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Tonight - Chile's volcano

leaves thousands of air

travellers here fuming. A pension rise

pension rise to beat the carbon

tax. We'll make sure the

pensioners have got more money

right from the start of the

carbon price. The Raiders go

thriller against the down by just one point in

Broncos. And best in show, or

destined for the cooking pot?

The pecking order is

Show. established at the Poultry

Good evening. Craig Allen

with ABC News. A cloud of

volcanic ash from Chile is

causing chaos for thousands of

travellers in Australia and New

Zealand. Qantas and Jetstar

have cancelled more than 120 flights between the two countries

and to Tasmania. Tonight Qantas

has grounded its planes in and out of Melbourne, out of Melbourne, and Virgin and Tiger have followed suit.

The ash cloud is the biggest to

approach Australia in two approach Australia in

decades. Rebecca Barrett

reports. All packed up but

going nowhere, thanks to

Chile's volcanic ash. I've had

my plans. to cancel all my work and all

It has been a very long day,

having left come lom bow about

24 hours ago. The travel plans

of these Qantas and Jetstar passengers in Melbourne were tonight brought to indefinitely. We believe it's

right thing to do to suspend absolutely prudent and the

operations until we have more

details on the density of the

will have on ircraft. The will have cloud and the impact that this

volcano in Chile erupted seven

days ago. It's still spewing

out ash which has been carried

by strong winds into the airspace in Tasmania, Melbourne

and New Zealand. It's been

estimated that there is at

least 5 million tonnes of fine

ash in addition to rocks and

coarser ash and so on, and it's

that fine ash hanging in the

air that's causing us such a

have problem. Qantas and Jetstar

have cancel ed more than 120 flights stranding flights stranding 16,000 passengers. Virgin has grounded

its flights to New Zealand and

along with Tiger, stopped all services out of Melbourne At

this stage it's safety first

and safety before

schedule. Frustrations boiled

over in Hobart where Qantas and

Jetstar have cancelled services

to and from the State. We've

got a dog in kennels, I've got surgery on Wednesday -

It's kind of put a dent in

our plans for the next few

days. Jetstar passengers in Sydney trying to get to Tasmania put on a brave face. Travelling with two face. Travelling

little kids, one who has an

additional needs and it won't

be a pleasant night if we can stay here.

Not much you can do about t

just one of those natural

disasters, I

suppose. Passengers are now

playing a waiting game as they

attempt to get to their

destinations. Airlines have

trying to book them on the

first available flight. It's

just unclear when that will be. those who don't want it

re-book. Pensioners are being

promised a boost in payments to

compensate for the carbon But the Federal Government

won't confirm how much money is

on offer until it finalises a

carbon price. As for the Opposition Leader, is he doing

his best to warm the political climate on border protection.

Tony Abbott has travelled to

Nauru to urge the Government to

re-open the island's mothballed

detention facility. Nick Harmsen Harmsen reports. A post card

from the Pacific - Tony Abbott has toured Nauru's

the picture, don't we? And facilities Yes, I think we get

likes what he sees. Nauru is humane,

humane, cost effective and it's

proven, and that's why I say that the Prime Minister should

pick up the phone to the

President of Nauru. Not likely.

Julia Gillard is dealing with

Malaysia as her preferred

destination. Nauru n the end,

saw only people staying there

for a long period of time for a long period of time and

to then almost all of them coming

may eventually prompt asylum

seekers of a different kind to

depart Nauru, but even on this

low-lying isle, the Opposition is prosecuting its case against

a carbon tax. Whatever level it

starts at, it will just go up

and up and up and up, and there

is no compensation which is

going to be adequate. The

Government is doing its best to reassure older Australians that

that's not the case We'll make

sure that pensioners have more

money right from the start of

the carbon price and that the permanent. It would be assistance we provide will be

delivered through an upfront

pension increase, beyond the usual indexation, about you there is no word on how much. We are still drawing up the design of the scheme. When the design of

that is available, all of those

figures will be there for

people to see. Kevin shelved emissions trading people to see. Kevin Rudd's

scheme would have delivered

single pensioners an extra $500

and couples $700 a year. They've admitted that every household in Australia

will be paying an extra $700 a

year as a result of the carbon tax. Every six the green monster has to be fed. Without

fed. Without a price, any

figure on compensation is largely meaningless, but the

Government is continuing a

drip-feed of details designed

to counter community concern

before the true impact is finally revealed. The Federal

Government has directed a

cattle industry body to dip

into its contingency fund to

help graziers affected by the

suspense of live exports to Indonesia. Meat and Livestock

Australia has been instructed to

and water thousands of stranded

cattle N a letter to the organisation, Agriculture

Minister Joe Ludwig said the

money would be an initial

contribution. Last week the MLA contribution. Last week the

ruled out dipping into its

reserves to compensate its members. Australia's largest

cattle producer says the Government urgently needs to make a decision on what happens

to the cattle now left in

limbo. We're dealing with

living, breathing animals that

are positioned ready to go.

