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Interest rates on hold but for how

long? Tonight, expert advice on

getting a better home loan deal.

The billion dollar lifeline for

Sydney hospitals, but which ones

will be short changed?

Damning findings. Why a young

ironman should never have died.

The car so smart it practically drives itself.

And Kristina Keneally let's her

hair down.

Good evening. Home borrowers are

breathing a sigh of relief today.

The Reserve Bank left interest

rates ung changed on 4.75% --

unchanged on 4.75% for the ninth

month in a row. But anyone with a

home loan are expecting a rate rise

best available deal. and some are acting now to get the

It was a close-run thing. The

Reserve Bank thought about raising

interest rates, but shaky times

around the world made it wait. But

there's no promise for the future.

The Reserve Bank says it will

continue to assess carefully the

evolving outlook for growth and

inflation. I don't accept that you

can reach an automatic conclusion

from today's statement. What we are

putting in place is the fastest

fiscal consolidation on record to

make sure that we don't add to any

inflationary pressures. But even

the thought that rates will rise

soon worries the life out of

thousands of typical Aussie

families. You just can't put up the

prices because we can't get the

customers. The sad truth is that

even today's decision doesn't help

Leanna. It's not going to make a

lot of difference, unfortunately.

Take David and Phil. Their mum

started their label-printing

business 32 years ago. They've

never seen it this tough. I mean,

we're hanging on now by our finger

nails, but interest rates going up

again, it's just going to hurt us

so much. No, we haven't taken a

wage for quite a few weeks now.

We're living off our own personal

savings. A sign of the times is

their most popular label today.

Legal stickers for debt collection.

If they go up, that's going to be

nearly the end for a lot of small

businesses. And you have to spare a

thought here. Just signing the

deposit cheque for his first home.

A little bit tight. We need to minimise everything. The Reserve

Bank's rate moves are everything,

but if you want a cheaper interest

rate deal, sometimes you have to do

a bit of work yourself. You have to

know what the competitors are

offering and to use that as your

bargaining power. Right now, that

one call could cut your mortgage

rate from 7.7% down to 6.95% or

better. I've actually saved $2,000

a year on my home loan just by

lender. making two phone calls with my

Live to Ross Greenwood now and the

big question is when do you think

that rates will rise? As I said

there, it's a close-run thing. The

Reserve Bank actually consem plated

raising interest rates today. And

it is what is happening around the

world that stopped it. But it has

said that it will keep on watching

inflation and economic growth in

the future to see if it raises

rates T is broadly expected later

this -- it is broadly expected

later this year. But there are some

people genuinely struggling and the

Reserve Bank will be looking at

that before it makes a decision on

raising rates. The last thing that

it wants to do is raise

unemployment as a result. Thank you

for that. America's economy dodged

a disaster today when Federal

politicians today approved a $2.5

trillion increase in the country's

debt limit. The US was about to run

out of money to pay its business.

The political brawl had been

the globe. causing financial tremors across

Now to a developing story and

police have stormed a unit block in

Redfern after a man was stabbed to

death. Live now to our crime

reporter Simon Bouda. What can you

tell us? Well, what I can tell you

is that police were called to this

unit block this afternoon. When

they got here, they went up to the

14th floor and at the doorway of a

unit, they found the body of a 38-

year-old man. What the police are

saying is that there was some sort

of altercation inside the unit. Two

people have been taken away for

questioning much we've been told

that they are assisting with

enquiries. We asked the police

whether or not it was drug-related

and they said that it was too early

to speculate. The homicide squad

has joined police in the

investigation, as well as police

from the Public Order and Riot

Squad. Their role here today was to

go through the unit block,

searching the stairwells and unit

blocks for weapons. That meant that

a lot of people who live in this

unit block, and there's some 160

apartments here, they weren't

allowed to go into the apartment

block. Some people were upset, but

here's what some of the locals had

to say to us earlier. I wouldn't

like to live in this building. I

wouldn't, no. Too much goes on.

Police are here nearly everyday.

Now, we are told by the police that

they have found two knives. Both of

those have been taken away for

forensic and scientific examination,

but clearly, that's going to play a

key role in this. There were

earlier reports that someone else

was injured in the altercation. We

were told that no, there was no

other injuries. Just the one man

who was murdered. It happened on

the 14th floor. People who live on

that floor have been told that they

will not be returning to their unit tonight. But other residents will

be returning shortly. Thank you very much.

