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Tonight - grounded - the

flying kangaroo takes drastic action in its fight with the

unions. We have decided to

ground the Qantas international

and domestic fleets

immediately. A barbecue fit

for a Queen Her Majesty bids

farewell to the nation. Derby

Day dazzler - a long shot races away for the win. And hair

today, Joan tomorrow - the

change ing face of men's


Good evening. Craig Alen with

ABC News. Craz has taken the extraordinary step with immediate effect. The its entire fleet indefinitely,

airline's chief today said the

company had no choice in the

face of impossible demands by

unions. Alan Joyce accused them of trashing the Qantas brand

and deliberate ly de stabilising the company. The

Federal Government has responded,

responded, saying it's made an

urgent appeal to Fair Work

Australia to halt all

industrial action at the

airline. For now, though, all

Qantas passengers have been

reporter Ben Worsley. told to stay home. Here is ABC

head of Qantas called a late

afternoon press conference with

little note es. What he announced was extraordinary

and? Industrial terms under the provisions of the explosive. I announce

Fair Work Act, Qantas will lock

out all those employees who are

covered by the agreements currently operating and being

negotiated with the ALAEA, the

T . WU and the AIPA. The lockout starts on Monday night,

but the airline' CEO grounded all aeroplane s

immediately. This is a very

tense environment. Individual ae actions to the lockout

decision may be un predictable.

And for this reason, as a And for this reason,

precautionary measure, we have

decided to ground the Qantas

international and domestic fleets

fleets immediately. I repeat -

we are grounding the Qantas

fleet now. Alan Joyce says the

rolling industrial action of

the unions is costing Qantas

$15 million a week, and that is simply un sustainable. If action continues as the unions

have promised, we will have no

choice but to close down Qantas

part by part. The unions are

deception and planning this outraged. Accusing Qantas of

action for days. I think Alan

Joyce is intent on destroying

Qantas andhooding the nation to ransom. Finally the Federal

Government is stepping in, it's

taking the dispute to fair Work Australia. Solutions can be

found that are in the interests

of Qantas's long-term future,

and of its work

Qantas link and Qantas freight

airline services will continue. The

airline will help passengers

accommodation stranded mid-journey with

accommodation and alternative travel. And Qantas will refund

cancelled tickets I want to say

of action has become how sorry I am that this course

necessary. With thousands of

Qantas passengers now stranded,

he's not alone. The Qantas decision is leaving customer s stranded at every major Australian airport, including here in now on the phone is Canberra Airport's managing director,

reaction to today's Steven Byron. Mr Byron, your

events? It's just devastate

thieths got to this. I wonder

if he learned any lessons out

of Ansett. For people to be

disrupted, people trying to get

to weddings, to funeral s let

alone the impact on the economy

and people's jobs. What is the impact for Canberra's Qantas link, the dash 8 will still passengers? Well, whilst

operate to Sydney, there are no

Qantas flights as of 5 o'clock

this afternoon. There was

flight to Melbourne and all the

aircraft is grounded. How vital

is it that this situation is

resolved quickly? This is not a

question of days or weeks. This really should be sort really should be sort out

within 24 to 48 hours because it can't go on like

this. Steven Byron on a very unprecedented day in

very much for your time.

Passengers in Sydney and

Melbourne have been giving

their reaction s this afternoon. Our trouble is we've

got a round the world

So we need to go to Cairns now

and then come back down to

Sydney to go on to Bangkok

later. So we're not quite sure

what's happening yet. We came

along and saw them all walk ing

Qantas away. So there's not many

Qantas staff around. I was told

they were in a big meeting.

These seem to be the Qantas

doing the staff here, and they seem to be

doing the best. It makes you

wonder why you would fly with

Zealand. Nothing until Monday I Qantas. Air New

Wa z Wa was told. I have just come through on

from Perth and spent a day

wasting time in Melbourne, waiting for flight. So not

happy. We got here OK but our

bags are locked in the system

and they just said try to get a

Jetstar flight. To other news

now and in a remarkable out burst, CHOGM's

group has lashed out at some

leaders accusing them of

preferring siel tones action on

human rights abuses. The Wriedt

k meeting has found its voice

on one issue - changing royal succession rules. That's

some serious bling. The Queen

showed off her crown jewel s at

a bank wet for world leaders.

