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(generated from captions) Sorry foosound like a mum, but, Sorry foosound like a mum, but, guy,

guy,s it is not worth it, please

don't do it. Very sad for the family

and the young man. Here is Kochie. and vegetables we import from China The amount of fresh fruit has almost doubled in recent years. that's grown over there? But just how safe is the food we eat watermelons in China A media report on exploding used by farmers. has highlighted the dodgy practises dosed up on chemicals The melons were apparently

to make them grow faster. It's not the first time have been in the spotlight. Chinese food standards in mushrooms, melamine in milk Recently, bleach was discovered

and arsenic in soy sauce. fresh produce from China? So, why are we still importing on this issue Two men who have been campaigning Dick Smith are entrepreneur and businessman Nick Xenophon. and Independent senator Dick, what's wrong with our produce? Good morning to you.

Why do we have to import stuff from overseas?

The main reason we import it is that

For it just, Chinese stuff is cheaper. it just, Chinese stuff is cheaper

it just, Chinese stuff is cheaper.

For some crazy reason Australians

tend to buy the cheapest food. We

don't buy the cheapest car, most

people buy a medium-range car for

safety but believe it or not, most

Australians buy the cheapest food.

It is a real worry.

It is a real worry. How much do we

know about food grown in China or anywhere else in the world?

Good morning, not much, the growth

hormone has got forcofullier an,

don't ask me to spell it. There are

food labelling issues, the laws are

so slack on the country of origin.

Aussie consumers don't know what

they are buying often. Nick, they are buying often.

Nick,, when pharmaceuticals come

into this country, we have

into this country, we have an agency

that checks them, why

that checks them, don't we do it

with food. Is

They are supposed to, there was a

story on Seven News where sfaiv% of

the produce -- 75% of the produce

from overseas had excessive amounts

of chemicals that are allowed.

is a real problem with quarantine of chemicals that are allowed. There

and biosecurity and it is something

estimate I will take up with the sents

I will take up with the sents

I will take up with the sen senate

estimates next week.

What is the biggest barrier for

solution? Australian growers and your

Many people who go to the

supermarkets know the wonderful

Australian company, three 3 3s. I

was out there, they were bringing in

magnificent Australian collie

flowers and applesauce, they are

telling me the Australian government

has changed rules and apples will be

flooding in from China and they will

be forced to use Chinese apples

instead of Australian. That would be

ridiculous. All I can say to people,

don't buy the cheapest with the

food, quite often it comes from

China, we don't know the health, we

don't know what pesticides and

fertilisers are used. I am amazed

people buy the cheapest. people buy the cheapest. Let's

Let's get back on to food labelling.

We have products on set, all

confusing, what should be changed in this area some

The laws need to be clear and

simple, if you call something made

in Australia, it would be 100%

Australian made. Now you

Australian made. Now you only have

to show 50% of the produce or

packaging is included. It is

misleading. The country laws are

taking away jobs from Aussie

farmers. They are less than useless

the laws. What Dick Smith said about

the apples, not just Chinese apples

but New Zealand apples with the risk

of fire blight. It is mad to let in

apples when we can produce or own.

I am a fan of globalaliseisation,

but it has got to be controlled. It

is food we stick in our mouth and

our kids' mouths. Nick, keep us up

to date with the senate inquiry.

Dick, it is something we need to

follow up: it is frightening.