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Tonight - the Queen wows the

crowds as she gets down to business in Canberra. Amazing lady. We love the Queen. Ombudsman Allan Asher

steps down as the questions row

refuses to go away. 24 is a

political assassination of a

very decent Australian working

in the public interest.

medicine - violence erupts in Greece over new austerity measures. Howzat for a debut.

to a one-day Patrick Cummins leads Australia

Good evening, welcome to ABC

News. I'm Virginia Haussegger.

It was like any spring day in the garden just

on a rather grand scale. The

Queen spent her first full Queen spent her first full day

in Australia at Floriade.

Lake Burley Griffin Hundreds of spectators lined

Lake Burley Griffin as the royal couple cruised from

Government House to

Commonwealth Park for a private

tour of the flower beds. They

lined the banks of Lake Burley

Griffin to catch a glimpse of

royalty. We love the green. So

we express it with our signs. Go the decades of dedication to the

task. Almost every visit - all

royal visits I go so. Others

just a sense of special connection. I share her

birthday because we are both

born on 21 April. Some other

countries people aren't allowed

to come close to Queen or king

of President. In Australia you

have the freedom you can come

close to her so I'm really

excited. The admirals barge

ruled the waves and there were plenty

plenty of them as the royal couple

couple circled the lake to

subjects. It is not the first

time the Queen's been to

Commonwealth Park on the shores

of the nation's capital. She

was first here 41 years ago to turn on the Captain Cook water

fountain in the middle of Lake

Burley Griffin but unlike the

city's more barren beginnings,

today heritage is seeing

Canberra in full bloom. Her

tour of Canberra's flower

awry Val appearance. I ifeel festival was as brief as her

she is

is affected by the heat. She

normally gives the people a lot

of time. I did see the

Queen. What did you think? It

was very brief but it was some. Worth the wait. Beautiful was very brief but it was awe

and very gracious. A gracious lady. As for the Prime

Minister's airs and graces, some have questioned her

decision to bow instead of

curtsy yesterday. The #5d vice

to me was very clear that you

can make a choice with what you

feel most comfortable with. That is what I felt most

Governor-General comfortable with. Not for the

Comfortable with a quick dip.

George Roberts ABC News

Canberra. The Queen has had her

own private safari Australian

style. At their request royal couple were taken to see

the Kangaroos that lived in the

sprawling grounds of Government

House. They found them and the

Queen's royal golf buggy took up pursuit. The Queen and

Prince Philip planted a tree

each to commemorate their visit

and met staff at the

residence. Dabbling in a politics has cost the

commonment wealth ombudsman his

job. Allan Asher bowed to

pressure and quit as the

independent watchdog after he adz mitted he secretly drafted

questions for the Greens to ask

him at a parliamentary hearing.

He concedes he pay have damaged

the reputation of the office.

The Greens are having none of

it accusing the Gillard

Government of a political assassination. This was the

beginning of his ends. Allan Asher, the common ombudsman. Delighted to appear

before the committee. The fall

of the house of Asher. Welcome any questions that the

committee may direct. Some questions were committee may wish to

particularly welcome because

he'd written them himself. The supposedly independent

ombudsman emailed them to Greens senator Sarah

asked them. Hanson-Young and she dually

The scripted exchange allowed

the ombudsman to kill for more

Government's asylum funding and to question the

Government's asylum seeker policy. The Special Minister of

State and the head of the Prime

Allan Asher this week making Minister's department both met

the Government's position

clear. I think it remains for the ombudsman the ombudsman to explain how this conduct meets his

obligations of independence and

impar shalty. That is a

question for the ombudsman himself. This afternoon the ombudsman answered that


This is a political

assassination of a very decent Australian working in the public interest. the party he is keeping in

office. It is the Labor Party

getting rid of a person who was

doing his job but creating only

public anxiety for them. The

watchdog who wrote the

questions is resigning but the senator who asked them

certainly isn't. The Greens

insist they did nothing wrong.

Dabbling in a little politics

has cost the - I'm sorry we

will move on to the next story.

