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(generated from captions) concern them still. Jody Broun,

good to talk to you. Thank

you. Returning flow to the

safety kerbs that have been

raised by Jetstar cabin crew

who are complaining of being

asked to work shifts of up to

20 hours long. Independent Senator Nick Xenophon joins us

on the phone now. Senator Xenophon, good morning. Jetstar

are saying there are no fatigue

concerns amongst its cabin

crew, do you believe it? No, I don't, for a number of reasons.

There was a number of evidence

given to a recent Senate committee that there were

concerns about fatigue amongst

pilots and amongst cabin crew.

There was a leaked email from a

pilot that was responsible for managing the Perth base who

sent an email to his fellow

pilots with the words 'Toughen

up princesses, you're not fatigued you just don't want to

concerned that may be systemic work." I am concerned I am

of a culture within Jetstar

where people are concerned

about expressing their concerns

about fatigue. Jetstar says it

has what et it describes as

fatigue management systems.

What does this say about how

Qantas is treating its

crew? Qantas crew are treated

differently. Jetstar cabin crew based in Australia have a different rostering system and

different fatigue management

from Qantas in terms of the

hours they do. But Jetstar was saying point blank in the statement they have the

same. Point blank I am saying

Jetstar is wrong because

overseas-based crew, for

instance, their contracts which

would make any contract under

WorkChoices look quite

benevolent in comparison, allow

crews to work up to 20-hour

shirts at the discretion of the

management. The problem is we have Jetstar crew that are

employed this overseas bases

that are #23e68ly doing

domestic flights here. That is

an issue where staff come in,

overseas staff could work up to

a week or two weeks here in

Australia effectively on routes

based in Australia and I think

there is a very real concern there about whether effectively

Jetstar is getting cheap

labour. What are the

consequences in your view as

Jetstar working in excess of 20

hours both on flielthss hours both on flielthss and

when they - flights and when

they finish their shift. I can

only tell you what Jetstar crew

tell me. They worry that in the

event of an emergency they will

be too exhausted to adequate ly

spovenltd cabin crew's number

one role is about the safety of

their passengers and CASA, the

regulator, the aviation safety

regulator is looking at this as

I understand it but it needs to

fast track this and a

recommendation of the Senate

committee is there be

regulations in place to deal

with fatigue for cab yib crew.

At the moment there are

regulations for pilots but not

cabin crew and that's an

anomaly. How soon are you

hoping CASA may act here? That

is up to kas ya. I know CASA

have had their hands full

recently on a few issues, but I

think it's very important that

this be given priority. CASA

needs extra resources to

implement this as a matter of urgency and the Federal Government should provide those

resources. And Qantas, you said

you don't have any serious

concerns about cabin crew. The

pilot honourable senator at

Qantas have raised concerns

about how they're treated. How

much of an issue is that likely

to become? I would like to

clarify that. I do get concerns

from Qantas crew in terms of

fatigue issues but it seems in

relative terms Jetstar crew operate under different

conditions, particularly the

overseas based crew. And I have

had complaints about adequate

rest periods and the like for

Qantas. I think the issue is we

need the safety regulator to ensure there are regulations in

those regulations are place across the board and

enforced. Nick Xenophon on the

phone from Adelaide, thank you

very much for your time this