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Live. Tonight - more damage and injury as Christchurch rocked

by another series of

earthquakes. Terminal boredom

as thousands of airline

passengers remain stranded. A mass ex odd douse from Syria as mass

the army struggles with more

protests. The simple nasal

spray that could beat type 1

die bee teas.

Good evening and welcome to

ABC News, I'm Virginia

Haussegger. Two powerful aftershocks have rocked Christchurch, a city

Christchurch, a city still recovering from the earthquake

disaster in February. The

caused tremors measuring 5.5 and 6

Russia outside. Buildings were

than damaged and power cut to more

than 50,000 people. The

aftershocks were felt as far

away as Dunedin away as Dunedin and as far

north as Wellington on New

Zealand's north island. We have

a report from Christchurch. Get away.

It felt like there was no safe

ground in Christchurch today, even running for cover proved

impossible for some. Very scary. Are you all right now? Yes. This quake just kept

rolling. A 5.5 struck early an hour-and-a-half afternoon, then a magnitude 6

later. Pretty shaken traumatic time for actually. It is a pretty

everyone. Something hit my head. Already damaged buildings

in the CBD took another hit as

did jangled nerves. I'm scared,

we will have to think about

whether we stay here or not

because we can't bring up our

kids in an atmosphere where they are frightened to go out

and be with their friends. It is really tiring, that is what

it is. It

Then you sit here in town and

wonder if the house is standing. Amateur video and

CCTV footage captured the

effects of the quakes

the terror. Shopping malls were

evacuated, power was cut to

50,000 homes and businesses,

houses south of the city were

left precariously perched after

fresh rock falls and in the

eastern suburbs roads turned

into rivers as the ground

liquified and water pipes

burst. For the people of this to end. I'm sure they're Christchurch

over all of this and want a sense of normality to

return. Everybody is tired. We

have been through more than

anyone should ever have to contemplate. An emergency

operation centre has been set

up here on the edge of the city

sender and residents are being

told to prepare for a long

night with the possibility of

more aftershocks. Floods in and

out - night flights in and out

of Melbourne have resumed but

it is the only silver line fog the travel cloud chaos. Qantas and Jetstar services to

Tasmania and New Zealand remain

grounded as to thousands of

passengers. Because the ash

cloud from Chile is drifting it

Melbourne as early as tomorrow.

Meanwhile authorities are

keeping Canberra and Adelaide

airports under scrutiny.

Virgin 'Australia' thank you

for your patience this

morning. It was a long weekend

that just got longer for tens of thousands of holiday makers. We are not going until makers. We

4:50 tomorrow and they are not

sure if we are leaving tomorrow either. Virgin Australia resumed flights to as the maa

this morning. We would not be

operating unless it was 100%

shaf today. Jetstar and Qantas

waited until this afternoon to

row commence flights to

Melbourne and are holding off on Tasmania and New Zealand. It

means that we are going to be

late back to Sydney. I'm going

to be late to work, a couple of

days late back to work. What

can you do? I'd

with any problem. The knock on

effects were being fwelet in

airports in Australia along

with the frustration of not

knowing. They said it

to be a long wait and they don't know when we will

depart. I have been on the

phone since 12 at night and until now I can't get through. Today the uncertainty

caused by a volcano in Chile was fuelled by forecasts the

clouds could move and cover

more of Australia. It may

actually come up and affect about 48 to 72 hours. There is

a watching brief on a number of

other cities including Adelaide

and Canberra. We do expect

this week. Forecasters say the there will be future delays

ash cloud could return to Melbourne as early as tomorrow. Quantity fast is

warning passengers to expect

days of delays from this ash

plume which has already affected 50,000 passengers and

resulted in the cancellation of

a lifeline for some, about 450 flights.But there was

federal politicians were

airlifted by the RAAF this afternoon so they could be in

time for the resumption of parliament tomorrow. more allegations tonight parliament tomorrow. There are

sexual abuse in Australia's more allegations tonight about sexual

Defence Forces. Three former

members have told the ABC's

'Four Corners' program how they

were either beaten or sexually

assaulted and then encouraged

to keep quiet. The new claims

come as the Federal Government looks into other allegations of

abuse that emerged after

April's Skype scandal at the

Academy. Australian Defence Force

There is a dark shadow hanging

over the Australian

military. Guys have been anally raped with raped with vacuum cleaners, broom handles, bashings, it's not nice, no. Three former

