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Oh, thank you! Thank you! Some beautiful champagne. Sit down! ladies and gentlemen? What about that, to finish off the night. What a fantastic way for Julie King. Put your hands together Julie has just changed her life in the Millionaire Hot Seat. right here

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Guilty of murdering her own baby A

shock verdict from Keli Lane's dark

secret T Sydney mother collapsed

and screamed as the jury delivered

its majority finding. Petrol prices

hit a 6-month high and they are

still rising. What caused Oprah to

lose her cool after cruising the

harbour with Russell Crowe. Stormy

weather? The western Sydney suburb

was the worst insurance record.

After that kiss t very public fall-

out forewarny and Liz Hurley. Good

evening. As a water polo champion

Keli Lane was determined ambitious.

Today a Sydney jury concluded she

was so determined and ambitious she

killed her new born baby so that

the child would not disrupt her

career. In a dramatic end to her

murder trial Keli Lane collapsed on

the floor of the court as the

guilty very was read out. We have

covered the case for a number of

years. What a dramatic end? It was

such an extraordinary scene. So

much raw emotion in the room T

moment that that foreman said the

word "Guilty". Keli's mother

screamed no. Everybody seemed

stunned. There were journalists

crying and Keli made an awful grunt

before she collapsed. A paramedic

arrived to treat Keli Lane. She

knocked her head as she fainted in

the dock. Five hours earlier

walking into court she had no idea

when she left she would be in

police custody facing a very long

time in jail. Her distressed mother

snuck out the back door. Keli's

boyfriend seemed stunned. Can you

tell us how Keli is? Is she okay?

Before making a bolt for it. It was

a DOCCS workers who uncovered the

lives. He was processing the

adoption of her third child in 1999

when he discovered Tegan was

missing. She is a murder. She has

no feelings for anyone else in this

world except herself. Probably in

Keli's mind you ruined her life?. I

think so. You do not have a problem

with that? No. I sleep okay. Did

you kill the child? No I didn't. I

would not do anything to her. No!

No! During her interview was police

Keli insisted that baby Tegan was

alive and well living with her

natural father but police could

find no trace of them. This is not

going to go away. It is a matter

that the child is missing, okay? A

suspected death. What? Keli knew

she now had to tell her family and

friends but not only did she have

three babies secretly, one of them,

Tegan, had vanished I know it is

not going to go away but I don't

want to hurt everybody around me.

She first told her mother Sandra

not knowing police had her phone

tapped. You told me this guy took

the baby to raise it which is

unusual. I'm trying to support you.

My trust has been violated. Do you

understand that? Totally. I don't

want the talk about it right now.

Okay, you know I love you. I love

you. Alright. See you on Sunday.

She feared telling her father

Robert a former police officer. Got

to be telling the absolute truth,

I'm telling you, because he will

know how to find out things that

you would not believe. He is not

going to hurt you but he is going

to blow up, you know that don't

you? It was an emotional time for

Keli with detectives starting to

build the case. Her fiance stood by

her as captured on police phone

answer the. We will get through it

mate. I don't know we will. Now

front-page news everybody asked how

had she managed to hide three

presenting man situation. Not even

she knew. This was her at her own

21st birthday four months pregnant

with Tegan and a month before the

birth a stomach well hidden under

lose clothes. Even her rugby-

playing boyfriend who was sleeping

with her was clueless. Looking from

an outside points of view it is

difficult to believe two could

share a bed and a girl is pregnant

but the man does not know. The

whole time Keli changed her story.

This is the version Keli now stands

by, that on leaving the hospital

two days after Tegan was born she

gave her to its natural father here

thin car park. His name was Andrew

Norris or Morris, she is not sure.

He was with her partner Mel and

they took the baby. The prosecution

believe Keli made them up, that

shortly after leaving here she

murdered Teagan and dumped the body.

Time was pressing for Keli that day.

Three hours after leaving Auburn

she had to be at a friend's wedding

in Manly. She arrived in a cream

suit on the arm of Duncan. 14 years

later she has finally had the face

up to the unimaginible thing she

did to her own baby. Justice has

been done. I'm so, so happy for

Tegan that this validates her

existence here on earth. And that

the person that killed her is going

to be punished for what she has

done. It is a disturbing case T

decision for the jury has not been

easy, has it? At the end of the day

there was nobody and there were no

witnesses and the jury could not

reach a unanimous decision. In the

end it was a majority verdict so 11

to 1. Almost immediately Keli's

lawyers asked for she could be

bailed T judge said he was sorry

but he could not do that because

she potentially face as long

sentence. She is about to spend

Christmas behind bars and then she

will be sentenced on 25 February.