The one thing they can agree on

directly affects her great

grandchildren. I am very

pleased to be with you and I

wish you every success in your wish

discussion over the coming

days. The 300-year-old rules of

royal succession will be

changed, scrapping the ban on a

future future monarch marrying a Catholic and overturning the

law that says a male heir can overtake a sister. If the Duke

and duchess of Cambridge were

to have a little girl, that girl would one day with our

Queen. The leaders also

declared war on polio, pledging

more money to try to eradicate

the disease where fl the four

will be an investment in saving countries where it

lives. Across town - I sing

like a cow. The Foreign Minister was also rallying support for the cause. We can

eliminate polio from the

planet. Doing his best to get

the numbers. I want your

support to do this. you and you and you and

you. Polrio and succession are

obviously significant but

hardly controversial. Neither

was high on CHOGM's agenda. The

leaders are yet to a agree on

how to make the organisation

more relevant for its people

and times. The Commonwealth's eminent persons group made eminent persons group made a series of recommendations on

that. But CHOGM held off releasing its scathing report. It is my personal view

a disgrace that this report has not been authorise publication. Jo Our headline

was siel sense not an option.

Clearly there are some people at

at this meeting for whom siel

sense the best option. That is

a diplomatic blasting. Those camps out in front of the historic St Paul's

Cathedral are facing eviction.

The authorities are prepared to take legal action against the

mass of people demonstrating against corporate greed. Phillip Williams reports. two weeks, the tents have

marked the place where

politics, protest and religion have entersecond. - intersected.

intersected. The doors Paul's Cathedral were open for

the first time in a week after

church firms closed the institution, crietding health

and safety crerns. I It's - concerns. I thinket's

unfortunate the church koes

Klosed but it was open for much of the beginning of of the beginning of the protest

and it's opening today which I

think shows that we aren't really the reason why the

church closed. The cathedral's against his own church's

action. One of many critics of the

the way the whole issue has

been handled. I think the

church should stand for oppress

add #27bd poor but my red line

on this issue on this issue was I don't

believe the church should

sanction any course of action

that could lead to violence

against protesters. But that

has not stopped plans to start

legal action to evict the

campers. The Church is saying

it's their land, and they want

them off their land. Sadly because of

having invited if they did

invite somebody in you can't

just get rid of them when you want. And there's support in

high place force a legal elbow out. I am all in favour 206

freedom to demonstrate but I

don't see why that has to

include the freedom to pitch a

tent are where you want to. But

the courts could take months to

reach a decision and the protesters say

protesters say they will

continue to deliver their

message against excess and

greed. While the aims of the

various protesters here may

vary, they do share one thing

in common - a stay the course, no matter what

the authorities do. There have

s will be protests in South

Africa where thousands of young people demanded more jobs, and radical reform to redistribute

