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Live. Tonight, can Katy

Gallagher elected unopposed to

replace Jon Stanhope as chief

minister. I will be straight, I

will be honest, I will be hard

working. Bring it on - Tony

Abbott's early election call. Only an election could

make an honest politician of

this Prime Minister. I will

decide when the election will

be and it will be in 2013.

Chaos as Canberra Airport

after a builder's blunder closes down the terminal.Long

has she reigned. Queen Elizabeth reaches a right royal

milestone. Good evening and

welcome to A G C news, I'm

Virginia Haussegger. It's the

dawn of a new era in ACT

politics. ACT Labor

politics. ACT Labor today elected Katy Gallagher as it's

new leader following Jon

Stanhope's resignation. She

will formerly take over as

chief minister on Monday and

Andrew Barr will be her deputy.

vote and the verdict was no The ACT Labor caucus

surprise. Katy Gallagher and

Andrew bar have been el lengted

and elected unopposed. The territory's Labor

to back its new leader. I must say it's a tremendous honour

and privilege for me. I think

the job that Katie did for Jon

Stanhope is exactly the sort of

role that I would like to play

for Katie. It's just what the calmer leader wanted. Katy, I

think, will be just an

is a person of enormous

capacity, intelligence and is a person of enormous

warmth. She has been our Greens

liaison. We would expect relationship to continue. Katy

Gallagher became the Member for

Molonglo in 2001 after working

with the community sector and

the CPSU. I've been a student,

a worker and a unionist. I'm a

woman and a pernt and now I'm a

member of this Assembly. After

being re-elected in 2004 and member of this Assembly. After

2008 she rose through the

ranks. The Caucus has elected Katy Gallagher to be deputy Chief Minister. Her 2008

appointment as Treasurer was a

sign of things to come. It is

clear there is a retirement

transition plan from Jon transition plan from Jon

Stanhope. It is building Katy Gallagher's credentials for

eventually becoming Labor Party leader. As health minister she had to

had to deal with claims of

bullying at the Canberra

hospital's obstetrics unit and

the ensuing enquiry and as the mother of three children were

balancing act of family and

work was also in the

to become the ACT's third

female Chief Minister. Today

she found inspiration at her

former primary school. I will

be straight, I will be honest,

I will be hard working and I don't resile

don't resile away from, I

guess, the challenges that will

come. I think it will be very

much game on. It will be a much game on. It will be a new

team but a Government that's

been there a long time who we

will continue to hold to

account. Today may have been

child's play but nexted week the gloves

the gloves are sure to come

off. I'm joined now by the

chief minister elect who is working back late in

working back late in her Assembly office. Evening. Hello. Can you hear Assembly office.Good

me, it is Virginia from the

studio? I can hear you. Can I

ask you first up why is it that

you are so eager to take on

you are so eager to take on the

top job? I think it's just a

huge privilege for me, I am a

huge privilege for me, I am a

Canberran born here and raised

here and now I am family here. It is the ultimate

job for someone with my

background to be in a position

won't waste the opportunity and of enormous privilege and I

I intend to be a very hard but working and good chief minister

but I know I have big shoes to

fill. Some would say that you do after Jon Stanhope because

regardless of whether voters

likes him or not it is always

likes him or not it is always

very clear where Mr Stanhope

stood on issues given his passion for social justice and

his progressive politics. What are you passionate about? In

many ways I have a lot of same passions as John. I am a

member of the Labor Party, we are the party of social justice

and we are the progressive

party, we always have been. You

know, that's why, I minded people like John and know, that's why, I guess, like

myself join organisations like

the Labor Party. But, you know,

I am different. I come with a

different background. I am a

40-year-old mother of three

living in the suburbs, doing

what all mothers of three do.

So I will come from a different

perspective, I think, and I

this position. So I feel like this guess I have been working up to

I've got the experience I've certainly got the energy I've got the experience and

