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Tonight - Commonwealth Bank

computer meltdown - ATMs spit out free cash.

Body in the garden - a grandmother

woman. charged with murdering a young

The great carbon tax clash - from

him to her, it's getting personal.

Australia's cheapest car now on

sale in Sydney.

And the NRL countdown - the glimpse

campaign. of the stars and their shiny new

ANNOUNCER: This is Nine News with

Peter over continue.

Good evening. It was raining money

this afternoon, with Commonwealth

Bank ATMs wrongly dishing out free

cash. It became so chaotic, the

Fraud Squad issued a warning that

anyone keeping the money would be

committing a criminal offence.

The technical glitch had some

customers believing they had hit

the jackpot. Up to 40 ATMs in

Sydney shelling out more money than

people had in their accounts.

The young bloke at the machine,

spitting out $500.

I was at a shopping centre and

there was a line-up of 20 or more

people. Each one of them, one took out $2,500.

And word spread quickly.

I heard about the Commonwealth Bank

giving out free money. I hear

that's very good.

But warning money is never free.

And this afternoon, the Fraud Squad stepped in.

We want to stress that if people

keep money, dispensed by these ATMs,

they're not entitled to and they

know it, they may well be

committing a serious criminal ons.

For others, it was a rude shock -- Criminal offence.

The Commonwealth Bank scrambled to

stop the run of money. Online

banking has also been disrupted.

That led to big queues.

I couldn't get money out.

Today's meltdown is being blamed on

maintenance work carried out last

night. It's the second major glitch

months. for the Commonwealth Bank in three

As these big companies are pushing

more and more to internet gaitways,

when this kind of things happens,

it causes more concern to customers.

Live now to finance editor Ross

Greenwood. Ross, when will the

system be back up and running?

This is pretty hard to tell. The

NAB had similar problems last year.

The problem is if people can't pay

one bank from the Commonwealth Bank

right now, it only compounds the

issue. In the case of the NAB, it

took weeks to fix the problem. Some

are suggesting it wasn't even

months for the situation to be fixed.

Ross, thank you. A 72-year-old

grandmother has been charged with

the murder of a young woman whose

body was found buried at her

Bellambi home. Her daughter's home

is also a crime scene. Police are

trying to unravel a dark murder

mystery. A grisly find inside this

bin - the remains of a young woman,

Louise Marie O'Brien. She had been

dead for over a year, her body

buried in the backyard.

ground. It was in soil, about 2m into the

She was reported missing only on

Saturday. Yesterday, 72-year-old

grandmother Patricia Goddard was

charged with her murderment

relationship. They were described There's no relationship, no blood

as living in the same premises.

Goddard's daughter was at court. Do

you believe your mother did this?

grandmother? As was her grandson. How is your

No comment.

How do you feel about this? (BLEEP)

Bail was refused. Patricia Goddard

was arrested yesterday at her home

in Bellambi, after police dug up

Louise O'Brien's body in her

backyard. Police suspect Louise

O'Brien was murder in 2009, at the

near by Woonoona home of Goddard's

daughter. A bubbly teenager, Louise

O'Brien was known and liked by

locals in the neighbourhood.

Total shock. I just could not it.

She was a lovely girl.

Originally from Sydney's west, she

moved to the area in 2009 after

becoming estranged from her family.

person. She was living with the accused

Locals thought she had moved away

to travel as a carnival operator.

She was happy to leave.

She was one of my friends and now

she's gone. I can't believe it.

Just disappointing to see someone

do that to her.

Dimity, this is an especiallyly

grim case. Where is it headed next?

This will be an ongoing

investigation. Police at this stage

vent ruled out that further arrests

will be made. A post-mortem is

under way, determining how she died

and when she was killed. This

investigation is expected to take

some time. There are still many

questions that need to be answered.

Thank you. The carbon tax debate

has turned nasty and personal. Both

leaders have rallied their troops

for a fight that's as much about

trust as the environment. Tony

Abbott moved his calls from the

petrol tank to the fruit shop. He

says increases will be passed to

all of us.

The only two certainties are that

this Prime Minister tells fibs and

that people will pay.

Mr Abbott is running a scare

campaign, making figures up, in

order to scare Australians.

This debate is now about much more

than climate change. It's become a

fight over honesty, integrity and

trust. Both leaders told their

party rooms today it's a fight they

will win. They have got their

leadership riding on it.

This Parliament has no mandate for

a carbon tax. For this Parliament

to seek to impose a carbon tax

would be a betrayal of democracy.

We will stare down the dishonesty

of the Liberal Party. We will stare

down its fear campaigning. We will

stare down its bitterness. We will

stare down its lack of leadership.

Outside question time, the attack

is not just bitter, it's brutal. However...

Colonel Gaddafi overturn.

However... Everybody's in favour of me.

I would rather you not make

comparisons with a killer in Iraq

than me. You might think that's

funny. It's disgrace x.

old. And the fight's not even one week

They've all got the features

without the expensive price tag.

The latest player in the

competitive small car market went

on sale in Sydney today. But

already there are serious questions

about its safety.

