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Tonight - pokies spin. The

Government and the Opposition

play to win. I am more confident than I have ever been that these reforms will be

passed into law before May next

year. We will resolve to oppose

in Government. An odds-on it in Opposition and rescind it

chance of a Melbourne Cup Day

rate cut as inflation eases. Canberra's hospital under

scrutiny as blunders come to light. I am sure the community

is concerned to hear about these incidents. They serious innocents. The National

Spring Carnival history. Museum acquires a slice of

Good evening, Craig Good evening, Craig Allen

with ABC News. Tony Abbott's added yet another Labor Government policy to the list

of laws he will scrap if he

becomes Prime Minister. The

Opposition Leader has signalled

he'd repeal proposed laws for compulsory limits on poker machine bets and find other

ways to help problem gamblers. After the carbon taxes, it is the third major

Gillard Government policy Mr

Abbott says he would reverse if

he gets the chance. Here is

Greg Jennett. Trouble in heartland. (APPLAUSE). In Greg Jennett. Trouble in the Labor's safe seat of Werriwa,

RSL Club members turned on

their local member. This is a

matter where there are some

conflict of opinions over

it. And turned on the charm for

a visiting liberal. If the

polls are any indication, he is

Minister of going to be our next Prime

Australia. (APPLAUSE). Everyone knew what Tony Abbott

thought of Government plans for

cards that limit poker machine

bets. This is a Government

which has accepted a proposal. What they didn't know which has accepted a bad

was the answer to this: . Will

you repeal the mandatory pre-commitment legislation? I

predict that we will oppose it

and if this legislation is

passed by the Parliament, and

if we then subsequently form a

government, I predict we will rescind it. That's what

predict. That's news to the man

responsible for negotiating the

laws. Maybe in the heat of the

moment last night, in an aurk straighted rally by the poker machine industry, machine industry, I am hoping

he went a bit further than he

intended to go. It was no

accident. We will resolve to

oppose it in Opposition and re

Sindh it in Government. Heaven's above, Tony Abbott

saying no to something. Who

would have thought. I'm not surprised. The Prime Minister

is not surprised but Coalition is not

MPs were. Tony Abbott consulted

some colleagues but didn't canvass this widely. He is

assuming he will be backed

because he says he knows the mood of his party room. The

Coalition joined some powerful

forces lined up against

compulsory betting limits. We

are only here because we live

under the rule of the worst

Prime Minister in Australia's

history. It has emerged the

Nine Network's Managing

Dragons Rugby League Club three Director has written to the

months ago, offering to

highlight the threat posed by

the changes in its NRL will hurt. Its on-air campaigning is now under

investigation. Julia Gillard is Julia Gillard is tonight

meeting Sri Lanka's

Mahinda Rajapaksa, amid growing concerns about his country's

human rights record. The Greens want an international

investigation into alleged war

crimes during the recent civil

war. Chief political

correspondent Mark Simkin filed

this report from the Commonwealth Heads of

Government Meeting in Perth.

CHOGM represents one quarter of

of a world's countries and a third

is expecting this meeting will

change the world. In fact, one

of the most important items on

the agenda is how to make the

agenda important, specifically

how to make CHOGM relevant. Tie me kangaroo down. The Foreign

Ministers are discussing a

report by the Commonwealth's

eminent person's group. It

warns CHOGM needs to urgently

re-invent itself and find its

voice. I am sorry if my voice sounds morning but I can make no apology for that. I am

convinced this is going to be a

landmark in respect of what it

puts in place on reform, on

renewal and on resilience. I am

going to go and take a throat losenge. One

relevance-enhancing options, a watchdog to investigate human

rights abuses. The proposal is

threatening to split the

Commonwealth, especially given

accused of Sri Lanka's President is

Gillard is holding talks with

him this evening. We have

raised our concerns about human rights

the failure of the Australian

government to strong action in

the war crimes committed in the

Sri Lankan civil war it will

undermine the announcement the

Prime Minister made today that

CHOGM needs to make itself more

relevant. Sri Lanka is due to

host the next CHOGM in 2013. A

Melbourne Cup Day

cut is an odds-on bet after weaker-than-expected inflation

figures. The Reserve Bank Board has

has signalled softer inflation

will be a key interest rate decision. Here is

Simon Palan. There is fresh

evidence the uncertainty in the

global economy is flowing down under. New figures show

the September consumer prices rose 0.6% in

quarter. Certainly the numbers

for inflation were a bit lower

than was generally expected. Falling prices for vegetables, computer equipment

and petrol helped put the

at 3.5%. The Reserve Bank looks annual headline inflation

at the underlying rate and that

is well within its target band.

