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Tonight - a hero of

democracy. Free at last. But

just how free will she be? The regime's discomfort will grow

as she begins to move about the country, country, as she begins to use social media. It will be interesting to see how long the

military regime is willing to allow it to go on. Canberra

Airport's new terminal finally welcomes its first passengers. What we'll deliver

in the next two years is a

terminal that's the best small

terminal in Australia. Stuart

win Appleby comes from behind to

win the Australian Masters.

It's an absolute honour to come home. And Mark Webber's

date with destiny as he bids to

be world champion.

Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC News. Burma's

Opposition Leader Aung San Suu

Kyi was mobbed by thousands of

her supporters today when she

left her ran dwoon home for the

first time in seven years. The Nobel laureate and

pro-democracy campaigner was

officially released last night

after spending 15 of the past

21 years under house arrest.

Within hours she was putting

test. They Burma's ruling generals to the

was unconditional, but in her

first major speech, Ms Suu Kyi

urged the Burmese people to

stand up for their rights and demand democratic reform. Aung

San Suu Kyi walked to freedom

into her role as a leader last night and straight

today. Despite the clear risk

of rearrest she has instantly

renewed her push for democracy, addressing her supporters at

her banned opposition party's

head quarters in Rangoon and

calling for free speech to

achieve reconciliation. It must

be an extraordinary contrast

seven for a woman who spent the last

seven years shut away from the outside world.

Last night, the Opposition

Leader, democracy activist,

a desperate nation finally Nobel lawyer rat and heroine of

showed her smiling face. Above her own home for most of the a gate

last two decades. For almost

half an hour, she tried to calm

the ecstatic crowd to say a few words. I have not seen you all

for a long time. So I've got

lots thirchs to tell you

all. For two days the rumours

had ebbed and flowed that

Burma's military junta would an release the woman who's become

an international symbol of democracy. Courageous

supporters despite the presence

of police gathered at her

party's headquarters and her

home. Finally barricades that

have made her home a prison

were removed. And her supporters surged forward. This

is the first time I've seen so

many people this happy. We're

so glad now that she is

released. It's like the moon

came out and we saw the light.

People adore her. Unusually, state television interrupted

its broadcast to report her free of official restrictions

because she refused to accept

any. These are the headlines

Myanmar International. Aung San for the national news on

Suu Kyi was released on 13 November 2010. There may be no

official conditions on they are release but there are concerns that Aung San Suu Kyi rearrested if she once again

becomes a political threat. She can't influence the election

which was held a week ago but

she can draw people together to

challenge the junta. For now

the mere sight of the

65-year-old lady of the nation

has brought new hope to Burma.

The question of whether she can single handedly achieve change

remains. World leaders have been

lining up to express delight at the release of Aung San Suu

Kyi, with many describing her

as a hero, but that status has

the woman who has come embody

the struggle for democracy in

Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi's long

struggle against the regime

began with a phone call late

one evening. Her mother was critically ill in Burma. Aung San Suu Kyi soon found the

by pro-democracy demonstration streets of Rangoon taken over

s. She could barely remember

her father, assassinated when

she was just 2. But in August

rally 1988, Aung San Suu Kyi told a

rally that as the independence leader's daughter she couldn't

remain indifferent to what was

going on. Burma's rulers didn't

sit back for long and watch the

rise of the new leader. They brutally ended the

Suu Kyi under house arrest and demonstrations placed Aung San

ignored her party's sweeping

victory in elections in 1990.

