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(generated from captions) (LAUGHTER) You're making me cry. A, C, A... You locked in A. Steph... No. ..C, Hans Christian Andersen. You were so close. You were there. Hans Christian Andersen, didn't you? You wanted to say Why did you talk yourself out of it? I did.

I don't know. Oh, you got $1,000. OK? Yeah. Well done. Great effort. Steph Lane just won $1,000. Millionaire Hot Seat. Good night. See you next time on the Red Bee Media Australia Supertext Captions by

Relation to breaking an AVO taken

out by his former partner. We will

have for details when they come into the newsroom.

Tensions are running high after an

extraordinary punch up between

parents outside a school in

Sydney's south-west. The brawl was

apparently sparked by racist taunts

on Facebook, but when police moved

in to break it up, they were

accused of racist behaviour.

This was no ordinary school yard

fight, there were no children, only

mums and dads wrestling with police

outside Hoxton Park High School. A

woman screamed when he was held to

the ground, officers used capsicum

spray, and by the time six parents

including four women were arrested

for assault, the accusations began

to fly. A firefighter sprayed me.

Sisters of Islam being brutally hit

by police officer and their scarfed

being removed off their head. In

their situation, with the violence

involved it is quite likely that

could have occurred.

The trouble continued last night as

well as friends of these invests

they invaded Green Valley police

station. Back upwas could, a wall

of police guarded the station..

This morning plain clothes police

and security staff met children at

the school gate. Some students were

reluctant to return. I was trying

last night. Didn't know what to do.

It is being claimed a race row had

been boiling at the school for the

past three weeks. Yesterday parents

turned up after year nine student

Amy Elmasri insisted she had been

attacked. The situation was

inflamed by messages on flook. Some

of these girls they just jumped me.

I wouldn't get up. They said all

the Muslims with scarfs can go hang themselves. The education

department has confirmed there was

a fight yesterday but would not be

making any further comment because

it was a police matter. As for the

police, they were back in the

numbers this afternoon in case of

any further trouble.

We are crossing live no Damian Ryan

now, any further trouble this

afternoon? No, certainly Pete no

trouble at all. A little tense but

thankfully peaceful. Police have

strongly defended their actions

here yesterday insisting that

officer was twice punched in the

face and another was kicked. As for

the six people charged, four of

them are said to be parents. One of

their bail conditions is quite

extraordinary, it bans them from

setting foot on the school grounds

students here. even those their children are

Thank you for that.

With just over a week before the

Rugby League season kicks off, two

men have been arrested over the

NRL's alleged betting scandal. They

are accused of trying to defraud

getting agencies. While a first

grade player was in court charged

with lying over the affair. As Canterbury Bulldog Ryan Tandy

was facing court this morning,

across town detectives arrested two

more league identities over an

alleged betting scandal. Former

first grader John Elias and player

agent same Ayoub were both taken

into custody. It is to do with a

game with the Bulldogs and the cow

bys and a betting plunge. We will

be ledging these individuals placed

bets on NRL game in the knowledge

been predetermined. that the outcome of that game had

This afternoon, Elias and Ayoub

were both carryinged with

attempting to obtain financial

advantage by deception. Anyone who

is found to have been involved in

fixing a game or an element of a

game is going to find themselves

charged by the police and their

place in the game I would say would

disappear. A life bans have to be

on the cards.

Tandy was arrested last month. He

was troided with - charged with

providing false or misleading

evidence to the police. In court

this morning he had three more

charges, ledging he misled the

commission in relation to another

game. Let's go to Simon

game. Let's go to Simon Bouda now.

What happens next in The police

made it fairly clear they are still

investigating but there still may

be other charges laid against other

people. As to those already been

charged, Tandy, if convicted he

could face five years in jail and

Elias and youbyoub could face ten

years jail. All three will be back

in court next month. Ater pieed

woman is begging for help after

learning that a man who raped and

stabbed here could be freed from

jail as early as tomorrow. Craig

Richardson has served his full 16

year sentence which means he could

be released without any supervision.