members of the Defence Force

claim they were abused while serving that country. Claire,

which is not her real name,

joined the navy when she was

17. I was sexually assaulted at

the time and do I remember

were watching in to see what

was going on. Claire says what

happened the next day made

matters worse. They started the

end they basically said to me three tapes rolling and in the

that if I didn't say that it

was consensual sex that I would

lose my career and that they

would keep me here for hours and they would make my life in the Defence Force very

difficult. Claims of sexual

abuse aren't just restricted to

the navy, John, who is now a

successful bar wrister, says he

was beaten and sexually abused was beaten

Defence in 1989 at the Australian

Defence Force academy. I was

being struck at the same time

being what I believe being what I believe were

blocks of soap tied in a towel

or something and I was sexually

assaulted. John says there are

now no records of these events occurring on his cadet file. I'm still very angry

about it, especially because I

am aware that there that I'm certain who were am aware that there are people that

involved in the assault on me

who are now senior officers in the Australian Defence

Forces. The Federal Government is currently investigating

allegations of past abuse at the Australian Defence Force

Academy. The Defence Minister,

Stephen Smith declined to

comment on these latest


You can see the full 'Four

Corners' report tonight at

8:30. Syrian troops backed by

helicopters and tanks

at the centre of protests

against the Assad regime.

Thousands of residents from

Jisr al-Shughur have flied to

Turkey to escape the Turkey to escape the fighting. Ben Knight reports. It is

claimed these are pictures of

Syrian army helicopters heading

to the north of the country. It

is impossible to verdict Irify

but Syrian state TV announced

that heavy clashes were taking

place in the city of Jisr

al-Shughur. Refugees have been

fleeing the city for days. They

have been

since last Monday when the

Syrian regime claimed that 120

soldiers had been killed by

armed groups in the city.

than 5,000 people have now

crossed from Syria into Turkey

over the past week. They tell a different story about what

happened in the city last Monday. TRANSLATION: When

soldiers started opening fire on the protesters, some within the

the military objected. There

was an internal clash and many soldiers were killed. More refugees are waiting Syria in makeshift camps for their chance to cross. TRANSLATION: There is no

milk for the children, we

bought some but we ran out.

They are targets hopes and

yesterday shooters targeted

us. The Syrian regime is

increasingly isolated, but it

is partly by choice. The United

Nations say the Bashar al-Assad

is no longer taking calls from

Ban Ki-moon. International

anger is growing but when it

come s to action there aren't many options. We are not entirely powless but we

anything that we do. Russia and

China have both said they will

veto any resolution that authorises military action against Syria.

will be no air strikes like those still going on in Libya

and no way of putting an

immediate end to the violence.

The Greens have lashed out at

the Prime Minister for refusing

to receive the Dalai Lama. The

Tibetan spiritual leader is

touring Australia and will be at Parliament House tomorrow. says Australian prime at Parliament House tomorrow. A says Australian prime ministers

don't meet him on every visit. Greens leader Bob Brown labelled the decision

pathetic. Here we have another

Prime Minister cow towing to

the communist bosses in Beijing

rather than standing up for

this nation. Tony Abbott will

meet the Dalai Lama as will

other MPs including a member of

the government. More than 370 Australians have been

recognised for their community service in this year's Queen's Birthday Honours List. always they come from all walks

of life. We report on some of

those celebrating their honour

today. I, Susan Kiefel The only Australian to receive the top

honour, the AC, is High Court

judge Susan Kiefel. From the

humble beginnings of a high school dropout she eventually

went back to school and become

only the third female justice

of the High Court. Preferring

life on the farm these days former Deputy Prime Minister

and leader of the John Anderson is recognised for his service to Australia. The reforms is built wealth,

brought interest rates down and

gave us flexibility, let me do

a whole range of things in rural and regional Australia that we couldn't have otherwise

done. On the other side of the

political fence former tresh,

Ralph Willis says he is

slightly embarrassed by his

inclusion on the honours list.

