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(generated from captions) Let's ask our big guns of politics, and Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey. Environment Minister Tony Burke First to you, Joe, to the National Broadband Network. WiFi is part of your alternative of what the Kiwis are doing? Do you like the sound Shame us burn was saying he didn't think it was a valid option. It is a valid option because it's used in a whole lot of countries including Vietnam South Korea, this is the sort of technology that people want because it offers mobility as opposed to digging up the ground and putting in a table and taking it to your house. This is the sort of future that people want. WiFi is portable. Fibre goes to the home. Are you confident it's money well spent. It's not one ort other. These different teedges are complementary. You just think of your WiFi when you've got it running at home. It runs off the fixed connection that you've got. So, the faster your fixed connection, the more capacity you are going to have to be able to use it. I mean, we have to think of broadband in the way of like the railway traction were 100 years ago, this is laying a structure across the country that is technology keeps improving, we can keep moving with it. WiFi is part of the sweep but it's no replacement for the sort of speeds you can get on broadband. I want to talk about Liberal leadership pressures. leadership pressures. Last week we talked about Liberal of that once again. Malcolm Turnbull is at the centre in an internal Coalition email He was criticised in Parliament. for missing too many votes but Malcolm didn't agree. The email said it was five times, Great to see you. Great to see you.. between Malcolm and Tony Abbott. an awkward meeting The email prompted

about Malcolm? Tony, what should Mr Abbott do I think just make-up his mind. Either they can work together and they can't or they can't work together together and he gets rid of him. they can't or they can't work

This business of one senior member trying to send a message to another, by sending a email to 100 people, I don't think anyone believes that that was done for any reason other than for it to end up being in the media. If two people need to communicate to each other, they can do it. You don't need to send a email to 100 people and pretend it Just how Frosty are things between never got out

Tony and Malcolm and you and Tony? Apparently, you had a blow up with Tony reebtly. No, there is a lot of bromance in say. That bromance is based on the the Coalition at the moment, I must

fact that we respect each other. We stand up for each other, that's no different. But, can I just come back to this issue about the whips. For your viewers, the whips are the people responsibility for making sure everyone turns up to a vote. They are like cattle dogs with sheep. Sometimes the sheep stray to another paddock. Well the cattle dog is going to bark and sometimes it even bites. Would would say to those people who are named, there were five of them, not just Malcolm, five of them, I have been named previously. I have copped the whip, so guys, live with it, get on with What we are saying is Malcolm it

Turnbull the fox in the paddock? Very good, Kochie - no. Nice.

No? Did you have a blow up with Malcolm? No.

Did you say he was leaving you out to dry, hanging you out to dry on issues.? issues.?? to dry, hanging you out to dry on

. That is what was reported in the paper. No, don't believe everything you read, Kochie. I only believe what I hear on Sunrise. I don't believe anything else. So Scott Morrison on Sunrise said it was like a giant big bear hug in Liberal Party. was like a giant big bear hug in the There is a lot of love going around. That's beautiful. I will give Tony Bourke a bit of love too. Wow, that's so Wow, that's so sweet. Nothing wrong with that at all. To man things up. at Patrick has been called off. And industrial action by wharfies comes after farmers raised concerns The Maritime Union backdown about cotton exports. Joe, the union's seen sense? Well, finally, but it is a very significant issue for Australia. We can not afford at any time to have industrial action on our wharfs. We took the hard yards to try and increase crane rates from 17 movements an hour to 24 and even higher. But still we are way behind the rest of the world. But the government eye I think has its priorities wrong. It wants to stop the boats, it just stopping the wrong boats. It's stopping the boats that are carrying the cargo rather than those coming in with people. A bit earlier in the week we spoke to fat pat Rick because the unions and the ACTU wouldn't come on the show to talk about it. It seems as though they have given ground. Should Patricks now give a bit of ground? I don't - you want these issues to be sorted out cooperate Tivoli. be sorted out cooperate be sorted out Cooperate cooperativitily, you don't want someone like me, going in there acting like the judge. When work relations are at its best, is when people come to the table. I think everyone is hoping that gets landed Thank you so much for joining us this Friday morning. Have a good weekend. Good to see you Joe will be at the Balmoral Burn, Sunday morning, Joe. Raising up the street to raise money for equipment for kids hospital, the Humpty Dumpty foundation. If you are in - I will be there, Joe will be there. Go and support the fundraising. I know it's very close to his heart.