Many economists say it is a good reason to cut interest

rates to 4.5% next Tuesday. We

think now that there will be a

25 basis points cut in figures November. Even before the

figures were released, the RBA

Deputy Governor hinted a rate cut could be on the cards. The

softer global outlook have made

the outlook for inflation less

concerning than it was and provides scope for monetary policy to be supportive of economic activity if

needed. There would be no

excuse for the banks not to

pass on a rate cut

choose to do it. The heightened

prospect of a cut is good news

for home owners and business

groups who say it will provide

much-needed relief in the

lead-up to Christmas..

we need to restore consumer

confidence levels and a rate

cut would add to overall demand in the economy. The inflation

dollar more than half a cent lower before the Greenback

before recovering slightly. A

Sri Lankan man being held at

the Villawood Detention Centre in Sydney has taken in Sydney has taken his own

life. His friends say he took

poison after being denied

permission to attend a

religious festival. It is the

sixth death in an Australian

detention centre in two years. Philippa McDonald reports.

Ambulance officers tried

without success to revive 27-year-old Dayarathna Jeyasekara. Knoen as Shooty to

his friends, the Tamil had apparently taken poison. The

uncertainty, anxiety associated

with detention has with detention has finally worn

him down. Mr Jeyasekara him down. Mr Jeyasekara arrived

in Australia two years ago by

boat just months after the end

of Sri Lanka's civil war. Really, this is a tragedy

that was avoidable and it is an

indictment of the system of mandatory detention. Despite

being granted refugee status two months two months ago, Dayarathna Jeyasekara's repeated requests

to be released from detention

and into the community had been rejected. The individual

concerned was considered for community placement but this was not pursued following consultation with the relevant security agencies. Mr

Jeyasekara's friends say he had

been desperate to celebrate the

Hindu festival of Diwali. It

was very critical for him to go

out, say hello to people and

sea the real world - see the real world outside at least once. In the past two years,

six people have committed

suicide in Australian detention centres and refugee activists

say 1500 people are languishing unnecessarily because they're

waiting on ASIO security checks

to be completed. The Minister

says it's less than 500. We

will again raise with

Government the damaging effects

that prolonged mandatory

detention is having. It is

affecting people's mental

health, it is leading to suicide and self-harm. A

coroner will investigate this

latest death in a detention

centre. The death toll from Turkey's

devastating earthquake has past

450. As the search for survivors entered a second day, rescuers made a remarkable

discovery. A two-week-old baby

trapped in the rubble, half

naked but still breathing. Anne

Barker reports. After so much

tragedy came a moment of pure

joy. A tiny baby was pulled

alive from a crushed apartment. The

The rescuer had to crawl on his stomach to reach her. Just two

weeks old, the little girl,

Azra, had been trapped with her

mother and grandmother for two

days. TRANSLATION: We ran to

leave the building but then the

other two rushed back to get

the baby. For days I have been

waiting for a miracle. She was

wrapped in a blanket and handed

to medical workers. Hours later

her mother was pulled out on a stretcher but had life-threatening injuries. All

she needed was food and water.

Then, Azra's grandmother also

came out alive but the baby's father hasn't been

though he was in the building.

Hours earlier, another mother

and two children were saved,

giving rescuers a huge boost.

But the death toll is rising

even faster and survivors face

worsening conditions. At Ercis,

the city worst hit, thousands

were facing a third night in

tents or sheltered around fires

from the freezing cold. Many authorities of being too slow

to deliver aid in a region that's home to minority


aren't any tents for me. My

wife was rescued half an hour

ago. Turkey's Red Crescent says

it is feeding 10,000 people and

sheltering 40,000. Continuing

aftershocks even prompted a

prison riot at nearby Van.