Decisions need to be made

around those today, this

evening, at lunchtime do. We

feed them in the yards? Do we

disband that's animals? Do we

put them back on trucks? Do we

send them south? What decisions

need to be made today? Mr

Farley said that trade with Indonesian abattoirs that meet standards should resume while

the Government's review of the

live cattle trade is under way. The most wanted terrorist

in Africa has been killed in a shoot-out with police in

Somalia. Fazul Abdullah

Mohammed is believed to be the

mastermind of the deadly 1998

bomb blasts in East Africa. Is

he the third key al-Qaeda figure killed in six weeks. The

ABC's Africa correspondent

Ginny Stein reports. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed was both the

head of al-Qaeda in East Africa

and a top field commander of

Somalia's own militant group,

al-Shabaab. He has been on the

FBI's most wanted list since

the 1998 bombings at the US

embassies in Tanzania and Kenya

which killed moor than 200

people and injured thousands. The United States had offered a

$5 million reward for capture. His death came after

he and a comrade got lost,

driving into the lawless Somali

capital. Somali authorities say

he was killed in a shoot-out at a security checkpoint. He was

buried before police were aware of his true of his true identity. Officials

exhumed his body and US

officials were notified. DNA

tests confirmed his identity.

US Secretary of State Hillary

Clinton says his death is a

significant blow to al-Qaeda:

Three of the US most wanted terror killed in six weeks. Osama bin

Laden was killed by Navy Seals

in his Pakistan compound. And

the man who would possibly succeed him, Ilyas Kashmiri,

was killed in a US drone strike

in Pakistan. News of this

latest death is likely to be

treated with scepticism. Fazul Abdullah Mohammed has been

reported dead before. In that

instance, he survived a US air

strike that targeted him in

southern Somalia. Twin bomb

blasts have killed 35 people

and injured more than 100

others in the north western

Pakistani city of Peshawar. The

first explosion was relative ly

small, drawing police and es

cue workers to the site.

Minutes later a suicide bomber

on a motorbike triggered a much

larger blast in the same

location. The target was a busy

market near army housing and

political offices. It's one of

the worst attacks since last month's raid that bin Laden. At the time the

Pakistani Taliban vowed to

avenge his death. The United

States has accused Syria of

creating a humanitarian crisis

as thousands flee the country

to escape a crackdown by security forces. Witnesses say

Syrian troops backed by

helicopters killed at least 25

people in their latest purge.

This amateur video apparently shows

by troops. This man approaches

soldiers, but is turned around by gunfire. GUNFIRE. In Damascus, President Bashar al-Assad

al-Assad is toughing it out, ignoring Washington's calls to

end the violence. The Americans

are taking a tougher line,

demanding medics have unfettered access to the region

to treat the wounded and

refugees. And in Libya, British

Apache helicopters have attacked government forces

advancing on the

stronghold of Misrata. The air

strikes followed yesterday's

renewed offensive by forces

loyal to Libyan leader Moamar

Gaddafi. It led to a rebel retreat

retreat and claimed 31 lives.

Pro-Gaddafi forces have now

turned their attention to

nearby Dafniya, battering the

rebel forces which are using

the town as a base. CHANTING.

Further east of the capital,

thousands have marched on the

Stitt of Benghazi as demonstrations against Gaddafi's 42-year rule

continue. First there was a

death. Now 140 people have been evacuated from a popular

tourist spot in the Northern Territory. Tests have Territory. Tests have found

higher-than-normal levels of

arsenic at Mount Bundy Station.

