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Tonight - problem solved, or

dud deal? The PM's refugee swap polarises

It's a win for

for Malaysia, a win for

Australia, a loss for people smugglers. My wife

this an April Fools Day joke?"

More budget sweeteners, but

what about the growing deficit?

A fascinating window on a life Watching him watching himself.

in hiding. This is someone who

realised that the image that he

conveyed was the main value he

had to his movement. It was

gear up part of his plan. The Raiders

gear up for a must-win match as

the Brumbies record yet another

loss. Good evening. Craig Allen

with ABC News. The government

calls it bold and innovative.

But the surprise refugee deal with Malaysia with Malaysia has been given

poor reviews. The final details

are still being worked out but

the Immigration Minister says

the burden-sharing model will

stop people smugglers and he

wants to extend the plan to other countries. Malaysia's

willing to trade, Australia's

desperate to deal. But is the Prime Minister's two way swap

on decent terms? It really - my

wife said to me is this an

April Fools Day joke? 800 of ours for 4,000 of theirs.

That's the bottom line of the

refugee transfer. It's one the

is government says will work. This

is a win/win. It's a win for

Malaysia, a win for Australia,

a loss for people smugglers.

But to the opposition it simply

doesn't add up. I thought kids

in the schoolyard would do a

It also breaks a guarantee

given repeatedly by the Prime

Minister on where to send asylum seekers. I asylum seekers. I would rule

out anywhere that's not a

signatory to the Refugee

Convention. Nauru is not.

Neither is Malaysia. This

government now has a dog's

breakfast of a refugee policy.

The UN will play a roam. The

minister hopes that will ease

humanitarian concerns. This is

a bold and innovative step. We

get five back for every one we

send. Nauru doesn't have any to

The government's trying to send back. That's the

replicate the Malaysia deal

with other nations. It has with other nations. It has an

ambitious goal, agreements with several countries on trading or resettling asylum seekers

operating in tandem with a

processing centre in Papua New

Guinea. Officials call it the

hub and spokes approach. We are in the possess of discussions

across the region about various models which break the people

smugglers' business model. The model solution is proving

elusive. In Malaysia, there's

concern about how the asylum seekers diverted from Australia

will support themselves. They'd

live in the community rather

than detention but by law

wouldn't be allowed to work.

Zoe Daniel reports from Kuala Lumpur. There are real

questions about how these 800 people being diverted from

Australia would support

themselves. Because Malaysia's

not a signatory to the Refugee Convention, they have no legal Convention, they

rights here. However, the

government says that Malaysia

has agreed to treat them with dignity and respect. Malaysia

shouldn't be used as a transit

point. Human trafficking, it's something we don't condone.

positive The UNHHCR says it's broadly

leads to more cooperation between countries and more

refugees being resettled. But

there are real concerns about

the way that both refugees and

asylum seekers are treated in

by police before they've by Malaysia. If people are caught

registered with the UNHCR they

face mandatory whipping and

jail in a centre like the one

behind me. Those who live in

the community with a person of

concern card face constant

intimidation by the police. A

tired man siting in a shabby

room in a safe house that wasn't safe at all. That's how

the United States wants the

world to remember Osama bin

Laden. It's just released never before seen video of the

al-Qaeda leader seized during

the raid in which

killed. American intelligence

officials say his Pakistani

hide-out was an active command

and control centre for his

terrorist network. Imthe images

compelling. The world's most are silent but no less

feared terrorist sits on a

floor in a shabby in a blanket watching himself

on television. Holding a remote

control, he flicks between

channels, rocking slightly and

stroking his beard which looks

much greyer than in the other videos, suggesting dyeing it for the cameras. This

is someone who realised that

the image he conveyed was the

main value he had to his

movement. It was part of his

brand. There are five clips in

all. Most of the footage shows

bin Laden rehearsing for taped

remarks, including outtakes of

him missing his cue. It's the latest in the drip-feed of

information from the United States, part of a sometimes

chaotic effort to both an

image of bin Laden for his insatiable media and shape the

followers. Whenever bin Laden

appeared, it was designed elicit a elicit a psychological

reaction, to precipitate the

fear factor. The release of

these videos dilutes to

impact. But far from being a

purely symbolic figurehead, US

officials now say it's clear

directing Osama bin Laden was actively

directing his terrorist network. Including plans to

derail trains in the US. This

is a guy who thought continuously about what kind of

attacks and maest damaging. He

was a big-picture guy. Around

the clock, teams of trawling

through what's been called the

single biggest haul of

hoping terrorist intelligence ever,

hoping to unravel the network

of al-Qaeda cells and work out how they communicate.