Richt once I was

arrest I became totally a

political animal. Confined to

her lakeside home, she missed

out on accepting the Nobel

Peace Prize in 1991. She missed

out on visiting her dying

husband in 1999. Yet there were moments of - if there were

moments of self-pity she hid

them well. A lot of people who

were out there were living in

such difficult circumstances,

perhaps less free than I was,

if they were frightened they

were certainly less free than I

was. For me, real freedom is

President Barack Obama says freedom from fear. The US

Aung San Suu Kyi is a hero and

a source of inspiration. A

Australian Prime Minister. I am sentiment echoed by the

absolutely personally delighted

that Aung San Suu Kyi, a woman of such remarkable courage, has now been freed. The enthusiasm

over Aung San Suu Kyi's release is tempered by the knowledge it's not the first time she been set free, only to be rearrested. Our job as the rest

of the international community

is to back her as effectively,

as possible. The regime's strongly and as intelligently

discomfort will grow as she

begins to move about the

country as she begins to use social media. It will be interesting to see how long military regime is willing to

allow it to go on. Programs

the lady of Burma will be free long enough to meet her grandchildren for the first


As the leaders of APEC

wrapped up their annual summit

they vowed to set up a free

trade area in the Asia Pacific.

It would cover more than half the world's economic outfit and about 40% of the world's

population. In a surprise move,

Japan has indicated that it's

now open to reducing its own trade barriers.

The summit some literal political kabuki. Red hair seemed to be the main

attraction. On kabuki, I hadn't

seen any before so I've learned

something. APEC's focused on

the future and Barack Obama came face-to-face with it. He

took another gadget for a test

drive. It's not all fun and

games. The President found time

for another chat with Julia

Gillard, and all the leaders

agreed to work towards a

regional free trade pact. This has been a successful meeting. But in an unfortunate

twist, as the Prime Minister

called on other countries to liberalise trade the OECD took

aim at Australia's subsidies.

It's urging cuts to government

support for agriculture and the

car industry. We are holding true to a vision of free trade

and economic integration across

our region. In a significant

move, Japan now vision. It's got very high

trade barriers, but is now talking about dismantling some

of them. We will move forward with trade and investment liberalisation and

facilitation, and promote

deeper economic integration as

we pursue an economic integrity

to the community. That's good

news for Australia which is

trying to negotiate a bilateral

free trade deal. It's estimated

a deal with Japan would add $40

billion to the Australian

economy over two decades. Top Australian officials are now

quietly confident it might just

happen. Although they concede a

final agreement is still years

away. They are good signs. But I'm not underestimating the

journey from here. Some things

do change. The APEC leaders

traditionally wear silly shirts. But Japan shed the tradition, requesting smart

casual. I seriously can't help

you on what's happened to the

APEC shirts. Hawaii hosts next year's summit and Barack

Obama's called

The Greens are planing to introduce legislation to Federal Parliament to stop the

banks lifting interest rates beyond official rate rises for

two years. The Greens also want

to ban some bank fees and cap the level of mortgage exit

fees. The Greens lieder Bob

Brown says Labor and the

coalition are quick to

criticise the banks but have

been too slow to force them to

change their behaviour. We can

legislate to do it. Sound and

fury is not good enough. This

is hurting people. We want the

opposition to join the Greens to enable this legislation to go through before Christmas.

The government should be doing

it as well. But the Greens are

now putting both the big

parties on notice. The Greens

plan to introduce the Bill into the Lower House this week. New

South Wales may be drought

free, but that could prove a

problem this

Record winter rain has caused

considerable grass growth

across the State. Fire

authorities say it would only

take a few days of sun to dry

it out, increasing the fire

risk. We have an abundance of

fuel growth particularly

grassland fuel growth from

border to border, presents challenges for most of

New South Wales that we haven't

seen for several decades. The State Government is investing

extra funds in hazard reduction

but admits wet weather has

forced the delay of some

controlled burning. Build it

and they will come. Or so Canberra Airport hopes. The

first stage of the airport's

new $350 million passenger terminal opened today amid

great fanfare. But there are

still no international flights

to or from the national

capital. With custom made turn tour

tour and Italian leather the

vibe is more hotel. And Canberra Airport

hopes that sophistication lures more VIPs through the national capital. What will change is

the vastly improved services

that we're able to offer. More

than 3 million travellers are

expected to use the terminal

this year. And traffic is forecast to double within the

next two decades. What we next two decades. What we will deliver in the next two years

is a terminal that's the best

small terminal in Australia.