the wealth creates in the apartheid

apartheid era. The spores of a

renegade wing of the ruling African National Congress

staged a 2-day march, seen as

part of a power struggle within

the party. Africa correspondent

Ginny Stein reports from pretor

ya. - Pretoria. It was

billed as an economic freedom

march, the youth leader of the

ruling Africa National Congress

taking on the party and its

President. Julius Ma lema is

a decisive leader with a radical agenda and with designs

on the party's top post. He

wants mines to be given back to the Government and for land to

be taken from whites who

benefitted under apartheid and

to be given to poor

blacks. While his own rapidly accumulated wealth

accumulated wealth is under question, Julius mal-Emma's

supporters remain both fiercely

loyal and hopeful. The

two-day protest ended in the

country's capital, Pretoria,

after many here marched over

night Johannes burg. The

protester s highlighted the staggering levels of unemployment in the country but

this is a nation divided about

how to tackle it and the

nation's leaders are accused of not not doing not doing enough. Things are

tougher because the in equalities Vin creetioned. While jewel yaus

mal-Emma's message they frighten many and the white minority in particular,

there settle recognition that

job creation is the country's greatest challenge. Many poor

people in this country have a

vote but not a voice. Until

this changes, it's very difficult to see a lasting

solution to to the poverty

problem. The ruling party

begrudgingly allowed this march


unemployment and Julia's Ma

lema's political ambitions is

yet to be determined. yet to be determined. A

peace activist and poet is

poised to become Ireland's next

President. Michael D Higgins

received almost 40% of frirs preference vote, congratulations are already

pouring in for the retired veteran MP, who served adds

Ireland's arts Minister during

the '90s. The pre

Gallagher suffered a late swing

against him over revelations

about his connections to the un popular Finnigan party. popular Finnigan party. - Fai Fai Loa party. It's uncrease

ingly likely that Canberra

won't reach its greenhouse

emissions targets by 2020. The

ACT Government has reloosed the

latest emissions reports card.

It shows that with only a decade to do

still aren't falling. While the

Territory's greenhouse

discharges have finally leveled

off, that is cold ofrt for the

ACT government as it strives to

slash emissions by 40% by

2020. That ambitious target will require

will require a 7% cut every

year for the next 10 years. It

does require really a big range

of activities implemented very,

very quickly. Not only is it

achievable but it can be

achieved in smart ways that

helping households save

money. There is evidence that climate

felt in Canberra. Data shows a

1.6% degree increase in mean temperatures of since 1960s. Almost all of Canberra's

electricity is generated by interstate power station.

Canberra residents have will

have little effect on their

emissions. That leaves the consumption as the main areas

where cuts in emissionies can

really be made. Household

consumption has already fallen as Canberran

as Canberran s use more energy

efficient appliances, insulate their homes and use smaller,

fuel efficient cars. We need a

massive update upscale ing of

those efforts. We need to see the

the bulk of the community

involved. This is a target

the whole community. Can't be

achieved by the Government on

its own. The Government has

some very important leavers to

pull and to put the right

settings in place. New option for reducing greenhouse gas

emissions will be put before

the Cabinet soon. And public

comment will be sought by the

end of the year. end of the year. Tense of

thousand of Western Australians

turned up for a mass sendoff

for the Queen, who set off for home this afternoon. home this afternoon. Her

send-off was accompany bade

send-off was accompany bade bar

bee cue. The sun was shining,

the sausages sizzling and the

flags were flying. It was a

perfect day for a barbecue, and

a fitting farewell for the

Queen. Yes, I put on my fine est

est tiara so the Queen can see

how much I her. The bells

chimed as the Queen's motorcade

made its way on to the esplanade. It was her 16th

individual vizit to the country

and he bade Australia a warm farewell. We have enjoyed this

visit emmence ly and thank all

those who have come out to

welcome us. We have been overwhelmed by your kindness

and support. The Queen and

Prince Philip then made their

way to the barbecue stands for a closer look. Anna Gare showed off the finest foods. CHOGM oerg s were anticipated up to 100,000

people would attend today's

barbecue and even if the Queen was leave ing Government House,

people were still people were still gathering at every vantage point possible

just to catch a glimpse of the

monarch. Some has travelled far

and wide to see her. We've come

down from Geraldton to see the

Queen. We travelled from over

two hours to get here. We're

from Bunbury. We got up at

about 5 am. A sentiment shared

by the volunteers who put the barbecue. I never want to

see a sausage for a see a sausage for a while that

is for sure. After 10 days,

four cities and an abundance of

posies and presents, the Queen and and Prince Philip were finally on their way home. New

Zealand galloper Sangster has

overcome more fancied runner s

to win the derby. It's claimed today's feature event, be u but

it hadn't been nominated for

Melbourne Cup it will miss out on Tuesday. Ryan Sheales

reports. The dreaded rain did

everybody a favour and stayed

away and the spectators flocked

to Flemington, the first to Flemington, the first day of the Melbourne Cup carnival drew

thousands of race goers all

seemingly keen to make a

statement or have a flutder. We

belt on a favourite and it came

in last. Probably safer not to

have a bet. But the day was all

about the races and the main

event didn't disappoint. All

the pre derby hype had been

about Manawanui, but the gelding failed to

Instead it became a proverbial

two-horse rise with Sangster

leading after the final bend

and monther the more dancied in Duna coming strongly home.

