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(generated from captions) News. I'm Virginia rises, rescuers listed as talk is survivors. We are reality. Body bags, not

very fearful tonight greater than death toll could be much

released today showing

rescue of Roslyn building on the first and bruised but all in spirits and now more than 48 hours since buildings. The focus of concerned, them, Japanese and Chinese precarious state of the Grand given its mass, it small earthquake being triggered in the centre of the metaphor founding fathers a tragic are now extending

Some homes to the suburbs of Christchurch.

reands side - right-hand side large hard to know where to start. Up shifted a couple of has a down side . slides are likely the ground, these people to wait in line for a bucket Christchurch, old wells sunk hundred providing a would. Some experience. I Mine disaster. to experience anything like it Mine disaster. I hope never

walk an op Fraser's second major earthquake. over each other to get out. was in was orderly but stressful. I back to Australia to our travel has not offered Australians home. prayed for those been no signs of life In Christchurch, I'm Dominique Schwartz, that's all for carbon tax within 18 months. The of a scheme with a fixed carbon key Independents on the shape key Independents on the

Prime Minister she ruled out a Australian people. extension of time the Greens and Independents and making progress. Their blue for shared power Majority governments community to take sanctions and as the vicious blood shet is

must be punished. In Libya's

power is Mercenaries power is weakening. topple their leader. military But in the end, the protesters

situation is volatile. Tripoli airport is packed

Libya. The entire the international accountability measures with There are fears for of from his Tripoli hotel in the last few days. Foreign the very Mr Rudd. Two were caught on a motorbike, both were Government River at Pyne island for a been missing for services. squeeze on current budget. There talk without a current budget. There is even

with the other national institutions, the has heard there

previous year. prompting a activity. There is 13 and processes. From those recommendations are accepted. They haven't got enough land home buyers. First home The land rent scheme which aims to a damages because

those inputs are before I Libya and oil,

in a row. Here is Alan It is now believed half of third time in

Global share oil fell the most today's announcement 3% of the rising oil price.

The Australian dollar marked just over Tiger Woods was

offfield problems to start

World Cup with a

captain at a World Cup. The Australia 10-wicket loss to New Zealand. television. Kelly Stephanie Gilmore will television. Kelly Slater and

and positives. 39-year-old Slater been transformed with

managed to get every pen ready. come through in entry s. For the first time, a woman has taken out the prize homage to the painted National Portrait Gallery amateur the prize has gone to a wariness in her eyes. The put to good use. I will get a heart wrenching. portrait with no face at all. A modern take on a modern wandering weather man who Now to the weather without our

lovely summer's day. There is cloud mostly sunny. Before we go, a has claimed 98

At times you want to just let

go and cry a wee bit. You've

family and loved ones. Tonight got to stay strong for your

on the 7.30 Report - life among the ruins, will Christchurch

ever be the same again? We'll

get over it, but it's just the

people that are missing...

yeah, that's all I've got to say.

say. No power,

our house is basically not safe

to live in. This Program is Captioned

Live. Welcome to the program, I'm

Heather Ewart. Prime Minister

Julia Gillard today Julia Gillard today unveiled plans to introduce a fixed

price on carbon emissions by

June next year, with a

transition to an emissions

trading scheme after that.