It's made in China and it's

Australia's cheapest new car. It's

called a Chery, and it's ripe for

the picking, if you've got $12,000.

Even the SUV model is priced from

just under $20,000, drive away.

It's never our intention to be the

cheapest car on the market. We try

and offer the best value for money.

Yes. Are they safe?

But not safe enough for Victoria,

where electronic stability control,

which helps prevent skidding, is

now mandatory. Technology not yet

fitted to the Cherys.

It's a proven lifesaver.

So, what else can $12,000 buy you?

A 2004 Mazda 3, a Citroen C4, or a

2-year-old Mitsubishi Colt. It

started last year, and now there's

the Chery. We will see more and

more Chinese cars on our roads.

This dealership in Parramatta is

one of 45 new dealerships that are,

from today, open for business.

You're getting good value in terms

of features. But the safety does

have to catch up a bit.

If it's cheap, you get what you pay

for. Is it worth it?

Libya's dictator, Colonel Gaddafi,

has denied he's facing an uprising

and claims his people love him. He

was speaking to Western reporters

in Tripoli, an appearance designed

to show he's in charge and staying put.

In his favourite get-up as a prince

of the desert, Colonel Gaddafi

strolled into a waterfront resort

in Tripoli to deliver his view of reality.

No. No-one against us.

They love me, all.

But if they do love you...

My people.

To the east of Tripoli, some of the

Libyans who don't love him at all.

The rebel forces gather more

weapons every day. Their anger is

fuelled by views of Gaddafi's

spoiled lifestyle, including his

luxury departure lounge at Benghazi

Airport. On the Tunisian border, a

nightmare as tens of thousands of

foreign labourers try to escape

Libya. And out in the oil fields,

British military planes are

rescuing UK and Commonwealth oil

workers. In Tripoli, the regime is

giving out cashe -- and copies of

Colonel Gaddafi's little green book

of instruction. Inside the

colonel's bubble, all it happy. (LAUGHS)

TRANSLATION: Who would leave his

homeland? Why would I leave my homeland?

To Peter Stefanovic now in Libya.

Pete, the Americans are finally

beginning to take action against Gaddafi?

That's right, Pete. The US has just

frozen $30 billion in assets.

Gaddafi assets, in foreign bank

accounts. The colonel and his sons

have always claimed to be modest

servants of their people, but it

seems they've been saving for a rainy day.

Thank you. A Liberal Party advisor

nicknamed 'Max the Axe' is the star

of the latest attack ad.

If the pressure is getting top

Kristina Keneally, it isn't showing.

Campaigning in Fairfield this

afternoon, she explained why Labor

is ramping up the attacks.

Review, audit. 'Max the Axe' is

known as 'Max the Axe' because he

has a legacy of axing jobs in the public service.

This is the commercial.

He has decided to president Max as

a consultant. The same 'Max the

Axe' who cut over 35,000 jobs.

It will air from tonight. And is

part of Labor's scare campaign. The

Opposition Leader says he is being up front.

We have announced plans that are

very clear. The addition of 900

teachers across New South Wales is very clear.

If you were a gambling person,

would you put $20 on your re- election?

I am not a person who gambles with

something as serious as the future

of New South Wales. This is a fight.

It still has 3.5 weeks to run before we, as voters, decide.

He says he's a winner, and he

doesn't believe in rock bottom. But

most who can bear to watch the rantings of Charlie Sheen would

agree that the star needs help, and fast.

It's becoming a mere daily sight,

and not pretty to watch. Charlie

Sheen committing career suicide on television.

I'm a high priest, a warlock. Come on, man.

And a star of internet TV as well. Cheers.

But all this is leaving medical

professionals to think if he won't

help himself, he might be forcibly

taken into care.

Provided he doesn't harm himself,

eventually the system will step in.

People don't believe what I'm

saying it true, then I don't have

interest in their opinions.

Sometimes, in the middle of the day,

I like to make myself a big pitcher

of drinks, take a nap.

He's been playing the same

character for eight years. By his

own admission, a watered-down

version of himself. But studio

executives have decide everyone has

had enoughment

With every interview he gives, he

takes one step away from being a

star and one step closer to being

on 'Celebrity Apprentice'. It won't

be a $1.8 million per show payday.

And Charlie Sheen's long-time

accomplicist resigned. Sheen said

he can't resign, because he fired him.

In the news ahead - the Australian

honey that fights infection.

Plus - one week on - New Zealand

stops to remember.

And I will take you to one of our

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An elderly woman has been confirmed

as the second Australian victim of

the Christchurch earthquake. Her

body was identified as New

Zealanders endured a tough day. At

12:51 local time, 10 :51 over here,

they marked seven days since the

disaster. The country stopped for

two minutes to honour those who

were lost. The latest death toll -

154 dead. 80 people still missing.

Researchers into a new honey say

it's packed with powerful anti-

bacterial properties. It's the

sweetest new thing on the medical

market. Harvested from native

Australian myrtle trees. So poetant,

just a small drizzle could help combat superbugs.

There's no honey in the world that

would have this effect.

In tests, putting the honey

directly on surface wounds, faught

off MRSA, a common -- fought off

MRSA, a common bacteria. It's exciting.