Dabbling in a little politics -

we will move that on to - I beg your pardon. The Federal

Government will introduce the Government will introduce

national disability insurance

scheme a year earlier than anticipated. The plan is designed to

designed to provide lifelong

care for the disabled and will

now be launched in 2013. State

and federal ministers met and federal ministers met for

the first time today to discuss the implementation of the

policy. Carers welcomed the announcement. It will provide

my family in particular with

funding that we don't receive currently because we don't have

a disability that's recognised

through other funding

systems. Disabilities cost the

Commonwealth $13 billion a year. South Australia's long-serving premier Mike Rann retires tomorrow and will hand

over to the current education

minister Jay Weatherill. Mr

Rann will move to the backbench

after 17 years leading the

state ALP and 10 years as

Premier. He was ousted by faction leaders

faction leaders in July but

the says he won't be a spoiler in

the new. In parliament he cited his achievements including the approvals for an expanded

Olympic Dam mine. My own view is that South Australia is is that South

positioned for greatness if we

continue to look forward and

not be distracted by a noisy

minority who oppose - and have

also opposed - any change. Mr

Weatherill will be sworn in in

Government House in Adelaide

tomorrow. Qantas has been given

a reprieve in its fierce battle

with the unions. With engineers

calling off all industrial

three weeks. It came after the

two parties failed to resolve their dispute at Fair Work

Australia but some say enough

is enough and there is renewed pressure for the Federal Government to intervene.As the warring

warring parties met for yet

another round of talks signs of

retreat were starting to

show. Our protected industrial

action is all called off for a

period of three weeks. The

engineers union had threatened

further industrial action from

next week if Qantas failed to meet industrial

meet its demands at industrial watchdog. There was

no resolution but away from the

negotiating table the unions

said it would put overtime bans

on hold in an on hold in an act of good

will. We think it is a good

sign and hope it is accepted by Qantas as being a genuine

offer. In many ways it is too

little too late. We have already grounded seven aircraft

as a direct result of

industrial action. It is that

claim that the union still does

not believe. We think Qantas

are overstating the whole situation. The airline's workers will hope the CEO has been overstated threats he

could be forced to lay off

staff. We need a deal to ensure

we can provide certainty for

our business and uments mately certainty for our

employees. Those who Qantas

depends on to sell its tickets

have joined the dispute. The

head of Australia's biggest

online air fares sales site

says the time has come for Government intervention. The

Government can't just say, "Sit around

around the table and sort it

out" it has to take a leadership position and do it is paid to to do, which is

to govern. Qantas and the union will meet again at Fair Work

Australia next week. Turkey

launched air and ground

assaults on Kurdish militants

in Iraq vowing to avenge the

deaths of 24 Kurdish soldiers.

The soldiers were killed in

raids on two Turkish bases. It

is one of the deadliest Kurdish

attacks in decades. Turkish

forces are on a mission of search and search and destroy.They're bent

on avenging their comrades and

they're pursuing the estimated

200 Kurdish fighters across the

border into northern Iraq. TRANSLATION: Whoever

supports terror feeds it and

helps it. Whoever tolerates it

and ignores its inhumane atax

and tries to cover the bloody

face of terror I want to let

them know at all times Turkey

is breathing down their

necks. That is aimed squarely

at Iraq. Two days ago this was

the scene of a roadside bomb

which killed which killed eight, including

civilians. Last week Turkey

asked its southern neighbour

with to move on the Kurdish

bases saying its may Shenzhen

was running out. Now this

latest attack, the deadliest in almost two decades. TRANSLATION: We will

retaliate in spades against those who think they have

managed to shake the Turkish

nation with these attacks. They

will see that attacking Turkey with gins will lead to

nothing. We stand is in

solidarity with the Turkish

people and condemn in the strongest possible terms strongest possible terms these attacks. Despite its anger, for

now Turkey's incursion into

Iraq appears to be limited. One man's zoo turned into a big

game hunt after dozens of wild animals

animals were set free in the US

state of Ohio. Police called

dozens of animals including

endangered Bengal tigers after

their owner left them loose

then took his own life. The

details from leasa Millar. A warning: Her

images some viewers may find

upsetting. As night fell police

in rural Zanesville faces an

extraordinary task, hunting

down more than 50

exotic and dangerous. This is

not just a nightmare, it is

like no what's ark filled with

tigers and lieions and leopards

and and monkeys and it crashes here

worse than that. Scary, you and all of a sudden - it is

if the don't know where they're at and

they will be running wild, crazy. The darkness and the

here is number meant it was too

Police were ordered to shoot to dangerous to use tranquilisers.