and I know there is a lot that

will come before me but I feel very confident I will

very confident I will be able

challenges. I I'm not sure all to deal with those

mothers of three are running

the Territory or leading a

political party. Nevertheless,

do you intend to change the

culture or style of politics in

the ACT or is it going to be

business as usual

Stanhope-style? You know, I am

different to Jon. I think

that's why we've always got on

so well together. I am not

combative so well together. I am not as

in many ways but I have a

different style and I think

over the coming months people

will see more of that if they,

you know, haven't been aware of

it already but, you know - I'm

not trying to sound silly here

but I think women in politics

do behave differently to men. I

will be bringing my female

does not perspective to that as well. It

does not make us weak, it means

we work diff rently. I look

forward to working with

everyone in the Assembly over

the next 18 months. Politics is

are you? I'm very tough. I certainly very tough, how tough

think people underestimate how

tough I actually am but you can

be tough and fair and gentle

and warm at the same and warm at the same time and I

think, you know, that's the

kind of person I am but it

doesn't mean that I won't

able to doesn't mean that I won't be

able to face the challenges or

solve problems or offer people

a way through. You know, I've

got all of those skills and I

intend to bring them to the

job. Chief Minister elect Katy

Gallagher thank you for joining us on a busy day for you. Katy

Gallagher there down at the

Assembly.Three day esafter the budget and hours

budget and hours after Tony Abbott's wishful urgings Julia

Gillard has ruled out an early

return to the polls. Tony Abbott used his budget reply to

demand the Prime Minister get a

mandate for her carbon tax. The

Government has scoffed at the

suggestion as has its ally Bob Brown. Mark Simkin reports. In

budget week treasurers are like bumpers, they

bumpers, they have to sell chops. chops. Still

coming? Rissoles. This is

better than the budget. How about Tony Abbott's budget reply? The Government found that harder to swallow. We

basically got 30 minutes of

mindless negative

behaviour. Just 30 minutes of

absolutely mindless negativity.

This is getting to the stage

where it is almost a national

where it is almost a national

joke. They didn't smile at the

jokes last night, especially

the one about Labor's plan to

give pensioners digital TV program should be called

building the entertainment

revolution. Tony Abbott did not

say whether he'd try to block

that or any other budget measure although he

aim at the cuts to middle class

welfare. My commit 2340789 the forgotten families of Australia

is to ease your cost of living

pressure. I do not think you

are rich. I know you are struggling. The Government's

struggling in the polls and

Tony Abbott is demanding a new

election because of the carbon

tax. This is eroding the Prime Minister's

standing only an election could

make an honest politician of

this Prime Minister. There

will be no election. You wish for it, you won't get it.

This parliament will go full

term, I will decide when the

election will be and it will be

in 2013. Labor wants the

Coalition to outline its

proposed budget cuts well

before then, something Tony

Abbott refused to do last

night. This is what they keep

asking us, what would we do if

you were us. If we were as

stupid as you we would drown

ourselves. We don't have to

propose an alternative to their

stuff up we just have to get

rid of them. Labor MPs don't think the budget

a bounce in the polls but hope

it will move the debate on from

asylum seekers and the carbon

tax. Tony Abbott made it clear

he won't be cooperating.

Another of Kevin Rudd's pet

projects has been banished from

the Gillard Government's books.

The grand idea of a big

Australia has met its end in a new population strategy. It

concedes there's not much

Governments can do to guide population so instead they

should try to make the places

where people choose to live

more comfortable. When the mobs

once loved their Prime

Minister, he loved the idea of

more of them. I actually

believe in a big Australia. I

make no apology for that. That

was the big Australia movement's

movement's biggest moment. It's

founder was dislodged, his idea

in simply hurtling down a track

to a 36 million or 40 million

population. This is what's left, a population strategy

with 72 photos across its 83

pages, two of them to credit

the photos. 10% of the document is literally glossy full-page

photos. The strategy smuns any

targets, caps or limits on population. It will never be a

kiss of free for all shouldn't ever be hurtling

towards arbitrary numbers or

targets. Other than setting immigration levels the report

concedes Governments have

limited practical tools through which they which they can influence

population. The entire focus is

now sustainable communities, it

willing the population settle

where it will. This time the

resources boom, movement of

retirees and the broadband

network are doing it for us. The idea of direct

Government intervention through

a population policy has largely

been swept aside. Even with

these days a big Australia is

coming anyway. Current projections are for up to 40

million in 50 years from now. I

think this policy makes it harder for any government in

the future to say the more the

merrier. We believe in a big

Australia. We're going to run immigration

immigration at net intake

levels of 500,000 per annum. The Australian people simply

don't want that. It is the

policy that perished. Drivers

who kill others on the road

while driving

likely to face harsher jail

terms if the ACT Government has

its way. The maximum penalty is

currently 7 years jail while

interstate it is double that. The ACT attorney-general say s the territory's law isn't the territory's law isn't tough

enough. In 2009 17-year-old Steven Minney and 20-year-old Stephen Rial were the back Stephen Rial were the back seed passengers in a car that

slammed into a tree in Clift

Crescent in Richardson. Both

were killed. Everyone's mother

and father dies but they're

supposed to be old. You are not supposed

crash on the way home from a

party by an idiot. The driver,

Owen Creighton was travelling at almost twice the speed limit

when he lost control. He

sentenced to 6 months jail and

12 months periodic detention.

