice. Riding the tide of Green and Independent MPs,

they will introduce legislation

into Parliament next week to

ban all live exports. ban all live exports. The Prime

Minister has pledged to

personally support Andrew Chan

in his appeal for clemency to

the Indonesian President. The

Bali Nine ringleader's final

appeal against the death

penalty was rejected yesterday,

and friends who visited Chan in

Bali's Kerobokan prison today

say he is holding up well. From

Brown Bali, ABC correspondent Helen

girlfriend arrived at the jail

too upset to talk. Friends of

his were there earlier and were

among the first to be let

in. He was just very grateful. Andrew Chan herd the

news last night There is

definitely still hope. We don't

have confirmation and

definitely there is a long way

to go. Chan says his focus is to keep improving himself. His

lawyers say the support of the

jail's governor should count.

Andrew Chan was arrested in

2005 as part of the Bali Nine. He was found guilty He was found guilty of

organising a shipment of heroin

to Australia. Inmate and fellow

ringleader Myuran Sukumaran has

also lodged an appeal against

his death sentence, about you

there has been no word on his

fate. Andrew Chan's only hope

now is that a mercy plea are be

accepted by the President. His

legal team says it is a process that could take a year

on it straightaway. I will be

happy to do whatever is

necessary to put as much force

as we can into the appeal for

clemency for Andrew Chan, including personally involving

myself. Andrew Chan's parents

are elderly and his father is

ill. I know his parents, and I

know how incredibly painful

this is for Andrew, what they're going through. At Kerobokan jail, Andrew Chan relying on loyal friends to

help get him through. After riots in

new Greek Cabinet has been

sworn in to deal with the crisis and instability on the

financial markets. The leaders

of Germany and France are

pushing for a new financial rescue package for Greece.

Europe correspondent Philip

Williams reports. The latest

scene in this unfolding Greek

tragedy, a new government into office. A fresh start, say

some. Re-shuffling the

'Titanic' deck chairs, say

to survive others. And a confidence motion

to survive tomorrow. But

this is a sinking ship, the French President Sarkozy and

German Chancellor Merkel are

doing their best to slow the

leak. Nicolas Sarkozy has a

problem - French banks are

heavily eggs posed to Greek

loans leading to threats of

credit downgrades. And for the

German Chancellor, the

political cost of massive

support for all the European bailouts

hard sell at home, but at the

core, the message is, "We will

not let Greece or the euro



on euro are intertwined. Speaking

on behalf of Germany, Germany has benefitted enormously from

the euro. Germany's economic

strength is closely connected

to a strong euro. Therefore we will do everything to preserve

the euro and its stability. Angela Merkel says

the banks with outstanding

loans to Greece should help

repayments. No-one knows how with a voluntary extension

the banks will respond, and by

some herb sures that in itself

default. The European would constitute a technical

Commission, too, is adding its

weight to support for a second

bailout, but Greece must pull together and take Hardie significances. But whatever

arrangements are agreed in

parliaments and bank

boardrooms, support on the

streets of Athens is unlikely.

The anger behind all this isn't

about to go away. In Syria,

security forces have reportedly

fired on protesters, killing rallied after Friday prayers in least 19 people. Thousands

demonstrations the regime seems

unable to stop. Human rights

the biggest since the unrest groups say these protests

erupted in March. Reports say

Syrian tanks have surrounded

two more towns in the country's north as refugees continue to

head for the Turkish border. A

UN resolution against Syria is unlikely while Russia and China

oppose it, but France and

stronger sanctions. First there Germany are lobbying

was the drought and then there

were floods and a plague of

mice and rats. Farmers have been doing it tough for the

past deck Kate, but after a good

good harvest last year, hopes

were high of good yields this

season. More than 20 million

hectares have been planted across south-eastern Australia,

but farmers say their troubles

may not be over just yet. The

mouse and rat plagues may be

gone from here, but vermin have

cut this farmer's yields by

half a tonne per hectare.

That's $15,000 in this paddock one? About 7 days ago. Control

is being hampered by a shortage

of bait and limited

monitoring. The canola is still stuffed around it. It won't come back. The damage is far

wheatbelt where some farmers worse in other parts of the

are been forced to replant

crops. What's worrying most of

us is they will come back in

the spring. There is also concern about crop disease.

and Fortunately commodity prices

and the Australian dollar are strong. Machinery prices -

dwrer, tef' probably - yeah, back a little.