Sydney Airport caters to 10

times the number of travellers. But Canberra Airport says cheaper long-term parking and

reduced traffic could lure a

growing number of interstate

travellers. The upgrade has been a long time coming.

Construction was put on hold during the global financial

crisis. $175 million has been

spent on the terminal's first

stage. Sort of brings us up to

the big city standard. But the

opening was not without

teething problems. With poor

preferential parking. To get

the spots forks get into the -

especially to the terminal, I

have a few problems to pick up my customer. This morning

I've had to stop and ask

assistance of where actually is

the carousel, where is unloading gate? The unloading gate? The terminal's second stage including customs, immigration and quarantine is

expected to be completed within

two years. The airport is

hoping to increase freight

flights and begin regular direct flights to New Zealand

and Singapore within three

years. Health authorities in Papua New Guinea are struggling to

cope with an outbreak of

cholera on a remote island on

Australia's doorstep. The

disease has already killed

several people on Daru Island

and infected hundreds of

others. Outside help has

arrived, but there are fears

the cholera will spread to villages along a large river

system on the warning, this story contains

images some viewers may find

distressing. (Wailing) Women mourned the

latest victim of PNG's ongoing cholera outbreak. The disease

kills the vulnerable with

brutal efficiency. Less than

hour ago, this mother was nurse

rg the toddler in her lap. People suffering severe

diarrhoea and vomiting have

overwhelmed staff at Daru's

small hospital. There's no room

to separate cholera patients

from those with other illnesses. Outside, worried

residents cover their mouths in

fear and wait to see a doctor. We are all worried.

Those who are sick, we are

troubled. We live here. So

far, 16 people have died and more than 300 have been infected. Underfunded PNG

authorities have been slow to

respond, but outside help has arrived. AusAID has brought

water contain ers and purification tablets. Residents

of the island's squalid

settlements are shown how to

use them. The instruction is

one tablet will go into one

litre of water. Conditions

here are ripe for cholera to

flourish. It's densely pop

lated with lated with little clean water and no sewerage system. People

need water and also I think they need to be educated about personal hygiene. Daru's

waterfront is crowdd with large

canoes. Before outbreak, scores

of people travelled here from

the nearby Fly River on the

mainland. The fear is that they

will take cholera back to their

villages and the disease will

spread like wildfire along the

river. Much as it did along the

Sepik River in the country's

north west earlier this year.

So sport now. Stuart Appleby

has fired an incredible 65 to

come from 7 shots behind to win the Australian Masters. reeled in runaway leader Adam Bland who finished a shot

behind. Daniel gaunt was third

and Tiger Woods shot 65 to

finish fourth. With a three

shot lead the big question was

could Adam Bland handle the

pressure. He drove the first

green to set up a two-put birdie and suddenly his lead

was four. Benign conditions and

soft greens made scoring

easier. Stuart Appleby started

7 behind and almost had a hole

in one. Tiger Woods gave his

large gallery a moment to

remember. There were still

plenty of pitfalls for those

not on their game. Daniel gaunt made a double bogey and

appeared out of contention.

Bland was looking

Bland was looking invincible,

stretching the margin to 5

shots. Appleby kept creeping

closer with three birdies in

four holes. He made another on the 10th

the 10th to cut the lead to 2.

Gaunt recovered, also making

three birdies in four holes and

the margin was down to 1.

Tiger Woods had two eagles

on the back nine to play his

last six holes in 6 under. Maybe under. Maybe a chance of coming

back? I would love to. Bland

couldn't get the ball close to

the home and his putting

started to show the strain and

on the 17th Appleby joined

Gaunt with a share of the lead.

On 16 co-leader Gaunt made his

second double bogey for the

day. Appleby taped in for

another birdie to finish at 10

under par. Bland needed this

eagle putt to force a play-off. It's an absolute

honour to come home as much as

we play on tour. It's

Appleby's first gold jacket. It

Australian rugby last night.

