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(generated from captions) anyone heard. She has come from the western suburbs's frosty patch. to the idea of a carbon tax Just when we're getting used of another charge on drivers. comes the possibility A tax forum, by Treasurer Wayne Swan, to be hosted later this year congestion tax to reduce road use will discuss the option of a for new and upgraded roads. while also providing funds To discuss that and other issues, minister Tony Burke we're joined by Environment and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Good morning. Tony, it would be hard to sell Regardless of the merits, on top of the pollution tax you are spruiking, it is going to be a hard sell. Well, there is nothing to sell. It is not true we are introducing one or we want to. The Henry review floated it, it has been floated a number of times. We also said we won't implement a congestion tax at a federal level mchbl So done, signed no? We have said it Read my lips, never ever. We have said it before. We do not support a congestion tax, never have. We have been asked before. Is it on the table for the tax forum. There is a whole lot of things the government support that people are allowed to talk about, but we don't support implementing one. Do you believe him am Tony is a good guy Tony is a good guy but I think, how can Australia getting over Prime Minister saying never be can Australia getting over your carbon tax under a government I lead Prime Minister saying never be a and we have a carbon tax? Labor in four years has introduceed or increased 19 new taxes. 19. There was flood levy, mining tax, carbon tax, alcopops tax. That is not unusual. That is unusual. That is unbelievably unusual to have all those new taxes and on that scale. Now they want to have a tax summit or forum to get endorsement for new taxes. I am sorry, it has to stop. It is the Independents who wanted the forum. They wanted the forum to talk about the forum. They

tax and people are allowed but the government doesn't support. Yeah, right. Four million being sent on brochures to sell the carbon tax. You labelled it junk mail some It is. Unless it tells the full story it is not real. It has got to be the full story, the full box and dice. But it is junk mail. People see through this. They want the facts, the real facts about how much their cost of living going increase. Frankly, I am prepared to bet everything in my pocket at the moment that it doesn't have all the facts in it. I don't know. You talk about facts but you have got 65% of the conference of Australian e conference of Australian economists saying a pollution tax is inbest way of regulating this issue. But Tony Abbott says it just goes to show how dumb Australian mists are. Is it buying into facts, it is just obfuskaigsz. One economists gives three different views. Alt the moment, mate, Westpac is saying interest rates are going to come down and ANZ saying interest rates will go up. Even more, when you get 65% agreeing on something, doesn't it have more weight. No, but nice try. That's why you are an award-winning debater. Tony was sitting there quietly: Prop gapda. Where is the PM? Where is the PM?? He has been very quiet. Wearing out the shoe leather selling the carbon tax and telling us she would be everywhere made three appearances where is he some last week I was in Hobart with last week I was in Hobart with the Prime last week I was in Hobart with the

Prime Minister negotiating the fortry package that came out after three days of negotiation, the there is anything from the forestry package. I don't think

government slowing down on explaining or engaging on the price on carbon. We just talked about it is getting more information out to the public. I don't think you can gauge government commitment by how gauge government

many individual interviews the Prime Minister does while she does everything else. But she was the one who talked about wearing out the shoe leather. She set it up. I saw Mark Riley' report during the first week, there are an extraordinary number of media appearances. So in terms of leading the debate, I don't think there is question the PM has been doing that. Presumably, the Libs will be scrutinising the pamplets very closely and pulling the PM into centre focus? It is not a question how many media appearances she does but how many questions she answers. The other day, she was asked five times how many more public servants will be employed to implement the carbon tax and is it over 1,000. Told you it would create jobs. It is true. Great job creator. In minus-7 Canberra. You go. We are out of time. Want to drop a Want to drop a clanger, I can't believe I am going to do it but I am asking Australians to vote for Kevin Rudd. Kevin Rudd rang me, he is in a Twinings tea contest and $ Twinings tea contest and $500,000 goes to charity if he wins. He has... He can't get it out. Say it slowly. Say it slowly.. He has invoked the old mate's act and asked us to endorse him ahead of What do we have to do to endorse Alan Jones.

him? Go on the Twinigs web site. Isn't it twinings? You can see you are not a tea drinker. If it was a vote for him to go to the United Nations, I would strongly endorse him because it endorse him because it would give a by-election and give us a chance to win. So we have So we have got it on film, Joe Hockey has endorsed Kevin Rudd over Alan Jones. , It is an immensely painful moment. " It is an immensely painful moment., It is an immensely painful

"Joe , I can't believe you have done It is an immensely painful moment.,

this to me." (mimics Alan Joans). (mimics Alan Joans)