Last week the Crown asked the

court of appeal to put

Creighton back in jail arguing

six months full-time jail was

not enough for the loss of two

lives. The appeal failed

prompting the government to

review the maximum jail term

for cull pub - culpable

want to see penalties raised in

relation to this offence to

bring them more in line with

what we see in other jurisdictions. The

attorney-general has the support of Katy Gallagher. She

understands the pain such road

deaths cause. Her fiancee was

killed which a reckless driver

leaving her single with her

first child on the way. I think

it is a very serious offence

and there should be a scope

within the options available to

a judge to provide, you know, appropriate sentences. The

parents of Creighton's young victims victims say any toughening of the penalties won't help their

children but still welcome the

review. Maybe it will make kids

sit up and listen and say, "We

exceed the limits, we cause an accident, kill our friends, our family,

family, other motorists, we're

going to have a harsher penalty

to deal with." They hope

tougher jail terms will save

families from the heartache they live with everyday. There

were chaotic scenes at Canberra Airport this morning after a

gas leek forced the evacuation of the terminal. Flights were

quantity selled and delayed

with passengers forced to wait

outside for several hours and

some stranded in aircraft

waiting on the tarmac. waiting on the tarmac. Friday

the 13th was certainly unlucky

for 1,000 travellers caught up

in chaos at Canberra Airport.

Evacuate now. The terminal

building was cleared of staff

and passengers after a gas main

was run churd by workers on a

nearby building site. Two

flighting were cancelled several more delayed. The disruption happened for more

than two hours. How long would it

it take you to fix it up in your house? Many commuters

relied on local radio and social media for information and some complained that as

well as being left out in the

cold they were also left in the

dark. It would be nice if they

actually told us what was going

on, which they don't seem to be

doing. That's a bit of a

pain. Perhaps a public address

system. Perhaps some frequent

updates, that would be

enormously helpful. No place in

the world has that so we won't be lived as the incident was it

was an unwelcome distraction

for the airport's management as

they try to position the

facility as a major

international gateway.Sydney

was brought to a standstill

this morning after a lone

protester climbed on top of the

Harbour Bridge cutting traffic

to the CBD. The man scaled the

bridge about 5 o'clock hanging

two banners and calling various

media outlets to complain about

a custody dispute. He abseiled down stopped for two-and-a-half

hours causing chaos around the

city. I would like to apologise

for all the motorists that got

caught up in today's

hope they canned find it within

themselves to realise that the objective was well worth the short delay. 38-year-old

Michael Fox was given bail on

the condition he did not cross the Harbour Bridge. Two Americans have been arrested for plotting terrorist attacks

in New York City. Ahmed Ferhani

and Mohamed Mamdouh were caught after undercover police officer.

Police say the men were planning

planning to attack synagogues

in Manhattan and talked about bombing the Empire State Building. Authorities say the

pair wering pair wering acting alone and were not linked to any

terrorist group. We are

concerned about lone wolves

acting against New York City in

the wake of the killing of Bin

Laden and that is why the case

before us today is so

important. The men brought a hand grenade, semi-automatic

rifles and a handgun at the end

of a string operation that lasted beening in the United States

since the 1990s and could since the 1990s and could face

life in prison if convicted.

Nato air strikes have struck

the Libyan President's compound reportedly killing civilians and wounding dozens

more. Nato says its forces

aimed to hit military facility

esnot individuals. The air raid

has raised new questions about

whether the Libyan leader is a specific target. Anne Barker

reports. Nato jets have again

launched a deadly bombing on Moammar Gaddafi's Tripoli just after he dispelled

rumours of his possible death.

