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Tonne, we expose the long wait for

help at emergency departments in Sydney hospitals.

Tears for a mate. Friends grieve

the loss of a P-plate driver in a

high speed crash. The bank bosses

bigger. whose salaries just keep on getting

Ocean rescue - a Sydney couple

to spare. plucked to safety with just minutes

And servant of love. The bureaucrat

who risked his job in the name of romance.

Good evening. We begin tonight with

the worsening crisis in the

emergency departments of Sydney's

public hospitals. Nine News has

exposed an alarming number of cases

where patients are being put at

risk because staff are simply run

off their feet.

At Mount Druitt Emergency, the

walking wounded and those too sick

to stand are still waiting for help.

It's not our fault that we get sick

or injured. Help us out, please.

Someone help us. This woman's

injured son has been in line since

yesterday. They can't tell us if

he's got a busted hip, broken

kneecap? Can tell us anything. It's

the system of a public health

system that's very sick. Emergency

wait times in NSW average eight

hours when precious time can mean

the difference between life and

death. Stiff neck. Bright lights

hurt my eyes. Numbness in my

fingers. It was scary. Matt's GP

thought he had meningitis when she

sent him straight to hospital

yesterday afternoon. He was checked,

offered two panadol and told to

hang tight - for seven hours. When

someone is suspected of having a

very serious illness, they should

be dealt with immediately. Back at

Mount Druitt, this man has clocked

up 12 agonising hours in line. He

can feel his legs, but he aches all

over. I don't want to get emotional,

because it could trigger off my

heart, you know. What are health

authorities saying about the

delays? Well, Pete, they said that

last night was unusually busy for a

number of hospitals across Sydney,

but they did do their best to cope

with the extra demand, even putting

on extra beds here at Westmead

Hospital. Why an urgent case like

Matt, the young man with the

suspected case of meningitis wasn't

given priority treatment, we just

don't know. But I am told that

doctors did call his name

eventually about an hour after he

arrived at hospital, but by that

stage, it was too late. He had already left.

Thank you.

A young and inexperienced driver,

high speeds and a wet road. A

dangerous combination that last

night ended in tragedy. The 17-

year-old who had been on his P-

plates for just a few months was

Windsor. killed in a head-on collision near

Dozens of Nick Cockerill's friends

overcome with grief. Shocked their

mate is gone. A teenager who was

full of life. It shun have happened

to him. You couldn't find a better

bloke. It shouldn't happen to a guy

like this. He doesn't deserve it.

The 17-year-old was driving along

Creek Ridge Road shortly before

11:00. Coming out of the bend, he

crashed head-on with an oncoming

Commodore. It appears he's lost

control, rolled the car and

unfortunately was killed at the

scene. Police believe Nick was

driving too fast in the wet

conditions. Friends travelling

close behind witnessed the

horrifying moment. They saw in the

distance him overtake a vehicle and

then they saw some lights spinning

around ahead of them. The 27-year-

old Commodore driver escaped

Hospital. serious injury, taken to Nepean

Nick had only just been driving on

the P-plates for four months. He

had just dropped off a best mate

in trouble. and was on his way to help a friend

He was the 74th person to die in a

crash involving a P-plater this

year. If there's a message out of a

tragedy, that's it. If we can save

one or two lives. Today, that

message was clear, at least to

these shattered teenagers. It is

just terrible, like 17 years isn't

enough. It's really not worth it.

The P-plate accident was one of

five fatalities on the State's

roads in the past 24 hours. Among

them, a woman in her 30s who died

in a head-on collision at Heathcote.

In the Blue Mountains, a

motorcyclist was killed when his

bike hit a bus. Police are urging

all drivers to take note of

conditions on the road.

Most of us don't need another

reason to get mad at the banks, but

here's one anyway. Between them,

the big four CEOs are pulling in

more than $44 million a year and

they still say that we're getting

value for money.

They're smiling all the way. The

big bank bosses are raking it in.

The same ones who lifted mortgage

rates well above the Reserve Bank's

move. NAB boss Cameron Clyne earned $7.7 million a year. move. NAB boss Cameron Clyne earned $7.7 million a year. He's the worst

paid. Westpac's Gail Kelly earns

$9.58 million.

The ANZ's Mike Smith $10.8 million.

And the Commonwealth earns $16.1

million. The total for the bank

quartet, $44.25 million. Put it

another way - 153 times more than

four average workers' wages. four average workers' wages. another way - 153 times more than

On a xor corporate scale, twice as

much as Virgin Include's profit

this year. It's not fair. You

wouldn't get them in the job if

didn't pay them that money. Wow,

for one year. It could run a small

country. Even the shareholders are

wondering if they get value for

money. Salary is a matter for the

market, but there comes a point

where you have to say that perhaps

the market has lost its marbles.