Authorities also want to

made any progress towards pinpoint financing and

getting its hands on nuclear

biological or chemical

weapons. What US authorities

are trying to do by releasing

this kind of video is

point that we have a lot of

stuff that we took possession

of on Sunday, and that makes

the other bad guys, other

people in the organisation,

fearful, uncertain, wondering

how much more stuff we got.

Even in death, bin Laden

continues to inspire violence N

Afghanistan Hamid Karzai linked

a wave of deadly government targets to al-Qaeda but this is the im-Midge that's

likely to linger. Alone, Osama

bin Laden looking less fearsome

fighter and more fragile old man.

Pro-Libyan government forces

have intensified their attacks

on the rebel-held city of Misrata. Troops loyal to Colonel Gaddafi fired rockets

into a major fuel depot,

sparking an inferno. Firefighters struggled to

control the blaze as fuel tanks

were engulfed in flames. This

amateur video was uploaded to that about 40 explosions were heard during heard during the attack.

Misrata is the last city in the

country's west still under

rebel control. Free digital TV conversion conversion for pensioners and

cheaper utes for tradies. The

Federal Government continues to

spend its way towards Tuesday's

budget, despite insisting it's

going to be tough. The

opposition says there's only

one figure that really matters

in the document, a massive deficit even the Treasurer

concedes is inevitable. Budget

week is upon us but first things first. Happy Mother's

Day. It's the mother of all deficits that's going to

dominate this discussion. Up to

$50 billion according to some

predictions. I'm not confirming

or denying any of the matters

canvassed in the newspapers.

But there's no doubt that the

deficit in this financial year

will be larger. The secret will be larger. The secret to

getting into surplus is to stop

spending so much money! But

the spending keeps coming. The Treasurer has announced a $5,000 vehicles costing $350

million. That could be worth up

to $1300 to that individual

when they're buying, say, a

ute. There's also money for

pensioners, free digital set

top boxes. We don't want to

leave the pensioners in the

dark. Opposition is un decided. I don't know if there

is a warehouse full of all

these set top boxes for

people. What he does know is

the budget will be delivered without taking the carbon tax into that account. Joe Hockey

says that makes Wayne Swan's

commitment of a surplus in

2012-13 hard to believe. The expenditure figures will be

wrong. The inflation figure

will be wrong. The growth

figure will be wrong. When the detail is the detail is available, when

the scheme is designed, the

responsible thing to do is to outline it

outline it to the Australian

people. We will do that as soon

as we can. And then we will

include it in our next budget

update. That's in two

The rising cost of bul is

burning into the coffers of charities and disability

services. Among the worst

affected are those affected are those providing transport and transporting food

to the needy. Some charities

say their work could be compromised without increased government funding. Michelle Lee has cerebral Lee has cerebral palsy. Getting a lift around town requires

care and a modified vehicle. A

lot of kilometres get clocked up on those vehicles. The

fleet cost

year. As the wider community is

squeezed by fuel prices, so too are donations to charities

which provide mobility to the

disabled and aged. With petrol

now at $1.44 per litre, that's

putting significant stress on households and bosses aren't

there just to back it up. We

rely on the support of the

community. But it's been forced

to divert funding away from a

supports employment of people

like Michelle Lee. Another

charity was preparing to take

one of its two vans off the

road. We're looking at 15 to

$16,000 a year in fuel costs.

Each week the vans cover 1,000 kilometres, distributing 3

tonnes of food, but a new grant

from a food retailer has given them a reprieve. The donation

of fuel for the 12 months has significantly assisted us.

We've been able to redirect

those savings into other areas of the of the operations. The grant is

allowing aus harvest to help

more people in need but they need ongoing financial

assistance. Without it we'd

struggle to operate our

business. Hartley Life Care also needs that kind of

certainty to keep helping

people like Michelle Lee. The

charities are pushing for

greater transport,

accommodation and carer support in the Federal Budget. A

Canberra woman found guilty of

murdering a former friend is

appealing against the verdict.

Rebecca Anne Massey stabbed

Elizabeth Booshand at Charnwood in north Canberra in

2008. During her four week Supreme Court trial, Massey argued she acted in

self-defence but on Tuesday a

jury convicted her of murder.

The defence has lodged an

appeal, and is seeking an acquittal or retrial. Essentially we're

saying that the jury couldn't

reject the argument of prosecution haven't negated

self-defence and on that basis

she should've been acquitted. The defence won't present any

new evidence for its appeal

which is expected to be heard

within six months. There's

growing momentum behind to boost population density and lift building heights in

Canberra's inner north. New

draft changes to the

Territory's planning laws would

allow three storey buildings in

Lyneham, Dickson and Turner: if

adopted they'd give developers

more scope to use space

building on residential blocks. It certainly creates the right environment the right environment for developers. At the moment

there's no incentive for

developers to come into these

areas, unlike the areas

immediately around them. We're

going to look at the government

making sure through the planning process that what's

built in replacing the existing buildings is affordable, accessible and sustainable. The proposal The proposal is open for public

comment until jun. The

Brumbies' slim finals hopes are

all but dashed after they blue

a 10 point half-time lead to lose to the Sharks in Durban


Overnight the Brumbies were hopeful of turning around in Durban. The visitors

got the start they'd been looking for. Three penalties

and the first half's only try

gave them a 10 point lead heading into the break.