I'm just sure that he is going to

make - rape again and most probably

it would be worse this time. This

is the man who attacked and nearly

killed her. Craig Richardson today

in court as Corrective Services try

to find a way to keep him behind

bars. I had footsteps running up

behind me and I didn't even think

that anything bad was going to

happen, and I turned around and he

was running towards me with a knife.

It was 16 years ago in Byron Bay.

The then 21-year-old was walking

home from work along a bath near

the beach. Richardson dragged here

into the bushes near the beach When

he cut my bra I knew it was real.

He repeatedly raped, choked and

stabbed her for five hours. He told

her he was going to kill her so he

would haven't to go to jail. They

fought back and eventually got away

with her life. Craig Richardson has

officially done his time but

because of his violent and unrepent

nature he has never been given

parole. Now when he does get ute he

can go wherever he wants,

unsupervised. He says he is coming

right back here to Byron Bay. Do

you think he would come back here

looking for you? He may not even

know my name, he may not know who I

am, or he may have within been

thinking about me for the last 16

years and his face might be burnt

into his mind like his is into mine.

He is held on a 21 day temporary

ruling which expires tomorrow. Paul

Hogan is back in the country and as

fiesty as ever, after the

Australian crime commission dropped

the investigation into his tax

affairs last year. You are here for

a bit of a bash, I believe? That's

right. I have an appointment with

the commissioner of tags aix. Hoges

flew in to at tent the 07th

birthday part of his best mate,

John "Strop" Cornell. Tony Abbott

has reacted with fury to a charge

that he is involved in race-baiting

to win votes. Prime Minister Julia

Gillard was forced to withdraw the

allegation in Parliament as the

Opposition launched its fourth

attempt in a week to move a censure

motion against her. It has been a

week of insults in federal

Parliament and today as tempers

frayed further, Julia Gillard

really played it tough. The

Australian people are better than

you are. They are competent people

who are rejecting your race baiting.

Order, order!! Tony Abbott was

fewer ruse. Mr Speaker, the Prime

Minister accused members on this

side of the house of a deeply

offensive and untrue political

tactic and he should withdraw it.

Order. I did not honestly exactly

hear what the Prime Minister said.

Mr Speaker, it was a low and

contemptable charge, that of race

baiting, and he must withdraw it.

Julia Gillard went on to condemn

recent comments from the front

bench Liberal rals. She should

withdraw the comment and she should

apologise for making it in the

first place. As boat loads of

asylum seekers keep arriving, Nine

news can reveal that there is a new

centre in Darwin. This will cater

for up to 1,500 single adult men.

The price is low because the

accommodation on this site was to

be built by private enterprise any

way for workers on a planned

natural gas project. The Government

will lease it in the meanwhile. And

the controversial flood levy now

looks certain to get through

Parliament as the Government

reached a deal with Nick Xenophon

that will force states to take out

their own disaster insurance. Never

again will we have to have a

situation where there will need to

be a levy for a natural disaster.

The Premier is about to go on a

road trip to try to jump start her

re-election. From Sunday, Kristina

Keneally will travel in her

Fairness for Families bus for four

days around Sydney and Newcastle.

This is old fashions campaigning.

It is taking the message straight

to the people and taking myself and

my message out on the road. The

Opposition dismiss the bus as a

opportunity and a rooming reminder

of how unfair the Government is.

The Bonds search for Australia's

cutest baby has turned into an ugly

race row on the internet. Parents

are being caught posting offensive

messages about other people's

children, and they have been warned

that their comments will be removed immediately.