New Zealand added rugby

league's four nations trophy to

its World Cup title with a

stunning last-gasp victory over

Australia in Brisbane last

night. The Kangaroos again

failed to get the job done when

it counted most. Giving up a

6-point lead late to the match

to lose 16-12. Australia's task

was made tougher by a growing

injury toll. Two years after

stunning Australia in the World

Cup final at the same ground the Kiwis again conjured the

big play at the big

moment. It's a try. The record shows they've got silverware.

We beat them regularly then you

have to rise to the occasion

when it means something. And

for most of the match the Kangaroos looked the Kangaroos looked the team most

likely. The game's opening try should never have been and nor

should have the sides went to half-time locked

at 6-6. Australia again edged

ahead in the second half when

Greg Bird combined with Billy

Slater before Benji Marshall

put his stamp on the game. The

skipper was also the catalyst

for New Zealand's last-ditch heroics. There were no

complaints from the home side.

Nathan Fein crossed for the try

to sink the hopes of the nation

in which he was born and raised. Our character and our

heart really got us through tonight. Brent Tate was preparing to make a new start

at the Cowboys. He now faces nine months on the the

sidelines. To do another knee,

that's heartbreaking. But the

coach could be the biggest

casualty in the wake of the surprise loss. He year.

The Wallabies didn't fare

any better. Humbled by England

35-18 at Twickenham. In other

matches, New Zealand smashed

Scotland, while South Africa

staged a late comeback to beat

Wales by 4 points.

The Wallabies were hoping to

keep their perfect spring tour

intact but didn't get off to

the best start at Twickenham.

Try! James O'Connor failed to

replicate his Hong Kong

heroics, missing his first three attempts at goal. Australia's goal-kicking

woes continue. Those woes

extended to the field as Matt

Giteau was sent to the sin

bin. Australia, down a man. And

in big trouble at Twickenham.

And the Old Enemy capitalised.

They won't catch him. What a

try! What a counter! English flyhalf Toby Flood had big

shoes to fill in the absence of

Jonny Wilkinson but showed

little sign of nerves in front

of 80,000 fans. Beale inspired Australia's

comeback with a chip and chase.

He scored a double, but a lack

of discipline once again let the Wallabies down. Flood

kicked two more penalty goals

to finish with a personal haul

of 25 points for the match. It

was a sharp performance. It's

the most points Australia has

ever conceded to England. The

Wallabies learning the hard way

that they've got plenty of work

Mark Webber will tonight

attempt to become Australia's

newest sporting hero. But he

looks to have a struggle on his

hands to win the Formula One Drivers Championship. Webber

qualifying. It was a torrid was only fifth fastest in

third qualifying session for Mark Webber. The Australian didn't match the speed of his

German team-mate Sebastien Vettel. Vettel has pole

position . If he wins, it would

make the equation simpler for Ferrari's Championship

frontrunner Fernando Alonso. He

could finish fourth and still

claim the crown. It was a good

qualifying for us. We just need

only one more day of perfection. McLaren team-mates Hamilton hands and Jenson

Button spiced up the first

three rows on the grid by

qualifying second and fourth

fastest respectively. We have

nothing to lose and everything

the grid and will need a flying

start and plenty to go his way.

But the 34-year-old has shown

his resilience in a career

started in Formula One with which began with go-carting. He

Minardi in 2002. Last year brought his first Grand Prix

success. It's been a tumultuous

2010 season, including four

race wins. A tangle with Vettel

... Oh dear! And one of the worst crashes at the top

level. Oh no! What he has to

do tonight really is just go

for it. He has to look upon it

as another Grand Prix, don't be too preoccupied with the fact he can be world champion.