Yet gen the Brumbies dropped

their intensity and the Sharks

circled. The home side scored

four tries as they piled on 28

unanswered second-half points. The

The Sharks keeping their finals

hopes alive while all but

ending those of the Brumbies. Without some Waratahs were keen for a fast

start, employing a free-flowing

style. The Force were quick to

match, nearly scoring the first

points in a desperate points in a desperate chase for

the ball. Both sides demonstrated some bruising defence.

defence. The Waratahs and Force

resorting to penalties to get

their side moving on the scoreboard but in the end it

was a missed penalty that led

to the game's first try. At

the other end the Force's James

O'Connor was having no such luck with his penalty attempts

but his efforts put the tryless

Force in front late. When play

resumed after an injury, the Waratahs regained momentum,

snatching the lead from an

unlikely source. The home side

holding on to win match. St George has shot to

the outright lead on the NRL ladder after beating North Queensland today. Last night

the Storm ended the Broncos' seven It's appearing increasingly unlikely many trips will

survive the trip here in 2011.

In a game breaking play the

reigning premiers defended five

straight sets on their line

before Morris rubbed salt into

the Cowboys' wounds. North

Queensland might share a spot

in the top 4 with St George

Illawarra but they were largely

made to look in a different league as the Dragons coasted

to victory. On the Gold

Coast, the Titans and Warriors

showcased some entertaining attacking football

was little steely defence to

speak of. It was the Warriors

who made the most of their

opportunities and were at their

free flowing best in free flowing best in the 20

point win. Last night the

Storm won over Brisbane at Lang

Park. Even without their big names the

Melbourne back twice from handy

leads. Still going! The result

was well and truly in the balance until Anthony Quinn's

late 4 pointer in the dying

minutes. After nine rounds the Dragons, Storm and Broncos

their a commanding position

with byes in hand.

It's Raiders season hasn't gone to

plan this year. The team is

currently in the midst of one

of the worst losing streaks in

its history languishing at

bottom of the ladder thanks to

lacklustre performances and

injuries to key players.

Tomorrow the Green Machine

faces a crucial test against

Manly. The Raiders began this

season with palpable optimism,

the team and their fans expecting something special. I

don't think they've handled

that too well. They may have them. The Raiders won their

first game comfortably but have

lost every match since,

spiralling to the NRL basement. Sometimes when you're

in the predicament they're

things don't go your way. The

harder you try, the worst

things become. The side has

found a different way to lose

each week, giving away leads,

making simple errors and

lacking discipline. The season

basically has slipped away. At

the moment, it's more about playing for some pride. Frustrated supporters are

calling for accountability. The coach focused on one thing. Prepared

the team to one at Brookvale

and that's what I need to

do. The same things were said

midway through last year about

the coaching staff and he was

able to turn them around.

Today things went from bad to

worse with Tom Learoyd Lahrs

ruled out for three weeks with

a fractured eye socket and

David Shillington set for an

extended stay on the sidelines

following knee surgery. Gives a

couple of people an opportunity

to come in and step up and make the most the most of that opportunity, and our backs are against the

wall at the moment and we've

got some adversity in front of us. A critical match against Manly

with one of the most important

I think in my career so

far. Worked hard on things. I

need to see that. I need to see

the intensity in the team. The

same words have been uttered already this season, but not

with such urgency. They need to

find some form and find it

fast. After Manly the Raiders

travelled to Melbourne. Two

tough road trips for a struggling side. The Canberra Raiders Cup West Belconnen defeat ed Woden.

There's little doubt the

young Suns are on the rise. Queensland Derby earned the Gold Coast much-needed respect

and left the Lions' pride

deeply wounded. We did the

talking but not the walking. Voss's decision to start

defender Daniel Merritt in the

forward line appeared to

backfire as Brennan booted one

of six first quarter goals for

the Suns. Vossy has the

players' 100% support. And it's

us not executing the game plan. That's where the problem is

coming from. The umpires were

also creating problems with the Lions. This set shot Lions. This set shot clearly brushed the post. Nathan

Krakouer was causing

biggest headaches. Dropped for

being unfit last month, he

defendd with a five star, five goal performance. Incredibly

Krakouer's final quarter grab

probably wasn't the night's

best. This stunning mark was followed by a sublime goal.

