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(generated from captions) a focus on immigration, health in Canberra this week there's been and tax. bizarre hand But for some reason we've seen a few bare bod. moves...along with Jo Hockey's Mark Riley will explain! Our Chief Political Correspondent Here's the Riley Diary.

# Body, body # Wanna feel my body, baby # Wanna feel my body. # In the great body politic,

quite like this body. there's nobody who's got a body and it works well for me I have a great body and I am feeling secure. Oh yeah, Joe. You're a knockout. the trouble he's seen Yes, no body knows and this week was full of trouble. criticised as his colleague Scott Morrison boat tragedy funerals. the Christmas Island has gone a bit too far with this. I think the Government the Government who'd gone too far. Even One Nation said it wasn't I think he has gone too far. There is a time for compassion. And the 'Slugger' agreed. too far yesterday. He might have gone a little bit who came out strongest... But it was the body politic himself as a compassionate nation, I think we, to ensure we retain our humanity. have an obligation ..slapping down his colleague... a parent or a child I would never seek to deny to their relative. from saying goodbye I would never support that. an anti-Muslim line ..then accused of pushing in Shadow Cabinet. You sow racist bull---! You so racist lies! copped an unharmonious gobful. On harmony day, Scott Morrison that you're here. I think it's a disgrace to a beautiful event That you have the hide to turn up celebrating multiculturalism. You don't even support the word. He said he'd been verballed. today does not reflect my views. All I can say is the gossip reported with this ringing in his ears. But still left racists are not. Refugees are welcome, headed to New Zealand. The 'Red Queen' kia ora tatou katoa? Can I start by saying We thought THEY had a crook accent. in my dreadful Australian accent. I hope it was something like that the traditional Maori greeting. And had some fun with These Australian noses! Big nose! back home, As the immigration debate fired up a bold declaration. the Government made I quite loudly and proudly proclaim has worked. that Australian multiculturalism Or has it? We took that to the streets. It is a multicultural society. coming to this country. The Government must stop Africans Sorry, I'm not a racist. amout of racism in Australia. I wouldn't say there's a great

I am not an racist, I

I am not an racist, I am an Aussie.

I am not a Ristist but. I am not a Ristist but. Tony

Tony Abbott wanted to talk about

politics and a few top shelf ideas.

Just reach up to the shelf and take

our policy down from the shelf.

If she wants a health policy

I would invite her to reach up to

shelf. the shelf, take ours down off the

Loving those hand actions.

policy down. Reach up on to the shelf, take our

How about an immigration policy

To reach up from the shelf, take

down our policy and put it in place.

No hand action Os that one. Have

another crack

To reach up to the shelf, to take

our border protection policies down.

There you go. I will take out our.

Reach up. Mark Riley, good morning. is back on the agenda. The immigration debate the funeral of those killed Emotions were high following asylum seeker boat disaster. in the Christmas Island and the nation, Do you think politicians, are divided on immigration?

Look, it's an important debate

the Australian community to have, Look, it's an important debate for

Andrew. We have it from time to

time. Unfortunately, it seems to be

characterised by extremes. The ex

tremity of view on the right and

extremes on the left, in the middle

people don't just don't know what to

think. Scot Morrison got himself

into trouble this week. He has been

right on immigration over slowly but moving himself to the

right on immigration over the past

few months. That's all got to do

with his pornographying in the

party. I think he sees that eem like Joe party. I think he sees that eem like

Joe Hockey have the support of that

part of the Liberal Party which is

where Scot Morrison was based

originally. Now he is moving to the

right to perhaps get himself some of

the support from the conservative

base for a future leadership

position. That's the politics behind

that. His comments on the day of position. That's the politics behind

those the

those the funerals Wall

those the funerals was just

outrageous. He accepted the timing

was wrong. Then we have Corey

Banardi who is a really one trick

pony. Comes out with the most

extreme of views and you know, he

isan mi Muslim views on Friday were completely outrageous and Tony

Unfortunately you Abbott shut him down yesterday.

Unfortunately you though, it goes

out into the community, it

legitimatisees some extreme views

out there and we have a debate which

isn't very Edifying. To say that

email has worked isn't very Edifying. To say that email email has

isn't very Edifying. To isn't very Edifying. To say

isn't very Edifying. To mull can I

culturalism has worked. It has

benefits, as a policy area, it is

fraught and I think debates like

this really show that.

this really show that. What the

opposition has done this week is

take the focus away from the

government which isn't doing all

that crash hot at the moment. Has

trouble in key policy areas, it is

riding low in the polls but the

opposition has this tendency to make

themselves the story.

Yeah, you are right. It's completely

defined by extremes on both sides,

with defining this debate. Maybe we need to start

with defining some of the terms,

things which I

things which I think aren't

understood by the Australian people

in general. Might be some good round

for a reasonable debate for once.

You only have to go through cities

like Melbourne and Sydney to see the

levels of integration, sure there

are pockets of problem areas, there

are every, we are a multicultural

society, Irish and glirbd you know,

are. Italian and Greek, this is what we

Now we have to learn how to deal

with it. Their very much, Riles. We

will Cam up with will Cam up will Cam