Inmate s set fire to the jail

when guards refuse to open

their cells. On Sunday hundreds

of prisoners escape ed when a jail wall collapsed. They may

be free, but like other quake victims, their future is


Thousands of people sheltering at sheltering at Bangkok's second airport have been forced to

evacuate for a second time. The

airport was closed last night

when floodwater crossed on to one of the runways. The Thai Prime Minister has declared a five-day public poll day so residents can - holiday so residents can protect their homes and belongings. Zoe Daniels. It is completely heartbreaking to see this many

evacuees in the first place but

what's worse is these people

will have to move again. Most

have come from suburbs north of

here, particularly the Rangsit

area where we have spent time

in the last few days. The

floodwater there is extremely

high. In some people's home,

above their heads. They are

finding all sorts of things in

the water. We saw some rescue

workers with a large snake. There have

thousands of crocodiles. Many

have had to wait for hours for

army trucks to evacuate them to

a safe shelter, which is this

one. Others have come another evacuation centre

further out of the city which

itself was evacuated a couple

of days ago because it is now

surrounded by floodwater. Only on Monday the Prime Minister, Yingluck Shinatwatra, was here telling people this was a safe

haven for them. Now they are

being bussed out in their

thousands to evacuation centres

outside of Bangkok's

of complete helplessness here

today. People have no homes and

they simply don't know where to

go. These buses are going to

Chonbury, about 100km from

Bangkok, but the reality is

most of these people don't want

to go because it is so far away

from their homes and they just

don't know when they are going

to be able to come back, but

the government wants to get them

them out of the city because, the reality is, with predicted

high tides this weekend, many

more people may need to be evacuated. The

in Dublin after severe floods

hit the Irish capital, killing

two and swamping the CBD. Two

days of torrential rain have caused

have been completely flooded.

Even a bus went under during

peak hour. Never seen nothing

like this in the last 38

years. I was terrified. I am still shaking. A policeman was killed

killed when he was swept away

while helping people escape a

swollen river a a in her flooded

basement. Patient care at the

Canberra Hospital is under scrutiny

scrutiny after serious medical

blunders were revealed. Documents

Documents released under proim Freedom of Information laws

show in the past year five

serious incidents were

reported, including one woman

who had the wrong part of her

body operated on and later died. The Government says it is

working to reduce the risk of future mistakes. Anna Morozow

reports. It is the stuff of nightmares. Surgeons operating

on the wrong side of a woman's

body, a child given a

paracetamol overdose and a

patient given five times the secret dosage of toxic

chemotherapy drugs. But these

are among some of the critical

mistakes made at the Canberra

Hospital in the past year. I am

sure the community is concerned to hear about these incidents.

They are serious. While these

events are serious, they are

very much in the minority. The

Government is eager to stress

that, while any error is cause

for concern, people should have confidence in

Whether a minor or catastrophic

incident, every mistake is

reported, investigated and

responded to. People at work in

a human system will make mistakes. What you have

from that is learn from them and

and respond with a system

response to try and reduce the

risk of that happening

again. That's why we review every incident, look for the

improvments and implement the

improve et manies. Miss takes like this, they have been

happening over time, yet they

we are not doing to reduce the

risk of it happening again? The Healthcare Consumers

Association is supportive of

the hospital's reporting

procedures but says there is

still room for

need to be constantly vigilant

and part of that is making

sure, when risks are identified,

identified, the changes are implemented and then they are

monitored. Each and every day

we are making improvements. But

all agree naming, blaming and

shaming those dedicated to

helping others will do nothing

to improve the situation. Some of Canberra's most iconic landmarks have been ear-marked for full heritage protection. Manuka Oval and

Telopea Park are among 17 sites

listed on the ACT's provisional

heritage register. The list is the last step towards full heritage protection. There heritage protection. There are

some unusual nominations. It is

probably the only probably the only surviving

original drive-in theatre sign surviving in situ and it is

thought to be the oldest neon sign sign in the ACT. The listing

isn't expected to affect the

planned $4 million upgrade at

Manuka Oval. A final decision

will be made after public

comment. Queen Elizabeth has

continued her tour down under

with a fleeting visit to

Melbourne. She was greeted by

thousands of well-wishers at

Federation Square and took a

ride in a specially-decorated

tram. Frances Bell tram. Frances Bell reports.

