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Live. Disglp tonight -

face-to-face, at last, and

seeing eye to eye. Julia

Gillard and Barack Obama's

Pacific partnership. Our two

countries are great mates. It is wonderful opportunity for me

to meet her. Speculation grows

is set to in Burma that Aung San Suu Kyi

rains bring Young a bumper

bitter cherry crop but will it be a

bitter harvest for some? And

what's in a name? Adam Bland

proves his playing was anything


Good evening. Craig Allen with ABC News. Julia Gillard's

held her first sit down meeting

with US President Obama,

scoring an invitation to follow

up talks in Washington early

next year. The two leaders met

on the sidelines of the APEC

summit in Yokohama Japan. They

discussed a possible way out of

Afghanistan and a way in to a

regional trade deal. A hand

shake? It's the hand shake

world leaders cue up for. Julia

Gillard's spent 35 minutes with

Barack Obama longer than scheduled. The United States does not have better ally than Australia. Our

two countries are great mates,

to use our terminology. It's

their first sit down meeting

and her new mate offer her

another one. I've extended an

invitation to her to visit the

United States some time early next year. The talks targeted

Afghanistan, and a possible exit strategy for combat

troops.. We are troops.. We are working

together there and we'll have

time next weekend at Lisbon to

talk about the transition strategy. I expressed my

personalor personal thanks to

the people of Australia for the enormous sacrifices that are

being made in Afghanistan by

Australian troops. Also on the agenda, trade. We reiterated to

the PM how important the Asia

Pacific region is to our economy and to world economic

growth. Australia is a central

player in that

economy. Collectively the APEC

countries account for around

half the world's trade and they

want to increase that share.

The leaders will consider a trans-Pacific free trade zone

but for all the talk of

regional intergration this

meeting could be defined by

regional division. The US and

China are still bickering about

their currencies and Barack

Obama likes the look of Australia's traditional export markets. In this region the

United States sees a huge opportunity to increase our

exports in some of the fastest

growing markets in the world Friendship and gratitude

only go so far. Police in North

Carolina say they believe

they've found the remain of mission Australian girl Zahra

Baker. An emotional police

chief told reporters they have

a DNA match with a bone found

last week and they've sent for further testing. Zahra

Baker moved to the United

States with her father two

years ago. The 10-year-old who

survived bone and lung cancer

has been missing for about a

month. It was the moment that

the last faint help for Zahra

Baker was extinguished. We have

recovered enough physical

found Zahra. A sombre Chief evidence to believe we have

Adkins told reporters DNA from

a bone found a week ago in the

woods has been matched to samples taken from the

10-year-old's personal items at

her family home. He confirmed

that human remains were also

recovered at another site near

Gunpowder Creek. According to

examiner staff on site when the

remains were recovered, they

are consistent with a

child. There have been sent to

a police laboratory in Raleigh,

North Carolina, for further

analysis. As word spread of the

fine, locals came to pray and they pair respects. The hairs they

on the back of my in neck are

still standing up. I can't

believe someone would do this

to a child who has lived through that. Investigators had

searched the site several

times, they took the 10-year-old's American step

mother to the area three weeks

ago, police say Elisa Baker has

admitted to writing a bogus

ransom note. She's been charged

with obstruction of Justice and

remains in jail. Zahra Baker

who has a prosthetic leg who has a prosthetic

because of bone cancer and who

had also survived lung cancer

movied to America two years ago

with her father. He was also

arrested on unrelated charges

and has been released on a

bond. Zahra Baker's biological mother is helping police exile

a DNA profile. The missing

girl's story has shocked the


community. Investigators,

agents and officers and staff

who have worked on this case

are devastated they were not able to find bring her home. Police say the

case is still developing. There

is no word on when her remains

will be released to her family. Rumours are sweeping

the world that finally after spending most of the last 21 years in detention, Burma's pro-democracy leader Aung San

Suu Kyi will be released today.

The Nobel peace laureate

remains in her lakeside home

but the term of her house

arrest expires today. For two

days now crowds have been

gathering outside the

headquarters of her National League for Democracy party. But

there's still no official word

from the Government and there

are conflicting reports about

whether her release papers have been signed. Aung San Suu Kyi's

party won a landslide election

in 1 # 90 but she was never

allowed to take office. Some

aliist believe murm Burma's

military is attempting to gain credibility from last week 50's discredited

poll. Indonesia's Mount Merapi

volcano is still erupting and a

cloud of ash and dust has now

drifted as far as Western Australia. Most international

flights into Jakarta have

resumed but airports across

central Java remain closed.