It was here in this same

complex that Gaddafi's son and grandchildren were killed in another air trike two weeks ago

and until this week rumours had

swirled that the Libyan leader

himself may have died but

barely hours after a public

appearance proving he was still

alive Nato war planes struck

again reportedly killing three

people. Yet another day of

attack against our nation. An

attack that is not either morally or legally. Nato

has so far made no comment but

it's theing second major

military blow for Gaddafi in

many days. On Wednesday rebel

forces claimed a surprise victory capturing the airport

in Misrata, a strategic town in

Libya's east in what is overwhelmingly Gaddafi

territory. Rebel leaders are

suddenly more confident of victory against the victory against the Libyan

forces helped along by Britta

has promised to increase

pressure on Gaddafi to leave. We have made it clear

that it is impossible to

imagine a real future for Libya

with Gaddafi in power. Opposition forces in Syria have had far less success. success. Syrian troops and

tanks have now extended their

presence to Alepo in the

country's north using batons to crush a pro-democracy

demonstration at a university. The continuing violence in

Syria has drawn condemnation in

the west as well as targeted

sanctions but so far military

intervention, as seen in Libya, appears out of the question. To

finance now and both the dollar

and the share market recovered

somewhat today in subdued trade. It still left them

at the end of a wild week of

ups and downs . It feels like

it has been Friday the 13th for

a couple of weeks, half the gains of late May and early

April have now been lost and

the share market is now back to

below where it was at the start

of the year. Today's rise is it intoer this here nor there in

the scheme of things but

resulted from medium strength buying of resources and badging

stocks. James Hardie went up by

more than 3% and JB Hi Fi was

one of the biggest falls. The

rise today was sparked in New York by York by some solid numbers on

the US economy. Retail sales up

0.5% in April. Jobless claims

down 40,000. As a result Wall

Street went up after a fall in Europe and Asian stocks

followed this afternoon except

for Japan. The dollar climbed

towards 107 US cents having

slipped below 106 last night probably gains among the main

commodities - oil, gold and

base metals. Silver remains in

trouble having fallen 30% since the end of April and Chicago

wheat fell again. The dollar

has another plateau at around

107 having spent six months

between October and April

cycling around parity. The other

other graph compares

Australia's domestic income and

demands. Income rose 10% in

2010 than aings to the highest level Sol trade in years.

Uncertainty led to money being

saved which is why retailers can't understand all this talk

of a boom.I will be back at 10

am on Sunday with Inside

Business when my guest will be

Wayne Swan. One of rugby

league's brightest young stars

is leaving the game at the ends

of this season to follow his faith. Manly winger Will Hopoate has knocked back lucrative offers from other

clubs and will become a Mormon

missionary for two Hopoate is arguably the hottest

prospect in the NRL. He has

scored another one. The

19-year-old played for City

last week and scored five tries for Manly this season. clubs have been circling with

chequebooks but he is putting a Mormon mission ahead of money. This is not something

I'm forced to do or something I

have to do. This is something

that I want to do. The utility

back has Manly's blessing to

leave at the end of the

season. I would like to

congratulate Will on a strong

decision. We certainly

you. They will move heaven and

earth to sign him when the

two-year mission is

finished. We would very much

like to see you come

back. Hopoate is moving in a different different direction to that of

his father jompbility I wish I

did it but I was not that

person. Hopoate junior admits

he was tempted by the huge o

nevers to stay in rugby

league. I'm human, money talks.

I guess I wouldn't be as happy

if I stayed. The 11-game youngster is not sure where his

mission will take him or

whether after player in two years. God

knows mate. For the rest of

this season his mission is a

Manly premiership. Towards

might have his mind back might have his mind back on

golf but now his body has

broken down. The former world

number 1 struggled through nine

holes at the players

championships before pulling

out with a knee injury. Many

adjectives have been used to

describe Tiger Woods' golf game

but but rarely this one. Absolutely

ugly. Not even at his lowest

ebb in a win 18 months has

Woods been reduced to this kind of play. The world number 8

hobbled off the course with recurring

recurring knee and achilles problems. The more rest I get

the better it would be. This is

a big event and I want to come

back for it and play.

Unfortunately I was not able to finish. The Australian charge

was led by Robert Allenby and

Jason Day who produced

brilliant shots in his 3 under

par 69. How par 69. How about that shot. American Nick Watney leads the event after a

stunning 8 under par 64 in the

opening round. Could this be the sign the sign of a fading champion? Roger Federer could not

overcome Richard Gasguet in the thirded round of the Rome

Masters. The former world

number 1 looks to be slipping off the pace set by Novak

Djokovic.the world number two

cruised to his 34th straight cruised to his 34th straight victory. He is still yet to

lose a match this

Manchester City's long trophy

drought could finally break in

tomorrow night's FA cup final

against Stoke City. I came here and I knew that Manchester City

didn't win anything in 35 years

and I think we already changed

history with the Champions

League in fourth place. Now we

have a second chance in the FA

cup to win the title. It's only

the second time in 20 years

that none of England's big four

clubs feature in the final.