kill. These

kill. These are wild animals, wild animals

wild animals that you would see

on TV in Africa. The

62-year-old private zoo owner

suicide after letting the is believed to have committed

animals loose. By morning most

before dead, including 18

endangered Bengal tigers, a tragedy according to wildlife

experts. If you had 18 Bengal tigers running around these

neighbourhoods you folks

wouldn't have wanted to see what would have closed as the hunt went happened. Schools remained

on. There are two missing

animals at this time, one being

a grey wolf and one being a

Monday Dee key. It is unclear - monkey.

monkey. It is unclear how the

animal's owner managed to

collect them but Ohio's laws

have been criticised in the

past for being too lax. Police

have clashed with residents of an illegal settlement in the

English county of Essex. The violence flared when authorities carried out an eviction order on part of Dale

travellers and ro many people Farm which has been home to

for more than a decade. Most of the protesters were supporters

who joined residents in the

site in the lead up to the eviction. eviction. Council officials

said they had given the residents plenty of notice but

some families were still there

when the trouble began. Shame

on ye. Ye didn't promise this.

coming in peaceful. The Ye cheated us. Ye said

violence comes after the local

council fought a 10-year legal

Saturday lement removed. There battle to have the illegal

have been

the streets of Athens between

angry Greeks and riot police.

Tens of thousands turned out to

protest against a new wave austerity measures. The protest against a new wave of

Government says the painful

measures will pay off in the

long term. Europe correspondent

Rachael Brown reports.Fury has

erupted in

the tug of war continues between popular anger and international financial demands. Crowds outside

parliament set fire to a sentry box and their volumy of marble

chunks and molotov cocktails

was met by tear gas and stun

grenades. Around 100,000 people

are joining in the two-day strike crippling flights and

schools and tourist public transport and closing

attractions. It comes as the government prepares to vote on

more austerity measures, the

price for continuing support

from or eurozone countries the IMF. The vast majority of

the Greek people who are not

happy, and some of whom are in

the streets today, understand

that these measures, as terribly difficult as they are,

are necessary and will guarantee a better future for

themselves and their families. The Greeks say if

change is rushed the economy

will die and suicide rates will continue to skyrocket. Greece has

has entered into a coma, which

is deepening. The more medicine

the deeper the coma is is being applied on the patient

becoming. This protest is the

union's last stand before the

weekend 's EU summit on

from the worsening sovereign rescuing the single

debt crisis. We want Greece to

create confidence in investors.

Without confidence there will

be no investment and no

jobs. It has been nearly 18

months since Greece received

its first bailout but its

top of Europe's agenda. To

finance now. Shares and the dollar both fell today

following a decline on Wall

Street. I think it is fair to

say that share markets are in a

trend-free zone at the moment.

Investors have absolutely no

idea what to do as they wait

for European Union leaders to come up to their solution to

the fact that some of their

members and many of their banks are insolvent. agree to cough up the money

needed. Will Greece default. In

the meantime markets were left

to inspect the US Federal

Reserve's board of the US so-called beige book. Totally

inconclusive so Wall Street

reversed yesterday's gains just

in case . Europe peen stocks

went up but markets in Asia

followed Wall Street. So did

ours. The All Ordinaries fell

1.6% with resources stocks

posting pretty big falls. The

banks were down 1% to 1.5%.

move at cent or more a day but

really it is just leaping up

and down on the spot waiting

crisis. Here is a chart of the for a resolution to the Europe

Australian dollar and the

global share price index. I am

calling them siblings in risk.