They can smell the

opportunity for profit. These

factors combined with good

summer rains have appropriated a 4% rise in a 4% rise in the forecast

winter crop area. In parts of

southern New South Wales, crop

areas are up 15%. Across

south-eastern Australia, 23

million hectares are being

planted with record wheat

areas. It's unusual coming out

of the drought, mostly it takes farmers, three, four, five

years to recover from a drought. Farmers were expecting a bin-busting winter crop production is expected to drop to 41 million tonnes as a result of the

vermin and unpredictable soil

miss tour. To prevent vermin

attack, machinery is being

stored outside in the winter

chill and grain handling facilities are being

fumigated. Other than that,

farmers can only hope for the

best. The ACT Government has announced a big drop in the

number of people waiting for

elective surgery in the

Territory. About 4,500 people

are krntly waiting for surgery, the lowest number since 2004.

The Opposition says the

Government is celebrating

prematurely and should do more to to bring waiting lists down. We still still have disastrous waiting time figures here in the ACT, double the national average,

twice as long as when Labor took office, so although there has been an incremental

involvement, Labor has done

very little over its 10 years

in power to address this problem. In

problem. In fact, it's gone backwards.

I don't care much about the

median wait time, but what I

want to see is whether people get get into surgery within the

approved time. Whether that's

one month, three months and

that's what our strategy works on. More than 10,000 patients have undergone surgery in the

financial year to financial year to date. From July next year, doctors will be

able to access patients' health

records electronicly, but only

if patient as prove. Doctors

say e-health will improve the quality of care and save lives.

Here is medical reporter Sophie

Scott. Sharon Stowes has a

chronic illness and has to see countless doctors. She of a trial of a new e-health

initially called shared

electronic health records. When

I go to other doctors, I don't

need to explain everything, I just give them the number for

the GP partners and they

contact them and they get all

the information off them. The

electronic health record is a precursor to the Federal Government's e-health

initiative. The GP creates a

file for each patient, with details of their allergies, prescriptions and medical

history. Doctors say the

information will be secure.

Patients will control who can record. That health summary can

be accessed by any other health

professionals that the person

gives permission to have that

access to. The hope is that

e-health records will e-health records will reduce

avoidable medical areas and empower consumers to better

manage their own health. It

means patients don't have to remember

remember their medications,

don't have to repeat their

history. If it is an emergency,

they know that any allergies they have will be available to

the people that are caring for

them. That's a real plus in our

health system. E-health is

designed to reduce the time doctors and nurses spend

manually booking appointments

and treelts. When an elderly

man was admitted unconscious to

a Brisbane hospital, doctors

could access his electronic

health record. He had an an

fill lactic type of reaction, a life-threatening re-as to one

of the medications that would

have been given the first choices to the situation he was

in. Had he been given that

medication undoubtedly he medication undoubtedly he would have died. The full e-health

system will be up and running

by July next year. One of rugby league's league's most colourful characters Rex Mossop has died.

He played more than 100 games

for the Manly Sea Eagles and

also represented Australia in

rugby league and rugby un

join. After hanging up

boots in 1963 he went on to

become league's leeing

commentators. Nicknamed The

Moose, he never shied away from

an argument A big tough man on

the field, but probably just as

importantly he pioneered the way rugby league is now

broadcast on television. He was opinionated but felt

passionately about the game. He will be sorely missed. Rex Mossop suffered from

Alzheimer's in recent years and

died in Sydney last night. He

was 83. On the field now George-Illawarra could lose top

position on the NRL ladder this

weekend after the team went

down to the Broncos in

Brisbane. Tonight the Knight

beat the Panthers:

Duncan Huntsdale reports. The

price of success for the

Dragons has been losing half

their squad to Origin duty which can see their star players either unveil or

injured when they return. The

Premiers have now gone three

games without a win. Realised

what was in front of us, so I

haven't been surprised. You get

disappointed but I'm not

surprised. There was enough

spring in the legs Blues

players Mark Gasnier and Jamie

Soward to get the Dragons

within striking distance in the

second half. One of four

Broncos backing up from Origin,

Darren Lockyer produced three

telling plays. A minute the captain gent Jack Reed

over, and a late field goal

helped a little with curing the

Origin Blues. If you haven't

lost at Origin level, you can

back up and have a win at club

T does make the weekend

little bit better. It was a

hair-raising night at Homebush. The attempted hair

extension was followed by a


hyperextension. COMMENTATOR:

That might be the end of his

season. It was a miserable night for the Titans, but there

was plenty to excite Souths

supporters. Dave Taylor prod

doused another

display, as the Rabbitohs ran away with the game. The

Panthers came out swinging

against Newcastle, but against Newcastle, but a thief

in Knight Neville Costigan

would soon crash over for the

game's first try. Penrith was

on the wrong side of the big

hits and the scoreboard during

the first half. Queensland Reds

have reason to celebrate after

finishing on top of the Super

Rugby ladder. Last

Western Force just hung on

against the Rebels and the Blues reached play-offs over the

It took the Reds just six

minutes to open the scoring

after flanker Liam gill barged

over. It was shaping as an easy

night for Queensland when Quade

Cooper push the score out to

10-0 with a penalty conversion.

Both sides struggled

The Chiefs' Stephen Donald

reduced the margin to 4 after back-to-back penalties. The

match became a shoot-out. Quade

Cooper put his name in the record books as record books as the Reds extended their lead in the

second half. He brings up 204 points

points for the season. He now

leads the competition in that stat as well. Cooper was

converted from everywhere. Finally the Chiefs'

Fritz Lee breached the

Queensland defence with just 5

minutes left, but

the conversion and the Reds won

by 8. Last night Willy Ripia's

48m penalty goal in the 77th minute broke the dead look

between the Rebels and Western

Force. Earlier the Force had surged to a lead after two

second-half try in two minutes,

but the Rebels hit back with

two late tries including a

dubious 5-pointer to veteran Stirling Mortlock. The Rebels

could have won, but Mortlock's sideline conversion fell short.

And with no chance of making

the finals, the ACT Brumbies

will be playing for pride

tonight in their final game of the Super the New South Wales Waratahs. The Brumbies have

been a major disappointment

this year, delivering their

worst performance sebs the

Super Rugby competition began

in 1996. Currently languishing second last often the Australian Conference

ladder. But the team has had a

late surge, winning its past

two games. The last couple of

weeks have been quite

to finish on a bit of a high.

The Waratahs have got a lot to

play for, although we don't

have any semifinal have any semifinal spot to play

for, there is a lot of pride

within the group and hopefully we show that this weekend. The

Waratahs have been strutting

their stuff this season on and

off the field and remain a

chance of making the

finals. Yes, huge go. Similar

circumstances to last week. If

we win, we go through. If we

lose, our last game for the

year. A lot on the line. The

Brumbies will be a new-look side next year with the

departure of 10 players and coach Tony Adam Ashley-Cooper and Matt

Giteau who are pulling on their boots for the last time

tonight, will be keen to leave fans with some fond memories. North Melbourne is just just outside the AFL top 8

after winning a tight contest

against Essendon. Last night,

the Bulldogs beat Adelaide.

Today the Hawks. Hawks won

comfortably against the Gold

Coast. The Kangaroos beat the Bombers by 21. North Melbourne

rocked Essendon's confidence

early with a goal withins of

the first bounce. Brett Harvey

is a superstar. The Roos then

booted the next four majors including two to Sam Wright.

Finally paddy Ryder marked for goal on the siren. The second

quarter began promisingly quarter began promisingly for

the Bombers with a goal to

Angus Monfries. The Roos beated

the next three, though, to

surge 31 point as head. But

suddenly the Essendon forwards

started to find space and they

kicked the next four in a row. COMMENTATOR: And the

Bombers are on the way

back. North looked more

half-time and pushed the lead

back out to three goals early

in the third term. But again

the Bombers hit back. And

50. The next three majors all

coming from free kicks. The

charge continued early in the

final term with Michael

Hurley's fourth. For the first time since the opening minute,

scores are level. The Bombers then

then went a goal up, but

Lindsay Thomas' fourth

a surge. Drew Petrie's snap with just minutes left sealed

the win. North has now won

three games in a row. The

Bombers have lost their last 4. In Launceston, Hawthorn

spearhead Lance Franklin lost

his cool He was reported for striking Maverick Wellar putting

putting a dampen er on an easy

win for the lauks r Hawks. The

Gold Coast matched the home

team in the first half. The

Hawks kicked into gear with 13 goals to 4 goals to 4 after half-time to win by 71 points. Luke Breust

and Danny Savage. Rory McIlroy

has continued has continued his blistering

start to the US Open, caring

the lowest 36-hole total in

tournament victory. John Senden and Marc

and Marc Leishman are the best-placed Australians. Rory

McIlroy finds himself in a

familiar position after the

second round of the US Open.