His concept of the wages accord

with the unions was fundamental

in reforming the economy in the early 90s. Through the accord

we were able to make a strong recovery, get jobs

growth going rapidly. Natasha Stott Despoja is also

recognised for her services to

parliament. In 1995 she was

youngest woman to join the Senate and eventually became

leader of the Australian

Democrats. I'm certainly proud of

of playing some small role in

encouraging more young people

and certainly more women to be

actively interested in and hopefully run for parliament. Rob McLane brought

one of the world's largest environmental groups environmental groups to

Australia, the nature conserve vancy working to balance the environment with the demands on

land. There is an interest in

figuring out what is the right

way to work out what is the

right way to allow people to earn their livy hoods earn their livy hoods but seek

to protect these stroordry natural assets. Aboriginal

elder dob don't dob has Ben

recognised for preserving the

Arrente language. Kerryn Phelps

has been recognised for her

work in community held. Former democrat senator Brian

Greig. The Australian community

is overwhelmingly in favour of

equal marriage. Mick Keelty - Mick Keelty has been

honoured. Major Jason Groat

along with warrant officer

Kevin Dolan are two of several

members of the armed forces recognised for putting their lives on the line in Afghanistan. The manager director of the ABC, Mark

Scott, has overseen massive

change at the broadcaster, he

says an No. An environment. unprecedented media choice the ABC must stay true to its core values. The journalism we do is

journalism of great consequence and that will be important. 'Australian Story's, Australian

drama, Australian content on

television, very important for us and our committedment in

regional and rural Australia

too. Max Walker gets a gong for his service to the sport and

his charity work. We can all

help, it doesn't have to be

dollars, it can be phone call

or idea or connection. I like

to think we can all make a difference. Andrew Lock climbed

his way onto the honours list, he was the first Australian to reach the summit of all 14 of

the world's highest peaks above

8,000 metres. Here in the ACT

some familiar faces have been

honoured, they include senior

Micks servant Lisa Paul who will become an Officer of the Order of Australia. There are

some unsung heros who have

quietly been devoting their

free time to the community for

years. Marie Coleman has worked

tirelessly to improve the lot of women in senior public servant she has witnessed significant changes in public policy towards women

but says one of the greatest advances has been quite

resent. The thing that has given me the most satisfaction

has been the introduction of paid parental leave. That really, I think, is just terrific. Her impact on life for Australian women has been

significant but by no means a

solo effort. For all the things

they've done with organisations

there have been a lot of other

people doing things too. In one

sense it's a commentary on a number of people I work

with. For every high profile person honoured there is

another who shunned the

limelight. John Skene has been

involved with amateur swimming

in the ACT since the early 70s

and says he enjoys helping

children develop a community spirit. The older children

mentoring, if you like, some of

the younger children. I think

that's a very good thing in the young people in this day and age. Dot mills is recognised for a lifetime devoted to athletics low alley and internationally. She officiated at

at the Sydney Olympics and the Commonwealth Gails in Melbourne and Brisbane. Rob de Castella

winning his distance race was a fantastic race. I was there at the finish. It was wonderful to

see him finish. Selflessness

and humility are a common theme

among those honours. Every

year, Naren Chellappah works as

a volunteer dentist. The nicest

thing about work is to see people's faces when they have no pain or pain has been

relieved. I am fortunate to

have the opportunity have the opportunity to do

that. Dr Chellappah says helping others has enriched his

life beyond measure and he's

humble to be recognised. I felt inadequate. I wondered why me.

There are so many who do so

much more than I. You don't do

it to get awards or to get

payment for it . I enjoyed it,

every bit of honoured today. Action buss doubt echoed by everyone

will be off the roads again on

Thursday as drivers consider a

new enterprise agreement. The ACT Government has been in an 18-month dispute with the

drivers over pay and work

conditions. A separate dispute

with maintenance staff saw bus

services disrupted during April

but that's been resolved. The transport workers union says

the Government's made a new

offer to drivers and it is soon be reached. Patients at confident

Canberra's emergency

departments are being warned to

expect delays as record numbers

seek treatment in. The past three departments have been working

shents a day visiting the to capacity with almost 200 pay

Canberra hospital alone. Up to

one third of those patients

required further treatment in

hospital putting pressure on already crowded wards. The

Government says this year the

traditional winter surge of

patients has come earlier than

normal. What I'm trying to is to normal. What I'm trying to say hospitals are

hospitals are very busy at the

moment so if you are less

think about some other urgent, you may have a wait or

option. This isn't going to go

away. Up to see significant increases in away. Up to about 2020 we will

demand across our health

system. Katy Gallagher says non

urgent patients should consider

the calms clinic and the nurse

walk in centre. There's been an

important development in the

fight against type 1 diabetes.

