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(generated from captions) Live. stage is set for the Royal Ian Thorpe and the Beckhams. still veiled in The wedding dress of course is

the skies are grey in London thousand thousands of people bride and groom delighted the

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The sultan is making his way

into the Abbey. One of the

wealthiest monarchs in the world and they have close links

with the royal family with the royal family here.

Just getting a few people along

the nave as they make their way

in. This big royal group,

foreign royal group, taking its place in the south lantern, they're making their they're making their places

now. The princes make their way

along to another part of the

Abbey, because they want to

have probably a little together, and that's a little

private area behind the high

altar and they'll be going along to St Edmond's that's the traditional holding

area if I can call it that

because it is a sacred

because it is a sacred place.

It's an area where the groom

waits, it's where prince Andrew

waited for his bride to arrive, Sarah Ferguson back in 1986. It

was different in '81 because

Charles and Diana were married

at sta Paul's cathedral. The

king of Tonga is the king of Tonga is the next to

arrive. Prince Albert of Monaco

with the South African swimmer

being shown to their places.

Prince Albert, the son of the

late Grace Kelly. The Serbian royal family, also joining. The

bride's mother and brother are on their way. Carroll

Middleton, jails Middleton mid,

will be taking part in the

service and - James Middleton

mid will be taking part in the service and will be responsible

for one of the readings. Very

difficult to get a glimpse

inside the Jaguar from the

Royal mews but it's quite a

thing to imagine what's going

short adjourny to Westminster through their minds on

Abbey. Carroll Middleton mid -

Carole Middleton has been part

of a successful business

family. They live in West

Berkshire on their way to

Westminster Abbey to see her daughter Catherine marrying

Prince William, the second in

line to the throne. That's a remarkable thing.

All eyes will be on carol

Middleton when she arrives at

the Abidjan y because there's

the process of choosing her been quite a lot of talk about

clothes for today. So I'm sure

that Sophie and her guest will have something to say about Carole been quite a lot of talk about the Abidjan y because there's Middleton when she arrives at

that Sophie and her guest will clothes for today. So I'm sure the process of choosing her

have something to say about that. I'm now being told

because these details are

coming in at the last minute

that Mrs Middleton is in

wearing a sky-blue wool crepe coat dress with matching satin

I think and it's designed

Catherine Walker and the hat by Berkshire based Jane Corbett,

so that's the committee tail

but for the impact of course

we'll have to wait for the car

doors to open outside the

Abbey. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE The Middletons who have been

remarkably discreet about the

relationship over the last

eight years between their daughter and Prince William but

they have said one or two

things, messagibly when the

engagement was announced,

talking about William, they

said, "We think he's wolf,

we're extremely fond of him, they make a they're fun to be with." The

world fun comes up a lot when

you talk about that Royal

couple. We have lots of laughs

together." And they were paying

tribute to their future son

law just before Christmas when that engagement was announced.

Back in Westminster Abbey, we

have other members of foreign Royal

Queen of Denmark is the next to

arrive. And the grand Duke and

the grand Duchess of lux yem bourg. And then the prince of

Orange and princess Maxima of

the Netherlands. Being greeted

now are the King and Queen of


And lots happening now

because at Buckingham Palace we

have some members of the Royal

Family on their way in the mini


They leave to the trumpeter's salute. And

duke and Duchess of Kent, of

ghoster, - Gloucester and

prince and Princess Michael of

Kent. The bride's mother and bride's brother emerging from

horse guard's arch. The last

leg of their journey to Westminster Abbey.

Simon is still with me and

watching these images with

great interest too and the

concept of the commoner

marrying into the Royal family? Yes,, it's

extraordinary. Watching the useful coaches, really, which

is absolutely something new and

again makes the point that

apart from the magnificentance

of the occasion there's also a

sense that they're just us, an ordinary moment and

people are responding to this

mixture of spectacle and

identification as well. It's a

good thing. Well that's it,

isn't it? That's where modern meets meets traditional? That could

be the football team about to