Authorities are keeping a near

os eye out as thousands oftons

of gritty ash spew into the sky

every few hours. Nature at its

most terrifying. Almost 400,000

people are now clustered in

more than 600 evacuation shelters, ranging from small

community halls to giant

stadiums sheltering tens of

thousands. The death toll is

around 200, with whole villages

swept away by the flows. 500

people are in hospital and

crops, trees and houses have been devastated. Hundreds of

square kilometres of crops and

trees look like this. The

clean-up bill alone will cost

hundreds of millions of dollars

and will take months if not

years. And the experts say it

could happen again at any time. Those experts are closely

monitoring every shiver in the

earth's surface around

Merapi. The eruption we are facing right now is quite

horrifying, you know? And up to

now, more than 100 million

meta-cubic metres of metal

ejected through the surface. A

thick layer of that material some as fine as cement dust,

some like coarse gritty and

toxic sand have blanketed the sunside. Streams of rivers have

been poisoned. The Government

has sent in a brigade of troops to help with the task

daunting. The siebts say while

they don't know what the

present eruption will stop,

it's most unlikely to end in a

cataclysmic explosion. What will really worry people is if

the uncontrolled flow of ash

and manage Ma suddenly stops,

so for now they can only wait and try to wash away the

mess. Qantas is playing down

another midair engine problem

which forced a Melbourne-bound

plane to turn back to Perth

airport last night. It's the

third time in just over a week

that Qantas has been forced to

defend the safety of its fleet.

The airline says yesterday's

problem was minor and wasn't

linked to the engine explosion over Indonesia last week. It

was all smiles today as Qantas

continued to celebrate its 90th

birthday but not even the

arrival of the airline's ambassador, actor John

Travolta, could divert

attention from another

drama. Yesterday, a Qantas 767

was forced to turn back to

Perth airport a quarter of an

hour into a Melbourne-bound

flight. The airline says there

was a vibration in one of the

plane's two engines and the

pilot decided to return as a precaution. Captain said that

the plane had to return to

Perth and that there was a

problem with the port

enjib. Lots of nervous laughter

and people saying this is the third time it's happened for

Qantas in a week. The plane

landed safely and all 234

passengers were put on the

flights to Melbourne, they arrived arrived in the early hours.

Qantas is playing down the problem. Hundreds

problem. Hundreds if not

thousands of these type of

things would happen on airlines

around the world every year. It

is nothing major. The airline

says there's no link to the engine explosion on its A-380

plane over Indonesia last week

which forced the entire fleet

to be grounded or a similar problem with a problem with a 747 jet a day later. They had later. They had Rolls-Royce

engine, the 767 is powered by

GE engines. Engineers have

inspected the plane which is

still in Perth while across the

country, the skies been grey but Qantas was doing

all it could to shrug off

recent turbulence. Police have

found the bodies of two young men who drowned at a swimming

home in Sydney's west. A

20-year-old and 27-year-old

were swimming with friends at

the basin yesterday when they

disappeared. Locals say it's

usually safe to swim at the

popular camping spot but recent

rains have increased the river level and the current. It's

picturesque and placid,

appearing the perfect place to

escape the heat but on Friday,

search and rescue crews were

scouring the area for two young

men who got they were swimming with

friends. During that time, the

two males having difficulty we

lost sight of That launched a full scale search that pushed

into the night. Brad and Dylan

Sheridan arrived as the drama unfolded. They shut the

swimming area off and have done

furgt investigation spl. It's a

natural swimming hole fed by the

the river. Recent rains have

boosted the water levels and

the current making it deadly

mix. It's more dangerous going across there and there's more current. Swimming around there