Three cities in three days -

Brisbane, Canberra and

Melbourne. There were no signs of Royal couple set off to open the new Royal Children's

Hospital, complete with meerkat

enclosure and two-storey

aquarium. Greeted by Krishna and and Trishna, Queen Elizabeth as hospital patron performed the

formalities. Just as she did

nearly half a century ago at

the opening of the existing

hospital in 1963. Her Majesty

was accompanied by the then

Prime Minister Henry Bolte and the then hospital president,

Dame Elisabeth Murdoch, who in

sweet symmetry also joins us here today. After a sing

kronised farewell from hospital

staff, the Queen and friendship

Prince Philip continued on to the National Gallery of

Victoria. Just outside,

thousands of adoring fans filled Federation Square

filled Federation Square where Her Majesty was presented with

a seemingly endless supply of bouquets. Amazing. Friendship

said hello. I saw her face and

I took several photos I took several photos of

her. The excitement was all a

bit much for some but

couple had a tram to catch and

Prince Philip was keen to get

going. Off we go. It was the

perfect vehicle to see the

crowds lining St Kilda Road,

including those with various political

messages. Republicans, those commoners anarchists will be

crying an ocean of tears today

to see how popular the Queen is

today. At Government House

there was a State reception

with political leaders, service

men and women and Victorian

flood victims. A select few

attended a private lunch fit

for a Queen. It has been a brief brief but busy visit to Melbourne. The couple have

spent just four hours here. They finish their Australian

tour in Perth at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting. Colonel Gaddafi has been buried at a

secret location in the Libyan desert. During the night his

body was taken from a meat

storage facility where it had

been on public display for five

days. Libya's new rulers didn't

want his final resting place to

become a shrine. He was buried

in an unmarked grave with his

son Moutassim and his Defence Minister.

now in Libya. We are free. We

weren't under the

tyrant. Gaddafi's body guard

has revealed the dictator spent

his last weeks living in

squalor, in abandoned homes

with no television, phones or

electricity. His mood ranged

from anger to despair as he

read, wrote notes and brewed tea on a coal stove.

In finance, the good news on

inflation was a welcome

distraction from the debt concerns plaguing Europe. It 60-point turn around. Here is helped the share market stage a

finance correspondent Phillip

Lasker. That inflation dragon

that used to terrorise the that used to terrorise

economy has been hibernating

for the best part of 20 years.

Today's tamer numbers gave the

share market a lift. Australian

resisted the trend in Europe and the United States because

investors are worried Europe's debt solution will

disappointed. The topic of

conversation here for the time

being is tame inflation and lower interest rates. Today's


banks and retailers. Insurer

IAG was up after sticking to its profit guidance at the its profit guidance at the AGM.

Fortescue Metals Resource stocks were mixed.

Fortescue Metals is raising

$1.5 billion to fund expansion

and a higher bullion price

helped the gold miners. It is

that rising bullion price which

is at a one-month high that

reflects concern about Europe.

But back to that inflation

number, or numbers, and the

interest rate question. There

is more than one way to measure

inflation and that's why we

at the end of the graph - the

well-known consumer price

index, the red line, is running

higher than the Reserve Bank's preferred measure of inflation. preferred measure

That shaded area, the 2% to 3%

comfort zone, is where the

Reserve Bank would prefer all

measures to be. So, the bank

may wait to cut interest rates,

particularly since Europe could

become more of a problem and it

might want to save its

ammunition. But, expectations

of lower interest rates saw the

the board below 104 US cents. That's finance.

Families forced to spend time

in Canberra while their children receive treatment for

cancer will soon have a home

away from home. The ACT

Government has acquired a Government has acquired a house

that will allow families to

stay together. It will open

just in time to support the

Canberra Hospital's new cancer

centre. Four years ago, playing

in the park wouldn't be

possible for Ross Green. When

with leukaemia and had to be he was 12, he was diagnosed

treated in Sydney away from his

family. They were never with me. There was periods I wouldn't see my wouldn't see my siblings for

almost three weeks and I hated

not having the family dinner at

the dinner table. You everything you can but it was the dinner table. You do

very difficult because your

whole life is in an whole life is in an up

heefl. It is a similar story

for children in Canberra.