Sangster by a head. Hugh

Bowman now become the first jockey since the 1970s to

defend a derby win, having

taken out the race last year on

Lion Tamer. It's a terrific

thrill. This is the cream of

the crop when it comes to

racing in the Australia. I feel

honoured to have won it a couple of times now. Just South

Africa, you can't - fantastic,

you can't describe it. We you can't describe it. We set

out three months ago and set

the horse for the derby and

it's ungleefable we've

job. Earlier in the day,

Melbourne Cup riner Glass Harmonian impressed with a

victory in the Mackinnon

Stakes. Too good though, glass

gls. While Niwot, who is already eligible for next wees's Melbourne

wees's Melbourne Cup easily won

the day's other cup qualify ing race, the Hotham Handicap. It's

Niwot and he will canter home. Niwot won Niwot won it in a breeze. And

3-year-olds colt Sepoy has

finished its spring undefeated

with a hard fought win in the Coolmore

Coolmore Stakes. With the derby done, the countdown is on

for the carnival's main event -

the Melbourne Cup, on Tuesday.

The barrier draw was made in

the past hour and Illo and today's Hotham Handicap winner Niwot will all start from the

inside gates. But current race favourites Americain and

Dunaden will be outer. In rugby

league, Australia continued its recent dominance of New Zealand

this morning, in the opening game of the four nations. The Kangaroos embarrassed New

Zealand a fortnight ago and

were quick to get on top again.

Tony Williams made an immediate

impact off the bench. He sceernd then set up Jonathan

Thurston's try just before the

break. New Zealand's seized the

momentum with back-to-back

tries in the second half. He

is going to score! He does. But

game with a beautiful ball to

put the result beyond doubt.

Knight's winger Akuila Uate

crossed in the 76th minute to give Australians a 26-12

win. In the W-League, win. In the W-League, Canberra

United has beaten Perth Glory

at home, 3-2. Playing at

MacKellar Park, Perth took the lead

lead midday through the first

half and it was 40 minutes until Canberra found the back

of the net. It came from the

boot of Michelle Heyman who

went on to score a hat trick. The second 45 was much better

than our first. We went into

the sheds and smoke about

trying to blai the ball to feed

and I think we did nit the

second half, which I'm really pleased with the girls and we

got to the end. United play

Sydney FC next weekend at

Leichhardt Oval. Simon Katich

faces a suspension after an

outburst against Australian

captainmark Michael Clarke. After yesterday's Sheffield

Shield match between NSW and

Victoria in Sydney, Katich accused Clarke of being

responsible for the Test team. The skipper

rejects that, but says Katich

is not helping his cause by

speaking out. After scoring a match-ing century for NSW,

Simon Katich did himself no

favouring when he predicted he

eeds never play for Australia

again while Michael Clarke is

captain and selector. Katich

believes a dressing room

confrontation with Clarke back

in 2009 is behind his

international demise. The door is certainly not closed on

comment s are help ing him get

back into the team. His

comments have landed him in

trouble with cricket Australia. He faces a He faces a possible suspension

or a fine of more than

$5,000. While Clarke has he

# - headaches at home it hasn't

distructed the team with

Australia win ing against the

Proteas. Set 223 to win, a

composed performance by veteran bats guide the visitor s a a 3-wicket victory with 15 balls

to spare. Australia win the

game and the series, Hussey

pulls away for 6. Australia's Samantha Stosur into the semifinals of the

season ending WTA championships

with a straight sets victory

over French Open champion Li

Na. Stosur was back to her US

Open winning form as sthe

humbled the world number 5,

6-1, 6-0 in just 66

minutes. Very happy with the

way I played tonight and to come back from that

disappointing match two nights

pleasing. Stosur will now meet Wimbledon champion Petra Kvitova in the final four. For

the first time in nain years,

baseball's world series came

down to a 7th and deciding

game. The Texas Rangers came incredibly close to claiming their first ever national