and you get caught on a rock

you'll die N that pool there

just a big hole and it's got a

lot of force, suck you through it if you're not careful Here

at the mouth, the rapids plunge

below the relatively calm

surface of the water creating a

powerful undercurrent. It's

believed that's how the young

men got into difficulty. Police

divers found the two

the bottom of the 20m deep

lake. The tragedy didn't stop families returning within a

day, people will back playing

in the rapids and paddling at

the very sport where the two

men were sucked under the

surface. There's to guards on

duty and no services for the

swimmers. You're on your own in these areas so you make sure

that you are a good swimmer before you come to these

locations. The families of to

two men have asked for

privacy. The relaunch of the My

School website is only weeks

away but alarm bells are once again ringing over the fairness

of the comparisons. There will

be a new farm la for measuring

socioeconomic advantage and

each school's income and

expenditure will also be listed. It's expected listed. It's expected resources

such as community fundraising

will be identified separately

to fees, Government funding and departmental support. But the

total money at the disposal of non-Government schools won't revealed. They will not have to interviewed information like

bequests trust funds share portfolios, property

investments, so we're not

really getting the full picture

when it comes to the level of

funding. That's despite Julia

Gillard previously declaring that all the available funds

needed to be disclosed to accurately gauge the

relationship between resourcing and educational outcomes. The

stone fruit harvest is stone fruit harvest is under

way in south-eastern Australia

and there are high hopes of a

bumper cherry crop after drought-breaking rains. But it

could be a bitter harvest for some growers and pickers, amid uncertainty about uncertainty about new industrial relations

legislation. It's painstaking

and delicate work. With just

six weeks to pick a year's

income, there's little time to waste. When you use two handous make twice as much money 5,000 tonnes money 5,000 tonnes of cherries

are expected to be picked from

NSW orchards this season.

That's half the national crop. This season loobs crop. This season loobs

extremely promising. We're very

hopeful that the weather will

hold off and we'll harvest a bountiful

bountiful harvest. After a

decade of drought, the bumper

crop can't come soon enoughtor

regional economies, but there's

also uncertainty and confusion

surrounding new employment

conditions. There's a little

bit of I suppose concern over

growers whether they are now

still part of the State based system or whether they've moved into the Federal based system The Federal Government

changed employment conditions

in January, that was meant to simplify pay and conditions but

there are concerns the new

Horticultural Award will not

prevent exploitation of workers. Unfortunately

workers. Unfortunately all it

does is it makes a bit tougher

for those doing the right

thing. The Ombudsman says the new award does overtime for casual workers making more than 38 hours in a

week but the unions disagree

and are vowing court

action. There needs to be a

test case about underpayment so

there are many workers who are

underpaid in this

industry. Fair work inspectors have randomly automatic ylted

close to 300 farms. More compliance checks are expected

throughoutar vest. Dolphins are

a common sight in Darwin

harbour but their days could be numbered thanks to a plan to

blast a new shipping channel.

Green groups are pushing Inpex

to ditch its blasting plan and

find another way to ship its gas

gas and the Northern Territory

Government says Inpex must address community

concerns. Inpex wants to blast

a shipping channel through Darwin Harbour to $12 gas plant. The company's

draft environmental impact

statement says there's a medium

risk the blasting could kill

dolphins within a kilometre and

a quarter. But scientists say

dolphins within two kilometres

could be killed or

injured. Their lung spaces and

dolphins will collapse under the the initial pressure and then

if you get a negative pressure

follow ing they literally expod Darwin Harbour has three

threatened species of dolphin

including the recently

discovered Australian Snubfin.

Inpex says it will look out for

dolphins before setting off dolphins before setting off any plasts. Scientists say there'll

be too hard to see and commercial fish finders should

be used. They could scan the

entire area for large fauna and

that would include things like crocdile, sea turtles,

dolphins. But green groups say the the blasting risk is unacceptable. They say instead

of blasting away the Walker

Shoal rock outcrop from its

preferred shipping route, Inpex

should dredge a channel north

or south of it. We want an

outcome for Inpex and the

Government that assures us dolphins remain in the harbour and we

and we have a living harbour,

not a dying one. The Territory

Government says Inpex must

respond to community

concerns. There are some issues

there that Inpex need to now go

away and address through their supplementary process. Green

groups say they don't want to

stop the project going ahead,

but if the company and the

Territory and Federal

Governments don't ensure damage

to wildlife is minimised, they'll consider court

action. For the second time in

three months, a bridge has collapsed on the Gungahlin drive project but this time it

was all planned. Motorists and

lake users were kept well clear of the Glenloch Interchange

just after dawn as the bridge

was demolished in spectacular

style. The bridge which took

traffic from Tuggeranong to

Gungahlin was no longer needed after the completion after the completion of stage

one of the work. It was blown

up shortly after 6 o'clock.