Kimberley Griffiths whose entered

4-month-old Alec in the competition

was shocked at what was clearly

racist comment about a Eurasian

baby. I was disgusted that anyone would say that

would say that about another

Australian, let alone a little

innocent baby. On the Bonds

competition Facebook page a comment

posted about toddler Lily. Bonds

Australia, not Asia. That comment

was taken down. But it wasn't the

only case. Under a photo of another

baby a comment, "A child only a

mother could love". And another

baby was described as "an ugly duck

willing". That is terrible. I don't

want anyone judging my baby. Babies

are all cute. I don't need people

voting for my baby. I know she is cute.

Bonds said inappropriate comments

would be removed immediately. This

is supposed to be a fun and uplifting celebration about

beautiful Australian babies. Of

which there is no shortage. Despite

the controversy, 52,000 babies have

been entered in this year's

competition. So many, in fact, that

entrys are now closed. Which is

probably just as well because out

of all those countless babies, only

ten will make the cut to feature in

the Bonds tisting campaign.

In the news ahead, your chance to

take another slice of the Apple.

Plus, an out of control train

careers off the tracks. And the

secret life of Sydney's

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Libya's besieged leader Colonel

Gaddafi is fighting back, ordering

a military attack on the rebels in

the east of his country. It is now

two weeks since his rivals in

Benghazi posted Facebook calls for

a day of rage against Gaddafi. His

army crushed the uprising in

Tripoli, but the opposition seedsed

other centuries. Today saw the

battle for Brayga south of Benghazi,

where Pete Stefanovic joins us live.

You have been close to the action

today, just what is it like there?

A little tense here, not a great

deal of sleep last night because

the rebels were firing their

weapons into the air all night,

firing their cap nons, their AK47s,

their anti-aircraft guns just to

let everyone know they were around.

What struck me was so quickly they

were able to assemble their troops

when they heard trouble was coming.

Gaddafi's jet fighters fired the

first shots in the battle of Brayga.

They scrambled to meet the

challenge. The Gaddafi ground force

was driven back, but the volunteers

lost four men with another 20

injured. In nearby Benghazi,

freedom fighters quickly assembled

weapons at a make shift command

post and then they piled into the

back of trucks, excited and ready

for battle.

People here are not afraid. But the

rebels need more numbers, so a

recruitment drive here is underway.

Students given a crash course in

how to handle small and powerful

arms. Young men around here are

being told that many of these anti-

aircraft guns have been positioned

around Benghazi in anticipation of

an aerial attack.

In Tripoli t Colonel finally agrees

there is trouble in his land and

blames it on the West. There is a

conspirry to control the Libyan oil

and land, and to cologneise Libya

again. American warships are

heading to the Mediterranean via

the Suez Canal, but for now the

Westernallys are watching and

waiting as Libya's civil war escalates.

If you are an iPad user there was

Goodes an bad news today. Less than

12 months after the original

launched, CEO Steve Jobs returned

to launch the iPad 2. It has two

cameras and will hit Australian

shelves three weeks from now.

Drivers had a lucky escape this

morning when a run-away train

careered off the tracks of a

disused railway line and on to a

busy road in Narrandera. It was

carrying a load of wheat.

Incredibly, no-one was injured.

Gorillas have walked the earth for

millions of years but soon their

journey could come to an end. They

have among the mosten daipg erred

animals in the world and Taronga

Zoo is doing its best to save them..

It is breakfast time at Taronga and

on offer the best fruit and veg.

Most of their waking hours is spent

shovelling food into their faces.

The younger ones were certainly

full of beans. In particular, 6-

year-old Kimya, wrestling with her

younger half brothers. It is just

like kids everywhere. The leader of

the pack the Kibabu, the majestic

silver back. He is basically the

blue that keeps the family together.

The 20210 kilogram gorilla has

called Sydney home for 15 years and

he has been busy. He has three


Taronga Zoo has a world renowned

breeding program and Kibabu is one

of the key gorilla keeping his

species from extinction. What you

get to see her is one of the most

natural living environments for

gorilla in captivity. The man of

the house keeps things no order. He

is there to mediate any disputes.