When investors are more risk

averse they sell shares and the Aussie. When they are feeling better they buy both.

Commodities had a rugged

session in the United States

last night. There is a bit of

good news about the economy today. The common we. Bank produces an index derived

from all credit and debit card

transactions that is a broad

retail sales figures. The

latest one for September showed

a rise of 0.2% taking the index

to the highest level for two

years and showing a recovery

from the low of just five

months ago. It looks very much

like a V. That is finance. The

ACT Assembly passed a law

banning smoking in cars in which children are travelling.

Drivers will be fined $250 if

they are caught lighting up in a car when a age of 16 is a passenger. All

other jurisdictions except the

Northern Territory have already

passed sinl lar laws. The

Government say less the will be

a six-month education campaign

before the ban comes into

effect. After years of putting

up with roadworks and traffic snarls the morning commute for Gungahlin

become a little faster. Gungahlin residents has just

Gungahlin Drive is Canberra's

most expensive road project to

date but with improved journey

times it seems many may not mind the price

now. tag. That was then but this is

now.It has taken seven years

and cost more than $20 million

a kilometre but this vital stretch of road is finally finished. It used to take me 40

minutes at least if not more to

get to work. Now it is cut down

with a bit of heavy traffic to

25 or 30 minutes. All four

lanes opened earlier this month

but it is only this week with

students returning to school

that the 9 kilometre section

has been properly tested. It is

heavier in traffic but it quicker than what the GDE used

to be. It faced years of delay

including a legal challenge in

2005 and last year's bridge

collapse. For drivers that is now a distant memory.

Our survey suggests about 1,200 people coming out of

Gungahlin are using the road

more than they were previously

using it. That is quite

positive. That is a 20% increase in during the roadworks. New speed

Olympic Village its are causing

some consternation. What people in Canberra want is

consistency. We don't want to

reasonable speed see any entrapment and want a

reasonable speed limit. It is

an area that the department or

Directorate is continuing to

look at and we will review it in coming months. Roads ACT

will be assessing how many

the coming weeks. drivers are using the road over

A snapshot of the nation's

cities shows that no matter

which Australian

in housing is scarce. There is

a shortfall of 200,000 homes

across the country. The Federal

Government report also found

that fewer young that fewer young people can afford to buy their afford to buy their own

property so they are staying in

the family home longer. Australia's population is

drifting north. It's cities in

Queensland, the Northern

Territory and northern Western Australia

Australia that are growing the

fastest. Down south, Melbourne

is outpacing Sydney. Over the past decade population grew by 600,000

while Sydney's increased by

just under 450,000. That is as

a result of many people leaving Sydney either Sydney either for south-east Queensland or for the coastal

areas of swales. Despite all

this growth construction isn't

keeping up. There is a

shortfall of 200,000 homes

across the country. It across the country. It is

creating a crisis in housing

afford built. What we are

seeing is that high housing

costs are forcing young people

to stay at home for longer to stay in the rental market for longer. More young people

were also found to be moving to

outer urban or regional areas

possibly to avoid

congestion. If you congestion. If you look at our cities there are a lot of

places you have housing without proper transport infrastructure, without employment opportunities. It

seems that where possible

people are leaving their cars at

at home. More are turning to

public transport or using bicycles. Australians have been

consuming less energy and water and cutting household waste. It

is coming off a very, very high base. We are still one of the highest producers of greenhouse

gas emissions per person in the

industrialised world and we are

still one of the largest producers of household waste. The Government is

offering grants to people with

ideas about how to make

Australia's cities more

sustainable and liveable.