Parts of the bridge will be

recycled. South Australian Adam

Bland will take a 3-shot lead

into the #2350i7b8 round of the

Australian Masters. Bland is at

11 under par after shotting a

70 in sodden conditions at the

Victoria golf club. He's throw ahead of Daniel Gaunt. Tiger

Woods and Sergio Garcia are out

of contention with the Spaniard

shooting 77. The heavens hoped

in Melbourne making the players miss miss rabble. And for ground

staff work overtime. Overnight leader Adam Bland was handling

the pressure. He's played it beautifully Daniel Gaunt

started with eight straight

pars but it was anything but regulation golf. After

salvaging par at the first, conjured a par at the

second. Now... While Gaunt was holding from everywhere Tiger Woods

Woods was hutting himself out

of the tournament. Andre Stolz

made his move at the 8th as

Bland made bogey Stolz's birdie

produced a two-shot swing and

the lead was tied. And it drops

in. For but at the the next

Bland snatched back the

advantage. And spinning it

up He started to ram home that advantage on the back

nine. That was Australia as well. Gaunt thrust himself into

contention with consecutive

birdies on 13 and 14. He near

slam dunked it With a beany and a visor Stuart Appleby handled the conditions better than

most, to work his way up the leaderboard. Jarrod Lyle

matched it. Bland made a final

birdie on the 18th. It was good

today just to grind it around and not blow anything out of

the water, so I'm happy with what I did today and hopefully

tomorrow I can cruise along and

have some fun out there He'll

take a 3-shot lead into the

final round. Mark Webber was

fourth quickest in practice for the season ended Formula One

Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi.

Tomorrow night Webber will be

aiming to become Australia's

fist world champion since Alan

Jones in 1980. The sun is

setting on a fascinating year

of Formula One, the drivers

championship will be decided

under lights in the season

ended Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. The four remaining contenders

filled the top four spots in practice. Lewis Hamilton was

quickest ahead of Sebastien Vettel, Fernando Alonso and

Mark Webber. But Hamilton

almost needs a miracle to win

the championship. With 25

piepts for a win, and points

awarded to the top ten drivers there are many

there are many possibilities.

Ferrari's Alonso will take the

overall title if he finishes

first or second. Webler be guaranteed

guaranteed the championship if he wins the race and Alonso

finishes no better than third.

If Webber's team-mate

Srebrencia wins tomorrow the

German will need Alonso to

finish no better than fit.. We

need to go flat out and the

approach hasn't changed and

will not change for myself

here. The crucial qualifying

session is tonight. The

Wallabies were in a frisky mood

ahead of tonight's Test against

England but a more serious

issue is fixing a underperformed against Wales. Stay down. Last year there was a lot of talk about the

the scrum, the year before,

2007, there was a lot of talk

about the scrum. That scrum

will need to hold firm against

England if the Wallabies are to

remain undefeated on their

spring tour. Rain has prevented

South Australia from meeting a

challenging target set by England leaving the

England leaving the 3-day tour

match in Adelaide to end in a

draw. The tourists batted

through the morning session

with centuries to captain Andrew Strauss and Alistair Cook leaving

Cook leaving the Redbacks to

chase 308 for victory. The

England second innings was a

much needed boost for the

opening pair of Strauss and the

previously out of form Cook.

They added 181 before Strauss

was bowled trying to add to his

13 four and four sixes. reached his00 in somewhat

fortuitous fashion and the

declaration came five minutes

later. The entire middle

session was last to rain and

then James Anderson took two

wickets in the overcast

conditions before the players

walked off. England's next game

is against Australia A at in

Hobart starting on Wednesday.

In rugby league, Australia will

defend its Four Nations title against the world champions,

New Zealand, at Lang Park in

Brisbane poont tonight. The

Kangaroos reflachd Brisbane's

CBD today but they don't expect

the tournament decider to be a

walk in the park. It's the same

ground where the Kiwis stunned

Australia with an upset victory

in the 2008 World Cup final.