More money, more beds, less waste

and less waiting. That's Prime Minister Julia Gillard's promise

after striking a long-awaited

compromise deal with the States on

health reform. But for one troubled

hospital, the money won't go where

it is needed most.

Run down and badly in need of

repair. Hornsby Hospital is the

Sydney hospital most in need of

renovation. But not a cent of the

health system will be used in this

way. It's a sore point for the

hospital staff. It's such an

obvious problem. It's a no-brainer.

I've been saying that to prime

ministers and minister force years.

And yet, we can't get one person to

visit the hospital. The Prime

Minister has a different prognosis.

More money, more beds, more

services, more local control.

Greater accountability. Less waste

and less waiting times. Greater accountability. Less waste

and less waiting times. Across the

nation, a total of $175 billion

more over the next 20 years. Our

State's share is $60 million

billion. The promise for elective

surgery waiting lists that 100% of

treatment is on time. For emergency

departments, 90% of patients must

departments, 90% of patients must be seen within four hours.

be seen within four hours. We all

know how difficult health reform is

and you know, it's a large step,

it's a welcome change, but we need

to see how it is taken on. In State

Parliament, the Premier claimed it

won more money for NSW than the

deal the former Labor Premier,

Kristina Keneally, struck. The

fundsing is available earlier and

it will be available on the basis

of population. That means that NSW

will finally get its fair share of

health funding in this country. The

former Premier was also making a

point today, showing off her new

longer hairstyle in Parliament.

Quite a change from the old

Kristina Keneally. Kevin is at

State Parliament tonight. So when

and where will we see the new beds?

Well, within six months is the

promise that we'll start to see the

new beds. Right at the top of the

list is the hospitals including

Liverpool, Westmead and Nepean. But

when it comes to hospitals needing

repair like Hornsby, they still

need to find the money and the

State and Federal governments

haven't found the money yet.

Organisers of a surf carnival made

critical mistakes the day a teenage

ironman lost his life. 19-year-old

Saxon Bird drowned after being hit

by a stray surf ski. But a coroner

today said that the competition

should have been called off.

Most summers, they're the ones

protecting us on the beaches. But

last March, no-one was looking

after Saxon Bird. Today, a

Queensland coroner confirmed that

his death could have been avoided.

Obviously, it is a very sobering

day for Surf Live saving. The

Queenscliff teenager was contesting

in the Australian titles event on

the Gold Coast. The conditions were

extremely dangerous. The judges

even had a debate about safety, but

let competition continue in the

meantime. I was actually scared out

there. It would have been over six

foot, windy, sucky. Saxon,

competing to a junior ironman race,

was hit by a stray surf ski. He

vanished beneath the waves one

minute before owe officials finally

abandoned competition. Did you get

answers today? Some. What about

closure? No. The coroner's report

includes a claim to make helmets

necessary, and wants Surf Live

saving to have competitors to be

able to pull out if they're worried

about conditions. And in future,

we're likely to see experts at

every event for search and rescue.

Our commitment is to do thing

better. He loved getting out there

and doing things early and training

until the sun went down.

A police cold case team has used

DNA technology to arrest two men

over a Sydney murder almost 20

years ago. The body was found in

the Royal National Park in 1992.

What it does signify is that the

unsolved homicide team and the

Homicide Squad will keep alive

these investigations. The men, both

aged 40, were arrested this morning

in Bathurst and Melbourne.

A 25-year-old woman, who is suing

the obstetrician who delivered her,

is asking for compensation of up to

$750,000. She can't raise her right

arm after developing Erbs Palsy,

which, she says, was caused by

being delivered with forceps. Her

mother said that she asked the

obstetrician to perform a Caesarean

because she was concerned about a

natural delivery.

Rats are a part of life in any big

city, and getting rid of them is a

constant challenge. But at one

Sydney courthouse plagued by ro

dents, killing them was just the start of the trouble.

When those in the law talk about

rats, they're generally referring

to informers. But today, Sydney's

Central Court was abuzz with talk

about rats of a different kind -

the ones with tails. Magistrate Lee

Gilmore didn't just smell a rat,

she smelt dozens of them. Rodents

that had died of poisoning in the

roof cavity right above her

chambers. The stench was so bad

that she can no longer work in her office.