The 22-year-old stormed to The 22-year-old stormed to a

six-shot lead after firing birdies and this stunning eagle

on the 8th. The only thing

standing between McIlroy and

his first major appears his first major appears to be himself. I've played two really

good rounds of golf, but I know

I have to play another two

really good rounds of golf if I want to win this tournament. The 22-year-old

says Sewell placed to win after

holding a similar lead in the

British Open and US Masters I

took a few things away from the

Masters that I thought I could incorporate into my game. The majority of the Australians are in danger

final two rounds. Only three of

the 11 were inside the cut when

bad light stopped play.

Samantha Stosur and Jarmila Gajdosova are the only seeded

Australians after Wimbledon

organisers announced the draw

for this year's tournament. The

highlight of the first round

will be a re-match of last

year's three-day epic John

Isner will play No. 78, Nicolas Mahut. (LAUGHTER)

Isner defeated Mahut 70-68 in

the fifth set record 11-hour encounter. Women's world No. Caroline Wozniacki drew

Spaniard. Take a picture and

help it last forever. That's

the thinking behind a new photography exhibition. The photographers have captured

images of the country's natural

forests in a bid to limit

logging. The south-east of Australia is Australia is home to ancient

forests. Organisers of a new

exhibition say the region is

under threat from logging and

hope the picture has the power to bring about change. Well,

they say an image is worth a

thousand words. We've heard the

science. We've seen the

commissions. We know that

logging our native forests not economic, it is not

sustainable and it's socially

device sieve. Six photographers

spent time capturing the images

in the forests of Victoria's

East Gippsland and

south coast of New South Wales.

They want to highlight the wildlife that is under threat

of losing their homes or of losing their homes or even

becoming extinct like the last

recovering population of koalas

at Bermagui and Mumbulla I like

to feel it does help create an

awareness of protecting the forests. Forests NSW pledged to

only log areas that aren't

close to koala habitats. High

qualty timber and woodchip for

export to Japan. I know that

the absence of trees like, for

example, the foliage of the one

up here on the left is really

adding to our carbon adding to our carbon load, and

as soon as they take more tree

as way, we get more carbon in the atmosphere. The photographs

are on display in Sydney will be travelling to Canberra.

Taking a look at the weather

in Canberra now, and it was a

blustery day with some threatening cloud at times, but

mostly dry in the ACT. Tuggeranong was cold overnight,

dripping down to minus-3, but

the airport had 2 to 12. It was

fine on the coast, mostly sunny with fresh and gusty winds. In

the alps, snow fell above 1500m on the western slopes with rain

below that level: The west to south westerly winds have

pushed cloud over the ACT

region all day, region all day, but it stayed

mostly dry. Around the capitals


The satellite picture shows Australia is mostly clear with

the major area of cloud over

the corner of WA. That's a cold

front which will approach and pass the eastern states around Tuesday, bringing as it comes, and possibly some

big snofs to the alps as

well. Itly stay dry and mostly

sunny in the eastern capitals


The cold front will start

bringing showers over the

southern tip of the mainland,

but it will stay dry for the

but it will stay dry for the remainder. Mostly westerly

winds again tomorrow with a few

isolated showers around the

mountains, but little chance of rain in the ACT. tomorrow, condition also be

fine and mostly sunny: For Canberra itself,

cloudy day tomorrow. Just a 10%

chance of rain. Mostly westerly


As the front approaches,

we'll have a windy and cloudy

day on Monday, a shower or two

on Tuesday, and even the chance

of late storms. In the

mountains t will be a frosty

night with just a

snow at the 1400m mark. Monday

will satisfy gale force winds

and Tuesday will bring the prospect of significant prospect of significant snow.

Before we go, a brief recatch of our top story tonight:

Public support for the Federal

Government has slumpeded to a

four-decade low. Nearly a year after Julia Gillard took over

as PM, a new poll shows 60% of

Australians would prefer to see

Kevin Rudd back in the

Lodge. And that's the news for

now. Can you keep up to date 24

hours a day at ABC News online your company. Goodnight.

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