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(generated from captions) prize of bringing him

home. Staying with this story

and here in Australia, one of

the consistent voices on Gilad

Shalit's detention has been the Federal parliamentary secretary

Mark Dreyfus. He's spoken each

year in parliament on the an

slersary of Gilad Shalit 'dense

calling for his release. He

joins us now from Melbourne

airport. You must be happy and

certainly relieved that this

release has now finally

happened? Of course I'm

relieved and it's a relief that

I share with Gilad Shalit's

family, with everyone in Israel

and with the Jewish community

across the world. That he's

been released after the nearly

5.5 year of captivity and as

you said in your news piece,

that without aye even access to

the Red Cross You disappointed

it's taken so long for the Israelis and the Palestinians

to reach this deal? Of course.

He should never have been

kidnapped in the first place.

He should never have been

detained for extraordinary

length of time that he was detained. He should never have

been detained without access to

the Red Cross. It's pretty

typical of the approach that

Hamas has taken and it's a very

stark contrast that

demonstrates the stark contrast

between Hamas and the

Government of Israel in that

Israel has shown here the

commitment that it has to the

rights of its citizens to

looking after its soldiers, to

making sure that they come

home. Has Israel concede too

much in return for fill gill?

There are those 1,000 Palestinians prisoners to be

released including some pretty

bad actors? It's a very, very

heavy price that Israel's paid

to secure the return of Gilad

Shalit. You'll hear commentary

about this but of course there

is tremendous overwhelming support in Israel for what the

Government has been able to

achieve. As indeed there's

support in the Jewish community

here in Australia for the

Gilad Shalit, despite that securing of the release of

heavy price. You talk about

heavy price,ers as a supporter

of Israel do you want worry

that some f those prisoners

released many of whom are

express nothing continuion all

at all for suicide bombings may

seek to take up arms once again

against Israelis. Of course

that's a worry and Israel has

faced and will continue to face

for many years I fear this sort

of security threat. But I'm

equally confident that efforts

towards peace can be progressed

and that is of course what we

would all wish for. I think one

should always take heart from

any progress, however small,

this is progress, that Gilad

Shalit has been released. I'm

hoping that as with every small

step towards peace, in can be

built on too. Equally this is a

bit of a PR victory for or

Hamas, their influence has been

according to many observers

waning of late, this has given

them a shot in the arm with

their supporters in both the

Gaza Strip and the West Bank,

care of the release of so many

prisoners in exchange for one

Israeli soldier? That may be so

but it's a price that Israel

eeb prepared to pay. I don't

think that that's leaders of

Hamas should be taking any

pride at all in what they did

in this kidnapping of an

Israeli soldier who was simply

on duty within Israel when he

was kidnapped. Nor can they be

in any way proud of what

they've done in holding him in

breach of the Geneva

conventions for nearly 5.5

years. We ran an excerpt early

in the program from Tony Blair

who cock heads up that Middle

East peace quartet, a key negotiator. He believes the

release of Gilad Shalit and the

release and release and return

of those pridzer ins he'd in

Israeli jail also change the dynamics of the Middle East

peace process. Agree? I share

that hope. This is a small

step, it's a sign that that negotiations can produce

concrete outcomes and as we

every step towards peace it's

something that we should build

on and of course Australia will

be supporting those efforts as

we have now for many

years. Before we go, you're

also on a domestic issue, the parliamentary secretary for

climate change, the 'Sydney

Morning Herald' is reporting

this morning the result os of a study by the national centre for social and economic

modelling that in fact shows

Australians will be much better

off than the Government has

been telling us once the carbon

price is implemented. Surely

that is welcome news for you as

you try to sell what is still

very must have an unpopular

tax? It is welcome news. I

haven't seen the particular haven't seen

report that you've mentioned

yet but of course we've said

for a long time that there's going to be to be assistance

for nine in ten Australian

households as part of this

carbon price package. We've

also said that the assistance

that many households are going

to receive will be more than the anticipated cost so this

report as I said, I haven't

seen it, it doesn't come as a

surprise to hear that some

people will in fact be better

off and what we've got here is

a very, very important step

towards reducing Australia's carbon pollution, getting

Australia to be doing its fair

share towards reducing global

carbon pollution and of course

in Australia it's going to be

accompanied by cuts to taxes,

increases in benefits at the

same time as producing assistance to industry and

getting us on the path to

reduced carbon pollution. Thank

you for your time this