The question remains - can anybody

do anything about it? The reality

is that this will continue, but if

we get more competition into play,

at least Australians are going to

get a fairer deal out of the banks.

So, Ross, continuing that theme, a

lot of talk, but is there really

anything that can be done about big

bank salaries? The truth is, of

course, that the banks are owned by the shareholders. The Federal Government has a recommendation

from the Productivity Commission in

front of it that says that if

shareholders reject the executive

pay deal twice in an annual meeting,

that those executives should resign

and then be voted on again by the

shareholders themself. The

Government hasn't implemented that

recommendation yet, and you'd have

to think that that would be a first

step to try to curb some of the massive salaries.

Good on you and thank you.

People struggling to pay their

electricity business could soon be

getting an extra helping hand from

the Government. A review is under

way to allow more people to access

the Government's assistance program,

which provides a $150 rebate.

Already, one in three households

are eligible for the subsidy. If

you want to apply, contact your

electricity provider,.

The body is still missing but three

men have been charged over the

murder of a senior member of the

Nomad bikie gang. Neil Green

vanished in April and police

believe they've noud made an important breakthrough.

-- now made an important breakthrough.

What started as a missing person's

case seven months ago today became

a murder hunt. Today, detectives

arresting two men. One of them, 32-

year-old Kevin Gall, was later

charged with killing a senior

member of the Nomads bikie gang.

Neil Green, who was the Sergeant at

Arms of the Riverstone chapter

disappeared in April. He was last

seen at this Girrawean factory.

Witnesses told police that they

heard an argument and a number of

gunshots. Green's body has never

been found. Also arrested, 59-year-

old Bruce Gall, who is charged with

being an accessory. A third person,

a 24-year-old man, has been charged

with concealing the murder.

Kevin and Bruce Gall have both been

refused bail and they'll face court

in January. While the youngest

accused has been granted

conditional bail. He'll appear in

court next month.

Sydney couple Denys and Sarah Smith

are homeless tonne and have lost

almost all of their possessions,

but they still have big smiles on

their faces. They're just happy to

be alive after being rescued when

their yacht sank on the way to Fiji.

The stricken boat battered by heavy

seas just before it when down.

At this point in time, they're

going to abandon ship. With minutes

to spare, Denys and Sarah Smith

clambered into the life raft. Just

got all of the life rafts ready to

try to pull them back on to the

back of the boat. Finally, 12 hours

later, they were back on dry land.

The Sydney couple admitting they

didn't think that there was a

chance they'd ever be rescued. It's

a big ocean out there. You look

around and there's nothing, and you

really don't believe anybody is

going to be there. The Smiths were

sailing the boat to Fiji when the

steering failed. Enormous amount of

water was coming in the boat. The

boat was sinking. It took the

police launch Falcon 16 hours to

reach the stricken yacht. Dennis

Smith doesn't want to think about

what would have happened if they

had taken any longer. If they

hadn't have been there, I don't

think we'd be here today. The

dramatic rescue was video taped as

part of a documentary. As you can

see, the conditions are pretty poor.

After an ordeal which almost

claimed their lives, the smis are

sure of one thing -- the Smiths are

sure of one thing - no more sailing

on the high seas. Only on the

Harbour, if she'll let me on my little boat.

At least 53 people have died and

dozens of others have been injured

in a fire at a high-rise apartment

block in Shanghai. The 28-storey

tower was home to a community of

retired teachers, and was under

renovation when building materials

caught fire. At least 100 people

were rescued, but many were trapped

on the upper floors where no-one

could reach them.

Sporting fans are on the edge of

their seats as the Federal

Government prepares to make a major

announcement about live television

coverage. It's a battle between pay

TV and free-to-air with a minister

in the middle.

The clock is ticking towards the

final sirens. A big decision

affecting the future of sport on TV.

We think it's obvious that the

public interest requires that

Australians continue to get their

major sport for free. The

Government is about to announce its

new-look anti-siphoning laws which

determine the sporting events we're

guaranteed on free-to-air TV. If

it's not on the list, you may have

to pay for the privilege. Would you

describe the changes as major? I

wouldn't want to speculate. It's a

good try, but I done want to give

you a scoop until my colleagues

have had a chance to consider it.