Australian researchers say for

the first time they have a

vaccine that could prevent type 1 the 1 diabetes in people at risk of the condition.

Peter Pritchard has type 1

diabetes but thanks to a new

vaccine his daughter Tara won't

develop the condition. When I

was 3 that's when anti bodies

were found that could lead to

diabetes and, yeah, since then

I was always told that I was at

the high risk of developing diabetes. Tara, my daughter,

she's been on the diabetic

trial for the last three years

and results are promising. Researchers at the

Walter and ise have a hall institute and hospital have

just completed a study. By administering it through the nose the nose the insulin acts only on

affect the immune system and does not

affect blood glucose

levels. Our approach has been

to try to switch off the body's

immune system to insulin which

we think is the underlying

cause of the problem in type 1

diabetes. Just over 50 people

with early stage diabetes were

given the vaccine, once a week for a year. Research says the

spraydy sensitise s the immune system

system suppressing its reaction

against insulin. This is a

world first. It is the first

time that anyone shown that this novel type of vaccine approach can actually

change the immune response to something in your own body. It

is a sport of treatment that is

safe and may well be trarns

latable to very lard populations worldwide. After

the success of this trial researchers say a nasal researchers say a nasal vaccine

could be trialled in autoimmune diseases. Western could be trialled in other

Australia will become the first

state to ban crink - Kronic

and other synthetic cannabis

products. It comes an an

investigation by the WA government into the harmful

effects of the drugs. From

illegal and anyone caught with Friday the product s will be

them will be charged facing a

hefty fine or a jail term.

Several other states are

considering similar action and

national ban. The Federal the WA government wants a

Government can certainly do A national ban is the best

system rather than what we are

doing. But as we've heard we

wanted to get in and sort this

out quickly. WA government says

it will raise the issue at next meeting of health it will raise the issue at the

ministers. Australia's Casey

Stoner has taken the

championship lead in the MotoGP after winning the British Grand

Prix. It was Stoner's fourth

victory of the season and

thinks third in a row.Cold and

wet conditions at Silverstone He started on poll and sect in for

the standings but the

championship leader swooped at

the start. Jorge Lorenzo leads

into turn 1. The slip streams

were waterlogged as a mistake

from the pace setter let

Dovizioso and his Honda team-mate Stoner slip past. The

ensuing pressure caused Lorenzo

lap 8. Marco Simoncelli failed to push his Yamaha too hard on

to keep his quest for a first

MotoGP podium on track.While

the number 27 raced to his 27th

victory in this class. Casey

Stoner wins here at

Silverstone. Once we got a bit

of a lead I felt

and just trying to make sure we

didn't crash in those

conditions. It was also wet in

Montreal that hosted the

Formula 1 circus and Lewis Hamilton walked the tight rope

early. Hamilton got right up

the inside of him. Mark Webber will fall to the back of the

field. Webber would settle in

lost everything when he took on 12th while Hamilton risked and

Jenson Button.-- torrential

rain load to a two hour rain load to a two hour race

suspension. Seb Vettel began in the year and button benefitted

from a tyre change. As the cars

regained their grip this track

marshal last his attempting to

clean up a spill. A final lap

dual between Button and Vettel

ended classically. He turned in too

a brilliant race. Vettel ended

second ahead of Mark Webber.

Miami was feeling the heat

ahead of game 6 of the NBA

finals against Dallas. The Heat

down 40-28 before a three point streak led by Eddie House.

DeShawn Johnson and Udonis

Haslem came face to face,

tempers flared shortly after.