title. But after leveling the

series 3-3, St Louis carried

the momentum into the final

game. Texas was never in it as

title. Australia's

title. Australia's equestrian elite and Olympic hopefuls are

in the nation's capital this weekend for the Canberra

International horse trials. Up for grabs for grabs - vital world ranking

pointses needed to earn a spot

in the Olympic team. With less

than a year before the London

Games and only one other

qualifying event to go,

competitors hopes are riding on

the event. Nat Blundell has

come close to the Olympic stage

once before. She qualified for the Sydney equestrian team but misfortune struck. My horse

broke down 4 months before the

Olympics. We had won the

Adelaide competition but

unfortunately hef had an injury

and we couldn't recover in

time. The rider from yazs is

vying once again for a spot on

the team. The horse is going

quite well so it will be

interesting to see amongst all

the amazing competitors here if

I can pull off a win. The Canberra International horse

trials is one of the qualifying events

events for next year's London Olympics. This I towards world rankings so it's

critical our best riders get world ranking points

today. Over two days horses and

their riders will compete in dressage, dressage, show jumping and

cross country. Shane Rose is

entering with three horses this year including Gai Waterhouse's

horse Il Vici. He is already

three-star. He won his first

outing at 3-star so he has a

bright future. But the

competition is not just for

Olympic hopefuls. Close to 300 enthuse yaess across all levels: We have

people from 12 or 13 years old

and I think we would have our

oldest compet Norse their 60s or 70s. 15-year-old Madi is of

Gundaroo is a seasoned

competitor but it's the cross

country event that eeps her in

the saddle. It's harder because

it can be up to nearly 3km of gal 07s over fences. Ice also

the favourite in the elite

rises. It's fast and scary. The cross country there's nothing

better than I can imagine. It's thing that the spectators want to watch. The thrills tan

spills of the cross country stage will be held tomorrow. Australian s have an on-again, off-again love affair

with facial hair. How men wear

their hair reflects changes in

culture and politics. The national portrait gallery is

tackling the prickly subject,

to coincide with Movember. Eye s may well be the window to the

soul but facial hair reveals

more than one might expect. The

idea with the exhibition is to look at look at the National Portrait

Gallery's collection as a

of telling the store yits of a

special aspect of fashion, that

facial hair. Images of being changes in styles of

moustache, whiskers, side burns

and beards, represent a

timeline. It starts in the time

of Captain Cook, where facial

hair was removed but curiously compensated for with wigs. In those day s to wear a beard was

a sign of being kind of uncouth

or uncivilised or in some other

way an undesirable member of society. That idea changed by

the mid-1800s were men were

hairy and ploud: Their braerds reflecting masculinity and

strength. By the turn of the

century the razors were back,

as an emphasis on tidiness and

tailoring came to the fore.

Then the countercult our TV

'60s and '70 s saw beards sprout again. Today? Some way

the handle bar moustache is

making a comeback. Some say how beards and facial

coming back. They're very much

associated with the 1970s and

'1980s. With the future of the

face fuzz remain ing a mystery,

one thing is for certain it

will always grow back. Taking a

a look at the weather now.

We've had intermittent showers

today but only 2mm in the

official gauge to

heavier elsewhere and we had

some heavier showers to

afternoon. We reached a top of

24. There have been showers

from the coast to the mountains, with fresh north-west to south-westerly winds.

Moesz of the rain bearing

cloud is sweeping through

rain Victoria and eastern NSW. The

rain here hasn't been as heavy

as predicted.

The cloud chart shows cloud

across NSW and Victoria from a large trough system stretching

rite up into the

interior. That trough is moving

across the region today and

tonight, bringing plenty of

showers and the odd tomorrow

storm. We will see a bit more

fine up by Monday. rain tomorrow but it should

Before we go, Before we go, a brief look

back at our top story - Qantas

has taken drastic action in its

dis#350u9 with the unions. CEO

Alan Joyce said he's had no

choice but to ground its entire

fleet immediately, leaving thousands of passengers strand

around the world. The Federal

Government has made an urgent

appeal to Fair Work Australia to halt all industrial action. Thanks for your company.


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