James Glenday reports from the

cattle station south of Darwin

which has been shut down by

police. From first light this

morning, campers were on their

way out. Police set up a

roadblock late last night and

warned people not

use any bore water. Decided to

have an early night and it

didn't work out that way, yeah,

a little bit shocked. The Northern Territory coroner is investigating the death investigating the death of 17-year-old Ben wit that many

who died of suspected arsenic

poisoning last month. The

teenager had been living on

Mount Bundy Station for several

years and new tests have found

higher-than-normal levels of

arsenic in eight others. We're

asking everybody to leave.

That's the coroner's

direction. The station is a

popular tourist resort and

thousands visit each year If

anybody has visited Mount Boundy recently and have symptoms of vomiting, diarrhoea, she should medical attention Uhr jntly.

It will kill this place. Mount

Bundy and the surrounding

region is well-known for gold

and iron ore mines and World

War II military installations.

What's not so well-known are

the levels of arsenic

concentrate in the local water system. Health authorities

think it is an isolated case,

but tourists and locals are worried. We were going to go into Adelaide River, but

they're on bore water, too. So

if the water is contaminated

here t will be contaminated there. The station will be closed and under closed and under police guard until the coroner has finished his investigation. A new museum

has been created in Tasmania

from one of the largest

bequests in Australian history.

Set inside a historic Hobart

home, the exhibits showcase a

slice of early 20th Century

life. It's all thanks to a

multimillion-dollar gift to the Tasmanian Museum Gallery from history lover and notorious hoarder Henry Baldwin. Stepping inside the

former home of Henry Baldwin is

a step back in time, to the

1920s. Henry Baldwin was the

last descendant of one of Tasmania's oldest families.

When he died three years ago,

he donated his home, two other

properties and $2 million to

the Tasmanian Museum and Art

Gallery. This is a very unique

gift. It is the largest single

gift provided to art gallery and we believe it

would be one of the largest provided anywhere in Australia

as a whole. But it has taken time to time to sort through the thousands

thousands of items left behind by a man who didn't throw

anything away. We found a box

of gold sovereigns stashed

under the stairs, found

jewellery in a safe, found toys

in drawers, found 19th Century

clothes and shoes. And there is

a letter from an Irish prisoner

who was helped about by a

relative of Henry Baldwin to escape

the story of Mr Baldwin's

family history dating back to

the 1820s, while downstairs

will feature changing

exhibitions He wanted ace house

museum that would show the

people of Tasmania and visitors

to the island a little bit

about his life, early 20th

Century life in Tasmania and

this wonderful garden. The

garden was designed by Mr

Baldwin's father, Cecil and has

something in flower all year around With the vegetable grown in the garden today will

be the varieties that were

grown there in the 1920s. The

house and garden are open for guided tours. To sport now and

the Raiders came agonisingly

close to another boilover today

as they reined in a massive

Broncos lead, only to lose

their clash in golden point

extra time. In other games, the

Cowboys were no match for Manly

last night, while today Benji

Marshall revived the Tigers in Auckland. And Peter Wallace's

boot proved to be the Raiders in their nail-biting encounter. Alex

Glenn led out the Broncos missing 10 regular first-graders. Brisbane looked

for an easy win when Josh

Hoffman sliced through in the

second half. COMMENTATOR: And

the Bronco kes are having a day

out. Little did they know their day would

day would change. Josh Papali. The Raiders are drawn time. With Lockyer on Origin duties, Peter Wallace stepped

up to claim a golden point

win. The Brisbane Broncos have

won a remarkable game. The Tigers opened across the Tasman, but the

Warriors went on a rampage,

running in the next five tries at Mount Smart Stadium. Manu

Vatuvei's second gave the Warriors a 16-point lead. You

won't stop Manu and you won't

stop the Warriors in this mood. Unfortunately for the

home side it sparked another New Zealand star into action.

Tigers star Benji Marshall

comeback. He claimed two tries

and scored 14 points in the

last 16 minutes. He wasn't done

yet. The Kiwi Test captain set

up the winning try. They're unstoppable. They're unstoppable!. Manly exploded

out of the blocks last night against the Cowboys. Brett

Stewart struck the first

blow. The Manly ambush. Stewart

bagged a double to lead Manly

to a 20-point win. Today's

result in New Zealand has seen

Warriors on the ladder, while

the Storm will join Manly on 22

point fs they beat the Roosters

tomorrow night in Melbourne.