It could be used for a range of

medical products to treat

conditions such as bedsores, ulcers

and burns.

We can target specific wound


Of course, honey's been used for

its healing powers since ancient

times. But this new break through

is commercial, as well as medical.

Scientists hope it will become

available as healing treatments

around the world. Police have been

called to a siege in the Rocks.

These pictures are coming in live

from our helicopter. It's believed

a man has threatened a female guest

as a tourist hotel on Harrington

Street. A police squad is on its way.

An old favourite is back, but it's

got a new look. For the first time

since 1939, Dunlop Volley shoes are

getting a makeover. Peter Harvey

had a sneaker previous. It used to

be a shoe-in. Wear these and you

would almost certainly win these,

the great tennis championships.

Almost 50 years from 1939,

Australia's tennis champions wore

Volleys. Evonne Gola gong did.

I won Wimbledon in 1971 wearing

Volley shoes.

Today she was back on centre court.

Everyone wore them, until the very

plain and, let's face it, pretty

daggy Volleys, were blitzed by the supersneakers.

It's so great. It brings back a lot

of memories, that's for sure.

There are other memories here.

Sadly, the centre court's

grandstands are slowly decaying.

Once upon a time, this place was

the heart anted soul of world

tennis, -- and soul of world tennis.

At least the shoes are coming back.

The old Volley design is still

there, but there are new colours,

materials, and more support for the

fooment. Dunlop also wants the --

for the foot. Dunlop also wants to

hit the American market.

Everyone can wear it with pride.

Even me.

Looks like a cricket umpire. The

Eels are gearing up for the new season, Ken?

Not long to wait now. And big

things are expected here this year.

After the break, I will have a chat

with a high-profile recruit. Plus -

the new NRL ad, featuring Bon Jovi.

And a West Indies

Pedigree Puppy is rich in omega-3 DHA for brain development. But, of course, brainy puppies can work that out for themselves.

Well, we're here at Parramatta

Stadium. It's fan day out here.

Chris, another club - what is this, number what?

This is my sixth club.

We've got a few fans out here today.

They do yuve their footy?

They do. We have a battle out here

with the membership drive. I think

we're at second. So a bit to do.

It's all good.

Well, the club have had slow starts

to the season. Can't afford that.

Do you think it will be different,

especially with the new coach, who

has you guys pretty fit?

Yeah, he has. All the boys are

happy with our fitness. Another two

weeks until the season starts.

That's when the real test starts.

We can start pretty well.

You have an injury on your big toe?

I can get over it. I have been

working with the physio, and I

dislocated by big toe. It's a

pretty rare injury.

Best of luck. More clubs than who?

Slim Dusty, actually.

(LAUGHS). Good on you. Well,

tomorrow, the NRL launches the

season, and one of the featured

attractions is going to be the new

NRL commercial, featuring Bon Jovi.

Let's have a sneak peek right now.

SONG: # This is our time

# Let me see the rhythm of the

shout out loud... #

I reckon that's an absolute winner.

At the cricket World Cup, West

Indies fast bowler Kemar Roach has

joined an elite club after taking a

hat-trick. The Dutch were all out.

Kemar Roach claimed the hat-trick

in the best possible way.

COMMENTATOR: Bowled him! What a

wonderful moment for Kemar Roach!

Roach is just the sixth bowler to

take a hat-trick out of the World

Cup. And in the A-League, the North

Queensland furry are out of

business. That's a tragedy. But the

Fury are gone.

The Reserve Bank has decided to

keep interest rates on hold for

another month. It was a flat day on the market.

Jaynie is next with the weather.

That southerly has hit hard?

It sure has. All Brumbies controversy. Coach Andy

Friend, sacked. We speak with the

new head of ANU. And: not so sweet.

The honey producers- with a bee in their bonnet at parliament. Join me next.

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A sweltering start to autumn. 33

degrees for our city suburbs.

Wiemed winds all day, until the

southerly slipped through. -- wild

winds all day.

No doubt some better nights sleep

for most people.

Thank you. Harrington Street in the

Rocks is closed as police move in

at a siege at a tourist hotel. It's

believed a man has threatened a

female guest. A police response

team is at the scene.

That is Nine News for this Tuesday.

I'm Peter Overton. From us all,


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prices. Tonight ... Brumbies in

damage control, coach Andy Friend

sacked after two rounds. The sacked after two rounds. The ACT

Government accused of wasting

taxpayers money on plans for a taxpayers money on plans for a larg

scale solar farm. And:The scale solar farm. And:The beginnin

of an era for the ANU as a new

Vice- Chancellor settles in. Good

Evening I' m Danielle Post. It' s

been an extraordinary day at the been an extraordinary day at the AC

Brumbies. Coach Andy Friend sacked

as coach, just two weeks into the

new season. Win News Sports new season. Win News Sports reporte

Greg Thomson is at Brumbies

Headquarters in Griffth. And Greg -

a dark day in the club' s history. An amazing turn of events here at

Brumbies HQ, Danielle. Coach Andy

Friend was shown the door this

morning. His contract was