Within the hour, pest controllers

were on site, but come lunchtime,

people around the court weren't so

hungry. It has put me off my lunch

a bit. That's true. I don't want

them crawling around me. But yeah,

it's the rubbish and stuff that's

around the place. But the rat

problem might not be confined to

just the CBD. In fact, one pest

controller says that it has been

years since he'd seen so many

rodents across Sydney. He blames

the plague on recent rain. We've

had one of the severest winters

since 1951. All of the rodents are

making their way high up into

people's roofs and air conditioning

and ducting and anywhere that they

can find that is warm. Come

tomorrow, hopefully the magistrate's problems will be

solved. If not, perhaps it's a case

for the Pieed Piper.

The father of Amy Winehouse has

found a cause which will honour his

daughter in the most practical way.

He wants a national program to

catch teenagers in the early stages

of drug and alcohol abuse.

When Amy was alive, Mitch Winehouse

did all that he could to help his

talented, but addicted daughter.

Just over a week since her death,

he's gone to work as head of the

Amy Winehouse Foundation. We were

in a fortunate position of being

able to fund Amy to go into private

rehab. This is about people who

can't afford it. Mitch Winehouse is

appealing for the British

Government to fund programs to help

teenagers in those years where the

drink or the drugs first take hold.

Right now, there's a 2-year waiting

list for publicly-funded rehab

programs. Two years when a

dangerous habit can transform into

a terminal lifestyle. Amy's

mourners are dwindling now and

Mitch Winehouse wants to create a

legacy that really counts for

something. He wants to make sure

that she's not just remembered as a

famous talent who burned out too

soon. Another famous talent was on

'The View' today talking about the

Winehouse tragedy. I really

couldn't speak for like 48 hours

straight. I was in shock. Lady GaGa

shares the concern about the impact

of drink and drugs on young lives.

I want them to be healthy and happy

and it's a way to be recreational

and young and rebellious and not

hurt yourself. Back in London,

police are checking claims that Amy

bought heroin and crack cocaine on

the eve of her death. Her family

believe that she had the addiction

well beaten and allegation puts new

focus on toxicology reports, which

are due later this month.

In the news ahead - them is the

brakes! We'll take you for a spin

in the car that's so smart it stops

by itself.

Plus, 13 minutes of terror. A

powerful tornado rips through this remote village.

And the real life robocop who takes his

Well, it certainly did stop me

today, but... It won't work 100% of

the time. You know the situations

with dark light and poor light. The

camera is as good as the human eye.

That's the limitations. The S60

sells from $52,000 to $74,000. It

can only do so much. Human error

will still cancel out all the technology in the world.

A freak twister has torn up a town

in Russia's Far East killing one

man and injuring 28 others. In a

region where tornados are rare,

this one lasted 13 minutes terrifying local residents.

Now to the policeman who they're

calling Robocop. Constable Dan

Pasco was trying to block off a

thief. But the crook rammed his car.

Constable Dan was down but up in a

flash running after the bad guy and

bailing him up with the help of a

taser. The thief has just begun a

2-year stint in jail.

Here's a case where stopping might

not be the ideal option. On a

family road trip, this large snake

crawled out of the engine. A scared

mum decided it was best to keep on

driving with the three kids onboard.

Finally, the hitch hiker decided to

bail out, much to everyone's relief.

It is time for sport. Over to you, Ken!

Thank you, it's been a tough year

for Eels fans. Today, they got a well-deserved apology.

Also, the Wallabies ready to tackle

a 25-year-old hoodoo.

And the Sea Eagles cheerleader who

has beat the Americans at their own game.

And another glorious winter's day.

I'll have all of the

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Eels players have apologised for

their disappointing season after

another heart breaking loss last

night. The Storm won 22-18 and once

again, Parramatta led a winning

chance -- let a winning chance slip by.

No Black Cats. No walking under

ladders or breaking mirrors. But

you couldn't be blamed for thinking

that the Eels have had all of the

bad luck after their last three

weeks. It's frailting for us but I

can imagine -- frustrating for us

but I can imagine how frustrating

it is for the supporters. The

frustration looked set to be erased

last night. The Eels led the Storm

18-0 with 26 minutes remaining. And

there was also a 4-pointer that

came oh so close. With a finger tip

on the ball, Jarryd Hayne thought

that he should have received

benefit of the doubt. In the end,

he didn't step infield and slid

over the line. His critics called

it a show pony play. You know, I

guess if I had my time again, I

would have stayed in for the touch

a little bit more with more control.