A late try has helped

Queensland defeat the Western

Force to remain on top of the

Super Rugby table. In Africa,

the Lions drew with the Sharks

and the Bulls beat the

Stormers. In Australia, though,

the Waratahs had a bonus-point

win, while the Reds got home by

3 points. Duncan Huntsdale reports. The Force can't make

the finals but were

take a big scalp. The celebration was also good,

about you this pass

wasn't. Cooper. The Queensland

fly-half sprinted away to cut

the deficit to one Sidey's second try stretched the

the home team's advantage. The

Force lost their captain to an

ankle injury midway through the first half. Wallabies coach

Robbie Deans looked concerned,

but would have been enthused by

the blindside breakaway from

Scott Higginbotham. And Sidey's sideline combination with Australian forward David

Pocock. Cooper's clever cut-out

pass in the dying minutes gave

the Reds victory and top spot

on the table. Another Wallaby

trump card Kurtley Beale was at

his elusive best in the

Waratahs' 26-point win over the

Highlanders. They need a good bounce. They get it. Tah Mann

could hardly contain himself as

Beale burst through again. The

crowd numbers are down, but

those who have stuck with New

South Wales were rewarded with some of the play of the season. What a try. That could be Try of the

Year!. Last month's forum with

disgruntled fans was a distant

memory as Tom Carter scored a hat-trick to secure a crucial point. The Waratahs need to

beat the Brumbies in Sydney next weekend to make the

finals. In the AFL, it was a

tale of two very different

games this afternoon. Last

night, the Kangaroos cruised to victory against the Gold Coast

Suns and the Cats edged out the Hawks. This afternoon,

inaccuracy almost

dearly against Richmond at the

SCG, while in Melbourne, the Blues Blues thrashed Brisbane. Weekend results

presented Carlton with the opportunity to shore up spot on the ladder, and they

looked every bit the top-four

side in perfect conditions at Docklands. The Lions's youthful

defence was no match for any

part of the Blues attack and the dependable contribution of

an in-form Andrew Walker to the

brilliance of Eddie Betts. This

is what he loves to do - create

and kicks and kicks spectacular goals! Brisbane bravely held on

in the first quarter, but by

the second term the Blues

started to blow the game wide

open. Ashley McGrath had a

goal. Carlton kicked six goals

straight either side of

half-time artion the Lions'

spirit was broken He says, "I

will show you how to do it."

On the back of his six goals

last week, Walker booted five.

Jonathan Brown, as always,

stood tall for the Lions,

kicking three, but it was Carlton who for its healthy home crowd. Their status as genuine

premiership contenders being

done no harm in a polished display. Sydney display. Sydney is another side which would consider itself a

contender this season but its

display was anything but

polished. The Swans were

hideously inaccurate, kicking 21 behinds. Well, he 21 behinds. Well, he has

compensated too much. It wasn't

until the Tigers drew level at

the start of the last term with

the goes of Dustin Martin that

Sydney finally kicked true. Four straight late goals led a gritty win and leaves the Swans

on the cusp of the top

four. The great British hope

for Wimbledon Scot Andy Murray

is through to the final of the Queen's club Championships.

Murray took just under an huh

to beat and dri Roddick. A four-time champion at Queen's, Roddick's power game based

around his booming serve couldn't overcome the

consistency of Murray. The

world No. 4 broke the American

in the second game of the match

and that was all he needed to claim claim the opening set. The unforced errors continued to

flow in the second with Roddick's serve broken three

times. The pressure will inevitably increase on Murray

with the start of Wimbledon just 8 day as way. Australia's

Casey Stoner will start on pole

for the fourth time this season

at the British Moto Grand Prix

tonight. The 2007 world champion can

champion can go to the top of

the points standings in this

year's title race with a

victory at Silverstone. Neil

Cross reports. Having claimed pole so well aware of the task at hand

and he produced another

blistering performance.

Stoner's track record time of

2:2.020 put him just ahead of

Marco Simoncelli I felt very

lucky today that we held off a

pole position because it's important for me tomorrow to

have a good start and be able

to be upfront at least trying

to warm the tyres up. Championship leader Jorge

Lorenzo will start third on the

grid while the sole British rider in the field Cal Crutchlow broke his collarbone

in this crash barely 5 minute

in the qual tying session.