His fifth goal levelled the scores in the final term but

Patrick's second steadied the

Suns and Suns and consigned the Lions to their worst start to a season.

Brennan shrugged off a week of

barbs from his team-mates to

came the Marcus Ashcroft

medal. I felt we were a good

chance to win. The 'Sun's'

historic win could be slightly soured. to attract the attention of the AFL's Match Review Panel. In

local AFL the reigning premiers

pains lee came from behind defeat Tuggeranong by 17


Australia has a new boxing

world champion. Danny Geale

lived up to his nickname 'The

Real Deal' by winning the IBF

middleweight title in Germany.

It's a long journey just to be jeered and jabbed. 'The Real Deal' Geale! CROWD BOO

Few Australian fighters have

succeeded in Germany but Geale

gave as good as he got against

Sebastian Sylvester. In the

late rounds Geale's superior

work rate won over the judges.

The cameras provided a sneak preview of the final decision,

one not welcomed by the partisan fans.

On top of the world. This is

the best feeling. So much hard

work. There was a touch more

glamour in Las Vegas for the

much hyped fight between Manny

Pacquiao and Shane Mosley.

Pacquiao floored Moseley in the

third. Pacquiao couldn't put

the American away but was still

the unanimous winner. Nothing

can slow down world champion

Sebastian Vettel at the moment.

A day after writing off his Red

Bull, Vettel put his rebuilt car on pole for the Turkish

Grand Prix. Australian team-mate Mark Webber grabbed

second on the grid. The two

drivers were so confident their

times wouldn't be challenged

they ended qualifying early. It

was a bit funny, because you

know, both Mark and myself we

decided in the last bit of the

qualifying in Q3 to skip the

second run. Nico Rosberg will

start from third. Can anyone in world tennis stop Novak

Djokovic? The Serb extended his

winning streak to 31 matches the semifinals of the Madrid Masters. He will play world No.

1 Rafael Nadal in the

final. Probably he is the favourite

favourite tomorrow. I will try

my best. Nadal extended his

winning run on clay to 37

matches by defeating Roger

Federer in three sets. The

world of golf is coming to

terms with the loss of one of its greatest players. Seve

Ballesteros died from cancer

yesterday. He was 54. For two

decades he was one of the

leading figures in the game,

winning five major titles. He

was dashing ... charismatic ...

and always played with a smile on his face. Seve Ballesteros rarely followed the textbook,

but his style lit up a sport

which back then could seem a

bit grey. He bit grey. He taught himself to

play on a beach next to his

house, but he soon became

golf's big est attraction, not

necessarily for his technique but his sheer audacity. Ballesteros was a magician who

can play shots other golfers could only dream about. He

brought a joie devive to the

game. He was handsome, young,

18, 19, 20. Here was this young

fella doing wondrous things.

His first Open title was won to

huge acclaim in 1979. Two more

were to follow, plus two US

Masters titles. Sadly his

biggest battle was yet to come.

In 2008 he was diagnosed with a brain tumour. He had four

operations and spent months in intensive

intensive care. Flags flew

half mast at the Spanish Open

today, as some of the game's leading players stoped to pay

their respects. The way we

dealt with his struggles over

the last couple of years, I saw

it in my dad, that's when you

see the real strength in

someone, when they deal with something

something that is so difficult

and I think he

done it with more Chas. It was

that class which so endeared

Seve Ballesteros to the British

public and it's why his

untimely passing will be felt

far beyond the world of golf.

To the weather now. Canberra

mums had a lovely way to celebrate their

celebrate their special day,

although it was a pretty cold


We can see speckled cloud in

the bight from a cold the bight from a cold front currently over South Australia,

Victoria and Tasmania. That's

producing showers and bringing

snow to highland areas. The

front will sweep across the ACT tonight, bringing isolated

showers and a cold snap, before another high becomes our

dominant feature. There will be

some showers right up the east coast tomorrow and even storms in Brisbane. Some cooler

temperatures in the south


You can see the showers on

the rainfall map. Apart from

some isolated showers in the

west, the rest of Australia

will stay dry. While we'll see

a few showers around the ACT the rain will be more

persistent along the coastal strip, under that stiff southerly change. As a result, temperatures will be cooler.

A brief recap of our top

story tonight. The government's

so-called Malaysia solution is

under fire. The under fire. The plan has

Australia sending 800 asylum

seekers to Malaysia, in return

for 4,000 genuine refugees.

Opposition Leader Tony Abbott

likened the deal to an April

Fools Day joke. That's the news

for now. We'll leave you

tonight with some of the

colours from the Opening

Ceremony of the Arafura Games in Darwin. Thanks for your

company. Goodnight. Closed Captions by CSI