But the family won't be sticking

around for much longer. Kibabu will

retire in New Zealand in two years

time. Maybe he's ready for it now.

We have our silver fox with sport

now, and Todd Carney fined and

given his last warning. You are too

kind. He is in the last chance

saloon, look but don't touch. Also,

the Dragons return home with the

world at their feet. And an

Todd Carney has committed himself

to joining AA in a desperate bid to

get his life and football career

back on track. It follow as heffy

fine and is a stern warning from

David Gallop that he faces a long-

term ban profit the fire. Wearing a

suit and minus his grin, Todd

Carney arrived at the NRL with his

heart in his mouth. He left his two

our meeting with a lighter wal

lething following a $10,000 fine.

What's more he knows that unless he

sticks to a plan to change his life,

football will no longer be a part

of it. Firstly I would like to

thank the NRL for giving me an

opportunity to come here this

morning. I understand that I have

done the wrong thing once again and

I have a plan in front of me now

that I can work through and it is

something that I will work hard to

get myself right and, yeah, thank

you. A clearly fed up gallop didn't

mince his words. His contract with

the Roosters will be in jeopardy

and that would place him in a

position where his whole NRL career

is likely to disappear in a puff of

smoke. Carney is taking the steps

towards an alcohol free life on his

own, not because he is ordered to

by the NRL. He is commited to an

intense program of weekly meetings

with professional advice. And the

Dragon have to find room for

another piece of silverware after

winning the World Cup challenge. It

is definitely a confidence booster

but at the end of the day it is not

going to mean too much of

An inirman by the name of Kevin

O'Brien has scored the faster

century in World Cup history

helping to defeat England in a huge

upset. The Irish were given no

chance chasing 328 for victory, but

O'Brien brained the attack. It was

a performance that had all Ireland

doing a jig and one man made it

possible. Big Kevin O'Brien has got

a face that spells trouble, and

doesn't England know it. With his

team five down for 111, this big

lump of a man ripped into the

English attack like it was personal.

Up go the fingers. It wasn't all

pretty, but it was pretty darned

impress serve. 50 came off 30 balls.

And he closes after it. Out of the

Viv Richards handbook, Kev cut

lease with 6, sixs and 13 fours.

One six went a staggering 102

metres. He was also dropped on 93

by the English captain and was a

teammate health hazard as he turbo

charged to 100. I am delighted, it

doesn't get any better. The year

will be known as Kev 11. The day a

big bloke with a bad haircut

brought England to its knees.

A face a mum would love. Greg

Inglis has been named in the line

up for the souths. Thank you, and a

very bad haircut. To the finance -

Jane is next with the weather and

temperatures dropping for the

weekend. Yes, it is going up and down like

War Memorial. ACT Policing' s two

new bomb trucks. And the push for

after school care for disabled

children. Join me for all the details next.

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The summer heat has snuck back in,

32 degrees in the city which is 7

degrees above the average. Staying

rain free tonight. There is a

chance of a cyclone forming out in

the Coral Sea by Sunday, and a

front bringing in the very cold air

in the south-east is going to move

up to Sydney tomorrow but behind it

some snow in Tasmania, and in Perth

the heat wave continues.

Next week should be dry and warming

back up again.

Thank you, that is Nine News for

this Thursday. I'm Peter Overton. I

hope you have a good evening. From us

midnight. Tonight ... The Chief

Minister, angry at labor senators

trying to stop the territories from

having more power. A review - and a

funding boost. The war memorial' s

financial battle won. And: the bomb

squad ready for action. Two squad ready for action. Two respons

trucks bolster security. Good

evening, I' m Danielle Post. The

Chief Minister has slammed Federal

Labor senators who are concerned

they were conned into supporting a

Bill to give the ACT more power. Bill to give the ACT more power. Jo

Stanhope is questioning - why the

politicians, NOT elected by

Canberrans should have any say in

the way the Territory is run. The

gloves are off and sparks are

flying. "How dare anybody else, tha