Across the Atlantic, no such problems for German Sebastien

Vettel as he claimed pole position for the an nadan

Formula One Grand Prix. The world champion and Championship

leader acknowledged it was a

major step on the road to victory. Conditions are very

likely to change so we will see

some rain. The request he is

when and how much. So we'll

see, but obviously we want to

be in the best possible position to start from. Australia's will start from 4th on the

grid. Former Le Mans winner

Allan MacNish lasted only 50

minutes. The Scottish driver's Audi disintegrated to the

horror of his crew watching in

the pits N a vindication of

recent design changes to improve driver protection,

MacNish was incredibly able to

walk away from the high-speed

disaster. He was taken to

hospital but later returned to

the track. Speed wasn't the

problem but cows were on the penultimate stage of the Criterium du Euskaltel's Mikel Landa was an unfortunate victim, forced to

withdrawn from the race. Briton

Bradley Wiggins leads the

standings 1.26 ahead Australia's Cadel Evans. Riders

have set a cracking pace in the

first day of the Finke Desert

Race. The fastest buggies and

motorbikes have recorded quicker times than last quicker times than last year's leaders, but the tough track

has already taken its toll on

some entries. The scene is set for a tight finish near Alice

Springs tomorrow. Soon after

drivers took off, racing at

speeds of up to 2040km/h on a

track that officials say is one

of the toughest in Australia.

Past winner Dave Fellows had had

had a broken drive shaft. The

buggies were lining up ready for

for a piece of the action It's

one of those races I always saw

in the magazines and I thought,

"Yeah, I want to have a crack

at it." There is something

about eskies and racing. You blokes with

better move out because I will

run over ya! Some were

momentarily missing in action after rying off the track They

need to keep an eye out for directional signs and if they

miss one of those, they could

end up down a dirt track. Competitors and

officials are shouting over the engine noise. Close to 600

competitors took off today at staged intervals. West Australian Travis Robinson is

winning the buggy

Bathurst's Ben Grabham is the leading motor cyclist. People

are camping at remote community

of Finke tonight. more are camping trackside. For

some, this is Christmas coming some, this is Christmas coming early. Well, they're preened

and pretty pampered, but then

is takes a lot of hard work is takes a lot of hard work to

be best bird. Today enthusiasts

flocked to the National Poultry

Show in Canberra to check out

the more than 70 breeds on

order, and for the judges, deciding the no easy task. Siobhan Heanue went for a stickybeak. These

blokes know what they like in a

bird As you can see, she's all quality. Really well put together. When it comes to

breeding the best chooks,

beauty is always in the eye of

the beholder. Feet and colour

are perfect and feathers where they should be. Do you really

want something to crow about?

Well, the best view is from on

top and this fella rules the roost. This is the British Dorking, this year's best in

show. It's all about colour, condition, and carriage. The shiniest feathers, the shapeliest specimen A fit fowl

is a good fowl and that's what

we're looking for. For the

breeders, here, chooks are a

way of life, and they love to

talk... you know. Anyway, it's not all about the pecking order They order They are a great hobby, a

great interest and a great leveler of people

And if your chook is not up

to scratch at the show, well,

at least it might go alright in

the slow cooker. Well, the one

thing about breeding shook chooks , you can eat your mistakes. Well, that's a mistakes. Well, that's a bit

plucky! Onto the weather now

and despite threatening clouds,

we had a mostly dry day, but

not real warm, only a top of 14

in the city and a huge

disparity overnight between the

city and Tuggeranong where it

was a very mild 7 degrees. In

the mountains today - fine and

partly cloudy. The radar is showing a few u

of the coastal showers around

and we'll see plenty more cloud

streaming over the ACT

streaming over the ACT during

the coming week. Around the

capitals today: As expected,

there is a deepening low

pressure system bringing cloud to the north-east of the State

and into Queensland. That system isolated showers for the ACT

right through till Friday with

a moist easterly air flow

established over the region.

Around the capitals tomorrow:

Now, before we go, a brief

recap of our top stories

tonight, and the biggest ash

cloud to approach Australian

airspace in two decades is

causing chaos for thousands of

travellers here and in New

Zealand. More than 120 flights between

between the two countries, within New Zealand and to Tasmania, have

and flights in and out of

Melbourne tonight have been

grounded. And pensioners are

being promised a top-up in payments

payments to compensate for the

carbon tax. The Federal Government says it can't

confirm how much they will get

until the carbon price is fixed. And that's the news for

now. Can you keep up to date 24

hours a day on ABC News online,

ABC News 24 and you can also

find us on Twitter. Thanks for

your company. Goodnight.