Dirk Nowitzki sealed it with a

jumper that put Dallas up by

10. The Mavs caps a remarkable

run with their first NBA

crown. One of the few positives

in the Raider's horror start to

the sfn has been the play of teenager Josh Papalii. The

young forward stepped up in the

Raiders one point loss to the

Broncos yesterday. The Raiders

were losing until he scored two

quick tries. Despite his

performance he is finding first

grade difficult he says. It is

look, sort of a big step

Toyota Cup. It's pretty fast and pretty tough. You are

playing bigger and better

players. Josh Papalii hopes his

current form and injuries to

key players mean he will remain

in the top side. Despite missing several stars Collingwood had its tenth win

of the season after downing

Melbourne at the MCG this

afternoon. An eight-goal final

quarter burst held the Magpies

to an 88-point win in front of

the crowd of 76,000 people. Without key Dane Swan and Dale Thomas

Collingwood was looking for

someone to stand up. Davis was

everywhere in the first everywhere in the first quarter and with help from a first

gamer... the pies opened up a 10-point quarter time lead.

When Colin Sylvia marked and

kicked his first goal the

Demons looked in the contest

but Collingwood's preasure in

the midfield was suffocating

and Travis cloak was the

had five goals and the Magpies

led by 38 points much to Dean Bailey's frustration. The

Magpies took 15 minutes to kick

their next goal. When it their next goal. When it came

it was worth the wait. Scott

Pendlebury broke the shackles

soon after and the solo

continued to impress. The

Demons contained the damage

with two late goals and it was

Mick Malthouse's turn to

grumble. The resistance didn't

last long. Collingwood's

pressure in the final term was immense and its hype was

telling.Brown and Chris Daws dominated up forward and with

eight goals to one to finish

the game the reigning premiers

won by 88 points cementing second place on the ladder.

Finally a glimpse of some of the action at Broadway's night

of nights. The 65th annual Tony

Awards have taken centre stage

in New York with a couple of

Australians on the winners

list. After the Oscar success for the of the Desert', Lizzie Gardiner

and Tim chapel picked up the

Tony for best costume design

for the stage for the stage version. We love

what we do and this makes it an amazing experience. Australian

Tony shelledion was nominated

for his role in the production

but missed out on a gong. The

big winner was the book of

Mormon a musical from the

creators of 'South Park'. It is

a tale of two young

missionaries sent to a remote show ticked up a total of show ticked up a total of nine

awards including best musical.

Now with a look at today's weather here is Mark Carmody. The The Queen's birthday holiday

was a fine and dry affair. It

might have been fine and dry

but tell that to the sausage

sizzle people outside the hardware

hardware store at Gungahlin who

froze in brisk south-easterly

winds that averaged between 22

and 25km/h. We were saved from

frosts with minimums of four

and 7 but those keep the maximum toll only 14.

Currently it is less than half

that - 6. The south-eastlies

have died to 10 kilometres an hour and the barometer is

steady. Around our local region

today on the east, north of the

bay was cloudy with rain

falling. For those of you with

kids at the Wollongong Uni they

needed a warm rain coat as well

as money as it was wet and only

reached 16. Rain also fell in the mountains, blew across the Riverina and

the south-west slopes keeping

temperatures to 17 in Griffith,

15 in tell Mora. Around the capital cities today: Most of Australia is clear of cloud except over the

north-east of the state that is

producing that very heavy rain.

Cloud off the coast mere Perth

will bring showers there

tomorrow. A low is situated off

the north-east coast and will

slowly drift southwards running

into a rung centred just west

of Tasmania. The result - more

rain and increasing windy

conditions. That rain eventually reach the capital

over the nextfy days. So

nationally tomorrow:

Virginia, those conditions

won't bother this about to

flower Garrya Elliptica, it

likes cold, damp weather. It is kind

kind of in the right place. Before

the top stories. Christchurch

has again been rocked by a

series of powerful tremors. Several people were injured power was cut to thousands of

homes. Varlines have started to

move the backlog of passengers

grounded by the volcanic ash

cloud. The cloud from Chile is

forecast to drift back covering more of Australia. That's the

news for now. You can keep up

to date 24 hours a day on ABC

News online. Stay with for 7:30. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI.

Tonight - new questions about

the health risks of the

contraceptive pill. Tania

wasn't sick and then she

developed these two symptoms.

Then in a few months she was

dead. The costs of

for the northern cattle

business? I don't think you can

begin to understand just how

dark the days are over north Australian industry at

the moment. And up close with

the world's foremost expert on chimpanzee, Jane

chimpanzee, Jane Goodall. Like us, they have a dark side.

Hello. Welcome to the

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