Thank you Alison. For you are

hitting the road over the Christmas

holidays prepare for a shock. Some

petrol stations are charging up to

$1.39 a litre, that is a 6-month

high. The NRMA predicts prices will

rise another 8 cents to $1.47

before Christmas Day. It is the

annual pre-Christmas petrol price

shock. Here just shy of $1.39 cents

a litre. Overnight an 11 cent rise.

They are rising, yeah, every single

day like they touch the sky now. I

only put $20 in because the price

is too high and it is going up

again next week A lady told me in

the garage of where I called before,

an extra 5 cents. Prices hovered

just understand $1.8 cents a litre

here. I is a rip off. They have

always got an excuse but it is

close to Christmas. They have got

us by the, we know what! So why is

filling up so expensive? A kol

winter in Europe has led to the

Russians buying more which has

pushed up the cost of the barrel

leading to the highest prices at

the pump for 6 months. Today is the

high point of the price cycle and

the advice is wait before filling

up for you can. Keep your eye out

to the $1.26 mark, look at our web

site. We will tell you when prices

have hit bottom. For they are right

these prices will be considered

good value on Christmas Day. They

fear an 8 cents a litre increase

within a fortnight but petrol

station owners disagree. Can't see

it. Looks like the latest increase

that we have seen on world prices

seems to be levelling out. Here is

hoping he is right. The Oprah

Winfrey show took to the water

today T queen of television cruised

the harbour with some famous Sydney

friend. But it was not all plain

sailing with Oprah Winfrey flashing

some frustration as she gears up

for recording her shows tomorrow.

She had been above it, next to it,

today she was on it. Didn't Sydney

turn it on? Our glorious harbour a

sparkling blue day and Oprah

Winfrey green with envy! I love

this city. At the wheel of rock

star rfpl oss Wilson's yacht her

pal Russell Crowe Do you know how

to sail? You should see a movie

called Master and Commander. Decked

out in rabto hats they cruised

Sydney for an hour before Oprah

Winfrey breeze onto King Street

with cocktail glass in hand. But we

saw for the most brief moment Oprah

Winfrey lose her cool, animated and

argue wing the producer. She was in

a better mood after lunch at the

super swanky Bungalow 8.. I had

crack cakes and rockets which was

good. Outside the restaurant she

met. The April tight of hundreds of

fans, all hungry for a piece of

their idol. My God. It keeps going.

Oprah Winfrey makes ordinary people

do strange things. This woman's

extreme reaction to seeing her idol

over the weekend has already had

thousands of hits on YouTube. A

dream come true. I have waited 15

years. Sarah joins me from the

Opera House. Preparation are well

underway for the shows tomorrow?

Yeah, they sure are. The Oprah

House set has been bumped in an

last-minute rehearseals have been

taking place T choir has been

practising and later Oprah Winfrey

is expected to pop down for a final

sound check. These shows tomorrow

are going to be absolutely huge.

John Bon Jovi, Nicole Kidman, Keith

Urban, Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman,

they are just some of her confirmed

guests tomorrow. There is more pin

ahead for home buyers with new

predictions of interest rate rises.

Cameron Clyne the boss of the

National Australia Bank told a

Senate banking inquiry in Sydney

today he expected the Reserve Bank

to raise the cash rate by half a

per cent next year. We are saying

we feel that the Reserve Bank will

rise or raise interest rates by 50

basis points over the next 12

months. What the impact lot have is

a separate issue. Premier Keneally

has declared four more parts of the

state natural disaster zones as she

took a tour of flood-RAAFed

Queanbeyan today. The total number

of areas under threat is 37. We

have had plenty of rain this summer

but thankfully we have been spared

the wild storms that can cause so

much havoc. Today insurance companies revealed the Sydney

suburbs that are more likely to be

hit by nature's fury and how that

means higher premiums for people

living there. This hailstorm all

but destroyeded this woman's

Blacktown home.. Very frustrating.

More than $100,000 damage and the

repairs are still going. This is

our provided and joy and we are

trying our best to, you know, bring

the house to of where it was before

this hailstorm. Unfortunately the

house is smack bang in the middle

of the most stormy suburb.

Insurance bosses say Blacktown

racks up the highest bill for

repairs. The average claim almost

$17,000. It is followed by

Glenhaven, Lalor Park, Marayong and

Church Point .. It is a country

with very intense weather patterns

and they are very expensive. The

insurer paid out $75,000 for her

new roof, gutters and carport as

well as some internal repairs.