Pay TV is campaigning for a bigger

chunk of the industry. While the

free-to-air networks are seeking

explicit guarantees in relation to

major NRL and AFL games. As part of

the new rules, it's expected that

commercial networks can play sport

on the digital channels. So we

won't get to the situation where it

is 7:00 and they're going to tennis

and stop the game. You can switch

to the digital channel, I imagine

that that would be the case. The

Government is dealing with tough

players - TV bosses. One of them

predicted today that both pay TV

and free-to-air will most likely be

unhappy with the outcome, but he

added that as long as both are

unhappy, then everyone wins.

A love-struck public servant has

landed in hot water over an e-mail

about the woman of his dreams.

Steve Tucker met the mysterious

Olivia at a party and was hoping an

online appeal to colleagues at the

department of immigration would

help to track her down. It was

clearly an I appropriate e-mail. It

was an inappropriate use of the department's e-mail facility. Good

luck to him. You have to have some

romance in this world. Mr Tucker is

not expected to lose his job.

In the news ahead - why NSW is a

prescription drug hot spot.

Plus, is airline security sexual

assault by the Government?

And how's this for horsepower on an American highway.

We've got a 300ft jump... What's this? Hungry Jack's Cheeseburger Stunner,

Chicken Burger Stunner, or Whopper Jr Stunner. Stunners from just 4.95! You'd be crazy going past deals this stunning.

NSW has emerged as a hot spot for

children using drugs for attention

and hyperactivity disorders. We're

home to more than a third of

youngsters using ADHD drugs, and

overenthusiastic doctors are being

blamed. Lachlan is a happy and

grounded 11-year-old who is a big

fan of wrestling. He's a very

different child to four years ago.

I can focus for longer periods of

time. And I am also quite confident

and I can look at the good side of

things now. Lachlan has ADHD. To

his mum, medication was never an

option, so she turned to a

psychologist. I'm not against

medication. I think for some

children and some families, it

works for them. But I felt it

wasn't the right thing for us to do.

It's the whole lifestyle, the

sleeping patterns, the eating

patterns, the social and family

environment. Despite this family's

success, 57,000 Australian children

are on ADHD medication. There's a

whole host of med sips on the

market prescribed to 24,000

children in NSW alone. Last year,

new guidelines were set up for

doctors prescribing ADHD medication,

but still, the number of children

being treated this way in NSW

continues to rise. Some doctors say

that that's because more drugs are

being subsidised through the PBS,

but they stress that it is not the

only treatment option available for

families. Doctors are able to give

excellent advice about the need for

treatment of ADHD, including medication.

Australian businessman Ryan Bowman

has been granted bail over the hit-

and-run death of a woman in

Hollywood. The 34-year-old Internet

entrepeneur was released on bail

after being charged with leaving

the scene of a collision. 24-year-

old Lauren Freeman died outside a

Sunset Strip nightclub. Bowman

could face a further charge of

manslaughter, but LA police say

that that inquiry is still under way.

A tense encounter with airline

security has become the latest

Internet sensation. The man used

his mobile phone to record what

happened when he refused to go to a

body scanner in San Diego Airport.

Officials said that he would have

to go through a thorough pat down

instead. This was his response.

He said that the pat down amounted

to sexual assault by the Government.

He didn't get on the plane and says

he won't be flying again any time soon.

They do things differently in

Kansas - apparently it's normal to

put a horse in the back of your car.

The owner says he was taking the

animal to a carnival to show off

its tricks. No word on whether he

was actually breaking the law.

Tonne, we welcome Ros Kelly with

the sport, and Doug Bollinger has

named his Ashes targets?

He sure has. Just a week to go to

the Ashes and he's beginning the

mind games with Doug Bollinger

eyeing off two of England's best.

But first, he's got to prove his

fitness in a Shield match for NSW.

Also ahead - Peter Lonnard is back

and giving golfing fame one last shot.

And what a way to come back to

earth - talk about a wild ride.

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Australian paceman Doug Bollinger

has named Andrew Strauss as Kevin

Pietersen as the men he'll target

weapon the Ashes start next week.

Doug Bollinger is recovering from a

stomach injury and his fitness will

be put to the test when he plays

for the Blues against Tasmania

tomorrow. Tormenting team-mates in

the nets might be fun - but what

Doug Bollinger really wants is a

crack at the poms. He's yet to play

an Ashes Test and will put on the

blue cap tomorrow, and all going

well, a baggy green next Thursday.

Hopefully have a good game against

tasy that starts tomorrow and be

there on November 25. Today, he

fired off a verbal bouncer aimed at

England's two most dangerous

batsmen. Andrew Strauss and Kevin

Pietersen would be lovely to get.