About 40,000 fans are expected

at the game and no late changes

have been made to either side.

9-year-old gelding Zipping has

created history winning its Classic. The Lloyd fourth

Williams-owned horse took up the early round running and

powered away down the straight

to win the event. But Zipping

goes, four straight pins his ears back and away he

classics,. Exceptionally

finished second and Manighar third in a fourway photo

finish. NSW rider Emma Mason

will take a inner narrow lead

Australian international 3-day into the fine phase of the

event held in the Adelaide park

laensd. Mason jumped to top

spot in the cross country challenge this afternoon with last year's winner Stuart

Tinney in second place. The

equaesian event is one of a

kind, the only one held in the

centre of a major centre and because the cross country phase

is on the same day as the

there were plenty Adelaide Christmas pageant

there were plenty of families

on hand to look at the horses.

Some of course weren't quite up

to it. Had a nasty fall at the

the occasion into one just for

the ducks but mostly the precipitation stayed away and

the challenge of tackling the

more than 60 obstacles on the 7

kilometre course was taken up

in style by Emma Mason on Pharinelli. I'd had some good

results in the lead-up so I was

confident, I felt like the

horse was more confident this

time to get out there. She

didn't make a mistake on the

journey around the parklands

and will tick just under a

4-point lead into the show

jumping tomorrow. As long as I

can get in there and just jump

round I think it will be the round like it's any other

fine. The pressure will come

immediately from an Olympic god

medallist, defending champion

Stuart Tinney although riding a

different horse to the one

which won last year has steered

Watermark Grayson into second Watermark Grayson into

place. We're always training,

we just hopefully have done

it. Another boasting Olympic credential s the Wendy

Schaeffer the fan's favourite

given she's from the Adelaide

Hills. She's in third place with Koyuna Sun with Koyuna Sun Dancer. A remarkable auction result is bound to have thousands of people heading into their

attics searching for lost

treasure. What began as an

ordinary house clearance in a

London suburb turned up a vase

from imperial China. And that

vase has just sold for a

staggering $83 million. Setting

an auction record for an Asian

art work. It's a nice looking

vase and so it should be

because this attic find in a

just broken all records. $30 non-descript London suburb has

million is bid. $1 # million Auction nears had told the brother and sister

valuable a million plus they thought. Right, the bidding is

now $20 million. But as the

sale progressed at the auction

house more used to selling

household knick-knacks, it was

soon clear this was going to be an extraordinary result. At Pauline Hanson

now. Auction regulars could Pauline Hanson 20 million

barely believe the

stratospheric frenzy that saw

Chinese bidders fighting for this remarkable piece of

history. It was the most

surreal experience I think I've

ever witnessed. Because I come

to this auction house a lot and

I'm bidding like ?10, and thing

like that The atmosphere was

electric. I think that's a fair

way to describe it. And the

thirds and last time tonight

ladies and gentlemen, it's ?43

house million. Sold. When the auction

house premium was added the price came to an eye watering

$83 million. This may be a

record but it will probably not

last for too long.. He's got a

weird sense of humour. Now to

day here in scbra Canberra, the the weather and it was a warm

threat of rain early on and

some showers around the city this afternoon but largely

sunny and a top of 2 #.

There's a broad band of cloud associated with a cold front

which brought those wild

conditions to southern capitals

today. With a pool of cold air

and speckled high cloud behind

that trough. The trough border right through to the

Gulf of Carpentaria, and there

will be unsettled weather right

up the eastern seaboard

tomorrow, showers and storms

from Cairns south. With Hobart set for another cold day,

Melbourne will hit 22 and

Sydney 29. The trough will see

some strong winds converge a band of showers over much of

eastern Australia. For the ACT

region tomorrow, there'll be some moderate northerly winds

with showers and storms in

parts as well during the day.

Before we go a brief recap of

our top story tonight and Julia

Gillard has held her first sit

down meeting with US President Obama. The two the sidelines of the APEC

summit in Yokohama, Japan,

discussing a possible way out

of Afghanistan and a way into a

regional trade deal. Ms Gillard

has invited to Washington for

follow up talks early next

year. And that's the news for

now. You can find the latest

headlines 24 hours a day at ABC

online and obz ABC News 24.

Thank you for your company.

Good night. Captions by CSI.?