That's a big thing to push to

the back of your mind. Seemingly with it all to

do the boy from Queanbeyan

might yet rise to the


Ricky Ponting admits the

timing of the Ashes squad

announcement is not ideal,

Australia's squad for

week and a half before the

series begins. While England

arrived in Hobart to prepare

for its game against Australia

A, the Australian captain

slipped into Sydney almost

unnoticed. But there will be

nothing low key about

tomorrow's first Test

announcement at Circular Quay.

It two Sheffield Shield games

and the Australian A game this

week selectors will name an

extended squad to keep their

options open. That doesn't mean

that we're unsettleded or

unsure which way we want to go. It means there is a lot of things things that can happen in this

week's cricket. It's not really

our concern what size squad or

who they pick at this precise

moment in time. We're focused

solely on what we want to do. Australian vice-captain Michael

Clarke is likely to be rested

being troubled until the first Test after

being troubled by a back injury

during the New South

Wales/Victoria game. Spoke to

him last night. He is a bit

some. sore. It's very similar to

some. Niggles he has had in the

days here and there and he's

normally pulled up OK. Captain

has kept a close eye on England

and two centuries from his

Strauss. Hopefully he is using counterpart Andrew

all his runs up before the Test

matches come around. The other

England opener returned to form

with an unbeaten century against South Australia. Vital for for me to spend some time out

there. Amazing how quickly that

rhythm and tempo comes back to

you. England is set to leave

some of its key players out of

the game against Australia A.

The Canberra capitals have

maintained their dominant to the

the WNBL season. They defeated

Bendigo 87-59 in call Bree last

night. In Canberra United has

narrowly escaped defeat drawing

1-1 with Brisbane in their

first home game of the year. It

was the visitors who put the

first goal on the board.

Canberra fans thought their

team had scored only to have it

called offside by the sideline referee. remaining Ellyse Perry levelled

to rescue the game for

United. To come out nthd second

half and play a lot better than

we did in the first half and equalise was really nice. The dynamic sports star then

travelled to Victoria to play cricket for New South Wales today. today. Angela Wong is a very

special 12-year-old. The Sydney

girl was born in Hong Kong,

started playing piano at 3, and

is now go to represent Australia in a major

international competition. Just

once in a while, once in a while, someone

special comes along. And

playing a Schumann

not transcription by Franz Liszt is

not kid stuff. I feel great

after expressing my feelings

and playing this music. Angela

Wong has always been moved by

music. Brought to tears by a

classical music recording when

she was just 2. She pulled out

Mozart. And she played it and

she cried herself. Sitting

there cried. My mum and dad

went to a piano shop and bought

me a piano when I was 3.5 and I

just started playing. Just

started playing? I really liked

it so I never stopped. Perhaps

try again. A little faster. For

the last five years she has

been under the professional guidance of Paul Rickard Ford at the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. I thought straightaway

that there was a lot of talent

there. Just one public recital

tomorrow evening at the Con and

then she's off to Moscow, the

first Australian to make it to

a special under 13 division of the International Piano

Competition dedicated to Liszt.

It won't be easy. For any 12

year told to have 10

pieces of music all at the same

time, then that's certainly quite a challenge. I'm very

excited . I'm a little bit

nervous l and pumped. But enough words. Sometimes the enough

less said, the better.

Enough said, don't you think? Turning to the weather now.

And the storms started late

yesterday and the showers have been heavy at times right

through today. The catchment

has recorded about 40 mm of

rain since showers started

there last night. Tuggeranong

had about 9 mrkts m today on

top of 3 last night.

There is a broad band of cloud bringing the rain from

the north west, spiraling into a low-pressure system that's

south of Tasmania. The trough

links a series of lows across

the country and it's slow

moving, so we'll see continuing showers through

showers through the coming

week. In the eastern half of the rainy day tomorrow, some storms

as well in Sydney, 29 there.

The shower activity locally

will be persistent tomorrow

with rain expected over most

of the region at some time

during the day. Not a lot of

sun over the south-east either.

That's the news for now.

We'll leave you tonight at the

National Museum's vault, which was today opened to the public

for the first time in 10 years.

Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

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