Immediate action needed to

protect and restore Canberra's

nature reserves according to a new report. The office of the Office of the Commissioner for Sustainability and the Environment found most reserves are in

condition. Almost one fifth or

an area covering 6,000 football

fields is nearing or already in

a critical state. Overgrazing from rabbits, cross, native

vegetation, clearing and soil erosion, they are the common

problems. The report calls for better community awareness

about the reserves. Individual management plans and a boost in

funding. A combination of

experience and youth has helped

Australia achieve opening game of its one-day

series in South Africa. Veteran

Ricky Ponting top scored before

teenager Patrick Cummins teenager Patrick Cummins took

three wickets as Australian won the rain affected game.In his

368th game and playing as a

makeshift opener Ricky Ponting

adapted to the rule that gives each team two new balls per innings. It keeps you on your

toes a bit longer. The former captain made

finished with 183 off a

rain-reduced 29 overs. 18-year-old speedster Patrick

Cummins had an event full

one-Day bu. His first ball went

for six but next over Jacques

Kallis was his first scalp. He

had the South Africans in two

minds and on the back foot as he finished with 3/28.

20-year-old Mitch marsh made

his one-Day bu in the

is in Port Elizabeth on Sunday.

What an Anthony Mundine wants

to do is become the first boxer

to win three world titles three different weight

divisions in descending order. Last night's victory over

Rigoberto Alvarez in the light

middle weight bout puts him

closer to that goal. Mundine is

hoping to fight for the world title next year with Austin

Trout the likely opponent.

There were almost as many punches thrown in the Asian Champions League semifinal between Al Sadd and

Suwon Bluewings. The brawl was

sparked when Suwon player was

injured and Al Sadd opted to play on play on and score a goal instead of giving the ball back

to the opposition. The coaches

exchanged words. A spectator

joined in the fighting before

players and substitutes got involved. Very ugly scenes. Two

players were sent off. For the

record Al Sadd had a two-nil

win. Baseball's World Series has saint

a 10-time winner against a team

that has never won the title.

The first game was in miss Suri

and the home team struck first.

Mike Napoli tied the Mike Napoli tied the game with the Knights only long shot. A

home run in the sixth innings

was enough for saint Louis, a

3-2 win with six games to play.

The ACT Comets have failed to

convert a massive first innings

lead into victory in their

season opening futures Liege match match against Queensland. A strong

the visitors on the final day

at Manuka Oval ensured the match ended in a draw.

Archaeologists in Scotland have discovered the grave of

Viking chief buried with his boat, clothes and weapons

around 1,000 years ago. The

grave of the seafaring warrior

was found near a remote Scottish coastline. They say the artifacts and their

relative good condition make it

a rare find. This would have

held the cloak

Viking's neck or may have held

the shroud he was buried in

together. In that sense it is

very personal because it was on

his body. Vikings believed they

would take the buried with them into the

afterlivch it is the first time

a complete Viking grave has

been found on the British

mainland. Now with a look at

today's weather here is Mark

Carmody. Good Evening. Let me

say that perfect royal tour

planning this morning for the

barge trip down the lake as it was fine

winds, 22 degrees. Ideal for

the Roy natural entourage and

the lake shore spectators.

After lunch still sunny, 26 degrees. One or two clouds but

fresh west, nor westerlies

averaging 25km/h. So a bit hot

and some shop on LBG, less than ideal.

That high in the Tasman stubbornly refusing to budge,

which is good for us, as this

fine, sunny weather will

continue but it will push cloud

up onto the Queensland coast resulting in possible showers.

Virginia, lilac is the in

colour so a wisteria tonight

and the racines can grow very

long. Just look at this one. I

thought you were hiding

something in there. That is the

news for now. You can keep

up-to-date 24 hours a day

ABC News online. Stay with us

for 7:30. For me for now, goodnight. Closed Captions by

CSI. Welcome to 7:30, I'm Leigh

Sales wers, tonight, we cross

to Athens where once again citizens have taken to the

streets and the mood is

increasingly pessimistic.

However badly designed Europe

might have been, if it

collapses in the next few weeks

or months it will drag down

with it the whole concept of

the European Union. British

pianist James Rhodes, the wild

child of the piano. D word

"classical music", what does it

mean? Breaking the ruse, bad

and mad. I don't think there

is anything unique about

madness, you just a lot of

people who don't like talking

about it. First tonight, the Commonwealth Ombudsman has

quit under intense pressure

from the government. Allan

Asher has been in the