After the damage is fixed the next

dilemma for these residents is the

cost of insuring their homes after

a major storm event. The premium

here almost tripled to $220 a month

after she received her payout.

Insurers deny people living in the

storm-prone suburb are paying more.

Instead they argue premiums are

rising across the board. It is very

important people understand the

value of what they have got and

insure accordingly. But it is no

comfort. We had to change of

insurance companies because we did

not think we were treated fairly.

Ahead, why Sydney's rich are more

likely to get off a drink-driving

charge. Plus, snow problem t

stadium with a heavyweight issue A

day in the hurley-burley life of Shane

The old McDonalds! Donaldson. What happened to our old manager, Wayne? Wayne? Moved him on. Too friendly. Bad for business. Julian, we could really use some new farm equipment. Yeah, the old fogey's on the way out. That's a bit harsh. She's alright. I'm talking about our tractor. Yeah, I know. Julian, do you have any financial suggestions? Sure do. I suggest you talk to Wayne. VOICEOVER: Julian lives in Bankworld, but we live in your world, over a hundred more local ANZ Agribusiness bankers who are committed to helping your business.

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Some news in from the Northern

Territory of where bone haves been

discovered in a remote dam. They

were found about 80 kilometres

north of Barrow Creek the scene of

the infamous outback abduction of

British tourist Peter ffpl alconio

in 2001. It is unclear from the

bones are human or animal W the

run-up to Christmas well underway

police are on the look out for

drink-drivering across the city but

we have found thousands of drivers

are escaping punishment and their

chances improve for they live in

Sydney's north or east while those

in the west and south are paying

the price. 26 years old caught

drink-driving with a low-range PCA

at Randwick on Melbourne Cup Day

yet she walks out of Waverley court

licence in hand, no conviction, no

fine.. She walked past the set up

here, got her car and drove past it

because she believes she could not

be over the limit. Last year 20% of

all drink-drivers in Sydney got off

just like this woman under what is

called a section 10. Pulled over an

charged by police. Yet excused by a

magistrate for having a good

driving record and some say a good

lawyer. A freedom of information

search by Nine News has revealed at

least at quarter of all drink-

drivers who appeared in the North

Sydney, Manly, New Town, Waverley

an Hornsby courts were given their

licences back. The court is less

inclined to strike out the charge

are of where 10% of all drink-

drivers were allowed back on the

road. One would have to asked of

the question toast whether people

because they come from a more

affluent area can afford better

representation. Under the section

10 the driver must pay $76 in court

costs on top of lawyer fees, around

$7006789 still not good enough says

the Police Association. This is not

the message we need before

Christmas. We put people before the

court so we can make sure this

offence does not occur again.

Politicians say for you drink an

drive you will be caught. Well no

you won't! In the US a massive

build-up of snow came crashing

through the roof of a sports

stadium forcing the cancellation of

a football game in Minneapolis.

Workers are trying to clear the

bill-up to prevent more damage as

the Midwest endures a big freeze

which is cutting roads and closing

air ports. Shane Warne has been

under siege in Melbourne today

following the video showing the

cricket star in a passionate

embrace with Liz Hurley. Warney is

keeping quiet about the allegations

of a secret affair but Liz Hurley

has confirmed her marriage with an

Indian tycoon is over. He is the

talk show host but for the moment

Warney appears lost for words.

Anything to say, Shane? It was the

same last night when he flew back

from Britain. Shane anything to say

at all? No comment, but pictures

can tell a thousand words. Warney

and Liz Hurley kissing and hugging

at a London hotel. A fling,

definitely not, for you believe

today's headlines. We are so in

love.. The only problem Liz Hurley

is married to an Indian billionaire.

Today the actress tried to set

things straight on Twitter "Not a

great day. For the record my

husband and I separate add few

months ago. Our close family and

friends were aware of this". But

not everybody was buying it. It is

a nice story but the bottom line is

it will come to a shock with friend

and families. They are problems but

they were not separated. There is

speculation the romance may even be

four years old. In recent months

they have been busy Twitter

partners. Today the public joined

in. Now we know why Shane Warne was

too busy to make an Ashes come back.

I think for her she is more

embarrassed for him, he cannot

believe he has scored a wicket!

Sport is next with Ken T Aussies

get a tasted the for Beer Kenny?