People stay at the leak leak, Room or the Ronald McDonald's Family

dnss. That accommodation is Room or the Canberra res

running at 95% occupancy so it

is time, we are seeing more people coming from NSW for

that to continue to grow. The cancer treatment so we expect

ACT government has found a

house in south Canberra. It is a timely purchase as construction

construction begins for a $45

million cancer centre at the Canberra hospital. Mr

Jurkiewicz knows the value of a

comfortable home. His own daughter had was virtually no accommodation

for that. We had to spend

nights lying on chairs by her

bed. The ACT Government

received almost $2 million the Commonwealth to provide

accommodation but accommodation

remains scarce. We will have to continue to grow accommodation

in the community along with our

growth in cancer services, we

know that. The Duffy House will

accommodate up to six families

next year. and will open in the middle of

acquired a slice of Spring The National Museum

Carnival history just in time

for the Melbourne Cup. The

museum slashed out $720,000 for the 1867 Cup and Queens Plate

trophies at auction last night.

At the barrier draw for the Victoria Derby, there was good

news for the favourite,

Manawanui. Two days after Manawanui was eating the

trainer's hat, Ron Leemon

picked up a new one. He wanted

barrier four or five for the derby favourite, he drew 8. I

got six if there is no

scratching. One away from what

we wanted. Mike Moroney was less-than-impressed with his

barrier for Sobrage. That is

not a help. That's the problem.

But, you know, it is a luck in

running. You can draw an inside

gate and get flattened. You got

to take what you draw and do

the best. Sometimes the barrier

draw means little especially in

the gate doesn't open. As Moonee Valley Racing Club was being criticised, half the

gates opened in Bendigo. It was

affected, not realising it was Craig Williams who was most

a false start. It was his ride

in the re-started race that led

to the star of the Spring being

suspended from the Melbourne

Cup for causing interference.

It was a clean start in the

Bendigo Cup with Melbourne Cup hopefuls trying to qualify. After being second in its last

two starts, Tanby went one

quinella with At First better in a Lloyd Williams

Sight. He is no bridesmaid

today, Tanby, he is going to

win the Cup. Tanby will edge

closer to a Cup start with a

weight benalty. All I can

to Greg Carpenter is that's

clearly the most impressive

Bendigo Cup winner I have ever

seen. This is the trophy he wants but believe it or not this is also a Melbourne Cup.

The 1867 Cup and Queens Plate

trophies were sold last night

for $720,000. The 1876 Cup was

win by Tim Whiffler, which

isn't so surprising considering there were

Tim Whiffler in the race. The

trophies were bought by the National Museum in Canberra and

will go on display from Monday.

Samantha Stosur has won her Australian tennis player

opening match at the WTA's end

of season event in Turkey. The

US Open champion beat Maria

Sharapova in straight sets.

Sharapova was back in action

after a month off because of a

foot injury. But Stosur didn't

let her into the match taking

the first set

it out 7-5 for her first win

over the Russian after nine previous attempts. Obviously it

is a big feat for me. You never

want to lose to someone 10 times in a row so I tried to times in a row so I tried to do

things different and thankfully it played off. The annual WTA Championships determine who ends the season as world No.1.

With a look at today's weather,

here is Mark Carmody. Thanks Craig. Good evening. It was

good to be in the garden today.

That little bit of rain

yesterday, although a friend

disputed the 'Little' and

reckoned she got close to 15mm, made the soil soft which made reckoned she got close to 15mm,

weeding a breeze. There is plenty of them about.

Cloud is clearing over NSW but

that's not the case in WA as a

large band crosses that State

and heads towards SA. A series

of low-pressure systems extends

around the perimeter

Australia and they will trigger some patchy rain and possible some patchy rain and possible

storms in some of our capitals

tomorrow. They include Brisbane

which will be cloudy, warm and possibly wet.

Craig, Azaleases have put on a

good show in the garden this

year and the Rhodos haven't

been too bad either. Thank you.

That's the news for now. Stay

with us for '7:30' with Leigh

for your Sales and Chris Uhlmann. Thanks

for your company, goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI

I know it was said at one

stage to my family if they

decided to go with a private

company they would be putting

my life at risk. And Guy Pearce

on his career's ups and down

I've done things for the wrong

reasons before and regretted it. His most it. His most memorable screen

moments I got to have sex with

Kate Winslett many, many times

A few people said it was a

business racy or something. First top, is it

the Commonwealth a concept

that's still relevant in the

21st century? After the

fanfare of the Queen's visit,

this week in Perth the

Commonwealth Heads of

Government meeting kicks off and

and some seasoned observers