The most intriguing Test at the SCG

in the coming days is between two

spipers - the Blues Nathan Hauritz

and Tasmania's Xavier Doherty.

Definitely, I think that experience

definitely weighs on the side. I

think that Nathan Hauritz is the

number one spinner with a good

record. But Ricky Ponting has

declared his preference for a left

arm spinner and that works in

Doherty's favour. Having a left

armour in the squad is always nice.

I think that they do add a little

bit more than a right arm off-

spinner. England completes its

Ashes preparation with a four-day

match against England. England will

be very tough. I think the thing

that they've done is got here early

and the preparations are better

than recent Ashes series here in

Australia. All of the action is

live on Nine from tomorrow morning.

New Rabbitohs signing Greg Inglis

has been selected to make his debut

for the Indigenous All Stars Team

next February. In Brisbane today, a

new look jersey was unveiled for

the match, but Inglis wasn't sure

if he'll be right to play. My

shoulder is coming on good. I've

been doing a lot of rehab and

hopefully it will be fine for this

match coming up.

Once again, the All-Stars will be

led by Preston Campbell.

At his peak, Peter Lonnard could

match it with anyone on the golf

course. Now 43, he's about to

launch a second coming. He's in the

States trying to get his PGA Tour

card back and he's hopeful for a

return to the glory days.

There was a time when anything that

he touched turned to gold. Three

Australian PGA titles, two Open

championships and a couple of

Aussie Masters trophies. Now, after

an injury-forced 12-month break,

he's back and chasing more success.

Like any other golf professional or

sports professional there's a time

when it is time to let it go. And

it's hard to let go. There's no

questioning his ability to win a

fight. He's beaten Ross River Fever.

There's been eye surgery and

operations on his hip and knees.

But finally, he's overcome the

problems and is back in shape. But

it wasn't easy. Especially the

confessions to the dietician from a

man who has always loved a party. I

think the first question was - how

much do you drink? And I told her

and she said, OK, you can drink

once a week. So I went, OK. And

then the next one was... How many

home cooked meals I have. And I

think my answer was 5-10. And she

said, a week? And I said, a year.

He's trying to get his US PGA Tour

back. He has to get through two

qualifying schools to achieve that,

and at 43, it is his last shot.

Lonard has warmed up playing six

Pro Ams from Newcastle to Chatswood,

and not surprisingly, there were

victories along the way. But

qualifying school is a different

beast, and he's not sure what he'll

do if he doesn't get through. You

know, if I'm good enough, great. If

I'm not, I'll go looking for a job.

Riding a tricycle is hardly an

extreme sport, right? Well, have a

look at this. In the skies over New

Zealand, a bunch of daredevils took

skydiving to a whole new level,

you'd have to say. After a wild

ride in a wheelchair, the perfect

touchdown. And there was no need

for brakes on this push bike, but

for the coolest ride of all, of

course, you can't beat an eskee. I

would be a little worried if I was

the people standing on the ground

watching that.

With that lot coming down, you

would be. Good on you, thank With that lot coming down, you would be. Good on you, thank you.

To finance news now: would be. Good on you, thank you. To finance news now:

We'll have the weather next, and

more rain on the way?

Unfortunately that is the case.

I'll tell you where, shortly.

block liquor Coming up on WIN

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opposition plans to block liquor

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There's been some heavy rainfall

over the Hunter, Cessnock with 62mm

and Merrylands had the wettest day

since May with 35mm.

Just a few showers for the city

today and 23. It got to 27 in the west.

The satellite shows showers and

isolated thunderstorms in the

north-east. Rain and possible

thunderstorms over the north-west.

Isles owe lated showers elsewhere,

although generally dry about the south-west slopes.

Let's go around the country tomorrow:

Raise raise thank you. For more

Sydney news, go to the Raise raise thank you. For more Sydney news, go to the website.

That is Nine News for this Tuesday.

I hope you have a good evening.

From us all, goodnight.

Supertext Captions by Red Bee Media Australia

Edition. Tonight... In the sky with

firefighters - protecting the

Territory from above. The ACT

opposition to block an increase in

liquor licence fees. And who said

romance was dead? The government

worker with a viral love letter.

Good evening, I' m Danielle Post.

Bush fires are unpredictable and Bush fires are unpredictable and ca

wipe out entire suburbs in a wipe out entire suburbs in a matte

of minutes. Fire fighters are

currently undergoing intense

training - ahead of the peak of the

bush fire season. Our best

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