Melbourne is now outright favourite

to win the Grand Final. Just one

season after the club was ripped

apart for cheating the salary cap,

the Storm is now four points clear

and honing in on the minor

Premiership. I think that the minor

Premiership is undervalued in our

competition and it is a hard thing

to win. But we're probably in the

box seat now. The big thing is

what's going on with the premiers.

The Dragons expected to drop a

couple of games with players away

on State of Origin duties. But just

two wins in eight should be a worry.

But not so. We're in the finals and

just waiting around. It's happened

to us the last couple of years.

We'll be right.

Another snub for 91-Test veteran

Matt Giteau who has been left out

of the Wallabies 24-man touring

squad which leaves for New Zealand

tomorrow. Both the Wallabies and

the All Blacks have beaten up on an

understrength Springboks in the

past fortnight. That makes

Saturday's clash the first genuine

test of the Tri-Nations,

particularly for the Australians,

who haven't won there in 25 years.

I'm sure that the atmosphere won't

get the better of us as a team in

Auckland. But we have to soak it up

and make the most of it because it

is rare that you get the

opportunity to play in the massive

games like this one. And finally,

you will remember the story of

Angela Nicoteri. The Manly

cheerleader who headed off to

America to try to become a member

of the world famous Dallas Cowboys

cheerleaders. We have word that

she's achieved that goal, beating

off thousands of applicants to

become one of just 36 girls to make

the grade. So there you are. We're

strong in the dollar and knocking

them over in the cheerleaders. It

would seem so. Well done. Thank you.

Now to news just in. Prime Minister

Julia Gillard has just arrived for

a meeting with News Limited editors

here in Sydney and our

correspondent is there. What can

you tell us? Well, as you said, the

Prime Minister has just arrived

here at News Limited's news

magazine's offices for an informal

question and answer style chat with

executives. It was only recently

that the Prime Minister took a

swipe at Colin Murdoch's Australian

arm at the phone hacking scandal.

And at the time, she said that

Australians would be looking

closely at the practices of News

Limited and that this organisation

would have some very tough

questions to answer. So it will be

interesting to see if the Prime

Minister does put the questions to

executives here tonight. It would

be great to be a fly on the wall.

It would indeed. Thank you very much for that.

Well, Natalie is next with all of

the weather and another stunning

winter's day for Sydney. It was

absolutely beautiful. We're on

track for the longest

Coming up on WIN News... The rock

attack, centimetres away from

becoming deadly. The PM at Canberra

hospital, speaking on her health

reform. And: will the ACT, form reform. And: will the ACT, form par

of a high speed rail route? Join of a high speed rail route? Join m for all the details next.

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Another warm winter's day for

Sydney. The sunshine and dry north-

westerly winds pushed temperatures

above 20 degrees. 22 was the top

for the city and a top of 23 today

in our west. Now, here's a look at

what normally happens in August.

Now, our temperature usually sits

at around 18 degrees, which is two

degrees warmer than July. And our

average rainfall for the month is

81mm. Clear skies are forecast for

the next few days thanks to a slow-

moving high pressure system. A cold

front, though, will bring some rain

to the south-west corner of the

country tomorrow. So a possible

shower on the way for Perth

tomorrow. A top there of 18.

A very warm week on the way.

It looks pretty good. Thank you for

that. That is Nine News for this

Tuesday. Thank you for being with

us. Goodnight. Paragraph

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Edition. Tonight ... Centimetres

from death. Police search for rock

throwers, after an early morning

attack. The Prime Minister tours attack. The Prime Minister tours Th

Canberra Hospital, receiving full

support for hospital reforms. And:

will the Territory become a stop on

the high speed rail line? Good

evening, First to some breaking

news, the ACT Fire Brigade is

working to extinguish a blaze at a

family home in Banks. Three family home in Banks. Three childre

and a man were inside the house and a man were inside the house bu

safely evacuated, before the roof

collapsed. The man was taken to

hospital with smoke inhalation. The

house has been destroyed, the

initial damage bill is estimated to

be around four hundred thousand