After 59 years and the Queen has become Britain's second-longest reigning

monarch. She has overtake

en-George III but will have to hang on longer to beat Queen Victoria's record.

Victoria's record. Long live

the Queen and she Reece

certainly done that. The certainly done that. The latest

milestone in her illustrious

life the marriage of her grandson Prince

grandson Prince William. A

happy occasion for a family

that hasn't always brought joy

to the Queen but despite the trials and drag children's marriages thought it

all she has remained steadfast,

devoted to a life's work she

was born to accept I think she

is very popular and very much

respected. I think people see much more what she's about now

that all that sort of terrible

kind of break up, scandals,

family behaving badly, all that

is in the past. During her long

reign Queen Elizabeth has seen

the sunset on the British

Empire and yet she remains head

of state not just of Britain and Australia but another 14

countries. Although she

celebrated her the work load remains relentless. Still travelling

the world with another trip to

Australia planned later this

year to co-inside with the

Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Perth.

Her 16th visit to Australia

where she'll meet her 11th Australian Prime Minister.

Always at her Always at her side Prince

Philip, now 90, he's already

established the record as the

longest serving royal consort

but for the Queen to beat her great grandmother, Queen

Victoria's record she will have

to remain on the throne until September 10, 2015, by which

time Prince Charleses will be

the oldest heir apparent ever

at 66. Debate will continue on

monarchies and Republics there

is no doubt the shy princess

turned Monarch has been devoted

to a job that chose her and to

which she has given everything.

Now with a look at today's weather here's Mark Carmody.

Good Evening.the strong west

nor westerly wind that blows

into town around this time of year is

long time Canberrans as the

Brindabella biter biter. Today

it blew and bit, particularly

for a bloke cleaning up the

vegie patch and turning it over

for the winter in his shorts.

For maximum gusts, 33ks an hour

and it afternooned a 20 and

despite the wind and cloud

cover the top was 156789

overnight it was the first

non-frosty night for a while, 5

at the airport, 4 in Belconnen. Currently it is still a bit

breezy, 10 kilometres an hour,

the barometer is steady and the temperature is 10 degrees.

Around our region today, more snow fell thought the mountains

for the skiers. It was pretty for the skiers. It was pretty Minus 6 to zero in

Crackenback. In Cooma snow was

replaced by showers although

they were light. Closer to the

coast there was more sunshine with rose with rose Dale topping at 21. The

The water temperature is 18

which is still warmish but

maybe you'd need a wetsuit over

your boardies if you went swimming. Nationally today:

Cold air following a front is

moving through the south-east

while cloud moving into WA

looked spectacular but it isn't

generating very much. The front

has now moved into the Tasman

and a high that's currently in

the byte will clear up central Australia but will direct moist south-westerlies over Victoria

and Tasmania. Around the

capitals tomorrow:

Over our border tomorrow to

our south:

In Canberra tomorrow, sunny

with frost patches. The winds

will be west south-westerlies

to 30 kilometres an to 30 kilometres an hour. 0 overnight to 13. On Sunday,

widespread frosts followed by a

fine, sunny day with light

winds. A perfect day for a pet walk down by the lake and

watching the services rugby championships

championships where the old

salts are taking on the air salts are taking on the air

force veterans at Viking Park.

Virginia, just look at those

frosty starts next certainly hot water bottle

weather and they will play

havoc where the last remaining

chrissies. A A brief recap of

the top the top story tonight.

Katy Gallagher is the ACT's next Chief Minister elected

unopposed by Labor caucus this

morning. She takes over from

Jon Stanhope who is standing

down after 10 years in the job.

That's the news for now. Stay

with us for 7:30 ACT with Chris Kimball. Good night. Closed Closed Captions by CSI. This Program is Captioned

Live. They feel that welcome and I think every

library in Australia drives -

strooifrs really hard to make

sure that people feel that way.

I think it's a really

beautiful piece and there is

something about it that it's

like a gift. I'm very conscious of that. of 7:30, I'm Chris Kimball.

Later in the program we will

see why a passion for music and

libraries can move you to

tears. Of course the tears. Of course the big local news all week has been the resignation of Jon Stanhope,

brith as Chief Minister and