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(generated from captions) cross to our foreign minister, Kevin

Sami. Rudd now who has more information.

Thank you, Andrew. are currently in Japan. Around 11,000 Australians reported as injured or killed. At this stage none have been is Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd. Joining us now with the latest Good morning to you.

What is the latest information you

have on Australians in Japan?

So far, in our consular crisis SEN

her here in Canberra, we have taken about 5,

about 5,500 calls from the

Australian public in the last 24

hours or so, concerned about

friends, family and loved ones. What

we do is we seek to systematically

line up that up against the embassy

checking on each individual. That

takes time. Secondly, within the

disaster affected prefecture, we now

have 189 registered Australians.

That is Australians who we know to

have been in these areas. Again, we

will work through each of those

systematically. I spoke to the

ambassador just before coming on to

your program this morning, who told

me that he has now received 7 phone

calls from Australians in one of

those affected prefectures

they are OK and so what we will do those affected prefectures saying

is go through the list against the

confirmations and provide you with

updates on these numbers as they

become available. No reports of

this stage. Australian injuries or fatalities at

OK that's is some good news for

Australians. What can people do

they have not yet heard from a Australians. What can people do if

family member who is in Japan?

Can I recommend a 3-stage process.

One, try and contact your family

members or friends directly by

mobile phone. The Japanese system is

coming back on-line. Two. If that

fails, try and call the most

appropriate landline. 3, if that

fails, ring then immediately

Department of Foreign affairs fails, ring then immediately the

consular emergency crisis hotline

which I am sure is a cross the

bottom of your screens on your

programs so that your name can be

officially registered and then we go

through the checking procedures that

beef just referred to before. That's

the best way to proceed.

OK, now I understand minister that two air two air Federal

two air force planes left earlier

this morning and sniffer dog teams

onboard. Is there anything else the

government is offering in terms of

aid and support to Japan?

Because we have had some loading

difficulties with those aircraft,

they will now be leaving later

today. We will keep you update odd

their precise arrival date in -

arrival time in Japan. I spoke last

night to the Japanese foreign

minister at some length about other

areas of assistance which Australia

could provide. I advised him that we

had an ability through the defence

force and through our other medical

field hosptials in the affected assistance teams to deploy immediate

areas if that is what Japan wanted.

I also indicated to him that we

could assist through the Australian

federal police, with disaster victim

identification teams and given the

large number of apparent Japanese

fatalities and possibly foreign

fatalities, we have recommended to

them that they bulk up their

capacities in this area and the

third of course, is I've offered him

expertise from our own Australian

nuclear standards and radiation

detection safety standards and

potential authority to work with

Japanese colleagues as well. He

come back to us if any of those Japanese colleagues as well. He will

required. further offers of expertise are

Mr Rudd, we are very generous

nation, Australia. That it will has

already this been so many natural ace ds terse

been so many natural ace been so many natural ace ds been so many natural ace ds terse already

been so many natural ace disaster, we are happen

we are happy to help out our mates

and neighbours. Is it starting to

take it's toll on Australian

resources though?

As for Australia, this is a

sophisticated country with a well

developed counter natural disaster

set of capabilities. We have had

those tested most recently in the Queensland those tested most recently in the

Queensland floods. They have been

tested again in the Christchurch

earthquake and our systems have

locked into gear in terms of

assisting the Japanese government,

but also, assisting with Australian

citizens, potentially affected by

these disasters. Obviously the

search and rescue teams themselves

have come under a lot of pressure. I

am advised their morale is high.

This is what they

This is what they are trained to do.

We are embedding with them, Japanese

language experts from the Department

of Foreign affairs so that when they

go out and do their job, they don't

have a language problem with their

Japanese counterparts. Can I add one

other thing on the consular side,

that is last night, we were able to

get five aircraft out of Toyko back

to Australia, we had a team of

Australian consular officials

sleeping overnight at the airport.

It took them about 7 hours to get

through to the airport. They have

been assisting Australians on to

aircraft. Also in the search a and

rescue team, we will be deploying a

further set of officials with the

search and rescue teams and we will

therefore be using that as our

opportunity to engage with the local

authorities about the whereabouts of

any missing Australians.

OK. Foreign minister, Kevin Rudd,

thank you for your time today. It OK. Foreign minister, Kevin Rudd, we

sounds like Australia is really

great to hear. stepping up and helping which is

program. Thank you for having me on the