Michael Beer was impressive in his

first training session with the

Australians. While there was more

pain for Mitchell Johnson. And Eric

scrap growth pulls the pin on his

career. And We've just released the new Holden Commodore Series II range. The smartest cars we've ever made, and the first cars with our new touchscreen Holden-iQ system. This car is so smart, it can rip and stream your music.

You can have a rear camera for safety, and there's a future-friendly direct-injection engine that can run both on petrol or bioethanol to reduce CO2. So the only smart thing left to do is take one for a test drive. New Series II. The very clever Commodore is here.

Holden. Go better.

He is lacking experience but is

full of confident and Michael Weir

has backed himself to deliver what

Australia has been missing come

Thursday's third Ashes Test T new-

look squad trained together for the

first time today and as the

pressure mount the internal battle

are heating up. Mitchell Johnson

has been coming it every of where

lately and was even dropped by his

own team-mates at training today

but he could not afford a breather.

He is wrestling for selection with

Siddle, Hilfenhaus and Harris and

they have been watching each other

very closely. In his bright new

uniform debutant Michael Beer found

himself a little star-struck at his

first training Serb John but

received some advice from Ricky

Ponting. Just "How you going?" and

he congratulated me and said "Look

forward to the week" which is what

I'm doing. The little-known spinner

has only played five first-class

matchs and spent a few hours

calming the nerves in the net. I'm

confident in my own ability in a

contest so hopefully I come out

shining. Shane Warne pushed for

Beer's selection now he wants to do

the spin King 'proud'. It is very

float ering. While the English

players caught up with Warney's

latest font-page frolic on their

way to Perth. Obviously Kevin

Pietersen had his mind than a

different conquest, beating

Australia on the playing field.

Parramatta Eels winger Eric Groth

will retire. He has a year left on

his contract but is struggling to

overcome injury T143-NRL veteran

will focus on a personal training

and music career. Another twist in

the Greg Inglis saga. Parramatta

have knocked back the chance to

sign Souths rising star bfpl eau

Champion. With Inglis back training

today at Souths agents are

scrambling to place their players

at rifeal clubs with the belief

that Souths will be forced to shred

a player to fit Inglis under the

cap T champion has not been

released by Souths who believe they

can still do the Inglis deal

without losing any players. Russell

Crowe already has Oprah Winfrey

under a Souths company and today

she named her favourite player.

Greg Inglis! Hello. Either Senior

has held onto beat Geoff Ogilvy at

the Australian PGA at Coolum. Both

finished at 12 under par. Senior

forced the playoff with a 3-metre

birdie putt on his 77 and hole

before taking his 28th title after

Geoff Ogilvy bogied the second

extra hole. That is what you call a

good senior moments. It is, well

done. Finance - the All Ords

finished the day stronger up 11

points T dollar is buying 98.5US

cents. Jane joins us snex with the

the weather A few showers for

Sydney? Yes, and a few storms in the mix. Back in

next. Coming up on WIN News... The Premier' s assessment of Premier' s assessment of Queanbeyan

And the Christmas light fight:

residents warned - they may need a

permit. Join me for all

Another son saysal summer day in

Sydney. Not as humid thanks to

absolutely wind. 29 in the far west

including Penrith and the

temperature 26 in the city. The

next trough should move in later in

the week bringing light to moderate

falls over many flood-affected

areas. Try for the south tomorrow.

Showers for Canberra and Brisbane.

For Sydney t forecast is for

isolated showers. The heaviest will

be in the Western Suburbs and Blue

Mountains. South to south-east wind

averaging 30km/h. For Wednesday a

slight risk of a storm but fine, 27.

Thursday more likely to get the

storms. If I showers mainly in the

morning, a top of 26. In the west,

term and Thursday should be the

wettest days this week and by mid-

week we will start to see the

humidity levels rise with the

north-north-east wind. The showers

are forecast for the weekend but

that is a long way off but we will

watch that closely. Get them out of

the way for Christmas. That is our

news for this Monday. Thank you for being with

the top of the Tonight ... The

Premier tours flood damaged

Queanbeyan - which could take Queanbeyan - which could take month

to clean up. Toxic fumes - in a

stormwater drain prompts a hazmat

operation. And: the Christmas

Grinch. Residents warned get a

permit - or it' s lights out. Good

evening, I' m Danielle Post.Four

days ago - Queanbeyan was submerged

- roads closed and residents

evacuated. Since then - volunteers

have been clearing away all the

debris. New South Wales Premier


clean-up operation today. It could

still be weeks until the damage still be weeks until the damage bil

is tallied. Queanbeyan locals have

been working around the clock, cleaning up from last week' s